Twilight Zone: War Whore (MM,MF,trans,voy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Jack Carson a young officer, just out of West Point. The year 1943. Jack was
leading his platoon when he and his men entered the Twilight Zone. Jack was
surrounded most of his men dead. He himself was shot in the leg. The Germans
made another attack, but they couldn't defend, thus they became prisoners of

Jack was took to a seperate camp, Camp 109. It was in occupied France. Jack
was ill from the wound in his leg he stayed in the camp hospital for what
seem like forever. But he was soon up and about, he was put into a hut with
other officers. The hut leader a tall British officer Captain Ren.

Every thing seem to be going well till soliders would come into the hut in
the middle of the night and take soliders away. Jack wondered where they were
taking them and why the Captain never stoped them. Jack would soon find out
the night they came to take some.

Jack followed them. What he seen he couldn't believe. The Germans were having
sex with them. He watched as each solider took a prisoner and raped him
forcing them to suck thier long thick cocks. Jack watched in horror as each
man was fucked like some common whore. Jack threw up watching the men suck
cock with shit on them.

He made his way back to the hut just as the soliders was returned. Jack knew
he had to escape, so one night he made an attempt, but was found at the place
he picked. They seem to be waiting.

The camp exec, a Major, was there. He was talking to the Comadant. Jack was
shocked to see Captain Ren there too, but what surprised him more is what the
Captain did. He striped and put on a bra, panties and silk stockings. They
held Jack as the Captain took his pants down. Jack kicked him in the face.
That was the last thing he knew.

Jack woke in a bed, he was straped to it. He had an IV in each arm. He was
in and out of consciousness. The doctors would check on him. Jack was feeling
different some how. He could feel his hair growing longer. They would take
him and operate.

Soon Jack knew what they did when he had to piss. "YOU SICK BASTARDS!!! YOU

"Yes," said a SS Doctor. "you were too pretty to kill, so we made you a woman
to serve the Reich. Look, the DR said taking him to a long mirror, took his
gown off him. Jack couldn't believe what he saw. He wa smooth and hairless.
His ass poked out just right. "You have surgery for your breast today."

Jack tried to cut his wrist but they stoped him. Once again he was out, when
he woke he had thirty six B breasts. Soon Jack gave up. He was trained in
every way to be a woman. Trained by SS whores they taught them to suck cocks.
Jack gaged first few times, but soon he began to enjoy the taste of cock and
cum. He thought back and wondered why his girlfriend liked it so much.

Jack would serves the DRs he loved to feel his cock in her throat. She went
by Jackie now. She would go to big parties, and there she would get fucked by
several officers waking in the morning with a General, his cock still in her
pussy. He stired and began to fuck her once again, she laid with her ass
towards him. His cock soon to grow. He began to fuck her playing with her
nipples which was hard too.

"OOOHHH YEESS!!!" she moaned for she loved to be fucked.

Even as the war was going bad for the Germans, Jackie was doing well. She had
forgot all about her life as Jack. She became Jackie Von Braun, WAR Whore.

Once again we find everything isn't as we see it inthe Twlight Zone.


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