Twilight Zone: Demon House
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Carla Weston was on the road to the Rudkin house, as she drove through
the country side. In the country of Gremany the road was curvy and wet.
Carla only knew she would get the exclusive on the house that is claimed
by a demonic spirt. Carla got the job cause of work in the field, she
soon arrived at the farm house. Carla could smell the mold in the air
and all the dampness.

Carla soon walked up to the house, knocked on the door while holding her
bags. A man of fifty with grayish hair answered the door. "Hello, I'm Carla

"Yes, I know who you are my dear. Come in. I'm Dr. Hank Carter, the head of
this project." He introduced Carla to the others, "Dr. Robert Banks and this
is Daphnie Foster."

Carla was excited to meet her. Carla knew of her work.

Daphnie said, "I'll show you to your room."

They walked down the hall and Carla seen the pictures of Dr. Albert Rudkin
and his wife Doris. She entered her room and began to unpack laying out some
clothes. She stood in front of the full lenght mirror and removed her bra.
Carla lightly touched her nipple til they were hard. Then she started to pull
on them, rolling them between her finger and thumb.

Carla dropped her hand down to her panties, which by this time were wet. She
inched her fingers down the front of her panties til she reached her clit.
Carla let out a gasp as her finger entered into her wet pussy. Carla pushed
another finger into her pussy. Pulling on her nipples and fingered herself to
a mind shattering orgasm.

Carla went into the shower washed she started wandering around the house
making tape recordings of everything that is going on. They all soon ate and
went to thier own bed rooms.

Carla couldn't sleep, so she found the study of Albert Rudkin. She found all
sorts of books for Carla read German. On the way back to her room she hear a
sound, like groaning. Carla went to the door and found key hole. She looked
around and peeked into the hole. Carla gasped as she saw a man naked, then
another man, whom seemed to be on his knees. Carla watched the man on his
knees sucking what seemed to be a long cock.

Carla's pussy was getting wet again. She reached down and found her waiting
pussy. Carla began to finger herself again. Carla was rocking back and forth
fucking herself watching the two men. Carla got a scare when she heard a
noise, but went back to watching. Carla came another time and she was
drained. She went back to her room and drifted off to sleep with her hand
between her legs.

Carla woke with a start that morning. She ran into the main room. They found
a secert room. It had all sorts of symbols on the walls and a bronze statue
of a demon. Daphnie named the demon as RAXES, a minor demon, but he was a
real nasty one.

Carla found what looked like a journal. Carla began to read it, "OH, this is
his private journal. It tells how he came to be. He worked with Hitler on the
occult." Carla read on and put the book down.

"What is it?" Dr. Carter asked.

Carla shook. "He brought it here," she said.

"How?" Dr. Banks asked.

"A ceremony in a room. After he brought it here the demon needed something
to sustain itself. Dr. Albert asked what it needed, found out having sex
would keep it here for a period of time. Dr. Albert would go out and find
young girls and bring them to the demon and he watched the demon rape the
girls and watch them suck his long cock which was over a foot long. He
watched him tear the girls apart as the demon's large cock sliced in and
out of their pussies and even their assholes were violated as he forced
them to drink his cum.

"But that still wasn't enough to keep him in this plane. He would fade away.
The doctor soon found if he got older females he could keep the demon longer.
And so he would ask his students at the Univeristy come home with him. And
he watched the demon rape them one after the other. Each time his cock would
get bigger till it was almost too large to enter them. He watched him tear a
young woman's pussy totally apart as it entered her, but it soon came to a
head when the demon wanted his wife Doris for the demon had already killed
the maid Ruby Farber, she lasted a whole two weeks of sexual torment. Getting
fucked nightly and milking the demon's large cock of it's cum until Ruby
killed herself so the demon wanted the doctor's lovely wife.

"Albert fought as long as he could, but he put a spell on Doris and she
became his love slave. Doris would service the demon and then go to Albert,
but Albert no longer desired his wife for her pussy was no longer tight like
before. She would force him to use his fist just to make her cum. Then he
found out she was pregant and with that he planed to kill her and that demon
child. So while she and the demon were having sex, she was still ridiing his
large cock while eight months pregant, he found the spell to send him back,
but he had to wait until the demon weakened, that's when he would cum. So he
watched his wife milk him of his cum with her pussy and her mouth, but it
worked too well for it sent the demon and his wife into the plane it came
from, but the door was never really closed thus some demons can still come
through," Carla made a sign in the air, and the room shook, and a door opened
and there stood the demon, and Doris Rudkin.

Doris said, "Welcome home, my dear," looking at Carla, whose eyes had a red
glowing tint to them.

Dr. Carter tried to get away, but Carla took him by the neck.

"Here father," she said, "He likes cock, for I seen him with Dr. Banks
sucking on his cock and then taking it up his ass, so you may have them
both," throwing them to the demon.

"Oh, my poor Daphnie. I thought of you lickng my pussy when I first seen
you. So come, my dear, and lick my hot pussy."

Daphnie was soon on her knees licking Carla's hot pussy.

"Come mother, taste her."

Doris knelt behind Dapphie, her long tongue snaked its way into her pussy.
Forming a cock Doris fucked Dapphie's pussy until she had a screaming orgasm
making her body shake.

The demon had the two doctors both up their ass for it split it's large cock
into two. As the demon came the two men cried for it's cum burned and they
soon fell to their death.

"She is ready," Carla said. She watched the demon fuck Daphnie and then she
did the spell to send the demon and her mother back into the void.

"Yes, mother, I am daddy's little girl," as she sat drinking some brandy.


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