Underworld: Encyclopedia Erotica Part 4 (MF,FF,MM,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Selene sat atop a roof, and glared at the glittering city of Los Angeles.
She was a tall woman with pale white skin and long black hair. Her eyes were
a dark brown. She was clad from head to toe in black leather. To the casual
observer, she looked like a woman in her twenties. She was a lot more than
that. Selene was a vampire. Not just any vampire but a Death Dealer.

Death Dealers were vampires trained in the hard task of hunting down
werewolves and ending their lives. Selene had once been sent to Los Angeles
by the replacement of Victor, the master vampire who sired her centuries ago.
Apparently, there was a strange presence in Los Angeles. It has been a year
since Selene killed Victor, the master. She had fallen for a young man named
Michael Corvin. Michael Corvin was a young man with a rare blood type that
made him an ideal candidate for becoming the first of a new order of being,
half vampire and half Lycan (werewolf).

Kraven, a vampire who was also a member of Selene's clan had betrayed the
vampire community and served Lucian, the leader of the Werewolves. The
conflict revolved around who could get their hands on Michael first. Selene
had feelings for Michael and wouldn't let either side hurt him. She ended up
killing Victor to save him.

That made her the Hunted. The vampire communities around the world knew her
as a traitor and they would hunt her to the ground and kill her. She was
homeless. A solitary female vampire wandering around the world, loathed and
hunted by her own kind. Michael Corvin, the man she loved had changed. He'd
become half Lycan and half vampire. A rather strange creature that had the
raw strength and speed of a Lycan and a vampire's ability to regenerate. He
was immune to silver and sunlight. He could trigger the transformation in
himself whenever he wished. Yet most of the time, he chose to remain in
human form.

The Lycan Breed had accepted Michael as its leader. This had been the
dying wish of Lucian, the Lycan leader who sought someone like Michael for
centuries. Selene knew she couldn't stay with Michael. They were both targets
for the vampire community. She had to stay away. This was the reason why she
was in Los Angeles right now.

Selene had been waiting for her pursuers. They were both vampires. She sensed
them long before they sensed her. A tall, muscular black man who had been in
his late thirties when he was turned into a vampire. His name was Kent. There
was a blond-haired young vampire female with him. Selene knew her to be Lara.
Kent and Lara had been a couple in the early 1970s. It was Jackson who
changed them from humans into vampires. Jackson was a vampire and a member of
Selene's clan. He had been recently killed by the Lycans. Selene turned
around, and faced them. "Return from whence you came and you live to see
another night," she said.

Kent looked at her. "Big words, coming from a traitor." he said boldly.

Lara looked at Selene with disgust. "Lycans are animals, how could you love
one of them?" she asked.

Selene was angry. More than once, her affection for Michael Corvin had made
her the object of scorn by the vampires. "My business is my business, just do
yours." she said.

With that, Selene whipped out her pistols and fired. Kent was hit by the
bullets. He howled in pain and went down. Lara saw her mate fall and
shrieked, charging Selene. She came at Selene with a sword. Selene dodged
back, narrowly avoiding getting her head chopped off. She shot at Lara, and
the female vampire always cut off her hand with a swipe of the blade. Selene
changed tactics and lashed out with a kick, kicking out Lara's legs from
under her. Lara went down and Selene shot her twice in the chest. The bullets
were made of lead and were not lethal to vampires. But they would hurt like
hell, even though vampiric bodies healed a hundred times faster than those
of humans. Selene shot Kent three more times. She knew their wounds would
not be noticeable in a few hours. But they would hurt like hell, she told

Selene leapt into the night once more. She knew that the vampire community
of Los Angeles had been alerted of her presence. There would be hundreds of
them if not thousands out looking for her. She had to leave. She leapt from
building to building, and just moved the way only vampires could. She had
to go but where?

The Great Clan to which she once belonged had ties everywhere... except
maybe... Nah.


Michael Corvin went back to his apartment. It had been a year since his life
had changed so much that he could hardly recognize himself. A year ago, he
was a medical school student trying to make ends meet. He just wanted to make
it and accomplish his goals.

Then, he met Selene. The strikingly beautiful female vampire. She introduced
him to the world of the night, to the vampires and Lycans who fought for
supremacy over the planet Earth. Humanity thought these creatures were the
stuff of legend. They were anything but. Sometimes, Michael thought it was
all a bad dream. But no. It was real.

He stood before his mirror, for once glad to see only his reflection. He
began to shave and accidentally cut himself. He yelled in pain and the pain
caused him to lose control and he a flash he went from a
tall, good-looking young man to a hairy, hard-skinned, dark creature with
eyes that were completely black and long claws. A cross between a Lycan and
a vampire. The Abomination.

He willed himself back into human form. He sighed with relief when he did.
He hated the change.

Michael Corvin was unaware that he was being watched. The one that watched
Michael was a petite young woman with dark brown hair and pale brown eyes.
Her skin was a pale bronze color. Her name was Nicole Brennan. She was one
of the Lycans. "Yo, I just saw him change." she said.

The one she was talking to was a tall, slim man with spiky black hair and
pale white skin. His name was Kenny Beith. Kenny Beith and Nicole Brennan
were Lycans assigned to watch newcomer Michael Corvin.

"What is he?" Nicole asked her friend.

"A half vamp, half dog freakapalooza." Kenny said.

Nicole playfully punched him on the arm. "I can see that but how the hell
does that happen?"

They were in a car parked outside the building where Michael Corvin had taken
residence. They had been watching Michael Corvin for a long time. The Lycan
communities from all over the world were talking about the death of Master
Lucian and how his dying wish had been that Michael become the Great One.

The Great One was the leader of all the Lycan people across the world. Lucian
had held that title for centuries. Lucian was a purebred Lycan. He was born
as one. Both Nicole and Kenny were nascent Lycans. Nicole had been born in
1934. She was nineteen years old when a Lycan named Joseph Hubert walked into
her town of Chicago, Illinois and made her one of his own. He bit her and
three nights later she became a Lycan. She gained the Lycan's strength, speed
and agility. Lycans also lived longer than humans. A Purebred Lycan could
live close to a thousand years. It was she who sired Kenny.

Kenny Beith was once a U.S. army soldier. He'd come home dying back in 1945.
She changed him into a Lycan. He became her friend and constant companion.
Neither of them had aged a day since they became Lycans.

Though they were old in human years in spite of looking and feeling like
young human beings, they were quite young by Lycan standards. Nicole and
Kenny were cohorts of a Lycan master named Phebus. He ordered them to keep
an eye on Michael Corvin, the one who had been responsible for the death
of Victor, a master vampire who had been a deadly killer of Lycans for many

They turned in for the night. They went to report to their Master that they
had seen Michael Corvin, but had been unable to find out too much about him.
Kenny proposed that they try to get close to him and the master agreed. Since
Michael had taken a position as Biology teacher at UCLA, Kenny and Nicole
would go there and pose as students in his class.

They got fake ids and records. They went to UCLA, a place filled with humans.
Humans as far as they could see. They sat in one of Michael Corvin's classes.
He was quite young to be a professor and Michael knew that. But he had a
genius level IQ. Quite a few of the ladies and gentlemen in his classes were
taken with him. The first time Kenny laid eyes on Michael, he was smitten. He
just had to get a moment alone with him. He told himself that it was in the
interest of all Lycans that he try to get to know Michael better.

He followed Michael everywhere. He was practically obsessed with him. Nicole
thought Kenny was really into the job, she just had no idea. Back when he was
human, Kenny had affairs with boys. Oh, he had sex with a few women but by
far he preferred sex with boys. It was fun, exciting and uncomplicated. Kenny
kept sending Michael Corvin signals. But apparently, he never caught on.
Something inside told Kenny that Michael was more than just a professor, a
cute guy or even a half Lycan, half vampire hybrid. He was either gay or
bisexual. To put it to the test, Kenny invited Michael to his dorm one night.

"Hey, professor. Wanna see something?" Kenny asked.

As soon as Michael came in, he gave Michael a drink and sat him down on a

Michael looked at Kenny Beith as Kenny undressed. The guy may be skinny and
pale but he had a rock hard body. Michael kissed him and put his arms around
him. They went to bed. Kenny hastily undressed the studly Michael. Michael
sat down on the bed and watched Kenny. Kenny smiled in a way that he hoped
was sexy and took Michael's cock in his hand and started to pump it up.
Michael closed his eyes and Kenny looked at Michael's cock hungrily. He took
it in his mouth and licked it, getting used to the taste. Michael tasted
good. Kenny licked the underside of the shaft and sucked Michael's cock,
causing Michael to moan in pleasure. Kenny knew how to work it. Kenny sucked
him until Michael came. He looked into Michael's face.

"Ready to fuck?" he asked.

"Yeah." Michael said.

Kenny touched the tip of his cock to Michael's hole and pushed gently. It
slipped in without difficulty and he slowly moved the length of his shaft
in and out. Michael began to get used to the feeling and he was bucking his
hips back, urging Kenny to thrust harder and faster. Kenny could see Michael
grabbing at his cock, and the sight of this turned him on so much. Kenny
could feel Michael's ass shutting itself around his cock. It was so tight
and warm, and he was getting close. Kenny told Michael he was gonna cum
soon, so he began pulling on his dick faster and faster. Kenny couldn't
contain it anymore. He began to feel that telltale throbbing in his balls
and he shot off all over Michael's ass, covering him globes with milky cum.
It wasn't long before Michael came as well.

They lay in bed, bodies covered in sweat.

"Wanna go again?" Kenny said.

Michael grinned and Kenny climbed on top of him, grinding his ass on
Michael's erect cock. Michael held Kenny by the hips and Kenny began
descending on Michael's cock, feeling it press against his asshole.
Kenny grunted when Michael's cock entered his ass. Michael began to
thrust in and out of Kenny's ass and Kenny grunted in pleasure and
pain as Michael ravaged his ass. Michael soon came, filling Kenny's
ass with cum. A panting Kenny fell into Michael's arms. Michael kissed
him on the forehead.

"How was that, you mugger?" he asked.

"Great." Kenny said.

Michael pulled him closer and they fell asleep.

When Kenny woke up the next day, Michael was gone. There was a note. "Thanks
for everything, Kenny. We need to see each other again. Bye."

Michael went out. He went to a bar. The Nickel's was a singles bar in the
east side. When Michael walked in, a lot of people stared at him. He knew
what they saw. A good-looking man walking into a bar. He went to the
bartender and asked for a drink. "One Miller lite please." he said.

He took the beer and sipped from it. A couple minutes later, a young black
woman sat at the stool next to Michael. He started to talk to her and learned
that her name was Veronica. They talked for awhile. She was twenty-one and a
student at Boston University. She was visting her family out here in L.A.

Michael looked at her. She was gorgeous and he just wanted to fuck her. He
could read the same desire in her eyes. "Wanna get out of here?" he asked.

She looked at him and smiled. "I thought you'd never ask."

They got up and left the bar, together.

"My apartment or yours?" Michael asked.

Veronica held his arm. "Where's your car?" she asked. He pointed to his
Buick. "It'll do." she said.

They got in and immediately started making out. Michael caressed her and used
his expertise to send her in a state of great arousal.

Veronica was so ready for Michael to drive his cock into her. She wanted to
feel him inside of her so bad. Getting up from her position, she kneeled so
that her body was half in the front seat, half in the back seat, so he could
enter her from behind. Michael didn't wait for jack. Her dark brown skin and
gorgeous black female's body was hot as hell. Each thrust carried him deeper
into her pussy, her back arching to meet every thrust. It felt so good, she
didn't want it to end, yet, she knew she was about to cum.

"Cum for me, baby," Michael cooed in her ear, egging her on. Damn, he knew
how to drive women crazy.

They changed positions. Straddling his legs, she eased her soaked pussy on
his dick, a little at a time. She wanted to gain control, making him crazy
with lust, while her pussy fucked him. Michael held her by the waist and
thrust deep into her. He went deep inside her, his hard cock ravaging her
pussy. He took her nipples in his mouth and sucked them hungrily. She just
went wild. The next thing he knew he was standing behind her sliding his
cock deep into her pussy. He knew he wouldn't last long, she was tight, hot
and wet. His cock was feeling the pressure of her pussy wrapped around his
shaft. He came, sending hot cum deep inside her. They lay against each other
for a few moments, then put their clothes back on.

Michael put her in a cab and went home.


Selene was walking around in the night. She had no money and no place to be.
Contrarily to popular belief, vampires did like heat and warmth and comfort.
She longed for a decent place to stay. The clothes she wore had been on her
for weeks. As someone who was undead, she had no sweat or odor. But still...
a girl or anyone for that matter could appreciate a hot bath and clean
clothes, right?

Selene didn't know why she walked into the Catwalk. The Catwalk was a lesbian
bar. Selene sat down and was stared at by the patrons. She knew what they
saw, a tall and beautiful young woman. She sat down and ordered a drink.
Several ladies approached her but she gave them her "don't-fuck-with-me" look
and they backed off. Finally, a preppy-looking girl approached her.

"Hi," the girl said. "I'm Faith."

Selene looked her up and down. Faith stood about five foot six, skinny, with
short blond hair and pale blue eyes. She wore a white silk shirt and plaid
pants. Her face would have been pretty, if it wasn't for the horn-rimmed
glasses. "I'm Selene." Selene said. She shook the girl's hand.

"What are you doing here?" asked Faith.

Selene was not in the mood to talk but she felt like she needed someone to
talk to. She started to telling Faith about her story, leaving out crucial
details like "I'm a vampire" and "Michael is a Lycan". She told Faith about
a guy she fell in love with against her better judgement and risked
everything for him. Faith listened, and her eyes stayed riveted on Selene
the whole time.

Faith told Selene her story. Once, Faith was married to a guy named Paul
Newberry. He was an ex-cop and she was a student at a community college.
They got together and had a son named Eric. Paul died in a car accident
and three years after his death, Faith met a guy named John Slade. Slade
was a bastard. He was nothing like the kind, honest man Paul had been.
After the breakup with Slade, Faith was comforted by Paul's twin sister
Nikita. Nikita and Faith embarked on a three-year relationship that ended
with Nikita leaving Faith and getting married to a man named Jeremiah and
moving away to Colorado. Faith considered herself bisexual.

"Anything goes with me," Faith confided. "If I meet a nice man, it's great.
If I meet a nice woman, it's just as good."

Selene looked at Faith.

Faith smiled. "You need to stop it." she said.

Selene looked at her. "Stop what?" she asked.

Faith grinned. "You need to stop running from whatever it is that scares
you." she said.

Selene looked at Faith. She sniffed. Faith was completely human. Not a
Lycan or a Vampire. Yet she could see right through Selene. Faith scribbled
something in a piece of paper.

"Here's m number, just in case you want to talk." she said.

Selene pocketed it. Faith shook hands with Selene, and walked out of the bar.
Selene left not long after. She was intrigued.

She needed sustenance. She went to the bay and walked into another bar. No,
not a bar. A night club. This one was full of men and women. Selene was
hungry. She hadn't fed in weeks. She needed to drink or she would go mad.
Selene didn't have long to wait. She was approached by a tall black man.

"Hi, I'm James." he said. He started talking to her.

She learned a few things about James. He was a basketball player at a
Division two school. He was nineteen years old. A tall, dark and handsome
african american man. He was hitting on her big-time. "Come with me."
Selene said.

James flashed a wide smile. This was his lucky night. His posse, a bunch of
black and Latino guys smiled at him. If only they knew, Selene thought. She
led James to a secluded room inside the bar.

Selene started kissing James even before they went inside the room. James was
a great kisser. He was running his hands all over her sexy body. He didn't
want to wait and she didn't want to keep him waiting. With that she pulled
down her pants and in a single swift movement removed her thong, and spread
her legs wide apart. James feasted his eyes on the sweetest bare pussy he'd
ever seen. Her lips were thin but pouting, and her cunt glistened with her
juices. She was obviously turned on and enjoying the effect she was having on

Slowly she lowered her hands between her legs and began softly caressing her
thighs. Running her finger tips up and down, just barely touching the folds
of her labia with each stroke. James went to her and kissed her and his
hand went to her pussy and he slipped his fingers inside. Selene moaned in
pleasure as James worked his fingers inside her. She got on her knees and
took his huge black cock into her mouth. She sucked his cock. James closed
his eyes, loving the feel of her warm mouth around his dick. He soon came in
her mouth and Selene drank up his warm cum and sucked his big cock until it
was dry and clean.

"Wanna try something else?" she asked naughtily.

She went on all fours and parted her beautiful asscheeks. James saw her pink
little butt hole and gasped. This was definitely his lucky night. He pressed
the head of his cock against her asshole, and pushed. Selene gritted her
teeth, anticipating pain and pleasure as a huge black dick got ready to slam
into her ass. James entered the white girl's ass slowly, almost gently. Her
ass was tight, just the way he liked them.

He thrust in and out of her ass and Selene clenched, wanting to get even
more of that hard cock up her ass. James grunted and held her by the hips and
fucked her like this, shoving his hard man meat deep inside her, all the way
into her bowels. He fucked her like this for several minutes during which he
grunted and cursed. He smacked her beautiful ass a few times and thrust hard
and deep. Finally, the pressure proved too much for his cock and he came,
sending hot cum deep inside her ass.

"That was great," he told Selene as he pulled out.

Selene gave him a fanged grin and he recoiled in terror. She grabbed him
and pressed her mouth against his neck. She began to drink his blood. As his
blood flowed into her, she began to see images of his life. Images of James
living in Los Angeles with his catholic family, images of James with Tina,
the first girl he ever loved, and him playing basketball and graduating high
school. She saw his parents and how proud of him they were. She sensed their
love for him in his very blood. She let go and James fell. He was still
alive. She left the room.


Kenny Beith was not happy with Michael. He had fallen in love with the
handsome professor. He no longer cared for anything else. The Lycan master
sent him and Nicole to keep tabs on Michael but Kenny didn't care. He wanted
Michael to himself. Nicole noticed this and wanted to tell on him. So, Kenny
transformed into his Lycan self and savagely bit her in the head before
ripping her heart and throat out. Nicole Brenna tried to revert to her Lycan
form the moment Kenny turned on her but she was too late.

Kenny dragged her corpse out of the car and buried it in a hole which he
covered up with dirt and stomped on to make it even. He would tell the
Clan about Nicole's disappearance. No, wait a second. He wanted Michael
to himself. Forget the clan. So, he walked out of the car and went to
knock on Michael's door.

Michael was in his apartment. He was entertaining a guest. Her name was Janet
Jameson and he met her at a bar. She was a student in the city. He basically
brought her back for a night of fun. She was a twenty-year old cutie. Sexy
and single. When someone knocked, Michael didn't know who it could be. "Hold
on a second." he told Janet

She smiled at him. "Ok."

Michael went to the door. He looked through the keyhole and saw that skinny
gay mofo, Kenny. "What do you want, Kenny ?" Michael asked.

Kenny looked at Michael and smiled. Michael looked even more handsome than
he remembered. "Hello, gorgeous." Kenny said. He detected an unfamiliar scent
and, looking past Michael, he saw a skinny blonde girl. Probably a barfly
Michael had brought home for the night. "Who is she ? " Kenny asked.

Michael couldn't believe this. "Bye, Kenny." he said.

From the living room, Janet said, "Is there a problem?"

Michael looked back at her. "No problem." He looked at Kenny and said,
"Leave, man."

Kenny couldn't believe this. He loved Michael. He had just killed a woman
who had been his longtime friend and occasional lover just to be with
Michael. He had betrayed the Clan to be with Michael. And Michael wanted
him to leave just so his switch-hitting dick could fuck some pussy. "Fuck
you!" Kenny said.

Kenny was enraged. Out of anger, he morphed into his Lycan form. He became
a huge, wolf-like beast with huge claws and fangs. Michael gasped. Kenny was
a Lycan! The monster Kenny had become threw Michael aside and went into the
living room. Michael heard Janet's scream. He went after Kenny. He arrived
in time to see the monstrous werewolf tear out Janet's heart. Michael looked
at Kenny. He felt the transformation begin inside himself.

In a flash, Michael Corvin went from a tall, handsome young man to the
Abomination, a half vampire, half Lycan creature with incredible powers. The
Abomination attacked the Lycan. Kenny roared and slashed at Michael with his
claws and tried to bite him. With a strength greater than that of vampire or
Lycan, Michael grabbed Kenny's face and exerted pressure. He savagely crushed
Kenny's skull. Kenny screamed as he died. The great beast Kenny Beith had
been fell at Michael's feet.

Michael looked at the dead bodies in his apartment. The stench of death was
fresh. A beautiful woman lying dead next to a nightmarish beast. A deep anger
rose inside Michael and he screamed at the top of his lungs. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


Selene made her way out of the club. She couldn't, even to herself explain
why she had been unable to kill that black guy in there. He was just a human.
Humans mattered very little to either Vampires or Lycans. She had been
walking on a rooftop when something hit her. A mind-boggling pain practically
split her skull.

She knew what it meant. When a vampire sired another, he or she was
connected at a psychic level to the one they sired. Selene had never sired
any vampires. She had once bitten Michael, adding the Vampiric Half to the
already potent Lycan Half of his complicated nature as the Abomination. The
shock was enough to send her to her knees. She saw Michael, in a house. She
also saw what he saw. A dead girl, mutilated, and a dead Lycan's body. She
could sense Michael's despair and anger.

The psychic backlash grew more intense as she saw Michael summoning powers
she had never seen as he lay hands on the bodies of the dead girl and dead
Lycan and turned them into dust. Selene could not believe what she saw.
There were some very old vampires with certain mental powers such as
Telekinesis or Fire-Starting. But these were powers developed by vampires,
and not just any vampires. Those who lived to be thousands of years old.
The Ancient Ones. How could Michael have such powers? She pondered that for
a second as the pain in her head intensified and she passed out.

A few people who were exiting the night club saw the young woman lying in
the ground. They called an ambulance. The ambulance came and whisked her

* * *

Selene woke up slowly and painfully. She was in a white room, someplace.
She was in a bed, just lying there. There were doctors around and they were
whispering some strange shit. Selene knew she had to leave, unless she wanted
modern doctors to have a centuries-old female vampire in custody. Imagine her
surprise when she saw a skinny blonde woman just materializing next to her.

"Faith?" Selene asked.

"We meet again." said Faith with a smile.

"What are you doing here?" Selene asked.

"When they got you, you had no ID, except my number on you. They called me.
I showed up."

Selene looked at Faith, pleading. "I have to get out of here." she said.

Faith frowned. "That's not what the docs said."

Selene grimaced. "Screw the docs."

They had taken her clothes and weapons and stuffed her in one of those silly
hospital gowns. Faith looked at her as Selene jumped out of bed. She looked
at Faith.

"I need your help, Faith." she said. "A friend of mine is in danger."

Faith listened to Selene talk. The girl was good at making up stuff. They
sneaked out of the hospital.

They made it to Faith's car.

"I don't know why I am doing this." said Faith.

"Thank you so much." Selene said.

Faith looked at her. "I got your clothes." she said.

Selene's face brightened. She ripped off the hospital gown and Faith licked
her lips, watching Selene change into her black leather coat, black shirt and
leather pants outfit. She pulled on her boots. Faith had never seen a more
sexy or beautiful female in her whole life. They got in the car.

"Where do we go?" Faith asked. Selene looked at her, puzzled. "Do you have a
place to stay?" Faith asked.

Selene shook her head.

Faith hesitated. She usually didn't take strange women home, no matter how
cute they looked. But she sensed something different about Selene. Like maybe
Selene was different from the women in her life and wouldn't take advantage
of her good nature. "We can go to my place," Faith said.

Selene looked at her and Faith tried not to blush. "Thanks." she said.

They arrived at Faith's place. It was a small apartment in east L.A. Faith
was an elementary schoolteacher. Her ten-year old son Eric was at the same
school where she taught. Currently, he was staying with his grandmother
Allison in the West side. Faith gave Selene a tour of the apartment. It was
small. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. Selene had
forgotten how mortals lived. She was born into the world of power and
privilege. "Cozy place." Selene said.

Faith showed her a picture of a blond-haired little boy. "That's my son
Eric." she said with pride.

Faith could feel the heat of the sun outside the apartment. She needed to
clean up and go to sleep for the day. "The bathroom's that way." Faith said.

Selene thanked her and went inside. The bathroom was small. She went into the
shower and let the water run all over her body. Then, she applied soap. She
sat in the tub, blocked the hole and filled the tub with warm water. She just
lay there and stretched her legs.

While Selene was in the shower, Faith busied herself in the kitchen. Today
was a Saturday. She had no work today. She fried some eggs and bacon, then
she prepared them with iced orange juice. She put the food on the table, a
meal for two. After an hour, Faith was beginning to feel worried about
Selene. "Selene!" she called.

She knocked on the bathroom and when no one answered, she went in. She saw
Selene lying naked in the tub. "Breakfast is waiting," Faith said with her
back turned to Selene.

Selene looked at Faith. "Thanks, Faith." Faith just nodded. "Why are you
turning, Faith?" she asked.

Faith wanted to turn and look at Selene so bad but she thought that if she
did, she would give into lust and fall for a heterosexual woman. She had
fallen for straight women before. Those who didn't reject her always broke
her heart. "I'll be in the kitchen." she said.

Faith left, her heart beating faster. Selene was simply gorgeous. Damn!!!

Selene came out of the bathroom with a blue towel around her waist. She was
a vision of heavenly beauty, with her body that models would envy and long
black hair and dazzling smile. She walked into a bedroom and dried herself
off. She put on a gray sweatshirt and black sweatpants that Faith borrowed
her. She went to the kitchen and smiled at her hostess. As a rule, vampires
did not eat or drink. But Selene wanted to please this kind woman who had
taken her in and stuff. So she ate the bacon and eggs. She also drank the
orange juice. Her vampiric body couldn't take it and she vomitted the whole
thing in the bathroom awhile later. She talked to Faith and found her to be
very interesting.

Over the next few weeks, Selene spent a lot of time around Faith. They hung
out together. Selene went out and beat gangsters and took their money. She
met Eric, Faith's son and he was just the nicest little boy. She got to know
Faith and her whole family. She met Jason, Faith's brother and Jason's wife
Debra and their teenaged sons Kyle and Nelson. She was beginning to like the
life of a mortal. They always went out at night or in the late afternoon.

When a vampire drunk too much blood, he or she became temporarily immune to
sunlight. So, Selene went out and attacked a local gang, the Crips. She drank
the blood of seven men and three women. The blood she drank filled her body
with strength and power. She surprised Faith the next day by joining her at
Eric's football game, which took place in a stadium in a sunlit day.

Selene was loving this. She loved playing with Eric. Eric was so cute. He
confided in her that he liked a neighborhood girl named Amelia. Selene told
him how to talk to girls. She loved hanging out with Faith. Selene was
careful not to slip up. She always ate and drank. She went out at night only
after Faith and Eric were asleep. She drank more blood than she needed just
to be able to walk in sunlight. She knew that she would not be able to keep
this up. But she loved Faith and Eric. She felt like she was part of a
family. She knew it couldn't last but she didn't care. When she actually
slept, she had dreams of Michael.


Michael went to work. He went to UCLA to teach during the day and at night he
went to the bars. He was drifting through life without something meaningful.
He took men and women to his apartment and had passion-filled nights with
them. These relationships brought him enormous pleasure but they lacked
anything of substance.

Michael felt empty inside. So, one day, he was approached by a black girl
at school. Her name was Jessica and she was nineteen years old. A female
basketball player who had dreams of being in the WNBA someday.

"Hi, professor Corvin." she said. She handed him a flyer and talked to him
about youth violence and how it was affecting a lot of people in Los Angeles.

Michael knew about violence. A year ago, he had been in the middle of a very
dangerous war between Lycans and Vampires. This invisible war had changed
him into something other than human. The fact that he was an Abomination
weighed on him more than being an ordinary bisexual man in America. So, he
went with Jessica to the Neighborhood Crime Watch meetings and the Violence
Awareness meetings.

He listened to Jessica talk. The girl was very active. She also had a
presence. She stood six feet tall, lean and muscular, with a body many ladies
in Hollywood would envy.

"We must be aware of violence in our communities." she said. "Kids kill
kids and adults and that is not right." She paused, then began speaking
about domestic violence. "Surveys have shown that both men and women are
perpetrators of domestic violence. Assigning blame is not what we should
do. We should talk to these men and women to stop abusing each other."

That got a lot of applause from the crowd that had come gathered to hear her
speak at the local catholic church.

"You were wonderful." Michael told Jessica.

"Thanks." she said.

They became friends after that.

He liked to go to her basketball games. He also saw her go to GLBT meetings
on campus. "Why do you go there?" he asked.

"I want to help people stop the ignorance of this world." she said. "Wanna
come to a meeting?" she asked. She looked him in the eye.

"People might think we are gay or bisexual." he said.

Jessica looked at him and smiled. "I am bisexual," she said. "But I prefer
men, for some reason."

Michael cocked an eyebrow. "Me too. Except that I like women better." he said
quietly. He couldn't believe he outed himself to this girl. Michael had been
bisexual his whole life and kept it a secret. If she told people, his life
would become unpleasant... Jessica smiled and squeezed his hand.

"Was that so hard to say?" she asked.

Michael breathed in relief. "No, actually it wasn't."

Jessica smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Good." She walked
away. Michael watched her go, and couldn't help smiling to himself. What a

He went to the GLBT meetings and met a lot of men and women who were gay or
bisexual. There were even a couple of straight people in there as well. He
found it liberating to be able to talk about who and what he was. No one made
fun of him. All was cool. Michael hung out with Jessica often. She was so
cool. They ate together at Burger King. They also played basketball in the
school gym. It was so cool. Michael had finally found a woman he could be
comfortable with. In those days, he rarely thought about Selene and the
Lycans and Vampires of the world.


Selene was just coming from Blockbuster with Faith and Eric. They picked the
movie "Shaft" for Faith and "Finding Nemo" for Eric. They were walking back
to the car when Selene sensed something was wrong. "Get in the car." she told

Faith looked at Selene. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Selene gave her an imperious look and Faith and Eric got in the car.

Selene walked away, into the darkness. She could sense it. The danger.
'Lycans,' she thought.

Michael was just coming out of the movie theater with Jessica. They were
becoming a couple. They had just seen "Troy" and walked out hand in hand.

"Did you see Brad's moves?" Jessica asked. "He was so cool."

Michael nodded. "Eric Bana wasn't so bad either."

He held Jessica's s hand and squeezed it. She turned and looked at him. He
leaned in for a kiss. He kissed her and thought about how magical it was for
him to be with a woman he could finally be himself with. That's when it hit
him. He sensed a presence. 'Vampires,' he thought.

"What's wrong?" Jessica asked.

"Nothing," Michael said. "Just get in the car real quick." he said.

"Why?" Jessica asked, looking at him worriedly.

"Nothing," Michael said. "I just got to check something."

He gave her a kiss on the lips and walked away.

Faith had been waiting for Selene in the car with her son Eric when she saw
monstrous black shapes appearing out of nowhere. Hideous things that looked
a bit dog-like. Monsters. Terror gripped her chest.

"Mommy, what's that?" Eric asked, pointing at the shapes.

Faith wanted to drive away but two of the monsters were blocking the way.
"Hang onto something." she told her son. She started the car.

Selene saw the Lycans attacking the car and fired at them with her pistols.
A Lycan fell dead. The car came roaring forward, with Lycans hot on its tail.
Selene readied herself for a bloody battle...

Michael heard commotion and got closer to the noise. He saw a bunch of men
and women clad in black leather. He sniffed the air. They were vampires, not
human beings. He willed the change to take place, and felt a certain panic
when it wouldn't.

"There he is, the Abomination." said the lead vampire. "Kill it!"

Michael did not like being called an "it'". That was enough to piss him off
and trigger the change. He saw the vampires's startled expressions when he
changed. The Abomination surged forward with a scream like a creature of
hell...just then, a car came and there were dark shapes chasing it. Chasing
those Lycan shapes was a tall woman in black leather. Michael's eyes widened.
"Selene?" he said.

Selene saw the car running forward with Faith and Eric inside. She saw the
monstrous Lycans chasing them and fired at them, running at full speed to
catch up. She suddenly sensed the presence of vampires and something else...
Michael. He was there, fighting vampires. He was fully changed into...the

"Michael!" came a voice.

Michael turned to see Jessica. She had come, wanting to help him. Michael
changed back into human form. She hadn't seen him yet. "Run!" he told her.

A tall vampire snatched Jessica off the ground. Jessica kicked and punched
and struggled but she was no match for vampiric super strength. "Michael,
watch out!" Jessica screamed.

Michael turned, narrowly avoiding getting his head cut off by a vampire with
a sword. He saw a blonde woman and a little boy being dragged out of a car by
Lycans. They looked terrified.

"Noooooooo!!!" Selene screamed.

The Lycans held Faith and Eric. The Vampires had Michael Corvin surrounded.

The lead vampire spoke. "Lycans, we had a deal. You kill the traitorous
female and we kill the Abomination."

The leader of the Lycans spoke. "Agreed."

"Wait." Michael said.

Selene had drawn her guns and was ready to die trying to save the people she
loved. Michael looked from Selene to the blond woman and child to Jessica.

"It's me you want, take me." He looked at the humans thrown into the
supernatural conflict, Faith, Eric and Jessica. "Let the humans go."

The Vampire leader looked at Michael. "Show your true self, or she dies," he
said, talking about Jessica.

Michael looked at Selene. He looked at Jessica with a pained look in his
face. "I'm sorry," he said. "I love you but I'm also...this." he said.

He willed the change and became what the Vampire Nation and Lycan Clan feared
the most. The Abomination.

Jessica's eyes went wide as the man she was beginning to love turned into
something out of Sci Fi. Selene looked at Michael and saw the pained look in
his face. He stared at her, wanting to express so much but they had so little

"Oooh, lovebirds." said the lead vampire.

"Nasty." said the Lycan leader.

Michael couldn't take it anymore. All his life he had been different.
First he was an orphan. Then he realized he was bisexual. Then, he was just
adjusting to being himself when the Vampires and Lycans turned him into a
Monster they all feared. He felt the wrath of the creature he had become.
The Wrath of the most powerful being on the planet Earth. Michael summoned
an ancient power from deep within.

"Run!" he told Selene.

Selene read his mind through their psychic link and knew what he had in mind.
She leapt as high in the air as she could. Michael summoned energies from
deep within, energies similar to those he unleashed when he destroyed the
bodies of Kenny Beith and Janet Jameson back in his apartment. His whole body
began to glow. The Vampires and Lycans looked on. Michael let loose all the
energy inside him. Out it went. The dark energies struck each and every
single being within the vicinity, except for Selene, who had taken to the
air. The energies struck Faith, Eric and Jessica and left them unscathed. But
when it struck the Vampires and Lycans, it caused them to shriek in pain and
burn to a crisp. The energy poured out of Michael until each and every single
Lycan and Vampire was dead and gone. Then, Michael fell. His body ceased to
glow. He lay on the floor. When the vampire who had been holding her died,
Jessica rushed to Michael's side.

"Michael." she said, and held his hand. "What happened?"

Selene rushed into the arms of Faith and Eric. "That was so cool." Eric said.

Selene hugged them both. They turned to see Jessica kneeling next to the
fallen Michael Corvin. "What did you do?" Selene asked.

"It was the only way." Michael said weakly. "The Lycans and Vampires
feared what I am not just because I might disrupt their separate species's
bloodlines but because of my nature." He chuckled. "Any creature born of
Lycan and Vampire would have the power to hunt down and kill both." He spat
blood. "Just like when Homo Sapien was born, he hunted down all other
humanoid species and became dominant, having wiped out his predecessors."

Jessica looked at him. She couldn't understand all that happened except that
Michael had saved them all from monsters and it was killing him. Jessica
didn't want to lose Michael. "Why didn't you tell me?" she asked. "I would
have understood."

Michael smiled sadly. Jessica looked at Selene. "You are a vampire?" she
asked. Selene nodded. She looked at Faith and Eric. They were shocked.

"Cool." said Eric.

Selene smiled at the little boy.

"If you bite him, will he live again?" said Jessica.

Selene shook her head. "Michael is neither Vampire nor Lycan." she said.

They watched on as Michael's eyes closed and once more his body began to
glow. They recoiled as energy flowed out of his entire being and rose up
into the sky. The light and energy grew so bright that they had to shield
their eyes. When they finally looked on, Michael lay still. He was so very
still. Jessica lowered her head.

Selene hugged Faith and Eric. "I have a lot to tell you." Selene said.
She looked at Faith, not knowing what to think. Faith was thinking. She had
spent the last few months living with a female vampire. Wow. "I didn't chose
to be a vampire, but I love you and I love your son." Selene said. She looked
at Faith, crossed her fingers, expecting a response.

Faith was about to say something when they heard a scream. It was Jessica.
She was looking at Michael. Michael who smiled and looked at Jessica.

"It's me." he said.

Jessica hesitated, then hugged him.

"How ?" asked Selene.

Michael smiled. Jessica supported him as he got up. He put his arm around
Jessica and said, "Lucian knew what he was doing when he created me," he
said. "Only I could reunite the Vampires and Lycans."

Selene looked at him. She still couldn't believe he was alive. "They will
never stop fighting, Michael. You know that."

Michael grinned. "From now on, there are no more Lycans or Vampires. All of
them have become human."

Selene was about to retort when she felt something she hadn't felt in ages.
Her heart was beating, she had a pulse. "I am human," she said. "How is that

Michael looked at Jessica and squeezed her hand. "From now on, all over the
world, all Lycans and Vampires have become human again."

Jessica looked at him. She didn't know who he was or what he was or what he
could do. But she was in love with him, now more than ever. They kissed.

Selene could still not believe she was human, and not only her but every
vampire and Lycan on the planet. She looked at Faith. Faith smiled. She
extended her hand. After a brief hesitation, Selene took it and smiled at
Faith and Eric. They turned to look at Michael and Jessica. "Bye."

They walked away.

Michael and Jessica broke their kiss long enough to say bye to Selene and
Faith and wish them good luck in life. Then, they resumed their kissing.


Faith put Eric to bed. The lad went to sleep almost immediately. His Teddy
bear lay next to him. Faith was walking back to her room when she saw Selene.
Her heart beat faster. "Good night, Selene." said Faith.

Faith went to bed, she thought that maybe Selene had something to say. Faith
knew that she loved Selene more than she had ever loved anyone else, except
maybe her son Eric. She felt so much love and desire for that woman that it
was overwhelming. As Faith was ready to do put aside her Danielle Steele
novel so she could sleep, she felt a presence in the room. Someone opened
the light. Faith blinked. It was Selene. Selene, the beautiful Selene who
stood there naked as a jaybird. Faith felt her heart beating faster and a
wetness begin between her legs.

"Hi," said Selene.

"What are you doing?" Faith asked.

Selene said nothing and walked to the bed. She got close and slipped in under
the covers with Faith. Selene took Faith's face in her hands and kissed the
other woman on the mouth. "I'm not that good at this." Selene said.

Faith hesitated, then saw the love in Selene's face and put her arms around
her. "I love you, Selene." Faith confided in tears.

"Back at you." Selene said.

She kissed Faith and then reached for the light and flicked it off. In the
dark they embraced. Faith felt Selene's hot kisses all over her body and
Selene felt Faith's gentle yet knowing hands on her face, neck and breasts.
Faith's hands explored every part of Selene's body. When they reached
Selene's pussy, Selene gasped but a kiss from Selene silenced her and
Faith's mouth was on Selene's most intimate regions, licking, probing and
exploring. Selene was not inactive. She rubbed and caressed Faith, knowing
from touching her own body which spots felt great.

Soon, the two women were moaning in ecstacy. For the first time, an
incredibly intense orgasm rocked Selene's body. She screamed in pleasure.
Faith held her in her arms and kissed her. With tears in her eyes, Selene
said, "Thank you."

Faith held her even tighter and said, "You're welcome."


Michael Corvin and Jessica got married in the Sacred Heart catholic church
of east Los Angeles. They moved to Switzerland.

Selene went back to UCLA to get a formal education and graduated at the top
of her class with a degree in Psychology. She picked up her diploma with her
adopted son Eric and her partner, elementary school teacher turned Science
fiction author Faith Newberry. The couple recently got married in
Massachusetts where they currently reside.

The End


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