Twilight: Breaking In Bella And Renesmee (FFF,F-zoo,Fg,inc,herm,oral,anal,dp,fist,first,squirt)
by Dr. Demented 666

So it's been a year now since the showdown with the Volturi and a bit longer since Bella became a Newborn and had her daughter, Renesmee. Bella decided to go out walking in the woods and was wearing tight black pants, leather knee-high boots, and a tight white shirt. About a mile into the woods she stumbled upon a scene that surprised even her...

There in a small clearing where Alice and Rosalie getting it on. Both were completely naked and standing as Rosalie was behind Alice and slamming her hips against Alice's ass cheeks, making Alice squeal with pleasure. What really caught Bella's eye was the fact the both of them had 7" cocks! Rosalie was slamming hers into Alice's hot ass as Alice's hard cock bobbed from Rosalie's thrusting against Alice.

Bella looked on in wonder, taking in Alice's stunning features with her short black hair, pretty face and smile, long toned legs, a firm ass, and large breasts that were firm in nature; Rosalie with her long wavy blond hair and sultry legs, her plump tits and round backside. Both were pale white as are all vampires, but their skin was so smooth and glistened like glittering gold as sunlight broke through the clouds and shined upon their naked bodies. Their private areas had no puberty and no apparent balls, but Bella could see the faint glimmer of a pussy under Alice's cock as it sprang up with each of Rosalie's thrusts into her....

"Looks like we have company." Rosalie whispered into Alice's ear from behind. Alice opened her eyes and looked to her side as Rosalie's thrusting quit and she, too, stared at Bella watching them...

"Wanna join in?" Alice said to her best friend and new sister.

Bella's eyes lit up as she never thought of being with another girl, or should I say-hermaphrodite, before; or even in a group. But since Vampire's have an insatiable lust for sex, her desires grew deep and her wants would soon be satisfied.

Bella took off her top and than unzipped the back of her boots, removing them and then sliding her tight jeans down and off her milky legs. Alice and Rosalie grew intoxicated with Bella's body, admiring her long legs and her plump breasts; long flowing black hair that matched her soft, well-groomed, pubic muff. Bella approached the vixens in heat and got directly in front of Alice, reaching down and taking hold of her erection and stroking it.

Alice smiled as her desires were becoming reality and Rosalie began to take her ass again and again from behind as Bella sunk to her knees and pulled Alice's dick into her mouth. Alice's jaw dropped open wide with joy and a wide smile as Bella sucked her cock while Rosalie fucked her in her ass.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass, Alice..." Rosalie stated...

"Do it....DO IT! FUCK YES! CUM IN ME! SHIT! BELLA'S MAKING ME CUM, TOO!" Alice screamed with orgasmic delight....

Alice's cock came to life in Bella's mouth, filling it with her cum and making Bella choke; forcing her to pull Alice out of her mouth where Alice then finished shooting her cum on Bella's immortal face. Alice's cock sprang upward with each pulse of cum that shot from its tip, slowly falling back down till it touched Bella's face and then springing back up in reaction to the touch of Bella's cool face.

Alice's cum glistened like silver glitter on Bella's face as Rosalie thrusts came to an end in Alice's ass along with her cum insemination. Bella rose to her feet and gave Alice the wettest kiss of her life, swapping her own cum with her as Rosalie leaned over Alice's shoulder and joined in with her own tongue lashes.

Alice grabbed Bella by the waist and lifted her up and spun her around till she was upside down and in a standing 69 with Alice. Alice plunged her tongue into Bella's dripping pussy as Rosalie pulled her cock from Alice's ass, leaving it drip cum down the backs of her legs as Rosalie went to Bella's back. Rosalie then plunged her tongue into Bella's asshole and fluttered it about as Bell licked Alice's pussy whie Alice's cock rubbed against the side of Bella's face. Slowly Alice let Bella sink to the ground into a head stand position where Alice took her cock and inserted it into Bella.

Bella gasped with pleasure as Alice took her in her head stand position while holding her legs open by her ankles. Rosalie smiled as she lined up with Bella's ass and shoved her wet cock into Bella's ass, giving Bella her first ever anal experience.

Bella screamed loudly, echoing though the woods as Alice and Rosalie DP'd her. Alice and Rosalie synchronized their thrusting to match each other exactly, their rigid cocks plunging deep into Bella's pussy and ass until Bella let out a loud groan and strained from her dual vaginal/anal orgasm, squirting onto Alice's cock as Alice filled her pussy with cum.

Alice let go of Bella, who fell forward and popping Rosalie out of her ass. Bella laid on her back in the grass as Rosalie swooped onto her with great speed and plunged deep into her pussy...

"Fuck! I see why you came so fast, Alice! She's amazing! Edward is so lucky to have you...But I have you now, don't I?" Rosalie exclaimed with great delight...

"You do...You really DOOOOO!" Bella enamored back as she orgasmed again as Rosalie's cock pulsated in her pussy, filling it with her cum as she heatedly tongue lashed Bella, licking Alice's cum off her face as she finished inside of her.

Rosalie lifted her spent self off Bella and Alice Quickly got atop of Bella and plunged her own hard cock into Bella's ass. Bella's eyes widened with surprise as her new sister took her anally, fucking her with wanton abandon as Bella's body rocked under Alice's from her forceful thrusts.

Alice began to cum and Bella's eyes rolled back into their sockets as she let out a gasp while her body twitched and jerked from her final orgasm, making her pass out with Alice still in her ass. Alice pulled out of Bella and stood up, both her and Rosalie stared at the cum oozing from Bella's ass and pussy as she laid there unconscious.

"Lets let her rest...She'll need the energy later when we come back..." Alice exclaimed.

Alice and Rosalie got dressed and headed back to the house, leaving Bella in her comatose state, lying naked on the woodland ground...

Bella soon began to come back around, not by her own doing but by something very wet she felt lapping up her juices between her legs. Bella lifted her head to see Jacob in his wolf state, plunging his wet tongue deep into her pussy and pulling vampire cum from her womb. The feeling was incredible and like nothing she's ever felt before as she squirted onto the beasts face while arching her whole body till she was just supported by her hands and feet.

Jacob gave Bella a slight break, allowing her to get to her feet and then sit on a large fallen tree trunk. Jacob approached her and began to lick her breasts and face, working his wolf tongue into her mouth as she petted the fur on his head. Bella leaned back over the tree trunk so her body was in an arched position, her feet on the ground on one side of the trunk with her legs open and her arms and head on the other side of the tree trunk.

Jacob place his huge wolf frame over Bella and his enormous red wolf cock emerged from its sheath. Jacob moved forward until he entered Bella's pussy, making her scream from the enormity that entered her. It was like a baseball bat banging away in her, might as well have been a horse fucking her since werewolves were so large in size.

Jacob thrusted with rapid fury, his furry underbelly tickling Bella's stomach as his huge cock penetrated her over and over.


With one final deep, forceful thrust, Jacob let out a loud howl as he came in Bella; forcing her to orgasm and squirt onto his shaft. His long pulses of cum filled Bella till his stuff blew back around his shaft and out of Bella's pussy with loud spurts. Bella clenched his fur and lifted her legs as her body took in all that Jacob could offer her.

Finally, the two were spent and Jacob was able to pull out of Bella after nearly 20 minutes of being knotted in her. Bella sat up as Jacob turned back into human form and the two stared at each other with utter dismay...

"What did we just do?" Bella asked.

"Well, it was sex...Love...Both...Whatever...It happened..." Jacob replied.

"You know, no one can ever find out about this." Bella stated, to which Jacob agreed.

Bella got dressed as Jacob headed off into the woods, leaving Bella still dumbfounded and broken in from his, Alice's and Rosalie's fucking of her. Bella headed back to her and Edward's residence in the woods, while Renesmee stayed back at the Cullen's home.

* * *

Rosalie headed into town as Alice wandered into the Cullen's home to find it empty except for Renesmee. Renesmee ran to her Aunt and jumped up on her to give her a loving hug, to which Alice reciprocated the favor as Renesmee touched the side of Alice's pretty face with her soft hand. Renesmee's eyes widened as she experienced Alice's thoughts of what just transpired between her and Renesmee's Mom. Alice knew Renesmee could tell what she did and was embarrassed and speechless at the same time.

"You had sex with my Mom, Aunt Alice?" Renesmee asked.

"Would you like to try with me?" Renesmee stated right after.

Alice couldn't believe her ears, but the thought of fucking a Newborn-half mortal with warm blood-and a virgin who looks 9 years old but really is only 3 years old, really set her off. Renesmee's vampire lust was kicking into overdrive as her smooth legs remained wrapped around her Aunt's waist as Alice cupped her hands onto Renesmee's ass cheeks and leaned in, giving the young girl her first ever kiss.

Renesmee gently prodded her tongue against Alice's as the two mad out with Alice standing and supporting Renesmee in a loving embrace. Renesmee could feel a tingling sensation down below and chills sprouted goosebumps on her body as Alice licked her neck and nibbled at her ear lobes. Alice let the young girl down to her feet and lifted her blue dress off her body in one action, exposing Renesmee's perfectly innocent body with her yet to be formed breasts and pink nipples; wearing only a pair of white panties with dainty flowers on them.

Alice took Renesmee and had her kneel on the bed at its edge, where she then took off her own clothes and began to swipe her hard cock against Renesmee's soft face, feeling its warmth as Renesmee opened her mouth slightly; allowing Alice to put her thing partially into it. Renesmee stretched her mouth wide and took as much of Alice's cock as she possibly could, breaking only long enough for Alice to spin her petite frame upside down so she was lying on her back on the bed with her head hung off the edge at the foot of the bed.

Alice took her length and put it in Renesmee's mouth, inching it in until fully seating and watching Renesmee's throat bulge from her cock's girth. Alice fucked Renesmee's mouth and watched as her saliva bubbled and dripped off the sides of her pretty face and onto the floor. Alice pulled from Renesmee's mouth and went to between her legs as she gasped for air.

Slowly Alice pulled the little girls panties down her sweet legs and pushed them open at her knees. Alice reached in and playfully spun her fingers over Renesmee's smooth pussy slit, inching a finger into her tight hole and then frigging her rapidly with her hand. Renesmee shut her legs tight as she let out a sharp squeal along with a spurting squirt.

"What did you do to me, Aunt Alice?" Renesmee asked as she panted heavily.

"I just made you have an orgasm. Now it's your turn to make me cum..." Alice stated as she knelt between Renesmee's legs and propped the head of her raging erection against Renesmee's virginal entrance. Renesmee lifted her head and watched as Alice pushed forcefully to get it inside of her, making her squint and then give off a huge smile as Alice took her virginity. Alice laid down across Renesmee and slowly made love to her niece, Feeling the tight and wet sensation of the little girls virgin hole clamping around her shaft and massaging it with her vaginal muscles.

Suddenly Alice was experiencing an out-of-body moment, projected upon her by Renesmee's special power. Alice could not only see herself fucking Renesmee from a position standing by the bed as like from a 3'rd person, but she could also see what was happening inside of Renesmee. Alice could see her hard cock on the inside of Renesmee's womb, plowing through her vaginal walls as they clamped around her cock head and then....

The explosion of cum shooting from the tip of her dick into Renesmee as her cock thrust deep into her hole and she flirted her tongue into Renesmee's mouth. Renesmee and Alice's bodies jerked and twitched in tandem as they both had orgasms at the same time. Alice stopped her thrusting and looked into Renesmee's eyes with a smile.

"You like me fucking you, don't you?" Alice asked Renesmee.

"Yes...I do..." Renesmee replied.

"Say it...I wanna hear you say: 'Fuck me'." Alice told her.

"Fuck me, Aunt Alice! FUCK ME! I WANT MORE OF YOUR THING! FUCK ME!" Her innocent voice uttered.

Alice pulled from her pussy and let her cum drip from it onto her little asshole where Alice was lining up and popping her cock head into. Alice smiled widely as she sunk her hard cock fully into Renesmee's ass and lifted her whole body up off the bed and supported her as Alice knelt on the mattress and thrusted hard into Renesmee's tight virgin ass.

Renesmee was squealing with delight as she got her ass pummeled for the first time, experiencing only pleasure and no pain, another trait of her specialty. Alice fucked Renesmee as hard as she could until collapsing on the bed on top of her and then pulling from her ass and swooping up to her innocent face, plastering it with her jizz.

Load after load of cool cum dropped onto Renesmee's face who at the same time was inching her hand into Alice's pussy under her cock, balling it up inside of her into a fist and fisting Alice until she was elbow deep. Renesmee's face was covered in thick strands of cum that dropped across her cheeks, forehead, eyes, lips, and even into the bangs of her hair.

Renesmee opened her mouth and the cum stretched from lip to lip and she broke the strand with her tongue, pulling it into her mouth with her tongue and then licking the rest off her lips as Alice squirted onto Renesmee's arm. Alice's juices coated Renesmee's arm and dripped off her elbow onto the bed . Both her pussy and cock had stopped cumming and Renesmee withdrew her arm from Alice's pussy, letting Alice slide dwon onto her and kiss her with passion.

The two now knew they had a special bond with each other that will last for centuries...


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