Author's Notes: The following is "very" loosely based on the Len Wiseman
movie 'Underworld' staring Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman. Though there
are some elements of the movie in this story, you'll find that this is an
entirely different tale. One I hope that you will enjoy.

Underworld: Daemon Wars Part 2 - La Tentation (mF)
by Blueshadow

It was called La Tentation, the hottest strip club in Montreal. A boy, not
yet old enough to be there, but having enough balls to chance it with a
fake ID, ventures in on one warm spring Friday night. A hug French Canadian
bouncer eyes the boy at the door. He smiles with a slyness that told the
boy he didn't have a chance. But he checks his fake card anyway and laughs
at the terrible picture. The boy could only grin foolishly and wait for the
boot in the arse. But instead the big man bent down and whispers in his
ear; "No booze boy, get in dair and behave your self." With that, he was
in, nervous and horny as hell.

As he took his seat, escorted by another tuxedo wearing bouncer the painfully
loud sound system pounded the beat across the room. Then the announcer's
voice came over the loud speakers... "Welcome to La Tentation!" The sissy
French Canadian boomed. "I am your host, Jean Luc. Please, sit back, ordered
a drink or three and prepare to be mystified." No one in the club except the
boy seemed to be paying attention to the fag in a booth above the stage. "Now
Ladies and Gentlemen... she's sexy... she's sultry... and if ya get too close
she'll bite your dick off... put your hands together for Mistress Rachel!"

At once 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' began to blare. A spotlight shines on the stage,
revealing a woman dressed in a long black hooded cloak. She lifts her head
slowly and as the light catches her face, the boy catches his breath. She was
the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. A devious smile crosses her blood
red lips and she lets the cloak fall to the floor revelling a black leather
laced corset top, that barely held in her massive tits, and a tiny little
leather thong that clung between her perfectly shaped ass cheeks.

She starts by running her fingers through her long auburn hair which fell
around her face, contrasting with her deep blue eyes which sparkled in the
spotlight. She gyrates and turned her head over her shoulder letting her hair
tumble down her back. Then she snaps her head back around making eye contact
with the boy as she slowly starts to turn towards the audience. He moans and
shifts in his seat trying to relieve the pressure from the huge hard-on that
was growing in his jeans. She goes down, squatting low, while she pulls open
the corset that seemed to ripe open by the lacings. Here massive tits were
free, bouncy firm white melons with large hard nipples; a rosy shade of pink,
crowning lightly fleshed areolas, the size of silver dollars.

She has leaps up to cling on the brass pole in the middle of the stage and
begins to swing on it, twisting her muscular curvy body around it like a
vine; taking it between her legs and softly grinding into the polished
surface. Rachel then, holding herself up on the pole with only one hand and
reaches down to rip off her thong, grinding her bare shaved pussy into the
brass. Every move she makes is in tune to the beat of the song, and every
man in the room has his eyes all over her. She works the pole, it now
glistening with her pussy juice.

Then getting down on her hands and knees, she moves like a cat... crawling
across the stage to roll over and spread her legs to show off her magnificent
pussy. The men in the audience begin to cheer and clap and such a beautiful
sight. Then it was over. The lights went down and she was gone.

The young man was left breathing hard, his heart pounding in his chest. The
fag announcer introduces another girl, but he hardly noticed her. All he
could think about was Rachel. He gets a coke from a topless waitress and
peers around hoping to see Rachel come out onto the floor like the other
girls did to whore for private dances.

Then the same bouncer, who had let him in, came up behind him. "She not
coming out my young friend." He says causing the boy to snap his head around.

"Ahhhh... what?"

"Mistress Rachel, she not likes da rest of dese whores eh?" He sits down to
drink the coffee he had. "The Mistress, she special eh, she choose dem she
wants. If you want, I get da little blond over dare for you ah? $20, she'll
dance a back room for you..." He bends in closer, "And for $50 she suck you
dick... you like no?" The boy eyes the cute little blond with perky tits
sitting on an old man's lap, rubbing between is legs with her thigh.

"How can I get Mistress Rachel?" He whispers back pulling out a small wade
of cash, his life's savings.

"Did you not ear me boy... she not like..." The boy counts out a hundred
in twenties and holds it out to him. The big man looks at it and grabs the
bills. "I see what I can do." With that he gets up and heads for a side
door. Minutes tick by. The boy starts to sweat, thinking that he had been
scammed. But then a waitress came over, her big tits jiggling and presents
the boy with a card on tray. He looks up in her smiling face and takes it
reading; "You are cordially invited to join Mistress Rachel in the Red

The boys jumps up and was directed to the same side door that the Bouncer
went through and then down a long corridor to a red door. The door opens
and the Bouncer, smiling deviously, ushers him in to sit in a large French
upholstered chair in front of an antique love seat. The whole room looked
like a room that may have been in Versailles, very ornate in the French
style, complete with the red silk wallpaper, and gilt picture of Louis XIV.
The boy shifted nervously in the soft chair, unsure if he should stay or
just get the hell out of there right now. But before he could decide, a
secret door in a bookcase opened and Mistress Rachel entered wearing a red
sheer silk, very short chemise and a matching silk robe.

"Good evening." She said smiling, "Welcome to my room."

The boy made a noise that was something in-between a squeak and a moan.
", good...ahhhh - Hi."

Rachel chuckled and sat on the love seat and crossed her long perfect legs,
giving the boy a long look at her panty encased pussy. She looks down and
grins, "My, what a big fellow for such a young boy."

The boy covers the throbbing bulge in his jeans with his ball cap.

"No... no, young one, let me see?" She wiggles her finger at boy causing him
to take the cap away red faced.

She re-crosses her long legs again, rubbing them together, caressing the
muscles in her thigh. "I could see you watching me," she purrs in an accent
that the boy would guess to be Irish.

"You... you could?" the boy breaths.

"Yes...I liked it." The boy's eyes wander to her breasts... her nipples now
fully erect, popping out of the silken material. "Would you like me to give
you a private dance?" she breathes.

He nods slowly. She uncrossed her legs, leans over, her breath hot in his
ear. "I was hoping you said yes."

She stands and holds her hand out for him to do like wise. She leads him to
sit on the love seat and straddles his lap. He could feel the heat of her
pussy against him. His cock jumps causing Rachel to giggle.

Then smiling, she pulls down one strap of her chemise letting one massive
breast bounce free. Then on a hidden queue, the music starts to play,
Shakira's - 'Whenever Wherever.'

She places her hands on the back of the couch and moves her body closer to
him, her breast move right next to his face. It brushed against his cheeks
as she begins to move to the music.

The temptress undulates against the poor boys crotch, pressing down in
circles. She begins to moan softly in his ear as she feels him growing even
harder beneath her. "Go ahead." She whispers, I'm the Mistress here, you
won't get in trouble."

The boy moans and presses his face against her chest; completely submerged
between her breasts, he kisses them, softly at first, testing her limits. She
lets out a louder moan and presses closer against him, so he kisses harder,
taking more into his mouth.

She moves her hands down to where he had his frozen place at his side and
moves them up slowly around to cup her breasts. "Ummmmm, that's it," she
breaths beckoning him to begin to suck on her left nipple. He teases it with
his tongue inside his mouth.

She peers down at him, "You want to be inside me... don't you?" Her hands
move in down and unzips his pants. Suddenly her hand is in and deftly pulls
his dick is out. "Ummmm, you are a big one aren't you?" Still undulating
against the ridged cock, she sticks her hand inside of her thong and fingers

The boy gasps in disbelief as she sticks two fingers inside. Bringing her
hand back out, she sticks one finger inside his still open mouth. Instantly,
he began sucking, circling her finger with your tongue, lightly biting it.
This causes her to laugh... "You like to bite eh?"

As he continues to suck her finger, she moves his hand down to her crotch...
lightly moving his finger against the underside of her thong. He can feel her
vaginal lips part as his finger press in harder. She begins moaning again,
this time in shorter breaths. She moves the thong aside, pressing your
fingers against her... almost inside her. She's so hot; he could can feel the
heat emanating from her body. She moves his thumb to finds her clit and urges
him rub it. She almost loses it right there... having to press her face
against the back of the couch to stifle her cries. Inserting two fingers, he
continued to rub her clit.

She shakes violently, building to climax, it getting harder for her to
control her cries. She begins moving up and down on his fingers, fucking
herself with his hand. Faster she moves, soaking his hand with her juice,
fingers getting wetter and wetter... he presses down hard with his thumb.
She tenses and freezes as the muscles inside her grippes his fingers in
erratic spasms.

When as she calms down, she looks down at the boy with eyes of lustful fury,
"Your turn to cum now sweetie."

She adjusts herself onto him; he could feel her drenched bare pussy lips
pressed against his dick. The sensation is almost too much to bear. Her
juices drip down, lubricating his dick. Suddenly, his head is inside her,
barely. She began to undulate again, pushing his dick back and forth
against her... slowly sliding down onto it. The boy moans loudly almost
ready to burst. Then, he was inside her, hot, wet, and pulsating around

She begins to move up and down, slowly fucking him with exquisite precision.
Knowing when to speed up and slow down, making the boy's first experience as
enjoyable as possible. His hands move to her back again, gripping her ass,
pulling himself up and deeper into her. They both cry out as he goes deeper,

She begins to cry out as the boy sped up, fucking her faster... her breasts
bouncing with every thrust. The boy was getting closer, every thrust pushing
him closer to the edge. She began to spasm, and then he cried out bucking
wildly, pumping her full of cum. It was then, she let go pulling his head
back with and a sudden jerk to sing her teeth into his throat. His moaning
continued at first, his pleasure too great to even be aware of the pain being
masked by his orgasm. As the tremors subsided and the tension released he
became aware of a warm ache on his neck. His eyes rolled back in his head as
rivulets of blood weaved down his flesh soaking his shirt, mixing with the

As she pulled away, the boy, weak unable to move, looked up in her red
glowing eyes. "Why...?"

"Oh little one, you are but thousands that have please me. I thirsted and you
were more than willing to share your fluids."

"Who...who are you?"

"I am Rachel, Vampiric Knight to the Master Barnabas. I hunt the Lycanthrope
and feed on young boys. But you my sweet boy will never remember this." She
waves her hand causing the boy falls away in a hypnotic trance. "Oh how you'd
wish to remember all this, I know, but unfortunately I must erase most of
this divine experience." She leans in close to him to whisper in his ear,
"Remember only the dance my love, of this room and of the cumming with me.
Remember nothing else only that your first time was a magnificent one in my

Soon there after, the bouncer appears at the door with a crystal decanter of
port. Rachel fixes her robe and waves him in and takes a glass of the wine to
rinse her mouth and to hide the smell of the blood.

"And now me dearest Lady, what shall we be adon' with da wee bairn?" The big
mans asks, his French colonial accent now replaced by a heavy Scottish brog.

"Pour some whiskey down em' and take him home to his bed. Let his parents
punish him for being such a naughty boy." She smiles.

"Oh aye, and then?"

"The Master awakes in a few days." She continues, "We are off to Nova Scotia
to greet him." Her contented expression changes to one of concern, "Angus my
friend, I tell you, there is something strange going on with the
Lycanthropes. There's been too may attacks both here in North America and
Europe." She hands the glass back to him. "Only last night the Mistress Diana
destroyed one in Massachusetts."

"Aye there be word of these weirdless beasties among the Dhampyre. It's a
great creel of why they've returned." Angus returns while handing her a
napkin to wipe the blood from her lips.

"I don't understand it... we thought we destroyed the bastards a hundred
years ago but now..." She sighs deeply; they're back, and according to the
stories, more powerful than ever.

They must have been ahiding somewhere, for some reason mum?"

"Our Brethren from Europe seem to think they've been underground in Asia -
Korea perhaps. But some say, Africa. But regardless now they seem

"I see... you be careful mum now won't ya?" He scolds his Mistress.

Rachel smiles and kisses her Dhampyre servant with tenderness patting him on
a powerful shoulder.

"I always do my love." She smiles

The Dhampyre shakes his head knowing better.

"Now Angus, take the boy home before he wakes up eh?" He nodes as watches as
his lady turns back to the boy, kisses him and walking back out of the secret

* * *

Sometime later, Rachel raced through the nearly deserted streets of Montreal
in her Z4 BMW convertible, her CD player blaring Joan Jett's, 'I Love Rock &
Roll,' while trying to outrace the first rays of daybreak. She slams into the
underground entrance of her apartment building, tire squealing and sparks
flying then rushes head long at breakneck speed toward her spot near the
private lift to her penthouse. She makes a perfect 3 point turn into her spot
and comes to a stop mire inches from the concrete wall.

As she turns the key and the music stops, she suddenly becomes aware that
there is somebody there, watching in the darkness. She smiles to herself as
she adjusts her mirror toward the spot her senses tell her the person was
hiding; a shadowy corner hidden by a group of cars. She could see nothing,
yet she knew he was there.

This pleased her, maybe it was a rapist or a psychopath bent on murder? Evil
tainted blood is always more flavourful, she considered while licking her
lips. Two feedings in one night was a rare opportunity for a vampyre these
days where it was necessary to hide from the eyes of modern man.

She reached out with her mind to better pinpoint the person, but was
blocked. A shiver of excitement ran through her. This could only mean one
of two things; ether a 'Wraith,' or a Lycanthrope. A wraith was a vampyre
that exist beyond a Vampiric Coven, not bound by the laws and traditions
that were handed down by the "First Ones?" These weak pitiful creatures
were abominations to 'True Vampyres', killing and feeding at will like
animals. If it was a Wraith she would have to kill it at once. Yet...
no... her mind continued to reach out. She peered into the things mind,
causing it to howl with rage. It was a Lycanthrope.

Faster than one could see, Rachel reached under her seat and pulled out a
HK USP Tactical .45 calibre pistol and bolted out of her car to crouch
beside it. The Lycanthrope roared again and fired in her direction nailing
the concrete wall with 3 rounds that seemed to explode in a blaze of light.
Rachel had to shield her eyes from the blast which to her burned like
sunlight. She squealed in pain then looked at the smoking holes that still

"What the fuck was that!" She swore to herself as she locked and loaded the
pistol. She drew back the slide to eye the silver bullet in the chamber and
waited for the Lycanthrope's next move.

The thing then came out of the shadows snarling in its human form unable to
turn with the coming of the morning. Already it was hard for Rachel to look
toward the Lycanthrope in the weak morning light that was flooding the car

"Come out you fucking vampyre whore! I'm going to burn ya bitch!"

This was obviously a young one, she considered, only a newly breed
Lycanthrope would be so bold and so stupid. She could have escaped very
easily, turning into a wisp of vapour or her favourite, a black cat to
hide in the darkness, but she didn't like being referred to in such a
unsavoury way. This bastard was going to die.

Rachel lowered her breathing, and forced he body to distort, flatten and
stretch so she could crawl under her BMW. In this way she rushed from car
to car, faster than the Lycanthrope could see her move. In moments she had
out flanked her prey and rose up behind him. He continued to inch forward
cursing her, totally unaware that she was now pointing her gun at the back
of his head.

Suddenly she cleared her throat as a warning. He froze, his gun shaking in
his hand, and then spun about just in time to see the muzzle flash of her
pistol. The .45 calibre silver projectile tore into his scull causing him
to fall backward, landing on his back like a sack of wet cement. Like all
Lycanthrope, this creature didn't make a sound for a second as he lay there
still alive. It wasn't until a smoky steam began to come out of the hole in
its head in tiny puffs that it began to shriek and convulse wildly; the
fragments of soft point silver bullet blazing in its brain like burning
magnesium. Its eyes heated and popped like eggs in a microwave oven; smoke
and molten grey matter pouring out of the bullet hole and its ears. Then
it was done, the torturous death that ended in a gasping howl.

The 'Hunter' smiled with satisfaction, knowing that it was a perfect kill.
She bends down to retrieve the Lycanthrope's weapon just as the lift door
opens at the far end of garage and two security guards sporting HK submachine
guns to rush out. Rachel ignores them and looks over the pistol. A Glock 21?
She considers, an expensive gun for the likes of this scum."

"Mistess... are you ok? The lead guard says puffing.

Rachel looks up and scowls at the Lieutenant, "Yes, no thanks to you fool."
She scolds while looking back down to kick the stinking corpse.

"Mistress, I'm sorry the power to the cameras was cut and..."

"Shut up, I don't want to hear it." She steps over body, and grabs he guard
by he shirt lifting him clear off the floor. "Clear up this mess before our
tenants arise. Then call out the guard and sweep the building."

"Ya ya... yes my lady, I'll - b, be done!" She throws him down causing his
to nearly trip over the body.

The second guard reaches for his radio in a panic and calls out the entire
platoon, some forty Dhampyre guards Rachel kept here at the Palais de
Corbeau; (Palace of the Raven) then orders a full section to sweep the
Mistresses apartments.

The lead guard grabs the Lycanthrope to drag away the corpse. Rachel growls
at the two of them one last time then turns away to head for the lift.

As she walks away, her stiletto heals clicking on the cement; she slips
her own gun in the waistband of her tight leather pants while regarding her
enemies' weapon. She hits the clip release and stops dead in her tracks.
"What is this shit?!" Inside the clip were .45 calibre rounds with what
looked like plastic heads filled with blue glowing liquid that actually hurt
her eyes to look upon. She shams the clip back in the Glock then let out a
howling growled the seemed to echo through the garage long after she
disappeared into the lift.

To Be Continued


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