Underworld - Evolution: Back To Before (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Great Britain, late 1500s.

Marcus Corvinus stood in the darkness, looking at Castle Corvinus. The
magnificent castle sat atop the hill, dominating the valley. He stood there,
looking at the world that was once his. Once, he was a prince of the Magnus
region of England. He was the son of wealthy lord Alexander Corvinus. He had
power and prestige. Now, he found himself alone in the world. He found
himself pondering how his situation had changed. How much he had changed.
For the young man who gazed longingly at the castle was no mere mortal. He
was the First of the Bloods, Father of all Vampires, Master of all Creatures
of the Night. But he wasn't always that way...

Not long ago, something happened that changed the young man's life. He was
walking around in the darkness when he was attacked by a strange creature. A
large, bat-like thing that bit him. It attacked him and left him near-dead.
Marcus didn't die. The bat-like thing's bite had changed him. It changed him
profoundly. He became stronger and faster. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end
of it. He learned that his new powers came at a steep price. Marcus Corvinus
could never walk in the light of day again. He had become something other
than human. He discovered that he needed to drink blood to survive. Also, it
made him immortal. So, Marcus Corvinus found himself alone in the world. He
looked like a human being, but he was far from human. He discovered that he
could transform himself into a huge, bat-like creature with immense wings. A
deadly monster that prowled the night endlessly looking for victims. Marcus
Corvinus had become the first vampire.

He removed himself from the world of the humans. He hid from his beloved
father, Alexander Corvinus. He missed his family, especially his twin
brother William Corvinus. William Corvinus went into the wilderness
looking for his missing brother. He was bitten by a wolf during a wild
night. The wolf's bite changed William Corvinus. Like his brother before
him, he mutated, eventually turning into a gigantic, wolf-like beast.
William Corvinus had become the first werewolf, father of the race of the
Lycanthropes. At first, William Corvinus could not control himself. He
roamed the countryside in bestial form, attacking men and women whenever
he encountered them. The humans who survived William's attacks yet
sustained his bite became wolf-like monstrosities just like him. Thus,
the race of the Lycanthropes grew. Ordinary men and women bitten by
William Corvinus became werewolves. William and his growing following of
werewolves stalked the woods, increasing their numbers by attacking humans.
Soon, the threat of the werewolves became overwhelming. Something had to
be done about these superhuman monsters who roamed the countryside. Someone
had to stop them.

For this reason, Marcus Corvinus contacted a wealthy man named Viktor. Viktor
was sixty years old. Once, a tall and proud British aristocrat. Now, he was
dying of illness. Marcus Corvinus promised him eternal life in exchange for
his help against the growing menace of the werewolves. Viktor agreed. Marcus
turned him into a vampire. He also turned Amelia, a beautiful young woman who
was also Viktor's niece. Viktor, Amelia and Marcus became known as the Triad,
the most powerful vampires of all time. Viktor and Amelia went around
recruiting men and women and turning them into vampires. They needed an army
to fight the werewolves. Once they had reached a sufficient number, they
began to hunt the werewolves. All werewolves were ordinary people transformed
by William's bite. By night, under the full moon, their bestial side emerged
and their human side vanished.

They became super-strong, fast-healing, deadly monsters. Monsters that craved
human flesh. Unlike the werewolves he created, William Corvinus could never
return to human form. He had lost that ability the day he became a werewolf.
The day he became the First of the Lycans and Father of all Werewolves. The
vampires, led by Viktor and Marcus fought against the vampires. It was a
dangerous war fought at night. Eventually, the vampires captured William
Corvinus. The Patriarch of the Lycan Race had been taken by his eternal
enemies. The vampires decided to imprison William Corvinus for all eternity.
They locked him away in an indestructible metallic coffin and buried it deep
below the earth. Like his vampire brother Marcus, William the Lycan was
immortal. He would not die, even after many centuries spent buried below the
earth. Vampires and werewolves were creatures that lived forever unless they
were slain.

Marcus Corvinus stood there, looking at the place he once called home, and
shook his head. A voice startled him. "What troubles you, my lord?"

Marcus turned, and saw that it was Amelia. The female vampire. He smiled at
her. "Nothing, my lady," he said.

Amelia smiled, and once again, he was reminded of how beautiful she was.
"Whatever it is, I bet I can take your mind off it."

With that, she kissed him. Marcus hesitated, then kissed her back. "Come with
me," she said.

She took to the air and he followed. The power of flight was something only
he, she and Viktor had. They were the Elders, after all.

"Where are you taking me?" He asked.

"Someplace nice," Amelia promised.

They flew in the dark skies and finally came to rest on the roof of an
abandoned farm house.

"What kind of place is this?" Marcus asked.

Amelia smiled. "My secret hiding place."

He looked at her. She looked at him.

"Now come inside."

They did. The seemingly abandoned farm house was actually a nice-looking,
well-arranged place.

"Surprise," Amelia said. She gestured to a comfortable-looking couch.

Marcus sat on the couch. He watched Amelia undress. She started to undress
and moved about sexily. She undulated before him and took off her clothes,
revealing a sexy body. She had full breasts, a slim waist and a nice,
tight-looking butt. She was one sexy lady. He smiled and she returned his
smile and looked at him provocatively.

She came to him. He kissed her and started to caress her body. She didn't
want to wait and went straight for his dick. She took his cock into her mouth
and started to suck the life out of him. She was sucking his cock and licking
his balls. Her tongue ventured into his ass as she pumped up his cock with
her hand. She sucked him until he came inside her mouth. She drank his cum,
not spilling a single drop. He took her into his arms and lifted her off the
ground. Laughing, he carried her to bed while she pretended to struggle. He
threw her on the bed and she tried to evade him. His irresistible and strong
arms dragged her back to him. She lay on her back, legs spread and smiling
invitingly. He took her like this, entering her pussy slowly. He started to
really give it to her, slamming his cock deep inside her. She screamed as he
fucked her, hard. He held her by the hips and roared like an animal as he
fucked her. She wrapped her legs behind him and he thrust deep into her. Her
pussy is so warm and tight that he can't resist for much longer. He cums,
shooting his load deep inside her. After sex, she came into his arms and they
went to sleep.

When Amelia woke up the next morning, Marcus was already dressed.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Out." he told her.

"Can I see you again?"

Marcus looked at her. Was she stupid or what?

"Look, lady. We did our thing. It was cool. Don't think that makes us an item
or something."

Marcus left. He went to his daytime lair. He was not the sort of man whom a
beautiful woman could change or own. He was a man with a burning passion.
Someday he would be reunited with his brother. Even if it took centuries.

The End


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