Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don't own Underworld: Awakening or any characters and make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Description: Centuries old Vampire Selene is brutally raped by newly enhanced Quint, the massive Lycan-Juggernaut.

Additional Credit: This story is based on a request from Dr Blasphemy of T-S-S-A.

Content Codes: MMF, MF, pwp, rape, cream pie, viol

Underworld - Awakening: Selene's Quaint, Quint's Not
by JD ([email protected])

As a Death Dealer, Selene felt contempt for the fear visible in the faces of the vampire coven. Only David had any true spirit, and his enthusiasm boosted a few of the others. The rest ran for shelter at the mouse-mannered elder's cry. She was reminded of insects cringing as their rocks were turned over, as the intruders hammered for entrance in their search for her newfound daughter. Though expecting humans, she felt little surprise to see Lycans pouring into the coven's home instead. Perhaps only curiosity that they appeared at the peak of physical condition for Lycans, and not the pathetic beaten wretches David and his father had alluded too. The fate was fast, brutal, and went badly for every Lycan to get in Selene's way, but she could see the Vampires were outnumbered and quickly turned back to arrange her daughter's escape with David.

Screams and growls echoed around subterranean tunnels as Selene saved David from attack and with barely a backward glance passed her daughter over to his care. She intended to cover their escape. The hybrid child was clearly the key to everything; the humans, the Lycans, and the future of the Vampires. There were perhaps also the beginnings of maternal feelings manifesting in Selene's cold heart, but as the battle raged she turned her thoughts only to tactics. Emerging into another corridor she emptied her guns' magazines into Lycan's wolfish skulls, the weapons' kick easy to ignore with Vampire strength in her wrists and arms. Reloading, she stepped through to a sight that half-turned her stomach. Though the initial assault had seen the Lycans tearing into the Vampires, as they gained control of the fighting they kept their prey alive.

The coven's healer, Olivia, bled from a dozen bites as a pair of Lycans raped her from front and rear through shredded clothing. Her screams were edged with a sick terror, and though she kicked and punched against them, they ignored the vampire's crushing blows in their lust. A half dozen more Vampires whose names Selene hadn't heard were barely visible under the dark partially furred bodies of their Lycan assailants. Weapons torn from their hands lay useless amongst splattered blood and the mercifully dead. The Lycans took bloody vengeance for their fallen brothers, even as the fight continued elsewhere in the coven. Rage finally edged out the contempt in Selene's heart as she raised her guns to slaughter the distracted beasts, only for a splintering doorway to announce attack from her own shapely rear.

She turned, guns ready, to face the largest Lycan she had ever seen. Herself only 5'7 in bare feet, Selene judged the Lycan would be easily 10' tall if it stood to attention, but hunched over in attack posture it was still over 8'. It was big, but certainly not slow. The fate of the raped Vampires momentarily forgotten, Selene flipped sideways to avoid the rush assault, and rolled into the large round room at the centre of the coven's home. She fired back, but while her bullets thudded satisfyingly into the hide of the beast the wounds healed immediately, pushing them right back out. She leaped again, but felt the beast's clawed paw close on her ankle, and then she was smashed face first into damp stonework. She felt the wall against her entire body, her breasts forced back into her chest, while she saved her skull from a crack at the last moment by whipping her head back.

The Lycan-Juggernaut, Quint, had his father's orders. The first target was Subject One; the hybrid needed to be recovered and vivisected to finally grant silver-immunity. His best pack members were already closing in on the girl, and so he had time to put the Death Dealer bitch, who'd done so much harm to the Lycans over the centuries, in her place. The injections he'd already had gave him such terrible strength he intended to pull the bitch's head right off and have it mounted on the wall, but the sounds and smells of the Lycans who'd chosen to rape the Vampires gave him an even crueller idea. He'd introduce her to some Lycan-Juggernaut cock, the obscenely huge doggie dick poked a dark-cherry red from his sheath as threw Selene from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall.

She hadn't for a moment entertained the thought that she, too, might be raped. Her sensitive ears could pick out the sound of Olivia's screams growing sharper over the howling Lycans and roaring water nearby, but she saw herself as superior in every way to the coven Vampires. Even without the 'gifts' she bore from Alexander's blood, she would have rated herself above them all. Though the massive Lycan had temporary advantage as he flung her around, she looked for weapons to turn against him. She felt his paw close around her head, and then he held her towards the pillar at the side of the room. There was a good blade just out of reach, and Selene smiled, showing fangs. One good lurch, and... she felt the claws score into the pale marble-like skin of her back as her latex-effect PVC catsuit was shredded from neck crotch. The laces of her leather corset snapped like little whips cracking at the same time, and the foul smell of the Lycan's breath nearly gagged her as he snorted across her bared skin from behind. She felt the wet heat of his flared, flattened, canine cock tip sliding between her cold buttocks, and knew his intent.

"No! Don't you fucking dare! I'll kill you, you filth!"

Selene's icy composure had cracked. She felt sure the Lycan was laughing through his growls. She was strong, no, very strong. Tough, and dangerous as all hell. But this Lycan was the biggest she'd ever seen, and as he forced her shredded catsuit off her arms she found she couldn't prevent him stripping her. The corset leather creaked as it fell from her arms, and then Selene was stripped to the thighs, the abandoned blade tauntingly close. She realised he'd done it on purpose, put her just out of reach of a weapon to fuck with her head. The pillar scraped against her face, breasts, stomach and even her cunt as she was forced up, out of the remains of her catsuit and her boots. Managing to use the pillar for leverage, she pushed hard, actually moving him back a step, and kicked at his crotch. The blow landed, and Selene felt a slimy stickiness against her bare sole. He howled, nearly deafening her, and slammed her hard into the floor.

Quint felt his cock bounce like a jack in the box, but in his enhanced state the abuse felt good. Only half emerged from his sheath, he was already bigger than any human male in length and girth. He held both of Selene's hands in one massive paw, squeezing them together hard enough that he felt her bones grind. She had to feel it. Drinking in her frontal nude beauty for the first time since she'd been in the cryotube (his father had always insisted he clean the mess he left on the glass before her upturned face and breasts himself), he admired the Vampire's physical perfection, even as she tried landing more kicks. Hunched up to adapt for their size difference, he drooled across Selene's large, immortally firm breasts, and sniffed down at her dry cunt. He'd be her first in 12 years. His long Lycan tongue flopped out between wolf jaws, and lashed the Vampire's cold cunt even as she stopped kicking and tried to force her legs closed.

"No, damn you! Somebody! Help me! Get me a damn weapon!"

There was no reply. Even Olivia's screams had stopped when a Lycan dislocated her jaw and forced his cock into her throat, choking off the cries that would have accompanied the selfless healer's double-knotting below. The fangs felt good rubbing against the Lycan's length, without any force behind them. Selene thought again of the child, and hoped she was safe. Perhaps the Lycan's lusty distractions would buy the time needed for escape. She felt her arms shaking from the effort as she fought against the massive Lycan's grip on her hands, her back arched from the floor even before he forced his thick tongue into her cunt. Hot and slimy, he was lubricating her. Selene groaned, enraged that it even felt good to have a foe slobbering in her. His size was such that he had her hands above her head, and another paw mauling her breasts roughly even with his snout pressed against her cunt. She could feel him as far as her cervix, tonguing around and drawing arousal from her body. Raising her head she glimpsed his redness with her battle blue eyes, and thought she looked upon a club, rather than a cock. She shook her black hair about her face, and squeezed her eyelids shut over bright blue, before opening and confirming the sight was real. He'd got her a damn weapon, but not one she could use! She was close to breaking, mentally, but refused to beg or scream for any Lycan.

Quint could taste the Vampire bitch getting wet around his tongue. Cold and blood-tinged, Selene's juices flowed. He'd always believed she was a whore, fantasised it as he looked upon her in the lab, and played with her captured outfit as he stroked off. That outfit was now as ruined as she was going to be when he was finished. Keeping the death grip on Selene's hands, he re-positioned himself between her thighs. His mass was such that even his less-muscled lower body pressed her thighs painfully wide. A less durable Vampire or human woman might have had them dislocated, or at least the quads torn from the bone. His length still wasn't fully hard as he pressed it into Selene's bush, though the ring of muscle that would become his knot had emerged from his sheath signalling most of his length was out. Like a dog, he wouldn't be fully hard until he was sheathed in his bitch.

"Fuck you! You furry fucking fuck! I'm going to kill your whole race!"

Selene's calm was destroyed as the Lycan forced her open. She was sure even her child wouldn't have been as large when, unconscious, she gave birth 12 years before. It burned, hot Lycan cock to cold Vampire cunt. She was completely helpless, unable to resist, as first her outer lips and then her inner passage was stretched painfully around the slimy beast cock of the massive Lycan. Used to seeing fear, and anger, in the eyes of Lycans, Selene could see only sadistic lust and amusement looking down upon her. A beast, more than twice her size, raped her and the forced arousal meant only that he slid in more easily. It still hurt like hell. As he unexpectedly thrust hard, sinking more than half his length deeply into her, Selene hissed, refusing to scream her pain even as the hot veiny length throbbed inside her, and then spat up at the Lycan's snout. She felt impaled as his organ seem to harden and expand inside.

She tried to wiggle off, to pull herself away or free her hands from his grip, but succeeded only in pleasuring the Lycan and paining herself. Blood trickled down her chin from the punctures of her own fangs to her lip, but Selene's pale skin was otherwise unmarred, healed to perfection in stark contrast of the ugly mass of Lycan muscle hunched over and humping into her. His thrusts grew ever harder, and she knew he intended to try to force entry deeper than she could comfortably take. While he clearly took physical pleasure from the act, Selene knew the rape to be more about his mental feeling of domination and control over her. Besides pride, this knowledge was the main reason she didn't want to grant him the satisfaction of her screams. His thrusting increased, with forced arousal and his slick unsheathed length smoothing his passage into the strongly gripping tightness of the Death Dealer's cunt. Selene found her spit returned in panting drool that stank of rotten meat. The Lycan's rutting was starting to feel good for Selene, enraging the struggling Vampire.

The Vampire bitch's body already felt real good on Quint's shaft. He ignored her curses, was barely aware of her spitting or struggles, only the fantastic slippery tightness around his length. His long held belief in the superiority of the Lycan race to the leeches seemed proven by the ease with which he had defeated their finest remaining warrior, and made her his bitch. The pack's success against the other lesser Vampires in the assault supported his theory. Snarling down at her face, he enjoyed the look of rage and pain as he thrust harder between her splayed thighs. Looking down further to see her thighs milk-pale against his patches of fur and dark skin, he relished the loud wet noises as his cock disappeared between her stretched lips and emerged on the pull out. His knot was growing, an ugly ring of darker-red flesh at the base of his shaft, and he dearly wanted to plug Selene with it before he departed. A subordinate Lycan loped into the room, growling that a few unresisting Vampires had surrendered and turned over the hybrid child; the pack could leave. Quint snarled he would finish, first.

"Lycan shit! I'll... I'll.."

It felt too good. Selene was disgusted that her highly trained body, a superb killing machine, was responding so eagerly to the huge stretching fuck thrusts of the Lycan. Her cunt wouldn't have been wetter if she'd had a hose turned against her crotch. Rope-like veins along the hard shaft rubbed pleasurably as they stretched, and her clit was catching the thrusts just right. Selene realised the bastard was going to make her come like a cheap whore, and swore to herself she would not scream. Unexpectedly, the Lycan suddenly thrust extra hard against her. Selene's climax triggered, unwillingly peaking during her brutal rape, and causing her to arch up again from the filthy floor. Eyes rolled back, delicious warmth sparking through her body, she barely felt the Lycan's huge heavy paw slam down over her shaking breasts, holding her flat, and then new pain, swift and terrible, rushed in with her shameful pleasure. Great pressure at her cunt, already stretched beyond comfort, as the melon-sized-and-growing knot pressed into her.

Selene screamed, her oath forgotten.

Quint howled, needing most of his enhanced strength to force his knot into Selene's too-small cunt. A petite and slim bodied Vampire, she seemed like a doll beneath him. Her legs, forced agonisingly wide, seemed sticklike against his bestial haunches. He thought he might actually split the bitch in twain, but somehow her immortal body stretched further, swallowing his knot like a python consuming a pig. Howling still, every Vampire left alive of the Coven all too aware of his triumphant cry's meaning. He overcame the internal resistance and forcefully knotted the screeching Death Dealer until his massive balls slammed against her dirt-spattered buttocks. He had to have breached her cervix, but Selene's body gripped every inch of his impossible length, and stretched further as his knot finally swelled to maximum. The Vampire's belly showed the internal distension, but Quint was in no position to admire the visual signs of his success. He humped three, four, five more times, altering the pitch of Selene's screams, and then gripping her breasts in one mighty paw, he squeezed and came.

Selene was beyond words, trapped in pain. Utterly defeated, dominated, violated to the very limits of her body, she cried bloody tears as she screamed in un-Vampiric agony. She felt as if a red-hot fire hydrant had been forced side her cunt and expanded. The greater heat of the Lycan's explosive climax and massive increase in pressure made her feel as if the hydrant had started to spray molten lava into the core of her body. The pain in her roughly mauled breasts was a terrible additional torment as her belly ballooned, stretched as if pregnant under the pressure of the Lycan's copious spurting spunk. Selene's white skin showed angry red stretch marks, while claws left bloody pricks in her breasts. She smashed her head back against the rough floor, seeking unconsciousness as an escape, but none came. She was knotted and filled by her mortal enemies' champion, forced into the role of bitch many Lycans had fantasised for her. His rank breath blasted into her nose and mouth and then, revoltingly, he lent down and licked her face. The pressure inside stabilised; he'd somehow stopped just short of bursting out into Selene's viscera.

Quint had loved every moment of the Death Dealer's defeat and rape, and knew he'd be replaying the memory in his mind for the rest of his life... but lust sated, it was certainly time to move on, and return to his father for the final treatments that would render him truly unbeatable to Vampire or human. Moving his shaft in the sticky warmth he'd shot into the Vampire, he felt a little escaping around his knot. He pressed down hard on her breasts again, feeling them flattened against her ribs, and then pulled as strongly as he could. Quint winced, while the Vampire's newest scream was delicious. He had to admit that unless her body suddenly became a lot less durable than it had proven, pulling his knot out was going to hurt him more than it would hurt her. He punched her hard, slamming his fist into her head twice, enough to knock the light from her eyes. The satisfying thunk of clenched paw against Selene's skull preceded Quint's shrinking transformation back to a naked, muscular man. His spunk poured torrentially from between Selene's splayed thighs, and he nearly slipped as he stood over the thoroughly raped Death Dealer. Blowing her a final ironic kiss, he turned and left the dark room without a rear glance at the limp body lying in the slowly spreading pool of stinking Lycan sperm.

Perhaps he should have killed her when he had the chance. When Selene awoke, she would seek her revenge, rescue her daughter, and destroy Antigen's operation. She could even succeed, for she was smart enough to learn tactically from their encounter... and extremely motivated to see him die.


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