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Totally Spies Chapter 3 - Lisa's Discipline
by Victor2K ([email protected]) and Operandi ([email protected])


Clover, Alex, and Britney were ordered to sit on a red couch in the corner
of the dungeon, while Lisa led Sam over to a sinister looking bench.

Lisa yanked Sam's leash and led her over to the bench, which had 4 legs,
each with straps attached, it was mainly steel, with a horse saddle style
mid-section, designed to accommodate a woman's body. The bench was now in
front of Sam.

"Stand up, Sam!" Lisa ordered aggressively, and Sam nervously obeyed.

"Bend over across the bench…good girl!" Lisa patted Sam's bottom, enjoying
it's juicy roundness, and her ownership of it.

Lisa wasted no time strapping Sam to the bench, declaring that "the ginger
slut is going to experience pain and pleasure, and so are you three pets."

Lisa fastened Sam to the bench; the ginger WOOHP girl was bound in an
all-fours position, her ass cruelly exposed. Lisa relished her domination
of Sam, taking her time to stroke the girl's hair, moving her hand from
Sam's neck, down to her gorgeous bum.

Lisa picked up a cane, and showed it to Sam…"This is what happens to bad
girls, naughty ones who disobey Victor, Max, or me…"

Lisa raised her hand...


The cane cut through the air moving towards its target...



Sam squealed...

"It hurts, doesn't it, Sammy?"

"Y-Y-Yes, Lisa..."

Lisa caressed Sam's hurting bottom, which wiggled enticingly..."In order to
make sure you are very good girls, who never even dare think about betraying
WOOHP, you must understand what the consequences are."

"B-but, Miss Lisa, I am good, I don't want to be caned."

"Who said you had any say in this, bitch. That's 10 more on your pretty
little ass! Now, let's get your education under way, Sammy!"

Lisa raised her hand again, gripping the cane...














"Oooooh...mmmmm....aaaahhh..." Sam whimpered and cried, tears running down
her cheeks, as her ass glowed bright red.

Sam was in agony, she wondered if she would ever be able to sit down again,
her bum hurt so much, it was like someone had set fire to her ass. And
yet...and yet...she enjoyed the domination and the humiliation, the utter
perversity of it all.

Alex, Clover, and Britney watched in a mixture of horror and arousal, their
eyes fixated on Sam's reddening ass. Clover admitted to herself that there
were times when she wanted to inflict pain on Sam for being such a prissy

Alex had always looked up to Sam as a "big sister", and she had to admit to
this changing her perception of the brainy ginger girl. It was Lisa who now
shone in Alex's eyes as "The Top Girl"...she reduced Sam to a whimpering
crybaby. This made Alex think of Sam in a less respectful way, and made her
see her WOOHP colleague as an adorable slut rather than her mentor.

Lisa was the female equivalent of Victor and Max to Alex, a woman to be
admired, respected, and obeyed.

Lisa smiled wickedly and picked up a cat-o-nine-tails, circling her ginger
toy, whose ass wiggled in pain. "Now, girls, I'm going to make little Sammy
squeal like a pig!"

Noticing the girl's smiling and enjoying Sam's humiliation, Lisa's face
turned stern, as her eyes narrowed and she declared that "I have plans for
you three babes, too, so don't get smug!"

Lisa turned back to the bound and helpless Sam, and wasted no time in
applying the whip. It made a satisfying sound as it struck Sam's violated
bottom, but the most satisfying sound of all was Sam, who indeed squealed
like a pig.

"That's it, Sam, squeal like the little bitch you are!" Lisa said, as she
gleefully whipped Sammy, turning her ass into a nice deep shade of red,
which as Lisa observed, went well with her ginger hair.

Lisa struck Sam 25 time's with the whip, bringing Sam's punishment to a
total of 35 ass-strikes.

"Now, little Sammy, if you had been a bad girl, your ass would be in a
world of hurt, because the punishment would be twice what I have dished out
today! There is no limit to the punishment I can hand out...Victor and Max
have given me complete discretion of your punishments, and I will not
hesitate to punish you, because I do so enjoy it...I may even do it just to
please myself!"

Lisa patted Sam's beaten bum, "Sammy, say thank you for your punishment."

"T-Thank you for punishing me, Lisa."

"You look very pretty bound to the bench, so you are going to stay there,
with your ass on display for me and others to that you have
experienced pain, it is time for pleasure."

Lisa walked over to the wall to a collection of dildos, and promptly picked
a huge rubber dildo, which she showed to the weary yet aroused Sam..."suck
it!" Lisa ordered, as she shoved it into Sam's mouth...

"That's it, baby, suck...suck like a baby."

Sam dutifully and obediently sucked, the huge rubber dildo filling her
dainty feminine mouth. As Sam suckled, Lisa mused that "someday you may
even be as great a cock-sucker as I am." Lisa grinned at that, and pumped
Sam's stuffed mouth with the dildo...after a little bit of pumping, Lisa
attached a dildo holder to the front of the bench, which held the rubber
cock in place while Sam sucked on it dutifully.

Lisa stroked her hand along Sam's prone back, petting the ginger girl's
luscious hair, and moving once again to her much-abused ass.

"They say you can't burn a candle at both ends...well, they are
wrong...hehheh", Lisa went over to the dildo rack, and collected two more
violators, which she stroked along Sammy's red ass, making it wiggle and
twitch, Sam's eyes widened as she felt the new cocks on her ass, as she
continued to suck the rubber cock jammed into her mouth.

Lisa pushed a button, and the rear legs of the bench (to which Sam's ankles
were strapped) moved apart, forcing Sam's legs open, and exposing her cunt.

Alex, Clover, and Britney watched, transfixed by the sight before them, and
more than a little aroused, with little Alex reaching between her thighs,
her pussy throbbing at the sight of Sam being abused and humiliated.
Britney was also excited, licking her lips, her eyes relishing Lisa's
entertainment. Clover loved every minute, every second, as she sat with
her thighs wide open, and her cunt glistening.

Then Sam's eye's widened even more, as Lisa forced a huge 12-inch metallic
dildo into the brainy WOOHP girl's wet cunt. The ginger babe wiggled and
squirmed in her tight bonds as Lisa pushed the enormous monster into Sam's
fuck-hole. Sam thought she would be split open, as Lisa forced it in

Lisa wedged it all the way in, till it stuffed Sam completely, it's
metallic shaft protruding rudely from the WOOHP girl's stretched pussy.

Then, before Sam could adjust to the violation of her cunt, Lisa inserted a
second dildo, this one somewhat smaller, all the way into Sam's anus...the
violation was so cruel, so nasty, so perverted...and Sam loved it. She loved
being Lisa's bitch.

Lisa switched on the dildo's, which began to vibrate, and turned them up to


Sam squirmed in her bonds as she continued to suck the cock. Her cunt and
ass were being violated and conquered by Lisa, the sensations in her
intimate parts driving her crazy with lust.


Victor and Max watched from their screen, enjoying the perverted events
taking place in the dungeon. Max remembered that the clit ring was still
attached to Sam's clit...Victor smirked and pushed a button on his desk
control panel, a smirk forming on his face.

"And there's three more after this!" Max said excitedly.

Sam's eyes were wide with horniness, as her ass and cunt were being vibed
good and proper, so imagine her surprise when her clit ring began to
vibrate also, activated by Victor, making the ginger-haired girl even more
of a slut, as she squirmed and squirmed, all the while sucking and sucking
the rubber cock wedged inside her pretty little mouth.

Sam continued to suck on the dildo, as her pussy, rectum, and clit were
bombarded by sensations, as she experienced an exquisite kind of sexual

It was at this point that Lisa, after petting Sam's hair and calling her
"my favourite ginger slut-bitch!" decided it was time to punish the next

Lisa smiled with a wicked grin..."Clover! On your hands and knees, good
doggy!" Clover obeyed, of course, and Lisa, gripping Clover's leash, led
her over to an X-Frame, with manacles at it's ends.

In the background, the buzzing emanating from Sam's torment could still be
heard, and the diligent little redhead continued to suck the rubber cock
like her life depended on it.

The X-Frame was horizontal, but was designed so it could be arranged in a
variety of angles. Clover climbed onto it. Even a slut like Clover felt
nervous at this, as Lisa fastened her ankles and wrists to the ends of the
cross, so Clover was now spread-eagle and very accessible.

"Lovely." Declared Lisa, as she circled the helpless Clover, then surprised
the blonde WOOHP agent by forcing her mouth open and filling it with a


"Conversation is not your strong point, babe, so you will be a silent toy
for my amusement."

Lisa positioned the X-Frame so Clover was now vertical, and was now once
again holding a cane.

Lisa eyed Clover's nude, delicious body, licking her lips, then gently
rubbed the cane between Clover's thighs, rubbing the flirty WOOHP girl's


"Feels good, doesn't it?"


"Little blonde Agents should be used and not heard."


"You are a naughty girl by nature, so my discipline of you must be
especially harsh! Your mother has always been too soft on you, Clover, so
it's about time you learned the price of disobedience, and accepted the
fact that you, perhaps more than any other WOOHP girl, are a slut, a
fuck-toy, and a whore!"

"Clover, are you familiar with the term "Pussy Whipped"?


"Well, it's time for some education, Bitch!"


Lisa got her cane on one of her hands and hit her tender pink cunt with the

"MHPPPP" Clover sounded as the cane cut the air through and beat her pussy

"Take that, bitch!" Lisa shouted as she continued to cane Clover.





Another hit!


And another


In fact, Lisa caned the blonde spy's pussy about 10 times. She licked her
lips and looked evil seeing Clover's pain while she caned the blonde spy's
cunt. A tear emerged out of Clover's eyes.

"You've been a bad girl, Clover. And I believe you need more than just being
caned in your pussy" Lisa said, while she groped for a while the spy's tits.
Alex, Britney were looking at it with amazement and some fear. They even
forgot Sam, who was still sucking the fake cock. Britney was amazed at how
Clover was getting enslaved by Lisa, and so was Alex.

Lisa then directed her efforts to beat Clover's tits. The blonde teenager
looked on how Lisa held them.

"Now, ten for each one whore!"







Twenty times on all breasts was the result. Lisa caning and caning with a
pleased face, listening to Clover scream inside the ballgag, being bound on
the X-Frame. A scene that could beat any porn movie. The WOOHP assistant
left out the cane and grabbed the whip, licking seductively.

Lisa then got her distance and returned to her punishment, now about to
whip Clover's pussy, already hurt by the cane.

"I'll make you scream good, bitch"

Twenty times, that was the number of whips that Lisa made on Clover's
pussy, smiling to see the blonde WOOHP girl scream and cry of pain, and
somehow pleasure. Lisa then directed her efforts on her tits, doing the
same twenty times, leaving the teen's breasts getting red and marked by the
whipping. Clover, inside the silence that the ballgag enforced on her, kind
of liked to be whipped and treated in this way. Alex and Britney were
witnessing the fall down of the always strong and independent girl that
they knew before, now just an easy toy being played by Lisa.

After the whip stroked, Lisa withdrew the whip, standing a little away from
the blonde WOOHP girl and seeing that she was fully dominated. She smiled
to see how Clover was easily bound, same as Sammy. So she decided to kinky
things up. Lisa went to the toy box at the Dungeon, and got a golden nipple
clamp, which consists in two pegs united by a small chain. Lisa then
approached Clover, showing the device with lust.

"Do you know what I have in my hands, Clover?"


"Your new bra, bitch!"

Lisa said with so much kinkiness that anyone would notice that. She then
attached the blonde spy's nipples into the pegs, which Clover didn't liked
much, because it hurted a little. Then Lisa also grabbed from the toy box a
pussy weight, which was just a slightly heavy box held by a few chains. She
carefully attached it to Clover's already whipped pussy, putting into her
outer lips, Clover felt her groin heavy and almost fall, but the manacles
in the X-Frame held her.

"I can't believe she did that..." Max said amazed to see in the screen
Lisa's über-kinkiness on Clover. He and Victor were focusing attention on
the naughty scenes on the TV, only paying attention to Lisa and the girls.

"You know that she would do it" Victor stated, holding the vibrating
control on his hands, waiting for the right time to use it on Clover.

"Oh yeah...Lisa knows how to dominate these teens."

Back to the dungeon, Lisa positioned the X-Frame in a mode a bit inclined,
now Clover's pussy was wide open for being stuffed. The WOOHP assistant
went to the wall and pressed on a keyboard with a numeric code, then
pressed a green button. Suddenly, from the rock wall, a secret door opens
and a strange machine comes.

Looks like a robot, black, with wheels and a mechanical arm inside it. The
machine guides itself to Lisa's foot. Lisa de-attached the remote control
places in one of the sides of the device and held it.

"Clover, I want you to meet XR-400, or ‘Johan', for intimates"

"Mmphphphp" Clover mumbles, and didn't understanding why the hell she
called that machine Johan.

Lisa pressed a button and a mechanical arm came out of the machine, at it's
end was a 7.5 inch black phallus. Clover and the other girls, even Max and
Victor looked it with some surprise.

"This is the last word on WOOHP toy development" The voluptuous assistant
said, driving the arm using a joystick, till it arrived in front of
Clover's pussy.

"Mmmmmph...unh" Clover ‘said', looking at the strange machine's arm moving
ever closer to her juicy cunt.

With only one button pressed, the phallic arm stretched the maximum it
could and the machine cock entered inside Clover's pussy. "Mmhphph" Clover
moaned as she looked to a string of buttons, related to intensity of fuck,
Lisa pressed the first called "Soft".

The blonde WOOHP girl felt them, the fucking machine go in and out, softly.
At the start Clover felt nice, the pleasingly gentle pushing of the fake
cock inside her, starting to moan. Alex and Britney, on their voyeur time,
were astonished and aroused at same time. Alex even pictured herself being
fucked by the sybian.


In the WOOHP main office, Max and Victor watched hypnotized and aroused by
the kinky scenes happening inside the Punishment Dungeon. Victor was doing
a wicked face, thinking about how he was proud to call Lisa to discipline

"This machine is amazing. Remember that blonde chick that studied with us
in WOOHP's Agent School?" Max said, almost completely paralyzed looking at
the TV screen.

"Who? That Norwegian one with Pigtails and freckles?" Victor asked.

"Yes. That one! I showed her the machine project and tested a prototype
once. Man, how a girl could cum like her."

Victor laughed, as he looked at the remote control of the vibrating ring
installed on Clover's pussy. The boss didn't think twice about using it on
the blonde WOOHP girl.

Back at the Dungeon, Lisa raised the speed of the sybian, pressing another
button. The pumping continued as Clover continued to got pleased, even more
when the first buzzing coming from her clit begun to emanate. The
"Mpmphmhm"'s that Clover was doing were not enough to please Lisa, who
picked a long, really long ostrich feather. She looked lustfully at the
enslaved blonde WOOHP girl, and her naked foot soles, like she was planning
something evil.

Clover was completely surrendered to the painful/pleasing session of
punishment ministered by Lisa. The ins-and-outs of the pumping sybian
inside her were a pounding frenzy and maniacal. A man could never be like
that, anyway, none of the men that she knew. Well, it was almost Max and
Victor. But everything was hard to feel. The weight on her pussy almost was
dragging her down and the ballgag didn't let her squeal and moan. Add to
that the buzzing ring at the blonde teen's clitoris.

Lisa then sit on her knees, in front of Clover's right foot. Not only
before she puts the speed of the fucking machine at the maximum, almost
pushing into her womb. "Mppphhhphpphphp" was only what the bound WOOHP girl
could say.

Lisa used once the feather




"Yes, try to laugh my little blonde slut...." Lisa said

Three times


Clover was feeling tickled about Lisa's feather abusing. She wanted to
laugh, but she couldn't. It was so many things to do, being hard-fucked by
a sybian and also being tortured that way by her new WOOHP coach. It wasn't
the kind of punishment she was expecting...

"You behaved bad, Clover...You need to learn to obey WOOHP's demands" Lisa
said, now quick whipping her foot with the feather. Clover was kind of
feeling tickled with that, and also horny. Add that to a frenzy machine
banging you non-stop.

Britney and Alex couldn't believe how Clover could be so bound. The blonde
WOOHP girl, always with an independent spirit and doing things all by
herself, was just now only a fucktoy in the hands of Lisa. Both were at the
same time amazed, aroused and afraid. Sam wasn't paying attention to the
suffering of her best friend; she stood to suck the fake cock and was being
pumped. Sammy was in her lonely torture, now much more pleasing than ever.

"I think we did enough on this foot...Let me see the other" Lisa said as
she withdrew the feather whipping on Clover's right foot and moved to the
left one, where she did the same treatment. But in that time, Clover was
put actually on the verge of orgasm. She wasn't resisting the sybian
fucking, and that situation was leaving her horny as hell. Lisa didn't need
to do so much tickling to make Clover climax. Of course, Lisa was smiling
to see Clover about to cum.

And it wasn't just an orgasm. It was a huge one.

"Mpp..mhpghmgh...Oooohhhh...God!" It was a mix of pain, pleasure and giggle.
Clover came hard, her juices drenched over the sybian device, which continued
to fuck her non-stop. Even the floor was wet with Clover's cum. Lisa stopped
to ‘torture' her in that moment, watching and just as horny as were Alex,
Victor, Britney or Max, not counting the not much aware ginger

"Yes, Clover. Cum, squeal like the bitch you are!"

Clover screams like never she did before in her life, even if the ballgag
inside her mouth wasn't giving her proper mouth movement. Even the two
males who were observing the scene were amazed by such power of cum.

"She is a prime slut! Even when she is dominated, she can't stop
juicing..." Victor said, with his eyes almost glued to the TV screen. Max
was so surprised that he stopped to move, or do anything. He was only able
to say "yeah" to his partner. The WOOHP boss had to agree.

When Clover finished to orgasm, Lisa reduced the speed of the sybian to the
medium, took out the pussy weight and the nipple clamps, putting them back
into the toybox.

"Now I'll leave you pumping here...See now how I'll treat your other

Lisa turned her attention to the two sitting naked girls, now pointing to



"Be on all fours, you will be next."

"Yes mistress" Alex said, crawling like a dog to Lisa. The WOOHP assistant
got the leash, and rounded the dark haired WOOHP girl, looking how cute and
how petite she is, her innocent face and manners.

"Alex, you look like an innocent girl, but it's the innocent ones that are
always more kinky and nasty. You don't fool anyone, neither me, Max,
Victor, or any of your friends...I know what you deserve."

"A-and w-what I deserve?" Alex asked curious and afraid at same time

"You need the Naughty Girl's Chair" Lisa said, as she pulled the leash
attached to the collar of the Latin girl. Alex was made to sit on a strange
red chair, with a white "box" downside her and a bowl on the floor. Two
holes were on the seat, and a strange electric device could be seen.

Lisa made Alex sit, her legs apart and hands behind the chair, while she
put some electric wires on her nipples, clitoris and inner walls. She even
groped Alex's tits for a while.

"Well, Alex. I am going to see if you are ok with your brain duties. I'll
make a series of questions, depending on the answer, if it's right or
wrong, I'll use this device and you feel some weird electric sensation.

"Eh...yes, Mistress" Alex nodded, as Lisa got into a certain kind of teacher
mood and started...



"How much is two plus two?" Lisa asked.

"So easy...four!" Alex answered with so sureness of such a silly question.
Lisa then pressed a green button. Then it comes on Alex's erogenous areas a
soft shock, she even moaned with that...

"Ok. What's the organization that you work?"


"Correct, Alex!" Lisa said, as she pressed the green button and another
shock comes to Alex, who moaned again. Lisa decided then to make the things
a bit rough

"Alex, who was the 27th president of United States?"

"Ahhh...Roosevelt?" Alex said, real not knowing the answer

"William Howard Taft, Alex. Sorry, you got it WRONG!" Lisa said it with so
much kinkiness that Alex went afraid. Lisa then pressed a red button and a
hard shock came to Alex.


"This is what girls who don't study get..." Lisa stated, stroking Alex's
dark hair, as she screamed. "Well, let's move. What's the capital of the
state of Kansas?"

"Kansas City"

"Wrong again, little Alex. It's Topeka" Lisa said, using with no regret the
red button that made another shock on Alex's genitals. Briny and the other
girls saw Alex's screams with astonishment, specially the raven haired
WOOHP spy, who will be the last one presented to the Dungeon.

"Let's move then. Alex, who is the band who sings 'Ocean Avenue'?"

"Easy piece...Yellow card."

"Correct!" Lisa said, as the electrical discharge now turned into a soft
and pleasing one, making the WOOHP girl be relieved to answer right the

"And who sings 'Sailing'?" Lisa asked again.

"Ah...I know, my mother likes this song...who sings it..ah...well...wait, I
remember.. me! Christopher Cross!
Yes, this one!"

"Oh...correct Alex. You almost made me use the red button." Lisa said, a
bit sad of not making some dirty torture on Alex, she pressed the green
button and another string of stimulation comes to Alex, who was starting to
juice with it.

"Oohhh...that's so good".

"Ahem...Last question of this phase! How do you say "spy" in French?"

"I am terrible with French....I don't know" Alex said.

"Espion. Sorry, you were wrong this time" Lisa stated, licking her lips as
she pressed the red button and Alex screamed when the hard stimulation came
to her nipples and pussy, the thing vibrating in her skin that she was
getting juiced with that, no doubt this excited her very, very much.

Then Lisa removed the electric wires from Alex's body and told her to watch
the seat, because she wanted to show something. Alex asked why and then two
dildos come downside Alex, rubbing her pussy and ass.

"Ohhh...what's it?"

"Alex seems you aren't too smart, beside having Sam as a friend. I think
electric shocks alone will not make you learn about anything. These dildos
will show you that you need to learn more..." Lisa said, when she
re-assumed her teacher looks and turned to ask questions to the dark haired

"Alex, what is the capital of Guyana?"

"I-I don't know..."

"Georgetown" Lisa said, pressing in another set of two buttons (red/green)
the red one, making the dildos installed on the chair fuck hard the teen
WOOHP spy. Alex screams as the two phallic instruments pushed hard inside
her two holes. Alex was juicing like hell, filling a bowl placed on the

"Ok, Alex. What's the name of your boss?"

"Victor!" Alex screams, kind of with pleasant moans.

"Very good Alex..." Lisa said, reducing the speed of the dildoes, and
petting her head, feeling the sweat on her forehead.

"Oohhh..God!" Alex screams, when the machine got to a slow speed and she
could "think" again.

Britney, lonely at the chair, watched the whole stuff that was happening
with Alex, as she did with the other girls. The raven WOOHP girl was
paralysed to see how kinky things were getting...and grinning because Alex
was having her punishment, thinking of what Alex did with her minutes ago
in WOOHP's office, the spanking and everything.

Lisa then turned to ask questions to Alex...

"Alex, which country is the largest in terms of area in the world?"

"USA?" Alex answers, unsure

"Wrong, dear Alex...It's Russia.... Sorry but..."

Lisa said then she pressed the button and the hard pounding returned. The
WOOHP female assistant loved to see her pretty pet scream loud as the fake
cocks went hard inside her cunt and butt. Lisa thought that Alex was so
pretty, especially being dominated in such way.

"Alex, which is the square root of 144?"

"I d-don't know...Math isn't my strong point", Alex said.

"12!" Lisa said emphatically, pressing again the red button, making the
speed grow again. The latina WOOHP girl was feeling her pussy teared out by
the dildoes, which rammed hard inside Alex, and make her juice float to the
bowl. Actually, she was Cumming, but the action of the fake cocks was
stronger and didn't make anyone notice that.

Lisa moved then onto the questions.

"Alex, it's the last one! I hope you can succeed this time, or..." She
grinned to Alex "Why you shouldn't use the hair dryer while you are at

"Ahhh...Ohhhh...Electricity. My mother always says to not use it or you going
to die by a shock!" Alex answered and Lisa seemed to get a bit sad, because
she wanted so much to raise her fuck. Lisa thought to herself that she would
make the questions harder next time, much harder.

"You are right, Alex"

The green button was pressed again and the toys slowed their pace, as Alex
was juicing even more. For her, it was a relief to no longer be getting
rammed and pounded.

Lisa left the device and went to a loudspeaker, to the talking device and
said, while she pressed a button.

"Bring they now!"

Alex didn't understood what the WOOHP assistant was meaning with ‘bring
them', as Lisa approached Alex again.

"Don't worry, you will like them," She said, patting her head, caressing
her dark hair. In a minute, the door of the dungeon opened and four men
walked in, all handsome and in their WOOHP's suit style. They line up in
front of Lisa.

"What's the business now?" One of the men asks

"I am giving some discipline lessons to this little one and I want to show
some of WOOHP leading to her", Lisa says, pointing to the helpless Alex.
The four men look at the dark haired teenspy and admire her beauty.

"Oh, right. She is nice, I would like to show some ‘leading' to her" one
other of the males stated.

Lisa brings them to where Alex is; the men surround her and grope her tits,
touching all around her body, until Lisa tells them to stop. She turns her
attention to the pounded WOOHP girl.

"Alex, see all those men?"

"Yes" Alex answers.

"Well, it will be the next step in your punishment. You will have to please
all them with your mouth."

"D-Do Y-you mean..."

"Yes Alex. You'll have to suck them off till they cum, and you can't waste
any of it" Lisa said as she stood away from the dark-haired teenager, and
ordered them to take their pants off. Alex was amazed at the size of their
cocks, around 8 inches or more. The WOOHP assistant ordered to the first to

"Trevor, you are the first."

"Yes ma'am" Trevor, a young redhead guy is the first to take his organ
inside a still pounded Alex. Alex opened her mouth and he took the tip of
it inside her. In a minute almost a half of it was inside Alex. Trevor
started to fuck her mouth, his cock going in and off her mouth. Without any
escape, Alex started to enjoy it, sucking and licking the male organ.

Lisa and the other guys only watched Trevor have his time with the WOOHP
girl, seeing how much she was loving being mouthfucked by the redheaded
WOOHP employee, a situation that was really awkward to her. So horny as
them was Britney, who was still watching all the punishment the other girls
were suffering with fear and excitation, wondering what Lisa had prepared
for her.

"Wow, you suck cock good slut!" Trevor stated, holding Alex's head back
while she was blowing all of him, taking his magnanimous penis inside her
teen mouth, enjoying and loving all of it. Alex thought that wasn't too
painful at all, besides, his cock was too bigger for her.

"Suck it good Alex, take him all inside yourself" Lisa said with a vile
grin, aroused with the nasty, yet lustful punishment of Alex. It didn't
take so long till Trevor blew his load all inside Alex.

"OHHH...Cumming" Trevor said as he squirted a big load of sperm all inside
Alex's throat. The WOOHP girl swallowed it with some disgust but a bit
tasty too. After a minute or two of cumming, Trevor stopped to load.

"Enough, Trevor" Lisa ordered as he took his cock out of Alex's mouth,
cleaned himself, took on his pants and stood in position. Lisa then called
another male to take part in the Alex's cock-sucking marathon.

"Douglas, your turn!"

Douglas, a light brown, bearded man, stood up in position to give Alex a
treat. Lisa told him to not take easy with her. He then took out his
"device", but before going to the real thing he rubbed his cock on Alex's

"Make her suck cock good, Douglas" Lisa demanded, as Alex had to open her
mouth and let the employee insert his dick inside her. His cock was thicker
than Trevor, so Alex had a little difficult on getting it inside her.
Douglas sticked it all inside Alex, who started to suck him. The WOOHP
dark-haired spy managed to suck him off, arousing the near viewers, and the
silent voyeurs Max and Victor at WOOHP's Main Office.

"Alex is a great cocksucker" Max remarked watching on the giant screen TV
the vision of his employee blowing Douglas.

"Yes, Max. I believe we need to get some of this one day," Victor said,
seeing how she was going in and out, sucking the guy all over. It was for
sure a scene to please anyone who saw it.

Back to the Dungeon, Douglas continued to be blown, as Lisa, Trevor and the
other two males were watching it, aroused and intrigued about Alex's
endurance on blowjob. Alex's mouth going up and down Douglas let him close
to cum. The teenager managed to be a great sucker, putting her mouth effort
all on his cock.

"Oh...God, I am so close...ahh you suck good bitch...ahahaha...Cumming" It
didn't take long for Douglas shoot his load inside Alex. And it was a big
cum! Alex had to drink all his love milk, tasting every drop of his load.
Lisa became amazed with Alex's cock sucking skills, seeing she was able to
give pleasure to two men.

After Douglas finish it, Lisa ordered him to stand away of Alex and called
the next male to enjoy the WOOHP girl

"Jacques, your turn"

Jacques was an African, tall and strong. Alex saw some cuteness and manhood
on him, the next one to take his pants off and get some of her. Alex was
surprised with his cock size, bigger than Trevor and Douglas. Lisa told him
to get on her, but not before Jacques remark her beauty saying with his
African accent

"She is so beautiful, cute face she has" Jacques touched her, caressing her
cheeks and stroking her black hair. Alex kind of liked his voice and touch.
Jacques smoothly told her to open her mouth to take him inside.

Alex obeyed him and she started to blow the WOOHP male. In a minute, She
was able to take him all inside her mouth, sucking it wildly and nice.
Jacques's prick was tenderer than the others, mostly because Jacques was
sweeter than Douglas and Trevor. Alex kind of liked him and his manners on
treating her.

The WOOHP employee was guiding Alex, almost teaching how to suck cock
proper. Every time he went fast, Alex was shown to also give head harder.
In few minutes, the WOOHP spy was diving herself in and out on Jacques, for
amazement of Lisa, the other employees, Britney, Clover, Sam, and of course
Victor and Max, watching it without blink from the main office. Everyone
were satisfied that Alex was becoming a great cocksucker, and cockteaser
too. Jacques remarked all time that he wished to spend some time alone with
his Latin muse.

Alex sucked Jacques so much that it looked like she was ripping off his
skin, but he didn't mind, he loved the way she was blowing him, leaving
nearly to an orgasm.

"Delightful...ohhh...amazing.... cumm, c-c-cummming" Jacques said, pouring
his liquid inside Alex's mouth like she was drinking water from a nozzle.
Between moans and "yes", Jacques said Alex was lovely and nice and she
would like his cum.

After his load finish, Jacques took out his pants and stood on his
position. Lisa thanked Jacques and wickedly smiled to him, in a sign of
somehow needing him for a quickie. Then Lisa asked the last one to be ready

"Olaf, you are the last but not least"

Olaf, a Viking-like blonde, tall and with some muscles, blue eyes and a
boy-like face, was the last WOOHP man to get his time with Alex, who came
really hard from being sucking cock. She smiled at him, telling him he was
cute and stuff.

"Olaf, do you know what you have to do?"

"Yes, Miss Lisa" Olaf said in a cute Nordic accent that turned on not only
Alex but also the other women. He was somehow a stud, a Viking God. Olaf
then took out his pants and showed his prick, which was the smallest of all
them, but was still big. Before sticking into her, Olaf stroked her dark
hair, telling her she was beautiful and cute.

"Okay, here it goes!" Olaf shouted, as he put his thing all inside Alex.
Alex almost had to say him to stop, but Lisa told her to be at her position
and get what she deserves. Olaf started to push the thing harder into Alex's
mouth. Alex had no argument, seeing he had the stamina of a teenager.

Everyone astonished seeing the guy almost make Alex choke. Of course she
liked it, but she wasn't prepared for a thing like that. Douglas, Jacques
and Trevor were more polite than Olaf, but she understood that he was a bit
young for this, like her, and he was excited about getting a sexual thing
on with a woman. Even Lisa told him to take it easier, but he wasn't too
interested in slowing. Sooner his excitement made him get horny.

"'re soo sexy! OOOOhhhh...suck me...ahhhh..." He didn't stop to
scream it as he was putting it all inside Alex. His more-than-usual
excitement enabled him to cum soon, but Olaf didn't mind and continued to
push his cock inside her mouth. Alex was almost choking when Olaf blew his
cum. And it was a big shot, the biggest of all them. Alex's face went dirty
with all his cum, and she wiped it with her tongue, while she was
swallowing Olaf's milk. And it was the most longer load of all, which it
deserved applause from all.

After Olaf finished it, Lisa told him to get in his position. "Thanks for
the help, guys. I will call you later if I need you." She said, dismissing
the four men, which left proud of getting sucked by the WOOHP girl. She
waited for the guys to go away to open a door in the basis of the chair,
and take from the inside a bowl with a liquid, almost full.

"Look Alex, it's your female juice. I can't believe you came this much only
with my lessons. Now you will have to taste yourself."

Lisa told Alex to open her mouth, and she turned the bowl onto her mouth.
Alex tasted her own juices, and she liked it. She even thought of becoming
a "lesbian to herself".

Lisa smiled as Alex finished her drink and patted her head.

"Ok Alex, your lessons are over for now. Now you will enjoy the last part
of my show" Lisa said, turning her stern eyes to Britney, the last girl to
be punished.

The WOOHP assistant walked over to the bench where Britney was, held her
leash and told her to get up.

"Get up Britney, it's time for some discipline". Britney got up and got her
eyes full in attention to Lisa, who rounded her examining her attributes.

"You are new to this group are the girl who needs to know
most how WOOHP will work from now, and I have a punishment ready for you"
Lisa said before she ordered the raven WOOHP girl to be on her hands and

Britney crawled as Lisa gave her a walkie to a wooden bench, with inclined

"Britney, you are as slutty as the others, so I think you need to get your
bum hurt a little. Now bend yourself," Lisa demanded, and Britney bent her
body on the bench, exposing her nubile and tempting butt to Lisa, who got
her cane and started to strike on each bum.

















It was only ten strikes on Britney's ass, but it wasn't with mercy. Lisa
explained her

"Only ten for now, I need you to be laid down, will give you a proper

Lisa said, licking her lips in anticipation.

Britney lay on the bench, legs spread. Lisa opened a cabinet full of
creams, oils and food assortments. She got a can of whipped cream and
chocolate mousse. She went to Britney and showed the delicious stuff the
WOOHP woman carried.

"See, Britney. A slut like you is so delicious, so delicious that I want
eat you as a dessert"

Lisa smiled wickedly with a naughty tone in her voice as she poured the
cream and the mousse all over Britney's crotch. Britney looked at it,
amazed at the weirdness of Lisa's kinky act, her pussy was now all filled
with food. Lisa stared delighted with the vision.

"Oh, the perfect dessert..." She said, before she diving on Britney, and
tasting all the cream and chocolate poured on it. Britney was pleased to
see Lisa getting so kinky with her, well, the raven-haired girl was so sexy
and cute that she deserved something like that. And from Lisa you had to be
prepared to expect anything.

"That's what I call ‘eating out' someone..." Max chuckled, not believing
that he was seeing on the monitor Lisa eat a cream filled Britney's pussy.

"That's why I like these punishment can expect anything from
Lisa" Victor said, paying attention to Britney's moaning

"So, I thought something.... should we use some food with Lisa?" Max asked

"Well, Yes Max. She is so sexy and delicious I would make a banana split
with her" Victor remarked as both guys giggled.

Lisa finished to wipe all the chocolate and cream from Britney's luscious
crotch. The WOOHP girl moaned every lash of Lisa's tongue, licking at same
time pussy, juice and the filling. Lisa said that Britney would make a good
"pussy cake".

Then her, without say anything, went back to the food cabinet and got a
package with something inside. She then turned back to Britney and without
saying anything, opened it and threw it all on Britney's pussy.

"I-Is T-This ...d-d-dog food?" Britney asked, not believing that Lisa was
putting dog food on her. Lisa nodded in agreement. When Lisa finished it,
she went to the loudspeaker and said...

"Bring in the Stud, now!"

"The Stud?" Britney asked, as in a minute, it walked from the door, a giant
pit bull, with a collar and leash, running to Lisa.

"Hi, little fella, you are the mamma's dog, isn't that right? Yes it
is..."Lisa gave some petting to the dog, just before introducing him to

"Britney, this is the Stud. I brought him to WOOHP a few years ago. It's
one of the best achievements we have." She said, as the WOOHP female
assistant gave a walkie to get Stud to face Britney's food-filled pussy.
"And now he is hungry, he needs to eat, and you are his bowl"

"W-What?" Britney asked, shocked to see such a dangerous beast in front of
her, breathing on her thighs. Lisa than ordered the dog to get his food

"Are you hungry? Yes, you are. Get some food from this bowl right here..."
Lisa said, when Stud started to eat the food inside Britney, licking the
food. The girl was afraid to see the pitbull going on her that way, thinking
that it might bite her or something or do something even worse. The dog went
all the way, eating, licking and even dribbling inside Britney. Disgusting,
but sexy.

Lisa watched it like a teacher, seeing how Britney was reacting to being
assaulted by a hungry dog, so were Max and Victor, that couldn't believe in
such a thing happening. Well, they hadn't any objections about zoophilia,
but Lisa was Lisa, and they knew that she was quite kinky.

"You just finished, my boy? Oh you are a cute dog...yes it
you can go, and you will meet Lisa later, ok?" The WOOHP assistant said when
Stud finished his meal in his "vaginal bowl", then petting it and releasing
the dog to be back to it's place. Britney looked disgusted and shocked....
being used, as a food recipient wasn't a thing that she thought herself to
be. But if it was to teach her something, she deserved it.

For a minute or two, Lisa admired the look of the four teenage girls, all
into their punishments. She made a proud face, thinking how well her job
was done, and how much these girls deserved their humiliation.

"Ok, girls...This round is over. You all got what you deserved", Lisa said,
before she removed the girls out of their suffering. Clover, Alex, Sam and
Britney... all now were lined up, breasts firmly up and in position. Lisa
rounded the girls and made a final statement

"So, this is what happens when spies like you fail to comply with WOOHP's
tasks. You girls have now had a little sample of what you will meet if one
of you doesn't please me, Max or Victor. Have I been clear?"

"Yes, Mistress!" All girls said in unison.

"But you also will have rewards if you do your job perfectly and please all
WOOHP. But I will show you that later. Now I need to get back to the office
with you, my sluts..." Lisa said, getting her cane and whacking the asses of
the four teenagers, whispering, "get in position" to all them. The girls got
in all fours, and Lisa walked them to the main office of the organization.
They were completely worn with all the sex and punishment; they had to find
strength enough to walk on all fours through WOOHP's corridors. All tired, a
bit hurt and somehow pleased with the things that went on in the Punishment

"Good work Lisa, well done" Max praised, as she walked into the office with
the four women naked, walking like dogs, all tired and completely worn out
from the punishment. Lisa stopped the girls in front of Victor and Max,
hitting the cane on their bums to make them stand. Lisa took out the collars,
and the girls were free of their bondage.

"Now they are completely fulfilled into WOOHP's new era" Victor remarked,
noticing the state of the girls "I see you all will get along with us."

"Oh, thanks Victor" Sammy said, still hurt with the whip strikes.

"Well, but now you all are dismissed. Can you put your clothes on, and we
will call you if a mission is set." Victor said as Max gave the clothes to
them, as they quickly got dressed.

"So, girls, you are free now. I am sure you all will enjoy me being your

"Sure, boss!" Clover smiled.

"No doubt we will" Britney said

Later that day...

"I am so glad at being picked as boss," Victor said, sitting in his chair
"I see WOOHP has great potential to become great".

"With girls like these, criminals could get afraid of facing us" Max

"Oh yeah.... Oh God...this is great" Victor said, getting a nice blowjob by
Lisa as Max banged her love hole. "Do you agree with us Lisa?"

"MMmmmffffphhhh!" Lisa apparently agreed with them.

"So...unh...nun...we are reaching to the top!" Max shouted

"Salute WOOHP!" Victor said


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