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Date: 03/26/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Drug use, voyurism, transgender, strong language, male/female sex

Category: Het

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Daniel Radcliffe -- Christopher Powers
Lindsay Lohan -- Chrissy Powers
Rachel McAdams -- Sharon Norbury
Haley Joel Osment -- Ryan Briscoe

Summary: Through a bout of misunderstanding, a jealous fellow classmate pours
a can of soda into a formula of a young genius, causing him to change into a
woman after he takes a sip of it.

Other Notes: This story is based on a picture entitled 'Teenage Transy

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Twilight Zone: Hormonal Imbalance
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another
dimension -- a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind.
You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas.
You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

* * *

You know, I had gone into the adult section of a comic-book store and
noticed that there was this one comic-book that had these words on its cover:
A teenage boy's life is turned upside-down when he begins to change into a

And yet, no one else in this whole entire world has any idea as to how true
to life those words really are, for you see, I just happen to be someone who
was once known as a man trapped inside a woman's body... and it was all due
to another woman's desperate need to have me all to herself.

I had suddenly noticed that I had gotten ahead of myself with this story and
that in order to let the rest of you folks in on it, I might as well start at
the beginning, which starts with these words: Hi, my name is -- make that
'was' -- Christopher Powers and I was on my way to winning a scholarship to
one of the top universities in the entire United States of America.

However, there was only one problem with that idea... and its name is Sharon
Norbury, for you see, each and every time I try to write a letter to that
university's board of directors, Sharon would snatch that letter out of my
hands, rip it up into tiny shreds, look at me with jealousy in her eyes and
ask, "Who is she, Chris?!You were writing secret love letters to her, haven't

Just then, on the 26th day of March, I had finally decided that I have had
enough of Sharon's jealousy, slammed down my text books in front of everyone
in that classroom, looked at her with pure rage in my eyes and yelled, "WILL

* * *

Submitted to those of you who had living nightmares as classmates while you
were in high-school, a young and gifted genius named Christopher Powers,
whose own living nightmare just happens to be a fellow classmate named Sharon

Of course, young Mister Powers may not know it yet, but his problems with
Sharon are soon about to go from bad to worse, for he's about to enter a
whole different university that happens to be built deep inside the Twilight

* * *

Thankfully enough, the homeroom teacher had finally realized that Sharon has
been way too much of a troublemaker and told her to go to the principal's
office, which means that I had been unable to even look at her in both math
and social studies class... and I was thrilled with that.

But that was before chemistary class, which was where she had walked up to
me with a look of sadness on her face, took a deep breath and said, "Look,
Chris. I really didn't mean to cause you any problems. And if you're willing
to see pass my little quarks, I'll try to behave myself around you from now
on. Okay?"

And after I had given that idea some thought and said 'Yes' to it, the both
of us had shook hands and forgot about it, but I was unaware that she was
actually playing the old con game with me and that the minute my back was
turned, she had gazed upon my little project for the university's board of
directors with an evil smile on her lips and said, "This might be for your
secret lover!Isn't it, Chris?Well, all I could say is that if I can't have
you, no one will!"

And that was when she had opened a can of soda and poured it into my formula
just before she had joined the teacher and other students in leaving the
classroom and allowing me to have the whole room to myself.

Anyway, after I had stirred up my project -- which was suppossed to be a true
cure for the common cold -- and figured that it might be ready for the true
test, I had looked around and made sure that I was the only one in the room
just before I had taken a deep breath and took a sip of the formula.

But after I had done that, I had suddenly began to feel dizzy and feeling
some aches and pains all over my body, which had caused me to drop down to
the floor and screaming my own head off and kept on screaming louder until
the pains had finally stopped and the headaches had became less painfull.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg, for as soon as I had finally
gotten myself back on my feet and gotten this strange feeling that I had
became different somehow, I had walked myself over to a mirror on the door
and looked at my reflection in it just before my eyes had grown as wide as
saucers and my bottom jaw had dropped itself down into the tenth level of
hell, because I had shockingly realized that the formula had somehow
transformed me from a boy into a girl.

And it was that very image that I had placed my hands over my face and began
to cry just before I had realized that I had better get myself out of that
school before someone else spots me wearing Christopher's clothes and gets
the wrong idea about the whole thing.

And so, after I had opened the door and made sure that there was no one else
in the hallway, I had slowly stepped out of the classroom and started running
towards my locker, only to stop myself short about a few steps by the sight
of the hall monitor on the look-out for those students who were suppossed to
be in class.

And since I was not in the mood to answer any of his dumb-ass questions, I
had ducked into the boy's swimming pool locker room, in which I had figured
that I might as well cut across the school's indoor pool and get to my locker
without having to deal with that nosey hall monitor.

But of course, Old Man Fate had once again extinguished my luck, for after I
had opened the door to the indoor swimming pool and taken two steps inside
the room, I had slipped on the wet floor and accidently plopped myself right
into the pool like a real dumb-ass shit-head.

However, I was lucky enough to have some other student dve into the pool and
save me from drowning to death by pulling me out of the pool, placing his
gentle hand on my shoulder and asking, "Are you okay?Do you need to go see
the school nurse?"

"Aaaahhhh, no. No thanks. I'll be just fine," I had answered the blonde kid's
question after I had looked at myself and noticed that I was soaking wet from
that unexpected dunking. "I'm soaking wet, but fine. You wouldn't happen to
know of a place where a girl could get some clean, dry clothes to wear, do

And after he had let out a small chuckle and lifted himself out of the pool,
the blonde kid had looked at me with a msile on his face, helped me get on my
feet and answered, "I do believe that there might be something in my locker
for you to wear. By the way, my name is Ryan Briscoe. I had transfered here
from Chicago. What's your name?"

That was when I had realized that I had no choice, but to take a deep breath
and say to the poor kid, "My name is Chrissy... Chrissy Powers," which -- in
turn -- had caused him to look at me with a sense of curiousity in his eyes
and ask, "Say, aren't you related to a guy named Christopher Powers?"

And after I had closed my eyes and slowly nodded my head in response to his
question, a smiling Ryan had given me a big, friendly hug and said, "Well
then, you really must be proud of your cousin, for he's about to have the
honor of going to one of the top universities in the entire United States
of America."

But then, after we had gotten all of our wet clothes off and turned towards
each other, something had started to brew inside of me and caused me to stand
right where I was and allow Ryan to move himself closer to me and kiss me
ever so passionately on the lips.

But after that kiss, I had looked at poor Ryan straight in the eyes and was
about to tell him the whole truth about myself, only to have him place the
tips of his fingers on my lips and say, "No, Chrissy. You don't have to say
another word. It's going to be okay. All you need to do now is just relax...
and enjoy it."

And after he had given me another deep and passionate kiss on the lips, Ryan
had started licking all my newly-transformed bare-ass naked body -- all the
way down to my hot, wet pussy and carressing my firm breasts just before I
had placed my hands on his bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh!What are you
doing to me, Ryan? Please don't do this! I don't want it! Stop! Oooohhhh!
Please, Ryan! Don't stop! Yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Ryan! Touch me! Touch
me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after we had placed our nude bodies on the floor and Ryan had
turned himself around and allowed me to start sucking on his stiff cock, I
had suddenly realized that even though I was actually a male trapped inside
a female's body, I was experiencing something that I had never experienced
as a woman before, for I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and
enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after he had placed his stone hard dick inside my asshole and used
each of his hands to carress both my tits and snatch, I had placed one of my
hands on his bare shoulder and the other hand on his bare arm and yelled,

And then, after the both of us had started moving ourselves harder and faster
and our lovemaking has finally won its last high-school science fair, both
Ryan and I had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with our
naked arms in a lover's embrace.

Just then, after the last school bell has rung and all of the students had
ran over to the local ice cream place for some cooling-down time, Ryan and I
had turned our heads towards one of the tables in the place and noticed that
a certain Sharon Norbury was sitting there with a smug smile on her face.

Now of course, I would have gone over to that table and gave her a piece of
my mind, but I was stopped by Ryan, who had gone over to that table in my
place, looked at Sharon with a good strong stare, pointed towards me and
said, "Check it out, you dumb-ass bitch! It's Christopher Powers! The guy
who you had turned into a girl! I hear that he's calling himself Chrissy

And after she had noticed -- by the tone of Ryan's voice -- that each and
every word that he had said was one-hundred-percent true and that we were
walking out of that ice cream place together, a very distraught Sharon had
gotten up from her table, race over to the door and yelled, "I'M SORRY,

* * *

Guess what, Sharon. It's too late for that now. Way too late for anyone to
accept your apologies for having ruined their shots at true happiness.

Of course, the moral of this story is quite simple enough. If you keep on
being a spoiled brat to all of your friends, they might not want to be your
friends anymore. A little food for thought courtesy of the Twilight Zone.



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