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There we are, sixth chapter of New Boss of WOOHP. Now another hard task for
our spies. Try to find a villian and a few shapeshifters around the world...
hard task isn't? But they will get help from MI6 and a special guest star.
Don't lose it and good reading for you all

TOTALLY SPIES: The New Boss Of WOOHP Chapter 6: Shifting Fortunes
by Operandi ([email protected]) & Victor2K ([email protected])

The WOOHP Agents, now split into team’s of three, quickly spread out faster
than Clover's legs, in pursuit of their Mission Objective's.

15 Hours later, in the West End of London, three female feet exited a
London Taxi, the first of these females was a ginger haired lovely wearing
a discreet overcoat, and casual hat.

Likewise her two counterparts, a sleek brunette, and a tall spikey red-haired
lady who completed the trio.

Their real names were Sam, Britney, and Amelia, and they were here
undercover, where they had acted upon a tip from MI6, and were now looking
for the elusive shape-shifters in London.

They entered a narrow alleyway near Leicester Square and Sam put on her
Biometric goggles, scanning the area…she then peered through a gap into the
crowds nearby, hoping to perhaps strike it lucky and find the shape-shifters.
No such luck.

There was no indication of any shape-shifters.

Britney and Amelia were hunched up behind Sam, and Amelia couldn't resist
groping Sam's pert bum, savouring it's juicy succulence...oh how she wanted
to spank the ginger girl's pretty little posterior, so invitingly presented
as Sam leaned forward.

Sam could feel Amelia's hands and enjoyed the feelings so much she stayed
in that position a little longer than she needed to.

Amelia found it hard to keep her hands off of Sam and Britney, and looked
forward to the opportunity that she was confident would arise.

The girl's spent the day searching up and down London (oh how Amelia wanted
to search up and down Sam and Britney!), to no avail, however they did get
some shopping done at a posh store (which they would be in trouble over if
Lisa ever found out).

Then, on Sam's communicator, their came a message.

It was from Max.

"Sam, Britney, Amelia, MI6 are sending an agent to contact you. To meet him,
you must go to the Piccadilly Circus Underground station at 7:45pm, then, go
to the 1st Platform, and sit on the green bench with the abandoned coke can
on it. Sometime within the next 15 minutes, the MI6 agent will arrive."

The girls were glad for this help, and also were eager to meet some English
guys. Sam was more than a little excited, perhaps this was connected to Max's
comments to her earlier?

The girls went to a MacDonalds and picked up a quick burger and fries, then
headed off to Piccadilly station. They were bang on time, and arrived at,
and sat on, the green bench (the MI6 Agent must have placed the coke can
there, what an ingenious ruse, Sam thought).

It was chilly and cold, so the girls had to snuggle up and keep each other
warm, much to their mutual delight, indeed, they discreetly rubbed against
each other in the cold winter's night, their breath visible.

The platform was almost empty...with the occasional individual strolling past
on their way to wherever they were going.

There were several false alarms, people who Team A initially thought were
the MI6 Agent just walked past.

Then...out of the distance, so quietly the girls almost didn't notice him,
strode the Agent, he walked up to the girls, ever so discreetly..."Ah...well
done, girls! Follow me onto the train." The Agent's Working Class English
accent, so different from Max's, made Britney cream her drove
her wild! Every word he uttered made her hotter. She struggled to maintain
her composure.

Seconds later, a train sure enough arrived. The three girls obediently
followed the Englishman onto the train.

They sat in a row on a seat, whilst their MI6 contact sat before them.

"Well, as you know, the shape-shifters are believed to be hiding out in
London, and we believe they are definitely around here somewhere. They
have not left the city, which indicates that they may be performing some
kind of operation here."

Britney stared lovingly at the Englishman, playing with her gorgeous raven
hair, flirting coquettishly.

"Pay attention, young lady", declared the Englishman, Britney blushed,
whilst Sam and Amelia giggled.

"Okay...I will take you to meet some of my MI6 colleagues, who will fill you

"Fill us in?" exclaimed Amelia.

"Yes, and they will also provide you with more details." The Agent chuckled
at his dirty witticism, as did the girls. The Agent smiled at Sam and said,
"I've heard all about you, Sammy."

Sam blushed shyly.

"Well, you lovely, lovely ladies are extremely will like my
colleagues, you will find them very good company."

The train stopped, and the girls and Agent exited. They left the platform
and went up the steps of a corridor. In the middle of the staircase the
Agent stopped, he touched the wall and a section of it slid open, revealing
a secret passageway..."This way, girls!"

Sam, Amelia, and Britney followed him through the passageway, which led to
an elevator.

When they exited the elevator, they were greeted with the sight of an
underground control room, which was a curious mix of a traditional English
lounge, and some high-tech gadgetry.

A tall, sexy Englishwoman stepped forward. She was smartly dressed with
her hair in a bun and some librarian glasses which had the effect of making
her even more sexy.

"Are these the WOOHP pretties?"

"Yes, Ma'am", replied the Agent.

She had a cut-glass accent that had an unmistakable air of the dominatrix
about it. The way she dressed, the way she walked, her whole body language
exuded power.

"This is Agent Simon, and I am Operations Supervisor Jemma Elizabeth Nova,
or JEN for short."

The girls introduced themselves as Sam, Britney, and Amelia.

"You are the most delicious kittens!" JEN examined her new charges
intricately. She adored Sammy's ginger hair, and loved the dark raven look
of Britney...and Amelia exuded passion and energy.

JEN turned around and called to one of her Agents...

"Kate, Amy, come here!"

The girls were presented with two gorgeous examples of English femininity...
two English roses who were the very definition of nubile.

Jemma asked them to turn around, thus presenting their shapely, nubile forms
to Sam, Britney, and Amelia.

Their uniforms were office dress; shirt, jacket, tie, and very, very short
skirts. Kate and Amy's panties were just about covered, but only just.

Amy had curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes, with perfect lips. Her boobs
were luscious without being too big, and her ass was the slender yet playful
kind. She had an innocent air about her that was intoxicating. She was a
petite plaything who Amelia immediately wanted to fuck.

Kate was a brunette, with sleek dark mouse brown hair, and large brown
eyes. She looked every inch the sassy Brit girl, with her bootylicious bum
practically offering itself to anyone and everyone (it's shape was sensual
yet not obvious), combined with perky little tits. Amelia wanted this one
as well!

"I call these two my Kittens...aren't they just lovely!" JEN clearly had
more than a professional relationship with these two babes, as she stood
behind them and patted their asses. They smiled happily.

"Well, you should get aquainted with us Brits I think, said Jemma. You
have not met the guys and my other English girl yet. Simon, Kate, Amy,
take these three bunnies to see our British males and our youngest kitten."

Kate and Amy nodded obediently, and Simon took the lead, as the three WOOHP
spies were taken to see some Englishmen.

Britney smiled, "I bet the other Team's haven't been enticed by as much
male and female crumpet as we have."

* * *

Many, many miles away, on the other side of the globe, in Rio De Janeiro,
the capital of Brazil, in a secluded hotel room, from which the beautiful
skyline was visible, were four girls.

Clover squirmed and spread her legs as "Agent N" stuffed a metallic dildo
inside her, and began pumping the blonde WOOHP girl like a real pro.

Clover was getting a good seeing to on the hotel bed.

Mandy and Pamela watched, as they chatted to Agent N while she pumped

The gorgeous Brazilian brunette put a finger in Clover's mouth and made her
suck like a baby.

"So, Agent N, what's your cover?"

"Well, it's not exactly a cover", she smiled, "I'm studying to be an
architect and I also happen to do some part-time work as a spy. It's kind
of a talent I have."

Pamela was amazed by how cute Agent N was...she had the kind of boobs you
could suck on all day, and a cute little body and nicely shaped bottom.
She had a sweet face which concealed just how dirty she actually was.

"Oooohhh...OOOOH!" Clover briefed gasped and then was silenced again by
Agent N's finger, forcing her to suck submissively.

Clover whimpered and groaned as the dildo went in and out, in and out, in
and out, in and out, over and over...harder and harder.

"Wow, she really is a total slut, isn't she!" Exclaimed Agent N as she
pummelled Clover with the dildo. Mandy sneaked up behind Agent N and
groped her tasty boobs...she felt Mandy pushing her forward, making her lean
forward, presenting her ass to Clover's old rival. Agent N smiled as Mandy
pulled her panties tight, using them as a leash. "Oh!" Exclaimed the
Brazilian Secret Agent as Mandy yanked her panties, making her rock back
and forth.

"Take this!" said Mandy as she drove her fingers into Agent N. Thus, as
Agent N pounded Clover with a metal phallus, Mandy probed Agent N's pussy
with her nimble fingers...Pamela had no choice but to start playing with
herself as she watched.

The hotel room in Brazil soon echoed to the sound of female pleasure, as
Agent N fucked Clover, as Mandy in turn fucked the Brazilian cutie, while
Pamela jilled herself while watching this erotic spectacular.




" me Mandy...fu-OH!"

It went on all night, you'd think the girls were on holiday the way they
were behaving. True, Clover had always been a pleasure seeker, but Agent N
was so irresistible, so cute, and so, well, dirty, that there was no choice.

When Team B arrived in Brazil, they expected some girl-girl action of
course, as that was now in the age of Victor compulsory for WOOHP Agents,
but Agent N wasted no time in seducing Clover, grabbing her and throwing
her on the bed and then proceeding to eat her pussy and finger her
mercilessly before applying the dildo in a most dominating fashion. Agent
N was not taking no for an answer, and neither was Mandy, who fucked the
cute brunette with a ruthlessness that had Agent N squealing like a little

That night, the four girls slept nude together, their legs entwined, their
bodies pressed against each other, tight female skin rubbing up against
tight female skin, stroking each other's hair.

* * *

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Team A were getting aquainted
with their British comrades...

Kate and Amy stepped into the circular quarters, where there were varnished
tables and chairs, and drinks and beds, with computers everywhere...all this
in a large, communal circular room.

There were two men, Agent Edward, and Agent Asquith, both staggeringly
handsome yet very different. Agent Asquith was slender and quite short,
yet somehow exuded power and sexiness, he was the quintessence of the
English gentleman, whereas Agent Edward was a powerhouse, with big muscles
and a tall build. Sammy could not help but examine their crotches and
observe the large bulges in both men's pants. Britney, though impressed by
these two studs, was still focused on spreading herself for Simon; she had
not been "dry" since meeting him.

Amelia was in for another treat, as Kate and Amy introduced her to another
nubile girl. This one was called Agent Joanne, and she was so cute...she had
gorgeous long dark hair, pouting lips, and a fabulous ass. She was just
16, the youngest of Jemma's "kittens". Kittens indeed, as these were three
pussies who Amelia wanted to own. She wanted to conquer them, to fuck
their pretty little brains out, to spread them wide and eat them and devour
them, to suck them, to pound them. Let the boys have Sammy and Britney as
fucktoys...Joanne, Amy, and Kate were on Amelia's "to fuck" list, and she
would have them.

"Shall we get aquainted?" Amelia asked, and everyone nodded, and what
followed unfolded (and undressed) in a matter of moments.

Amelia couldn't help herself...she grabbed Joanne's ass and spun the nubile
English teen around, then made her lean forward, presenting her ass.

Amelia was assisted by Kate, who began undressing Joanne. Amy was pushing
Sammy's head down and lifting her bum as Agent Asquith and Agent Edward
prepared to fuck the ginger cockteaser.

"If you are as good as Max says you are, this will be fun!" exclaimed Agent

And Britney? She had her legs in the air, spread wide, as Agent Simon
rammed his huge cock into her soaking wet pussy.


Sammy was slowly filled full of English cock, as she, with her bum in the
air, was conquered by Edward.

"Mmmmm...fuck me!"

Joanne was now stripped nude, with her legs spread and juicy ass presented
to her, bent over across a table. Kate lifted her skirt and put Joanne's
head under it, in close proximity to Kate's crotch, draping the tiny skirt
over her at the other end of the table...

Amelia started by fingering the little teenager...

"Oooh god...fuck..."

Joanne was soon silenced by Kate, who forced her to lick her pussy. From
Joanne's mouth, the sound of pussy licking, from her ass, the sound of
Amelia inserting a sleek, powerful dildo, slurp slurp!

Amy was not inactive, as Agent Asquith grabbed her and pinned her down on a
bed, fucking the blonde English Rose violently, her squeals of orgasmic
pleasure echoing loudly.

In various ways, everyone was getting what they wanted, and the meeting
with MI6 wasn't just a success, it was a "fucking success."

But where was Team C, what were Lisa, Alex, and Tina, what had they been up
to, had they had any luck finding Lord Mud, or had they, like Teams A and
B, been too busy fucking and sucking?

To Be Continued In Totally Spies: The New Boss of WOOHP Chapter 7

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