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Well, this is my New Totally Spies fic, with a friend of MSN, Gary (aka
Operandi). We're fans of the series and we'll introduce our series "The New
Boss of WOOHP", so we will take over of WOOHP and make the spies our
sextoys. If you like, good reading for you, if not, may you read and like
it. Good reading for all

Totally Spies: The New Boss Of WOOHP Part 1 - The Introduction
by Victor2K ([email protected]) and Operandi ([email protected])


"Damn, what day...I swear if it's not for the adventure, I would never get
this job" Jerry whispers in his chair as he remember of his last mission
for WOOHP. He had to save Clover, Sam and Alex from a maniac bomber who
almost blew the entire Russia and also almost killed his employees. He was
really tired of that mission, but happy, because he was doing his job. He
was reading the newspaper when Edward and Andy, his coworkers on the agency
reached to his desk.

"Jerry, can we've a talk?" Edward asked.

"Sure, Ed. What you and Andy want to talk about?" Jerry asked, surprised to
see them talking to him on that hour.

"Well" Andy said, looking embarassed to Ed.

"Tell him Andy" Edward said, seeing the shyness of his companion.

"What are you want to tell me Andy?" Jerry turns again to ask.

"Well, remember that entry on your retirement that you made six years ago?"
Andy asks.

"That petition?" Jerry thinks, then remembering of it "Oh, my retirement
asking, oh. I remember, I just forgot that I did it...What's the news about

"Well" Ed explains "The president accepted your asking. You're officialy
retired of WOOHP."

"What?" Jerry asked really surprised with the announcement "Retire? Now? I
don't want to retire!"

"Sorry, Jer" Andy states, putting his hand on Jerry's right shoulder "This
is unrefusable. You're not the head of the organisation."

"Yeah, we're sorry man. You were the best" Edward makes the same on his
left shoulder.

"It can't be...and how the girls will be without me. They look me like a

"Jerry...I know that the girls like you a lot, but you are old for chasing
teenage females around the world everytime they get in trouble. Outside
here you'll be fine" Andy explains, then a tear comes out of his eye and he
sighs. Ed looks too bad for it, with a very sad face. Jerry is extremely
unconsolated with the news.

"Who will replace me?" Jerry asks.

"Oh well..." Ed shakes his head, getting out of the sadness "It's two guys,
they're new on WOOHP. I'll call them". Then Edward makes a sign and two
young men walks to the desk. One is a slender short dark haired Englishman
wearing fancy sunglasses, and the WOOHP's male agent uniform. The other is
a bit-shaved brown haired Brazilian man, with a small lenses glasses and
also wearing the attire.

"Jerry, want to introduce Victor, the new boss of WOOHP and his assistant
Max" Andy introduces Jerry the duo.

"Nice to meet you Jerry. We heard too much of you. We're your fans" Max
smiled to him, stretching his hand to Jerry. Victor does the same, and
Jerry, without any escapade, cumpliments them.

"Nice to meet you too" The old boss of WOOHP returns the cumpliment "I
think I heard of you Victor, you aren't that guy who are the WOOHP man in
South America?"

"Yes, I'm him. The guys of WOOHP called me to take your place when you

"Good to knew" Jerry smiles, starting to like the new guy "And Max? Seems
you're British like me. What you were doing on WOOHP?"

"I'm Victor's assistant on South America" Max explains "He called me to
help on the headquarters and I'm here."

"So, Jerry, what do you think of them?" Andy asked to Jerry.

"Hm..." Jerry thinks "You're new to the business, boys. Liked you and hope
you guys can suceed on WOOHP's leading."

"Thanks" Victor says.

"Now I'll have to cry...I mean...clean my desk a little" Jerry says,
standing up on his chair and leaving it with Andy and Ed. "Enjoy."

"Bye" Victor says, as he sits on Jerry's desk, with Max on his front.

"Wow man, I can't believe we're now bosses of WOOHP...It's a dream come
true" Max cheers, admiring the whole place.

"Yes, I admit it's a dream come true" Victor says, then taking out a file
with a photo of Clover, Alex and Sam on their uniforms "More true when we
get in these girl's panties."

He says, moving his glasses.

"Of Course boss!" His assistant laughs.


"Awww" Clover mutters as she walks on the corridor of the school, with her
friends Sam and Alex around.

"Oh come on Clover..." The redhead called Sam says "You just got a boot."

"A boot? Hello! Look at me, I'm damn pretty. I would never get a boot of
any guy" The blonde girl says, pretty angry.

"Calm down, Clov. Jack isn't that good" Alex says.

"Gimme a break Alex!" Clover shouts to her friend, now opening her locker
"Jack is soo awesome, pretty, has good smile, talks smooth..." She drools
while she say that.

"Seems you're in a bad day Clover" Their archnemesis Mandy appears on her
back, making her bad statements.

"Mandy, don't even think on start it!" Sam says to the purple haired girl.

"I knew that Jack dumped you Clover, I came here to give my apologies"
Mandy says, sarcastically.

"Come on, Mandy! Jack also dumped you last week" Clover says, turning her
eyes to her enemy.

"But, at least I'm not too desesperated as you are Clover...see ya girls"
Mandy leaves, laughing of Clover's misery. Alex looks it and makes a anger

"Damn Mandy!" She shouts "She never respect the feelings of other people."

"Leave her Alex" Sam tries to calm down the dark haired girl "It will not
make you better get mad with because of Clover.

"GRRR" Clover gets really mad at Mandy "Why that bitch should never shut

Before the other girls had an answer, a vaccum open it and suck the girls
to WOOHP's headquarters. They feel that the mission is calling them again.

"It couldn't be in a bad timee" Clover screams.

They fall down on the couch of WOOHP, as Victor looks at them and asks.

"Good morning spies."

"Jerry, what's going on?" Sam asks, before she sees two guys on where Jerry
was used to be.

"Hi girls, suprised to see us?" Max asks to them.

"Who are you? Where's Jerry?" Alex asks without understand nothing.

"Well, Jerry retired from WOOHP and we took his place. And we're charmed to
know the famous Jerry's spies" Victor explains, putting his foot on the

"And who are you, by the way?" Clover asks, puzzled.

"My name is Victor and my assistant here is Max."

"Hello, nice to meet you girls" Max cheers up.

"New boss? Retirement? Why Jerry didn't told to us about it?" The redhead
asked to the duo.

"It happened last night, Jerry only knew it on this time, and the
retirement petition got too long to be accepted" Victor explains.

"Oh yeah?" Clover said to them, pretty said "Jerry doesn't not belongs to

"Unfortunately not" Max says.

"He is enjoying it with his mother in England" Victor states.

"Hope he can be happy" The blond girl states as she looks to the two guys,
paying attention to their style. She gets "in love" by them.

"Now I noticed. You're so cute guys. Liked that WOOHP changed their face to
some more "handsome" you know guys."

"Clover, please..." Alex sighs.

"We don't even know why they called us to come. There's a mission coming
in?" Sam says, a bit suspicious of them.

"Yes it is. We called you girls to announce the new era on WOOHP" Max

"New era?" Alex asks, still puzzled.

"Yes, new era. Now follow me and Max and we'll show what we're meaning"
Victor says leaving the place, with Max being followed by the women.

* * *

The girls are led down one of WOOHP's futuristic, elegant corridors…Victor,
walking behind the girls, enjoyed the sight of their wiggling bottoms, so
juicy and delectable. What a fine trio of hotties, he thinks to himself as
he enjoys the sight of their beautiful forms.

Sam looks anxious and asks "New…new era? Are we going to be sacked?"

Max chuckles…"Far from it, far from it my darling Sam." Sam blushed.

Victor clears his throat and explains to the the girls as they continue
along the corridor...

"You see, Jerry was a fine man, a very fine man, he did a very good job,
all things considered."

"He sure was!" Says Alex, butting in.

"But his approach was very much hands-off, whereas Max and I prefer to take
a more "hands-on" approach".

Max smirked at the phrase "hands-on".

"Well, Jerry did tend to keep his distance..." Clover admitted.

"In these changing times, a less bureaucratic approach is required, a more
intimate involvement is essential to the cohesion of WOOHP."

"I see", said Sam, who, like Clover and Alex, felt an attraction to these
two gentleman that they had never felt for Jerry, who, though he clearly
loved the girls, never really showed it.

They were so much more stylish than Jerry, and so, so masculine...incredibly
handsome and the kind of guys who seduce girls with ease.

Clover, especially, was besotted, these two studs made her forget about
Jack, Jason, or whoever it was, she had already forgotten the names of the
"boys" she had dated...these two guys were Men, not Boys.

Clover loved Victor's masculine aura, while Sam found Max's English accent
made her melt...Alex looked up to both men, admiring their maturity and
loving their sexiness.

"You see," said Max., "Jerry never took much of an interest in the
more...intimate aspects of his spies...but I believe that those intimate
aspects are essential."

Sam nodded in agreement, and Clover and Alex would agree with anything
these two guys said. "Jerry was, well...basic", said Clover.

They arrived at a door, which Max opens by inputing a code into a console
on the wall.

There is a whispering sound as the doors open, leading into a luscious
bedroom and lounge. It is very elegant and full of silk ribbons and lovely
frabics, in which passionate red.

The girls eyes light up...they are like kids in a candy store...

Victor and Max let them have their moment, then Victor tells the girls that
they are not on holiday..."Stand to attention", he declares, in a powerful
and dominating, yet gentlemanly voice.

The girls line up, standing upright, their breasts pert, like good little

"Yes, Sir!"

"Good girls", says Max, as he circles around the girls, eyeing up their
yummy bods, and even stroking Sam's lustrous long hair.

Victor moves a chair in direct view of the girls and sits down, so he is
facing his lovely WOOHP spies. He has the girl's undivided attention...

"Our enemies could disguise themselves as anyone of us, so it's very
important that we, and you, know each other in such detail as to make it
difficult for an impostor to trick us."

Max, standing behind the girls, issues an instruction...

"Sam, Clover, Alex...undress now, down to your bra and panties!"

The girls hesitate at first, but Victor's stern glance gets them
going...skirts, shirts, and shoes are removed post haste, dropped to the
floor and gathered up by Max.

The three cuties are now lined up before Victor, and he can't help but lick
his lips at the dreamy sight.

Alex in black bra and tight black boyshorts

Clover in red bra and frilly red thong panties

And Sam in white camisole and white thong panties, with white stockings...

Clover couldn't resist a remark, "Never thought of you as a thong gal,
Sam!" Alex giggled, and Sam blushed. The three girls were a sight that
would make any red-blooded male's cock harden.

Max observed that the girls didn't even know what underwear they each wore,
and Victor was appalled by this ignorance...

"Girls, girls, you need to be more intimate and closer, it's imperative
that you trust each other, the new era at WOOHP demands it from you."

Victor sighs, then declares...

"Clearly, I must educate you...Clover, kiss Sam."

The two girls hesitate, but eventually start kissing each other...Max puts
their arms around each other and pats Sam's bum.

Max smiles and tells Alex to keep watching, and learn from Sam and Clover,
who are now lost in each other, their tongues probing each other deeply,
making beautiful sounds, while their hands explore each other, carressing
each other's hair, thighs, ass, wantonly groping.

"Oooh god..." Clover sighs..."I never thought a girl could feel so good..."

"Me too", says Sam, whimpering as they kiss again, bodies pressed together.

Victor enjoys the erotic view, as the two cuties kiss, suck, and lick each
other, as does Max, and as does Alex, whose hands reach into her panties as
she stares, transfixed by the sight of Sam and Clover fondling each other.

Victor smiles and tells the girls to stop, which they do very, very

"Now, girls, do you see the benefits of intimacy?"

"Yes, Sir" Sam, Clover, and Alex utter in unison.

"You see, the closer you are, the stronger you are as a team."

"I feel much closer to Sam now, I want to know, like, all of her!" said
Clover proudly.

Sam blushes and says "I love Clover so much."

Victor smiles, noting the erectness of the girl's nipples.

"Let's move onto the next phase...panties off, please, give them to Max."

The girls do not hesitate this time, giving their panties to Max, who,
smiling as he touches them, then hands them to Victor, who checks each one,
sniffing it and feeling it.

"All wet! Very good, my girls."

"Does that mean we totally like each other a lot?" Alex asked innocently.

Victor smiled broadly, and the girls smiled back.

"Yes, it certainly does, but I think your bonds need to be strengthened,
and we all need to be intimate...on the bed, girls!"

The nude girls get on the bed...Max gives the order, "Faces down, heads down,
bottoms raised!"

Victor strolls to the bed, his cock now rock hard at the sight of three
horny little girls with their asses in the air, submissive and vulnerable.
He carresses each girl's ass, drawing a sigh from each.

Max opens a case full of "gadgets", and takes the first of the gadgets out...

"Oooh, new gadgets!" Sam coos, as Victor smooths his fingers over her
prone bottom.

"These are VERY special gadgets", says Max, as he places the first of the
small, seemingly innocuous rings around Sam's clit. "These are vibrating
power rings", the Englishman explains as he proceeds to insert the rings on
Alex and Clover's clitoris.

"When you're getting to fight an enemy, you can't get weak, so WOOHP
developed this small ring in order to give for you, by any stimulation, a
great power to fight them" Victor explains, as he sees the girls all
pierced, and smiling with joy.

"There's two ways to make these work" Max says, checking if everything was
ok with the rings "One is this small remote control, controlled by
satellite, that can allow us to give you the power in any place of the
world, And the other is...body stimulation"

"Body stimulation?" Alex asks,

"Yes, body stimulation" Max answers, then giving a close look to the
girls's vaginas and anuses whose are aiming to the two men. "The rings can
also work using the stimulation of the clitoris, using tongue, finger or
nipple. But this only work if someone do that for you"

"Even in that, you need to get more close" Victor says, giving a close look
to Alex's pussy.

"Let me demonstrate" Max says as Victor nods his head on sign to him to
order the demonstration. The control has three buttons. A red one called
"Start", a yellow one named "Enhance", and a blue one named "Stop". Max
then pressed the Start button, when the small things started to vibe like a
massage device on the young females's clits. The girls then went to moan.

"That's so good" Clover said, feeling like someone was licking her clit for

"That's the strength we need" Alex screams

"Yes...Don't stop" Sam begs, as the device was arousing her pretty much

"Stop Max!" Victor orders as his agent mate pressed the blue button,
finishing the mini-session of massage. The girls went disappointed

"I wish there was more" Sam says, a bit sad

"Sorry, girls. But we need to get more in the acclimatising procedure"
Victor explains, as his cock and Max's one was at the highest point of
erection. He felt his penis through his trousers, like Victor was wanking
himself. But in a minute, he recovered his sense and continued with the

"Spies" He started "As for next step, Max and me will have to make a small
inspection on your body. We need to see if you are in agreement with what
we want"

"Sure" Max nods. "Sam, I'll check you first, then Victor will check Alex
and we both will check Clover in the finish"

"Ooh...double checking" Clover thinks, just to imagine two gorgeous males
inspectioning her

Max and Victor stood up behind Sam and Alex, respectively. "Let me start,
as the boss' The Brazilian states, positioning himself right behind Alex.
He raised a hand on her right tit, squeezing and groping the cute Latin. He
did the same with her left tit, as she moaned with this kind of inspection.
He then moved his hand to her abomen, feeling each part of her belly until
he comes to Alex's crotch. He then feels the small patch of black hair, and
makes a analysing face

"Good, but needs to get a shave" Victor states, as he turns out his
position and make himself out his head underneath Alex's pussy, with his
face looking the dripping sexual organ. He smiled

"Good girl, but it only lasts a thing" Victor smiles, as he buries his face
against her cunt, and starts to lick it, with the tip of his tongue. Alex
started to scream of pleasure when he started it.

"Ohhhh..hmmm" Alex sounded, as the boss of WOOHP was tasting everything on
her pussy "Tasty girl" The Brazilian thought as he continued to lick Alex's
pussy, moving his tongue for her outer lips and inner walls, touching every
part of her genital. This was making the young girl really enjoy the fact,
especially made by a man such Victor. After two minutes of oral exciting,
he then withdrew his face and then sat on Alex's side.

"Very good, Alex. You passed on the inspection" Victor says, licking his
lips and tasting Alex's cream, as he wipes his face

"Oh Thanks. This was a good test" Alex said, greeting her boss

"Now Sam" Max ordered "Let me check your body" He says, repeating the same
ritual that Victor made with Alex. He felt Sam's nipples and boobs with her
hands, pressing, squeezing and caressing every spot of her tits. Sam was
pleased, feeling such manly hands feel her breasts in this way. Then Max
laid his head on Sam's genitalia, looking the wet cunt of the redhead and
the a bush of red hair on it.

"I think you really need to shave, Sam. A good and clean body is the key of

"Yes sir" Sam agrees.

Max then puts his mouth against Sam's pussy, then starting to lick her with
his tongue. It seemed, that as Victor was, he is an expert on oral sex,
lapping carefully her pussy, proving every juice that she was squirting.
"Oh my God...that feels good" Sam said, between the moans she was doing.
Max had a time to rub with a finger the outside of her butthole, shivering
Samantha on delight. After a few minutes of inspection, Max took his head
outside Sam, and sat on her side.

"Really Good Sam" He cheers "Approved in the inspection"

"Thanks boss" She says, feeling the last moans

Then he and Victor turned to the blonde girl in the middle of Sam and Alex,
in all fours like their friends. Victor kinkly smiled to Max, who returned
it with a even more kinky one.

"Clover?" Max asks

"Yes Sir"

"Are you ready for the inspection?" Max asks, like a general

"Ready sir!" She says

"Pretty good" Victor smiles. "Now I'll see your breasts and Max will check
your pubic hair and pussy"

Clover smiled as Max and Victor positioned themselves to make the
inspection on Clover's body. Clover looked at Victor's huge bulge through
his pants, and went surprised and excited "What big cock, hope Max was a
bigger one as Victor" the blonde girl dreams as Victor puts his hands to
touch Clover's tits. Victor groped Clover, who moaned when he was squeezing
her boobs. Max puts his face underneath Clover's cunt, smiling when he saw
only a few blonde hair on her pubis.

"You're almost at WOOHP's standards, Clover"

"Well...I love to get myself clean" She says, blushing with the praise

Max then followed to start to lick Clover's pussy, while Victor was still
fondling her boobs. The girl went to stars with that, moaning of pleasure
of each lap of his tongue and each touch of Victor's hand. Victor gazed on
her sexy body, looking how pleasant she was and how Max were doing his work
underneath Clover. Victor then decided to check her asshole.

"Enough with tits, now let me see how clean your ass are"

Victor then moved himself to face her butt, putting his tongue on Clover's
ass. Clover was really screaming of pleasure with this double team play,
with Max licking her pussy and Victor tasting her brown eye. Sam and Alex
looked with lust at the "threesome" that they were doing with Clover. They
could imagine if they would do something like this with them a day.

"Enough Max!" Victor shouts, taking his tongue out of her asshole. Max
followed his orders and withdrew his face from Clover's cunt. She got a bit
sad when they went ouy of her body

"Girls, all three of you passed with honours the inspection" Victor

The girls cheer up of happiness "Oh Thanks sir, we're grateful of it"

Victor then got up of the bed, taking his dominative role, with Max being
at his side, while the girls are still in that position.

"Girls, all that lessons we showed for you are important, but there's a
more important even."

He says, taking a general tone on his voice and positioning.

"What's so important?" Sam asks, curious as her friends was with it.

"We like to call it loyalty" Max says, direct.

"Loyalty? But we're always loyal to each other, isn't girls?" Alex says
worried, as the other girls nods in agreement with Alex's statement.

"Oh yes, you're very loyal to each other and WOOHP...But we're looking for
a different kind of loyalty" Max answers, puzzling even more the poor

Victor gets his chair and then sits, looking at the girl's raised asses in
front of him and their heads, upside down, looking at their boss.

"See girls...loyalty isn't just being faithful to your friends and bosses
and remaining with them until the end. This is even more complex than any
of you, ladies, could know" Victor explains, almost laughing with the
peculiar scene he was witnessing.

"To be loyal, you need to trust, faith and devotion to your bosses and
friends" Max completes, aiming Clover's buttocks

"How loyal we need to be?" Clover asks, not taking anymore to be with her
head on that situation, looking at them.

"You just need to be loyal to WOOHP and obey" Victor says

"Obey?" Alex asks

"Exactly girls" He answers "Obey is the key of true loyalty"

Seeing that the girls still are not clue of what they were saying, Max
decided to explain it more though.

"Here in WOOHP we have a fame of not having such ‘rebel' spies, who does
everything they want, and doesn't listen to their bosses. We're real loyal
to our commandants...But the real obeying comes from the trust you have to
your bosses. Ladies, the main key of all this is obey our orders without
any complain. Let us do anything we want to do with you, only for your good
and WOOHP's good. No complains, no questions. Just obey us, trust and obey
your bosses. If you don't obey, a punishment will follow."

"Now you understand?" Victor returns to ask

"Yes sir!" The girls answer in unison

"Right" Victor raises up from the chair, being right back to the girls,
with Max on his side. They put themselves to take out their jackets and
shirts, being half naked. Clover loved Max's well shaped and muscly body,
Alex loved Victor's "everything in right place" body shape, and Sam loved
how healthy were they.

"Girls?" Max asked

"Yes sir!" The girls shout

"I've a task for you"

"Really?" Sam asks. She then sees the two bosses of her take their belts
off, and his pants were gone. They are at their underwear.

Victor with a gray boxers, really fashionable.

Max with a white briefs.

All they with their wieners at maximum point of erection. The girls went
really horny to see such those things. Max grinned to see the girls all
waiting for her "test of intimacy".

Then, almost synchronized, Max and Victor pulled off their underwear,
becoming all naked. All the girls get little astonished with what they say.
Both has the same size, 8 inch...thick, big heads, and shaven. Well, Max
had a little patch with hair.

"So, ladies? Ready for the intimacy test?" Victor asks with a wicked face.

"Oh yes! I want to get this close to you all the time..." Clover said,
smiling and horny as hell.

Victor and Max then positioned behind the girls, not before giving an
instruction of what they'll do.

"Alex, you should be intimate with me, and Sam you can get intimate with

"Yess SIR!" Both girls said in unision, being pretty hornier themselves

"And me?" Clover asks, being a bit sad of staying left behind

"Watch it, learn and excite yourself" Max says, patting Clover's butt

Sam and Alex are in perfect position to do, while Victor stands behind the
Latin youngster, and Max behind the brainy redhead. They knelt on the bed,
putting their erect cocks in direction of the girls's juicy holes. They
grabbed the girls's butts, feeling and groping their ass cheeks. Alex and
Sam were ready for what was waiting for them.

"Ready girls?" Victor asked

"Sure sir!" Sam nodded

"Sure we're" Alex agrees

"Ok. Max, you can turn the ring on" Victor ordered to Max, which was with
the ring small control in his hands. He then pressed the "Start" button, as
the small things on the girls' clitoris started to pulsate.

Victor was the first one to introduce his cock on Alex, given that he was
the boss. He entered his rod inside the teen girl's pussy, making her give
a little moan. Max followed him and sticked his dick onto Sam's delectable
cunt. Both moaned, as they gently started to fuck the spies. Clover, on her
instance, put her right hand on her own pussy, using two of her fingers to
stimulate it, seeing that such kinky scene.

Max got Sam's long red hair, and made a ponytalil on his hand, starting to
"ride" the spy. He was gently fucking Samantha, as Victor was fucking Alex.
The Latino dark-haired was seemed to like it

"Ahhhhh...Fuck me....You're so big and good" Alex whispered

Clover was getting good on her masterbating work, looking lusciously her
best friends being banged by two hot gentlemen like Victor and Max. She
couldn't keep quiet with her other hand, grabbing Sam and Alex's tits,
feeling the texture of skin and meat of the globes, looking naughty to
their faces.

"Ahhh...fuck me Max! I deserve to being fucked by you sir" Sam shouted, as
the British raised his tempo, screwing a bit quicker his lover, which was
moaning and moaning more.

"You've such a good cunny Alex. You should fuck more" Victor praised the
youngster, as he was almost conjoined with her, pushing a bit faster his
cock inside her. Alex was also having good time with that.

*Oh God...He's such a lover!* She thought

"I think this will make us quickly forget Jerry" Clover made a remark,
looking at Sam and Alex's faces.

"Who?" Alex asked. She was so amused with the sex that she forgot entirely
that they had another boss. Alex didn't even remember Jerry's face and
voice. Now things were different for her. It was Before and After Max and

"You're a good fuck, Sam" Max remarked, making Sam kind of blush. The
redhead wasn't believing in what she was doing. The nerdy girl never
thought that being such a whore, like she was now, was so good. And more,
her friends also were becoming whores. *WOOHP's whores* She pictured on her

Clover didn't stop getting wet and excited, on wanking her clitoris (well,
kind of it) while she was witnessing her own porn movie, only that it was
for real. She was the one which was moaning louder, maybe imagining to take
the guys's poles or the girl's body on her.

"Oh.....that's soo good...Yes...fuck me...ah..."

The boys were pretty much fucking with strengh and vigour. Max was now
fucking Sam faster and deeper than before, loving each touch of his cock on
Sam's vaginal terminations. The girls could remember a porn movie slut,
with her hair disheveled, and moaning like she never did before. Also she
was eventually enjoying Max's spanking on her well-shaped butt.

"Ohhh...Max...I love you....Fuck me...!"

"Sam, you're so good and hot!" Max stated, banging more harder the redhead's

Alex was also enjoying the fucking that she was recieving from Victor. She
was kinda having a crush on her boss.

"If you said that intimacy means that, I would be close to you forever"
Alex said, whispering as she and Victor were like two dogs having sex on
street, on how together they were. And Clover was licking her lips on
seeing each scene, getting more pleased with her self-sex.

"We'll obey all your orders sir! All of them" Sam said, really got by the
heat of the moment, but it was really what all girls wanted. No matter what
they should tell them to do, if it was all that pleasurable like what they
were doing at moment, everything was good that would follow. Victor smiled
to see how these three women becoming submissive to him, *now i'm in the
command* he thought.

Some time after, Max and Victor continued to thrust their rods inside horny
vaginas of Sam and Alex, while Clover continued to finger fuck herself.
They were fucking very faster and harder their lovers, with the help of the
vibrating rings, were giving them ultimate pleasure.

Clover on her instance, was enjoying pretty much to see her friends being
in such situation, and wishing to get her time. Also the girls are starting
to feel the orgasm comes.

"I think i',....ahhhhh.....going to.....ahhhhhhh" Sam shouted as Max
continued to fuck her madly

"We're getting the cum....sir! We will cum!" Alex adds her feeling, pleased
of getting her cunt fucked by such a stud as Victor

"WOOHP's new era demands now to we cum at same time. We need to cum

"Yes sir!" All girls said.

"God...I think I can't take it anymore...She is soo hot" Max stated, doing
a performance worthy of a high rated pornstar. Sam was really liking
fucking, *the best sex she ever had with a boy* she thought.

"Come on Alex...fuck me...Let me cum on your beautiful bottom" Victor said,
as Alex nodded, loving his procedure on having sex with her. Alex's cunt
was pretty good to fullfill.

"Oh Sammy...Oh Alex..." Clover whispered, moaning on each touch of her
beautiful fingers inside her flodded slit, horny as hell watching that two
men bang her best friends, hoping for having her nasty piece too.

The whole room on WOOHP's headquarters went in real madness when all of
them are close to have an orgasm...The cum juices of the fucking people
were ready to float. It just lasted a little more time to screw the women

"Fuck meeeeee.....I'm going to cum......Make me cum sir! Love it!" Alex
shouted, as Victor was fucking her in that all four position and loving it

"Yes my dear Alex, will make you cum big. After this, you'll never have
such thing with another boy....ohhhh...I'm so close, damn!" Victor said,
feeling that he was about to squirt

"Cum with me Sammy! Make me cum hard!" Max said, like he wasn't resisting
much to hold his sperm inside Samantha's pussy.

"Oh yes......Cum for me, Max...My Max!" Sam said, in the verge of orgasm,
as the other two teens were. Clover was pratically cumming with her own
stimulation and the ring too, but she hold it to the last time.

"I can't hold anymore!" Max shouted "I......'m"

"Me too" Sam screamt

"I'll...I'm about to..." Alex said, also don't holding this for long

"I'm going to......." Victor said, holding for the last time his sperm,
getting ready to take out his cock of her cunt

"CUMMMMMM....." Clover shouted, giving freedom for a bliss of pleasure

"CUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNG" All five persons in the room shouted at the
same time, feeling a synchonized orgasm. Victor and Max waited their girls
to cum a little to take out their penises and squirt the male milk on their
bodies, as safety measure. Victor came on Alex's firm butt and Max on Sam's
belly, almost reaching her tits. Clover were the most scandolous of the
ladies, her cum scream could be heard on all Beverly Hills.

"Oh Yeah...ohh" Victor whispered, as he was jerking his cock to sperm in
all over Alex's butt and back...Alex was orgasming as well, but not much as
the beggining.

"I love you Max...Oh Jesus!" Sam said, as Max cleaned his cummed dick on
Sam's ass as well.

"Love you too Sam!" Max answered, caressing her long and bright hair

Clover was drenching the sheets of the bed with her cum, her orgasm was
great because she never took so much close on the sexual lifes of Sam and
Alex, except for the guy who tricked them in the Matchmaker. It was a scene
who could enter in any of the premium erotic movies ever done.

After the last drop of cum leaks of his wiener, Victor rubs with his hand
all of his protein on Alex's back and butt. He whispers as he sees the
beauty of the spy's rear end, and gazing at what he did, likewise Max with
Sam, and Clover with the two couples. He then ordered the girls...

"You rest a little now" As he said that, Clover lied on the bed, almost
drained by her self act, smiling to smell her own love water on her
fingers. Alex then turned to Victor and started to French kiss her boss.
Sam was hugging and cuddling Max as well.

"Thanks boss" Alex said, while making out with the gorgeous Brazilian

"No problem. You girls seems to have learn the benefits of intimacy"

"Oh yeah. We does" The dark-haired girl whispers, with her right hand
stroking the still hard cock of Victor. "I can't believe...still hard" She
suprises with that.

"Thank WOOHP's medicine for that" Max states, feeling Sam's ass with his
hand and rubbing his chest on her boobs.

"Ah?" Sam puzzles with that.

"We all WOOHP male agents has to be treated with a genetic thing who allows
us to stay hard as long as we want. You know...In case of fighting with
some villainess" He explains.

"Or fuck beauties like yours" Victor completes. All girls smiles when he
calls them beauties.

After a little cuddle time, Max announces.

"I think it's the next and last step on the intimacy test"

"What's gonna be now?" Sam asks.

"Hmm...I demand you and Alex be more close now...on 69 position NOW!" Max
issues the order as the girls quickly obey him. Sam lays on the bed,
leftside to Clover, as Alex leaves Victor and lays on Sam's, with her ass
up in the air and with her teen face on Sam's wet crotch, as Alex's pussy
faces Sam. The girls then start to lick each other, lapping their outer
lips with her tongues. Victor and Max then move to near Clover


"Yes sir" She asks

"Come and do us your job" Max says, with an evil grin.

"Yes your service" Clover turns to them and smiles when she sees
the two still harden poles in front of her. She thought on the times she
wanted to be banged by more than one guy. Now it was the perfect scene.

Clover then gets both cocks and puts them on the sides of her open mouth,
sucking their heads. Max and Victor moans when the blonde teenager sucks
their heads, stroking their cocks with her two hands, as they watch Sam and
Alex licking each other out. Victor gazes with pleasure when he sees that
all girls are learning with honours WOOHP's new gospel.

Sam and Alex are more busy on their work on licking each other to pay
attention on the two WOOHP studs who were about to fuck their blonde
friend. Sam enjoys Alex's tongue on her pussy, as Alex enjoys Sam.

"Lick me're soo good...lick me..."

"ohhh..this soo...good...I want to get close...ah...forever with you...."

The usual touches of their mouths on the ring got the device to vibrate
more, giving her more pleasure to them

"AHHHHHHH....uhhhhhhh." Alex moans

"Ohhhhhhh......Alex!" Sam screams

Clover for her instance is with Victor and Max's cocks on her hands. She
gave delight to them sucking their heads. Now they we're deciding what to
do next.

"What do you want Max?" The seductive Victor asks

"Hmm...I want to fuck her first" Max answers

"Oh...then I'll make her suck my cock, then we change positions" The
Brazilian says as Max moves Clover to be laid on the sides of her back. Max
then got her legs wide open and then pushed a bit of his dick inside the
blonde girl.

"Ohh..push more...please" The girl demands.

Max then pushes the hole thing inside her and begins to bang her, fucking
her faster, but not much. Clover then gets Victor's cock and smiles
wickedly to him.

"Let me suck this beauty" She says as she opens wide her mouth and starts
to blow his rod, sucking him a little slow. He moans.

"Oh...suck me slut" Victor says, and Clover smiles to hear that.

"Yes, continue to suck him, let me fuck you" Max states as he stills to
bang Clover. Clover moans of pleasure, but it can't be too much heard
because she is sucking Victor.


"Man...she sucks cock must see that" Victor delights on seeing
Clover's high experience on blowjob. She is sucking him hard and good,
doing Victor moan.

"Yes...and you should fuck her. She is hot!" Max adds a remark, while he
stills to bang the blonde spy, who loves to being like that. *These men are
handsome! Hello, Clover, maybe you should consider marriage here!" She
things, proud of herself as a slut.

While that, Alex was sucking Sam's clitoris and vulva with her mouth and
tongue. Sammy, of course was loving that

"Ohhhhh...Alex don't stop...make me cum...I'll cum you hard" She screams as
she continues to lick wildly Alex's pussy. She even started to slap her ass
hard. The dark-haired spy got a little hurt at first and thought to tell
Sam to stop, but she got to like it, proving what the Brazilian funk song
says "A little slap doesn't hurt". Alex then started to admire Clover's
procedure on fucking Max and Victor. *Oh God...Finally Clover is getting
any luck with men* she says as continues to lick out Sam.

"God Victor, if it's so good to being sucked, let me try too..." Max
argues, seeing Victor's delightment face on being blowjobbed (dunno if this
word exists) by Clover. He was also getting pleased on fucking Clover, as
she was loving being stuffed by the boys.

"If it's that, let me fuck her too" He answers

"Boys, boys. Don't fight...." Clover says, removing a little Victor's dick
outside her mouth.

"Ok...come here. We'll change positions." Victor says as he orders Clover
to stay in all fours again as he goes to her assside. Max moves to be in
front of the blonde slut, with his cock up and eager to blow. Max got his
hand on her head and said

"Open your mouth" She obeys and then starts to suck him off. Victor, seeing
that, places his big stick on her cunt already fucked by his fella.

The trio were now really engaged on fuck, with Max getting a head from
Clover, and Victor fucking her tight (yes, it's still tight) pussy.

"Damn Victor, you're right. She sucks good" Max remarked the blonde girl's
mouth-cock abilities

"I told ya. I know when someone sucks a rod good" He says, pushing harder
his prick inside Clover's cunt

"Ahhhhhh....fuck me...ahhh...let me be your slut!" Clover screamt, loving
being pounded by Victor. And also enjoying having Max's dick on her mouth.

"yes...Keep sucking...ohhh" Max moans

"Ahhhhhh.......Keep doing it Sam! Ahh...suck meeeee!" Alex said, getting
pleased by Sam's tongue lapping her clit, and her slaps. The dark-haired
girl never thought that Sam could be like that

"I'm such a slut now" Sam whispered, now getting a different impression of
what the word "slut" meant. Now being like wasn't that bad. Otherwise, it
was awesome. Sam then decided to bring more features to the 69 game. She
used her left hand to tease Alex's butthole, as continued to spank her ass
with the other hand. Alex cried in joy when Sam did that


"I really wonder if this girl had being taken in the ass" Victor stated,
staring his eyes to the tiny brown hole inside Clover's butt cheeks.

"I don't know...check for yourself" Max reccomended, as he was holding
Clover's head with his hands, while she was sucking his cock.

"Hm" He sighed. Victor then got his right hand's index finger stick, licked
with his tongue, and inserted on Clover's ass. The blonde girl kind of


Victor then noticed that the blonde spy's butt was being a bit used

"Seems somebody did you in there" The Brazilian WOOHP boss said

" was the only thing that made me fuck Arnold" Clover said,
remembering the time she had assfucked by the nerdy guy of BHH.

" this is inviting for you dude" Max said, being now his cock
licked by the spy

Victor grinned as he continued to finger fuck Clover's ass, while continued
to pound her pussy. He was enjoying each time he was banging the teen spy's
cunt. And smiling to see how the trio of ladies was enjoying themselves

Sam and Alex continued to being engaged on sixty-nine position, Alex
sucking and licking

Sam's slit with lust, as Sam was doing the same, adding a usual spanking
and ass manipulation. Both are really pleased for it.

While Sam was teasing Alex's brown eye, she noticed that the Latino chick
was virgin in there, which turned on more the redhead.

"You're still a butt virgin...Need to change that" Sam stated, while her
middle finger of the left hand was bathed on Alex's own love water, lubbing
it. Then, Sam inserted slowly the finger on her butt hole, making Alex


Sam then fucked again, seeing Alex almost jump on the roof. She smiled, as
she continued to screw the tiny hole of his friend and WOOHP mate. Alex was
feeling a bit of pain, soon changed into pleasure

"OHHH...keep doing that Sammy" She said with a tear on her eye.

"Where are you going?" Clover asked as Victor left her dripping vagina and
went to the gadget suitcase. Max didn't understood either.

"Don't worry. He's usually like that" The Englishman explained, while he
was still licked by Clover.

Victor then opened the suitcase, and got a small white bottle with WOOHP's
badge on it and walked back to the bed. He opened it, and poured a jelly
blue liquid on his cock, then massaging the whole thing on it. He then put
a little of it on his hand and put inside Clover's ass.

"Uh...cold...what's it?"

"You can call WOOHP'S K& Y" Victor said, then wiping his hand on her ass
and putting on the side the bottle.

"You aren't..." before Max could ask anything, Victor opened wide Clover's
ass and inserted his pole on her bunghole. Clover moaned when he did that


Victor then started to fuck again, pouding merciless her ass. Max then
ordered Clover to continue to tease his dick. Clover now was licking and
massaging with tongue his balls.

"Nice balls you've sir" She praised his nuts

"Thanks Clover. See you've nice balls too" Max remarked, looking at her

"Fuck my ass Sammy...fuck me...suck me...make me a whore...ahhh" Alex was
screaming while Sam was fucking hard her asshole with the hand, and licking
each part of her pussy.

"You're my whore today Alex" Sam said, now putting two fingers inside the
hole. Alex got even more pleased with that, then she decided to do
something really kinky to her. She decided to use her toe fingers to play
with her clit. She then pressed it with her toe, making the vibration ring
release a bit of power. Sam moaned when Alex did that.

"Now you're my whore too Sam" Alex said, licking her clit and making the
vibrator pulse more and bring Sammy more pleasure

"OOHHH..Alex...keep doing that...aghhhh"

"Gee man, you need to see that...her ass is perfect" Victor stated, pouding
deep inside a entertrained Clover.

"Boy, you're right about she being a good cocksucker. Now, if you're right
about her ass, will need to pay a dinner for you" Max said, "complaining"
with Victor

"I'm a girl with many attractives" Clover said with a kinky face, both of
the guys agreed to her.

"Indeed" Victor commented, fucking her like a dog fucks her bitch, faster
like a train. Max then was getting now his cock sucked again by Clover.

"I'm right going to there...let me just get more horny with her mouth" Max
said, getting head from Clover

"Ok...I really think now to get a little blowjob" Victor says

Alex and Sam were more and more pleased with all that sex scene. Sam was
loving to see Alex sucking her dry and playing with the ring planted on her
clit. Alex was loving getting slapped and ass rided by Sam. Now Sam's
tongue were licking her bunghole and pussy on the same time

"Ohh...SAMM...oohhh" Alex moaned.

"OHHH.ohh...Alex" Sam moaned too

The girls were so much in that game that quickly they made into get close
to cum. The pleasure were so much good that it could be soon that they
would orgasm

"Ahhhhhhhh............." both girls are screaming of delightment.

"You can pound her butt now" Victor says, taking out his cock from Clover's
ass, and throwing the bottle of lubricant to Max "Take it"

Max then used the thing on his cocj, making him jelly and lubbed for fuck
Clover. He ordered to Clover lay on her side, a little inclined to Victor,
which was on his knees and his wiener on direction of her mouth. Victor
then asked to her open her mouth and then started to fuck it.

"OHH...this a mouth good for fuck"

Max then started to fuck Clover's asshole, banging her harder as she
deserved. Clover was loving such situation

*They're sooo good on fucking. After this, I'll think twice on chasing boys
in school* She thought, being rammed in her ends.

"Damn, you were right again. Her ass is awesome. Better than any girl that
I fucked backdoors" Max says, absolutely impressed on how a girl could be
so slutty and hot

"See, I told ya again" Victor braggs of himself

"Now I know why I decided to follow you on this job. I love you on a
non-gay way" Max says, joking

"Love you too Max, non-gay way" Victor replies, now wondering if he'll want
to eat on the barbecue restaurant or in that Italian one.

"mmhpphp...fuck....mpmmmmmmhhhhhh" Clover tried to say while she was being
mouth screwed by Victor. She wanted to tell them she was enjoying all that.
She wanted to be filled in all holes by them, her bosses, her lovers. And
she was her slut.

"I would fuck this ass forever" Max said, banging harder the tiny hole of
the blonde girl

"Ohhh...your soo cool" He said, stroking her blonde hair

"Don't forget her pussy, and her mouth" Victor remembered him

"Oh yes...don't forget it...Let's make her cum and them we spray on her?"
Max purpoused to Victor

"Sure..she is the perfect one for being cummed on" Victor said, as Clover
smiled to hear such thing like that

The lesbian duo composed by Alex and Sam were close to cum. Really close.
Both girls are doing that so much that they could orgasm at any time.

"Ahhhh..Sam...ahh..I'm soo..close...aahhhh...make me cum.....ahhhh" Alex
shouted as Sam was licking both of her holes at same time and beating her
firm butt

"Make me cum too...I feel..ohhhhhh..I feel so close to you....aaaah" Sam
was really enjoying Alex's play on her clitty. Both girls are so intended
to cum that they was doing their sex at the highest level, really wanting
to cum. And this really happened

"OOOOHHHHHHH.I.........going tooo"


"Cuiuuuuuu......miiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng" Both girls said on a pleasurable
unison, as the Goddess of orgasm visited them big time. Sam and Alex were
squirting their love juices to their love mate drink. Sam was tasting the
juices who were floating on Alex's love fountain, sucking them like a baby.
Alex was tasting the bursting cum from her best friend.



In order to make Clover climax, Max put Clover in doggystyle, returning to
fuck her pussy underneath her. Victor got to fuck her ass back, pouding
like bunnies the holes of the blonde slut spy

"Ahhhhh.....Im so close.....ahh...fuck both......ahhhhhh" She was

"We'll gonna me you cum and them will spray our milk on you, as the slut of
you deserve" Victor says with authority

"We gonna cum you so much that will make your friends remove it" Max added
as they went to fuck her more. Clover was moaning and screaming so much
that the pleasure was growing bigger and bigger, the cocks fucking her in
her pussy and asshole, ramming it with stamina and pace, that it wasn't
take any longer to cum. While that, Sam and Alex were in their final throes
of orgasm, watching Clover get banged.

"Go Clover go!" Alex said, moving to be on the side of Sam, cuddling her

"Ahhhhh.......I gona....ahhh.ahhhh" The blonde girl screamt as she was
feeling her climax reach to herself. She could manage it for a while,
trying to think in something different, but she only could think in cock.
After a while trying to delay the unavoidable, she decided to surrender

"Goooooooing......tooooo....CUMMM!" Clover shouted as loud as she could

"CUUUUUMMMMMMING.......YESSSSSSS" Clover orgasmed as she never did in her
life. Maybe for the fantasy of being fucked by her boss on WOOHP, maybe for
being fucked by two kinky studs like Victor and Max, or maybe because she
was getting anal sex,

whatever was the reason, Clover was cumming as loud as she could, screaming
that everyone on Beverly Hills could hear it. Cumming and loving the
ramming of the two men, as Sam and Alex watch it with delight.

"Never knew that Clover would scream so loud" Sam stated.

The two studs, seeing when Clover was getting back to normal, remove their
dicks out of the holes and them put them in front of her, which starts to
suck them. They also are in verge of cumming.

"OHHHHH...make me cun...ohhh" Victor moans

"Want to cum in your face..." Max lusts

Clover teases their cocks for a while, as they jerk off too, trying to
quick their cum time. After a few minutes of teasing, Victor and Max

"We're cumming.....ohhhhh...cumm"

The first ball of cum comes from Victor, which hit Clover's mouth. Max then
cums on her face, seeing Clover's satisfied face on being treated like
this. Victor cums all over her face and tits, as Max gets on her mouth and
lips...Clover tries to swallow each drop of male milk they were dropping.
In a minute or two, all face of Clover and breasts were covered in white.

They jerked off until the last drop of cum. Max and Victor are so tired to
do something that they lied on the bed, seeing Clover's cummed face. After
they are lied, Max orders to Sam and Alex.

"Clean her out...with your tongues"

They obeyed and went to lick all over of her spy mate. Clover moaned when
Sam and Alex licked lustful her face and breasts, usually licking her
tongue as well. Clover moaned, when Alex was sucking her nipples. She was
cleaned in less than five minutes, as Victor ordered a rest

"Let's rest for a while, then we'll finish our presentation" He says

All of them sleep on the bed.


Clover, Sam, and Alex awoke in their shared bed after the intense fucking
of just a few hours before. They were completely nude, and the size of the
bed meant that they had had to sleep close together, with their legs they slept, they became increasingly wrapped in each other,
with Clover and Sam facing each other, and Clover's hands finding their way
between Sam's legs. As Clover slept, dirty dreams filled her mind, making
her hands probe Sam, making the brainy WOOHP girl moan and whimper. Alex
rubbed her crotch against Clover's knee. The girls had become so horny,
they would even fuck in their sleep.

Victor and Max had also taken a brief rest, before the next phase of the
girl's training.


Britney was playing chess with her friend Emily, a petite, studious girl
who, unbeknownst to Britney, had had numerous dirty dreams about the raven
haired WOOHP spy. Emily had difficulty concentrating on the chess as she
stared at Britney's chest...enjoying the girl's boobs.

Britney was wearing a tight white top with sexy hot-pants, which concealed
her red thong panties, her hot babe look was completed by knee high socks.

It was at that very moment that the ground suddenly disappeared beneath
Britney and she found herself at WOOHP Headquarters. She landed in a heap
in front of Victor and Max, her ass in the air, and her arms spread out.
She looked up, her hair covering her left eye.

"Errr...Hi Victor...what are you doing here...I thought Jerry was in charge
of this department?"

"Well, little Britney, I have taken over from Jerry, and have requested
that you be assigned to our department. WOOHP is restructuring, and we
want to bring our girls closer together, including you. Remember when I
showed you girl-boy love, Britney?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Victor!" Britney said with a shy giggle.

Max smirked and approached Britney...

"Britney, strip down to your bra and panties", Victor ordered firmly, and
Britney promptly obeyed, handing her clothes to Max...who observed
Britney's body and remarked that she has a nice ass.

"You are cute as ever, little Britney", Victor declared as he enjoyed the
WOOHP spies delicious form.


The girls were woken by an alarm, and heard Victor's voice through a
speaker "Girls, the next part of our presentation are required
now. You will not require clothes."

The girls exited the bedroom, completely nude, and proceeded to Victor's
Office, which of course used to be Jerry's Office.

Before them stood Victor and Max, with Britney in bra and panties standing
between them...Max stroked Britney's gorgeous hair while Victor groped the
nubile girl's lovely bottom.

"BRITNEY!" The three girls cried out in unison, delighted to see their
friend again.

Clover looked puzzled

"But Jerry said Britney is part of another team?"

"Well, she is now part of this team", declared Victor.

"YAY!" Shouted the girls in unison, delighted that Britney would now be
part of their team.

Britney smiled back, sighing as Victor played with her ass.

"But" said Max seriously...

"Britney must be integrated into the group, and that means she must learn
about girl-girl love, and she must be trusting of you, and obedient towards
us. That requires some more extensive training."

Victor and Max step aside, gesturing to the girls to surround Britney.

Sam, Clover, and Alex gather around their colleague.

Victor smiled..."Girls, show Britney how much you love her."

In moments, the girls were kissing Britney. While Sam kissed her on the
lips passionately, sticking her tongue into Britney's mouth, Alex stroked
her hair and kissed her neck from behind...Clover pulled Britney's panties
down gently, then began to kiss the girl's legs, moving up her thighs,
moving ever closer to her pussy.

Alex unhooked Britney's bra, making it drop to the floor, allowing Sam to
squeeze Britney's boobs. "Ooooooh!" Britney whimpered, as the girl's
explored her more and more thoroughly. "Aaaah...oh my..." the raven haired
beauty cooed.

Clover's fingers found their way to Britney's now soaking wet pussy,
pushing her fingers into the WOOHP girl's love-hole...Clover began to pump
Britney, making the long haired beauty grind on Clover's digital skills.

Sam and Alex were not to be outdone, with Sam sucking Britney's erect
nipples, and sticking her fingers in Britney's mouth and making her suck,
while Alex stroked Britney's hair and licked her delicious ass.

Victor and Max enjoyed the sight of pure girl-girl love, circling the
girl's like two teachers watching their pupils perform for them.

The sounds of sucking, licking, fingering, and kissing filled the room, and
Britney's introduction to girl-girl love seemed to go on forever, and the
girls certainly could do this forever, judging by their enthusiastic
ravishing of Britney.

"That's enough girls." Declared Max.

"Time for the next phase", Victor added.

Britney was still whimpering and sighing, even as the girls stopped their
ravishing of her delectable body.

"Sam, Clover, Alex...come here..."

Max opened a shelf, and pulled out a steel box, containing a set of toys.
He picked up three dildo's and handed them to Sam, Clover, and Alex.

Sam, Clover, and Alex then put on the strap-on dildo's, and awaited their
next instructions. The dildo's were coloured the same as each girl's
uniform, thus Clover's was red, Sam's green, and Alex's yellow.

Victor led Britney to his desk and bent her over it, so her ass was
presented to the other girls. Victor spread Britney's legs and caressed
her pussy and ass, spanking her firmly as he turned to the girls.

Victor spoke to the girls...

"Now, Britney here will be initiated into the team by being fucked by each
of us...she belongs to all of us, and it's important that you girls have a
completely intimate relationship with her, and by fucking her you make her
a part of you, and you a part of her. That's why girl-girl love is so
important, it's vital to the success of WOOHP."

Max placed a bowl on the floor between Britney's legs to collect the pussy

Britney's cunt dripped as Victor picked Clover to be the first to fuck
Britney, and Clover wasted no time in lining up behind the raven haired
beauty, firmly gripping Britney's yummy ass and declaring "I'm gonna fuck
you hard, Brit!"

Victor sat on the desk, his hand resting on Britney's head, stroking her
hair, petting her as Clover pushed the hard, powerful dildo into Britney's
welcoming pussy...

"Ooooohhhh....god...oh my...I'm...stuffed...mmmmm"

"Yes...stuffed good and proper", Max added...

Victor smiled...

"Yes, that's right no mercy to little Britney!"

Clover began to pump Britney, at first going slow, then upping the tempo,
the thrusts getting faster and faster, the pumping soon becoming hard
pounding. Clover loved dominating Britney, as she loved to be the "top
girl", and she loved sex and fucking even more than Sam and Alex. She was
soon pounding Britney hard, the thrusts becoming so violent, Britney had to
hold on to the table. Victor petted Britney as he watched her being
pounded into submission, delighting in Clover's conquest of the new girl...




"MY GOD!!!"

Britney came hard...and the fucking continued...

Britney remembered the severe pounding Victor gave her when she was on a
mission with him, that too had her bent over a desk, with Victor's cock
ramming her ruthlessly. Victor had quickly seduced Britney while they were
in a hideout, using his considerable masculine charms to get into Britney's
pants. Because of Victor's superhuman abilities, he was able to fuck the
little WOOHPer for hours and hours. Victor took her cherry in style.

Clover grunted as she rammed Britney, the long haired fuck-toy squealing
with each thrust.

Victor declared "Time's up!"

Clover reluctantly removed her artificial cock from Britney, who sighed as
Clover emptied her soaked, fucked cunt. Britney's pussy juices dripped
from Clover's strap-on cock as she walked back over to Sam and Alex.

"Ooooh" whimpered Britney, as Victor stroked her hair, enjoying the
cuteness of the freshly fucked WOOHP girl.

Britney wandered if she could take any more...then Max called out...


The brainy redhead lined up behind Britney, whose cunt was now stretched
and dripping heavily.

"Fuck her good, Sam!" Declared Victor.

Sam, determined as ever, pushed her green cock all the way inside Britney's
hot cunt...

"Oooooh...Sammy....fuck me!" cried Britney...

"I'll fuck you with everything I have", promised Sam, as she began the
pumping phase, which steadily increased to pounding...if anything Sam was
more aggressive than Clover, increasing the pace of her thrusts much
faster, and thus having more time for the severe ramming that would make
Britney hers.

"Oh yes...yes...FUCK ME!"

Britney was now getting over her initial shyness, and growing more and more
horny. Victor, of course, had always known that Britney had an inner slut,
having fucked her brains out previously, but now Britney was at long last
becoming a real slut.

Sam was really getting into fucking Britney...she was now giving to Britney
what Max had given to Sam, a severe, powerful, overwhelming fucking.

"Take that, Bitch!!!" Sam shouted as she fucked the bent over WOOHP
beauty...Sam was surprised herself by what she said, as she had previously
thought of herself as a good girl.




Britney came hard...


And came again...


Sam's time was up, and she exited Britney, her strap-on cock dripping with
even more pussy juice than Clover had accumulated. The bowl was also
filling with juices.


Alex nervously approached Britney's ass, not used to assuming the dominant
role...noticing Alex's apprehension, Victor ordered Alex to spank Britney's

Alex's first spank was weak, and did not get a reaction from Britney...

"Harder", said Victor...







Alex was really getting into it now, enjoying the sweet sound of Britney's
butt being hit hard, and this settled Alex into a firmly dominant role over
Britney. Alex had always been the "baby" of the group, so this was an
amazing new experience for her. Now emboldened, she rammed her cock into
Britney, to whom she had always had strong feelings, adoring the
raven-haired girl's feminine look and gorgeous boobs and bum.

Whereas Clover and Sam built up their fucking, starting with slow pumping,
Alex just got into it straight away, pounding Brit's ass so hard, so
powerfully, that she was squealing and yelping with every thrust.

Alex's yellow cock was in and out of Britney's honeypot, it became a blur,
as the violent thrusts conquered Britney with ease.

Britney came once...



"My GOD!"

Three times...


Four times...

"OH GOD...OH....oh..."

Alex had out-fucked not only Sammy, but the fuck-hungry Clover...she had
conquered Britney so thoroughly, so completely, that Brit was already
besotted by the girl who had fucked her senseless.

Hundreds of feet above WOOHP HQ, a mysterious woman called Lisa parked her
car at a shopping center.

This busty, voluptuous woman, with a silky smooth sexy voice, and pouting
lips, exuded sexuality from not only every part of her body, but also every
part of her personality, as she made even the act of driving a car somehow
sexual...when she grabbed the gearshift, she handled it as she would a cock,
caressing it yet also gripping it firmly, while her other hand seemed to
caress the steering wheel as if it were the shaft of a phallus, her long
fingers delicately touching the surface of the wheel.

Lisa exited her car, picked up her suitcase and headed for the clothes
shop, where she decided to stop off and look around the lingerie
department. Lisa bought some black thongs and a white lace teddy, and a
blue camisole and tap pants. Pleased with herself, she then headed for the
steps to the next floor. She turned to face the wall and placed her hand
on the wall. Suddenly, a door slid open quickly, and then closed
immediately after Lisa had entered.

Lisa stood in the secret room, which was in fact an elevator. The elevator
was now travelling at great speed, deep underground.

The door opened, and Lisa was in a high-tech underground complex.

A guard stood at the door, and after using an eye scanner on Lisa, declared
"Welcome to WOOHP, Lisa!"

"Thank you!"

"Victor and the girls await you."

"Yes...I have studied the girls closely, examined their files, and, how shall
I put it? I have studied their forms." Lisa giggled, as did the Guard, as
she proceeded down the futuristic corridor to see Victor.

She had always looked forward to this moment, because she loved two things
most in life; being fucked by Victor, and making pretty little girls cum.

Victor was impressed with Alex, and so was Max, who were both surprised by
Alex's domination of Britney...Victor was so impressed that he instructed
Alex to fuck Britney again...

"Alex...I want you to fuck Britney again...this time in the ass!"

Britney was nervous, and said "But...Victor...I-I don't want to be..."




Alex silenced Britney with a severe spanking, then promptly stuffed her bum
with her big yellow cock...all the way into Britney's asshole.

" ass.......ooooohhh!"

Alex wasted no time in pounding Britney's ample ass, gripping her firmly
and taking the WOOHP girl's ass even more aggressively than she took her

Alex grunted loudly as she fucked Britney, and fucked her, and fucked her,
and fucked her, over and over, ramming her ever more aggressively.

Sam and Clover were amazed, especially Clover, who never realized Alex had
it in her, witch was ironic, as it was Britney who very much had something
in her.

Sam desperately wanted to be fucked by Alex...she felt so envious of Britney,
bent over and squealing and groaning as Alex took her ass for a ride.
Sammy just could not help but think of Max and Alex fucking her brains out,
it had been only a few hours since Max had fucked Sam harder than she had
ever been fucked before, yet Sam already was having withdrawal symptoms...she
needed another fuck, and could not stop thinking about fucking. She used
to be the brainy girl, who thought of "higher" things, but now she thought
about cock non-stop. Clover had always thought about cock, of course, as
she had always been the sluttiest WOOHP girl by far, but even she was
astonished at how much of a slut she actually was.


Britney squealed and squealed as Alex rammed her cock mercilessly, making
her cum hard, harder than all the previous fucks...

Alex triumphantly removed her strap-on cock from Britney's defeated

"Well done, Alex!!!" Declared Victor proudly, clapping his hands.

Max, Sam and Clover joined in, also applauding Alex's magnificent fucking
of Britney, who was now completely exhausted, whimpering and sighing.

Max carried Britney over to a couch and laid her face down, her legs still
very much spread, after the multiple fucking she could not hope to close

The girl's removed their cocks and handed them to Max, who put them back in
the storage box.

It was at that moment that the door slid open and a gorgeous, sexy woman
entered the room, to the delight of Victor and Max, and the surprise of the
girls...Britney was too out of it from her fucking to notice...

"Hello, Victor, hello Max...hello girls! My name is Lisa, I am Victor's new
assistant, and your superior officer."


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