Trigun: New Assignment Part 1 - The Beginning (no sex)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

Millie Thompson moaned as she held her canteen upside down above her mouth.

"That's the third time you've done that Mille," Meryl Streep said angrily.
"If there wasn't anything in there last time, why would there be anything

"But I'm thirsty Meryl," Millie said sadly.

Both Mille and Meryl had been laid off from there jobs at the Bernadelli
Insurance Society. Now they were stuck in the vast desert, worse... they were
out of water.

Meryl was about to give up and rest when Millie started jumping up and down
excitedly pointing.

When she looked where Millie was pointing she almost fainted, It was a
town... "We're saved...." Meryl yelled.

Three days later

"We're fucked..." Meryl moaned.

It had been three days since they had came to this curried town. They had
both been dying of thirst, so when the town's manor offered them all the
water they could drink they gladly accepted. What they didn't know was he
was planning to charge them a treasure for it later. Now they were in debt,
big time. And the manor was threatening to arrest them and throw them in
jail if they didn't pay.

Meryl and Millie searched endlessly for a job in the town, but to no avail.
Finally they were at the last building, and it was hiring.

"No... No way..." Meryl screeched. "It...It's a whore house!!!"

"But Meryl, It's the only building left. And there asking for girls 'seeking
a good time'." Millie said naively. "That sounds like fun doesn't it?"

Before them stood a large wooden two story building and a elegant balcony
with several girls siting and leaning over the railing.

Meryl sighed as she read the words from the large sign, 'Wet Pussy Whore

Meryl thought for a moment. If they went to jail most likely they would be
raped by the jail staff everyday. At lest this way they would be paid for
getting fucked.

Slowly Meryl and Millie entered the building.

Millie was in awe at how colorful open room was, there was a bar on one side
and several tables on the other, each with a pole in the middle an dancing on
each pole was a half naked girl, swinging back and forth provokingly.

Millie blushed deeply, "Meryl!!! What is this place?" she said in shock.

"It's a whore house, Millie." Meryl moaned. "People come here to fuck."

About then a very brazen black woman of about 36 walked up next to Millie,

"Hey baby, looking for some girl on girl action...!" she said with a sluty
slur as she rubbed her crotch.

Both Millie and Meryl moved past and came upon a very skinny white girl who
stood against the wall with her crotch exposed, her eyes were glazed...

Millie was about to ask why she was starting like that when I large man came
up to greet them. He was fat and going bald and he smelled like cheap whisky.

"My My My, what's two little ladies like you doing in my place? Looking for
work I hope." He said.


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