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Author's note: This story takes place at the beginning of Series 5 but has it's own continuity.

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Vampire Diaries: Boring Elena Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Katherine wasted no time in getting to Caroline's house, which she still thankfully had access to after compelling Caroline's mother, who conveniently wasn't anywhere in the house. However Caroline was, and exactly where Katherine had been expecting her to be, namely on her knees completely naked and waiting for her precious Mistress Elena. Honestly not smiling gleefully at the sight was one of the hardest things Katherine ever had to do, but it was totally worth it for the chance to use both of Elena's best friends as the lesbian fuck toys they had become without Elena's knowledge. In fact anything would be, Katherine more than willing to do what was necessary to make sure this opportunity didn't slip through her fingers.

"Hello Mistress Elena." Caroline greeted softly, cautiously looking up at the brunette, then at what she still had in her hand, "Did Bonnie pass out again before she could clean your cock?"

"Yes." Katherine grinned, although luckily that expression was probably in character, "Why don't you do it for me?"

"Gladly Mistress Elena." Caroline said brightly before opening her mouth wide.

Even after everything she had just been through with Bonnie Katherine couldn't help but be amaze. Katherine would have thought for sure this was something Elena wouldn't push on her friends, and especially Caroline wouldn't be willing to do. It seemed Katherine had done a better job of fucking the boring prude out of Elena than she thought, and Elena had definitely return the favour, because not only was Caroline willing to do this but she was eager, her eyes lighting up when she saw the dildo which a few minutes ago had been up Bonnie's butt and then even moaning like a little ATM whore when Katherine pushed the fake cock into her mouth and began to shamelessly suck on it.

As Caroline started really going to town on that cock Katherine felt a weird sense of pride. Mostly for her own training being so effective, even when it was handed down by an inferior version of her, but at the same time she felt pride for her doppelganger. For boring Elena, which she hadn't thought was possible. Then again she wouldn't have thought boring Elena would be capable of this. It actually made her want to come face to face with her again so she could see just how not boring she had truly become. First though she would encourage Caroline, or more accurately praise her, as in such a short time the younger girl had already started shoving the dildo down her throat, obviously determined to get every drop of Bonnie's anal juices. Just like Katherine would have trained her to do, if she had been the one to do it.

"That's it bitch, suck it! Mmmmmm, suck that cock!" Katherine purred, "Suck all your best friend's butt juice off of my big cock! Mmmmmm, and clean it by stuffing every inch of it down your whore throat! Oh fuck Caroline, you've become such a nasty little slut. Mmmmmm, and you know what happens to nasty little sluts, don't you Care?"

There was a brief pause and then Caroline cautiously removed her mouth from the dildo and said, "Yes Mistress Elena."

"What?" Katherine pushed.

"They get spanked Mistress Elena?" Caroline replied, unable to keep a slight questioning tone out of her voice. Luckily she was correct.

"That's right bitch." Katherine grinned, strolling over to the bed and sitting down on it before raising an eyebrow, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

"Sorry Mistress Elena." Caroline apologise quickly before crawling into position.

Just like when she had Bonnie in this oh so vulnerable position Katherine took her time to admire the prize in front of her. Caroline's ass wasn't quite as nice as Bonnie's, or Elena's for that matter, but it was still cute and very spank-able. Although Caroline's butt being spank-able had a lot to do with Caroline herself, who was a stuck up little bitch Katherine regretted not putting in her place a long time ago. She would have if she hadn't been so busy teaching Elena her place, but apparently she needed to re-educate her doppelganger. Maybe Caroline too. But that was getting ahead of herself. For now Katherine would just play with Caroline's ass and let the little sub anticipate the pain she so richly deserved.

Caroline loved every part of being spanked. It still kind of embarrassed her, but she was a total pain slut, and was often cheeky or disobedient with Mistress Elena just so that she would end up over the knee of her childhood friend. Of course despite how this looked this wasn't her beloved Mistress Elena. If it was she would have taken the opportunity to reassure her that's who it was. But she hadn't, which was both thrilling and scary, because who knows what Katherine would do to her. And who knows what she had done to Bonnie, Caroline trying to put that out of her mind but it was impossible when Katherine just left her in that position for so long, allowing her to mind wander.

It somewhat helped when Katherine gently placed her hand on her ass and then began squeezing it, making Caroline feel like a piece of meat. Which she also loved, as it emphasised her submission and was so wonderfully humiliating. Although she didn't like it as much as being spanked, and she certainly didn't like it as much as the other fun things she did with Bonnie and Mistress Elena, so Caroline hope that Katherine wouldn't take too long on this. Unsurprisingly she took longer than Caroline would have liked, but what was even more unsurprising was that there was a limit to Katherine's patients and eventually she did smack Caroline's ass nice and hard.

As that caused Caroline to cry out in mostly pleasure Katherine smirked and murmured, "Pain slut."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Caroline grinned, "You know I am."

There was a brief pause in which Caroline wondered if that had been the wrong thing to say. Worried that Katherine would push the issue. Or worse that Katherine would just kill her on the spot. Luckily it resulted in the best possible outcome, Katherine beginning to rain down blow after blow straight onto Caroline's ass with barely a second pause in between. Then it seemed to get even faster, and harder, Katherine gradually working up to using what had to be every ounce of her supernatural speed and strength that 500 years had gifted her. And through it all Caroline cried in pleasure. Well, mostly.

Especially towards the end there was plenty of pain in her voice, she was squirming over Katherine's knee, and she was literally crying with tears flying down her cheeks at a rapid rate. But through it all Caroline loved it, especially the part where there was pretty much no waiting once the spanking began. Because Caroline loved Mistress Elena, she really did, but she always insisted on giving her a gentle spanking at first and then slowly build up to a brutal butt beating, as if she was still human or something. No, Caroline had been a vampire longer than Mistress Elena, and therefore not only did she take whatever she had to give her she needed whatever she gave her, and welcomed it from Katherine now. She even hoped that after all this maybe Mistress Elena would take a few lessons from Katherine's brutal playbook.

Katherine had a smirk on her face pretty much through every moment of brutalising Caroline's poor little butt. She couldn't have helped it even if she wanted too, and she really, really didn't. This was all just so delightful. Having this stuck up bitch squirming on her lap, her firm ass jiggling and discolouring from the force of the blows, and best of all Caroline screams of pain were music to her ears. Especially as she'd needed to earn those screams, as Caroline had proven to be the biggest pain slut Katherine had ever met. And that was really saying something. Hell, she remembered 'Mistress Elena' used to love getting her pretty little butt spanked. Not that she'd ever admit it. But Caroline was truly in a league of her own.

Such a positive reaction, combined with the fact that she was on a high from dominating Bonnie, caused Katherine to skip straight to the good stuff sooner than ever before. Because even though Katherine had done some truly brutal things in order to stay alive even she wasn't normally as hard on a butt right from the get go. After all, a spanking was supposed to be enjoyable for both parties, and normally that required at least a little teasing first. Which in a way Katherine had given Caroline, just not in the way that she was used too. And now she didn't think she could stop, especially as she watched Caroline's butt cheeks rapidly turn bright pink, to red, and then eventually a dark and bruised mess.

Even with her supernatural stamina and durability Katherine found herself getting tired, and her hand ached from all the spanking. Usually she didn't even break a sweat, but that's because most of the time she spanked someone it was a weak and feeble human girl she had chosen to make her plaything for the night. But any momentary fatigue, and pain in her hand, was worth it for hearing Caroline scream like this, and causing her ass to look so damaged. Even if with Caroline's vampire healing it would only be very temporary. Of course the moment of fatigue was a wake-up call. It reminded Katherine just how horny she was, and given how much Caroline was getting off on this it was high time that she was the one getting off.

So without warning Katherine pushed Caroline off of her, stood up and ordered, "That was fun, but it's my turn for some satisfaction, so get over here and eat me bitch."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Caroline murmured, rushing to do as she was told.

This ultimately, and unsurprisingly, caused Katherine to smirk as the little bitch fumbled to undo the harness to the strap-on which had been digging into her stomach the entire spanking, and had so recently been up her best friend's butt. And would be up her butt soon enough. From the way that Caroline took the time to gently place it on her bed with such reverie she must have known what was coming, or at least had a pretty good guess, and Katherine certainly didn't complain as she wouldn't have wanted it been dropped carelessly on the floor. Still, while she gave her the time to properly get the cock out of the way Katherine then grabbed Caroline's long blonde hair and shoved that pretty little face of hers directly into her cunt.

"I said eat me bitch!" Katherine growled, "Mmmmmm yes, eat my pussy. Eat it you little dyke, oooooooh yesssssss, that's it, good girl. Just like that, ohhhhhhh, take it easy! There's no rush."

Caroline was normally a big fan of starting out with a slow and gentle pussy licking, but Katherine's cunt was still leaking girl cum from whatever she did to Bonnie, and it had been difficult enough not to bury her face in between the other girl's legs as soon as she came in. When she finally had permission Caroline's mouth had began watering, and it was all she could do not to use her vampire speed to remove the harness, as she guessed Katherine would want the visual of her kneeling before her and taking it off. Likewise she guessed that Katherine would want to enjoy seeing her slowly lean into lick her pussy. Although she had been wrong about that last one.

When Katherine shoved her face between her legs Caroline thought, and hoped, that maybe the brunette would want to get off fast and hard, which would have been more than fine with the blonde. She was feeling super horny from the spanking, the fact that this was her third ever pussy she was about to taste, and even the idea that Katherine could have done anything to Bonnie. Then the heavenly flavour of Katherine's cum had hit her taste-buds and for a few long seconds Caroline devolved into the wild animal she truly was, frantically licking and even sucking the other woman's pussy in a ravenous need to get all of her cum. At least until she was punished for it.

Even though that punishment only came in the form of a tug on her hair and a warning look it was enough to convince Caroline to slow her role. After all she took pride in being a good sub and pleasing her Dom, even if it wasn't the one she was used too. More importantly, this was dangerous vampire Katherine Pierce. Intentionally pissing her off wasn't exactly a great plan, and she had orders from her true Mistress Elena to please this pretender in any way possible. So Caroline slowed down the force of her licks, and gave up the sucking entirely, so she could tease Katherine's pussy. Well, she might have also licked around it so she could get any escaped cum, but only in between a steady series of pussy licks.

It was a bit of a struggle to calm her libido after drinking cum, but she did the same thing every time she fed off of the human, only this was more enjoyable because she got more pussy juice in the process. It wasn't quite as delicious as girl cum, but it did give Caroline the opportunity to compare Katherine's taste to that of her other lovers. Unsurprisingly she was eerily similar to Mistress Elena, yet noticeably different. Or maybe that was just because her senses widened, making her wonder if Bonnie noticed. Or did she just think Katherine didn't taste as nice because she wasn't Mistress Elena? Not that Katherine tasted bad, just no one, not even Bonnie could compare with the taste of Mistress Elena. Still, she was as ever eager to please, and Caroline really liked pleasing pussy.

Katherine had realised that fact from the way Caroline had been looking at her since she entered the room, especially when the other girl was on her knees before her. Which made Katherine mad that she hadn't realised before those looks that Caroline was a born pussy licker, or at least a born submissive, because she could have been having a lot more fun in Mystic Falls than she did last time with three lesbian sluts instead of just one. On the bright side Katherine would have plenty of chances to make up for that mistake, and punish Caroline and Bonnie, after she officially made them hers. Oh yes, then there would be no more of this Mistress Elena nonsense. Only Mistress Katherine. Yes, Katherine really liked the sound of that. Hell, she could practically hear it already.

Or maybe that was just her constant encouragement, "Ooooooooh yesssssss, that's it you little bitch, lick me! Lick my pussy, ohhhhhhh fuck! That feels so good. Sooooooo gooooodddddd, oh fuck! Now give me more. Tongue, oooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssss, that's it, good girl. Mmmmmmm, oh Caroline, sometimes I forget what an amazing little cunt lapper you are."

Before Katherine could even give the order Caroline started touching her clit with every other swipe of her tongue. Even in the frantic beginning Caroline had remembered to avoid it like the well-trained cunt licker she clearly was, and thus she was just about able to stop from overstimulating Katherine when she wasn't ready for it. Of course now she was very ready for a little more stimulation, and instead of going right for it or lingering too long Caroline started giving her clit just the right amount of attention to keep things nice, gentle and teasing, which was exactly what Katherine wanted right now. Exactly what she had taught Elena to give her.

Ah yes, there was the same delicious irony that Katherine had so enjoyed while fucking Bonnie. She had made Elena her little plaything for her own amusement. Because she could. And more importantly, because it was thrilling for a narcissist like Katherine to do wicked and wonderful things to someone who was literally the mirror image of herself. But that's all it was supposed to be. A thrilling distraction from the constant danger her life was in. But now her true enemy was distracted Katherine could now pluck the fruits of her earlier labour and play with three submissive sluts instead of just one. At least for as long as she found it amusing. And she had boring Elena Gilbert to thank for it.

Perhaps Katherine would have to think of a new nickname for her doppelg„nger, because suddenly boring Elena didn't seem appropriate at all. Then again perhaps she would keep it, as it was a wonderful little reminder of how sweet and innocent the girl had been until Katherine got her claws into her, and turned her into such a perverted lesbian that Elena had seduced her own best friends and turned them into her little dyke bitches. Yes, that was probably what Katherine would do. Call Elena boring while the poor girl licked her ass hole while Elena's best friends took it in turns to eat her pussy, perhaps with the other displaying their holes and begging to be fucked.

The fantasy was so vivid that Katherine could practically feel Elena's tongue against her butt hole, and picture Bonnie displaying her freshly fucked ass hole. Which in turn increased her arousal, Katherine opening her mouth to order Caroline to give her more only for the other vampire to again give it to her without asking, this time in the form of beginning to linger her tongue on her clit, and even take it into her mouth for a gentle sucking. Just like before this was so distracting that Katherine forgot all about talking dirty for a little while and just enjoyed that attention, before ultimately she returned to her senses and began feeling a little annoyed.

She trained Elena to anticipate her needs, but there was a difference between anticipating something and denying her the chance to demand it. Luckily for Caroline she didn't make the same mistake again, Katherine smirking with delight as it eventually became clear that Caroline was waiting for her permission to make her cum like a good sub should. Which of course just inspired Katherine to stay silent for even longer so she could truly savour having both of Elena's best friends eat her out, one after the other. With perhaps Elena next. Oh yes, Katherine liked the sound of that. Although not as much as cumming in Caroline's mouth, and even though she was able to hold back from doing that for quite a while inevitably Katherine gave into the desire.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck me!" Katherine moaned a few times, deliberately trying to be vague, before making her desires clear, "Fuck my pussy! Oh yes, fuck it with your tongue. Oh fuck! Yes that's it, I want your tongue inside me. You know I do you little bitch, so just do it. Tongue fuck me! Mmmmm, fuck me like a good little dyke bitch, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, just like that, ooooooooooh FUCK! FUCK ME! FUCK ME YOU DYKE! OHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH, FUCK ME WITH YOUR LITTLE DYKE TONGUE AND MAKE ME FUCKING CUM! MAKE ME CUM MAKE ME FUCKING CUM MAKE ME FUCKING CUM AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!

Even though she did her best to keep talking dirty for as long as she could, especially after trailing off earlier, Katherine found her words quickly dissolving into curses and gibberish, and then just gibberish. Likewise while she tried to make her words demanding as possible they often sounded way more pleading than she would have liked, and Katherine was just grateful that the effect that there was no one else here and they were both too far gone to really register it, albeit for very different reasons. Caroline quickly lost in her desire to please, and gulping down the cream of which was now pouring into her mouth which was currently tightly wrapped around Katherine's cunt. As for Katherine, she was too busy cumming.

She almost came just from the feeling of Caroline pushing her tongue into her cunt, and maybe even from the moment the younger vampire paused with every inch of her tongue inside her, allowing them both to savour the sensation, but Katherine definitely came when the other girl started thrusting her tongue in and out of her. Oh yes, she came. She came so God damn hard. She came in another girl's mouth, and the little lesbian ate it up like her life depended on it, the sound of each swallow deafening to Katherine even as she filled the room with the sound of her happy screams, and she became lost in the wonderful pleasure.

Caroline loved swallowing cum. She had used to love doing it for guys, but it was even better with girls. Everything was better with girls. Or at least better with Bonnie and Mistress Elena. Or it had, because now Caroline had tasted the cum of a girl who wasn't someone she adored she was willing to officially call girl cum better. At least for her, and in this a rare moment of selfishness that was all that mattered to Caroline. As soon as Katherine's cum hit her taste-buds all Caroline cared about was swallowing every drop of that heavenly liquid, which was why she pulled her tongue out of the other girl, wrapped her lips tightly around the older vampire's entrance, and concentrated on swallowing Katherine's cum.

Luckily for her Katherine was far too preoccupied with her climax to really care, but as Caroline really didn't want to risk upsetting the dangerous woman she quickly switched back to the tongue fucking and worked on making Katherine cum. Just like Mistress Elena had taught her too. And just like with Mistress Elena, and Bonnie for that matter, Caroline was able to bring the woman she was fucking to multiple orgasms, which was both satisfying and frustrating. Satisfying because Caroline always craved pleasing other people. Frustrating because she craved a little attention of her own. But as she was sure she would soon receive it Caroline ignored the urge to reach down and touch herself in favour of trying to up the ante a little bit.

However before she could slide a hand upwards, so she could slip a finger or two into Katherine's cunt, the evil vampire grabbed the back of her head with both hands this time and started grinding into her face. Well, she kept the hand on the back of her head throughout keeping her in place, as if Caroline truly wanted to go somewhere, but now Katherine was using every ounce of her strength to keep Caroline in place as she fucked her face. Again Caroline didn't want to go anywhere, as it wasn't like the lack of oxygen would kill her, and she loved it when Mistress Elena did this to her. Although Mistress Elena was never quite so brutal.

While this couldn't kill her it did reach the point that Caroline was having so much trouble breathing she thought for sure she was going to pass out, and that was scary because she had no idea what Katherine would do given half the chance with her unconscious body. Although in that moment it wasn't as upsetting as the thought of missing out on all that yummy girl cum. Even then it meant that after all this grinding her face would be thoroughly coated in cum, so it was kind of worth it, especially as she would get to wear that cum on her face while hopefully getting fucked. And Caroline thought it was highly unlikely at this point she wasn't about to be fucked, and fucked hard. And God, was she looking forward to that.

Katherine had absolutely no intention of leaving without thoroughly defiling Caroline Forbes, and that definitely included a nice hard fucking. More specifically a nice hard butt fucking so she could really put this up tight little bitch in her place. But it was hard to tear herself away from Caroline's pretty little mouth, or equally pretty little face, when she was having so much fun fucking it. So Katherine kept going until even her vampire strength and stamina was threatening to fail her, and even then she didn't give Caroline or herself a break as she roughly pulled the younger girl's head back and then shoved her tongue down her throat.

Both girls then let out an audible moan, which would have probably been deafening in the silent room even if they didn't have super hearing, as Katherine tasted herself on Caroline's lips and tongue, and later deep inside her mouth and a little over her face. It was very tempting to lick that pretty little face clean, but no. Katherine wanted it nice and covered with her cum while she was fucking Caroline up the ass. Which she was eager to get too, so during the kissing Katherine reached over, grabbed hold of the previously discarded harness and strapped it onto herself, so when she finally broke the kiss she could look even more intimidating when she straightened up in front of Caroline again.

"Suck my cock. Get it nice and wet for your slutty little bitch hole." Katherine ordered, and then smirked as Caroline immediately did as she was told, "Oh yeah, that's it, suck it you little cock sucker! Mmmmm, get it sloppy wet for your butt hole. Yes Caroline, I'm going to fuck you up the ass. You like the sound of that, don't you? Yeahhhhh, you're a greedy little anal whore, just like Bonnie. And I'm going to fuck your ass just like I fucked Bonnie's, deep and hard, so I can make you cum like the little bitch you are. Suck it good Caroline, because it's the only lube you're getting. That means I advise taking it down your whore throat bitch!"

At this point Caroline already had half of the dildo in her mouth, so the head of the cock had to be pressing against the entrance to her throat, or just inside it. With those last words from Katherine the greedy little cock whore smiled around the strap-on and then slowly lowered her mouth until it was wrapped around the base, announcing the entire length was stuffed into her mouth and down her throat. Caroline then showed off for a couple of long seconds as she stayed perfectly still, then she started slowly bobbing her head up and down, making sure that every single inch of the dildo was coated with a fresh layer of saliva.

Katherine just admired the sight for maybe a minute or so, and then she ordered, "Okay, that should be more than enough for a anal whore like you, now bend over and give me that ass. Not on the floor, moron. On the bed. Oh yeah, I want you face down, ass up and spreading your cheeks like a proper anal whore. Yes, that's it. Good girl. That's a good little anal whore."

Again Katherine admired this latest sight for a minute or so, before slowly taking her place behind Caroline and then pausing again. She couldn't help think of all the other women she had done this to, but particularly Caroline's friends. Caroline might not have a big juicy butt like Bonnie, and she certainly didn't have the perfect ass of Elena and herself, but it was still very cute, and Caroline's butt hole looked very fuck-able. Which Katherine was eager to do, but she couldn't help teasing Caroline a little, first by sliding her strap-on up and down the other girl's ass crack, and then with her favourite form of teasing. Verbal degrading.

"You want to get your ass fucked, don't you Caroline?" Katherine smirked.

"Yes Mistress Elena." Caroline quickly replied.

"How badly do you want to be fucked in the ass like a little whore?" Katherine pushed.

"Really, really bad Mistress Elena." Caroline said, cautiously adding, "Please fuck me. Fuck my ass. Fuck me in the ass like a little whore."

"You can do better than that." Katherine pushed again with a smile.

With the green light Caroline started shamelessly begging, "Oh please Mistress Elena, please fuck me! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me in the ass like a little whore. Ass fuck me like the little anal whore I am Mistress Elena! Please, just fuck my ass. I wanna be butt fucked. I want to be fucked deep and hard up the butt Mistress Elena, please fuck me. Fuck my butt. Please just, oh God!"

Caroline paused her begging momentarily when she finally felt Katherine beginning to push forward, causing her ass hole to slowly begin to stretch. The main reason for the pause was not because of the feeling of stretching, oh no, but because Caroline was genuinely shocked that Katherine didn't just ram forwards and penetrate her with one hard thrust. She was also a little disappointed, because as a vampire she could take that kind of abuse no problem, even if Mistress Elena almost never gave it to her, regardless of how much she begged. Caroline had taken it for granted that Katherine would do it, although there was something to be said for savouring the sensation of having her butt hole stretched by an invading object.

That was probably the main reason Katherine was going slowly too, only it was the sight of the stretching the other vampire was getting to enjoy, which Mistress Elena had previously confessed to loving. Maybe it was a doppelg„nger thing? Or maybe a top thing? Caroline didn't know, and she didn't really care. She certainly had no interest in topping, as she just loved everything about bottoming too much. It was shameful to admit, even to herself, but Caroline even enjoyed the sensation of getting her ass stretched and penetrated, although it was pretty clear to Bonnie and Mistress Elena given that she cried out in pleasure and continued begging when she was anally taken like this.

Unlike her childhood friends Caroline could tell that Katherine was just itching for the chance to mock her for her anal lust, but at least for now she didn't give her the satisfaction as she wouldn't let her get a word in edgeways. Not that Katherine needed it as Caroline would have been able to sense the triumphant smirk on the other girl's face even if she wasn't in a position where she could just about see it. Of course it just added to her humiliation, which she sure enjoyed, making it easier for her slutty little ass to stretch for every single inch of that dildo, Katherine's thighs coming to rest against her ass cheeks in what felt like seconds after the head of the older vampire's cock slid through her anal ring and deep into her bottom.

"Wow, that just slid in like a hot knife through butter." Katherine teased, "What's wrong Caroline, your healing ability not working properly? Or are you just that big of an ass whore?"

"I'm an ass whore Mistress Elena." Caroline replied without hesitation, unable to stop herself from smiling as she added, "You know I am."

"Yeah I do." Katherine growled lustfully, "I just love hearing you admit it. Mmmmmm, so go ahead whore, admit how much you love it up the ass! Admit the truth to Mistress Elena! Oh yeah, admit it, and maybe she'll fuck your ass."

Caroline didn't think she was in any danger of not getting her ass fucked, but just in case she happily proclaimed, "I'm an ass whore! I'm an ass whore who loves to get fucked hard and deep in my ass. Oh God Mistress Elena, I admit it. I admit I'm an ass whore who loves it up the ass. Please ass fuck me Mistress Elena, ohhhhhhh yessssssss, fuck me, fuck my ass, oooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

It didn't take long for Katherine to give Caroline exactly what she wanted, the brunette slowly pulling her hips back until over half of the dildo had been removed from the blonde's butt hole before pushing every inch back inside, both parts of that first slow thrust causing Caroline to cry out loudly in pleasure. The process was then repeated and all of a sudden Caroline was being fucked up the ass by someone other than Elena Gilbert for the first time in her life. It didn't matter that it was another girl with the same face, in fact it only made it more overwhelming, because now she was officially getting sodomised by her Mistress Elena's evil doppelg„nger.

Katherine also found it overwhelming who she was doing this too, a wicked grin glued to her face the entire time that she butt fucked the best friend of her dear sweet doppelg„nger Elena Gilbert. Or more accurately butt fucked her other best friend, after butt fucking the first. Oh yes, Katherine had now sodomised both of her doppelg„nger's best friends, one after the other, and while Caroline's supernatural healing would ensure that Elena wouldn't find her face down with a gaping ass hole as proof of what her mirror image had done Katherine would be more than happy to give Elena a detailed account of how she ass fucked her best friends, who were now also apparently her bitches. And all the other way she used them for her pleasure. But Katherine was getting ahead of herself.

Especially when she had such a beautiful submissive sight in front of her, namely another woman's most private hole stretched open and on display for her as she slid a large strap-on cock in and out of it. Watching that cock initially penetrate Caroline's anal ring and then disappear into it had been thrilling enough, especially as throughout this Caroline spread open her ass cheeks like the clearly very well trained bitch she was. But there was just something special about this part of an ass fucking. It couldn't make her cum, but if anal sex was the ultimate display of dominance and submission then this gentle butt fucking allowed Katherine to savour her complete ownership of Caroline in that moment like nothing else. Oh yes, regardless of what happened later in this moment Caroline Forbes was her bitch, which delighted Katherine no end.

Like when she had taken Bonnie's butt Katherine wondered why she hadn't just done this years ago when she first came back to Mystic Falls. Apparently it would have been easier than she could have possibly imagined, given the way a bottom like Elena Gilbert had been able to so totally conquer these two sluts, and it could have been a lot of fun training the three of them together to be Katherine's lezzie bitches. But no, Katherine liked it better this way. After all, she'd had her fun training Elena back in the day, and would have fun breaking her again, this time in front of her best friends. And ultimately, the result would be the same, all three of these hotties kneeling before her as her obedient lesbian sex slaves. And who knows, maybe she would even fuck their boyfriends, all of them, in front of them just to hammer that point home.

The way Katherine remembered it the main reason she hadn't gone after Bonnie and Caroline was she hadn't really thought they would truly enjoy it. Well, actually the main reason was she wanted her doppelg„nger all to herself, and Elena had been plenty to play with back in the day, but while Katherine was always sure her mirror image had a secret dark side she wasn't so sure about Caroline and/or Bonnie. As it turned out she'd been uncharacteristically wrong, and all three of them were submissive sluts who secretly loved it up the butt. Maybe Bonnie most of all, but it wasn't long before Caroline was moaning in pleasure, making Katherine smirk even more widely. Especially as she had no intention of giving Caroline what she clearly wanted unless she begged for it.

Caroline resisted the urge to beg for more for a very long time, partly because she wasn't exactly sure what 'Mistress Katherine' wanted her to do. If Katherine wanted her to beg Caroline would have probably done it immediately, and almost certainly if she ordered her too. Although after everything Katherine had done, turning her into a vampire with the intention of using and ultimately sacrificing her, Caroline kind of wanted to deny Katherine, and loved the idea that she was annoying her by continuing to take whatever she had to give her without begging for more. Then again who Katherine was and what she had done to her in a way only made this more enjoyable for the super submissive Caroline, as it was so humiliating for her to submit to this bitch. It was also proof of just how much she loved Mistress Elena and would be willing to do anything for her.

Of course the main reason Caroline kept herself from begging was she wanted to savour the feeling of this very special butt fucking. Her first ever by someone who wasn't Mistress Elena, and from someone she hated. Although even if it had been Mistress Elena she would have wanted to savour it, because surely there was no greater submission than the feeling of a large cock stretching one's back door. Caroline certainly didn't think so, and she loved every second of it. Although ultimately the gentle build up of pleasure meant it was inevitable that she would beg. It was just a matter of whether Katherine would lose her patients first or not.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it was ultimately Katherine, "You like that bitch? Don't answer that, I know you do. I know it from the way you're moaning like the shameless ass whore you are while I fuck you up the ass. Mmmmm, while Mistress Elena fucks you up your slutty little ass. Oh yes, you love Mistress Elena's cock in your tight little butt, don't you? Don't answer that! I already know you do. Just like I know from all those other times I've butt fucked you that you're a little anal whore who just can't get enough butt fucking from her precious Mistress Elena. But what I do want to know is, just how badly does Mistress Elena's personal anal slave want to cum while getting her little shit hole pounded like the little bitch she is? Answer me you fucking whore! Answer me now!"

More than happy to oblige Caroline started shamelessly begging, "Please Mistress Elena, please make me cum! I need to cum soooooooo bad, please make me cum. Please? Ohhhhhhh, please fuck me up the ass! Fuck my ass! Ass fuck me and make me cum! Ooooooooh Goooooodddddd, harder! Butt fuck me harder! Oh Mistress Elena, I love your cock in my butt. Mmmmmm, I love Mistress Elena's big cock stretching my tight little butt hole! Ooooooooh, it feels so good. Fuck me! Fuck me in the butt like the little anal whore I am! Pound my bitch hole! Slam my shit hole! Just fucking wreck my slutty little whore hole and make me cum like the shameless ass whore I am! Oh Mistress Elena, mmmmmm ooooooooh fuck, destroy your personal anal slave's back door and make her cum like a bitch with a dick in her ass! Please? Make me cum like you made Bonnie cum. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, make us both cum the same way, ohhhhhhh, on the same day. Please, remind us both we're your anal slaves, ass whores, and butt bitches! Remind us we're anything you want us to be! Remind us we're yours Mistress Elena! Remind us we're aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yesssssssss, that's it, harder, harder, harder, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

Throughout that little exchange Katherine continued to sodomise her, although it was clear that she was only using a fraction of the force she was capable of. Caroline had been greatly looking forward to finding out what she had been capable of when Mistress Elena informed her of her plan, and that anticipation had only grown throughout the butt fucking. Also throughout the wonderfully hard spanking she had received earlier, Caroline quivering quite a few times through the rest of her time with Katherine as imagined what she was capable of, and what she might receive when it finally came time for a hard anal pounding.

As it turns out Caroline's imagination couldn't do justice to the rectum wrecking she eventually received when Katherine finally began using every ounce of her vampire strength to sodomise her. It took quite a while to get there, Katherine insisting on slowly building up her pace even after Caroline so desperately begged to get her butt pounded. But eventually she got what she wanted, and it was glorious. Which Caroline thought before she even came. Then when Katherine finally made her cum Caroline quickly lost her ability to think, becoming just a mindless animal thrusting back against what was already bowel wrecking thrusts as her body shook and her cum squirted violently out of her cunt.

Katherine smirked for what felt like the millionth time as she made Caroline cum. She tended to smirk a lot, it was practically her go to expression, but she wasn't sure even she had smirked quite this much over the course of one day. Oh yes, today was truly special. Not because she had dominated two young girls so totally. No, she regularly had her way with multiple people, most of who were much more challenging than Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes. But it was who they were, or more accurately who they were to her doppelg„nger, which would make this night so memorable. Oh yes, if she lived another 500 years, and she planned to, it was pretty much a guarantee she would remember this day of dominance and depravity.

It was so perfect that Katherine was tempted to leave and never come back, so as not to ruin the memory of such a perfect day. But no, that would be a waste. Because she might not have truly realised it before but she came back for her doppelg„nger, and would get two new lesbian bitches in the process. Yes, she would make all three of them hers. And in a way, she already had. She'd been the one to take all of Elena's cherries, and while she had missed out on taking them from Bonnie and Caroline she had thoroughly taken and claimed one and was now doing the same with the other, so after this total dominance over all three would be easy. Especially considering how hard she had made Bonnie cum, and how hard she was making Caroline cum.

She certainly couldn't imagine that Mistress Elena was this efficient at sodomising orgasms out of her slaves, Katherine thought as she brutally pounded Caroline's ass to climax after climax, making the poor blonde scream hysterically and squirt her cream all over her bed sheets, most likely permanently staining them. To make matters even better she didn't need to hold back like she had with Bonnie, and she had with Elena back when her sweet doppelg„nger had been human. Oh no, Katherine didn't need to hold back, and she didn't, using every ounce of her strength so that it felt like the ass fucking would last forever.

However sadly even for vampires nothing lasted forever, and inevitably Caroline collapsed face down in exhaustion, the only thing keeping her lower half in the air being Katherine strong grip on her hips. And even that didn't last. After all, Caroline hadn't been the only one cumming, as the stimulator on her clit, the feeling of the other girl's ass cheeks again becoming bruised red and jiggling against her thighs, the wonderful tightness of the blonde's bitch hole and the sheer joy of butt fucking her doppelg„nger's best friend Caroline Forbes was easily enough to make Katherine cum over and over again until she was forced to stop the ass pounding, although even then she was rewarded with her handiwork.

It wasn't the most impressive gape Katherine had ever seen, but it was still very satisfying to her, and as it wasn't going to last long she quickly retrieved her phone and ordered, "Spread your cheeks bitch."

Caroline hesitated, not because she minded being further degraded, but because she wanted to give Katherine a proper chance to snap a few shots of her bruised cheeks before she spread them and exposed the damage Katherine had done to her back hole. Although the embarrassing truth was she didn't need to spread them, as she recognised this current feeling from when Mistress Elena had slammed her butt deep and hard and then further humiliated her by showing Caroline her handiwork. Which made Caroline wondered whether Katherine would give her to the same treatment, or just switch to her favourite part of the aftermath.

Answering that question Katherine ordered, "Good bitch, now suck my cock. Mmmmmm yeah, I want you to suck it clean like the good little ass to mouth slave you clearly are. Come on Caroline, get over here. That's it, now suck it. Suck it! Yessssss, that's it you perverted little bitch. Suck your own ass off my big dick. Yeahhhhhh, get every drop of that butt cream you twisted little slut."

Again Caroline moved slowly for Katherine's benefit, giving the older vampire a chance to savour every moment of this, and of course run her mouth. Well that, and she was feeling genuinely tired after a very satisfying fucking, Caroline savouring that feeling as she slowly got off of the bed, crawled over to just beside the bed where Katherine was now standing, and slowly took that dildo into her mouth. She then moaned softly around the head of the cock as she tasted the deepest part of her ass. Or at least the deepest part that this dick could reach, which at one point felt like her stomach, the thought delighting Caroline almost as much as the taste.

For a few long seconds she savoured that flavour, then she began lazily sucking the dildo, trying to draw this out as much as possible. Of course her inner ATM slut inevitably kicked in and then Caroline just couldn't resist speeding things up a bit, especially when a certain part of the cock lost all of it's ass cream, and in what felt like no time at all Caroline was bobbing her head up and down the dildo and pushing it into her throat. Through it all she tried to block out Katherine by closing her eyes and just concentrating on this wonderful act, but it was hard to do, partly because of the hand firmly on the back of her head, but mostly because of the constant running commentary.

"Oooooooh, stuff it right down your throat so you can get every drop of your ass cream!" Katherine gleefully encouraged, "Oh yeah, every drop. Get every drop of your butt juice, just like you got every drop of Bonnie's. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, clean it off of Mistress Elena's cock. Yeahhhhh, you love Mistress Elena's cock, don't you Care? The cock which just brutalised your butt, and Bonnie's? Both of you Mistress Elena submissive little anal whores? Her ATM whores? Her dyke whores? Huh? Oh yes, take that cock! Take every fucking inch you nasty little cock sucker! Ohhhhhhh yessssss, you please Mistress Elena so good. You..."

Although Caroline didn't know for sure why Katherine had trailed off she had a pretty good idea, which seemed to be confirmed when she opened her eyes and looked up to see the expression on Katherine's face. It actually made Caroline laugh, which given there was a massive dildo clogging her windpipe made her choke rather violently, but it was totally worth it. Not that Katherine seemed to notice. Which made Caroline wondered if it was what she thought it was. Oh well, she would find out soon enough. In the meantime she had a cock to clean, Caroline stuffing the last few inches down her throat just in case Katherine was going to try and run away and deny her what was rightfully hers.

Luckily that wasn't the case, Katherine just standing there even after Mistress Elena's words echoed around the room, "Hello Katherine."


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