Totally Spies: Soak Up The Sun (Ff,MMff,orgy,anal,ncon,cons)
by Hamster & Victor2K

The Spies were in big trouble. Their boss at WOOHP, Jerry, sent them on a
super important mission. They were meant to check about strange opening in
the sky, which developed a huge sunlight on several places of the Earth.
Then Clover, Sam and Alex were sent to check. After spend time in the cold
of Moscow and under the Mediterranean Sea, two henchmen, who brought they
to a yatch, caught them. There they knew that all that was a plan of former
supermodel Sunny Day, which made all of that only to make sure that people
will buy her powerful sun blocker. They were sat on a couch in the yatch,
with Sunny and her henchman, Bruce and Sylvester.

"You'll not succeed in your plan Sunny" Sam shouted to the evil blonde

"Yeah!" Alex agreed, "Release us or face the music."

"That will be not necessary girls, you are on to my plan, so I'll have to
get rid of you" Sunny stated, looking at the trio of cut teen spies.

"We won't give up so easy." Clover said, trying to move her hands out of the

"You'll not survive to ruin my plans, believe that...I will simply have to
dispose of you three. Shame really." The blonde villainess said, turning her
back and fixing her fluffy breast part on her swimsuit.

"Give up, Sunny! Your plan will never succeed" Alex said, almost screaming.

"I'll not give up...unless..." Sunny turned around and closed in on Clover.
She touched the teen blonde's cheeks, and smiled at her. "Tell me darling,
your name is Clover, correct?"

"Yes, but don't use it too much." Clover says, really pissed off.

"I've a proposal to do for you." Sunny said, with a kinky devilish face.

"What?" The blonde teen spy with the red outfit asked.

"I won't give up my plan, but I may keep you prisoner instead of killing you
if you...sleep with me."

"What?" The spies shouted in surprise, with Clover more surprised than ever
"Y-You mean..."

"Oh yes. I mean that I want to have a sexual relationship with you darling"
Sunny Daye said, putting her hand on Clover's right shoulder.

Alex and Sam are really astonished to hear such thing.

"Why I should have to be with you?" Clover asked, confronting Sunny's desire.

"Simple, my dear" The blonde woman answered, putting her rear on her heels in
front of Clover. "I'm a busy bisexual woman, and my favorite turn on is teen
girls just like you."

"Really?" Clover got blushed, but she just got back to reality, looking angry
and surprised.

"So, do you accept my offer?" Sunny asks again to Clover.

"Never!" The blonde spy answers with a harsh tone on her voice.

"So you don't leave me another choice..." Sunny stood away from them as she
looked at her assistants.

"Bruce, Sylvester. Show them what will happen if she doesn't do what I

The two henchmen got two powerful weapons and approached the other two WHOOP
agents, putting the guns on the side of their heads. Sam and Alex began to
feel some serious panic.

"You will agree to have sex with me, or you'll watch your little friends
die." Sunny said cruelly.

"You can't do this!" Clover cried, really angry about Sunny.

"Clover, please do something! Don't let us die!" Alex scream to her friend.

Clover then looked her best friends who were in mortal danger. They were also
looking to Clover, trying to see if the blonde spy will do something. She did
not think that lesbian sex would be all bad especially since Sunny was so
hot. But the circumstances were awful.

"Please, Clover... do something" Sam said, with apparently a calm tone.

Clover then entered on reality, and got that, she didn't had another choice
on sleeping with Sunny Day *Oh man, I think I'll have to fuck with this
bitch! Well, let me find something in that girl to break the ice* Clover
thought, turning her eyes to Sunny. She still had a beautiful body for her
age. The nice and firm breasts under the fluffy pink swimsuit were really
fine. Her ass was really hot, and that swimsuit gave to her a real "beach
hottie" condition to Sunny. After some minutes in silence, noticing every
place of her body, Clover can finally make her decision.

"Ok, Sunny. You won. I'll have sex with you."

"WHAT???" Alex and Sam went really shocked on listening what their friend

"Good move girl" Sunny said, with an evil grin.

"But I'll do it only for my friends...and because you're not so bad."

"Much better..." Sunny said before she took Clover's hand, pushing the girl

"So, where will we go." The teen spy asked.

"To my suite" Sunny said, as she and Clover were moving to the suite, but
not before she give instructions to her henchmen.

"Bruce, Sylvester. Stay with the other girls here, and warn me if they make
some attempt to leave."

"Right boss" Both said in unison, while Sunny and Clover were leaving the
main room inside the yatch.

"I cannot believe that Clover will screw with her just to save us." Alex
said, looking at the leaving couple.

"Me either, Alex" Sam said, keep looking at Sunny's ass. "Well, the girl has
a nice butt, I would do it with her, too."

"Oh yeah, you're right" The dark haired girl noticed it too, as Sunny and
Clover left their eyes.


As soon as Sunny and Clover entered the suite Sunny opened her mouth and
pressed it over Clover's. Clover at first struggled but then settled in and
let their tongues dance together. Sunny used this as an opportunity to let
her hands roam all over Clover's tight body. She felt the firm ass and the
juicy boobs. Giving them each a good squeeze. After groping her for a minute
Sunny backed up and stared at the sullen Spy.

Sunny put her hands on her hips and said to Clover with a commanding heir.
"Take your cloths off."

Sunny licked her lips as she watched Clover sullenly whip off her belt then
unzip the from of her tight costume from top to mid section. Sunny ogled the
lovely apple-sized breasts that were now hers for the taking. Clover made to
remove her boots.

"Leave the boots on, the gloves too." Sunny ordered.

"But I can't get the suit off without taking off the boots." Clover

Sunny smiled and removed a large knife from her drawer. She used it to slice
away what remained of her outfit. Clover whimpered as her cute WHOOP uniform
was tragically ruined. Sunny took the opportunity to once again grope
Clover's sweet ass and juicy tits.

"Help me remove my clothing." Sunny ordered.

Clover gritted her teeth as she knelt and removed Sunny's high-heeled
sandals. Then unfastened Sunny's top, exposing enormous gravity-defying tits
that had been trapped inside. Clover then grabbed the waistband on her bikini
bottom and pulled them down to the ground.

Once the girl stood up, Sunny turned Clover around and handcuffed her hands
behind her back. She then lad clover to the bed and told her to sit. Sunny
leaned in and kissed her passionately their tits mashed together as their
tongues did the tango. Clover tried desperately to think of a cute boy, ANY
cute boy as they kissed but couldn't, Sunny's beautiful face kept popping
back into her mind. And to her surprise so were Sam and Alex.

Sunny broke the kiss and touched two fingers to Clover's forehead then pushed
the teen onto her back. Sunny spread Clover's thighs and breathed in the
aroma of the sweet young cunt between them. She extended her tongue and began
licking the outer lips and exploring her sweet honey hole with her fingers.
Clover was moaning and whimpering softly as Sunny expertly pleasured her cunt
with a gently massaging tongue. Sunny's fingers were probing steadily and
clover was humping against them as best she could. As much as Clover hated
Sunny at that moment she loved what Sunny was doing to her. Clover arched her
back and let out a whimpering cry. Sunny lapped up as much of the juicy
girl-cum as she could. Sunny crawled up Clover's body feeling and rubbing the
smooth young form and finally kissing her deeply. Clover could taste herself
in Sunny's mouth.

"Now it's your turn my sweet." Sunny said.

Sunny lay on her back with her legs spread wide and her hands behind her
head. Clover buried her face in Sunny's cunt and began lightly licking the
outer lips of Sunny's pussy. Sunny moaned in pleasure as Clover found her
clit and began to suck it like a baby with a bottle.

"YES, YES you wonderful, wonderful girl." Sunny cried as Clover drove her to
greater and greater heights of pleasure.


Bruce and Sylvester had handcuffed Alex and Sam then bent them over the

"STOP! STOP! What are you doing?" the girls demanded.

"You have a choice girlies, you can cooperate or you can be shark food.
Choose or loose." Bruce said.

Alex and Sam whimpered and nodded.

"Good girl." Sylvester said.

"Hey we better fuck them up the ass because if we get them pregnant Sunny
will kill us!" Bruce said.

"All right then I'm cool with that." Sylvester said.

The guys cut Alex and Sam's costumes off with large combat knives and then
cut their panties free. The horny bodyguards squeezed and spread the girl's
ass cheeks as they cruelly laughed at the girls' sobs.

Bruce plunged in first making Sam cry out in pain as his massive log invaded
her bowels. Alex watched in horror as her friend was violated. Now it was
Alex's turn but Sylvester did not seem ready to penetrate her pucker yet. He
squeezed her cheeks some more and then gave them a good hard smack.

"OUCH! You bastard." Alex protested.

"Wait, it gets better." He promised sadistically.

The huge monster of a cock drove deep into her ass. Her rectum burned with
pain and she cried out with every thrust. It didn't take long for them to
shoot their loads into the girls' asses.

Later, back in Sunny's cabin...

After being fucked silly Sunny had passed out. Clover could not believe the
nerve of the bitch! Clover had made her cum 7 times and not so much as a
fucking 'gee thanks for the good time'. Clover searched around and found the
keys to her cuffs. She uncuffed herself then put the cuffs on Sunny. She then
smacked the villainess to wake her up.

"OUCH HEY!!! Let me go." Sunny demanded.

"I think not." Clover replied. "Now you are MY prisoner."

"Didn't our love making mean anything to you?"

"Yeah it meant that I need a shower." Clover said.

She made Sunny get up and led her at gun point out on to the deck where a
cum soaked Sam and Alex where busy giving Sunny's henchmen blowjobs. Clover
stopped for a minute to stare at the beautifully erotic sight of her friends'
lovely faces filled with the large cocks. Each girl licking and slurping on
the man-meat as if their lives depended on it, because it actually did. She
was getting hornier and hornier as she watched this until she finally
remembered what was going on.

"That's enough!" She shouted.

All four looked up.

"Let the go and put your hands up or Sunny gets it." She said.

"Do as she says!!!" Yelled the desperate Sunny.

The henchmen promptly obeyed.

"Quick, Sam and Alex handcuff them." Clover said. Once they removed the dicks
from their mouths, they both obeyed.

Clover then tied them together and hand cuffed their ankles to each other for
added security.

Alex and Sam hugged Clover, which considering their nudity and Clover's
newfound love of lesbianism only served to make Clover very horny.

"Thank you so much for saving us." Alex said.

"Yeah, those guys were awful." Sam added

"They sure were, Sam." Said Alex. "I'm turned off of sex with men forever!"

"Me too." said Sam.

"Really?" Clover said. "Because Sunny actually wasn't so bad."

"Really?" Sam and Alex said at once.

"Oh yeah, she was hot, even though she was a bitch." Clover said. She looked
at her friends hopefully. "Maybe you two would like to try a little girl on
girl H.L.A.?"

Sam and Alex both looked at each other then back at Clover.

"Well too be honest I always did think you were hot." Alex said.

"And it couldn't be worse than what we just did." Sam added.

Clover was so happy to hear that that she could hardly see straight.

"So ummm how do we start?" Alex asked naively.

In response Clover just walked up to her, grabbed her around the waist
and pulled her in for a very deep kiss. They rubbed against each other
passionately as they made out.

"HEY!!!! Don't I get some of that?" Sam demanded.

To Alex's disappointment Clover broke off their kiss and moved over to begin
kissing Sam. But Clover kept one hand around Alex's waist and as Clover
kissed Sam with considerable conviction she let her hand slide down to Alex's
pussy. Two of Clover's fingers began pumping in and out of her friend's pussy
as her free hand made it down to Sam's pussy. Soon both girls were coming in

"Oh Clover, that was great." Alex breathed.

"Yeah." Sam agreed.

"Hmmm, do you know what I would love to see?" Clover asked.

"What?" Both of her friends asked at once.

"I would love to see Sam lick cum off of Alex's tits." Clover said. "You guys
want to do that?"

Both girls nodded. They did after all owe one to Clover for the great orgasm.

"Sure no problem." Sam said for the both of them.

Both Bruce and Sylvester and Sunny had been watching as Sam and Alex got
finger fucked and their cocks were standing stiff and erect. Alex walked over
to wear they stood with their hands cuffed behind their backs and got on her
knees between the two of them. She grabbed one cock tightly in each of her
fists then aimed them at her breasts. She began to squeeze pull and twists on
them. Bruce and Sylvester both grunted their approval at Alex's efforts as
Clover and Sam both looked in fascination. Soon Alex successfully brought
them to orgasm and they both blew their man-juice all over her boobs. Alex
released her grip on their cocks and began to rub the sperm all over her
tits. She then stood and turned to face Sam. Sam pulled back her long red
hair and dipped her face to Alex's lovely boobs. Her tongue stretched out and
slid over the surface of the smooth round spheres of flesh, lapping up every
bit of gooey white cum that coated them. Clover was highly turned on as she
saw the extremely erotic sight.

"I can't take it anymore! Sam, I want to eat your pussy out. And while I do
that Sunny can eat out Alex." Clover said.

Sam and Alex both agreed quickly and Sunny really did not have a choice in
the matter. Sunny had to kneel as Alex stood over her with her legs slightly
spread. Sam lay on her back on the deck and Clover climbed atop her in the
'69' position. Soon the girls were all licking and sucking cunt as the two
poor guys could just look on hard and hurting. Once again their were mouths
being filled with deliscious girl-cum.

"Ohh mmmm that was soooo good." Sam sighed.

"Well if you two agree to be my girlfriends then we can do that all the
time." Clover suggested.

"Oh yeah I'll be your girlfriend!" Alex said enthusiastically.

"Yeah! Me too!!" Added Sam

The three teens ran together and joined in a group hug.
_ _ _

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