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Author's note: This story takes place just after Episode 17 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Frustrating Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

When Elena awoke her first thought was 'where am I?' Her second was 'what's going on?' Both were more or less answered pretty quickly as she remembered hooking up with Rebekah, both figuratively and literally, how unsurprisingly that had led to the Original vampire snapping her neck. What was a surprise was instead of storming off in a huff Rebekah had restrained her in some kind of... device. Elena didn't recognise it exactly, but from the way her hands were cuffed in front of her she got the idea that her old self would have blushed furiously while the new and improved version just smirked.

"You're awake, finally." Rebekah said somewhere from behind Elena, "I was beginning to think you would sleep the whole day away."

"In that case you better untie me. We do after all have a lot of ground to cover." Elena said in mock seriousness, "Unless, you had something else in mind first."

Rebekah smiled softly, "Well, maybe there was one thing I thought might be fun."

"AHHHHH!" Elena cried out, a sudden pain taking her by surprise.

Luckily it was only a brief sting to her butt, Elena finding out why thanks to Rebekah slowly walking into her line of sight, the blonde revealing that she had a familiar looking riding crop in her hand and was wearing nothing but the strap-on dildo Elena had used on her last night.

"Make that two things." Rebekah said thoughtfully as she played with her new toy, "You really do come prepared, don't you Elena? Your rope was a little flimsy though, so I took the liberty of getting the man at the front desk to go get me something better. Unfortunately I don't think that thing will be able to restrain you, but I suggest you let it at least while I have my fun."

Smiling wickedly up at her friend/enemy Elena quipped, "Ok, but make it quick. I don't want to waste too much time with another lousy lay when we've got a cure to find."

Clearly seeing what Elena was doing Rebekah tried not to react too much, and pretty much failed, "Lousy? Really? Well, you just wait Elena. I'll have you begging me for mercy in no time."

It was horribly unoriginal, Rebekah pretty much cringing at herself as soon as she said it, however luckily Elena didn't get the chance to mock her. No, she was too busy crying out in pain as Rebekah brought the riding crop down against her back, the blonde covering it with blows as she slowly walked around so she was once again behind Elena.

When she reached her destination Rebekah stopped and watched mournfully as Elena's wounds healed away to almost nothing, the sadistic blonde comforting herself with the knowledge that at least she had momentarily cause the brunette pain. More importantly she had caused her humiliation, albeit to a lesser degree thanks to Elena's emotions being turned off right now, but even then they would return with a vengeance when Elena ultimately turned her emotions back on. Then Rebekah would have the last laugh.

Of course that pain and humiliation was nothing compared to what Rebekah was about to put Elena through, the Original vampire taking a second just to savour the moment and once again enjoy the sight of Elena Gilbert helpless before her. Then she brought the riding crop hard down onto Elena's flesh, watching with glee as the brunette's butt cheeks quickly turned from pink to red under the savage beating she gave it. Then Rebekah stopped and watched the flesh heel just so she could do it all over again.

Naturally Rebekah was wasting her time trying to humiliate Elena as now she was beyond shame. In fact being restrained in some kind of BDSM device and being spanked by another girl was a tremendous turn on, Elena not so much having to stop herself from breaking free as she had to stop herself from begging for more.

Elena wanted more of the pain and perverted pleasure she felt from every strike to her well-toned ass, the brunette able to feel Rebekah repeatedly damaging her butt cheeks only to repair themselves after a brief respite. She imagined that was really frustrating to the Original given the way that, much to her delight, the spanking got even more vicious if that was possible.

Again Rebekah was no Katherine, the second rate spanking making Elena long for the brutal treatment of her doppelg„nger. However it was a very nice warm-up to Rebekah fucking her, Elena more than ready to be fucked in either one of her holes by the time the blonde through the crop away and move closer to her. Of course Elena had an idea of which she would choose. As it turned out she guessed right.

Elena felt both of her ass cheeks being spread and then something wet land on her ass hole. Considering the sound which had proceeded it that liquid was obviously Rebekah's spit, Elena both grateful and not for the act of kindness. From there Rebekah quickly pressed the strap-on against Elena's puckered rosebud and then slammed forwards with her supernatural strength, every single inch of the dildo shooting straight up the brunette's back passage until the head of the toy was as deep as it could go into Elena's bowels.

The sound of Rebekah's thighs smacking off Elena's butt cheeks was drowned out by the loud cry escaping from the much younger girl's lips. Not that Elena had even tried to stifle it. That would have been a lost cause as even a gentle anal penetration made her cry out in pain, which of course was something Elena had only experienced a few times when Katherine was feeling generous and/or like she wanted to take her time. Elena had certainly expected no such mercy from Rebekah, yet in a way she had which greatly amused the young vampire.

"You lubed the dick?" Elena laughed.

"Just to make it easier for me to fuck your sweet ass." Rebekah lied.

"Really?" Elena drawled, not sounding the slightest bit convinced, "Because to me it looks like you're humanity is showing. Or maybe you've fallen in love with me? Is that it Rebekah? Are you really so pathetic and clingy that you really will fall for anyone who shows you the slightest bit affection? Even if it's only a one night stand?"

"Don't flatter yourself bitch." Rebekah growled, "All you are to me is a fuck hole."

"Then prove it." Elena challenged, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass hole as hard as you can bitch! Make my butt hole your personal fuck hole! Do it! Fuck me you bitch, fuckkkkkkkkkkk, oh fuck me, ooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd yesssssss!"

Probably more to interrupt her than anything else Rebekah gave Elena a brutally hard thrust, followed by a couple of thrusts which were almost just as hard before settling into something of a rhythm. It was still much harder than the human version of her could have taken but it clearly wasn't close to what Rebekah was capable of and managed to be just hard enough to hurt Elena without it being unbearable. More to the point this moderately hard pace along with the angles Rebekah was thrusting at and the way the blonde was rotating her hips seemed to cause Elena's rectum to relax and loosen in record time.

This was another mercy that Elena hadn't been expecting from Rebekah. Like with the spit and the fact that Rebekah had lubricated the strap-on somewhat disappointed Elena. After all her old self might have been ashamed to admit it but she got off on certain types of physical and mental abuse, and nothing was quite as wonderfully humiliating and painful as taking a cock up her ass. And the idea of someone like Rebekah who hated her guts taking the opportunity to cause as much pain and humiliation from butt fucking her had been an incredible turn on. However it was difficult for Elena to be too disappointed considering the intoxicating pleasure Rebekah quickly rewarded her as a result of the Original vampire skilfully fucking her ass.

Besides, it wasn't like she didn't feel somewhat humiliated from being forced to take a dick in her ass by another girl. Sure that girl was a centuries-old vampire who was much stronger than her, but that only enhanced Elena's enjoyment, the young vampire closing her eyes and for fun imagining that Rebekah was literally trying to turn her into her bitch. And focusing on the fact that at least temporarily she pretty much was Rebekah's bitch.

That particular thought crossed Rebekah's mind too and unsurprisingly the blonde liked it just as much as Elena. Probably more. After all as thrilling as it had been to submit to the weaker vampire last night it had nothing on turning the tables on her and being the one to fuck this uppity little trollop up her arse.

Of course while nearly every fibre of Rebekah's being was itching to literally take out all of her frustrations out on Elena's arse she held back for a variety of reasons. For one she wasn't a monster. Or at least while some might class her as such she wasn't without compassion, and while she could get off on hurting her lovers to a certain extent she preferred giving them pleasure during sex. Besides, whether it was deliberate or not Elena had showed her a similar mercy when the roles were reversed, even if it was just too fuck her pussy so that the dildo would be nice and wet. Finally it seemed like ashamed to damage such a nice behind.

Rebekah had spent a lot of time not noticing Elena's beauty. Or more accurately she had been telling herself Elena was nothing special and scolding herself every time her treacherous eyes lingered for more than two seconds on the brunette's pretty face or any other part of her firm little body. As a result Rebekah hadn't noticed that Elena's bottom was quite so delectable, well-toned and firm yet rounded and full. It felt delightful against her thighs, those cheeks providing quite a surprising amount of jiggle with every thrust. And that hole was a dream.

True Rebekah had never buggered a vampire who didn't have a tight back hole, at least at first, but there seemed to be something extra exquisitely tight about Elena's arse. Which was probably Rebekah's imagination, simply a side effect of her enjoying this perhaps a little too much, but the Original supposed there was the chance that since in life Elena Gilbert had been one of the most stuck up, morally self-righteous, holier than thou tight arses in the history of the world somehow that literally turned her into a tight arse. Yes, Rebekah found that very amusing. Especially with the added thought maybe every time the old Elena was her usual frustrating self her arse tightened even further, which kind of explained why someone of Rebekah's incredible strength would find it even remotely challenging to sodomise this girl.

It would probably be different if she was using her full strength but Rebekah was still holding back. Not because the other girl's rectum needed loosening as given the way Elena was moaning like an anal whore she was more than ready for a rough rogering. However Rebekah was enjoying being the one to cause Elena some frustration for once, the blonde grinning almost non-stop as the brunette clawed at her restraints and let out various sounds of annoyance as the slow bum fucking continued.

One of those sounds consisted of a nearly constant whine from Elena which became increasingly desperate as time went on, "Harder you bitch! HARDER! Fuckkkkkkkk, oh shit, harder! Fuck my ass harder! Ooooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwd fuck it hard! Pound me, mmmmmmm, pound my butt you stupid skank! Tear me open and pound me hard! Ohhhhhhhh shit, drill my ass! Drill my ass hole you fucking bitch! Treat my butt hole like your personal fuck hole! Treat me like your personal fuck hole! FUCK ME! At least try and fuck me half as good as Stefan did. Mmmmmm, or Damon. Ohhhhhhhh, or half as good as I fucked you. Oooooooohhhhhhh yessssssss, try and fuck my ass half as good as I fucked yours you bitch, ohhhhhhhh for the love of God fuck me! Fuck me you weak, pathetic, clingy, blonde whore! Fuck me hard and make me cum!"

To Elena's incredible dismay Rebekah ignored her and continued to do so for what felt like an eternity. It was so frustrating Elena could feel her pesky emotions threatening to turn on without her consent. Luckily she was able to keep them and herself under control, Elena calmly waiting a little while longer before begging again.

That process was repeated over and over again until Rebekah finally offered, "You wanna cum bitch?"

"Yeeeeesssssssss!" Elena moaned, too desperate to cum to say anything else.

"Then repeat after me, Elena Gilbert is a bitch." Rebekah ordered.

Elena rolled her eyes but obediently replied, "Elena Gilbert is a bitch."

"Elena Gilbert is a fucking bitch." Rebekah said.

"Elena Gilbert is a fucking bitch." Elena parroted.

"Elena Gilbert is a stuck up, holier than thou, not all that, dumb fucking bitch." Rebekah said.

"Elena Gilbert is a stuck up, holier than thou, not all that, dumb fucking bitch." Elena parroted.

"Elena Gilbert is Rebekah Mikaelson's bitch." Rebekah said.

"Elena Gilbert is Rebekah Mikaelson's bitch." Elena parroted.

"Now keep saying that last bit." Rebekah growled.

"Elena Gilbert is Rebekah Mikaelson's bitch, Elena Gilbert is Rebekah Mikaelson's bitch, Elena Gilbert is Rebekah Mikaelson's bitch." Elena parroted until she was no longer able to when Rebekah finally gave her what she wanted.

There was no true build-up to the change in pace. One minute Rebekah was fucking her ass at the same infuriatingly slow and mildly forceful pace and then all of a sudden the sound of flesh on flesh was echoing throughout the room and the dildo was jackhammering in and out of Elena's ass hole at vampire super speed.

It was enough to make Elena cum almost instantly, the young vampire going wild as climax rocked her body. Without even trying she tour herself from her restraints like they were made of paper instead of metal, the cuffs remaining on Elena's hands as she switched between flailing her arms around and grabbing so tightly to the metal frame beneath her that it bent under her super strong grip. Of course Elena was barely aware of this as her cum squirted from her cunt, that poor neglected hole clamping around nothing while her abused butt hole clung to the dildo invading it.

Oh how Elena had missed this. She had missed this so very much. Katherine hadn't fucked her in months and while her old self would have never admitted it she had been literally aching for a butt fucking. Damon had done a pretty good job but ever since he had learned about the sire-bond he had refused to fuck her, and truth be told it just wasn't quite the same when it was a man that loved her as opposed to another woman who was literally just using her as a fuck toy.

Rebekah might have been a pale imitation of Katherine in almost every way but as pathetic as she was Elena seriously doubted the Original had fallen for her. No, it was most likely Rebekah still hated her. Perhaps not as much as before, but enough that she was willing to use Elena's butt hole as a fuck hole for her pleasure. Never mind this was Rebekah having her revenge, Elena pretending that instead of being mad about last night the blonde had restrained her and forced herself upon her, that the evil vampire might just kill her when she was done or perhaps in the middle of the ass fucking, she, poor innocent little Elena Gilbert helpless to stop the big bad Original from now brutally sodomising her.

Of course it was hard for Elena to pretend she wasn't loving every minute of this, though didn't really matter as though she became lost in her fantasies and then she became totally lost, her mind perhaps literally turning to mush as Rebekah pounded her butt through climax after climax.

Elena wasn't the only one who became lost in her own head or who found herself climaxing repeatedly. Rebekah fought valiantly against both but inevitably she succumbed to the first one and then the other.

It was the orgasms first, the stimulator bashing her clit combining with the sheer mental pleasure of sodomising Elena Gilbert to ensure there was little Rebekah could do to hold back when the rough arse pounding finally got underway. Hell, she could probably cum just from hearing Elena's squeals of pleasure and knowing she was the cause of that pleasure. No, she could have cum from knowing she was making Elena squeal in orgasmic pleasure from taking a dick deep inside her tight but clearly incredibly slutty bottom. Yes, bum fucking Elena Gilbert and making her cum from it was definitely enough to make Rebekah cum. As was the repeated slapping of her thighs against Elena's backside and the sight of Elena Gilbert bent over in front of her, her dildo barely visible as it slammed in and out of the other girl's most private hole. Combining all these things meant Rebekah's first orgasm was extremely hard, as was the ones that followed it, one blissful sensation working the blonde's body after another until it felt like endless waves of ecstasy.

The exquisite pleasure wasn't quite as mind destroying being on the receiving end of a fucking however the feeling of power and dominance pretty much even things out, and the fact that she was doing this to Elena Gilbert pushed it over the edge as being some of the best sex Rebekah had ever had. It was certainly her favourite ever arse fuck, either giving or receiving, and while part of Rebekah tried to remind herself she shouldn't be enjoying this so much and this wasn't even the same Elena Gilbert she knew and despised it just didn't matter to her.

All that truly mattered to Rebekah at that moment was her own pleasure and being able to arse fuck Elena Gilbert. Soon after that it was just the last thing, Rebekah taking all of her frustrations out on Elena's bottom. At first just the frustrations she had with Elena, all of them flashing through her mind over and over again, but eventually it was every frustration she had in general, Rebekah becoming completely lost to her thoughts as she used her Original vampire strength to slam Elena's shitter so hard it was a miracle that she didn't literally wreck the other girl's rectum.

She certainly did that metaphorically speaking, both girls becoming completely lost in the vicious sodomy until Elena pretty much passed out and Rebekah's incredible stamina finally gave out and she collapsed momentarily exhausted down onto the body of her 'victim'.

Fortunately her exhaustion didn't last long, Rebekah feeling her supernatural healing kick in which quickly jolted her fully awake. She still chose to relax on top of Elena's back for a while, enjoying the afterglow of the really dirty and forbidden sex while the younger vampire breathed in heavy gasps and her blood pumped quickly through her veins. It was far too tempting to resist especially when she was in perfect position to sink her fangs into the other girl's neck and taste the delicious liquid underneath, Rebekah forcing herself to only take a little as she had further plans for Elena.

Getting ready to set those plans into motion Rebekah removed her mouth from Elena's neck and retracted her fangs, noting with delight that the brunette let out a unintelligible cry of dissatisfaction when she did so. Clearly Elena was enjoying the experience almost as much as Rebekah, which to be fair was unsurprising given that apparently even the self-righteous version of Elena Gilbert was a perverted slut. Rebekah smirked and wondered just how much of a perverted slut this version of Elena was. Then she quickly lifted herself up and pushed away from the other vampire, the strap-on dildo swiftly exiting Elena's ass leaving behind a extremely sore looking and gaping crater which was all that was left of Elena's back hole.

Taking perverse pleasure in admiring her handiwork Rebekah just stared at Elena's well fucked bottom for a good long while before eventually grabbing a handful of brunette locks, yanking them upwards and calmly asking, "Was it good for you Elena?"

Yes was a smart answer to that. It would have also been the truth as Elena had loved every second of it. But it was far more fun to smirk and reply, "Katherine fucked me better."

"Is that so?" Rebekah softly growled, twisting Elena's hair so she could get a soft cry of pain from the other girl as she slowly walked around so they were more or less facing each other.

"Uh-huh. I mean don't get me wrong, I've had worse, but I've definitely had better." Elena said, trying to keep a straight face as she continued to antagonise the Original, "Like Damon. And definitely Katherine. But you were better than Stefan, then again he was always holding back. Always way too gentle and sweet when deep down I always wanted him to just fuck me like a whore. You know, the way I imagine he fucked you."

"Oh, I'm sure I got the better Stefan." Rebekah said, suddenly yanking Elena's head, practically snapping her neck again in the process. The force caused Elena to cry out, Rebekah quickly capitalising by pushing her strap-on into the younger girl's open mouth, the Original vampire then leaving it there while she casually continued talking like nothing had happened, "But I'm not done with you yet, so you'll just have to wait a little longer before grading me."

Elena considered spitting out the dildo so she could give Rebekah another scathing remark, however she got the distinct impression she should tread lightly. The other vampire had just got off on butt fucking her and could easily decide she didn't need her to find the cure, which was technically true, which could lead to the Original breaking her neck again or possibly even tearing her head from her shoulders. As she wouldn't survive the latter, and the former would be inconvenient, Elena decided to play nicely for now.

That meant sucking the strap-on cock which had just been inside her ass, something Elena was only too happy to do. Sure, it was gross and humiliating, but even her old self had loved this and the new and improved version of her lacked poor little Elena's shame.

Not even Rebekah's taunting could put her off, "Mmmmmm yes, that's it Elena, suck that cock! Suck it you little cock sucker! Show me that mouth is good for something! Oh yeah, Katherine clearly trained you well. Mmmmmm, I hate that bitch but clearly she did a good job of turning you into an anal whore. Now I want to see if she trained your mouth to take cock as good as your arse hole does. Come on, yes, that's it, oh fuck... fuck yes, take it down your throat! Take every single inch of that big dick down your throat you fucking whore! Oh Fuck!"

The fact that the older vampire sounded impressed did not go unnoticed, Elena somewhat grateful for the dildo buried in her throat because it prevented her from back talking Rebekah. She still smirked around the dick, but she figured the blonde would ignore that. She figured wrong.

"You like that Elena? You like having a dick stuffed all the way down your throat? Choking you? Well here, let me help!" Rebekah growled, grabbing the back of Elena's head and beginning to thrust her hips back and forth so that she was fucking the other girl's mouth, "Let me help you choke on my dick! Yessssssss, fuck, choke for me! Choke for me Elena! I want you to gasp for breath as I use your mouth the same way I used your arse hole you filthy little slut! Oh my God, you really do make such a great fuck hole! Mmmmmmm, Katherine must've loved using this whore mouth of yours Elena. I know I am."

Rebekah was right, Katherine had loved using Elena's mouth as a fuck hole and had face fucked her nearly every time they were together. Of course that meant Elena knew exactly how to relax her throat muscles to make it easier on herself to take this kind of abuse, and make it easier for the other woman to fuck her throat. It still hurt and made Elena feel faint but it was nothing compared to what she had gone through when she was still human, and once again Rebekah was proving while she could be brutal she wasn't quite on Katherine's level.

Out doing Katherine was the furthest thing from Rebekah's mind. In fact the blonde was solely focused on using Elena Gilbert's mouth as a cunt, Rebekah especially loving it when the infuriating girl looked up at her with those pretty brown eyes while she pounded her throat with her big cock. Like with the bum fucking this was beyond thrilling, especially given all those times Rebekah would have just loved to shut Elena up somehow and now finally she had found the perfect solution. Yes, Rebekah smirked, every time Elena mouthed off from now on she would simply shut the other girl up by fucking her mouth just like this. There again having that mouth so close to her now very horny cunt had Rebekah thinking maybe there was a better way.

Wanting to explore that way Rebekah pulled the now thoroughly cleaned cock from Elena's throat, unstrapped the dildo from around her waist, removed the other girl's remaining restraints and pulled her up and into her arms for a kiss. She used her vampire super speed to do all this in about two seconds, it only taking about two more to super speed Elena into the shower, Rebekah slowing down at the end just enough so that when she slammed the annoying brunette against the shower wall it didn't do any serious damage to the wall or her apparently very willing sex partner.

Elena certainly hadn't been shy about kissing her back, and the way the younger vampire grinded against her was almost enough to make Rebekah forget that she hated her guts. Then again maybe Rebekah needed to revise her feelings about Elena Gilbert. After all while she could still be frustrating it wasn't as bad as it was before, and she did make a spectacular fuck toy. So maybe she should give her the chance to be something more than an irritation.

Rebekah did just that when she finally convinced herself to pull away from Elena's eager mouth and tongue, "We've established you're a great cock sucker, but how are you at eating pussy?"

Elena smirked, "Why don't you find out?"

"Maybe I will." Rebekah said thoughtfully, before letting go of Elena, stepping back, grabbing a washcloth and holding it out, "After you're done washing me. Come on, chop-chop. I just butt fucked a dirty anal slut and I feel absolutely covered in her filth. You get the stench of her off of me and maybe I'll give you the privilege of munching my muffin."

The Original was expecting an allegedly witty comeback. Instead Elena smirked, took the washcloth, turned on the shower and got to work. Probably because the little slut was starving for some pussy, Rebekah told herself as Elena started scrubbing her body, that infuriating smirk not leaving her face.

"Come on, you can do better than that." Rebekah scolded even though Elena was doing a pretty good job already, "Do it nice and slow, I want to enjoy this. And make sure you wash every inch of me. Like I said, I just butt banged a real skanky whore. I need a thorough cleaning."

It almost physically hurt but Elena continued to bite her tongue as she slowly washed Rebekah's body, concentrating on the non-fun parts like arms and legs before graduating to her back and then her front. By the time she was deliberately ignoring the older vampire's tits Rebekah had shut up, thus making the experience far more enjoyable for Elena. She especially liked washing the other girl's face, Elena unable to resist moving into kiss her frienemy right on her oh so tempting lips, Rebekah kissing back with surprising tenderness.

As they continued enjoying possibly the nicest kiss they'd ever had Elena slowly and sensuously washed Rebekah's pretty blonde hair, digging her fingers just hard enough into the other girl's scalp to gently massage. Elena was even able to gently scrub Rebekah's butt, although truthfully that quickly devolved into simple groping as the kiss inevitably heated up. It was the same story with Rebekah's boobs, although Elena did pull away to try and give them the attention they deserved.

That led to Rebekah ordering, "Lick me. Now!"

Needing no further encouragement Elena dropped to her knees and buried her face in Rebekah's cunt. Partly because further encouragement might have been unpleasant but mostly because the not that long ago satisfied Elena was raring to go thanks to her supernatural stamina and the chance to taste her second ever pussy.

In her most deluded moments the old Elena had told herself she didn't like girls. That just because she eagerly pressed her own face into Katherine's cunt it didn't mean she would enjoy going down on a girl who didn't look exactly like her. That because of the whole doppelg„nger thing eating Katherine's pussy didn't count. It was just masturbation or something. Of course she'd never been able to fully convince herself of that and spend far more time salivating over the idea of being forced to her knees so she could lick the pussies of female celebrities, faceless women, and yes, even girls she knew like Bonnie, Caroline and Rebekah.

So since this was literally a dream come true in more ways than one Elena wanted to take time to enjoy this. Really savour going down on a girl who wasn't Katherine. It proved difficult because from the first slow lick Elena got an incredible urge to slam her tongue into Rebekah's cunt and fuck her hard until she came in her mouth. Why? Because Rebekah's pussy cream was just as yummy as Katherine's, if not more. Which was pretty much what Elena had imagined and maybe normally it would have been easier to handle but she was just now realising how much she had missed eating pussy.

Luckily to keep herself emotion free Elena's whole life had become all about self-control. It was perhaps a hilarious contradiction to her new carefree attitude, but that had become something of a recurring theme in the nightmare that had become her life. At least right now she could forget all about that and concentrate on controlling herself, delivering slow lick after slow lick to Rebekah's pussy, always starting at the bottom of the other girl's downstairs lips and working her way up to the top. Sometimes she would touch Rebekah's clit but mostly she tried to avoid it, hoping to tease the Original for as long as possible so they could both enjoy this gentle tongue work.

While patients normally wasn't one of her virtues Rebekah was more than happy with the gentle pussy licking because she also wanted to savour this. Enjoy every single moment of having a girl's tongue lapping away at her cunt because fuck, Rebekah had missed this. She had missed this so fucking much.

Even centuries-old male vampires where rarely any good at cunnilingus despite having plenty of time to learn while the younger generation seemed even worse. And don't get her started on humans. But women though, women where rarely anything less than spectacular at eating pussy. Whether they be young or old, experienced or inexperienced, human or vampire, they were all at the very least competent if not brilliant, Elena quickly proving herself perhaps surprisingly to be more than competent. Then again Elena was proving to be full of surprises.

Sighing contentedly Rebekah tilted her head backwards and closed her eyes in a mirror of what she had done upon feeling the first swipe of Elena's tongue against her twat. This time round she not only kept her eyes closed for a while but in the same motion she grabbed a handful of dark brown hair and gently pushed Elena deeper into her cunt. Immediately getting the message Elena licked her a little harder and faster, touching Rebekah's clit with every other swipe of her tongue and occasionally lingering on it. Yet she didn't get overexcited and push things too far, supposedly innocent Elena Gilbert further outing herself as a perfect pussy pleaser.

Rebekah let out another contented sigh in between her moans of pleasure and once again wished she'd have more female lovers. Unfortunately Rebekah had never been good with women. She'd never been good with men either, or any civil contact really, but she'd been particularly bad with women. Maybe it was because sex between women had always been so forbidden, or she had grown up with four brothers two of which were constantly around pretty much all her life, or she had stumbled across too many backstabbing nitwits like Elena here, but no matter how good the sex was it always seemed more trouble than it was worth. Perhaps now girl on girl had become less scandalous she would rethink that.

Then Rebekah decided she would definitely have to rethink it when Elena pushed her tongue inside her just as she was about to ask her too, quickly prompting the blonde to cry out, "Ohhhhhhh God yesssssss, fuck me you filthy little trollope! Fuck me with your tongue! Mmmmmm fuck, Katherine really did train you to be the perfect slut, didn't she? An amazing cock sucker, an outstanding pussy licker, and an arse that's open for business. Oooooooh mmmmmm ahhhhhh Gooooddddd, but, ahhhhhh, but no matter what she said or did the level of enthusiasm can't be taught or compelled into you Elena, mmmmmm, no, it's got to be there already, ohhhhhh, just underneath the surface. Mmmmm, etched into your fucking soul. Ooooooohhhhh this is so precious. Mmmmmm, you're a wanton whore Elena. The true definition of a slut, oooooooohhhhhhh Goddddddd, more so than anyone I've ever met in my long, long life, mmmmmmm, and that's why you eat pussy soooooooo gooooooodddddd!"

While Rebekah blathered on about what a whore Elena was and how she was making her pussy feel so good the younger vampire concentrated on the whole 'true definition of a slut' thing. Elena was pretty sure it was just meant to be another insult from the blonde bitch, however Rebekah had a point. Whether she truly understood it or not was debatable, but she had a point.

Elena used to be obsessed with being a good girl. Despite all the crap she went through becoming a vampire hadn't change that, and then things only got worse and she still try to be good and her reward was losing her entire family. Meanwhile Katherine was selfish and always survived, her doppelg„nger whispering in Elena's ear if she was smart she would do the same. She also told her how much fun it was to be bad. To do whatever you wanted. To enjoy sex with whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted unburdened by commitment or any foolish hangups about what was right and wrong.

It was only when she had turned her emotions of Elena had realised Katherine was right about everything, yet she hadn't truly appreciated just how right she was until right now. Which was funny really, because now it was also clear. She was a slut. She loved pussy and cock, tits and ass, fucking and sucking, and just about every form of debauchery available to her. And instead of being ashamed of that Elena should embrace it. Embrace the wanton whore she truly was.

As if she needed more motivation to do this Rebekah's cum soon began pouring down her throat, Elena's eyes rolling in her head as she tasted liquid heaven. Girl cum, guy cum, they were all heavenly to her and Elena drank hungrily, getting every drop at first with practised ease. Then Rebekah came a second time while grinding against her face, making it difficult for Elena to swallow all the other girl's cum. Then Rebekah started shoving her face exactly where she needed it, Elena unable to break away and thus losing some of the precious cum. Still it covered her face which hopefully meant Elena would be able to retrieve it later.

The thought of it had Elena reaching down for some satisfaction of her own but Rebekah stopped her with an animalistic like snarl, "NO! Mmmmm, don't, ooooooohhhhhhh, don't touch yourself. If you do, mmmmmm fuck, I'll pop your fucking head like a zit!"

For a couple of long seconds Elena tested Rebekah's patients by hesitating. The Original had killed for less... which, truth be told, she wasn't proud of, but at least it was mostly in the case of her enemies. Unfortunately sometimes it felt like she only had enemies, and despite their current alliance Elena definitely qualified. However despite how serious she sounded Rebekah had no intention of going through with her threat, not when her greedy body was so desperate for more of the amazing pleasure Elena had been giving her.

Luckily Elena didn't know her threat was idle and after a few seconds she pulled her hands away from herself and got back to pleasuring the older vampire, something which made Rebekah grin in triumph, "Mmmmmm, good girl. Ohhhhhhh yes, right there, ooooooohhhhhhhh fuck me with that little dyke tongue. Ohhhhhhh fuck, yesssssss, fuck me you slut, fuck me with your tongue, fuck me with your mouth, fuck me with your fingers, ooooooh fuck me! YEEEESSSSSS, get those fingers inside me you pussy craving slut, oooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeessssss!"

Rebekah was delighted to find Elena's wicked little fingers didn't lose their touch once they reach the most important part of her body. She had doubted they would, had imagined what they would feel like inside her throughout making Elena clean her, but the reality put what she had imagined to shame.

Perhaps the best part was there was no hesitation, no fumbling awkwardness, no asking if this was ok, just a knowing finger sliding inside her pussy, Rebekah crying out joyfully as she was again penetrated and fucked by annoying little Elena Gilbert. The twit even sucked on her clit while thrusting in and out of her, Elena using just the right amount of pressure which had Rebekah cumming in what had to be record time. The fact that she curled her finger helped, and then added a second finger and began repeating the process.

Without needing to be asked Elena eventually started to switch between fingers and tongue, fucking Rebekah with one and then the other, constantly keeping the Original guessing. And the younger girl kept swallowing her cum and pussy juices, fingering and tongue fucking her, solely concentrating on Rebekah's pleasure even as her own need for satisfaction became unbearably frustrating. It was the last fact which made Rebekah's final climaxes so extra wonderfully delectable, and it was a fact she had no intention of allowing to change any time soon.

After keeping Elena in between her legs for a couple of hours the mighty Original vampire yanked the beautiful brunette up and into her arms for a very long and passionate kiss, Rebekah thoroughly enjoying the taste of herself on her frienemy's lips as it made the afterglow extra delicious.

Then Rebekah pulled back and told the other girl, "That was fun. Now, you can have a minute or two to finish yourself off... or you can follow me and maybe I'll give you another 'lousy lay' tonight. Or maybe around lunch, depending on my mood. The choice is yours."

With that Rebekah turned and walked out of the shower, the whole time trying to pretend like she didn't care either way. She totally failed when she heard footsteps behind her, a small smile crossing Rebekah's face and then pretty much staying there as the two girls wordlessly got dressed and checked out of the motel room.


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