Author's Notes: The following is “very” loosely based on the Len Wiseman
movie 'Underworld' staring Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman. Though there
are some elements of the movie in this story, you'll find that this is an
entirely different tale. One I hope that you will enjoy.

Underworld: Daemon Wars Part 1 - The Thing (F-best,exhib,nc-cons)
by Blueshadow

It was a beautiful Friday night. A full late spring moon shone full and
bright the New England sky. Its diffused auroral light illuminated the
deserted road upon which Sarah Hathorne walked. Seventeen years old, this
tall voluptuous dark eyed girl, was on her way home from a late night of
babysitting. Her employers had offered her a lift home, but it was such a
warm and brilliant night Sarah insisted that as could walk the mile or so
back to her home; despite having to pass through the dark wood that the
old dirt road meandered through. She had done this may times before and
enjoyed the solitude.

And so she walking slowly, humming strains of Pachelbel's Kanon in D, a
piece that she was trying learning to play on her cello for music class.
The sounds of the soft composition played over and over in her mind
sweeping her along in the dreamy atmosphere that the moon rained down
upon her. Cool breezes passed through the trees, causing the newborn
leaves to gently rustle in the wind. The scent of the blooming wild rose
was heady and intoxicating, she breathed in deeply, knowing that all this
would soon be just a memory. Her childhood had all but slipped away. She
would soon be at college, then on to a career and a family of her own.
These country nights would be all but a memory.

Then, as if all at once, Sarah suddenly felt a chill creep through her.
The moons once brilliant light dimmed as dark clouds drifted past. The inky
blackness of the night seemed to envelop her like a cloak, squeezing her in
an icy grip. She stopped and looked around as a feeling of foreboding over
took her. All was suddenly quite, the crickets the grass and the frogs in a
nearby pond went still as if they too felt the same as she. Then she caught
something, out of the corner of her eye. There was something on the edge of
the woods; something watching. She jerked her head around, but whatever it
was seemed to sink into the shadows. Yet it was still there.

She forced her feet to move, one step then another, always watching. The
"thing" then started to move with her; slipping against the shadows as to
not be seen. Only the sound of an occasional twig snapping gave away its
true position.

She moved faster and faster; her heart pounding in her ears her lungs
labouring in her ample chest. The thing kept pace with her, now moving in
the undergrowth, crashing, a low sort of growl carried on the wind. She tore
down the road in a dead run but the thing out paced her.

It moved out from the woods scampering towards the road through the alder
brush. The black thing then leapt onto the road blocking her path. Sarah
slid to a stop, loosing her balance and crashing head first onto the dirt

Hurt, she gasped for air and reluctantly looked up. The black thing then
seemed to take form as the moon was cast through parting clouds. "A dog?"
she moaned softly. It was big, bigger than anything she could imagine. A
low growl echoed off the trees and it slowly began to walk toward her. She
could smell it now, musky and pungent, it almost choked her nose. She
scrambled to get up, but the loose gravel would not let her gain a footing.
This only seemed to irritate the thing for its growling got louder.

She panicked and seized a rock to defend herself, this causing the "dog" to
suddenly rise up on its hind legs. It was then that Sarah saw it for what it

The thing towered above her peering down at her with eyes that glowed red as
blood in firelight. It was easily eight feet tall blocking out the moon above
her, casting a nightmarish radiance about its large wolf-like head that was
attached to a broad muscular man-like upper torso covered in shaggy, greyish
sliver fur. The creature's mouth was huge and filled with curved, yellow
teeth that dripped with globs of glistening slaver in the moonlight. The
thing stepped toward her, on powerfully built hind legs more akin to that of
the wolf than that of a man. Its bushy wolfs tail swishing excitedly behind
it. It reached outwards for her with huge fur covered paw-like hands that
were each tipped with a long curved black nail claws.

She shook so violently from fear that the rock dropped from her hand. Looking
around hopelessly she whimpered and tried to back away but the thing was on
her at once, pinning her to the ground with its immense weight. She screamed
and closed her eyes turning her face to the side. Sharp pain engulfed here
wrists that were flung outwards from her body. She opened one eye and looked
at her right wrist to see large paw-like hand gripping it tightly. She heard
a low growl close to her ear, but she didn't want to turn her head to see the
fate that was surly about to befall her.

Her heart pounded in her chest. She felt light headed and almost passed out.
In the grey world of semi-consciousness, she heard it began to sniff over her
body slowly. She turned her head and opened her eyes to see its massive head
inhaling the scent coming from at her big plump breasts which were bulging
out of her bra, exposed when her shirt was ripped open in the fall. The
creatures slowly bend his head, brushing the tip of is muzzle lightly across
the skin at the Sarah's throat nipping slowly to the base of her throat. His
long tongue traces a vein in her neck positioning his fangs over the vein.

Sarah was sure that the thing was finally about to end this torment. But
instead she felt his tongue caressing her skin moving downwards to nuzzle
between her cleavage. The coldness of its nose on her bare skin, made her
nipples grow hard, popping little indentations in the satin material of
bra. The thing seemed to eye her breasts for a second making a growling
sound that almost was akin to a man's chuckle.

He bent in and deftly used his fangs to rip open her bra, causing her huge
round breasts to bounce and jiggle most enticingly. His tongue came out,
touching the flesh of her breast lightly, flicking her nipples about with
the tip of its tongue.

The stench that the thing gave off suddenly seemed to change. No longer was
the repugnant stretch of wet fur and forest muck but it was more like the
smell that filled her bedroom after her boyfriend Peter finished finger
fucking her during one of their late night study sessions. Despite the horror
of the thing on her, she felt… somehow a growing excitement that caused her
to stop screaming, replaced by low whimpering.

Her nipples began to grow even harder as he starting licking them hard and
fast. She couldn't help but let a soft moan pass between her lips. It ran its
tongue back and fourth over her nipples, she arched her back leaning into his
mouth as he circling it slowly with his tongue and tugging at it with his

Then he started to slide his head down, his muzzle popping open the rest of
the buttons from her school uniform shirt, pressing his tongue against her
smooth alabaster-like skin. He worked his way down still to between her legs,
his wet nose sometimes touching her flesh, making her shiver in fearful
excitement. As his nose reached her mound he stopped and looked up at her.
Sarah shook her head no and tied to close her legs to protect her virginal
womanhood from the beast, but he trusted his head quickly between her thighs,
opening her legs wide. She squeaked out a scream, but he cared little bending
his head under her short plaid skirt giving her pussy a long wet lick through
her panties.

He bent in and again deftly used his fangs to rip off her damp panties,
tossing it over his shoulder like a chew toy. He inhaled more of her scents,
his nose roaming the inside of her thighs and the entrance to her wet pussy.
She felt the curled tip of his tongue push against her folds. She cried out
as the things fat tongue parted her moist folds and disappeared inside her.
It wormed in deeper until several inches were inside, touching her

Sarah began to luridly moan as the thing slipped his fat tongue in and out
of her. She opened her legs as far as she could, expose her pussy to the
things lusts. She groaned as the sudden pleasure overwhelmed her. She felt...
as if this thing was going to make her cum.

She felt the need for release, building pleasure deep inside her. She lifted
her legs high in the air over the things head. She clutched desperately for
something but the thing still held her down by the wrists. It was coming...
coming... she arching her beautifully plump bum high off the ground and
shrieked as torrent of juices came gushing out of her.

As she calmed down, tears running down her cheeks, the thing lifted its head
from her; its fur matted with her cum, and released her wrists, grabbing
Sarah by the hips. She was flipped over onto her belly and then was raised up
on her hands and knees. His weight settled on her again and held her in place
unable to move. Clawing the ground with his back legs, he positioned himself
directly between her legs, he hunkered down to block them from closing. With
his hands on her hips, she could feel his wet cock growing and touching the
side of her ass. He began to rock against it, making his cock grow to an
enormous size.

He positioned his now huge hard cock at her pussy, the massive tip rocking
into it.

She screamed and struggled to get away but he kept on pushing, growling a
warning in her ear. Sarah froze and stopped moving. She felt the heat of his
massive penis searing her outer labia; she coated the crown of his cock with
her still flowing cum.

She could feel the things heartbeat as he lowered himself against her back.
Slowly, at first, it split her body open with its girth. "Stop! Oh please
stop! It's big! Tooo big ... Oh, please!" She cried out.

Her thighs trembled as she tried to keep from falling completely on to the
thick penis. Her vagina felt as if it were splitting in two. It held her
waist to ease the weight from her quivering legs. It stopped with about two
inches of itself inside the entrance of her vagina.

She closed her eyes and squealed as the gigantic head of the things penis
nudge her pussy hard. Pain flushed though her as the thing popped her cherry
and drove in rocking his huge hips stretching her vagina unimaginably wide.
She continued to squeal uncontrollably as the huge thing grunted and growled
edging his cock in further. He spread her thighs wide and tried to worm
deeper into her. Another inch of his huge cock slipped into her, the
continuous rocking motion of his hips spreading her folds apart. Sarah
stretched wider and wider as it prodded her with short jabs causing it to
grunt more like a human than the wolf-like thing it was. Then with one deft
thrust it burying about half of his huge cock inside her thrusting in and
out. Sarah's body bounced, her tits shaking from side to side.

The girl howled and shrieked like mad, while the thing responded with a deep,
reverberating grunt. He then pulling out of her and slipped his hands around
her slender waist and lifted high off the ground flipping her over on her
back, raising a cloud of dust from the dirt road. He drew her against him and
impaled her on his ridged penis with one thrust, burying his twelve-inch cock
in to the hilt He felt her tight vaginal tunnel squeezing the length of his
penis, her heart was beating fast, her face flushed and damp with sweat.

Sarah screamed then whimpered as she instinctively began to move her hips. He
could feel her cervix bump the crown of his cock as she pushed against his
belly. Slowly he bend his head down, brushing the tip of is muzzle lightly
across the skin at the Sarah's throat once more. Almost as if he was acting
with some kind of romantic gesture.

She was no longer screaming, but moaning like a whore. This drove him to buck
into her tight pussy as hard as he wished, his massive cock sliding in and
out in short fast strokes. It licked at her neck; his long wet tongue
slopping across her skin.

As the cock pumped into her pussy, she let go, becoming more relaxed as
waves of delight rocketed through her. His cock pumped deeper, she could feel
something large banging against the entrance of her pussy. He too became more
relaxed, sensing her growing enjoyment.

He let her and reached down to feel...the 'knot' on his cock, then a little
more of the dick behind it. It had a dogs cock! Sarah suddenly wanted it all,
unable to control herself. So she spread her legs wider lifting her legs out
to the sides and helped him thrust. After a few more thrusts she felt the
knot force into her pussy - it was more sexual pain than she had ever felt
before... "Yes!" She found herself wailing. "Oh yes!" The thing pumped even
faster, almost frenzied. With out warning came ...a huge orgasm that ripped
through her, her whole body shaking. The shaking appeared to turn the thing
on again as he started pumping hard once more... 12 inches of hard fat prick
pumping in and out of her stretching pussy. She screamed over and over as
repeated orgasms shoot through her.

Then suddenly he stopped. He growled loudly, looking up at the road. It
pulled his cock all the way-out and jumped up growling loudly. Sarah flipped
over on her side and looked to see three figures dressed in black walking
toward them seemingly unafraid. The thing looked from side to side, his ears
pinned back and his tail between his legs in fear. It slowly began to back
away, but stopped as he heard noises from ether side of him. Sarah blinked;
two of the figures had seemed to just disappear, then reappear on either
side, blocking the things escape into the woods.

Sarah focused her attention on the lone figure left on the road, a woman;
beautiful beyond words her fiery red hair blowing in the breeze, shimmering
in the moon light like a halo. She could see the woman smiling; she reached
inside her long leather coat and pulls out a HK MP5KA4 submachine gun.

The thing roared in defiance just as she pulls the trigger. Flame from the
tiny weapon lit up the night as a stream of well aimed 9mm rounds slices
into the things head spattering Sarah with blood and brains. She screamed
and buried her face in the dirt in utter shock and fear.

Then they were around her, standing above looking down at this sobbing mess
of a girl.

"What are we to do with her?" One man, the older of the two said.

"She has been contaminated." The second man, who appeared to be more Sarah's
age, said in response. "We should end her suffering now."

Sarah looked up to see the woman now standing over her. The woman smiled at
her and bends down. Sarah immediately crawls to her pleading for help. The
woman's arms come around her, comforting her.

"No, she shall be with us. The Lycanthrope did not have time to finish. There
is little of it's filth in her. We can save her if we act now."

"But my lady, what will the Master say?" The elder man asks.

"He will understand." With that Sarah looks deeply into the woman's eyes
which suddenly turned red. Sarah tried to scream, but was immersed in

To Be Continued...


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