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Summary: Tru faces her most difficult challenge, and finds love along the

Tru Calling: True Destiny
by Dawnfaith102


Chapter One

Tru Davies was exhausted by the time she reached her apartment. At least she
had saved one more life. She grabbed a snack, and then headed for bed.

As she let her soft, round body sink into sleep, she wondered what lay ahead
for her. All she could think of was that movie, Sixth Sense, where the little
boy said, "I see dead people." She didn't just see dead people; she talked to
them, and changed their destinies. What about her destiny? What was it? And
why couldn't she change the one destiny that mattered the most; that of her

Tru pondered these questions, as she slowly drifted into a long, deep sleep.

Chapter Two

The sun streaming through the windows marked the beginning of a new day. As
she slowly let the warm water wash over her body, Tru smiled.

She was meeting Lindsay for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. She enjoyed
spending time with her best friend. Lindsay was fun and almost made her
forget the bodies in the morgue.

Tru finished her shower and dressed in a pair of her favorite tight jeans,
and a low cut red t-shirt. Rushing out of her apartment, she ran down the
busy street. As usual, she was late.

She walked into the busy restaurant and noticed her friend sitting alone by
the window.

"Sorry I'm late," she exclaimed breathlessly, as she plopped down in the
chair opposite her.

Lindsay smiled. "Again, try always."

The girls laughed and decided on a light lunch of salads. Then they rushed
off to do some serious shopping.

They started at a small boutique and slowly helped each other pick out some
new shoes.

"Hey," said Lindsay, "Lets go see if we can find some sexy bikinis. I think
we're both in pretty good bikini shape."

Tru looked over at Lindsay and had to agree that her friend was in very good
shape. She had on a pair of tight white pants and a small white t-shirt. She
had always admired her firm little ass.

"Ok, sounds good," replied Tru. "Bikinis in New York, well I guess we can
wear them sometime. Hey, I'm going to look for a thong."

As she turned to look at Lindsay now, she swore that her friend was checking
out every inch of her body. "It's my imagination," she said to herself, but
she felt a small tingle go through her anyway.

Chapter Three

The girls quickly found their way to the swim suit department of the large
store. "Hey look at this," exclaimed Lindsay, holding up a tiny blue thong
bikini. "Think this would look good on me?"

Tru looked over and smiled a big wide smile. The image of Lindsay in that
tiny piece of cloth, and nothing more, was something she could not wait to

The girls slowly wandered around picking up suit after suit, until they both
had a handful of very brief bikinis.

"Ok, lead the way to the dressing room," said Lindsay, as she chose one more
suit to try on.

Tru picked up on one word in that sentence. "Room" not rooms. Did her friend
want to use the same dressing room? She immediately opened the door to one
huge dressing room. "How about this," she said, hesitantly.

"Great!" replied Lindsay, as she eagerly entered the room and dropped her
stack of suits on the chair. Tru gulped. She felt her heart racing. The
thought of seeing her best friend naked was suddenly exciting. She had known
Lindsay for years but strangely they never had been in a situation where
they were undressed together. Tru wondered why she felt this way now. She
had never, to her knowledge, had sexual feelings for her friend, or any
girl. Today, from the moment she got up, all she had thought of was spending
time with her friend, and now she was thinking much more.

Lindsay quickly pulled off her t-shirt, revealing her soft, round breasts.

She wore no bra. Tru stared. Then quickly looked away, hoping her friend had
not noticed.

"Hey, am I the only one trying on suits here?" exclaimed Lindsay.

Tru quickly pulled off her shirt and loosened her brief bra, and let it drop
to the dressing room floor. Lindsay smiled at her friend, not bothering to
hide the fact that she was staring openly at her large, full breasts.

Tru looked down at the floor, almost embarrassed. As she looked up again,
she watched her friend slip out of her tight pants, and bend over to put
them on the chair. She could not stop staring at her ass in a very brief
pair of white lace panties.

Tru pulled off her jeans and dropped them in the corner of the room. She had
on a pair of blue thong panties, and as she looked up, she noticed her friend
staring at her ass in the big mirror. The dressing room was suddenly very

Both girls stood there for a moment making small talk. Tru made the first
move this time. She stared opening at Lindsay and slowly slid off her
panties. Lindsay stared back, as she pulled down hers, and let them drop to
the floor.

The girls were naked. They stood there in the middle of the big dressing
room staring and checking out each other's round, sexy bodies.

"Turn around." Lindsay ordered.

Tru smiled and turned around, revealing her firm, round ass to her friend.
She then gazed back over her shoulder. "Like what you see?" she asked, coyly.

"I like," replied Lindsay, with a huge grin.

"Now you," gestured Tru. "Show me your ass now."

"Hey, you already saw it," replied Lindsay. "I saw you checking it out

Tru felt herself almost blushing.

Lindsay moved forward, very close to her friend. The girls stood quietly, as
they felt the chemistry rise between them. Finally neither could stand it a
moment longer.

"Oh God!" Exclaimed Tru, and kissed Lindsay hard. It was a long, deep,
passionate kiss that met a very welcome response. As soon as they both felt
warm, soft lips on theirs, they could not stop. They wanted each other now;
quickly and urgently.

Tru began to work her mouth down her friend's neck to her soft, firm breasts.
She grabbed each soft mound and began to lick and suck on each hard, pink
nipple. She moved her fingers slowly over the nipples, teasing the blonde.

Lindsay held onto her friend's head and gasped, "God Tru! That feels so

Tru continued to work her hands and mouth down the blonde's soft, smooth skin
until she reached her destination.

Lindsay was shaking and moaning.

Tru pushed her friend down onto the chair. Suits flew every where. She got
down on her knees in front of her and quickly spread her legs wide. She
slowly licked up the inside of each firm, tan thigh, until her hot tongue
found her friend's moist pussy.

Lindsay let her head roll back and moaned softly, as she felt Tru's eager
tongue move over the outside of her dripping wet lips, then lick her swollen
clit. Tru held on to the blonde's hips and plunged her tongue up inside her.

Lindsay screamed. "Oh, Tru!"

Tru dove into her soaking wet pussy further and further, enjoying the taste
of her sweet juices, as she lapped and fucked her harder and deeper.

Lindsay moved her body faster and faster towards her friend, as she gasped
louder and louder. Tru fucked her with her tongue and fingers. First one then
the other. Lindsay screamed, "Deeper!" Tru pushed in deeper.

Lindsay let herself go. Tru held on as she felt her friend's body shake in
uncontrollable spasms. Finally Lindsay collapsed back against the chair, and
Tru slowly licked the outside of her friend's warm wet pussy dry.

Her mouth covered with the liquid, she got up and bent in and kissed Lindsay
on her mouth.

"Umm, tastes good," Lindsay murmured as she licked her own juices off the
brunette's lips. She then pulled Tru down on top of her lap and kissed her
passionately. "I never felt anything that good before," she sighed as she
smiled at her friend now.

Tru held on to Lindsay and they hugged for a while.

"Get up," ordered the blonde suddenly.

Tru stood up, and pulled her friend to her feet.

Lindsay put her arms around the brunette and then suddenly pushed her firmly
against the opposite wall of the dressing room. She held her there; kissing
her long and hard.

"Don't move," she ordered, as she moved her hands urgently over Tru's large
soft breasts. "Umm, you have a great body. I want to taste every inch of it."
She then moved her mouth and hands over her friend's breasts; then down to
her stomach, and over her pussy hair. Tru let out a moan as her friend found
her, now soaking wet, opening and plunged two fingers up into it.

"Lindsay, oh Lindsay," gasped Tru softly.

"You like that?" asked Lindsay.

"Oh yes!" said Tru, louder now.

"Then I think you will really love this," she said firmly, as she turned her
friend around to face the wall. "Now leave your hands on the wall, move your
legs back and bend over," she ordered.

Tru complied eagerly.

Lindsay gazed at the brunette's round, smooth ass right there in front of
her. She got down on her knees behind her, and began to lick all over each
ass cheek with her tongue.

Tru felt her body begin to shake. This felt so good.

Lindsay moved her tongue around Tru's ass hole and then slowly pushed it up
inside her.

Tru screamed. "Oh, Oh, push it in deeper!"

Lindsay eagerly pushed her tongue up farther.

"Fuck me hard and deep," screamed Tru.

Lindsay now pushed two fingers up inside her friend, and pushed them in
deeper and deeper.

Tru moved her hips hard and fast.

Lindsay slammed them in faster.

Finally Tru let herself cum hard and long. Lindsay held on to her as she
slowly dropped to the dressing room floor.

The girls lay on the floor hugging and kissing softly. Their warm, wet bodies
entwined amidst a sea of bathing suits.

Finally they realized just where they were, and slowly got up.

"Well, do you think maybe we should try on some of these things?" Lindsay
said with a huge grin.

"Ok, I guess that's why we were here," smiled Tru.

Chapter Four

The girls took turns modeling suits for each other. They each chose a tiny
thong, and quickly slipped into their clothes. As they left the dressing
room and wandered out to the main department, they noticed that they seemed
to be the focus of attention. People smiled and whispered as they walked by.

"Hey I guess we were kind of loud in there," said Tru, as she reached over
and gave her friend a smile.

"Let's give them something else to remember us by," Lindsay whispered. She
turned and gave Tru a big, deep passionate kiss.

People stopped and stared, as the two let the kiss linger just long enough
to let the entire group of people take it all in. Then they both stopped and
took turns squeezing each other's ass, as they paid for their purchases and
walked out.

They both laughed loudly, as they hugged and made their way down the busy

"God that was fun," said Lindsay, smiling.

"Lindsay, I don't think I ever felt as happy as I do now," said Tru as she
gazed at her friend.

The girls smiled and held hands as they continued on.

"Hey isn't that the new boutique that just opened last week?" exclaimed Tru
as she let go of her friend's hand and began to cross the street.

Lindsay had stopped to read the big sign in front before she followed. She
thought that this shop was in the next block.

As the blonde stared at the sign, she suddenly heard the sound of brakes
squealing, and a long, loud thud. She let her eyes wander back to the street
in front of her, and there she saw Tru in lying on her side on the hood of a
yellow taxi cab. She was not moving.

Lindsay screamed, and ran over to the car. A large group of people were
already gathered around trying to talk to the brunette. Lindsay pushed her
way through the crowd and stopped. Tru was not moving. A large man reached
in and felt her neck, "I can't find a pulse," he shouted.

Lindsay stood motionless gasping and crying, "Tru, don't you dare die on
me!" Someone tried CPR. The police and ambulance arrived. They tried over
and over to revive the brunette, but to no avail.

Lindsay sobbed openly as she watched them pick her friend up, put her on a
stretcher and cover her with a sheet.

As they drove away she collapsed on the curb her head in her hands unable to
stop sobbing.

Chapter Five

The morgue was a busy place that evening. Davis was working at his desk most
of the night. The new arrivals were rolled past him into the back, tagged,
and placed into the drawers. Davis looked at his watch. Tru was late.

Just as he was about to pick up the phone, and see just how late she was
going to be, he heard familiar footsteps running down the long hall.

He turned around in his chair and got back to work, a bit annoyed that she
was always late for everything.

"There are about 5 new admissions back there," he said loudly to the figure
rushing by behind his back. "I want to show you something when you have a

He heard the door close and returned to the computer screen before him.


Chapter One

When Tru finally awoke from her long, deep sleep she rolled over and glanced
at the clock beside her bed. She sat bolt upright, then looked again, this
time, trying to focus only on the face of the clock. "How could it be that
late!" She said out loud. Had she really slept all day and into the night?

She jumped out of bed. She would have to hurry now to make it to work on
time. She dashed into the bathroom. As she waited for the water to warm up
in the shower, she returned to her room and rifled through her closet looking
for her favorite red top and jeans. They were missing. She hunted through the
entire closet. They were nowhere to be found. She knew that they were there
yesterday, as she had seen them.

Tru shook her head. "What is going on here?" she exclaimed. Well she had no
time now to figure it all out. She showered and dressed quickly and hurried
to work.

She rushed by Davis and entered the back room, closing the big door behind
her. She still felt a bit groggy, but went on with her job.

By the time she reached the last new body in the row of drawers, she felt a
bit better and more awake. She slowly opened the heavy drawer and pulled off
the sheet covering the body of a girl.

Tru let out a scream, as she stepped back and leaned against the huge
cabinet. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and forced herself to look

She stood there motionless, staring at her own dead body. It's face was pale
white, and it wore the red top and jeans she was missing. Tru felt light
headed. Just as she was about to lose consciousness, she was jolted back by
the image of her own apparition slowly rising up before her.

It stepped out of the body and stood up. Tru stepped back unsteadily, holding
onto the cabinet for support. She felt her entire body shaking.

The apparition smiled now. Tru gasped as she heard it speak to her in her own
voice. "Help me," it said. "Help yourself, and the others."

Tru stepped back in terror. "How? What?" she stammered. "I don't understand."

The apparition moved slowly towards the frightened girl. "Don't be afraid my
little one," she said softly.

A calm, warm feeling washed through Tru. She stopped shaking and stood still,
suddenly knowing that this image was not here to harm her.

"You have all the information you need to understand," said the apparition.
"I can only tell you so much. You have the power to change destinies. The
answers are within you, if you only listen."

Tru stood staring at the image of herself with a puzzled look on her face.
She no longer felt afraid. "I don't know anything, though," Tru said.

"I can tell you this, my little one. Today was one of the happiest days of
your life. You lived it, and you will remember it when you live it again. You
were meant to be happy like you were today. It is how it would have been.
Your calling has been to help others, which you have done unselfishly. Now
you must help yourself and those dear to you. This day does not have to end
this way, if you find the key."

Tru began to speak, but just as she was about to ask another question, the
apparition reached out and grasped her wrist. "Help yourself, and those you
love," she said softly. Suddenly Tru was again jolted back to the beginning
of a new day.


Chapter One

Once again, the day began with warm sunshine spilling into the room. Tru
awoke with a start. Confused, she sat up and looked around. Instantly, it
all came back to her. All of it. The entire day, beginning to end.

Tru remembered Lindsay in the dressing room naked. She smiled. She remembered
warm hands, hot kisses. Then. "Oh God!" she screamed. "I died!" She felt sick
inside. After a few deep breaths, she was able to calm herself.

The image of the apparition suddenly made her feel much better. What did it
say again? Oh, the answers were within her, she had the power to change the
destinies of those dear to her, if she found the key? What did this all mean?
If she was dead, how could she be here at all? She had so many questions, but
it would be easy to save herself, wouldn't it?

"I won't cross the street, that will take care of that," she said out loud.
There was more though. She had the power to change the destinies of those
dear to her. Who? It must be Meredith and Harrison then. Who else did she
have really? Her sister and brother were her family now. Her Dad wasn't part
of her life, and her Mom, well she had been murdered when she was a kid.

Tru got out of bed and walked into the bathroom, trying very hard to
understand what the apparition had told her. She did know that it was a
positive message. She felt a sense of warmth every time she thought of it.

"Well I guess I better get on with this day," she said. It's the most
important day of my life. I better not screw this one up."

Tru showered quickly and dried off. She hesitated as she opened the closet
door. "Would it be there, or not?" She opened the door wide. Yes there it
was; the outfit she had worn that day, the red t-shirt, and jeans hung side
by side in front of her.

She dressed slowly now, trying so hard to think of what to do. How to help
her family as well as herself. Surely it was not as easy as not choosing to
step into the street. No, it was about changing the other's destinies too.
What key?

Chapter Two

As Tru rushed down the street to the restaurant, the image of the apparition
kept returning. The voice, though it was hers, sounded like someone else that
she knew. The words it used; the tone of it's voice, were so familiar.

Tru entered the busy restaurant. There was Lindsay sitting alone in the
window. If she wanted to change this day, she would have to do it carefully
as to not change the outcome before the accident. If this day was meant to
happen, then it had to happen as before, until she reached the right point.
She hoped that she would know just when that was. She had no idea what to do
at the moment. This was all so confusing.

"I guess I will let it happen but keep searching for the so called "key" to
all of this." Tru said under her breath.

The girls ate their salads and headed off to shop. Tru knew what was ahead
of her. Even though this day was so important, she couldn't help smiling in
anticipation. It would be a very nice few hours, and she didn't mind reliving
that part a bit.

Chapter Three

The day continued as before. The girls shopped for shoes, then went to the
bathing suit department of the large store.

They again, entered the one large dressing room. Tru stood there smiling,
knowing what was coming next.

Again, the girls kissed, and they made passionate love. Afterward, as they
lay on the dressing room floor hugging and kissing, Tru suddenly realized
that she had to say something that she had been unable to say to the blonde
the first time.

"I want to tell you something," stammered Tru, gazing directly into her
friend's big, round eyes.

"Say anything you want," said Lindsay, as she held onto the brunette tighter.

"I... well. I love you. It's not just a sex thing. You've been my friend for
a long time. Now it's more. I know this is what was supposed to happen."

Tru turned away, and continued. "If you don't feel the same, hey, it's ok. I
understand. I never thought I would fall in love with a girl, but I did. If
we never do this again."

"Hey!" Lindsay said firmly. "You have it all wrong. I loved this, it was
perfect, and well, I kinda feel the same. In fact, well, I do feel the same."

Tru turned around now. Lindsay smiled at her friend. "I love you too," she

They kissed softly and lay there for a while longer. Tru didn't want this
moment to end. Right now, she was the happiest she had ever been in her life.
She could stop her own death easily, but that was not the point of all this.
It was also to change her loved one's destinies.

Suddenly Tru sat up and smiled openly. Of course she was the key. She was the
one who could make Meredith and Harrison's lives better, but she realized now
that she had more time to accomplish this. If she was not there to be hit by
the car, the day would continue on, and something would lead her to solving
the rest.

The girls left the dressing room after trying on their suits. This time Tru
decided to look around at the crowd of people. Right now at this moment she
was so full of happiness that she was more aware of everything.

People were staring, and smiling and whispering to each other. As Tru's eyes
scanned the room, they stopped on a face in the back corner. It was that of
a woman. Tru stopped and stared. It was the apparition of herself smiling at
her. The image looked right at her, and beckoned her to come.

Tru moved towards it. Lindsay was standing behind her. "Hey where are you
going?" she shouted, as Tru hurried towards the corner of the room.

"Stay here," ordered Tru, firmly. If I don't return soon, go home and I'll
meet you there.

"What's wrong?" asked Lindsay, anxiously.

Tru turned and give her a big kiss. "Nothing is wrong. If can pull this off,
everything will be right for once."

Lindsay stood there wondering what was going on, as she watched her friend
rush off. "She said it will be allright, so I have to believe it," she said
under her breath.

Chapter Four

Tru pushed through the crowd of people. The apparition stood there, almost
waiting for her. Just as she approached the image, it turned and ran towards
the exit doors. Tru followed. "Wait!" she screamed, "Wait!"

They reached the stairs. Tru had almost caught up with it, when she stumbled
and fell. Getting up quickly, she tried to gain the ground that she had lost.
Every time Tru would almost reach it, something would happen to prevent her
from her goal.

"It's as if I am being led somewhere," said Tru to herself. "Where is she
leading me?"

The chase continued down back streets, around corners, and up alleys until
Tru realized where she was going. She was in her old neighborhood; the place
where she grew up as a child.

The apparition led her to the room where she had seen her Mother murdered.
Tru stopped. The apparition turned and spoke.

"Don't be afraid, little one." It said, and vanished.

Tru stood there frozen. Suddenly she knew what was happening. It was at last
becoming clear to her.

The words 'my little one' meant only one thing. Tru looked down at her body
now. It was that of a child. She held out her hands. They were her hands as
a child.

She was back at the time and place of her Mother's death. There was a reason
why the apparition's voice seemed so familiar and made her feel so warm
inside and called her 'my little one'.

Tru gasped. "You were talking through my body on that slab. You wanted me to
follow you back in time to this moment," she shouted to the empty kitchen
around her. "It was you, Mom! Oh Mom!"

Tears filled the small child's eyes now as she searched around the room for
her Mother.

It was 1993 now, and the events of the past were about to happen again. Tru
gulped and took a deep breath. "I may have my old child's body," she said to
herself, "but I do have the brains of an adult."

Everything began again. She saw the figure of a pretty, dark haired woman
enter the room. Tru reached out for her, but realized that she must remain
very still now.

She saw the figure of a man enter the window and start towards her Mother.
She couldn't see his face, just as before, but this time she could do

Tru turned and saw the large kitchen knife that was there that day. Instead
of the man using it to stab her Mom, she would use it her way.

It all took place instantly, but to Tru, it was as if it happened in slow
motion. Tru grabbed for the knife. The man approached her Mom from behind.
Before he could touch her, the small child ran forward, and, as the press
described later, 'with the strength of an adult women', she stabbed him 7
times in the back. He fell and died on the kitchen floor right then and

Tru stepped back shaking and crying. She dropped the knife. Her Mom turned,
saw the dead man and rushed over to hold her and comfort her sobbing child.

"It's allright my little one," she said, as she held her close. "It's ok."

The moment Tru felt the warmth of her Mother's arms around her and the sound
of her soft voice, she was immediately catapulted ahead to the present.

Chapter Five

Tru was back in the Morgue standing in the very spot where she had first seen
the apparition of herself. She looked down and was glad to see that she was
again a full grown woman.

For the moment she was a bit confused. So much had happened so quickly. She
leaned back against the morgue cabinet and took a deep breath, trying to sort
it all out in her mind. She was beginning to wonder what was real and what
exactly she had changed. She appeared to be all in one piece, and looked the
same as before. She still wore the red top and jeans. She wasn't hurt.

She looked at her reflection in the shiny metal cabinet. Not a hair was out
of place. How was any of this possible?

She couldn't remember what she had changed.

Just then she heard a sound. It seemed to come from one of the big drawers.
"Oh no, not again," she exclaimed. "Not now, I can't save one more person if
I can't figure out what happened to me."

The sound got louder. Tru started opening drawer after drawer. Some were
empty, some had bodies in them. Finally she reached the source of the noise.

She opened the drawer, and uncovered a body. She stepped back, and froze.

It was the body of her Mother.

Tru gasped.

The body sat up, turned, and smiled at her.

"You fulfilled your destiny today," it said softly, and you changed the lives
of everyone you love."

Tru was still puzzled. All she knew was that she had left Lindsay at a store,
run off, and somehow gone back in time to prevent her Mother's murder.

"But how did I change anything?" said Tru to her Mom. "Why don't I remember
the changes? And, you are dead now. So I didn't do a thing did I?"

The image reached out and grasped Tru's wrist. "It's ok my little one," it

Instantly Tru was back in the big department store standing next to Lindsay.


Chapter One

Tru stood there for a moment trying to take this all in. What had happened?
Had she changed the day or not? Lindsay looked at her with a puzzled smile.

"Hey, back to reality," she said as she hugged her friend. "You were off in
some little world all your own here. We have been standing in this long line
for 5 minutes and you haven't said a word."

Tru reached over and kissed Lindsay. This much was real. She was very happy
about that.

The girls paid for their purchases and started down the street hand and hand,
just as they did twice before. Tru wondered what to do next. She knew one
thing, she wasn't about to cross that street today.

Suddenly they both heard the sound of squealing brakes, and a thud.

Tru stopped, frozen in place. She looked over and saw the body of her Mother
on top of a car. People gathered around. A large man shouted, "Get help!"

Tru rushed over and stood above her dying Mother. "Oh Mom," she sobbed. "I
understand now."

Tru's Mom opened her eyes and looked up at her daughter. "Tru," she said
weakly, "It's my time now. It's ok". Then she slowly slipped away into death.

Tru stood there sobbing. Lindsay walked over, put her arms around her, and
led her to the curb. The two girls sat there holding each other.

"I don't understand much of this, but something happened here today, didn't
it?" said Lindsay to her friend, and now lover.

Tru looked up at her, and finally spoke.

"It's a long story, and I will tell you all of it, but first you have to
answer a few questions for me, please."

"Of course, anything," said Lindsay.

"I know this will sound strange but chalk it up to the trauma of losing my
Mom. Can you fill me in on a few things?"

Lindsay was worried now. Tru looked like she really was having a breakdown.

Just then Meredith and Harrison appeared, as if out of nowhere.

"Oh God, Tru," sobbed Meredith, as she pulled her sister up on her feet and
hugged her. We saw the accident happen on the other side of the street, but
we couldn't get over here. The crowd was huge. "It was Mom. We were all
having lunch together in the park."

Harrison grabbed Tru and hugged her tightly. "She was going on and on about
some stupid store opening," he said angrily. She never looked before she
crossed. She always told us to, but she never did."

Tru stopped and stepped back. She stared at her brother and sister, and at
last all the pieces of the past came into place.

Harrison wore a three piece suit and carried a brief case. She remembered
that after college he had opened a business with his best friend and was now
a very successful business man. He and his wife lived in Connecticut and they
all spent summers at his estate.

She turned to Meredith who was now a very prominent lawyer, but one who took
many cases involving poor and needy people. She lived in the penthouse above
her office with her girl friend who was also her lover.

Lindsay hugged Tru again. "I know it doesn't help much, but you have to know
that your Mom had so many happy years after you saved her life."

Chapter Two

Tru remembered now.

All the years in the house with her Mom and Dad. The fun times with her
family at the lake. Her Mom and Dad had finally divorced, but Mom had
remarried and had a good life. She had changed all that, hadn't she?

Tru walked slowly away from the others. She looked off into the distance,
and spoke to no one in particular. "I did find my Tru Destiny didn't I?'"

The apparition of her Mom appeared before her. "Yes, you did your job well.
What you did in the present allowed you to return to change the past. Along
the way you helped many people also fulfill their true destinies. But now,
your job is done. Go and enjoy your life."

"Tru cried softly as she gazed at the image of her Mother for the last time.
"You mean no more reliving the days?" she asked through her tears.

"You have met your true calling. Now you will live a normal life. It's time
for me to finally leave you."

"No, don't go!" said Tru, sobbing openly.

"My time is here," said the image.

Tru watched the form disappear. She stood there sobbing for a bit and then
turned to join her lover, her family, and her future.


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