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Author's note: This story takes place just after Episode 17 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Frustrating Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

For well over 24 hours Rebekah found herself debating who was more frustrating, the old self-righteous Elena Gilbert or this new emotionless version. If Rebekah had known it would be such a close call she may have not gone against her better judgement and teamed up with the younger vampire, or simply broke her neck right after she broke Damon's. The latter was still an option, but Rebekah didn't consider it nearly as much as she had expected as after all she hated being alone and more to the point this new Elena was intriguing. That was one of the main reasons she was so very frustrating.

In many ways Elena was still the whiny brat she had always been, but... talking to her now was weirdly easy. They... for the lack of a better term, 'clicked'. Instead of the awkward silence and occasional bitchy comments that Rebekah had been expecting, that she experienced with most people, the two girls exchanged long discussions about all sorts of, mostly trivial, topics. Sure, there were occasional bitchy comments, but there was no malice behind the words, and they almost seemed playful compared with what Rebekah was used too. And perhaps that was only because Elena wasn't capable of true cruelty in her current state, but that didn't matter to Rebekah because this type of camaraderie was actually kind of nice.

Of course just when Rebekah thought they were developing something of a rapport Elena would give her a little smile or look at her longer than necessary and all of a sudden... Rebekah would be feeling frustrated again.

Over and over again Rebekah reminded herself it didn't mean anything. Elena was still with Damon, something she'd made very clear by cosying on up to him to a sickening degree all through yesterday, right up until she had distracted him while Rebekah broke his neck. Which of course had been just business, Damon was already back on his feet and once they had the cure Rebekah had no doubt Elena would jump back into his arms, he would instantly forgive her and that would be that. Until then Elena seemed determined to flirt with everyone who crossed her path from the people they enquired about Katherine, to the humans they drank from, to even Rebekah. So obviously it shouldn't be a big deal, but for Rebekah it was.

Rebekah had always resented the way everyone in Mystic Falls revolved around Elena Gilbert. They practically treated her like the sun shone out of her arse. It was like she could do no wrong, and like she was the most beautiful girl in the world and Rebekah never ever saw it. Because Elena wasn't all that. Pretty, yes, but nothing special. Certainly not worth all the fuss that was made over her. And yet... everyone's life did seem to revolve around Elena Gilbert, including Rebekah's own which had always frustrated the blonde. And, most frustratingly of all, there were moments Rebekah found herself attracted to this infuriating girl, now more than ever before. Rebekah even felt she finally understood what all the fuss was about, even though Elena was just screwing with her. Or at least that's what Rebekah thought, until shortly after they entered their motel room.

"Finally, I was beginning to think you'd never let us stop." Elena quipped, obviously fake yawning as she carelessly threw her travelling bag to the floor and then stretched her arms out.

"Do I need to remind you that we've got your boyfriend, or should that be boyfriends, following close behind us? And still a lot of ground to cover, so I don't see anything wrong with skipping a few nights sleep." Rebekah complained, prepared to point out that as an Original she could survive without sleep for days if needs be as long as she had plenty to eat. However before she'd even finish her last sentence Elena was removing her jacket, very swiftly followed by her top which caused Rebekah to lose her train of thought.

"Whatever." Elena mumbled, kicking off her shoes and then pushing down her pants so she was standing in the middle of their room in her underwear. Rebekah hadn't even shut the door yet for God sakes. Then she started moving, slowly reaching behind her to unhook her bra as she dismissively told the blonde, "I'm going to take a shower."

With that Elena did this little spin, holding her unhooked bra to her chest so no part of her was really revealed, Rebekah barely having a chance to notice this as her eyes immediately darted up to spot the infuriating smirk on Elena's face. Which would have been the ultimate proof that Elena was just being a tease if the other girl had only shut the door, but she didn't. Rebekah kept waiting for it, more listening than watching thanks to the angle, but all she heard was the sound of the shower being finally turned on.

Rebekah just stood there like an idiot for what felt like an eternity. Then she finally shut the door to the room and took a brief look around. She could have easily afforded the best room in town but instead they had chosen somewhere more discreet, which unfortunately meant cheap and run down. They even got a single room with a double bed to make it less likely they would be found. Or at least that's what Elena had said they should do with that flirty smile of hers and Rebekah had agreed, still convinced nothing was going to happen between them. But now that open shower door seemed like an invitation and considering the boring surroundings it was just too tempting not to at least investigate.

So, very much against her better judgement, Rebekah cautiously walked into the shower, first noticing Elena's underwear lying just inside the door, then a now completely naked Elena slowly rubbing whatever cheap haircare products came provided in the room. The shower itself had a door which Elena had left wide open, further suggesting this was some kind of invitation and allowing Rebekah an unobstructed view of the other girl's body, her eyes slowly travelling down Elena's back to those long legs and just above it a nicely rounded behind.

Rebekah wasn't sure how long she stood there like a fool but it had to be at least a couple of minutes of watching those brunette locks being washed before without turning around Elena conversationally mentioned, "Hey, could you remind me to pick up some decent shampoo? Maybe a towel? If we have to do this again tomorrow night, of course."

"Huh? Oh, yeah... sure." Rebekah mumbled, still taken aback at how bold this girl was being.

There was a brief pause, then Elena slowly turned around, keeping her eyes closed for an extra few seconds before opening them to find Rebekah still standing there like a moron, the powerful Original vampire left stunned by the sight of her naked body. It was so exhilarating Elena considered telling Rebekah to leave, because the way the Original would look at her combined with this current look would be enough for Elena to get herself off.

But as that wouldn't be much fun Elena instead asked, "So... are you really just going to stand there?"

For a moment Rebekah glared at her in a way which looked way too cute to be threatening. Then to Elena's delight rather than give her some sanctimonious speech about how she wasn't feeling herself Rebekah quickly stripped off her clothes and got into the shower with her.

Elena smirked and opened her mouth but she quickly forgot whatever it was she was going to say as Rebekah kissed her, the stronger girl slamming her back first against the shower wall and shoving her tongue into her mouth just as roughly. Without hesitation Elena kissed back, Rebekah's age allowing her to easily over power Elena's tongue with her own. As she already knew this would be the case Elena was more than happy to let Rebekah have her way with her mouth. She was hoping Rebekah would continue to have her way with her, the dangerous Original who had taken her human life taking her body without another word.

Unfortunately it was not to be, eventually Rebekah pulling back, frowning and mumbling, "Why?"

"Why not?" Elena said dismissively, not hiding her disappointment at having to provide an explanation when it should have been so obvious.

After all they were both here, alone with nothing to do, and Damon had got stuck on the ridiculous idea that having sex with her in her current state would be wrong. Besides, he had plotted against her and it wasn't like they were even officially boyfriend/girlfriend. And even if he hadn't and they were it wasn't like she would care, all this would be was just sex. Simply a means to an end. So, why not?

Fortunately Rebekah needed no further encouragement, the older girl once again pushing Elena back against the shower wall and kissing her roughly. This time around Rebekah grinded into her body, soft wet flesh sliding against soft wet flesh in a way which made the whole experience so much more enjoyable than when the blonde had been standing still. Elena was only too happy to grind back against Rebekah so that the two girls were practically dry humping each other, the kiss becoming increasingly violent as the seconds ticked by. Then without warning Rebekah broke the kiss and super speeded down to Elena's neck.

Elena smirked as she felt Rebekah's fangs against her soft skin, her mind immediately flashing back to her time with Damon. She wouldn't have thought it possible but biting into his flesh and drinking from him while he fucked her had been just as erotic as him biting into her. He was the first she had done that too, although he wasn't the first to drink from her during sex and he certainly wouldn't be the last.

Sadly Rebekah didn't bite down hard enough to pierce the skin, but the tease was very enjoyable and the Original made it up to her by slowly reaching out and grabbing her breasts in both hands. The downside was Rebekah forcefully pushed her backwards against the wall, preventing Elena from being able to continue the grinding in the process. However the feeling of having her tits massaged with the exact right amount of roughness had Elena quickly forgetting all about it, the younger vampire simply enjoying the moment.

For a while there Rebekah had been completely lost in kissing a girl for the first time in over a century. Partly because pretty much every other time it had happened the other girl had started out so hesitant, and most had remained that way, while this girl kissed her back with shameless desire. Partly because Rebekah had never imagined she would ever kiss this particular girl, and crossing that line was so very intoxicating. However then she had to break the kiss and realise just how badly she wanted this girl. Just how badly she wanted Elena Gilbert.

It was embarrassing. Horrifying. Frustrating.

Rebekah had looked down her nose at those fools falling all over themselves for this girl who she had convinced herself was nothing special and now here she was no better than any of them. She was just like everybody else now, practically already another notch on Elena's bedpost. Just someone else who wanted her and would fall over herself to please her. Which made Rebekah want to tear this annoying girl into pieces, something she could have done in mere seconds without breaking a sweat, but nowhere near as much as she desperately wanted to fuck her.

So Rebekah kissed, sucked and gently nipped at Elena's neck for a few long minutes before moving her mouth down to where her hands had been caressing the two perky little hills of flesh which Elena had been hiding in her ugly clothing. Rebekah kissed her way up the right hill and took it's tip into her mouth, sucking on it gently for a few minutes before repeating the process with the left. Back and forth she went, quickly adding her tongue and teeth into the mix by using the former to slide all around and flick Elena's nipples while Rebekah used the latter to add a little more roughness into the proceedings.

The licking and particularly the sucking became increasingly rough too until Elena let out a soft moan of, "Lower... please lower..."

If only it had sounded like a demand Rebekah could have got into Elena's face, taken more control, taunted the annoying girl, made her go 'lower' first. But it didn't. It sounded like Elena was begging for it, and while Rebekah suspected that the younger vampire was manipulating her hearing those words fuelled her own desire and Rebekah felt like she almost had no choice but to fall to her knees and press her face in between the legs of the formerly oh so righteous Elena Gilbert, stick out her tongue and give the other girl's sex a long slow lick.

That lick had Elena crying out in pleasure in a way which sounded a little exaggerated to Rebekah but totally wasn't. Elena was just initially a little taken aback because she had forgotten how good this felt. Or more accurately she had repressed it. Just like she always did.

Someone once whispered in Elena's ear that men could become quite skilful at using their cock but when it came to their mouths, tongues and fingers all they could ever be was adequate. Satisfactory. Passable. While even the most innocent girls are natural pussy pleasers, and with a little practice a woman can drive another crazy with just the simplest of touches. The former part of the analogy was pretty accurate when it came to the Salvatores, while the latter seemed to be true for Rebekah.

Part of Elena briefly hoped that the first lick was a fluke which had more to do with memories of a certain curly haired brunette then of any skill Rebekah might possess. That way Elena could mock the other girl's sloppy and probably rusty technique before teaching her how to do it properly, or more likely simply remind her. After all considering how long Rebekah had been trying and failing to find someone to love her it was hard for Elena to believe the blonde had never tried satisfying that particular curiosity. Especially considering the way she looked at Elena sometimes when she didn't think she was looking. She had also caught Rebekah's eyes lingering on Caroline and a few others, and after the way she had reacted to a little flirting Elena was even more convinced this wasn't something new to the Original.

Seemingly confirming this the follow up licks were perfectly placed and timed, Elena soon moaning uncontrollably as Rebekah quickly proved herself a skilled pussy pleaser who clearly hadn't lost her touch. Or perhaps she had been practising with someone. April Young? They had briefly been close. Or maybe there was something Caroline wasn't telling her? Doubtful, but the thought of the goody-goody blonde spreading her thighs for her rival, or dropping to her knees for her, was far from unpleasant. Not that Elena truly dwelled on the idea, or on the mild disappointment of not being able to criticise Rebekah on her technique, when her old curly haired 'friend' was being proven oh so right about women and their tongues.

For her part Rebekah was mostly concentrated on the task at hand, so to speak. After she got over the initial thrill of Elena's predictably sweet flavour Rebekah did briefly sulk about the fact that this pretty much sealed it, she was just another person in her life who wanted Elena Gilbert. However despite all the jokes she had made at Elena's expense the truth was that now Rebekah was one of the few who'd had actually got to fuck this girl... which in a way actually made things worse as Rebekah found she was proud of that.

Another thing that briefly echoed through Rebekah's mind was the memories of all her previous female conquests. The big dresses she'd have to get through to fuck them. The way they would get incredibly embarrassed when she made them moan. How most denied they had liked it later, some even making the mistake of calling her a disgusting deviant or worse. Granted there were a few who had been more bold but surprisingly, or perhaps not given the circumstances, none of them had been quite so open as Elena. None of them quite so shameless in the way they moaned their appreciation and humped back against her, every little sound and movement encouraging Rebekah to become more focused on what she was doing.

Eventually Rebekah's thoughts seemed to all melt away as just like everyone else her world began to revolve around Elena Gilbert. As annoying as that was it was something of a blessing as Rebekah rarely liked to dwell on her own thoughts at the best of times which didn't really include going down on a girl she had told anyone who would listen that she hated. More importantly it allowed her to simply enjoy the tasty treat before her, Rebekah hungrily lapping at the hot hole before her for several long minutes. Then, once Elena's pussy had her full attention, Rebekah really started to go to town on it.

That involved varying the speed of her licks, constantly switching between fast and slow while making sure her tongue pressed against Elena's entrance at the beginning of each lick. She also began sliding her tongue over Elena's clit and every other lick, gently at first but with increasing pressure, each touch making Elena moan extra loudly. The only time Rebekah would take a break from this was to press her upstairs lips against Elena's downstairs lips, mostly just gently kissing the soft flesh she found there, although she occasionally sucked certain parts of it every so often, mostly as a promise of things to come.

As one of those parts was the brunette's clit it wasn't long before Elena was softly pleading, "Please, more, mmmmmmmm, harder... harder... oh Rebekah, mmmmmm, fuck me! Please fuck me. Fuck my cunt with your tongue! OOOOOOOHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!"

Elena had been hesitant to use dirty words in the past, even if she knew it would get her lovers to give her what she wanted. Luckily she was no longer held back by such a misguided idea of modesty, luckier still her assumption that Rebekah would be just like her former lovers in this respect proved 100% correct. All it took was a few carefully chosen words in the correct tone of voice and the stronger girl was slamming her tongue into Elena's welcoming pussy, almost making Elena cum on the spot. It was the same story when Rebekah began tongue fucking her, Elena barely able to keep the smile off her face as she quickly found herself hurtling towards orgasm.

It was really quite funny. Elena had always felt so helpless all those other times another girl had gone down on her. So powerless. So weak. So pathetic. But now she felt powerful, strong and most importantly in control.

What was this called? Topping from the bottom? Yes, that sounded about right. After all this whole thing was her idea and she had manipulated the strong Original vampire into doing exactly what she wanted every step of the way. Elena had played Rebekah like a fiddle, and that fact was almost as intoxicating as the pleasure she was receiving. Almost.

Or not at all actually, because nothing compared to an orgasm. Especially not a good, hard orgasm which another girl's mouth and tongue were currently giving Elena with these. Which sadly caused bittersweet memories to briefly echoed through Elena's brain but even if her emotions had been on they probably wouldn't have spoiled her mood, especially as a second orgasm quickly rocked her body followed by a third, Elena's mind becoming blissfully blank as she allowed the pleasure to overwhelm her until it became her entire world.

Rebekah had loved Elena's pussy juice from the second it had hit her taste-buds. She had tried to downplay it, tried to concentrate on other things, but it really was quite delightful. The best she'd had in a good long while. Perhaps, although it pained her to even consider it, the best. And yet it was nothing on the liquid heaven which was Elena's girl cum, Rebekah immediately becoming ravenous for more the second she tasted it. Which wasn't a problem as Elena's first climax caused the brunette's cum to more or less literally shoot into the blonde's mouth and down her throat, however unfortunately the climax was over and there was no more cum for Rebekah to swallow. Luckily there was an easy remedy for this, make Elena cum again.

So Rebekah did, again and again, the Original calling upon every trick she had learned to make Elena cum as often and as powerfully as possible. At first that just involved hammering her tongue in and out of Elena's welcoming love hole, curling it upwards with every thrust to make sure she hit the younger girl's G-spot. When her tongue eventually became a little tired Rebekah replaced it with two fingers, curling them upwards at the exact same speed and then switching back when Elena was about to cum. Which didn't always work, partly because Rebekah began attaching her mouth to Elena's clit and sucking down on it as hard as she could to make the other vampire cum faster and ideally harder, and partly because there was a certain thrill to making the frustrating brunette clench down so roughly on her fingers when she came. Besides, Rebekah would be able to clean the cum off her fingers later. Hopefully her face as well, as that was becoming thoroughly coated in Elena's cream despite her best efforts, even though again there was a certain thrill to it.

The whole thing was so thrilling that Rebekah didn't even bother reaching down to take care of herself as she normally did in situations like this. No, she was perfectly content with just burying her face as deep as it would go into Elena's pussy and becoming completely lost in eating this delicious treat.

Just before she did Rebekah had a troubling thought. What if this was some kind of trick? What if Elena was getting ready to use her legs, one of which was currently over her shoulder to break her neck? Maybe use the hand which was frantically grabbing onto her hair to do it? Or maybe Damon was behind her right now, or about to creep up on her, white oaks stake in hand and ready to end her once and for all while Elena looked on with approval? Or perhaps it would be one of her brothers ready to dagger her and stick her back in a box again? There were so many possibilities and Rebekah was almost positive she wouldn't be able to detect them coming, not in her current state of total pussy eating lust. And yet she couldn't stop herself, and even the worst fate imaginable almost seemed worth it just to spend another few seconds in between Elena Gilbert's thighs.

That thought would horrify and embarrass Rebekah a short time later, but for those few glorious moments it was true and, even worse, it made her blissfully happy. Then all of a sudden Elena pulled her upwards, the suddenness taking Rebekah off guard and allowing the weaker girl to pull her to her feet.

Before Rebekah could protest Elena was kissing and rubbing up against her again, even switching their position so it was the blonde who had her back against the wall, and Rebekah could no longer complain. Because more than anything right now, even more than Elena's pussy, Rebekah wanted the other girl to return the favour. And for a glorious moment it seemed like Elena would do it with no fuss, Rebekah practically trembling with need as she felt the brunette pressing her index finger against her pussy and slowly sliding that digit up and down her centre. Then Elena broke the kiss, moved the finger up to her lips like she was going to suck on it, then grinned wickedly and pressed her finger against Rebekah's lips.

Rebekah momentarily glared but took the finger into her mouth and sucked it clean without complaint, the whole time keeping eye contact with Elena even as the annoying brunette grinned triumphantly at her. Then to Rebekah's horror Elena removed her fingers, turned off the water which the blonde had barely noticed was still going, and then turned and walked out of the shower.

"Thanks, I needed that." Elena said dismissively as she used her vampire speed to quickly dry herself and leave the room.

For a moment Rebekah stood perfectly still fuming with frustration. Then she used her own super speed to dry herself just as quickly before she went after the most frustrating girl she had ever known.

Elena hadn't gotten far and luckily wasn't suddenly acting like nothing had happened, the infuriating brunette lying on the bed with a challenging look on her face. Clearly Elena was having a lot of fun playing the tease, but Rebekah refused to be left high and dry.

In the blink of an eye Rebekah was on top of Elena and they were kissing again, perhaps even more roughly than before if that was possible. For a few moments Rebekah grinded on top of Elena, the friction so good that the Original consider just continuing to do this until she came. In the end the only thing that stopped her was that she had a few better ideas. Apparently so did Elena as all of a sudden the younger vampire flipped them over and after a few more seconds of snogging, in which Elena's tongue actually gained control of the kiss, the brunette pulled away and smirked cheekily.

Then Elena zipped over to her bag and retrieved a large strap-on dildo which she proceeded to pull up her thighs and securely fasten around her waist. Thanks to Elena's super speed Rebekah was momentarily confused by the blurry sight before her and didn't fully realise what was going on until a fully equipped Elena was standing before her. Then she laughed.

"My, my, aren't we full of surprises." Rebekah grinned, "Tell me, is that for Demon's benefit, or Stefan's?"

"Katherine's." Elena said softly, almost casually.

Trying and failing to hide her surprise Rebekah studied Elena's face for even a hint of a lie, more than half expecting Elena to burst out laughing and offer up some excuse like she was holding the toy for a friend. Instead Elena remained deadly serious which despite herself Rebekah found intriguing.

"Really?" Rebekah questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Really." Elena confirmed, slowly walking towards Rebekah with a small smile briefly crossing her face, "If you let me use this on you, I'll tell you all about it."

Looking down at the dildo Rebekah considered this. Under the circumstances it was important for her to know exactly what Katherine was to Elena, and as long as it was true this could be useful information for later to use against the Salvatore brothers, or her own family, or most likely Elena herself. Besides, the fake cock currently strapped around Elena's waist was not completely unappealing.

"All the sordid details?" Rebekah asked, as she looked back up into Elena's smirking face.

"Every bit of it." Elena promised.

The two vampires then stared each other for a few long seconds, then the Original slowly spread her legs just enough to make it clear that this was a silent invitation.

"Flip over." Elena ordered, although to Rebekah it sounded more like the words of a petulant child than a dominating top.

"Like I would ever turn my back on you again." Rebekah scowled, tensions rising as both girls were quickly reminded of when Elena literally stabbed Rebekah in the back. It was honestly something of a mood killer and as Rebekah was in need of some attention she decided to make a temporary peace offering which involved her spreading her legs wider and grumbling, "Now, are you going to stand there all night or are you going to fuck me?"

Smirking with that frustratingly cheeky smile again Elena slowly walked over, got onto the bed and crawled in between Rebekah's legs. She then positioned her cock so it was resting against Rebekah's entrance, however instead of pushing inside Elena chose to slide the toy up and down the blonde's pussy lips. Because of course she did. Elena just had to be annoying, especially now Rebekah almost found herself liking her. Not that she would ever say such a thing out loud of course.

Another thing Rebekah had no intention of doing was giving Elena the satisfaction of hearing her beg. Even threatening her would have been a victory for the other girl, something Elena was making perfectly clear with that annoying smirk on her face. Which of course was a look which just wouldn't go away, Rebekah questioning her decision to remain in this position as she was forced to look at that triumphant smirk as Elena finally pushed the head of the strap-on into the older vampire's cunt.

The big toy entered with an almost embarrassing amount of ease, Rebekah not realising just how wet she was until Elena buried her strap-on inside her. In what felt like no time at all every inch of that large dildo was filling Rebekah's sex, stretching her out in ways some of her lesser lovers could only dream of. Then, after a few wonderful moments to enjoy the fullness she was feeling, the dildo was slowly pulled half way out of her pussy and then pushed all the way back inside her needy hole, Rebekah unable to stifle her moans of pleasure as Elena began slowly yet steadily fucking her.

Fucking her. She was fucking her! The self-righteous Elena Gilbert, the good girl who everyone was so obsessed with, was now fucking her with a strap-on dildo. And doing a pretty good job of it, something which Rebekah failed to keep to herself as pure and wholesome Elena Gilbert slowly forced moan after moan from her with every slow but effective thrust.

While Rebekah was once again failing to show any type of restraint Elena had nothing to restrain. She didn't care about anything, including the fact that she was fucking the super powerful original vampire. Well, perhaps there was a tiny feeling of pride, or something which could have been mistaken for it, but Elena forced herself not to dwell on it. The last thing she needed was to return to emotional Elena, that scared little girl who had gone through so much heartbreak she could barely function.

Besides, she'd had much more convincing arguments for allowing her emotions to return, and the shadows of emotions she was feeling was more than enough to enjoy fucking Rebekah.

Certainly there was a lot of enjoyment to be had, the Original vampire on her back with her legs spread, allowing Elena to pump her pussy with that thick cock. Elena's thrusts were mostly short and shallow but from the sounds of it they were getting the job done, the far stronger girl becoming a moaning wreck underneath her. Rebekah even closed her eyes to allow the pleasure to watch over her. Perhaps also to block the sight of Elena above her, but that of course only made the whole experience even more enjoyable for Elena.

Becoming adventurous, and deciding she had the hang of the steady thrusting, Elena let go of the bed sheets and began sliding her hands over Rebekah's body. At first she used only one hand and avoided the other girl's more private places, mostly to build anticipation as opposed to anything resembling nervousness, which again was a emotion Elena couldn't really feel but she still had a sense of self-preservation. After all Rebekah was physically stronger and could rip her head off if she wanted too. Yet here the mighty Original vampire was, purring like a little kitten as Elena's hands began gently cupping her breasts, carefully tweaking the nipples which reminded her of a pair she used to suck on nightly.

Those memories reminded Elena of the deal she had with Rebekah, so after a little more gentle chest massaging Elena slowly leaned down so she could whisper in the other vampire's ear, "So, do you want to hear it?"

"What?" Rebekah moaned in confusion.

Elena smirked triumphantly at this, the fucking she was giving the more powerful vampire clearly causing Rebekah to become lost in pleasure. This revelation, and Elena's smirk, caused Rebekah to glare angrily but before she could shout angrily and possibly spoil the mood Elena huskily whispered, "About my dirty little secret?"

It was now Rebekah's turn to smirk, "Oh, I think I can guess, what with you being a wanton little tramp for the Salvatores and all. Mmmmmm, I should've known it wasn't just them you spread your legs for."

"Look who's talking." Elena said, smiling wickedly as she slid a hand up one of Rebekah's spread legs.

Quick as a flash Rebekah wrapped her legs around Elena's waist and began squeezing down almost hard enough to break the younger vampire's bones. This unsurprisingly caused Elena to let out a cry of pain which in turn made Rebekah laugh cruelly, "Tell me Elena, have you fucked Caroline too? That witch Bonnie? No wait, it's just vampires isn't it. Only vampires make the self-righteous goody two shoes Elena Gilbert wet."

Trying not to show how much pain she was in Elena forced out through gritted teeth, "Bonnie... and Caroline... wouldn't be able to handle it."

"You mean they wouldn't be able to give you what you want." Rebekah chuckled, loosening her grip around Elena's waist so the girl could go back to fucking her which she did without hesitation, "They're too much like you. The old you at least. They're too good, wholesome and self-righteous. Mmmmmmm, you need someone with a little monster in them. Someone who's not afraid to treat you like a little slut."

"You're right." Elena agreed, suddenly grabbing hold of Rebekah's legs, pushing them up onto her shoulders and then leaning forward so she was practically bending the other girl in half, "But I'm not the only one."

With that Elena instantly began slamming her strap-on in and out of Rebekah's cunt so fast and hard it would have probably been painful if she was human. It might have even been unpleasant if Elena hadn't just spent a significant chunk of time stretching Rebekah's pussy out as thanks to her supernatural healing ability the blonde's fuck hole was always super tight to begin with, although thankfully not to virgin status like some sad vampires who got turned with their cherries intact. As it was though all Rebekah felt was intense pleasure which almost immediately had her writhing with pleasure underneath the frustrating brunette.

The only drawback wasn't the speed of the fucking or her flexible body being bent in half. No, what was bothersome to Rebekah was the fact that Elena's face was centimetres from her own, forcing her to bear witness to the younger vampire's self-satisfied smirk of triumph, like the infuriating girl had won some type of victory over her. Like Elena wasn't perfectly aware of the fact that Rebekah could have flipped them over, pinned the weaker vampire to the bed and use that big dildo to slam fuck the annoying girl's cunt so hard she wouldn't even be able to remember the names of her precious Salvatores. Or something far less pleasant, at least for Elena. However if she was honest with herself the last thing Rebekah wanted to do was stop this.

Rebekah would sooner plunge a white oak stake deep into her own heart than admit it out loud but Elena was fucking her incredibly well. Far better than most of her former lovers, Damon and Stefan included, although Rebekah contributed a big part of that to being a bottom again for the first time in centuries. Also, even though this was something else Rebekah would never admit, it was really quite thrilling to have pure and wholesome little Elena Gilbert fucking her so hard, roughly and God help her skilfully.

So Rebekah endured the look on Elena's face as she fucked her to climax, the older vampire using every ounce of self-restraint she had to try and keep her moans, groans, cries and screams of pleasure as quiet and infrequent as possible. She failed dismally, Rebekah eventually switching to trying to deafen Elena as her pussy was pounded relentlessly by that big strap on dildo until the blonde covered it with her cum. Rebekah had ended up doing that several times as Elena continued roughly fucking, the older girl having absolutely no problem with that as the ecstasy flooding her body was too good for her to worry about silly little things like pride and dignity.

Meanwhile Elena was being overwhelmed by pride at being able to turn this Original vampire into a quivering mess beneath her. It was almost enough to make her want to turn her emotions back on, just so she could truly appreciate the moment. Except the old, the weak and emotional her, probably wouldn't be able to appreciate this like she now could. Worse still she might actually stop, and Elena couldn't imagine anything worse.

After all even if one was to forget about the incredible mental stimulation of fucking the only female Original vampire in such a dominating way there was still the matter of the little nub on the inside of the harness which was rubbing against Elena's clit. The little nub Elena had hilariously found a little weird at first but had quickly grown to appreciate it as she had settled into fucking Rebekah. Now Elena couldn't get enough of the feeling of that little thing rubbing against her clit with every thrust, this physical stimulation combining with the mental stimulation of dominating Rebekah until Elena came. She actually came just from fucking another girl like this.

Granted it wasn't the type of mind melting ecstasy Elena had known from being fucked by Katherine, Damon or even Stefan, that kind of brain destroying pleasure she was now giving Rebekah, however with another girl writhing beneath her was an extremely satisfying orgasm the type of which Elena had never known before. Immediately she wanted more, unnecessarily giving her yet more motivation to continue pounding Rebekah's pussy as hard as she could, both girls becoming lost in their passionate fucking.

Elena wasn't so sure just how long she fucked Rebekah in that position. It could've been minutes, it could've been hours, and she really didn't care. But suddenly she got this flash of Katherine fucking her in all sorts of different positions, something she had apparently passed on to Damon, and she got the urge to do the same. So without warning she pulled out, flipped Rebekah over, held her in the air with one hand and slammed back into the other girl's cunt so she could restart the fucking. Probably out of instinct more than anything Rebekah placed her hands and knees out and down onto the bed, the Original staying in that position and not complaining as Elena went back to work making them both cum.

Again time passed, Elena's supernatural stamina finally beginning to run out while it seemed like the Original vampire's would never end. That infuriated Elena somewhat. Then she thought as an excuse to take a little break, and in doing so perhaps fuck Rebekah in an even yet more dominating way.

Rebekah was glad she hadn't stopped Elena from switching their positions, ironically for one of the reasons she had refused to get into this position in the first place. Not the turning her back on Elena part, that Rebekah still wasn't crazy about but she was fairly confident the little backstabber wouldn't try anything under the circumstances, and more importantly didn't have the means to try anything. Submitting to Elena, even if just in a small way like this, however proved to be quite thrilling. Orgasmically thrilling. So it was quite disappointing when Elena pulled out of her, but to be fair the teen had only recently become a vampire and couldn't be expected to have anything close to Rebekah's stamina.

That didn't stop Rebekah from opening her mouth to mock Elena for her lack of staying power, but before a word could leave her lips the blonde felt what could only be the cum coated strap on against her arse hole. She only just had time to realise what it was before Elena used her supernatural strength to slam the dildo through Rebekah's back hole and deep into the blonde's bowels.


"Returning the favour. You know, from the shower?" Elena smirked before adding, "I mean, personally nothing makes me cum harder than a nice hard ass fucking, but if you don't think you can take it all you have to do is say so. Say, 'I'm not as tough as Elena Gilbert when she was a weak, pathetic little human' and beg me to go back to fucking your pussy and I will. I promise."

"Maybe it's not so much a matter of not being tough, so much as it's a matter of not being a perverted slut. Which I'm not." Rebekah quipped.

"Maybe you're not, but are you seriously telling me in all your years of living you've never once been ass fucked? And never once enjoyed it?" Elena questioned, the couple of seconds of silence speaking volumes, "Because if that's the case I'm happy to show you just how much fun a little ass fucking can be. Show you why us perverted sluts love it so much. Why we can't get enough. And I'll even promise not to tell, not that anyone would believe me anyway."

There was a long silence as Rebekah thought about it. Elena was trying to manipulate her and doing a poor job of hiding it, if she was even trying at all. So naturally Rebekah should do now what she probably should have done in the first place and turn the tables on the frustrating brunette. Unfortunately Elena would no doubt enjoy that, and while Rebekah would take some satisfaction out of it or by simply kicking Elena's arse the truth of the matter was that Rebekah had been enjoying submitting to the far weaker vampire.

So after a few long seconds Rebekah somewhat reluctantly gave in, "All right then, go ahead and make me a perverted slut like you, if you can. But if you tell anyone I'll rip your limbs off like a child with a spider."

"I'll bear that in mind." Elena smirked, "Now, would you like me to get you something to help ease the pain? A little lubricant maybe? Katherine didn't used to bother, but if you-"

"Just shut up and fuck me!" Rebekah snapped, digging her nails into the bed sheets as she prepared herself for what was about to happen.

"As you wish." Elena grinned before slamming forwards, this time using all her strength so that every inch of her strap on shot up Rebekah's back passage in one hard thrust.

Compared to some of the agonies Rebekah had known over the centuries this was almost nothing. The only reason Rebekah had cried so loudly at the initial penetration was surprise, the Original vampire able to force herself to make only the softest of cries this time as the rest of the dildo forced its way through her back door and as deep as it could go into her behind. The sound of Elena's thighs smacking into Rebekah's arse cheeks was louder than the tiny sound which fell from the blonde's lips, those sounds quickly being repeated as the younger girl began bum fucking the mighty original vampire at a slow but steady pace.

The man made cock sliding through her colon was thoroughly coated in her own cum and pussy cream, making the initial anal penetration and arse fucking at the very least bearable. However if Rebekah was really honest it was more than that, and as Elena continued fucking her arse just as skilfully as she had fucked her pussy it wasn't long before Rebekah was holding back a completely different type of sound. The type of which she had not been good at suppressing, especially as her rectum relaxed around the large invader inside it until Rebekah literally couldn't control herself.

Hearing Rebekah Mikaelson, one of the most powerful if emotionally imbalanced beings Elena had ever known, left out a pleasure filled moan for her for the first time had been super sexy and empowering. Hearing Rebekah moan in pleasure as she fucked her ass with a strap-on dildo was so hot and ego boosting that Elena's emotional switch was almost flipped. She could feel it inside of her, and overwhelming pressure which threatened to open up the floodgates. And she almost let it, just so she could truly appreciate this moment. But again Elena figured that she was appreciating the moment just fine, and with some effort pushed those emotions away and refocused on exactly what she was doing.

That included focusing on where her hips were softly banging against Rebekah's ass cheeks over and over again, Elena spreading those cheeks so she could get a better look at her cock stretching the other girl's ass hole out. Katherine had done this to her all the time and Elena had always found it embarrassing. To have that forbidden hole exposed like that, Katherine making various lewd comments about it which made Elena blush with shame. Now she finally saw what Katherine had. How it was weird and twisted but so very hot. How obscene yet beautiful. How it made her feel overwhelmingly powerful and dominant to abuse another girl's ass hole in such a perverted way, especially a girl as powerful as Rebekah.

The only downside was that this whole thing brought back vivid memories of being in the exact same position Rebekah was now in. On all fours like a little bitch, her ass cheeks being spread to provide Katherine a better view of her strap-on pumping in and out of her ass hole, making Elena feel overwhelmingly weak, submissive and above all else slutty. Katherine had a knack for making her feel that way, but there was just something about being butt fucked. Fucked up the ass. Of being sodomised, her most private hole being literally misused for another woman's pleasure. Another woman who was more powerful than her. Stronger. Smarter. Better. Or at least that's what Elena had always thought, especially when Katherine had her strap-on deep inside her ass. Now as a better version of herself Elena thought differently, although butt fucking Rebekah made her own butt hole twitch and pucker in memories which were both good and bad, wonderful and wicked, orgasmic and embarrassing.

Shaking off those memories Elena began squeezing and caressing the firm flesh of Rebekah's butt, even considering smacking it although Elena didn't want to risk enraging the Original. Not when Rebekah was still coherent enough to do something about it, like stop Elena from fucking her ass which was just not acceptable to the younger vampire right now. Not when she was having so much fun ass fucking the more powerful girl, Elena concentrating on the feelings of dominance sodomising Rebekah was giving her to help keep the memories of Katherine away. Ironically when it came time to dominate Rebekah even more it was those memories which helped Elena get what she wanted.

"Spread your cheeks." Elena murmured, the words pretty much falling out of her mouth of their own accord.

"Fuck you." Rebekah moaned, clearly too lost in the pleasure she was feeling to think of a more witty comeback.

Resisting the urge to call her on it Elena instead offered, "Spread your cheeks and I'll finish telling you about me and Katherine."

Rebekah thought about this for a few long seconds. Technically Elena owed her that story anyway. That was their agreement when it came to Elena getting to fuck her with a strap-on. However Rebekah was feeling overwhelmingly horny and she found she really wanted to hear the story, ideally without having to put effort into literally torturing it out of Elena. And again, she was really getting off on this whole submission thing. So slowly, reluctantly, and being glad she wasn't in a position to see Elena's face, Rebekah slowly reached back and pulled apart her arse cheeks.

"Good girl." Elena said mockingly as she enjoyed the sight of the woman who had killed her in such a submissive position.

Rebekah tolerated this for a few moments then growled, "Well?"

"Well?" Elena parroted in a deliberately whiny tone.

"We had a deal." Rebekah reminded the other girl in a warning tone.

Elena smirked, then after a few seconds casually began telling her most shameful secret, "It pretty much started the day I met her. She said she was watching me, before that, but it wasn't until that first night... that was when she woke me up in the middle of the night, slipped into my bed, and fucked me. She didn't even say a word. Not that first time. She just smirked at me, her eyes daring me to scream, to call for help, to beg for mercy, to tell her no. But I didn't. Not because I was scared that she would hurt me, or whoever heard me, but because I knew why she was there. What she wanted. What she was going to do. And the truth is I didn't want to stop her. I told myself I didn't have a choice. I had to give her what she wanted. That she could kill everyone I knew without breaking a sweat and then just hold me down and fuck me, but that just made me want her more. And knowing that, knowing deep down that was the truth, made me hate myself. Because even though I fell in love with two mass murdering vampires I couldn't accept the fact that I'm fucked up. But the great thing about having no emotions is now I don't care. I don't care that I willingly spread my legs that first time and practically begged Katherine to fuck me while my boyfriend was standing guard. That I begged her all those other times she fucked me. That even when I knew she was going to sacrifice me, and after she tried, I kept spreading my legs and begging for it! And why shouldn't I? It was great sex. The best. In fact, the only thing that comes close is fucking your tight little ass. So, let's see if we can make this better shall we? Beg."

Glaring behind her Rebekah murmured in disbelief, "You can't be serious?"

"Why not? You must want to cum by now. I always did. And since it's now you in the role of ass slut, I think it is only appropriate that you should beg for me to fuck you." Elena beamed happily.

Restraining the urge to lash out at the other girl Rebekah simply replied with a firm, "No."

"No?" Elena queried.

"Yeah, no. That thing you could never say to Katherine." Rebekah spat.

"Well, if you don't want to beg, I guess I can't make you." Elena smirked, before beginning to increase the pace of the butt fucking "Oh wait, I can. Mmmm yeah, I'll make you beg for me like the slut you are."

Rebekah literally growled with rage. Who the hell did this bitch think she was? Wait, Rebekah knew the answer to that. This was Elena Gilbert who believed the world revolved around her, now more than ever. And the worst part of it was she was kind of right, everyone in her life revolving around her like some kind of Sun and making such a big fuss about her. Even the most important people in Rebekah's life, her own brothers, treated Elena that way. So Elena's audacity wasn't that big a surprise considering how large her ego had to be, but that didn't leave it any less infuriating. Especially as instead of offering up any real protest Rebekah's response was to moan like a little bitch in heat.

The analogy became even more vivid as the sound of Elena's thighs smacking off her butt cheeks began to echo around the room almost as loudly as Rebekah's cries and even screams of pleasure, the Original vampire unable to stop this embarrassing behaviour no matter how hard she tried. Elena was just fucking her arse so good. So hard. So skilfully.

At this stage most men would pound into her bottom until they blew their loads without a second thought to whether Rebekah would cum or not. Which sadly included many men Rebekah had loved. Elena however showed skill beyond her years, using timing and precision as well as raw power to bugger Rebekah to the edge of orgasm and then keep her there with ease. Even when Rebekah started hammering herself back against the anal invading thrusts Elena's timing was perfect, slowing down just enough to keep the blonde on that infernal edge, somehow making the brunette even more frustrating in the Original's eyes.

When it became clear her only option was to beg Rebekah dug her nails into the bed sheets and gritted her teeth. After all the least she could do was put up a fight and not beg right away, especially as the now torturers pleasure had its perks, both mentally and physically. Mentally because Rebekah was able to stop herself from going crazy by imagining herself torturing Elena into giving her what she wanted, something which obviously wasn't a real option as it would involve stopping the heavenly buggering Rebekah was now receiving. As for physically, well duh, Elena's strap-on was brutally battering sensitive places deep within Rebekah's bowels which were causing the stronger girl's entire body to tremble with joy.

Eventually Rebekah could hold back no longer and through gritted teeth groaned, "Fuck me."

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Elena pushed.

Tearing the fabric beneath her in frustration Rebekah snapped, "FUCK ME! Please fuck me, ohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd Elena. Fuck me! Fuck my arse! Bum me! Bugger me! Fuck me up the ass! Ooooooh Gawwwwd pound my bottom! Oh Elena! Fuck me! Ass fuck me, mmmmmm, please ass fuck me, oooooooh, I'm begging you fuck my ass! Fuck me in the bottom! ohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd Elena! Yes, that's it, fuck me... oooooooohhhhhh Gawwwwwwd Elena fuck me! Fuck me up the butt! Butt fuck me, bum me, bugger me, oooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd just please fuck my arse! Just fuck it! Please Elena, please fuckkkkkkkk meeeeee oooooohhhhhhh Ellllleeeeennnnnaaaaaa!"

Almost the second Elena started really giving it to her Rebekah came good and hard, the following orgasms causing the Original vampire to forget all about dignity and self-respect as her mind melted away and all that was left was an overwhelming need for pleasure. And she got it, Rebekah beginning to slam back against the younger vampire almost hard enough to knock her over as her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she screamed almost hysterically.

It was maybe the hardest physical thing Elena had ever done, which was saying a lot considering her cheerleading past and everything she'd done to stay alive lately, however the brunette managed to not only prevent herself from being knocked over by the blonde but also continue fucking Rebekah's ass with every ounce of her supernatural strength.

In doing so Elena begrudgingly found herself respecting Katherine more and more, or at least as much as she could get her emotions off. She also found herself respecting the men in her life a little more because as it turned out being the fucker was a lot of work. Even with her supernatural abilities Elena found herself sweating furiously while seemingly every muscle in her body ached with everything around the crotch area being the worst. Plus keeping Rebekah on the edge for so long and then pounding her butt to climax after climax, every inch of the blonde's already incredibly tight back passage clamping down on the strap-on dildo every time the older vampire came, it was all so exhausting.

Of course Elena had it a tougher than any of them. She was fucking someone stronger than herself, and being able to hold on. Oh wait, that's right, both Damon and Stefan had fucked Rebekah. Silly her. That meant they at least knew full well how difficult this was. And who knows, maybe unlike herself they weren't able to keep up. Elena would have two ask them about it. Also ask them, or Rebekah, whether she'd let them fuck her up the ass too. Probably... she was a big slut after all. Not that Elena minded, or could judge considering her own track record.

Anyway since she was competing with both Salvatore brothers Elena decided to go for style points. That involved doing things that she had been hesitant to do when Rebekah wasn't a screaming wreck, like slap the other girl's ass and pulling on her hair. The former was difficult without missing a thrust but Elena managed it, the sound barely audible over Rebekah's screams and the constant smacking of flesh on flesh as she continued pounding the blonde's butt, yet thanks to her vampire hearing Elena heard every wonderfully satisfying blow. She also got to enjoy watching those firm cheeks jiggle ever so slowly from the strike, although again the effect was minimal, and hopefully unnoticeable by the dangerous Original, thanks to the continuously rough ass fucking. Of course, as with the hair pulling, it was all about adding to Elena's own enjoyment. Her feeling, if that was the right word, of power.

The old Elena had spent so long feeling weak, feeble, powerless to stop the monsters, and even her friends, in her life from using her as nothing more than means to an end. That had been what she always was to Katherine. A body to sacrifice. A bargaining chip. A submissive little fuck toy who would never dare say no to her, would always do what she wanted no matter how perverted it was. And Katherine had loved every second of it, revelled in her strength, power and dominance while making Elena feel feeble, weak and submissive. Now Elena was strong, powerful and dominant... and Rebekah, someone even stronger than Katherine, was the one who was weak, feeble and submissive. It didn't matter how physically strong Rebekah was, because right now she was just a fuck hole for Elena's pleasure. A slut, a whore, a piece of ass... her bitch. Elena had been Katherine's bitch, now Rebekah was hers. Now Rebekah was her weak, submissive little bitch and Elena was the powerful, dominant Alpha female who was getting to ass fuck an Original vampire.

Overwhelmed by these thoughts Elena became just as lost in the butt fucking as Rebekah, the two girls mindlessly turning the thrusting into something so violent it was like they were literally trying to wreck Rebekah's rectum. Of course these bowel destroying thrusts, along with the orgasms she received from the clit stimulator and the mental ecstasy as result of fucking Rebekah up the ass, took the last of Elena's strength and the younger vampire inevitably came crashing down in a heap of sweaty exhaustion, the force of her fall knocking Rebekah down so the both of them landed in a gasping pile on the bed.

If they were human they might have slipped into unconsciousness. As it was their strength quickly return to their bodies, or at least enough of it for Elena to roll off of Rebekah and onto her back before sighing, "That was fun. I can cum harder from being the one getting fucked, but... I can see the appeal."

"Well, don't get used to it." Rebekah mumbled into the sheets.

Ignoring the comment Elena used her vampire speed to get into a kneeling position besides Rebekah so she could admire the damage the dildo had done to the blonde's butt hole. Her eyebrows raised slightly before she mentioned almost conversationally, "You know, I think I might be a better butt fucker than Katherine ever was. I certainly don't remember my ass gaping that much. Which I always thought was gross, but I don't know, it's kind of hot to wreck your ass."

"Elena." Rebekah growled warningly.

"Katherine used to tease me about it you know. Poor little Elena, ass fucked so good she'll be lucky if her little hole ever recovers." Elena murmured, deliberately trying to antagonise Rebekah at this point, before sort of switching gears as she moved around to kneel almost directly above the blonde's face, "Do you know what else Katherine used to do after butt sex? Make me clean her cock with my mouth. Made sure I knew what a slut I was for doing it. That I was a pathetic little ass to mouth slut with no self-respect, and you know what? I loved every minute of it. I used to cry myself to sleep because I was so very ashamed of the fact that I loved it when Katherine fucked me up the ass and made me suck her strap-on clean. But you're not like the old me, are you Rebekah? You're not some uptight bitch, too ashamed to admit she's a perverted little slut. You're not afraid to be the slut you really are, so how about you be a good girl and suck my cock?"

Rebekah glared at Elena for a few long seconds, then in the blink of an eye the younger vampire's back was slammed against the wall on the far side of the room with a hand around her throat. In the middle of grabbing Elena and forcing her backwards Rebekah used her free hand to unstrap the dildo from around the other girl's waist, pressing the tip of the toy against Elena's lips the second they had reached their destination.

"Tempting, but I have a better idea." Rebekah said, squeezing down on Elena's throat hard enough to make the brunette's mouth open, allowing the blonde to shove the dildo down the infuriating girl's gullet.

Given that Elena started gently sucking on the dildo almost immediately, pausing only to give Rebekah one of those infuriating smiles, it was a safe assumption that the brunette slut had thought of this 'better idea' too. In fact Rebekah suspected that at least part of Elena wanted to do this, and regardless whether she was being manipulated into it or not Rebekah had no intention of disappointing her.

While still using one hand to hold Elena in place Rebekah used the other hand to pump the strap-on which had just been deep inside her ass in and out of Elena's mouth. Gently at first, the toy reaching the back of Elena's mouth but no further. Then Rebekah simultaneously picked up the pace of the face fucking while pushing the head of the dildo into Elena's throat, the Original vampire not stopping until the fake balls were banging roughly against the much younger girl's chin and Elena was choking violently on the dick that was being slammed in and out of her throat. Rebekah's left-hand squeezing Elena's throat wasn't helping the brunette, but Rebekah was getting a kick out of feeling the cock moving into the soft skin, a sensation which was actually new to the centuries-old vampire. Not quite as satisfying as the desperate look in Elena's eyes that she finally realised she had bitten off more than she could chew.

Of course suffocation wasn't lethal to a vampire. Rebekah could keep this up indefinitely and Elena would simply lose and regain consciousness. But Rebekah's arms got tired and she didn't feel quite like killing Elena right now, especially not when the other girl was fresh off giving her so many satisfying orgasms. Besides, 'Elena's job' was now well and truly done, so with a big smirk on her face Rebekah pulled the strap-on from Elena's throat and gave the younger vampire a chance to gasp for breath.

Then Rebekah quipped, "Well, I think that's thoroughly cleaned now, wouldn't you say Elena? And I definitely think you got all of my arse juice, especially considering how eagerly you were sucking it down. Which I've got to admit, was kind of hot. I kind of got off watching you suck my arse juice off your cock like the perverted little slut you are, almost as much as you got off on it. And you did get off on it, didn't you Elena? You got off on sucking a cock which had just been up your own arse, didn't you?"

"Not as much as I got off fucking your ass." Elena smirked.

There was a long silence and then Rebekah smiled sweetly. Then she broke Elena's neck.

It wasn't nearly satisfying as Rebekah had used to imagine it would be. Partly because she knew it was only temporary and Elena would soon wake up like nothing had happened. Also while it had briefly seemed like the best possible comeback it seemed a little lacklustre in hindsight. Maybe even petty. But worst of all as she watched Elena's lifeless body slide down to the floor Rebekah found herself missing their banter already.

On the bright side Rebekah felt good. Sure her pussy and arse were still a little sore but they and her entire body were also buzzing with the satisfying afterglow of good sex. Really, really good sex. And while Elena would no doubt use what had just happened against her it was worth it. Besides, once they were both rested, one way or another, there was no reason the really, really good sex shouldn't continue. Ok, so the cure, absolutely, but Elena had been right. She had been pushing them too hard and they deserved a nice little 'lie in' tomorrow morning before heading off. And perhaps there would be other opportunities to take breaks. Yes, Rebekah would make sure this happened again, and next time she was going to take all of her frustrations out on everyone's favourite vampire Elena Gilbert.


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