Mr Simms: Robert Wagner.
The Rat Pack: Frank, Sammy, Dean, Joey
The ladies: Ava Gardner, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe
Special guest: JFK

Twilight Zone: The Longest Night (MF,M+F+,inter,oral,celeb)
by Richard Garner ([email protected])

It was a warm spring night, Roger Simms was driving to Las Vegas. The sky
was clear, as he approached the city limits he noticed the moon had turned a
purple color. He pulled into the Sands parking lot, as he got out he seen a
silver dollar. He picked it up, 'What luck he thought,' he walked into the

Laid the dollar down, and in no time he had a small fortune. It was like he
could not loose, a tall figure of a man asked him to follow him someone
wanted to meet him. Roger walked with the man, they entered a room with four
men sitting at a table watching a lady sing and dance. Roger blinked his
eyes, for the lady was Judy Garland she had on a black suit which fit and
showed her body.

"Welcome Mr Simms," a voice said, as he turned around he lost his breath.
For it was the C.O.B. Ole Blue Eyes, then the others spoke he knew them all
Sammy, Dean, Joey. THE RAT PACK. "Please sit down Frank," said "give him a

Judy finished her number, walked over to the table. Roger shook her hand, he
could see her nipples plain as day. His cock began to grow, Judy make him
feel at home we have something to take care of.

With that they left, there he sat with one of the most beautiful women of her
time. Her hand made its way across his thigh, to find his cock. Which was
rock hard, "OH MY!" she said, she continued to stroke it. Roger was about to
cum right there. "OH NO!" she said and stopped.

She got on her knees unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock. She held it and
began to sing and kiss it first the head then she took more in her mouth. She
ran her tongue around the head of it, down to the base, feeling it pulse and
throb. She held his balls she soon was licking and sucking them too. Judy
held it deep in her throat, Roger groaned out loud as he came he shot another
load down her throat.

Frank and the others returned. Judy wiped her lips of the cum. Roger then
seen Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe. He then seen the man JFK not yet the

"My Judym "Ava said, "you should have finished the poor guy."

Roger sat there his cock still rock hard. He felt a silken glove touch his
cock. He watched as Ava was on her knees. She took his cock and nibbled on
it. She too began to suck it, long deep sucks. "I do Frank like this all the

Judy was soon naked on her knees taking Sammy's big cock in her mouth.
Marilyn was out of her dress, she had John down to his boxers and Frank

Dean said, "Good night," for he was a family man.

Joey had Ava dressed raised her panties off licking her asshole. Ava was soon
taking two cocks one in her pussy the other in her ass.

Judy was moaning while Sammy gave her all his cock. Marilyn had John in her
mouth while Frank took her pussy. Roger felt Ava got up went to Sammy. Judy
made her way to Roger. Joey began to fuck her while Roger took her ass. Then
Roger had Marilyn. He couldn't believe he was lasting this long. He fucked
her with all he had. She moaned and begged for more Roger came all over her
breast and face. As he finally fell atop of her.

Roger woke to the knock on his room door by the maid. He looked at the clock.
It was 8 AM Roger tried to get out of bed, but he was so sore. His cock felt
like a piece of raw meat. "Go away!" he said just laying in bed.

Roger looked at the chair next to the bed. A pile of money and a picture, the
Rat Pack signed it. 'It really happened,' he thought, he finally made his way
out back to his car. And out of the Twilight Zone.



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