Lee Remick -- Diane Foster

Twilight Zone: The Old House (MF,MFFF,inc,inter,spirits,voy,ncon,cons)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Diane Foster, a beautful woman with what seems a good head on her shoulders.
Until she acrosses the border of the Twlight Zone.

Driving along on a two lane road when a storm appears out of nowhere barely
able to see She fnds an old house. She runs into the house, her blouse
soaking wet to the point her lace bra can be seen. But that's not her worry.
Right now, she searches the house to find a light switch. She find a lamp to
her good luck it still works.

In the room she finds some candles too. She looks in her purse for a lighter.
She lights a candle and walks through the house. She finds a large bedroom.
Once again her luck holds out. She finds some clothes and towels to dry with.
Diane changes her clothes and puts on the dress. It rubs her nipples and they
become hard. A flash comes and out goes the lights.

She finds her way to the kitchen and finds an old stove. She takes her chance
and finds it to be gas. She lights it, finds some coffee, she is glad she
learned from her granny, once the coffee was done she went back to the living
room to wait out the storm. Within a few minutes she was hearing sounds. She
took a candle walked towards the sounds. She stood at a door on the other
side the sounds was comming clearer.

Diane slowly opened the door. What she saw shocked her. She saw a large black
man fucking a woman. In the corner was a dead man his skull crushed. Diane
was transfixed on the black man as his large balls smacking the woman's ass.
Watching his large cock violate the pussy of the woman, she could see her
juices running down the crack of her ass.


Diane stepped back. She couldn't believe it. Out came his cock covered in her
juices and into her mouth it went. Diane opened her mouth trying to make it
the size of his cock. It hurt her to do that. She watched this woman get
fucked in her mouth. He drove his cock deeper down her throat. She could see
her throat swell until the woman stopped breathing. He did fuck her until she
was dead.

Diane ran back to the living room, but no body followed her. She sat in a
chair shaking. She lit a cigerette she felt the cool air she raise her dress.
She seen that her pussy was wet. She shook her head. She was turned on by
watching. Diane dozed off.

She awoke to a noise. She walked to the main bedroom. She walked in and saw
her mother naked in bed with her sister and her father. She watched her
mother licking her sister's pussy, while getting fucked by her father. Then
her sister sat on her father's cock. She watched her tight pussy being
stretched. "Faster daddy!"

As her mother kissed herdaughter, she turned to Diane. "Come dear," holding
her hand out.

Diane took her dress off. Naked she laid on the bed, her mother went down on
her pussy.

"Open your lips," she told Diane.

Diane spread her legs opened her pussy she feel the juices coming out. She
felt her mother's tongue. Then she felt something being pushed into her
pussy. It was very large. She tired to move but her sister was holding her
down. She felt pain as the object went deeper into her pussy. Her mother
laughing, "I'll turn you into a whore like your sister."

Diane tried to scream, but found a pussy in her mouth. Her sister was sitting
on her face.

"Lick me sis!"

She felt the object being removed then she felt a cock. Her father was
fucking her.

"Runaway again," he said and soon it all came back. Her father raped her
sister and she was next, but she killed them both and her sister killed
herself, cause she wanted to be raped.

Diane laid on the bed being raped by her family. Her ass being fucked by her
mother with a large dildo. Diane soon passed out.

The strom had passed and she awoke. As if in a dream she left the house, but
found out week later she was pregant. Only this could happen in the Twilight


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