Trojan Condoms (mf,inc)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

A hot chick and a guy are in a car parking.

"Billy," she says, "You are so damn hot!"

"I'm so horny," Billy looked at the girl. He had wanted to fuck her for so
long. "Keli, I'm ready," he rubbing his cock.

"You do have some protection?"

"Yes," he opened a Torjan Condom, "Will you put it on?" Billy asked.
Taking his pants off, his fat cock stood up.

Keli held it in her hand, bent down and kissed it. Her tongue wrapped around
it as it went into her mouth.

Billy pulled her shirt off. She wore no bra. Her nipples touching his thighs.

Keli stopped put the rubber on and sucked it some more.

Her tight jeans came off. He could see her trim pussy.

The seats were laid back as Keli lowered herself onto the cock. Oh how she
waited this for so long. She would mastubate just thinking of this moment.
Keli just moaned going up and down as Billy played with her big nipples.

They fucked all over the car. The door was open as Billy was fucking her

"Let me taste it," Keli said.

Billy pulled off his rubber. Keli was sucking him so hard her mouth hurt.

Billy felt his balls tighten as his cock swelled. He shot his load down her
throat and all over her face.

About a hour later the car pulled into the driveway. They got out walked into
the house.

An older woman sitting watching TV with her husband asks, "You two have a
nice time at the show?"

"Sure did!" Billy said as he and Keli walked to thier rooms.


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