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Author's note: This story takes place at the beginning of Series 5 but has it's own continuity.

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Vampire Diaries: Boring Elena
by MTL ([email protected])

Katherine Pierce hated disguising herself as her boring doppelganger Elena Gilbert. She had far too frequently, and wasn't particularly looking forward to doing it again, but curiosity got the better of her. See, not only was sweet little Elena now a vampire, but she had broken up with Stefan and was keeping both Salvatore brothers at arm's length, which begs the question, why? Had she become bored with them? Katherine could understand that, if it was the other way around, but she was genuinely surprised by this turn of events. And it made her wonder, was it possible that vampire Elena wasn't so boring? The answer was yes, and Katherine could never have guessed why.

Now Klaus was dead and the surviving Originals had left for New Orleans Katherine was free to stalk Elena without any hassle. Unsurprisingly she seemed like the same old boring Elena, at least until she broke into her doppelganger's home and found a very surprising, and delightful, sight waiting for her in Elena's bedroom. Namely Bonnie Bennett kneeling on the floor with her head lowered and without a stitch of clothes on, unless you count the cute little dog collar, which Katherine didn't. Katherine stared with disbelief at this sight for a few long seconds, then Bonnie lifted her head and gave her a searching look.

"M, Mistress Elena?" Bonnie murmured cautiously.

Mistress Elena! Wow, this was better than anything Katherine could have possibly imagined, a wicked grin crossing her face as she tried to imagine how this could have possibly happened. Then she realised she was giving away the fact that she wasn't Elena, and quickly change the expression on her face while beginning to look Bonnie up and down like a piece of meat. No stranger to the role of 'Dom' Katherine then started slowly circling the tasty morsel in front of her, fighting the primal instinct to dig her fangs into the soft flesh on display, satisfy her craving for blood and leave Elena the dead body of her friend and apparently sex slave as a gift.

However even if she could do that, and that was really debatable given how powerful Bennett Witches were, Katherine had a much, much better idea. Yes, she thought to herself as she came to stand directly in front of Bonnie, Katherine would have her way with this little morsel and leave Elena a gift all right, but it wouldn't be a dead body. It would be a well fucked one. The only question was, what to do first? Well, Katherine was also wondering whether Elena had any toys laying around to amplify the fun and thinking of all the wicked things she could do to Bonnie, but mostly she tried to decide what to do first, ultimately going with the most obvious answer, because she just couldn't resist.

"Have you been a bad girl Bonnie?" Katherine asked.

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie quickly replied.

"Well then..." Katherine said, slowly walking over to Elena's bed and sitting down on it before patting her knee, "I better spank you."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie replied, slowly crawling onto Katherine's lap.

Bonnie was at least 90% sure this wasn't her precious Mistress Elena, but her Mistress's evil doppelganger Katherine Pierce. However they had all known it was inevitable that when The Originals were gone, and maybe even before that, that Katherine would return, and they had come up with various different ways of dealing with her over the past year or so that she had been absent from Mystic Falls. Mostly involving killing her for what she did to Jeremy, but now thanks to Bonnie the youngest Gilbert was back in the land of the living, so Mistress Elena came up with a more mutually enjoyable plan for dealing with her evil twin. One Bonnie didn't really approve of, but Katherine was no threat to her and she wouldn't dream of disobeying a direct order from her Mistress.

So Bonnie pretended she wasn't suspicious and crawled directly onto the lap of 'Mistress Elena'. Nothing happened for maybe an entire minute, then the doppelganger went for obviously admiring Bonnie's butt to sliding a hand over it, squeezing and groping it like a butcher inspecting a piece of meat. Which wasn't exactly telling, as Mistress Elena did this all the time, although Bonnie could easily imagine that Katherine would do the exact same thing. Likewise for the first smack, which came after a little groping and was wonderfully hard, the sound of flesh on flesh echoing throughout the room nearly as loudly as Bonnie's cry of delight and anguish.

More of those cries came as the woman who certainly looked like her friend got into the kind of steady and confident rhythm that Bonnie imagined that could only come from experience. Not that she could say for sure, after all she had only been spanked by one person before, now may be two, but Bonnie vividly remembered the first time that Mistress Elena had spanked her and she had been more unsure of herself. Now she was far more confident, but maybe not this confident. And her smile wasn't quite as sinister, and it was suspicious when she tried to hide that smile whenever Bonnie look back at her. But most suspicious of all was the way that she spanked her.

Normally Mistress Elena gave her more of a playful spanking, unless Bonnie had earned herself a harder butt beating, which wasn't uncommon as Bonnie actually really liked it when Mistress Elena was rough with her. But then it seemed there was Mistress Elena rough, and then there was Katherine rough, Bonnie crying out louder than ever and tears falling from her eyes as she received the most brutal ass beating of her life. The doppelganger wasn't even groping her ass in between spanks, and although she had done that initially she had given it up much sooner than Mistress Elena, which made Bonnie anxious to use her magic to stop this. However she had promised Mistress Elena she wouldn't do that unless she absolutely had too, and Bonnie fully intended to obey that order.

Katherine was impressed. And she was impressed with Elena, which was weird. She was impressed with Elena for training one of her female friends to be a good little sub for her. Because no matter how hard Katherine spanked her Bonnie didn't complain. She cried out, but even that had an undertone of pleasure with the pain, and it was too early to tell whether Bonnie was a natural bottom or Elena had just trained her to like pain and/or submission this much. Although even if Bonnie was the biggest pain slut in the world, and had originally been trained by a different Dom, it was still incredibly impressive, because Bonnie hadn't realised her Mistress Elena was someone else, meaning that this must be the kind of treatment Elena was giving her on a regular basis.

Apparently a lot had changed while Katherine was away. Because she had studied Elena intensely for years before making her presence known, and never had she seen even a hint that Elena could be this interesting. It made Katherine want to meet the new and improved Elena, because maybe, just maybe they could be friends. Which definitely wasn't her original plan, but the main reason Katherine had survived this long was because she was adaptable to even the most unexpected things. In fact that's where life often got most interesting, and Katherine couldn't recall being more interested, or surprised or impressed for that matter, in something.

She also couldn't remember the last time she dished out a spanking. Especially not a proper spanking. However long it was it was definitely too long, because Katherine was having so much fun beating Bonnie's butt. Which was extremely satisfying because Bonnie had actually rendered her helpless before, and although it was only momentarily it was a clear sign that if Katherine wasn't careful this bitch could be the end of her. And now the super powerful Bennett Witch, who had bought herself and even The Originals to their knees, was bent over her knee taking everything Katherine gave her, which even included using her super speed and strength, if only briefly.

Mostly though Katherine just spanked Bonnie roughly by human standards, one blow directly after the other, that dark skin slowly becoming red and bruised under the relentless assault. This was because Katherine wanted to draw it out and make Bonnie wallow in her submission and humiliation, while Katherine revelled in her glee and dominance. Also she just loved watching Bonnie's big round cheeks jiggle and bounce for her under the force of every spank, and the Witch's cries of pain and pleasure of course, which became of pure pain during the brief moments that Katherine began using her super speed and strength. Yet still Bonnie didn't use her magic to stop her, or even complain, which again was so impressive.

Then without warning Katherine violently shoved Bonnie off her lap and ordered, "On your knees bitch!"

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie whimpered.

Once Bonnie was in position Katherine smiled and softly said, "Good girl. You took that spanking so well I think you deserve a reward, don't you?"

Bonnie opened her mouth, thought about it and then replied, "It doesn't matter what I think Mistress Elena. I'm just your bitch. But I would love a reward if you think I've earned it."

Katherine briefly glared at the sub before smiling, "That was the correct answer."

Bonnie hadn't been 100% sure before, but she was now. This wasn't her friend turned lover Mistress Elena. This was the evil vampire Katherine. Or for tonight Mistress Katherine, Bonnie both terrified and excited at the revelation. See, Mistress Elena did a good job of playing the cold, cruel Dom sometimes, but this was on a whole other level. More importantly when this beautiful brunette stood up so she could tower over her there was no warmth or love in her eyes as she stared down at Bonnie, just wicked delight. Which perhaps shouldn't be appealing, but it was, especially as Katherine slowly pulled off her dress to leave her in her sexy little underwear and high heels.

For a few long seconds Katherine allowed Bonnie to admire her beauty, then she asked, "Do you want to eat my pussy?"

"Yes Mistress Elena, more than anything." Bonnie answered truthfully.

"I thought so..." Katherine smiled knowingly, "But first I want you to kiss my feet. Mmmmmm yes, start with the shoes, and then I'll let you know when you can take them off and start with my bare feet."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie said, doing as she was told.

It was easy to assume that Katherine thought that this wasn't something that her doppelganger had even considered, but she was dead wrong. Mistress Elena was a loving and thorough Dom who found all sorts of ways to give Bonnie the submission and humiliation she craved. It also helped that Mistress Elena had quite a nice shoe collection, although again these were a giveaway as the ones this woman was wearing were far too expensive to be from Mistress Elena's collection. Which in a way almost made it more of a thrill to press her lips to them, Bonnie making the first kiss linger before she covered the rest of the high heels in quick little pecks for who knows how long.

"Good, now lick them. Yes, that's it, slide your tongue all over them you little bitch." Katherine grinned, genuinely impressed. Then after a few more minutes she lifted one foot up and ordered, "Now clean the bottom. Lick the bottom of my heel clean you little slut! Fuck Bonnie, you're such a whore. Mmmmmm, my submissive little whore. Take my shoes off whore. It's time for you to worship my feet."

As she talked Katherine lifted one leg up and then the other, first allowing Bonnie to lick the bottom of her heels and then take them off so she could start kissing, and occasionally licking, the other brunette's bare feet. Thankfully the bottom of the heels didn't taste too bad all things considered, but Bonnie definitely preferred kissing Katherine's feet as they tasted better and because feet were erogenous she knew that Katherine was receiving more physical pleasure from it. Then again it was Katherine, so who knows. Either way Bonnie found herself spending a long time kissing all over the other girl's feet, eventually under Katherine's instructions taking each of the vampire's toes into her mouth and sucking on them one at a time. While of course Katherine continued to provide commentary.

"Yes, good girl, suck those toes. Mmmmmm, suck it like your boyfriend's cock..." Katherine taunted, before remembering exactly who Bonnie's boyfriend was the last time she checked and instead changing the subject. For that and because she was just tired of waiting, she ordered, "Oooooooh, that's good. That's very good. That's so good I think you deserve a reward. Mmmmmm, I think you've earned the privilege of licking my little pussy Bonnie, ohhhhhh, but don't just go straight for it. Tease me a little. Mmmmmm yeah, kiss your way up my leg. Slowly! Yes, that's it, nice and slow. Ooooooohhhhhhh fuck, good little dyke slut."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie said softly once Katherine gave her permission to kiss her way up, and then kept going even as Katherine kept talking.

Soon she reached Katherine's pussy, but instead of going right for it Bonnie continued teasing the other girl by making her way back down the other leg. This clearly annoyed Katherine, but she didn't tell her to stop. More importantly she didn't do anything to stop her. So Bonnie repeated the process a few times, fully prepared to point out that was technically what Katherine asked her for. Of course she ended up teasing herself just as much as the evil vampire, so it wasn't that long before Bonnie pressed her nose to Katherine's very wet panties and breathed in a scent which was so familiar, and yet different, before looking up at the dangerous woman with pleading eyes.

"Please Mistress Elena, can I take these off?" Bonnie asked softly.

"Yes..." Katherine smirked, "If you use your teeth."

Bonnie hesitated, not because she didn't want to do it, but because this was actually something she hadn't done before and she wanted to do it right. After a moment of contemplation she pretty much just went for it, slowly leaning forward and biting down on the right side of the panties, keeping her teeth as far away from Katherine's pussy as possible to decrease the likelihood of upsetting the vampire. She succeeded in biting down the fabric only the first time around and, after briefly patting herself on the back for it, started lowering her head down slowly, trying to make this as erotic as possible. Honestly Bonnie mostly felt silly and awkward, except when she looked up and saw the pleased expression on Katherine's face, that look making it all worth it.

About a minute later once Bonnie's chin was practically on the ground Katherine stepped out of the panties, spread her legs slightly and praised, "Good girl... now, take those used panties and put them in my underwear drawer."

There was a moment where the two women stared at each other, then Bonnie popped the panties out of her mouth and nodded, "Yes Mistress Elena."

"Put those panties back in your mouth!" Katherine snapped quickly, and almost becoming enraged when Bonnie tried to stand up, "And who told you you could stand? Crawl bitch. Mmmmm, shake that sexy ass as you crawl for me."

That last part was added almost sweetly, clearly trying to disguise the moment of genuine anger. Acting like she was simply shaking it off Bonnie replied, "Yes Mistress Elena, sorry Mistress Elena."

In truth Bonnie was a little shaken up. To the best of their collective knowledge Katherine was manipulating and calculating, and not normally one to unpredictably fly off the handle like say Mistress Elena's ex Damon Salvatore, which was why Bonnie had agreed to this plan. And she just adored Mistress Elena. But not all vampires were as nice as Mistress Elena. In fact Katherine was as evil as they came, but still Bonnie obeyed her, crawling over to Mistress Elena's underwear drawer and leaving her a little present. Little did Katherine know that rather than be horrified by it Mistress Elena would probably be delighted, and press the fabric against her face the first chance she got.

"Good, good." Katherine purred wickedly as Bonnie slowly crawled back towards her after doing what she asked, "Now you may have the privilege of eating my pussy."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie said eagerly, increasing her pace.

For a moment Katherine opened her mouth, looking like she was going to scold Bonnie for continuing to crawl slowly, but she clearly forgot all about it when Bonnie finished closing the distance and slid her tongue quickly over Katherine's cunt, causing the evil vampire to moan in pleasure. Those were the only sounds which came out of Katherine's mouth for the next couple of minutes as Bonnie eagerly repeated the process, lapping away at Katherine's pussy with rapid licks of her tongue. Normally she didn't do that right from the start, but Bonnie was trying to distract Katherine, and more importantly convince her to take the pussy licking before she postponed it anymore with wicked thoughts of leaving something else to taunt Mistress Elena.

It seemed to work, more or less, although it also caused Katherine to scold her, "Oooooooh Bonnie, that feels really good. But I must have warned you about licking me too quickly from the start. Mmmmmm, at least without permission. Yes, that's it, nice and slow, ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, slow down Bonnie. There's no hurry. Oh yes, you're going to spend plenty of time eating my pussy."

Honestly Bonnie had no problem with that. She loved eating pussy. Especially Mistress Elena's pussy, and Katherine's cunt tasted almost identical to that heavenly flavour. In fact Bonnie wondered for a moment if she was wrong and this really was Mistress Elena. But no, there was a very subtle difference, one she probably wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't spent so many glorious hours in between the legs of her Mistress. It was still a wonderful treat though, and Bonnie loved the fact that now she got the chance to savour it. And Katherine even thought this was her idea, which just made everything about this even more delicious.

Katherine continued giving Bonnie orders for the next few minutes in between long moans, groans, gasps and even a few whimpers of pleasure, although she really wasn't paying much attention to what she was saying. No, she was just focused on the pure heaven that was having another girl going down on her. And oh, was Bonnie Bennett doing a surprisingly good job of it. Or perhaps not that surprising considering all this 'Mistress Elena' stuff, the thoughts of those words bringing a wicked smile to Katherine's face. But could it really be true? Could dear sweet Elena Gilbert really have turned into a Dom? One who would enslave her best friends?

If she had been asked one of those questions before walking into this room today Katherine would have most likely busted out laughing. And most likely killed the unfortunate person who asked her that question, because really if anyone had it thought was possible in her presence before it would been beyond absurd, and worthy of the sentence in her eyes. Yet the proof was kneeling in front of her and eagerly licking her pussy. Unless of course this was a practical joke gone way too far, or a bizarre technique by Bonnie to try and seduced her best friend, but neither seem plausible. Then again neither did the idea that Elena would become a dominatrix.

Elena certainly hadn't been that way when they had been having sex. Because of course Katherine hadn't been able to resist the once in a very long lifetime chance to seduce her mirror image to see if their bodies were truly identical. Other than a little wear and tear on her own, and Elena being human at the time, they had been which Katherine had somehow found disturbing and intoxicating at the same time. And God, her self-righteous personality might have been boring and frustrating, but towards the end Elena had been getting really good at eating pussy, and her little teenaged fuck holes had remained wonderfully tight even though Katherine had pounded into them thoroughly with her tongue, her fingers and her favourite strap-on.

Of course everything interesting about Elena was because of Katherine, the older doppelganger sometimes having to literally force her counterpart into being remotely interesting. Especially during those first few times, Katherine forced to threaten and blackmail her way into Elena's almost virginal panties in a way which made her feel almost guilty in retrospect. Because unlike other vampires Katherine took pride in the fact she didn't need to compel others into sex. Compelling them to forget she was a vampire and not to scream if she drank from them before or during sex? Sure, but she had never been that lazy, or even forceful as she had been with Elena that first night.

Once Elena had adjusted to her new role as Katherine's fuck toy she had admittedly got a little more interesting, licking Katherine's cunt with as much enthusiasm as Bonnie now was, if not more. Although she had still lacked experience. The kind of which Bonnie now seem to have. Or at least more of it. Which was truly fascinating. And extremely hot, especially as it prompted Katherine to contemplate just how many times Bonnie had been in this position pleasing her precious Mistress Elena. Because given how thoroughly she was licking her pussy Bonnie must have been practically living in between Elena's legs.

Whether it was exceptional hand-me-down training or Bonnie was just a natural when it came to eating pussy Katherine didn't know and didn't particularly care. She was just so impressed at the way Bonnie was licking her in all the right places, had all the right times and with the exact amount of pressure she always wanted, especially when it came to her clit. God, part of Katherine just wanted to stand there forever in Elena's room having her doppelganger's best friend playing with her clit. Especially when she wrapped her lips around it and began sucking it in between long licking sessions, gently at first, but gradually intensifie things without even needing to be asked, until Katherine just couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck me!" Katherine swore loudly, her eyes pitch black, her fangs sticking out and her face covered in veins as she growled like the animal she truly was, "Fuck me with your tongue! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, fuck me! Fuck me you dyke bitch! Stick your tongue inside meeeeeeee ooooooooooh fuck yeah, mmmmmmm, yes fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkkkkk aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh shit!"

Fortunately Katherine didn't really need to say much at all to get exactly what she wanted. In fact Bonnie made it crystal clear she knew exactly what she wanted by sliding her tongue against her entrance and leaving it there for a few long seconds which made Katherine want to literally rip her head off. Thankfully she was able to restrain herself as she was quickly rewarded for it by Bonnie slowly pushing her tongue inside her and then beginning to fuck her with it, quickly turning Katherine into a completely incoherent mess. Honestly it was a miracle she didn't give herself awayat that point. Although she could have, and she wouldn't have cared. All that mattered was that a pretty girl who knew what she was doing was going to make her cum.

If Katherine had a really tried she could have postponed her orgasm just so she could have enjoyed a few more seconds of Bonnie Bennett tongue fucking while thinking she was boring, or maybe not so boring, Elena Gilbert, and part of her was very tempted, but after all that build-up she just wanted to cum. She soon got her chance, Katherine allowing pure ecstasy to wash over her as she tilted her head back, let out an inhuman scream and came in Bonnie's mouth. That the 18-year-old successfully swallowed at least the majority of her cum was impressive, although Katherine had no intention of allowing her to move any time soon, and certainly not before she had completely covered Bonnie Bennett's pretty little face in girl cream.

Bonnie's face was already pretty covered in pussy cream as despite her best efforts some of it had escaped, and sadly it was the same story with Katherine's cum. There was just so much of it, and inevitably some escaped onto her face during that first orgasm. Of course Mistress Elena normally like to be tongue fucked to multiple climaxes, something Bonnie was perfectly willing to remind 'Mistress Elena' if she tried to pull away to soon in hopes of getting more of that heavenly cream into her belly were belonged. Although she should have known better, as Katherine tightened the already loose grip she had in her hair and shoved her face as deep as it would go into her cunt, making it crystal clear she didn't want her to move until she gave her permission too.

Most people would probably be terrified if a 500-year-old vampire shoved their faces in between her legs, and to be fair there was still part of Bonnie which was still pretty afraid, but it was all part of the plan, and this was one part that Bonnie had been very much looking forward too, and more than ever before she was determined to follow every single one of Mistress Elena's instructions. That meant hammering her tongue in and out of Katherine's cunt with every ounce of her strength just to get her to the next climax, and only then did she quickly pulled her tongue out, wrapped her mouth as tightly around the older woman's entrance as possible and then greedily swallowed the other brunette's cum. Or at least as much of it as she possibly could.

The amount she was able to swallow significantly decreased when Katherine started grinding her cunt into her face. Bonnie had plenty of experience with this thanks to Mistress Elena, but Katherine was stronger and faster, and even when Mistress Elena fucked her face like this Bonnie wasn't able to get all of her cum. But that was okay, Bonnie loved the feeling of another girl cumming all over her face, because it made her feel like such a slut. Or more accurately, a pussy loving lesbian slut. And when she was on her knees like this for Mistress Elena she felt like Mistress Elena's pussy loving lesbian slut, just like now she was Katherine's. Oh yes, no matter what happened next in this moment Bonnie was Katherine's pussy loving lesbian slut, and she loved that.

As much as she loved everything about this Katherine was being rougher with her than Mistress Elena, so much so it kind of hurt and more importantly it was becoming almost impossible to breathe, Bonnie's fingers tingling with magic which just wanted to come out and teach Katherine Ellison about mistreating her subs. Bonnie was even considering trying to playing it off as something Mistress Elena had ordered her to do just in case she ever got out of hand when Katherine finally pushed her away, Bonnie squeaking and she fell back onto her sore butt. Then Bonnie quickly got back on her knees like the obedient and well-trained sub she was, desperately hoping that Katherine wasn't about to leave without returning the favour and fucking her in some way. Ideally Mistress Elena's favourite way.

After several long seconds of gasping for breath Katherine panted, "Bring me something I can fuck you with."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie nodded, quickly obeying.

Katherine's eyes then lit up as a short time after crawling away Bonnie crawled back, this time with a large strap-on dildo in her mouth. Then she smirked at the idea of submissive little Elena fucking her best friend with a toy like this, and then even wider at the idea of using Elena's strap-on to fuck Elena's best friend without either of them knowing about it. Almost more than anything, even actually achieving that, Katherine wanted to taunt Bonnie about it. But no, she remained strong, wiped that smirk off her face, took the dildo from Bonnie and strapped it around her waist like it was no big deal. Then she received another surprise.

"My ass is stretched and ready for you Mistress Elena." Bonnie said softly, her gaze lowered to the ground.

"Really?" Katherine grinned, unable to stop the reply even though it broke character.

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie confirmed, and then against her better judgement added, "It's your favourite hole. I knew you'd want to use it, so I took the liberty of slipping a butt-plug up my ass after you left this morning. I only just removed it when I sensed you coming."

There was a long pause and then Katherine frowned, "Did I give you permission to stretch your ass like that?"

"No Mistress Elena." Bonnie admitted.

"Then why didn't you ask before I left?" Katherine raised an eyebrow, and then as Bonnie opened her mouth again quickly interrupted, "I don't want to hear your excuses, just make sure it doesn't happen again."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie replied apologetically.

"Now, why don't you show me just how stretched out and ready that slutty little ass of yours is?" Katherine offered, phrasing it as a question while making it clear it was a demand, "Mmmmm yeah, finger that butt and show me how loose my favourite fuck hole is. And how badly you want it fucked. Oh yeah, get in the centre of the bed so I can get a perfect view of you preparing your bitch hole for me."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie said when Katherine finally stopped yapping.

Again Katherine was impressed by how well Bonnie had been trained, quickly retrieving a bottle of lubricant and then crawling into the centre of the bed without really needing to be asked, the entire time wiggling her ass back at Katherine enticingly, but especially when she got onto the bed. It was another thing that Elena had seemingly passed down as this was something Katherine had taught Elena to do for her before she left. Except Bonnie had a lot more 'junk in her trunk' than Elena did, her black booty jiggling ever so slightly with every little wiggle she gave Katherine, which just made the vampire want to anally violate her even more.

That desire only grew when Bonnie positioned herself in the middle of the bed, reached back with recently lubed up fingers and started rubbing lubricant into her most private hole. Then she very slowly pushed a finger all the way in, not stopping until she worked her way up to the knuckle before she started pumping that finger in and out of her own ass hole. Any self-respecting person would be horrified of being told to do this, especially in front of someone else, but the powerful Witch just moaned like the shameless anal whore she clearly was. Or had been turned into by the perhaps formally boring Elena Gilbert, Katherine never forgetting that throughout the little show Bonnie put on for her.

She was very impressed that Bonnie continued to moan as she added a second and even a third finger into her butt hole, however as impressive as it was and is much as it turned Katherine on it made it increasingly hard to be just an observer. That was why it wasn't that long before Katherine joined Bonnie on the bed, picking up the bottle of lubricant that the Witch had discarded and using a generous portion of it on her newly acquired cock while continuing to watch the beautiful show in front of her. Then Katherine pushed Bonnie's hand away and replaced it with her strap-on with every intention of penetrating her prey.

At the last moment Katherine decided to push her luck, "You want this cock up your ass?"

"Yes Mistress Elena." Bonnie replied without hesitation.

"Then beg for it." Katherine commanded, beginning to slide her cock up and down Bonnie's ass crack.

"Please Mistress Elena, fuck my ass!" Bonnie immediately began begging, "Please fuck my slutty little ass hole. Please? I want your big cock up my ass soooooo bad Mistress Elena. Please give it to me. Fuck my ass! Ass fuck me, fuck me in the butt, fucking fuck my bitch hole! Please fuck me Mistress Elena! I need to be fucked by you. Oh fuck!"

Bonnie gasped and tried not to tense when she finally felt Katherine pressing the tip of her cock against her ass hole and pushing forwards. Honestly Bonnie had been expecting a little teasing followed by a rough anal penetration. Mistress Elena hadn't shared her concern when she ordered, but just in case she had been sodomising Bonnie extra frequently and making her walk around with a butt-plug stuffed up her ass just in case. Bonnie had very much like that preparation as it made her feel like a total slut, but she was relieved and grateful for the fingering, the lube and now the as it turns out slow penetration. Looking behind her, which she could just about awkwardly do, Bonnie guess from the look on Katherine's face that this was more for the vampire's enjoyment than her own, but she still appreciated it.

Of course after a few weeks of nearly non-stop butt fucking, and over six months of regularly giving up her ass to her best friend turned Mistress, Bonnie's slutty little butt hole welcomed being stretched and penetrated, and in what felt like no time at all Bonnie was gasping out again, this time in a mixture of pleasure and pain as the head of Katherine's cock slid through her anal ring and into her bottom. Again surprising her in a good way Katherine then gave Bonnie a few seconds to adjust before sliding inch after inch inside her. Which again was probably for Katherine's benefit, but it was definitely something Bonnie benefited from.

As Katherine slid her strap-on into Bonnie's butt slowly but easily the 18-year-old began moaning softly, Katherine again giving away that she wasn't really Mistress Elena because Mistress Elena knew just how much of an anal whore Bonnie really was. Which was both a blessing and a curse. Obviously it made it easier to surrender her ass to the evil vampire who might hurt her in the process of dominating her, and it meant pleasing Mistress Elena by willingly performing the greatest act of submission with ease, but Bonnie sometimes worried that her ass was getting a bit too slutty. After all thanks to her vampire healing Caroline's butt eventually recovered to virgin tightness no matter how hard Mistress Elena fucked it, and despite Mistress Elena swearing that she liked the contrast it sometimes bothered Bonnie.

Right now was not one of those times, because it meant that in what felt like seconds Katherine's thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing every single inch of her cock was buried up Bonnie's slutty little black ass. Which of course made her let out an extra loud moan of satisfaction, which obviously made Katherine even more tempted to taunt her about it, maybe even if it giveaway who she truly was. But Katherine remain strong and officially began to butt fuck Bonnie, the Witch continuing to moan as the small amount of initial discomfort quickly faded and soon she felt nothing but pleasure from what had quickly become her favourite act thanks to her wonderful Mistress Elena.

Katherine spent most of the anal penetration mesmerised by the sight of Bonnie's butt hole stretching for her dick, and then stretching around it as it slowly entered the other girl's rectum. She had always liked inflicting this ultimate humiliation on another woman ever since she had first tried it centuries ago, especially when that woman was powerful in some way. And oh, was Bonnie Bennett powerful. She always had been, but since the first meeting she'd only got stronger as she tapped into more of her magic, and now she was even a genuine threat to a vampire as ancient as Katherine. And here she was, face down and spreading her cheeks so Katherine could have the best view of her strap-on violating the Witch's most private hole.

Just when Katherine didn't think it could get any better she suddenly became aware of Bonnie moaning in pleasure. Part of her had heard it all along, after all she wasn't deaf, the opposite really, but to truly realise just how loud and pleasure filled it was filled Katherine with great sadistic joy which appeared on her face in the form of an evil smile. Or maybe that had been there since she first penetrated Bonnie's ass. Or even when she walked in on this beautiful black girl completely naked in her doppelganger's room. Whatever the case Katherine couldn't help smile, laugh and inevitably taunt her pray, if only just a little so she didn't give the game away.

"That's it Bonnie, moan for me. Moan for your Mistress as she fucks you up the ass!" Katherine gleefully taunted, delivering a few extra hard thrusts to squeeze more moans from the 18-year-old Witch, "Mmmmmm yes, moan as I fuck this big, beautiful black butt of yours. Moan as your Mistress owns your ass hole. Yes that's it, fucking moan for me you little anal slut! Moan!"

Obedient little slut that Bonnie had now proven that she was she did indeed moan. Better yet she began moaning Elena's name, never forgetting to put Mistress in front of it like the well-trained slut she apparently was, further impressing Katherine and giving her a thrilling vision of her submissive and boring doppelganger in the position she was now in. It was still hard to imagine, and something Katherine would have never contemplated before today, but it was something she would never be able to stop thinking about. And it was definitely something she was going to have to see for herself. Although that was just a thought in the back of her mind at the moment, as her main focus was still on sodomising Bonnie.

It was impossible for that not to be Katherine's main focus given that she still had a perfect view of her strap-on cock pumping in and out of Bonnie's obscenely stretched butt hole. Just as importantly the moans of pleasure were quickly joined by gasps, whimpers and cries which was just as endearing as the moans, and eventually they were joined by one of Katherine's favourite things in the world. Begging. Begging for mercy. Begging for more. Begging for permission to cum. It was all such music to Katherine's ears, so much so she allowed it to continue for quite a while before finally giving Bonnie what she so desperately wanted.

"Harder! Ohhhhhhh, fuck me harder Mistress Elena!" Bonnie begged, being careful to refer to the woman as Mistress Elena, "Fuck my ass! Please Mistress Elena fuck my ass hard and make me cum! Mmmmmm pound my slutty little butt hole and make me cum like a little bitch with a dick in my ass! Please, please, please Mistress Elena, destroy my little bitch hole and make me cum for you! I want to cum. Ooooooooh Goooooodddddd, I need to cum! Please Mistress Elena sodomise me, sodomise me hard and deep and make me cum. I want to cum for you. I need to cum for my Mistress! Please? Please just do it."

Bonnie moaned, gasped and most frequently of all whimpered pathetically in between all that begging and still Katherine didn't show her mercy. Not that she had been expecting her too. In a way Bonnie was even happy about it. Because while Katherine no doubt thought this was something else Mistress Elena wouldn't do again she would be wrong, and the long drawn-out butt fucking would make Bonnie cum extra hard, and she had no doubt this would be no exception even if she wasn't giving up her most private hole to the woman she was devoted too. Although in a way she was, because she was only surrendering her ass hole to Katherine because Mistress Elena wanted her too, the thought of that making Bonnie smile into the bed sheets as the pleasure became torturous.

Luckily Bonnie was a total pain slut, and this was her favourite type of pain. Feeling so much overwhelming pleasure that she was on the verge of orgasm only to be denied by her lover was a heaven Bonnie struggled to describe, especially when she was being fucked in the ass, because surely there could be no greater act of submission or humiliation than this, making it easily her favourite sex act. Or thing to do ever. And the only way this could be better was if it was her beloved childhood friend Mistress Elena doing this to her. Although the fact that it was someone who looked just like her made it easy to pretend, making the moments before she got exactly what she wanted as close to perfect as possible, and what happened next was so close that she couldn't tell the difference.

"Be careful what you wish for bitch!" Katherine interrupted Bonnie's constant begging.

With those few words Katherine tightened her grip on Bonnie's waist and increased the pace. To Bonnie's delight, and a little disappointment, Katherine proved she was capable of at least a little mercy by providing some build up before she inevitably started pounding Bonnie's butt hole with her supernatural strength. If the switch had been sudden Bonnie could have probably taken it, albeit with some magic to dull the pain or fix the immediate damage to her most private hole but instead she felt nothing but overwhelming pleasure. The kind of overwhelming pleasure which easily made her cum over and over again shortly after Katherine really got going.

They were the type of climaxes which made her scream at the top of her lungs, her body shake violently and her cum to squirt out of her cunt, a.k.a. the kind of orgasms she had no idea she could receive until she had first submitted to Mistress Elena, Bonnie smiling happily as she thought of her best friend and now Dom. That was pretty much her one coherent thought for the next few minutes, and then she didn't even have that as her mind melted away as she truly became nothing but an orifice for another woman to use for her pleasure. And more importantly a fuck hole to please Mistress Elena, even though despite what it looks like it wasn't Mistress Elena who was fucking her in the butt.

Katherine meanwhile was fighting off her own orgasm, or more accurately orgasms as she had no doubt she would have more than one thanks to this wonderful experience. Of course normally she wasn't one to deny herself pleasure, but on certain occasions she could do it for the greater good. Not to give Bonnie pleasure. Of course not. This was about savouring the exquisite pleasure of anally violating one of her doppelganger's precious best friends, one who was more dear to her than she realised, and sending boring old Elena Gilbert a message that she and Bonnie would never forget. That message? That even if she tried to be interesting Elena would always be second best to Katherine. Always.

Also Katherine would always be the better top, something she proved as she effortlessly made Bonnie cum so many times that ultimately she passed out from her multiple orgasms. And she didn't even use all her supernatural strength to do it, even though it was very tempting. Which of course would do serious damage to Bonnie's insides, but Katherine could fix that. Or better yet she could leave Elena to do that, the idea of Elena walking into her bedroom to find her best friend Bonnie laying face down with a completely ruined ass hole finally pushing Katherine over the edge of that orgasm she had been fighting against, and sure enough it was quickly followed by a lot more.

Wanting to finish in style Katherine increase the pace ever so slightly as she allowed everything to wash over her. The way that the other end of the dildo was bashing against her clit, the way Bonnie's juicy ass was jiggling against her thighs with every thrust, the contrast of their skin tones and most of all the sheer joy of sodomising another woman, a woman so close to her doppelganger, making her multiple orgasms so wonderfully powerful. Then, as even her supernatural stamina was beginning to feel drained, Katherine yanked her strap-on out of Bonnie's butt hole, stepped back and smirked at the damage she had done.

Bonnie's ass hole was gaping obscenely wide and deep, Katherine unable to resist taking a picture on her phone just in case it healed somewhat before Elena got to see it. Of course Katherine considered finding Elena and bringing her here just so she could see what she had done to her bitch, and the thought was very tempting. But no. Katherine wanted Elena to stumble across this for herself. Or better yet for one of her precious friends to find Bonnie like this in Elena's room first. Which made her think about those friends, specifically her other female best friend Caroline and wonder if she was now like Bonnie, a sub to Mistress Elena. Then in a matter of seconds Katherine got dressed and left to find out.


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