Troy: Tales Of Achilles (MF,FF,inter,voy,oral,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])


There are many great kingdoms in Greece. Menelaus rules the land of Sparta.
The Spartans are known to be exceptional warriors. They are feared by all.
But it takes more than sheer might to make a great kingdom. Menelaus is the
younger brother of Agamemnon, the ruthless king of Mycenae. Agamemnon is a
powerful man. He has conquered many lands. He basically comes to a land and
demands that its people swear him allegiance, or perish.

In doing so, Agamemnon has conquered many lands. He has conquered Ithaca and
forced its king, Odysseus to swear him allegiance. He came to Nestor, king of
Argos and Nestor also swore him allegiance. Ajax, king of Salamine became one
of Agamemnon's allies. So did Diomedes, king of Thrace. The only one to ever
defeat an army of Agamemnon was Achilles. Achilles was a warrior like no
other. He was an exceptional fighter. He was the son of Peleus. Peleus was
the ancient king of the Myrmidons. The Myrmidons were a nomadic tribe. They
were fierce fighters feared by all.

When Agamemon came against the Myrmidons, he had a thousand men with him.
There were only a couple hundred Myrmidons. But these Myrmidons were led by
a young man named Achilles. Achilles led these men and they slaughtered most
of Agamemnon's men. For the first time, Agamemnon, also called the King of
Kings knew the bitterness of defeat. He talked to Achilles and enlisted him
as an ally.

Achilles wanted glory. He wanted his name to last and echo through the ages.
He did not want to be forgotten. So, he saw working with Agamemnon as an
opportunity to gain glory. Achilles was a hot-tempered man. Some would call
him a moody bastard or a homicidal maniac. He excelled at one thing...

As Agamemnon went around conquering the lands of Greece, Achilles became his
most destructive warrior. Achilles excelled at killing. He was not afraid to
attack five men by himself and slaughter them using nothing but a sword. He
was a natural born killer. Achilles could not be controlled. He cared for
nothing. He had no loyalty to anyone or anything. Achilles was like a rogue
lion in the savannah. A dangerous killer to be feared by all. And Agamemnon
knew how to use him. Agamemnon sent Achilles against the deadliest men and
women of the Grecian world. Achilles fought a giant named Anteus. He even
fought an Amazon named Penthesileus. The Amazons were a race of fierce
warrior women who lived in the land of Thermyscira. Anyone Achilles went up
against was as good as dead.

Presently, Achilles was spending time with one of his favorites. The girl's
name was Deidamia and she was a princess of Samothraki. A slender girl with
long black hair and pale blue eyes. She was the daughter of Manaus, king of
Samothraki. The Army of Agamemnon came to her father's land and basically
threatened to burn everything to the ground unless old king Manaus agreed to
serve Agamemnon.

Achilles had seen the princess when Manaus came to pledge allegiance to
that bastard Agamemnon. Deidamia was a pretty girl and she had been easily
influenced by Achilles. He was such a formible man. He stood six foot two,
well-built, with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. His handsome face was
clean shaven. He wore dark armor. He looked so beautiful, so much like a
god. Achilles, the mightiest warrior in the land of Greece. The bravest of
the brave. The Man with the Swift Blade, that's what they called him.

Achilles approached the princess to have a talk, and next thing you knew,
they were there. She was embracing him, putting her arms around his robust
body and kissing him. Achilles held her in his arms and kissed her. He sat
back down on her bed and watched her undress. Her body was young and supple.
He pulled her to him and began kissing her, from her forehead to her cheeks
to her neck to her breasts.

"Oh, Achilles." she moaned.

Achilles took her tits into his mouth. She moaned in pleasure as the
warrior's hand found its way to her pussy and he began toying with her. He
stuck his finger in her and teased her pussy. This caused her to pant and
moan. He made her lie down on the bed and parted her legs. He tasted her
young pussy. He licked it and breathed in the smell of her, that tender
young pussy. He ate her out and she was screaming his name was his agile
tongue lapped at her cunt. He continued to eat her out until she was close
to cumming, and then he released her and she did cum, the orgasm rocking
her body, the incredible sensations sending her over the top as she screamed
at the top of her lungs. "Oh."

Achilles brought her down gently. She looked at him with eyes full of
surprise and emotion. He smiled at her. "How do you feel, girl?" he asked.

"I've never felt anything like it," she confided.

"Thank you." Achilles looked at her. "It's called an orgasm," he said. "I
know a lot of women fake them, I personally don't know why. Just wanted you
to know what it is you will spend the rest of your life faking in some man's

He got up and began to put his clothes back on.

"Where are you going ?" she asked.

"Out." he said.

And he was gone.

Achilles returned to the Camp of the Greeks. He saw his lieutenant, Eudorus.
Eudorus was a tall, lean man with dark hair and a bearded face. He had been
Achilles's lieutenant and friend for a long time.

"We're going home." Achilles said. "Samothraki bores me."

Eudorus looked at his master. "My lord, what about the rest of the Greeks?"

Achilles looked at him. "They can survive without me."

Achilles and the Myrmidons returned home.

Their island home was probably the safest place in all of Greece. The most
dangerous warriors in all of Greece called the island their home and that was
enough to make it safe from invaders. Achilles was glad to be at home. He
went to see his best friend Patrocles. He left the small town that he called
home and went up in the hills overlooking the beach. He knew where the secret
place was. The place where he and Patrocles liked to hide in ever since they
were little. He went there and saw Patrocles.

Patrocles was Achilles's favorite friend in the entire world. Patrocles was
a tall, slender youth with blond hair and pale blue eyes. At nineteen years
of age, he was just the most beautiful boy. Achilles saw that Patrocles was
not alone. There was a woman with him. The woman was tall, with dark brown
skin. Her hair was long and black. Her name was Kara and she was a former
slave from Africa. Kara had been born into slavery but had been granted her
freedom by Achilles's father Peleus.

Achilles stood by and watched from the bushes. He saw Patrocles kiss Kara.
The black woman put her arms around Patrocles and kissed him back. They
kissed and caressed each other until it became so intense that they went to
lie down on a few drapes that were on the hard floor. Achilles felt himself
grow excited as he watched Patrocles undressing Kara. The black woman made
little moans of pleasure as Patrocles parted her legs and began to eat out
her black pussy. Patrocles licked Kara's cunt and put a finger in,fingering
her. Kara shuddered at Patrocles's expert touch. Then, she took off the
remainder of his clothes and held his big cock in her firm hand. She knelt
before him and took his cock into her mouth. Kara tasted Patrocles's cock.
She sucked him and Patrocles grabbed her neck and rammed his cock down her
throat. Kara gagged on it a little before she got used to the size. She
sucked his cock expertly, running her tongue up and down on it. Patrocles
felt like his cock was ensnared into a warm tightness and the sensation
overwhelmed him as he came, filling the black woman's mouth with his cum.
Patrocles made her clean up his cock, drinking each and every single drop
of cum that was spilled.

Then, Kara got on her hands and knees and Achilles smiled for he knew what
was going to happen. Patrocles spat in his hand and rubbed the spit on his
dick. He took a bottle that was lying nearby and took some liquid and rubbed
it on his cock. He rubbed the liquid on Kara's asshole. Achilles looked at
Kara's face with his keen eyes. Neither of the lovers could see him but he
could see them both. Kara knew what was going to happen.

Achilles watched as Patrocles took his large cock and rubbed its head against
Kara's asshole. He saw Kara tense. Patrocles pushed and entered Kara's ass.
Kara grunted but did not scream when Patrocles's cock entered her ass. He
grabbed her by the hips and began to thrust in and out of her ass. Achilles
saw Kara jiggle her beautiful buttocks and voluminous breasts as she was
fucked. Patrocles fucked her, hard. He thrust in and out of her ass, and
smacked her booty. Kara moved back, driving the cock even deeper into her.
Patrocles fucked her hard, shoving his cock deep into her bowels before
pulling out and starting all over again. Kara was screaming obscenities in
a language that Achilles did not know. He watched the action.

He saw Patrocles close his eyes and shudder, saw Kara's ass grow wide as
Patrocles thrust into her one more time and grunted. He shot his cum inside
her ass and she screamed. Patrocles grimaced and pulled his cock out of her
ass. He lay on the drapes on the floor and Kara came back to his cock,
cleaning it out and tasting her own ass on it.

After she was done, she picked her clothes and departed without a word.

Patrocles lay there. That's when Achilles emerged from the bushes. "Cousin!"
Patrocles said, upon seeing Achilles.

Achilles smiled. "Nice-looking woman, kid." Patrocles grinned sheepishly.
"I see you've been having your way, just like I taught you." Achilles said.

Patrocles put his clothes back on.

"Care for some exercise?" asked Achilles.

Patrocles grinned. Achilles handed him a wooden sword and said, "En garde,
my friend!"

They began to fight with specially designed wooden swords. Though Patrocles
would have proven more than a match for any experienced swordsman, Achilles
used his sword like he was born with it. He was great.It was a game to them.
Achilles would never harm a hair on the head of Patrocles. He loved that
young man like he would his brother.

Their fight was interrupted by a tall man in armor. Achilles recognized him
as Odysseus, the King of Ithaca. "Hi, Ody." said Achilles.

Patrocles shook hands with Odysseus. They had met before. Achilles had known
Odysseus for years. Achilles was a friend of Penelope, Odysseus's wife. He
had been there when Penelope gave birth to a son named Telemachus some months
before. Achilles knew why Ody was here to try and persuade him to come to
help the Greeks in their planned war against the Trojans. All of Greece knew
of what happened in Sparta.

The Spartan king Menelaus had invited the Trojan princes Hector and Paris,
both sons of mighty Trojan king Priam to come to his kingdom to negotiate
peace. The young prince Paris had fallen in love with Helen, the young and
beautiful wife of Menelaus. Helen ran off to Troy with Paris. Menelaus was
outraged. He called upon his brother, the Mycenian king Agamemnon to lead
a war for vengeance. Agamemnon was a power-craving madman who sought to
control all of Greece. He had all the kings of Greece bowing down to him.
All except Achilles. Achilles was a fearsome warrior and his ferocious
Myrmidons were more than a match for any army on the planet Earth.
Agamemnon did not conquer Achilles. He 'asked' him to fight for the Greek
Army. Agamemnon had sent Odysseus to 'ask' Achilles to come fight on the
side of the Greeks in the upcoming all-out war against the Trojans.

"I'll have to think about it," Achilles told Odysseus. And he left Patrocles
and Odysseus standing there.

Achilles went down to the Bay. He saw his mother Thetis. She was a beautiful
woman in her late thirties. There were many stories about her. She was
thought to be something other than human. She had come to the island twenty
seven years before and fallen in love with the young king Peleus. She had
given birth to Achilles. Then, she vanished. From time to time, she came to
visit Achilles. She never seemed to age or get sick and was so good at
swimming in the sea that it was eerie. Men in boats thought that she was a
Nymph, one of those immortal female beings from the old myths. Thetis had
neither confirmed nor denied that. But when Achilles was born, she did bathe
him in the waters and since that day, he never had a scratch. Achilles never
caught a cold or broke a bone. He never got sick. He was always energetic
and strong. He feared nothing.

"Greetings, mother." he said.

Thetis looked at her handsome young son.

"The time has come." he said.

She looked at him. They had this discussion before. One day, Achilles would
be called upon to play a key role in the war between Greeks and Trojans. It
would make him the most famous warrior that ever lived but also doom him.
For among the Trojans was someone who would strike Achilles and kill him.
Achilles had never been injured. Ever. Sometimes, he thought he could not
be killed.

"Should I stay or go?" he asked his mother.

Thetis said, "If you go, you will die but your name will live on, if you
remain here you will find peace and happiness."

Achilles looked at his mother and she smiled sadly. "I love you, mother." he

His mother looked at him and embraced him. "Good luck, son." she said.

He walked away.

Achilles went back to the city of Mydia, capital of the island of Phthia,
home of the world-famous Myrmidons. He went to see someone. He entered the
palace-house of a woman. Her name was Deidamia. She was one of the daughters
of Lycomedes, king of Scyros. Her father banished her and she came to Phthia.
She was in the care of his mother Thetis until a suitable husband could be
found for her.

"Hi," he said. He looked at Deidamia. She was a tall woman with long black
hair and pale green eyes. Her skin was light bronze in color. She was very
beautiful. Her father had banished her after she turned down a suitor. That
suitor was none other than Helicon, a young prince of Cadmus.

"Hello, Achilles." said Deidamia.

He went to her and they embraced. Achilles once had an affair with Deidamia.
She was a passionate woman. She was also very dangerous, deceitful and
conniving. For some reason, he felt compelled to say goodbye to her. They
talked for a moment. Then, Achilles went back to the library which she kept
filled of tales of his father Peleus. When Achilles came back to Deidamia,
he saw that she was not alone. A tall black woman was there with her.
Achilles recognized Kara, the former slave woman. Patrocles's current lover.

Deidamia kissed Kara and embraced her. Kara caressed Deidamia's face and
rubbed her neck gently. She went to the white woman's breasts and licked
them. She suckled on Deidamia's breasts and placed her hand between
Deidamia's thighs. She rubbed the other woman's pussy and then parted those
legs to lick that pussy. Deidamia closed her eyes and seemed to enjoy what
Kara was doing to her. Kara ate pussy like a pro and soon Deidamia was
moaning in pleasure. Achilles watched the girl-on-girl action. He watched
as the women switched positions and Deidamia's pussy was on Kara's face.
The black woman happily lapped at her lover's cunt with her pink tongue
while Deidamia ate out Kara's snatch. Deidamia moaned as Kara fingered her
asshole. Her sleek brown fingers slipped in and out of Deidamia's ass.
The girls sucked and fucked each other until they orgasmed simultaneously.
Their screams of passion filled the palace.

Achilles let himself out. When he saw Patrocles and Odysseus, it was with
grim determination that he ordered his lieutenant Eudorus to tell the
Phtian people that they were going to war. Odysseus sent a messenger to
King Agamemnon and the power-hungry tyrant laughed out loud in his palace
in Mycenae. His brother Menelaus wondered why he was laughing so hard.
When he stopped laughing, Agamemnon said "Achilles is on our side, brother.
We've already won."


The city of Troy sat near a beach close to the Aegian sea. It was a
magnificent city surrounded by a high, thick, seemingly impregnable wall.
The Wall of Troy. Troy was a great bustling metropolis. A center for
commerce, art and learning. Its people lived in prosperity.

King Priam, son of the great Priapus was responsible for the prosperity of
Troy. He made his kingdom strong and mighty. A beautiful place to be. Today,
Priam was expecting his sons to be home. His oldest child, the mighty Hector
was coming from the Peace negotiations with Menelaus, the great king of
Sparta. Hector's wife, Andromaque was very anxious to see her husband. She
was a tall woman with long dark hair and pale brown eyes. She held her young
son Astyanax close to her. He was less than two years old. The son of Hector
and Andromaque might one day inherit the Trojan Throne.

Nearby, stood Perseis, the daughter of Priam and Hecuba. Perseis was a young
woman with long black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was a very smart and
well-educated young woman. After witnessing a lot of misery and pain caused
by both men and women, Perseis had chosen to be a Priestess of Apollo, the
god of the Sun. " Hello, father." said Perseis. She saluted her
sister-in-law, the wise and wonderful Andromaque. They saw Hector's ship on
the horizon and there he came. Andromaque smiled. The gates of Troy opened
and the men came out of the Ship.

Hector walked upfront, escorted by a few Trojan soldiers. Paris walked
behind them. Andromaque's keen eyes saw someone else with them. A strikingly
beautiful young woman. Her heart beat faster for she sensed danger and
disaster. This woman who was with them was bringing disaster to Troy, she
could sense it. Hector came and embraced his father. Hector was a big and
tall man with dark hair and a beard. He was ruggedly handsome, in his early
thirties. Beside him came the young prince Paris. Tall and slender,
clean-shaven, with dark hair, blue eyes and a somewhat soulful, dreamy
expression. Paris was the youngest child of King Priam and Queen Hecuba.
Born after Hector and Perseis.

"Hello father," said Paris. He helds hands with a very beautiful blonde
woman. "This is Helen." he said.

Helen looked at the King of Troy and bowed.

"Helen of Sparta?" asked Priam.

Paris shook his head and smiled. "Helen of Troy." he said.

Hector stood by, watching as Paris explained to their father all that had
happened. Hector looked at Andromaque, his wife. He went to her and kissed
her. She smiled at him and showed him their son. Hector smiled when he saw
Astyanax. Andromaque looked at Hector, watching him as he held Astyanax
gently and kissed his forehead.

"He's grown." he said.

Andromaque looked at her husband with nothing but love in her heart. Hector
was famous for being a dangerous warrior and a Tamer of Horses but he was
also a gentle and kind man, a great and faithful husband and a devoted and
proud father. "Let's go to our home." she said.

He held his son and they walked into the Palace.

The great King Priam ordered that a feast and big party be held in honor of
his sons Hector, Paris and the woman Paris brought home with him, Princess
Helen, formerly of Sparta, now Helen of Troy. Meanwhile, Hector sat in his
living room and talked to his wife Andromaque.

"If the Greeks come here and they will, it doesn't bode well for us." he

Andromaque had just finished putting her son to bed. "You will defend us,
Hector." she said. She kissed him. "You always have."

Hector looked at her. He loved this woman. Not just for her beauty but the
trust she placed in him. Ever since they married, he had lain with no one
else. Other men thought this was strange. In those days, it was not uncommon
or considered odd for married men to have many male and female lovers. Hector
was faithful to Andromaque and she was good to him. "If Menelaus comes here,
he will bring all the armies of Greece with him, because his brother
Agamemnon rules all of Greece these days."

Andromaque caressed Hector's back and he felt the tension leave him. "They
are gonna have to get in line to get you," Andromaque said with a gleam of
mischief in her eyes. "Because I have got you first."

She threw her arms around Hector and kissed him, taking him by surprise by
throwing him on their bed. Hector laughed and pulled her closer. They broke
their kiss.

"I love you, Andromaque." Hector said.

"And I love only you, Hector." Andromaque said.

They made love the rest of the afternoon and again the next morning.

Twenty Eight days later...

The Greek ships had sailed from Greece. A thousand ships with fifty warriors
in each ship. The men of Greece were going to war. King Agamemnon looked at
the Fleet. They were the largest army ever assembled. "We are going to win."
he said confidently.

His advisor, Nestor looked at him. "Aye, sir. The gods willing."

They watched as a bunch of black ships left the Fleet and sailed faster than
all the others, heading toward the Trojan Beach.

"Who is that?" Agamemnon asked.

Nestor looked and recognized the ships full of Myrmidons, the army that
Achilles commanded. "It is Achilles." Nestor said.

The Black Ships were heading fast toward the beach.

Agamemnon laughed. "The man wants to die. He cannot take the city of Troy
with just a small army."

Nestor looked at Agamemnon. "This is Achilles we are talking about, sir."

Agamemnon winced. He had seen Achilles in battle. The People of Greece knew
him as a bloodthirsty savage and a killer of the worst caliber. "We shall

The first ship to land on the beach was the lead ship. Achilles leapt into
the water. He was the first of the Greeks to touch Trojan soil.

When the People of Troy saw the Greek fleet, the alarm was sounded and all
the people went back into the city. The Gates of Troy were closed. Hector
was in the Palace with his family.

"They are here." he said.

He looked at Helen, the woman responsible for the invasion of the Greeks on
Trojan soil.

"They're coming for me." Helen told Paris. "The wind is bringing them

Paris held her close to him. Hector was disgusted. To think that a lot of men
and women and children were going to die because his idiot kid brother had a
crush on a married woman who was the wife of a king.

Hector asked for the Trojan men to arm themselves, and get ready. Three
hundred Trojan soldiers and over a hundred volunteers from other cities
stood before him.


The Trojans cheered and the Gates opened. Hector led them into battle.

Achilles began cutting down Trojan soldiers as soon as he landed on the
beach. He had three spears with him and he threw two of them at onrushing
Trojan warriors. Both of them fell with spears in their chests. Achilles
picked up a fallen sword and charged at three more Trojans, slicing the
hands off one and the legs off another. He cleaved the third man's skull
in half. Like a lion he charged them, not bothering to wait for the rest
of his army. He fought three more men at the same time and sliced them
like a knife through soft cheese. He left them cut and dying. He marched

He faced two large men who wore armor from head to toe. He grabbed a spear
and shoved it into the first man's chest, piercing through the armor. The
second man tried to strike Achilles with his blade. Achilles dodged back
and the blade struck him in the chest. He felt the impact but the blade did
not pierce his armor or even scratch him. He grabbed the large man and
separated his head from his shoulders in one swift motion of his sword.

More and more Myrmidons were landing on the beach. They fought the Trojans.
They saw their leader, the uber macho and fearless Achilles and followed his
lead, slicing the Trojan men and cutting them down. Wherever the Myrmidons
were, the Trojan warriors were dropping like flies. Achilles arrived at the
nearby Temple of Apollo. There were eight Myrmidon warriors with him. They
took on twenty five Trojan men and the fight was over in a few minutes, with
all the Trojans dead. Achilles turned to see that all of the Myrmidons were
there and the battle between Greek and Trojan raged. He saw a few Trojan men
coming from the city and toward the temple.

He saw a tall man who appeared to be their leader. Achilles caught a spear
and threw it into the approaching bunch. The spear thudded into the chest
of a Trojan warrior and the man fell down, dead. The leader of the Trojans
looked at his fallen cohort, then marched on. The men of Troy came to the
Temple. They were led by mighty prince Hector. Hector walked up to the tall,
handsome blond man who had killed his friend Manaus.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am Achilles," the blond Greek man said. He smiled at the Trojan. "You must
be Hector," he said.

Hector looked at Achilles. "Fight me." he said.

"How about no?" Achilles said, looking at Hector with annoyingly beautiful
eyes. "You can go to your wife and live another day," Achilles said. "Enjoy
your few remaining days, prince Hector."

With that, Achilles turned his back on Hector and walked back into the
darkness of the Temple.

Hector saw the Myrmidons cut down his men. He walked toward them and not a
single Myrmidon warrior touched him. Hector signaled the survivors of the
onslaught to hurry back into Troy.

Achilles watched Hector go.

"Why did you let him live?" asked Eudorus, Achilles's second in command.

"It is way too early to start killing princes." Achilles said with a smile.
"Let's go."

With that, the leader of the Myrmidons returned to his Boats. The Myrmidons
had been the very first Greeks to step foot into Trojan soil and their blades
had drank Trojan blood. Once more, all the kingdoms of the Greek nation knew
that in the art of war, the Myrmidons were simply the best. Just like their
leader, the mighty Achilles. Out of spite, Achilles cut off the head of the
statue of the Trojans's patron deity and mythical protector, the Sun god
Apollo. The Myrmidons remained silent, faced with their leader's pride and

Agamemnon was holding a meeting in his tent. The kings of Greece were paying
him their respects. They credited him for winning the first battle. Achilles
looked at the King of Kings and grinned. "You lazy pork, you did not fight
today, I did. Me and my men did. Unlike the rest of the Greek leaders, I am
not afraid to get my hands dirty."

Agamemnon gave Achilles an innocent look. "So?"

Achilles spat before him. Agamemnon practically glowed with anger at such
an insult. The Mycenian soldiers drew their blades. Achilles had drawn his
faster than any of them. He looked at Agamemon, thinking about slicing his
head off before the other soldiers could stop him.

"Gentlemen, calm down." said the wise Nestor. He looked at Achilles. "All of
the armies know it was you who won today, lord Achilles."

Achilles looked at Nestor and nodded. He looked at the Mycenian soldiers,
scoffed and walked out of the Tent. Who the hell did Agamemnon think he was
messing with?

Back in Troy...

Hector was in the Royal Palace, discussing strategy with his father's men.
The wails mounted in the city. Many women in Troy had lost their sons,
cousins, husbands and nephews to the blades of the Greeks. Hector talked to
the nobles of Troy. They refused to listen to him.

Hector went to his wife. He was troubled and Andromaque was always full of
good advice. She was a wise and simply wonderful woman. He found her in their
home. She was making a quilt.

"Hello, husband." she said. She got up and embraced him. Holding his face,
she said, "Thank the gods that you are safe."

Hector held her. They went to sit on some chairs and he told her about his
day. She listened. He told her about a Greek warrior called Achilles. "I saw
him engage ten men in battle by himself and he slaughtered them like a lion
kills sheep." Hector said. "He is like a god."

Andromaque frowned. "More like a beast." she said.

She could see that her husband was troubled. She showed him the one sight
that could restore him. She went and showed him their son. Astyanax. The
newest prince of Troy. The son of Hector.

"He looks so much like you." Andromaque said.

Hector looked at her. "I hope he doesn't become a warrior." he said.

She was surprised. A lot of men wanted their sons to become warriors and get
glory and power.

Hector smiled sadly. "I have killed men and seen them kill. There is no glory
or honor in what they do. If this conflict could be resolved quickly, I'd
like to see my son become a poet or musician."

Andromaque put her arms around Hector. This was the man she loved and she was
more in love with him everyday. He was so great. She prayed to the gods that
he be kept safe and remain with her. The defense and safety of every man,
woman and child of Troy rested on his shoulders. He was their only hope
against the fierce Greeks.

Achilles retreated to his Tent.

His lieutenant Eudorus brought him something. A young woman. "We found her in
the temple," Eudorus said. "Thought she might amuse you."

Achilles looked at the young woman. She wore the remnants of a priestess's
clothing. "Hello." Achilles said.

She ignored him.

"What is your name?" he asked.

The girl spat before him. "Perseis." she said.

Achilles saw that she had cuts and bruises on her. He looked at Eudorus.
"Make sure she is well-cared for." he said.

Eudorus nodded.

Achilles went to Agamemnon's Tent. The King of Kings was talking about the
strategy for tomorrow's battle. Achilles came to listen. Just as he was
listening, he saw three men bring a woman under the tent. Achilles recognized
her as Perseis, the Priestess of the Temple of Apollo. Achilles hesitated.
"What is this?" he asked. "She is my prize."

Agamemnon laughed. "Not anymore, Achilles."

Achilles drew his sword. To everyone's surprise, Perseis put herself between
Achilles and Agamemnon, whose men had drawn their blades as well. "I am not
some prize to be fought over." she said. "I am a human being."

Everyone froze. Achilles looked at her. She gaze him an icy glare. "I meant
what I have said, stranger." Achilles just stared. "The name is Achilles."

Perseis ignored him. "I belong to no one."

Achilles was about to say something but for some reason held his tongue.

Agamemnon laughed. "Mighty Achilles silenced by a woman. How interesting."

Achilles wanted to cut the Great King's head off. He stood by, powerless as
the Mycenian soldiers took Perseis away. Odysseus stood there. Achilles
watched the soldiers taking away the girl. She walked in a regal manner even
as she was held prisoner. He knew what awaited her in the arms of Agamemnon.
The King of Kings had a nasty reputation. He was a very bad man.

"Women," Agamemnon scoffed.

Achilles looked at him like he was an insect. He walked away. Odysseus
followed Achilles to have a talk with him. Even though Achilles was the most
powerful warrior Greece had ever seen, he was still a man and men should not
defy kings.

Achilles refused to fight for the Greeks because Agamemnon had humiliated
him. The Greeks went fighting the Trojans. Mighty Hector led the Trojan men
and they slaughtered many Greeks. It was a great victory for Troy. Odysseus
begged Achilles to fight for the Greek army. Achilles refused. Achilles's
friend Patrocles was not happy to see the Greeks suffer because of Achilles's
selfishness and pride. He begged Achilles but Achilles would not fight for
the Greeks.

One night, Achilles went out by the Mycenian side of the Greek camp. He saw
a bunch of men chasing a young woman. Their intentions were clearly dreadful.
Achilles had always despised such people. So, he drew his blade and cut them
down. All seven of them. They were no match for him. Achilles looked at the
girl. She had fallen. He recognized Perseis. Achilles picked her up and
carried her into his arms. He put her under his tent and had his physician,
the effeminate Augias look after her. He ordered that no one try to touch her
unless they wanted to die.

When Perseis came to, she saw an old man nearby. He was treating her wounds.
She could tell that he was a gentle old man and was no threat. Besides, he
was a eunuch. He took care of her.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked.

Augias looked at her and smiled. "I am helping you because the lord Achilles
has ordered it so."

He left.

A while later, Achilles came under the tent. He saw Perseis. "How are you
doing ?" he asked.

She looked at him defiantly. She was dressed strangely. She wore a man's
tunic as opposed to the Priestess's Garbs. Perseis looked at Achilles, unsure
if he was friend or foe.

"I mean you no harm." he said.

"What do you want with me?" she asked.

Achilles shrugged. "I want nothing from you."

He tried to check her wounds to see if they had been tended to but she pushed
him away. He glared at her. She would not relent.

"Agamemnon won't bother you anymore." he told her.

Perseis looked at him. "Did you kill himtoo ? I hear you are quite the

Achilles smiled. " I wish I had killed him. The ruffian still lives."

Perseis could not believe it. "Is killing your only talent?" she asked.

Achilles hesitated. "No," he said.

He ignored her completely and went to sleep.

Achilles slept. Perseis took a blade from someone and pressed it against the
sleeping warrior's throat. Achilles had not been sleeping. "Do it." he said.
"Kill me. End my life."

Perseis looked into his eyes. He was so beautiful. Like a god. Still, he
has her enemy and he and his Greeks would see her family burn along with
her city. She hated him. She wanted to kill him. Still she could not bring
herself to do it." Achilles snatched the blade from her hand and had it
aimed at her.

"I could kill you right now." he said. Perseis looked at him with fear. He
smiled. "But you cannot kill me."

Before her frightened eyes, Achilles pressed the blade against his own
throat and stabbed himself. Still, the blade did not go in. He grabbed her
by the hand and dragged her outside. He took a burning torch and put the
flame against his skin. Perseis's eyes widened. The flame did not burn him.
Achilles looked at her. "It will take a lot more than what you can do to
kill me."

She looked at him with wide eyes. He led her back into the Tent. "How?" she
asked. "What magic is this?"

Achilles shrugged. "I think my mother had something to do with it."

Perseis looked at him, she was curious. "Who is your mother?" she asked.

Achilles told her about his mother Thetis, the woman who walked out of the
sea and had an affair with the young king Peleus. She never seemed to age
and was way too comfortable in the water to be completely normal.

"Thetis is the name of a sea goddess." said Perseis.

"I know." said Achilles.

Perseis looked pensively at him. She lowered her voice. "Are you a god?" she

Achilles shrugged. "My father was an ordinary man, but my mother is as
different from the rest of humanity as ant is to a person. I am not a god.
I don't know what I am."

He looked so sad that Perseis's heart was touched. She hesitated, then held
him. Achilles told her about his childhood in the island of Phtia. He had
lost his father when he was young and sworn to avenge him. He killed all the
enemies of the House of Peleus. He turned the Myrmidons, the People of Phtia
into a military power to be recknoned with. He used his strange abilities to
become the greatest warrior. No one seemed to find it strange that Achilles
never got ill. He never got a cut or a bruise. He never had any scrapes. He
never broke a bone. He never got hurt. Men who wore tough armor got hurt and
even killed on the field but Achilles's body never seemed to get hurt.

Over the next few weeks, Achilles and Perseis got to really know each other.
Achilles and the Myrmidons did not fight on the side of the Greeks (or at
all) and the Greeks were losing. Hundreds of Greek men lost their lives.
Hector and the Trojans slaughtered them. It was victory upon victory for
Troy. The Greeks were dropping like flies. Achilles couldn't care less. He
only cared about the Myrmidons. Odysseus tried to reason with him but
Achilles laughed in his face. "Agamemnon humiliated me. Let him come beg me
to save your sorry asses from Hector's blade."

Achilles lay next to Perseis. She looked at him as he talked. He was so
beautiful. She felt like she was just beginning to know him. "You are
different from other men." she said.

"I am the greatest warrior that ever lived." Achilles said.

Perseis shook her head. "Have you ever wondered about what you might be if
you were not a warrior?"

Achilles looked thoughtful for a second, then laughed. "My mother once taught
me how to make quilts." he said.

He looked at Perseis, expecting her to laugh. He never mentioned this
anecdote to anyone because when he was a child, the other kids laughed at
him for wanting to be make quilts as opposed to being an athlete or a
fighter. Perseis did not laugh. "Mine too." she said.

Achilles's eyes widened. She smiled at him. They remained silent for a few
moments. Perseis was always curious about Achilles. They left his tent
sometimes to bathe together in the sea. The Greeks cursed Achilles for his
arrogance, though not to his face.

One night, Achilles came back from inspecting the camp. He was very tired
from walking around gathering information and of course, pissing off
Mycenians and went to sleep.

Achilles slept. He lay there in his tent. He was not alone. Perseis was
there, in the dark. She looked at his sleeping form. He was just the most
beautiful man. She reached out and tenderly touched his face. She had been
wanting to do this for weeks but was unsure how he'd react. She pulled his
clothes off him and admired his lean, muscular body. He looked like the
sleeping Endymion of myth. So gorgeous was he. She had taken his clothes
off and got a bit daring and began to touch him, careful not to wake him
up. Her hand moved around in the dark and found his cock. She held it in
his hand. She had never touched a man's, um, manhood before. She ran her
hands up and down on it for a moment and watched it grow harder and longer
right before her eyes. She had seen some women do this and she wanted to
try it. She hesitated, then put the head of the sleeping man's cock in her
mouth. She sucked on it a little bit. It was salty. She tried to take in
as much as she could into her mouth but she was no expert. Her teeth
accidentally grazed the cock and Achilles bolted awake. Achilles woke up
with a start. He had been dreaming about his beloved home when something
woke him up. He looked and gasped. There she was. Perseis. With his cock
in her mouth. Temple Virgin and former Trojan Princess Perseis with a man's
cock in her mouth. Perseis looked at Achilles.

Achilles stared at Perseis. "What the...?" he began.

He had absolutely no idea what to say. He just looked dumbfounded at Perseis
sucking on his cock. Perseis looked up and saw Achilles looking at her. She
hadn't even heard him say anything. Surprised she jerked her head back.
Achilles's cock left her mouth with an audible pop. She quickly stood up and
blushed red. Achilles sat up. He just stared at her. The surprise of waking
and finding Perseis of all people sucking his cock was simply too great. They
just stared at each other.

"I...I can explain," Perseis said.

Achilles saw her fumble for words. He surprised himself by saying, "Nothing
to explain."

With a motion of his hand, he beckoned her to him. After a brief hesitation,
Perseis went into Achilles's arms. He held her for a moment, just looking
into her eyes. They kissed. Perseis could not believe that she had been
daring enough to touch Achilles, a lion among men. She had wanted to do this
for so long.

For several nights, she just remained there looking at him while he slept.
She had never met anyone like him. Once, she thought him to be nothing but a
brute. But he had proved her wrong. He embraced her and kissed her. His hands
caressed her body and inflamed her with desire. His mouth was at her ear
whispering words to her while his hands caressed her breasts and neck and
buttocks. Perseis once more couldn't resist touching his cock. She held it
in her hand. Achilles looked at her. He smiled. She hesitated, then smiled
as well.

He made her lie down on her back and parted her legs. He rubbed her pussy
and she gasped. He began to lick it, sticking his tongue inside. Perseis had
never felt anything like this before. Her insides were on fire. She felt a
thousand sensations. She felt hot as Achilles tongued her pussy. He slipped
a finger inside her anus, and fingered it. She moaned as he worked on her
labia. Achilles teased her clit and bit it gently. Being stimulated in such
a supersensitive spot caused Perseis to feel a cascade of sensations she had
never felt before. She weird.

Achilles kept licking and probing and then watched as Perseis's eyes widened
and she suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs. She came, a fluid erupted
from deep inside her. The sensations rocked her body. She almost passed out
in Achilles's arms. When she opened her eyes, she was safe in his arms. He
looked at her and smiled.

"What was that?" she asked.

"An orgasm." he said. He kissed her.

"Is there more than that?" she asked.

He smiled at her and said, " Lots more, my darling."

He made her lie down and relax on the bed and knelt before her, his hard cock
throbbing with anticipation. He parted her legs. Perseis grabbed ahold of his

"Achilles?" she said.

"What?" he asked.

"I love you."

Achilles smiled. He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy and looked
into her eyes. "Are you ready?"

She nodded in agreement. Achilles entered her slowly. Perseis felt an initial
pain as a cock entered her pussy for the very first time. Achilles made love
to her slowly, going in and out of her, wanting to cum and possess her but
making it last because he wanted to pleasure her. Perseis put her arms around
him and they made love for several moments, with him making sexy grunting
noises and her moaning softly before he came, sending his seed deep inside

Achilles lay beside her, spent. Perseis looked at him. His chest was heaving
from the effort and his body was covered with sweat from their passionate
lovemaking. They spent the night in each other's arms.

Patrocles went into Achilles's armory. He peeked into the tent and saw his
cousin and best friend sleeping, with a beautiful naked young woman lying
next to him. He smiled. "Farewell, Achilles." he said.

Patrocles put on Achilles's armor. He put on the chest plate and the boots.
He put on the helmet, gauntlet and gloves. He took Achilles's blade. These
were weapons worthy of the mighty Hercules himself. He knew he looked like
Achilles. He had known his cousin all his life. He knew how Achilles walked
and talked.

Patrocles walked through the Camp and called upon the Myrmidons. "My
brothers, the Trojans have insulted us for the last time. For Achilles,
let's fight!"

The Myrmidons looked at the one they thought to be their leader. What a sight
Patrocles was. A tall, handsome, well-built warrior in armor. The Myrmidons,
more than two thousand in number gathered around him. The kings of the
remaining Greek army, thinking Achilles had finally rejoined the fight called
upon their soldiers to go against Troy. "Achilles is back!" They chanted.
"The Battle might as well be won by us!"

Patrocles, the "faux Achilles" went into battle.

From the city of Troy itself, the Trojans could see the black-armored
Myrmidons, the most dangerous of all Greek soldiers. King Priam asked
Hector to lead the Trojans into battle and Hector did, after kissing
his wife Andromaque and his son Astyanax as he did before every battle.
Hector took three thousand regular fighting men and eight hundred with
him. Into battle he led them. They clashed with the Greeks and the sound
of sword striking sword filled the air.

Hector drove his men into the heart of the Greek army. They went toward the
Myrmidons. The fiercest of all Greek fighters. "Kill them !" Hector urged
them. "For Troy!"

The Trojans did their commander proud, cutting through the Greeks like a
scythe through hay. At some point, Hector saw a tall blond man leading the
black-armored Myrmidons into battle. The leader. It had to be Achilles.
Mastering the fear he had felt ever since he saw Achilles close to the
temple of Apollo, Hector went toward him. He arrived in time to see Achilles
strike a Trojan man and kill him witha single hit. The Greek army and the
Trojan men parted, giving their leaders space in which to fight. Hector
lashed out at Achilles with his spear and Achilles blocked it with his sword.
He cut the spear in half. Hector took out his own sword and he and Achilles
clashed blades. Achilles skillfully blocked each and every single blow that
Hector tried. They fought for several minutes, somewhat aware that both their
respective armies were watching them. Men of Greece cheered for Achilles and
the sons of Troy cheered for Hector, the Tamer of Horses.

Suddenly, 'Achilles' slipped on the corpse of a fallen soldier. Hector
seized the moment and struck. The blade hit Achilles in the neck and slit
his throat. The Greek army gasped as Achilles fell. Achilles fell and as he
did, his helmet fell off. The Greeks and Trojans alike gasped when they saw
the face of the one they thought was the Champion of the Greeks.

It was not Achilles! Eudorus, Achilles's faithful lieutenant recognized the
slain impostor as Patrocles, Achilles's cousin. Odysseus, the leader of the
men of Ithaca looked at Patrocles.

"Damn," he said. "It's the kid." Hector looked at the slain youth. Whoever
this kid was, he was too young to die. Not here. Not now. Hector felt a
profound regret. He looked at Odysseus. "Enough for one day." he said. "Let's

Odysseus of the Greeks nodded at the Trojan and ordered the Men of Greece to
return to the Camp. A ceasefire was declared and the men of Troy came to get
the bodies of their dead while the Greeks picked up the bodies of their
fallen. As Hector walked away, Odysseus shouted to him. "The kid you killed
was Achilles's cousin."

Hector shook his head. He and his men returned to Troy. This was a sad day
for all.

Achilles woke up in the arms of Perseis. He got up and, after looking at her,
he went outside and stretched. He saw that the Camp was empty. Even of his
fearsome Myrmidons. Eudorus appeared before him. He had a nasty cut on his
chest. "What happened to you?" Achilles asked.

Eudorus looked at him. "My lord, we went into battle against Troy."

Achilles grunted. "You went into battle without my orders?"

Eudorus explained. "We went into battle by orders of Patrocles, we thought he
was you."

Achilles almost smiled. The kid was slick. Achilles was gonna seriously scold
him for his little excursion. "Patrocles!" Achilles called out loud.

Eudorus looked at him. "Patrocles is dead."

Achilles thought he heard wrong. "What did you say?" he asked, grabbing

"He was killed by Hector." Eudorus said.

Achilles exploded. Perseis came out of the tent. She saw Achilles howling in
pain, rage and frustration. She asked Eudorus what was up and he told her.
Perseis went to Achilles, feeling his pain and wanting to comfort him but he
practically threw both her and Eudorus into the air. He stormed off. Achilles
went to the Camp of the Greeks.

He found Patrocles's body. He made the men prepare it nicely and placed two
gold coins on Patrocles's eyes, as it was a custom for Charon, the Boatman of
the Underworld. He lit Patrocles's funeral pyre and watched his dead friend
burn. Achilles swore revenge. The entire Greek army watched as he performed
the last rites at Patrocles's funeral. Then, he stormed off. The kings of
the Greeks and the ordinary men alike watched. Achilles had been a deadly
warrior. A dangerous opponent for any human being who dared to attack him.
The Greeks saw him full of almost unearthly rage. He just ran into the night
screaming like a madman.

The kings watched and shook their heads. Achilles was mad. Not just mad. Full
of evil in his heart. Only Agamemnon laughed. He drank wine and toasted to
the recently dead Patrocles. "For bringing Achilles back into the battlefield
and winning us the war." he said.

The next day, Achilles took a chariot drawn by two horses. He went to Troy
and stood at the Gates. He called out Hector's name. "Hector!!!" he said.

Hector was inside. The people of Troy watched. Men, women and children
watching the handsome, angry, god-like figure that stood outside their
gates, alone and unafraid. Hector looked at Achilles. He could understand
the Greek champion's rage. He had felt something like it before. He looked
at Andromaque and kissed his son Astyanax for the last time. "I love you."
he said.

He put on his armor, helmet, gauntlet and gloves. He laced on his boots. He
took a sword, shield and two spears. He walked out of the Royal Palace. The
people of his city watched him.

"No father has ever had a better son." King Priam said of his son Hector.

"Come back to me." Andromaque said to Hector.

Hector smiled. He knew he was not coming back.

Helen of Troy, the strikingly beautiful woman responsible for the conflict
between the Greeks and the Trojans looked at him. He ignored her. He did not
know what his younger brother Paris saw in her. Oh, she was pretty but a lot
of men made the mistake of getting involved with women who were pretty.
Instead of getting with someone whom they could trust and be with, they chose
a pretty face, not knowing that a lot of bad things could hide behind a
pretty face. Hector walked to the Public Place and the Gates of Troy opened.
He took one last look at the city he loved before he stepped out.

"What a beautiful day." he said.

Achilles waited for him. Hector looked at the angry young warrior.

"If I win, you shall receive proper burial, do the same for me." said Hector.

Achilles snarled. "You will die, Hector. And your body will be desecrated
and fed to crows." He laughed at that and Hector knew he faced not a
formidable warrior but a madman.

Achilles attacked. Hector blocked his blows. He was a skilled fighter. They
were both skilled fighters. The fight lasted for a long time, with Achilles
slashing at Hector and Hector dodging. Finally, Hector lashed out and almost
took Achilles's head off. Achilles laughed. Hector came at him again and
struck. The blade struck Achilles in the chest. Hector looked at his
opponent, certain he was about to witness Achilles's death. Achilles laughed
his maniacal laugh. The people of Troy held their breath. Achilles felt the
blade strike his flesh. It should have gone through. It should have cut his
flesh and bone. He should be dead. Instead of pain, Achilles felt an odd
sensation. A wave of....something moving about inside him. He felt it ever
since he was a child.

Once, he was playing and someone threw a rock at him. The rock struck his
left temple and should have killed him but instead, it bounced off. A force
simply negated its effect. The same force that allowed Achilles to fight a
thousand battles and walk away from them without a scratch. The blade of
Hector did not go in because it could not.

"By the gods," Hector said.

He came at Achilles and hacked away at him. He cut through the Greek
warrior's armor but not his skin. Achilles's skin and bones remained
unharmed. Achilles laughed at Hector's efforts and Hector recoiled.
Maybe the stories were true...maybe Achilles was no mere man... Achilles
lashed out with his sword and struck Hector.

The Trojans looked on as the mightiest hero of Troy was cut down like an

Achilles looked at Hector's body and smiled. He looked at the Trojans on
their walls. "Your city will fall." he said. "All of you are doomed. Your
champion is dead."

Andromaque had been watching the fight. So had Helen, Priam and Paris.
Achilles was not content to have killed Hector. He took Hector's body and
with some rope attached it to his Chariot. He then drove off, dragging the
fallen Hector's corpse behind him.

Achilles returned to the Greek Camp with Hector's corpse in tow. He went
back to his tent and left it behind the tent. Perseis had been waiting for
him, hoping once more to help him. When she saw the unrecognizable corpse
of the man he had just killed, she wept. It was Hector. The Champion of
Troy. Dead. Slain like an animal.

For the first time in her life, Perseis felt true hatred for someone. That
someone was Achilles. She couldn't understand how the man she had come to
love could do such a thing. She knew he cared for Patrocles and, well, things
happened in the heat of battle but what he did to Hector's corpse was above
and beyond anything she had ever seen. Sacrilege. Abomination. Night fell.
She followed Achilles to Patrocles's tomb.

"I will die soon enough, my friend." Achilles promised. "We will be together
again. You were the one good man that I knew. If anyone deserved to die by
Hector's hands, it should have been me. Not you."

Achilles sat down and did something Perseis had never seen him do something
before. He wept. She looked at him. She saw part of the little boy inside the
fearsome warrior.

"Achilles?" she said.

He got up and looked at her. "Go away." he said.

He walked away. Into his tent. That night Achilles received a strange visitor
in his tent. An old man dressed in rags. "Who are you?" Achilles asked.

"I am Priam."

Achilles's eyes widened. "The King of Troy?"

Priam nodded. "I have come to ask you for the body of my son Hector."

Priam sat down and talked to Achilles for hours, basically begging for his
son's body. Achilles agreed. He walked out of the tent with Priam and had
his men give the old man his slain son's body. Priam was about to leave when
he saw a very familiar figure.

"Perseis?" he said.

Perseis looked at old king Priam with surprise in her eyes. Her uncle!
Achilles looked at Perseis as she embraced her uncle. He saw her practically
glow with happiness upon seeing a lost relative and he knew he could not keep

"Leave with Priam." he said. Perseis looked at him with surprise. She wanted
to say something. "You need to live." he said. He looked up at the heavens.
"I am a dead man." he said sadly.

Perseis looked at Achilles. Now more than ever she loved him. Even after what
he did to Hector. He escorted her and Priam out of the Camp.

The Myrmidons escorted them. The remaining Greeks could not believe this.
Greek soldiers escorting the enemy royals back into their stronghold...

The Gates of Troy opened and Trojan soldiers whisked in Priam, Perseis and
the body of slain Hector. The old king went back home with his niece.
Achilles had promised them twenty days to mourn the death of Hector and all
the Trojan dead. Twenty days during which no Greek would charge at the Trojan
Walls. The Trojans would be safe...for twenty days.

Upon hearing the deal Achilles had made with the enemy king, Agamemnon was
furious. "Achilles cannot make deals behind my back." he said.

Odysseus stood next to him. "If you want to argue with the mighty Achilles,
be my guest." he said with a smile.

Agamemnon quickly declined.

For the next three weeks, Troy was mourning. Soldiers finally earned a rest
to be with their families. Men and women embraced each other. Children
played. And Perseis was back among her own people. She had missed her cousin
Paris and the friendly Andromaque who mourned the loss of her husband. She
was content to see Priam and old queen Hecuba. She was with her people again.
She should have been happy. But she wasn't. She was missing something...
Achilles. She wanted to see him and was worried about him for some reason.

Achilles and the Greeks rested. During the ceasefire, Odysseus came up with
an idea. The Greeks had been trying to get into Troy for a long time. His
plan was to make that happen by building up a huge wooden horse and hiding
the best Greek soldiers inside. They would leave it outside the Gates of
Troy as an offering to the gods. The Trojans would take it inside and come
nighttime, the Greeks would rush out and kill their enemies. It was a
brilliant plan.

"Congratulations." said Agamemnon to Odysseus.

Odysseus nodded.

Achilles called his friend and lieutenant Eudorus and ordered him to bring
the Myrmidons back to their island home of Phtia.

"You are coming with us?" asked Eudorus.

"No." said Achilles. "I will die here."

He shook hands with Eudorus and bade him farewell.

Achilles had come to Troy with fifty ships carrying fifty men each. Of the
twenty five hundred men he had brought with him, over ninety six percent
remained. They left Troy by the sea. Achilles watched them sail away. He
had given Eudorus his Sword and Patrocles's Helmet. Priceless heirlooms of
the House of Peleus. He knew he would never come home.

The Greeks worked tirelessly to build the Horse. They made it huge. They
also sent their ships to hide out far away, beyond the eyes of the Trojans.
When the Trojans woke up one morning, the Greeks were gone and only this
huge wooden horse remained. The citizens of Troy stepped out.

"What is this?" asked Priam.

His generals looked at it. Since the horse was a special animal to the
Trojans, the totem animal for the goddess Athena, they assumed it was an
offering and in spite of the repeated warnings of a Trojan priest named
Laocoon and the prince Paris himself, the Trojans brought the massive
wooden Horse inside. They closed the gates. King Priam declared that the
Greeks were gone and that Troy was free at last. The Trojans began to
celebrate the end of the ten-year siege of their city by drinking and

The Greeks remained inside the Horse until nightfall. When they heard all
the noise quiet down, they came out of it. One of them went to signal their
Greek comrades who had been waiting, hidden outside that the coast was clear.
The Gates of Troy flew wide open. Tens of thousands of Greek soldiers marched
through the open doors, unleashing hell upon the slumbering population. The
Greek army went through Troy and set the houses on fire. They killed anything
that moved. Men. Women. Children.

Achilles did not care for what was happening around him. He wanted to see
Perseis and get her out of there. He looked for the Royal Palace. In the
confusion of an army slicing through a panicked population, the palace was
hard to find and Achilles was hard pressed for time. He just hoped he wasn't
too late.

When Andromaque heard the screams of people dying and buildings burning, she
roused Paris and Helen. "Follow me." she said.

She took her son and led them, and many other Trojans into the secret
passage that led out of the city. It was a passage that Hector had built for
a situation just like this. Helen held Paris's hand and they went through the

"Father." Paris said. He did not want to leave his old father behind.

"Paris, please stay with me." Helen begged.

Paris took his Bow and Arrows. "I caused all this. I will not let my father

With that, he left. Helen cried out his name. A young man named Aeneus took
her hand and led her through the Passage.

When Perseis heard the screams, she just ran. She thought about getting her
father and running. She saw many people running. Men, women and children
being cut down by the fearsome Greek soldiers. "By the gods," she said.
"Troy is lost." She ran toward the Palace.

Meanwhile, Achilles was looking for the palace. He grabbed a Trojan man and
asked him for directions. The man told him and Achilles let him go. He ran
toward the big street leading to the Palace. He just hoped he wasn't too

He was running when he saw a woman. She was struggling against Greek
soldiers. Achilles drew his sword and cut them down. The woman was leaning
against a wall. Achilles was about to resume running when he heard his name.

"Achilles?" The woman said.

Achilles turned. The woman he had just rescued was Perseis. Perseis looked at
Achilles. "It's really you." he said.

Perseis saw him and felt her heart leap in her chest. "Achilles." she said.
She went to him. He took her in his arms and kissed her. She embraced him.
"Oh, I missed you so much." she said.

"Let's leave." he said.

Perseis held him. "Don't ever leave me again." she said.

Achilles looked at her, amazed that such a simple girl could mean so much to
him. He didn't have any allegiance to anyone or anything...

Paris had been looking for his father. He was in the Palace Gardens when he
saw his cousin Perseis. A man was holding her. Paris took out an arrow and
aimed it at the man. Perseis saw the archer come out of the shadows. She
placated herself before Achilles, the man she loved. He saw the young man
with the bow and arrow and took out his sword. Paris let an arrow fly and
Achilles suddenly screamed. The arrow had pierced his foot. He fell. He
felt physical pain for the first time in his life. Never before had he felt
anything so....painful. His scream of pain echoed into the night.

Perseis gasped. "No!" she said. She tried to warn Achilles.

He just stared at her. She looked past him at the archer, none other than

"Don't kill him!" she begged Paris.

Paris took out another arrow just as Achilles held onto his sword and tried
to come at him, even with his pierced foot. A second arrow struck Achilles
in the belly and a third in the chest. Achilles fell.

Perseis knelt by his side, tears in her eyes. "You killed him!" she told
Paris. She held Achilles's hand and squeezed it. "I'm sorry, my love!" she

Paris came and tried to grab Perseis and take her away from the dying
Achilles. He was very surprised by how tenderly Achilles stroked Perseis's
hair. Achilles smiled at her.

"I have caused you pain." she said. "I am so sorry, my love."

Achilles touched her cheek. "You brought me peace." he said.

A tremor shook him and he rasped in pain. Perseis did not want to leave him
and Paris tried to drag her away.

"Go with him." Achilles said. "Live."

Perseis put her arms around him and kissed him one last time. Then, Paris
whisked her away.

Achilles lay still. He was dead.

Moments later, the Greek soldiers invaded the Palace. They killed everyone
inside, including old king Priam. Paris led Perseis down through the secret
Passage built by Hector. Thus, a few Trojans managed to get away while the
rest of them perished.

When the Greek army came to the Palace, they went through the Garden and saw
a tragic sight. The Body of the One who had been First among them. The fallen
form of the mighty Achilles. They could not believe it. It would seem that
mighty Achilles had gone done fighting, and been shot to death by the arrows
of one too cowardly to face him in overt combat like a man.

Odysseus knelt by the body of Achilles and closed the eyes of the mightiest
man the world has ever seen. "Rest in peace, old friend."


The body of Achilles and those of the fallen, both Greek and Trojan were
properly buried by orders of Odysseus. Agamemnon, king of kings had died
mysteriously. The city of Troy was looted. Most of the men were killed and
the women and children taken into slavery. The people of Troy are no more.
The ancient Greeks are no more.

Mighty Achilles, a man thought to be god-like has fallen. The Greeks returned
home and the voyage home was not too pleasant for any of them but none as bad
as that of Odysseus, King of Ithaca. The tales of his adventures as he
travels home is a story that is best left for another time.

The End


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