It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, this story is a parody. I
do not own these characters, nor do I make any gain from this story. This is
for entertainment. If you are underage or easily offended then please don't
read it. For all others enjoy.

Here's just a short story hope you enjoy. I appreciate feedback of any kind
at: [email protected]

Ultimate Avengers: Hulk's Coital Adventure (MF,ncon)
by A Kangaroo In A Dinner Jacket

The incredible Hulk towered over the rubble of the alien spaceship. Behind
him the Ultimate Avenger team of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow,
Giant Man, and Wasp. The Avengers had put all their strength into bringing
the craft down, but the Hulk was able to do in a second. Captain America
approached Hulk putting his arm on his shoulder to say "good work" and "a
job well done." But the Hulk took this as an act of aggression. Adrenalin
was surging through his body and Hulk wasn't done fighting. He grabbed
Captain America flinging him over his shoulder pitching him through the
metal exterior of the spaceship. He let out a loud roar looking to Black
Widow. He looked her up and down. At her burning red hair. At her large
breasts pushing against her tight leather jacket. At the lips of her pussy
poking through the fabric of her tight pants. Unconsciously Hulk reached
down and begun to massage his cock. "Hulk like red," he said.

"I think he's done fighting," Giant Man said. "I think he wants some action."

Iron Man's jet boots burst to life moving full force toward the green
goliath. Hulk swong his big fist around cracking Iron Man's helmet open,
swatting him down like a fly.

"Metal man not get in Hulk's way."

"Shit," Giant Man said. He flipped the switch on his arm propelling his body
upwards growing fifty feet high. Hulk leaped high up coming to Giant Man's
neck. He wrapped his arms around and squeezed choking Giant Man. Hulk let go
sliding down the body until he fell to the crotch. Hulk slammed his hands
together creating a sonic boom that resinated outwards cracking windows and
blowing out car alarms. It stuck Giant man's penis and testicles with the
force of a sledgehammer. Giant Man fell to the floor screaming out in pain.

Hulk crashed down to the floor and turned to look for his girl. She stood
guns drawn at him. "Don't come any closer," she said in her thick Russian

Wasp had shrunk down to the size of a wasp and came for Hulk. Her plan was
simple: fly into his ear and do damage. Hulk swatted her down thinking she
was just an annoying fly in his face.

Hulk continued forward to his goal. Widow fired her guns. The bullets bounced
off Hulk's thick skin. He didn't feel a thing. He reached out and grabbed her
pushing her down to the ground. With a meticulous gentle touch he peeled off
her clothes.

"Don't do this," she said.

Hulk smiled and pulled his pants down reviling his thick green full cock. He
pulled her legs apart and positioned himself between her. The thought of the
big cock in her scared her. 'Could it fit?' she thought. There was no way it
would. It was the size of man's arm from wrist to sholder. He pushed the tip
inside her. It felt like she was being ripped apart. Just the tip of the head
and that's all the would fit.

It wasn't enough for Hulk. He wanted it all in her, but she was just to
small. He pulled it out and begun to slide it against her body. The hair on
her crotch tickeled the shaft while the head punched the bottom of her chin.
He thrust his hips humping her body. She was wet with sweat from the fight
with the aliens, which provided Hulk with a nice lubricant.

Hulk didn't last long; thick white streams spewed from the tip splattering
on her face like buckets of water being thrown on her. The streams went far
beyond her hitting the wall of a nearby building. He pulled away from her.
Black widow lay on the floor the Hulk's cum sliding into her mouth. She was
surprised by how sweet it was. Under a different circumstance this might
have almost been enjoyable, she thought.

Iron Man lifted Black Widow to her feet. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yeah I think so," she said. The cum was already drying to her skin. "Where-
oh...," she said seeing the Hulk, now Bruce Banner, laying naked on the
street sleeping with a smile on his face.

"Fury's coming to take him away. How was that?"

"Not as bad as you might think. Though I really, really, need a shower."



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