Undeclared: Candy Girls (MF, MMMF, M-mast, drugs, con)
by trmin8r

Steve Karp was in his dorm room frustrated. His freshman year wasn't going
as well as planned, his parents had recently divorced and to add insult to
injury his father, in some weird sense of found youth had been hanging around
his floor. The worst part about it was that his floormates actually liked
having his dad around, especially Lloyd his suave, British roommate who took
pity on Hal. The complete insult was that he pined after his floormate Lizzie
but she was stuck to some stupid surfer boy-gas pumper back home. He was
smitten with her from move-in day, it was her eyes big brown doe eyes that
struck him, the rest of her wasn't bad either, she didn't have big breasts
but they were perky and hung well on her lithe body, with toned legs and a
taut, well formed ass that filled out the low rise jeans or black stretch
pants she always wore. Steve let out a moan, before his hand wandered below
the waistband of his pants, Lloyd was out on rehearsal or a reading or
something and he didn't have another class until 1:30, so he had time. He
pictured Lizzie with him, on the bed, slowly opening her blouse as he put
his hands to her tits, rubbing the sensitive skin as Lizzie moaned under
half-closed eyes, "I want to feel you in my mouth Steve," she said in a
huskier voice than usual, she dragged Steve to the edge of the bed pushed his
thighs apart and dove in without any pretense. Steve moaned, grabbing his
dick tighter, remembering what it was like. He jerked himself faster and
faster, still picturing Lizzie at the edge of the bed, eyes looking up at him
in anticipation. "Oh yeah, take it! take it all! Steve groaned out as his cum
flew out into his hand. "Oh shit, oh man," the freshman panted, "that was
great, oh, oh man."

* * *

Rachel Lindquist was your typical California blonde, big breasts that hung
perfectly, and short, but attractive legs and a big, well-rounded ass. Her
parents were very strict, they didn't want her to drink, do drugs or have
sex, but then they sent a completely opposite message by telling her to go
to college. She had gotten drunk, gotten high and gotten laid more times
than she could remember, in the first week alone. She was walking down the
hall, thinking about what to do tonight; after all weekends start on
Wednesdays here at UNEC and it was already Friday. She could hit ladies
night at Shooters, or college night at bd7, she was thinking about her last
option when Steve came out of his room and bumped into her.

"Whoa, oh, hey Rachel, I'm sorry, are you all right?" Steve was a little
concerned, not only was Rachel one of the girls on his floor, but she was
Lizzie's roommate as well. He could feel the cum drying in the palm of his
hands, hoping Rachel wouldn't keep him too long.

Rachel, checked herself, "Oh hey Steve, yeah I'm all right, how are you?"
Rachel knew Steve had a thing for Rachel, and he was cute in a geeky, Jimmy
Fallon sort of way, but definitely not her type. She checked herself,
everything seemed to be in place, "oh, I got a stain, damn it."

Steve gasped inwardly, "Oh, uh, yeah let me wash that for you, it's my fault
and all." Steve made a play for Rachel's shirt. She brushed him off, "It's
all right. I was going to do the laundry anyways, later Steve." Rachel left
quickly, a little creeped out at Steve for his unusual behavior.

'Oh God, she's got my cum on her shirt, she's gonna find out and she's gonna
tell Lizzie and I'll be the freak on the floor and Lizzie will never talk to
me again. Shit!' Steve panicked as he went to wash off.

* * *

Rachel took off her blouse, exposing her white lace bra. She looked at the
stain, Steve didn't have anything in his hands, so she must have gotten it
somewhere from class. She sniffed at the stain. Strange, it smelled familiar.
She tentatively stuck out her finger and licked it, the little bastard was
jerking off! Probably to Lizzie. He tasted a little sweet; Rachel had become
quite the connoisseur ever since she tasted her first load-that football
player during orientation. She brought her blouse to her lips and sucked on
the cum stain, letting out a little moan. She loved the taste of cum, the
feel of it going down her throat, she loved rubbing it into her big tits,
she unhooked her bra giving her hands better access to her large nipples.
She went over to lock the room, and plopped down onto her bed, sucking on
Steve's cum, pinching her nipple with her left hand, and furiously trying to
take off her jeans with the other. Rachel managed to get her zipper open,
but her panties were still in the way, she circled her clit with her finger
through the silky fabric, her moans drowned out by the blouse in her mouth.
Rachel got her jeans open with a pop; with a loud moan she shoved her panties
aside and stuck two fingers into her gushing hole. "Grrgrg!" Rachel gurgled
into her shirt, using her thumbs Rachel circled her left nipple and her clit,
bucking her hips into her imaginary lover, her vision blurred and her pussy
fluttered milking her fingers as she swallowed the last of Steve's cum on her
shirt. She stretched on her bed with a sigh, as the world came back to her

* * *

Lizzie Exley was knocking on her own door; she knew her roommate's schedule
and expected Rachel to be in. She was about to turn away when she heard the
lock catch and the door open. Rachel was standing in the doorway, in a
t-shirt, short of breath, and flushed in the face. Lizzie gave her a bemused
look; she knew what Rachel was doing, but she understood. Lizzie got lonely
too and her boyfriend had given her a dildo before she left for school, and
she had used it a few times. "So, where are you going to tonight?" Lizzie
asked nonchalantly.

Rachel handed Lizzie a flyer, "I'm thinking of going here." Lizzie looked at
the paper; it showed a colorful poster with the Master Card logo on it,
"Master Rave," it read "priceless."

"You're going to a rave tonight?" Lizzie asked. Rachel gave her a surprised

"Yeah," she replied casually, "never been to one before?" The look on
Lizzie's face answered her question. "Why don't you come then?" Rachel was
always anxious to take Lizzie with her; she could be such a prude because
she was always thinking about her boyfriend. "Come on, it'll be fun and
besides you've never been to one, college is about broadening your horizons

Lizzie looked at her partying roommate, well, staying in and watching Comedy
Central was getting monotonous, and she didn't have any assignments due.
"Okay, Rachel, I'll go with you."

* * *

Steve knocked on Ron and Marshall's door. Ron answered the door, "Hey Steve,
what's up?"

"What are you and Marshall doing tonight?" Steve asked. "Lloyd said there's
a party tonight, he says it's gonna be good, want to come along?"

* * *

Lizzie and Rachel were sweating buckets, there seemed to be a million people
crammed into an old airplane hanger, dancing to the thumping beat of the DJ's
tunes. The party was great, there was a huge screen near the DJ's table
shooting out strobe lights and fireworks, and there was even a huge stage
show with a green gorilla. People were doing glow sticks; some of them even
had them on their wrists and ankles. Lizzie saw a few girls lying down while
three guys were running their hands over their bodies. "Liz! Hey LIZ!" Rachel
called from the bar, Lizzie worked her way through the crowd and found Lloyd,
Steve, Ron and Marshall standing next to Rachel. "Look who I found here!"
Rachel handed Lizzie a cup,"Here! I got you a drink." Lizzie downed the soda
in one gulp, dancing really made her thirsty. Rachel smiled; she had slipped
a tab or two of X into Lizzie's cup and had taken a few tabs herself. 'Lizzie
needs to get out more,' Rachel thought, 'she'll thank me for this later.'

Rachel drank some water, and she felt hot, "Maybe I took a little too much X
tonight," the lights from the stage and the glow sticks were trailing around
the room. She could see Lizzie sweating buckets a few feet from her. "I think
we should go home."

The boys were worried about the girls; they seemed to be getting sick. They
carried the girls to their cars and drove them back to school. Ron, Marshall
and Lloyd got back to the dorm before Steve did. They took Rachel to her
room, her fever seemed to be breaking and she awoke. Ron shook her, "Rachel
are you okay?"

Rachel woke up, she could see the lights trailing and she felt a warm,
pleasing sensation, Ron was touching her shoulder. She wanted more, the hand
on her shoulder wasn't enough. Rachel put Ron's hand on her left breast; it
felt great, better than anything else she'd felt before.

Ron didn't know how to react; Rachel was writhing in pleasure underneath his
hand. She let out a moan. "Ron!" Lloyd said in his English accent, "What are
you doing?"

"S-she started it!" the spectacled freshman said. Rachel went over to Lloyd
and Marshall, and started to rub up against them, grinding her ass into Lloyd
and shoving her tongue down Marshall's throat while Ron's hand was sandwiched
between her left tit and Marshall's shaking form.

Rachel loved the sensations that the boys were providing, but her clothes
were getting in the way. She stepped back to pull her shirt up over her head,
her breasts bouncing a little in their lacy confinement. Marshall stood in
shock as Rachel undid her bra in one swift stroke revealing her glorious tits
to everyone in the room.

"Lock the door," Lloyd called out to Marshall. Marshall went over to the door
and locked it before returning to kissing Rachel. Ron was squeezing both of
her tits in fascination, they were so firm, but had a great softness and
warmth to them. Lloyd stepped back from Rachel's toned ass and stripped
himself of his pants and boxers. The international student pulled down the
co-ed's pants and panties and started to squeeze her ass.

"MMM," Rachel moaned into Marshall's mouth, her tongue running along the
music major's mouth as Lloyd was feeling her up from behind. She pulled away
from Marshall, "stick it in," she said in breathlessly, "Fuck me!"

Lloyd didn't need to be told twice, he stuck his already hard dick into her
waiting pussy, which was already warm, and waiting for a cock. Rachel bent
over allowing more access to Lloyd and pushing Marshall to the edge of her
bed. "Take off your pants, Marshall, I want to feel you in my mouth. Whatever
hesitation the three guys had was lost between Rachel's naked glory and her
dirty talk. Marshall kicked off his shoes, and quickly undid the button on
his jeans, his half-erect cock springing out from his boxers. Rachel quickly
bent over taking all of the music major's 6 inches into her mouth. "Uh,
ugh-uh, uh," Marshall moaned out in wordless rapture. He looked over to see
Ron stepping out of his cargo pants and sliding underneath Rachel, taking her
tits into his mouth. Rachel was drooling onto Marshall's dick mumbling out in
joy. Marshall couldn't hold back any longer, be was about to warn Rachel when
she tightened her throat muscles, he grunted inarticulately and blew his wad
down the throat of the drugged up co-ed.

Rachel loved the feel of Marshall's dick in her throat, more than usual, she
couldn't get enough of it and when he shot his load into her throat, she
reveled in the warm stream trickling down into her belly. She continued to
suck him until he deflated slowly in her mouth. "Ron!" she screamed in
command, "Get up here, I want to feel your dick in my throat." Marshall
backed away from Rachel while Ron slowly got up from his prone position onto
the edge of her bed.

Lloyd held his cock in Rachel's bare snatch enjoying the sensation of her
warmth before pumping away at her. Lloyd was the ladies' man of the group
and used to having sex on a regular basis. He drove into her all the way to
the hilt, his balls slapping against her clit, driving Rachel's synapses
into overload, her pussy quivering in delight milking Lloyd for his cum. He
gripped her hips, pulling himself into her as much as possible before firing
stream after stream of cum into her waiting hole. He held on as long as
possible before his dick slowly deflated.

* * *

Steve got lost on the way back and finally was on the right track. Lizzie was
in his passenger seat, sweating lightly. She looked really hot with her hair
matted down slightly and the sweat gave her a glow that made her look almost
angelic. Steve stopped at a red light, he could see her chest rise and fall
softly. He reached over, feeling her right breast rise and fall with her
breath. He felt guilty, and drew his hand back.

"Steve, what are you doing?" Lizzie asked.

Steve felt embarrassed, "uh, I'm sorry, I thought you were asleep and I
really shouldn't have." He knew that she'd probably never speak to him again
and he'd be the creep that felt her up while she was unconscious.

"No," Lizzie said, "I meant why did you stop?" Lizzie didn't know why, but
she really enjoyed the sensation of Steve's touch. She must be drunk, but she
didn't feel it. Steve parked the car in front of the dorm. "Let's go back to
your room, Steve."

Steve and Lizzie both walked into the lobby of their hall and stepped into
the elevator. Lizzie jumped him when the doors closed, grinding herself into
his crotch pressing her nipples into his chest. "I've been wanting this for
so long, Lizzie." Lizzie replied by putting her mouth over Steve and sucking
on his tongue. The elevator stopped on their floor and Steve led Lizzie back
to his room. He'd finally get to leave the scrunchie on the door for Lloyd
to find. He locked the door, Lizzie quickly stripped off her joggers and her
t-shirt, leaving her in lace panties and matching bra; before Steve could
register what he saw, Lizzie shimmied out of her panties exposing her trimmed
thatch of fur and unsnapped her bra, freeing her vivacious tits. Lizzie
jumped on a bed, rubbing herself on the cotton sheets. "Come here, Steve."

Steve came over to Lloyd's bed; Lizzie unsnapped Steve's jeans, wrenched his
boxers down to his ankles and took his dick into her mouth.

Steve was on cloud nine. A few hours ago he was jerking off to this image in
his head and now Lizzie was before him, slurping down his dick lik- "Oh god,"
Steve moaned shooting his load down Lizzie's throat. He caught his breath,
"oh man, I'm sorry Lizzie, it's just that...well you're the first."

Lizzie smiled up at him, "It's okay Steve, we're not done yet."

* * *

"Oh yeah! Fuck me Marshall! Take me!" Rachel screamed. Lloyd was just getting
up from Lizzie's bed ready to go at it after Rachel sucked of both their
juices from their second round. Ron was out cold after Rachel had sucked him
dry after he fucking her. Marshall was the only one left standing and pumping
up into Rachel wildly; she was bouncing and wiggling on his lap. Lloyd got up
and decided to do something different. He pushed her down, so that her torso
was resting on top of Marshall's, spreading her cheeks open, giving Lloyd a
clear path into her ass. He slowly worked the tip in, pushing Rachel further
onto Marshall, drawing gasps onto both of them.

Rachel had never tried anal before, but with the ecstasy still coursing in
her blood the sensation felt uncannily good. "Oh God, Lloyd, yeah! I've never
had it there before, but Oh God!" Lloyd took that as a good sign and drove
the rest of his dick into her ass, he let out a little grunt of pain.
Rachel's ass was extremely tight, but it was loosening very quickly, the rave
drug and the alcohol allowed Rachel to relax and enjoy the dick in her fifth
base without experiencing the pain.

Rachel was squealing and mewing in wordless glee being sandwiched between two
guys barely gave her any space, making her feel so full. The noise woke Ron
from his slumber, as his dick slowly arose from its slumber, taking in the
sight before him.

* * *

"Steve! A little lower! Right there! Oh you're a natural!" Lizzie raised her
arms up over her head, running her hands through her hair. She was giving
Steve a crash course in eating pussy and he was a quick study. He was licking
her clit like an ice cream cone while running two fingers into her warm hole.
Steve just hit a spot somewhere that blew her circuits, her groin clamping
down onto his digits as she thrashed about the bed, spilling her juices onto
Lloyd's sheets.

Lizzie enjoyed the roughness of Steve's tongue as he played with her clit,
but she wanted a nice dick in her. She grabbed Steve's head and brought him
in for a kiss. She lined up his cock, but Steve pushed off before she could
pull him in.

"Wait," Steve got up and searched in his desk drawer and found what he
wanted, he tore it open and put the condom on in a swift motion. Lizzie got
an evil look in her eye and jumped on top of him, straddling his lap and
pushing him up into her depths. She bounced a few times on his lap, slowed
and got off with an unsatisfied look on her face.

"No, this isn't going to do." Lizzie got off of Steve's lap. Steve sat up
but before he could say anything Lizzie pushed him down and worked her way
down to his latex covered dick. She took him to the root, brushing her teeth
lightly along his cock. She slowly pulled her head back, pulling up the
condom with her teeth. She came up and opened her mouth, showing Steve the
condom on her tongue before spitting it across the room. She quickly
remounted him and sighed in contentment, "Much better."

* * *

Rachel couldn't say anything since Ron was stuffed in her face, Lloyd still
ramming into her ass and Marshall was below her, packing his cock into her
pussy. The two would drive in at the same time once in a while and she could
feel both of their cocks meeting together, driving her mad with pleasure. Her
eyes rolled as Ron's cock hit the back of her throat, electricity tightening
from the pit of her stomach causing her to quake in bliss.

"Rachel! I can't hold back any longer!" and with that Marshall loosed his
seed into Rachel's tight depths, spraying her with cum, deeper than any other
had. Rachel loved the warm feel and let out a low growl. Ron was caught of
guard by Rachel's growl and lost control, shooting his thick stream into
Rachel's eyes. Rachel pushed back into Lloyd with everything she had; she
wanted him to shoot his load into her bowels.

"Do it Lloyd, cum in my ass! Do it, please? Cum in my ass?" Lloyd let out a
grunt releasing his warm load deep into the blonde's ass. The four coeds
collapsed on the bed in content exhaustion. Rachel closed her eyes in rapture
when she heard Ron and Marshall get up.

"Wait, we're not done yet, I need a shower, anyone care to join me?" The two
roommates dropped their clothes and followed Rachel as she walked naked down
to the bathroom, with Lloyd in tow.

* * *

"Lizzie, I love yoou!" Steve let out. Lizzie squeezed her ass lightly tugging
on Steve's dick. She shoved him in between her tits, "No more talk." Steve
licked the cleft between her breasts moving his way to her right tit,
circling the areola and lightly chewing on her pink nub. She pulled him in
trying to get more of her breasts into his mouth.

Lizzie felt Steve tense up inside and a second later felt his warm load
coursing into her womanhood. Her nipples tingled, her clit swelled, and she
gushed her juices onto their thighs. They both caught their breath as Lizzie
got off of Steve and turned around on all fours, wiggling her ass for him.

"Don't you want to take me in the ass?" Lizzie asked seductively, she still
couldn't get enough. Steve slowly got up, still light-headed; he got himself
hard and then put his semi-hard dick in Lizzie's waiting ass. She was so
tight, and Steve furiously drove his dick into her behind.

"Harder, Steve, I can take it." Lizzie loved to be taken up the ass since her
junior year, her boyfriend had convinced her to do it from then on she had
always made him fuck her in the ass whenever they had sex. Steve was being
too gentle, and Lizzie was getting exasperated. "Come on Steve is that all
you got? Fuck me!" Lizzie screamed out impulsively, "Maybe I should let Lloyd
do it!" She regretted it immediately. Steve's eyes went wide in anger. He
heaved his dick into her ass in all his anger, letting out an angry grunt.
Lizzie bent backwards, moaning out in pleasure; that last statement did it,
it brought out a side of Steve that she'd never seen and she loved it. Her
juices seeped down her thighs, trickling down like maple syrup. Lizzie just
moaned, pushing back with full force, propping herself on Steve's bed with
her elbows. Her hands cupped her tits, Steve let out a weak groan, as he
pushed back into her, grabbing her hips so he could control their thrusts.
Lizzie pushed back harder, wanting Steve to piston into her more. He pushed
himself all the way out and rammed himself back in. Lizzie blacked out before
coming back to earth emitting a low groan, her juices running down her thighs
as she came again. Steve kept pisitonning into her like a man possessed,
driving into Lizzie with abandon, the room silent now except for the flat,
packing sound of his hips driving into her shapely ass.

"This is it," he cried knowing this would be his last load for the night.
Lizzie pulled out and turned around kneeling before him, pushing her tits

"Cum on me, Steve, cum on my tits."

Hearing Lizzie talk like that drove Steve over the edge aiming his dick down
to her chest. A thin stream of spunk flew across Lizzie's breasts covering
her nipples in a thin layer of cum. He continued to jerk as two more jets
of cum flew out, aimed at her upper torso. Lizzie caught them in her mouth,
before driving her face down onto Steve's dick, cleaning him off. Lizzie
sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing and her throat contracted; another load
ejecting from his dick.

"Oh my God," Steve fell back onto his bed, exhausted from his ordeal. Lizzie
crawled over to him, and licked the rest of his cum from his dick, snuggled
up next to him and they both fell asleep.

* * *

Rachel woke up in her room, her hair sticky with sweat and cum, her hands
and groin stiff with dried cum and she felt a slight burning in her ass.
She rolled around in her bed, reveling in the memories of last night, as
she brought her right hand up to lick the dry cum off her fingers. She'd
definitely be spending more time with those three guys.

* * *

Steve woke up with a start, remembering what happened last night. He had
taken advantage of Lizzie while she was drunk or high or something and he'd
ruined things with her at best, and not wanting to think about the worst-case

"Good morning," Lizzie was still next to him in one of his t-shirts, "Lloyd
came in this morning for some things. He said he'd be back in a few hours."

Steve made a confused face; Lizzie was still here, and not only that she was
still next to him. She knew what he was thinking, "Last night was really
great Steve, you tried to take care of me while I was out of it and I'm
really grateful. You're a great guy and yesterday helped me realize that."

"But what about your boyfriend?" he asked, unsure if he was dreaming or not.

"I wouldn't worry about him anymore, let's get breakfast to go, then we can
finish what we started last night."

Steve shot out of bed and started hobbling into his jeans, "I'll be ready in
a second."


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