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Author's note: This story takes place just after Episode 18 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Frustrating Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Even with Damon's helpful information Rebekah hadn't expected tracking down Katherine would be easy, and it wasn't. The girl had five hundred years worth of experience running and hiding from her least favourite brother, and at times her favourite brother, so there was every chance this would turn out to be a fruitless endeavour. That Katherine would use the cure in some nefarious way before Elena and herself could catch up to her. Or despite their head start someone else would beat them to it. Or Katherine would just keep running, Rebekah helplessly trailing behind her for years. Decades. Centuries.

At the start of this endeavour waiting so long to get her hands on the cure had seemed unbearable, and then beyond unbearable when she teamed up with Elena. Then ironically because she was in a team with Elena suddenly years seemed highly tolerable. Possibly even decades and centuries, just so long as Elena's talented little tongue and forever tight fuck holes were available to Rebekah at all times.

However, for better or for worse, it didn't come to that. In fact it only took a week of searching in between rounds of really hot sex to find the bitch and, after a brief tussle, sit her down in the nearest available seating area for a little chitchat.

"Where's the cure?" Elena asked calmly.

Katherine smirked, "What? No, 'I'm here to avenge my annoying little brother' speech."

Unfazed Elena replied, "People die, we move on."

Rebekah spared her a glance. Even after spending a few days constantly by this new Elena's side it was jarring to hear her sound so emotionless and detached.

It even took Katherine off-guard for a moment, the bitch staring at her doppelganger for a few seconds before subtly smirking and then as if she was finishing Elena's sentence, "After turning off our humanity switch."

"So sad for the boys though, their special snowflake of human frailty, gone." Katherine then continued after a pause, even having the audacity to start getting up as she added, "Well, if we're going to be a while I'll go grab us some menus."

Katherine also made the mistake of pressing her hands on the table to push herself upwards, not even having the sense to immediately launch into super speed, although Rebekah had no doubt that was the ultimate intention. Before she had the chance Rebekah capitalised on the brunette's mistake and jammed the fork into the oh so easy target in front of her, namely Katherine's left hand.

Rebekah took a moment to enjoy Katherine's sadly stifled cry of pain and then calmly told her, "You're not going anywhere."

"I forgot how charming you were." Katherine spat.

"I'm surprised you remember me at all, seeing as you were so busy wedging yourself in between my brothers." Rebekah snarked back.

Clearly unamused Elena said, "Every minute you two waste with your yapping is another minute for Stefan and Damon to find us."

Seeing her current ally's point Rebekah grabbed hold of Katherine's chin and yanked it towards her before repeating Elena's earlier question, "Where's the cure?"

Katherine smirked, "Sorry, I'm on vervain."

"Oh, I get to torture it out of you, fun." Rebekah said, letting go of Katherine, for now.

"Why do you two want the cure anyway?" Katherine asked.

"The question is, why do you want it?" Rebekah countered, "Let me guess, to kill Niklaus."

"I've spent the last five hundred years running from your big brother. I have no intention of even being in sniffing distance of him." Katherine said before smiling, "But, seeing as it can be used against him, I'm sure he is just itching to get his hands on it. I give him the cure, he gives me my freedom.

Elena faked sighed dramatically, "You poor victim. Where's the part in your plan where you screw us over and somebody dies."

"I have no reason to screw you over." Katherine said, and then when Elena let out a half-hearted laugh, "I know you don't believe me, but it is the truth. People change. I'm not the girl you think I am."

Rebekah forced the laugh and then used her super speed to grab Katherine's phone and toss it to Elena.

"I don't have it on me." Katherine protested, trying to avoid any more searching.

"I didn't think you did, but maybe there's something in that which will help us find it." Rebekah said as Elena look through the phone.

Checking Katherine's planner Elena noticed a simple note, meet Em, which begged the question, "Who's Em?"

Katherine hesitated and then simply said, "A friend."

"It says here you're meeting at two." Elena said, waiting for Katherine to volunteer more information. Unsurprisingly she didn't, so Elena added, "Fine, I'll just have to meet Em myself."

After mulling it over for a few seconds Rebekah said, "Mmmm, splitting up? Bad idea. Way too horror movie clich‚ for my taste. Especially when we can just stay here and torture the information out of her. Or for this mysterious Em to show up. You know, whichever comes first."

Elena raised an eyebrow, and smirked, "What's the matter Rebekah? Don't think you'd be able to handle Katherine by yourself?"

"Hardly." Rebekah scoffed, "I mean sure, Katherine is a slippery little fish, but we both know if I let you wander off you'll probably end up getting your pretty little neck snapped or something worse."

In an eerily simultaneous move the doppelgangers frowned, tilted their heads slightly and then asked, "Why do you care?"

Then Elena smirked, "You're not becoming attached are you. Because I warned you-"

"No!" Rebekah interrupted a little too forcefully, the blonde inwardly cursing herself before trying to casually add, "No, it's just that you're no use to me wandering off and probably getting yourself in danger again. Not that I care, it's just that... well, it would be a waste of time. This bitch knows where the cure is and we should be concentrating on torturing that information out of her."

"She'll never tell us because the second she does we don't need her any more, and we'll kill her. Or at least that's what she believes, no matter how much we insist otherwise." Elena snapped angrily, a glance at Katherine telling her she was right. Then a thought occurred to her, "But... if she doesn't show up at two, chances are this Em will come looking for her. Question is... where would be the first place they would look?"

Katherine glared at her smirking doppelganger, but knowing this was the best chance for a continuing and non-pain filled existence admitted, "I know a place."

* * *

A few mild threats and an unpleasant car ride later they were in Katherine's latest hideout, which Rebekah had to admit was pretty good. It was so painfully mundane and ordinary, the type of suburb house which someone like Katherine wouldn't be caught dead in if she had any kind of choice. Unfortunately that basically meant Rebekah quickly found herself very bored.

"Are you sure we can't torture her?" Rebekah whined, "You know, to pass the time."

"I told you, it's an unnecessary distraction." Elena said insistently, "We have to stay vigilant for when this Em shows up."

There was a long moment of silence, and then against her better judgement Katherine turned to Rebekah and said, "You're fucking her, aren't you?"

Rebekah turned to the other girl and frowned, "What?"

Inwardly Rebekah cringed as she had waited a second too long and replied in a tone which wouldn't have convinced a five-year-old much less a master manipulator like Katherine Pierce.

"I should have known from the start." Katherine laughed, and then added when the blonde glared at her, "Awww, don't feel too bad Rebekah? Our Elena has a way with weak willed vampires who think they're tougher than they really are."

Her eyes darkening Rebekah grabbed Katherine by the throat, "I'd watch your mouth if I were you love, or you just might find out how tough I really am."

"Hey, no judgement." Katherine wheezed, "In case she hasn't told you I certainly couldn't resist her. She is hot, and an amazing fuck, after all. But in case you didn't get the memo, she's toxic. People around her tender die, especially people she loves. Why do you think I ran? Because of Klaus? He hasn't caught up to me in years, not until I started fucking Elena Gilbert. So as good as a lay as she is I had to quit cold turkey to save my own skin. I suggest you do the same."

"Oh please, like you ever gave a damn about me." Elena laughed.

"I never said I did. That wasn't the problem." Katherine smirked, "The problem was you were falling in love with me, and as your love is the kiss of death I thought I get the hell out of dodge."

Rebekah gave Elena a look, "Now can we torture her?"

Katherine laughed, "So eager to defend her. Maybe it's already too late for you Rebekah."

Gritting her teeth Rebekah explained, "Elena!"

Frowning at the scene in front of her Elena said, "I... I think she wants to be tortured."

"Why?" Rebekah frowned.

"I don't know, but it would probably be a bad idea to give her what she wants." Elena said before smiling, "But you know what might be better? A little humiliation."

Perking up at this Rebekah asked, "Like?"

"Like... a spanking." Elena said, before elaborating, "Katherine used to spank me when I was naughty. Not to hurt me, but to show she had power over me. That she could do whatever she wants, including treating me like a naughty child. I'm guessing she would hate the same treatment."

Rebekah stared at Katherine, looking thoughtful for a moment, "It's not peeling the flesh from her bones, but it could be fun."

"Oh, it will." Elena promised, smiling at her doppelganger and patting her knee, "Come on Katherine, you know the drill."

Clearly gritting her teeth Katherine glared at her for a few long moments but Elena just smiled cheerfully back, fully aware she had the upper hand right now. Because sure Katherine could kick her ass, and had bested both the Salvatore brothers at once but she was no match for Rebekah and when the other option was agonising torture of course Katherine would choose the humiliation. So Elena kept smiling, that happy expression only becoming more gleeful and perhaps a little smug when the mighty Katherine Pierce slowly got up, walked over to her and then after a brief hesitation bent down to place herself over the younger brunette's knee.

"Wait!" Rebekah snapped before turning to Elena, "I don't usually bother with this type of thing, but surely it should be a bare bottom spanking, shouldn't it?"

"Yes, it should." Elena beamed, and then when the other brunette didn't immediately comply she smacked her butt and said, "That means turn around and pull your pants down bitch. Slowly! Oh yeah, slowly pull your pants down. Show us that spank-able ass."

Elena struggled not to grin widely as Katherine gave her another death glare, the type which would have terrified her old self but just amused the new version of her. Then Katherine turned around and gave Elena a sight that she couldn't imagine any version of her not enjoying. Well, technically it was two sights, namely Katherine's well-toned backside in those tightfitting black pants and the sight of the stronger vampire having to reach behind herself and slowly push down her tightfitting pants to reveal that backside in all it's glory.

Of course Rebekah wasn't impressed, "No panties, what a shock."

Elena smirked, "Where you expecting them?"

"No, hence my lack of shock." Rebekah said flatly.

"Can we get this over with please?" Katherine huffed.

"Eager are we?" Rebekah teased.

"Beyond words." Katherine deadpanned.

"You are, aren't you?" Elena stated huskily as she reached out to slide a finger along Katherine's pussy lips, causing the other girl to let out an involuntary moan. Elena then took a look at her finger and smiled, "You're totally getting off on exposing your cute little ass to us. Showing off the butt I'm about to spank."

"Only because I know you won't be able to resist tonguing my cunt you dirty little slut." Katherine snapped.

"You're probably right." Elena admitted, briefly pausing to slide her finger into her mouth and suck it clean, "But first I'm going to beat the hell out of your ass."

Frowning Rebekah butted in, "And why, pray tell, you get to spank her first?"

Returning the frown Elena questioned, "I thought you won't into this sort of thing?"

Rebekah shrugged, "Normally I'm not, but as you know I do have a thing for delectable arses."

"True... but if you let me go first maybe I'll let you spank mine." Elena offered, quickly adding before Rebekah could say something about how she could just take her ass and do whatever she wanted with it, "Or maybe I could spend an entire night between your legs. Or sucking on your toes. Or whatever else you want. I'm sure you could come up with something."

Perhaps it was Elena's imagination but she could have sworn Rebekah blushed at the suggestion. Or maybe it was Elena trying to seal the deal by placing a hand on top of Rebekah's as if she was asking a favour from a long-time lover instead of just a fuck buddy who had been her enemy not that long ago.

Either way Rebekah softly mumbled an approval and then quickly switch back to her old self to address Katherine, "What are you still waiting for bitch? Bend over, and lay your skanky arse across Elena's knee right the fuck now!"

Katherine grumbled in response, but nothing coherent. Or at least nothing Elena picked up on given that she was enjoying the sight of Katherine bending over her knee for a spanking. Elena also really loved the feeling of Katherine over her knee and the soft but well-toned flesh of the other girl's ass cheeks, the younger vampire unable to resist trying to drag this out a little longer by groping the ass of this powerful undead monster which had caused her so much pain and suffering.

After what felt like an eternity to all three girls Elena started spanking that powerful undead monster which caused her so much pain and suffering. Gently at first, almost playful, Elena taking great joy in Katherine's humiliation. Then, ever so slowly, Elena increased the force and the frequency behind her blows until she was using so much superhuman speed and strength Katherine's cheeks quickly turned red and then black and blue.

Every single blow from the gentle ones at the beginning to the brutal ones towards the end was so wonderfully satisfying for Elena. In fact just groping Katherine's ass had been a thrill because she was clearly in control of her doppelganger, Elena loving every moment of this shift in power dynamic and looking forward to the moments to come.

Katherine was also looking forward to the moments that followed, mostly because she doubted Elena would do anything more unpleasant than this. Perhaps if Elena still had her humanity she would take more traditional revenge, but this version of her seemed more interested in fucking her which was a very good thing because Katherine had no interest in being seriously tortured or even killed by her doppelganger, or anyone else for that matter. Fucking Elena Gilbert though, that was a guilty pleasure Katherine very much loved to indulge in.

To distract herself from her current situation Katherine had first tried to imagine she was somewhere else, doing anything but this. When that hadn't worked she imagined things were as they should be, Elena bent over HER knee, the younger brunette's skirt and laughably virgin white panties around her ankles, her exposed ass slowly turning cute little pink colour and then an angry red as Katherine put the cheap copy of her in her place. That image distracted Katherine from the pain and humiliation of being spanked by Elena for quite a while, and when the pain increased she simply switched images.

Over the next few minutes Katherine imagined eating Elena's sweet little pussy, suffocating the other girl with her cunt or ass, and pounding each of the weaker vampire's fuck holes with a strap-on. She partly remembered these things happening before which made the images oh so more vivid, however Katherine mostly saw it as an image of the future where she would severely punish Elena for the indignity she was currently suffering. An indignity which became increasingly difficult to pretend it wasn't happening, Katherine unable to even concentrate on the pleasant thought of fucking Elena in the future thanks to the spanking becoming so rough.

Unfortunately for Katherine things only got worse, "Oh come on Elena, is that really the best you can do?"

Elena looked up at Rebekah and smirked, "Well, I'm not a strong as you."

Returning the smirk Rebekah asked, "Is that an invitation?"

"Kinda." Elena shrugged, giving a somewhat exaggerated sigh before continuing, "I mean, I've wanted to give Katherine a taste of her own medicine for soooooo very long and I really do hate to give that up, but honestly I feel like I could do this all night long and never really hurt the bitch. You on the other hand... you could probably make her squirm."

While she recognised she was being manipulated Rebekah didn't care, "You're damn right I could. And I will, seeing as how you've realised you're not up to the task."

"I wouldn't go that far. I did make her cheeks nice and rosy after all. Isn't that right Katherine?" Elena taunted her mirror image, smacking Katherine's butt one last time with an extra hard strike, "No, don't answer that. Just go stand with your back to Rebekah so she can see how well I spanked your ass."

Katherine blushed almost as red as her ass and slowly got up to waddle over to where Rebekah was now sitting. She then softly smirked as she felt her super healing kicking in, making her ass good as new by the time she reached the annoying blonde and presented her with her once again flawless backside.

"Can't say I'm impressed." Rebekah said dryly, and then when Elena looked a little disappointed found herself adding for some reason, "But I suppose it wasn't too dreadful, given it was your first time and all."

"Are you going to kiss her ass all night or spank mine?" Katherine snapped impatiently.

"Oooooh, someone really is gagging for it, aren't they love?" Rebekah mocked.

"Hardly." Katherine scoffed, "I just want this over with."

"Really?" Elena grinned, "Then why were you soaking my thigh?"

Katherine smiled back, "I was imagining all the fun I'd have with you once we drop this blonde third wheel."

"I don't know..." Rebekah murmured, her hand shooting up and around to gently rub Katherine's cunt, "You seem awfully wet, just like Elena after a spanking. That bitch loves it when I beat her arse, and you two are basically the same person, right?"

"Wrong! We are not the same!" The brunettes snapped simultaneously.

After spending some time with both now Rebekah was becoming increasingly aware of the subtle differences between them, but she couldn't help tease them, "We'll see. For now shut up and bend over my knee slut. It's time for you to receive a REAL spanking."

Katherine considered turning to Elena and saying something petty like 'you heard her slut, bend over', but that would have just been postponing the inevitable. More importantly she was too humiliated and worried about what was about to happen to think of a more witty comeback, Katherine deciding to just do as she was told and then brace for impact.

Unfortunately like Elena before her Rebekah chose to drag the whole process out by groping her ass for a good long while, Katherine trying to concentrate on the Original's now obvious attraction to her. Her brothers had always been easy to read but the only female Original vampire had rarely shown any interest in her, although it now seemed she did indeed have a thing for her. Or at least the lesser version of her, Katherine unable to resist grinning and opening her mouth to say something about all this.

Before she got the chance Rebekah brought her hand down hard on her ass, causing an intense pain to rush through Katherine's body. In terms of pain and humiliation she'd had worse, but this was definitely the hardest spank she had ever received and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Katherine gritting her teeth to not immediately start blubbering because of this intense butt beating.

Rebekah had kept up that hard, intense pace long enough to watch Katherine's pretty little arse cheeks turn pink and then red before she finally gave the younger girl a break by going right back to the groping. Then, maybe after about a minute of caressing those firm buns, Katherine's arse slowly began returning to normal. When it was once again a light pink Rebekah started the hard spanking again, this time beating Katherine's backside a darker shade of red and then repeating the process, the other vampire's bottom eventually turning colour Rebekah struggled to describe from the assault of her hand.

If she had been spanking a human there was no way she would have been this rough. To do so would have been torture, and when it came to inflicting torture this was not Rebekah's first choice. She had treated Elena to a similar spanking, but even then she had somewhat taken it easy on her. Or at least when she cut out the groping altogether and started just concentrating on the spanking she hadn't been at the brunette's bum quite that long and quite that hard. Or at least she didn't think she did.

The truth was for whatever reason Rebekah was quickly finding a kinship with Elena, the Original feeling like she could maybe find a true friend in this version of the girl, she has found so frustrating. But Katherine Pierce had never been Rebekah's friend. She had been an annoyance at best, and an enemy at worst, Rebekah quickly starting to take her previous frustrations out on this bitch and rejoicing in beating her arse until the other powerful vampire began squealing in pain. Then she spanked her some more.

Of course watching those supple cheeks jiggle from the impact of the blows, and the flesh become so sore looking, and Katherine Pierce scream in agony turned Rebekah on. Maybe she could have ignored it if it was just the two of them, but Elena was watching them the whole time smiling happily and looking at Rebekah in a way which made the blonde's entire body tingle.

So after having at least a little fun Rebekah abruptly stopped the spanking and then, after enjoying the sound of Katherine's faint sobs, sighed softly, "Soooooo, that was fun. Now, shall we get the real torture under way? Or would you rather get on your knees and lick my pussy?"

Rebekah was trying to hide her preference but her tone of voice made it very clear, that fact making Elena smile before insisting, "Oh, I think you should take advantage of this unique situation and have Katherine lick you. It would be unfair on her not too, considering what a pussy slut she is, and I swear you won't regret it because she has an amazing tongue."

Reaching down and roughly grabbing Katherine by the hair so she could yank her upwards until they were face to face Rebekah questioned, "Is that right slut? Are you a cunt hungry dyke who is just dying to use her amazing tongue to fuck me?"

"Yes." Katherine grinned truthfully, very much liking the idea of tongue fucking the blonde, "I love eating pussy. Just give me a chance. I assure you I'm way better at it than your little girlfriend here."

"Only because you have more practice." Elena quickly quipped.

Rebekah ignored her ally and just smiled in amusement, "Well, with an offer like that how can I refuse."

The blonde then lent in as if she was going to kiss the other girl, Katherine smirking and closing her eyes in clear preparation for it. Then at the last minute Rebekah pushed her away, deliberately using enough strength to make sure the other powerful vampire went flying across the room, although not too far that she would break something or be given the chance to escape.

"No need for foreplay, love. Beating your skanky arse has more than got me in the mood." Rebekah casually explained as she undid her fly and then pushed her hands and panties down her thighs, "Just get to licking. Let's see if you're as good as your annoying twin claimed."

Katherine fought the urge to state the obvious, although she did allow herself a second to silently grumble it, that being prissy little Elena Gilbert wasn't her twin, she was a copy. Technically Katherine herself was a copy of the original version, but that original version was long since dead and given her current attitude it was obvious Elena was nothing but Katherine-lite these days. So, at least Elena had embraced her destiny, Katherine thought to herself.

That last thought actually brought a smile to Katherine's face as she reluctantly crawled forward until her face was less than an inch away from Rebekah's cunt. She then stuck out her tongue and started licking, Katherine still acting reluctant although it was mostly an act at this point. After all, if the choices were torture, another humiliating spanking or eating pussy Katherine would happily eat pussy. Besides, Katherine would never willingly admit it but the only female Original vampire was quite striking, and up close her very wet sex smelt quite lovely.

It tasted even better, so much so Katherine briefly forgot her reluctance completely and began eagerly lapping Rebekah's pussy, leading the blonde to laugh, "Woa, steady there love. There's no rush. Take your time. It isn't every day a total whore like you gets the pleasure of licking a cunt as exquisite as mine, mmmmmm, so you should savour this privilege I'm giving you."

"Yeah, because you spreading your legs is such a rare occurrence." Elena scoffed, unwittingly taking the words right out of Katherine's mouth.

"I'm not exactly spreading my legs now, am I?" Rebekah shot back, genuinely a little unsure if this position counted, but before Elena could jump on that she added, "Besides, I don't normally fuck women. I guess there's just something about your face which makes it such a perfect fuck pad it's practically irresistible."

Elena smirked, "You think I'm irresistible?"

"Only now I know what a rug munching whore you really are." Rebekah said, moaning as Katherine went back to her job, "Mmmmmm, both of you are. Ohhhhhh, that's it Katherine, nice and slow. Lick me nice and slow you bitch! Mmmmmm, show me you can be just as good a muff diver as Elena."

Unable to resist Katherine briefly pulled away from Rebekah's cunt for a quick forced laugh, "No one could be as good a muff diver as Elena, because no one else is that big of a slut."

"True..." Rebekah agreed, swiftly grabbing Katherine by the hair and shoving her face back into her wet centre, "But given you seem to be almost as big of a slut, I'm sure you'll be fine. Mmmmm, you just need to try and oh, you'd better, oh, because, ohhhhhhh Katherine!"

Thanks to some well-timed tongue work the Original vampire forgot all about her threat. In fact the room fell pretty silent after that, except for Rebekah's constant moans, groans, cries and even whimpers of pleasure and later the sound of Katherine gently slurping up the yummy juices which had begun flowing like a river out of the other girl's cunt.

It hadn't been all that long ago she had eaten Elena's pussy yet at the moment it felt like an eternity, Katherine very quickly finding herself becoming lost in the joy of going down on another girl. A girl who was even more old and powerful then she was, Katherine getting a kick out of being able to make this Original vampire whimper in pleasure for her just from using her tongue on her most sensitive of areas. Another Original made momentarily submissive to her thanks to her skilled mouth and tongue, the reality of that thrilling Katherine to no end.

Elena was also thrilled by her current reality. It was funny, the old her would have probably been horrified by the sight, even more than the spanking. Hell, her old self hadn't been able to watch porn without blushing and the new awesome version of her had been too busy with other things to give it a try. Now Elena was thinking she definitely should considering how much she was loving the sight of one girl on her knees eating another's pussy. Then again the fact that it was right there in front of her definitely added to her enjoyment, so maybe she should compel herself some entertainment. After all she was sure the world would be a better place if more people had regular sex in their lives.

There again exactly who she was watching have sex was a big part of her enjoyment, Elena having no doubt watching two strangers going at it would have nothing on watching Katherine munching on Rebekah's muffin. Watching these two dangerous vampires who were far older and stronger than herself having sex in front of her, their current position allowing Elena to watch as Katherine's freshly spanked ass wiggled invitingly as it return to its former glory while Rebekah moaned happily, her eyes locked on the brunette giving her head.

Deciding to give the blonde something else to look at, and more importantly to join in the fun herself, Elena marched up to Rebekah and planted a kiss right on her frienemy's lips. Unsurprisingly Rebekah was quick to respond, but before they could really get into anything Elena stepped back with a wicked grin on her face. Then, sure she had her blonde lover's attention, Elena slowly stripped herself of her clothes, totally getting off on the fact that despite what Katherine was doing to her Rebekah was staring at her the whole time. Then she returned to Rebekah's side, pretending to go in for a kiss only to pull away at the last second. This of course displeased Rebekah, but it was short lived, Elena making it up to her by kissing her after removing her jacket, shirt and bra, allowing the brunette access to the blonde's tits.

After a long make-up section Elena moved her mouth downwards so she could lick and suck on the blonde's nipples as well as massage them with her fingers, leading Rebekah to tighten her grip on both the brunettes' hair and moan, "Mmmmmm, that's it you sluts, fuck me! Fuck me good! Oh, soooooo gooooooodddddd! You're right Elena, this is so much more fun than torturing the bitch. Mmmmm, she licks my pussy sooooo good, mmmmmm, but then again I have become very accustomed to seeing your pretty little face buried in my cunt. And I also enjoy it pressed up against my chest, mmmmmm, but more so in between my cheeks. Ohhhhhh fuck, so how about you really make yourself useful and get on your knees and lick my arse?"

Elena lifted her head and forced herself to frown briefly before smiling, "Sure."

Without another word Elena slowly walked round until she was pressing her body into Rebekah's back so she could kiss the other vampire's neck, briefly teasing her current ally with her fangs. This caused Rebekah to briefly moan and then growl, "I said on your knees bitch! I wanna feel your tongue up my arse!"

"Just a second." Elena promised before beginning to slide her lips over Rebekah's shoulders and then slowly down her back, mostly focusing on her spine, with a few exceptions.

One of those exceptions was a spot Elena had once driven a dagger into, knocking the mighty Original unconscious for a few weeks. It would have been longer had the dagger not been removed, Elena once again contemplating how different things could have been if it hadn't, yet unlike every other time she thought that instead of slipping into depression she carried on kissing down Rebekah's back until finally she reached the blonde's butt. Once she was comfortably on her knees Elena literally began kissing the ass of the girl who had killed her, first covering Rebekah's butt cheeks in gentle pecks before spreading them so she could slide her tongue over the other vampire's back hole.

Which of course was greeted by approval from Rebekah, "Finally! Mmmmmm, that's it Elena you little slut, lick my arse! Lick my fucking arse hole you dirty little whore! Mmmmmm ooooooohhhhhh yeeeesssssss, lick it, tongue my shit hole you nasty fucking bitch! Mmmmm, get that tongue of yours up my arse while your evil twin tongues my twat! Ohhhhhhh fuck, come on you little backstabber, eat my fucking arse! Eat it! I want both of you sluts to eat my fucking fuck holes till I cum! Make me cum you identical bitches! Make me fucking cum!"

Rebekah said a whole lot more, verbally assaulting the doppelgangers nearly the entire time they worshipped her holes, calling them every foul name under the sun while almost simultaneously praising their oral techniques. Through it all Rebekah completely ignored the fact that Elena had chosen to press her lips to the exact spot she had stabbed her, excluding calling Elena a backstabber which was both technically true and something Rebekah had called Elena throughout their encounters. Before then, even. But the truth was Rebekah didn't dwell on that memory as it filled her with anger which was counter-productive to her current situation. It also hurt her far deeper than it should, something Rebekah definitely didn't want to dwell on.

Luckily for Rebekah having two tongues licking her pussy and arse respectively was very distracting, especially when it was too identical girls doing it, a perverted thrill the Original had never received before. Honestly Rebekah had mostly preferred 'normal' sex with one man in the privacy of a bed for most of her existence, but over a thousand years of life the blonde vampire had indulged in just about every kink known to man. This was wonderfully new, especially when the doppelgangers would do something, anything, the same.

It started off with simple things, a simultaneous lick, a certain way the brunettes used their tongues, wrapping their lips around Rebekah's fuck holes so they could add sucking into the mix, even biting with exactly the right amount of pressure. Then Katherine was reaching up and taking over where Elena had left off on giving Rebekah's tits a good seeing too, those wicked digits cupping the soft flesh of the blonde's boobs and then tweaking her nipples. Elena had the same idea shortly afterwards, the doppelgangers briefly fighting each other for the older vampire's tits before Katherine surprisingly surrendered, if only so she could shove a finger into Rebekah's cunt. Again Elena followed suit, Rebekah letting out a extra loud cry as her current ally pushed a finger into her bottom so both the identical girls were finger fucking her at the same time.

Whether this was a part of the whole doppelgangers thing or simply a by-product of Katherine training Elena to be her personal pussy pleaser Rebekah didn't know and she didn't care. All she knew was that the two brunettes effortlessly drove her to amazing orgasm after amazing orgasm until the poor blonde couldn't talk coherently.

The first time Rebekah came it was a result of Katherine adding another finger into the mix, the wicked brunette leaving them both inside the blonde up to the knuckle so she could enjoy having the only female Original quivering on her digits. For her second Katherine replaced her fingers with her mouth and eagerly swallowed the Original's cum, the flavour so heavenly she greedily gulped down every other orgasm Rebekah had while Elena was busy switching between fingering the blonde's bottom and literally trying to shove her tongue up it until Rebekah could take no more.

"That's enough bitches!" Rebekah growled, yanking the other two girls away from her fuck holes and pulling them up off their knees.

She did this by tightening her grip in their pretty dark brown hair and yanking the doppelgangers upwards, almost hard enough to yank the hair from their scalps and yet the perverted sluts cried out in mostly pleasure before simultaneously smirking at her once they were at eye level.

Rebekah returned the smirk and said, "Well, that was very... adequate. Then again I'd expect nothing less from two well-seasoned whores."

"Pot, kettle." Katherine murmured bitterly, cursing herself when she saw anger flashing in Rebekah's eyes.

Luckily, or perhaps not, it was only brief and was quickly replaced by another smirk, "You know Katherine, I already know what a total slut Elena is for the taste of my pussy and arse, but I'm curious, is that yet another trait you share? Did you also love the taste of my pussy? Or perhaps I should be asking how much you loved it?"

Unable to resist Katherine gave a catty smile and shot back, "I've had better."

"With the amount of pussy you must have eaten, I don't doubt it." Rebekah said dryly, "But you still gobbled my cunt with way too much enthusiasm to be faking, so I'm guessing you loved it. And since you two share everything from looks, to boyfriends, to your bodies, why don't you share my sweet flavours?"

Although Rebekah voiced it as a question she made it very clear it was a demand from the way she forced the other two girls heads together. Not that Elena was complaining, the younger brunette even getting in a quick smile just before her lips were pressed against Katherine's. Of course Katherine was far from hesitant to kiss back, the doppelgangers wasting no time in becoming lost in a passionate lip lock. Not that it was just their lips for long, Katherine and Elena simultaneously opening their mouths and thrusting their tongues forward so that they could share the taste of Rebekah's pussy and ass, and perhaps more importantly just enjoy the sweet taboo of kissing each other.

For her part Rebekah was pretty quick to step back and just watch the two identical looking women make out for several long minutes. Then she helped provide commentary, "Oh God yes, that's it you bitches! Fucking kiss each other! Mmmmmm fuck, I've seen some sick and twisted things in my time, but... fuck. That's soooooooo nasty. You're both so nasty. Nasty little narcissistic sluts who are so self-obsessed and slutty that they actually get off on kissing each other!"

"Mmmmm, you should see us fuck each other." Elena suggested once she had broken the kiss and shot Rebekah a sexy little smile.

"Maybe I should." Rebekah said as she returned the sexy little smile, partly because she noticed something out of the corner of her eye, "Katherine seems to like the idea, don't you bitch?"

"Uh-huh." Katherine practically moaned, "Elena is a frightful bore but, as you know, she has a delicious little pussy and a really cute whimper. Mmmmm, just give me five minutes and I'll have her begging for mercy."

Under different circumstances that last sentence probably wouldn't have made Elena's pussy tingle with delight and anticipation. Probably. However while she was used to Katherine having her way with her, and that last sentence had her body literally aching to submit to the older girl, Elena was determined to maintain some semblance of control.

So she pointed out, "Or you could let me further humiliate Katherine by riding her face."

Seeing Katherine's smile falter Rebekah beamed, "Oooooh, I love the sound of that. Let's do it. Katherine, get down on your back so that your bitch can mount you."

For a few long seconds Katherine remained where she was, her smile slowly turning into a glare which unfortunately didn't faze the other vampires, then she gave a little shrug and then as nonchalantly as possible murmured, "Whatever, I'll still have her begging for me."

"Maybe." Elena said teasingly, "Or maybe you'll be a good little pussy licker and get me off so I can have an excuse to return the favour."

"Please, like you could ever resist a chance to shove your tongue up my cunt." Katherine scoffed as she got down on her back.

"Maybe not the old me." Elena agreed as she slowly lowered herself down onto Katherine's face, "But you might be surprised what the new me is capable of."

Katherine opened her pretty mouth but before she could continue their bickering Elena silenced her by shoving herself the rest of the way down so that her crotch was roughly pressing the other brunette's head against the carpet. Somewhat surprisingly Katherine didn't hesitate from switching from complaining to slowly sliding her tongue out of her open mouth and along Elena's pussy lips, the older vampire then repeating the process with increasingly frequent licks which had Elena letting out animalistic cries which probably would have exposed her as something other than human if there had been any clueless mortals around to hear.

Elena did her best to get as much enjoyment out of this as possible but unfortunately it only seemed to take about a minute for Katherine's talented tongue to bring her to the edge of orgasm just from literally licking her pussy. It wasn't even a particularly rough pace for her, and Katherine effortlessly began to keep her on that edge as Elena quickly began to crave the heavenly feeling of that talented tongue in her cunt. She almost begged for it out of instinct, but she was determined not to give the bitch the satisfaction. Or at least not so soon.

As the pleasure became torturously good Elena cursed the fact that she was so wound up before starting this. That Rebekah had forced her to eat her ass hole, watch her get her delicious blonde pussy licked by her doppelganger and share the Original's flavours with Katherine. She even regretted arranging a spanking for her bitchy double, Elena wishing she had done this first instead so she would have plenty of time riding Katherine's face before the urge to cum became overwhelming. Then again constantly fucking Rebekah for the better part of a week had increased her sex drive and Katherine was always so good at eating pussy it was probably inevitable that she would be aching to cum so quickly.

Of course Katherine had known just how worked up Elena was. Her supernatural senses could smell it in the air, coming face to face with Elena's cunt had only confirmed what she already knew. After all Elena was a slutty little whore who got really hot just from Katherine looking at her the right way so after all that had happened so far it wasn't surprising Elena was ready to cum after only a few well timed licks. And even if she hadn't been, if Elena was half the stuck up prude she pretended to be Katherine still would have her struggling not to beg in no time because she was just flat-out amazing in bed, or on the floor in this case.

And make no mistake, Elena would beg for her, she was just being very stubborn about it, the younger vampire instead continuously cursing, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk mmmmmmmm, oh Katherine, mmmmmmmm, I almost forgot what a great pussy licker you are. Mmmmmmmm, I fucking despise you, but you lick my pussy sooooooooo gooooooodddddddd mmmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssss! Eat me! Eat me you bitch! Shove that well practised tongue inside me you whore! Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck me like a lesbian slut! Do it! Fuck me with your tongue and make me cum. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddd, fuck me with your fucking tongue and make me cum right the fuck now or I swear you'll regret it!"

Normally Katherine would have laughed if little Elena Gilbert threatened her, or gave her a order or a command, during sex and maybe outside of it if Elena was lucky. But she was having to make a few exceptions today, and honestly Katherine was beginning to crave Elena's sweet girl cum almost as much as the other brunette was obviously desperate to cum. Elena's voice was so whiny most of her commands, orders and threats sounded like begging for mercy anyway, and regardless of what it was Katherine was tired of hearing it.

So with pretty much no warning, apart from the obvious begging for it and that her mouth was so close to the target, Katherine slammed her tongue as deep as it would go to Elena's cunt, causing her bitch to let out a deafening cry which would probably be heard by her precious Salvatores. Katherine almost hoped that was the case given that Elena almost immediately came in her mouth, the older brunette briefly removing her tongue so she could swallow the heavenly liquid before she once again penetrated Elena's pussy and began to tongue fuck the other girl.

For a few moments Katherine had power over Elena again, the older vampire effortlessly making her fuck toy cum in her mouth and all over her face again and again, the other brunette easily being reduced to a whimpering/screaming wreck. Then Elena used her super speed to suddenly spice things up by spinning around and burying her face in Katherine's cunt, the infuriating girl making her cum almost as effortlessly as she made her cum, the two of them quickly becoming lost in a heated 69 which felt like it would never end.

There was no way Rebekah would have spent eternity watching two people having sex in front of her. It didn't matter how hot they were or that there was an extra enjoyable perversion from those two people being identical, she would never want to just watch. Participating was a different story, Rebekah genuinely tempted to say 'sod the cure' and stayed here fucking these two gorgeous women until the end of days.

On that note, while watching the doppelgangers passionately fucking each other to multiple orgasm was thrilling beyond accurate description, ultimately Rebekah ached to once again be a part of the fun. There was a number of ways she could achieve that, Rebekah toying with quite a few before she finally decided to slowly retrieve the strap-on from out of her bag and pull it up her thighs. Once it was securely around her waist Rebekah casually walked over to the two brunettes and yanked Elena up by the hair.

Elena let out a cute little cry of pain thanks to the hair pulling, which quickly dissolved into a moan of pleasure thanks to Katherine continuing the tongue fucking, then she focused on the dildo which was directly in her face. She almost looking wary of it, Elena looking up at her Rebekah questioningly, her current ally perhaps worried she would be forced back to the role of a bottom by the Original vampire. That was the only explanation Rebekah could think of given Elena had been such an eager slut for her over the past week.

If that was the case Elena needn't have worried, Rebekah had something else in mind, "Go and see if Katherine has a strap-on you can use so we can fuck her together."

The smile that crossed Elena's face was perhaps the most wicked and joy filled smile Rebekah had ever seen and it actually made the blonde's heart beat faster and heat to spread through her body. Honestly it was embarrassing but fortunately Elena was too busy zooming away at super speed to find Katherine's toy collection, and Katherine seemed too busy licking her lips of any leftover cum and girl cream.

Feeling enraged by her body's reaction Rebekah used her own super speed to yank Katherine up by her hair, press her strap-on to the other girl's lips and angrily growl, "Open up bitch! You're not done using that mouth for its main purpose. Haha, that's it, suck my cock! Suck it you fucking cock sucker. Mmmmmm, you better get it nice and wet because I'm about a second away from slamming this dick up every single fuck-able hole on your body. Ohhhhh yeah, your mouth, pussy, AND ARSE, are all going to be mine tonight! All mine, and Elena Gilbert's!"

Elena smirked upon hearing these words, not just because Rebekah was painting a wonderful picture of Katherine's immediate future but because the deadly Original was practically treating her like an equal. Under other circumstances Elena might have dismissed it but the evidence was piling up that the emotional blonde was once again becoming attached to someone who showed her the slightest bit of affection. It was sad really, but it may prove useful. Hell, it already was proving useful in the short term, Elena returning to find Katherine on her knees with Rebekah's strap-on cock in her mouth.

Unsurprisingly Katherine's strap-on wasn't difficult to find, the bitch always seem to have a variety of sex toys lying around and this time was no exception. In fact, as much as it was still possible, Elena was impressed with Katherine's collection. However one thing stuck out, namely the strap-on Katherine had used to rob Elena of her anal cherry. Or at least she was pretty sure it was the same strap-on, Elena recalling vividly being ordered to strap an identical toy around the waist of her mirror image before Katherine had bent her over and slowly stuffed every inch of it into her virgin ass.

It was a memory which has haunted Elena for years now, especially during the frequent times Katherine either did something bad or butt fucked her again. Now Elena just felt a shiver of submissive delight, followed by a shudder of a different kind at the knowledge she now had the chance to return the favour. Not that she had any intention of rushing straight into anal before further humiliating Katherine a little more, Elena delighted to find that Rebekah was helping with that.

When she returned Elena just watched Katherine bobbing her head up and down on the first few inches of Rebekah's strap-on dick, noisily sucking and slurping the toy cock in a way which had to be intended to arouse the other two vampires and not just her normal attitude of self-preservation. Pleased by that idea Elena used her supernatural speed to quickly strap the dildo around her waist and then she strolled proudly over the two other girls and pressed her newly acquired cock against Katherine's already cock filled mouth.

"Don't hog that slutty mouth! I want to get my cock sucked too." Elena grinned, hoping she could get away with the comment as long as it was playful.

That seem to be the case, Rebekah pulling her cock out of Katherine's mouth and protesting, "I wasn't hogging her whore mouth, I was just waiting for your lazy arse. Now you're back by all means, her mouth is yours."

Grinning happily, and a little wickedly, Elena grabbed Katherine's hair with one hand, her dildo by the other and pressed her cock against that now empty mouth which quickly opened for her and swallowed her strap-on, Elena following that up with gleeful taunting, "Ooooooh that's it bitch, suck my cock. Show me just what a nasty little cock sucker you can be. Mmmmmm, give me the same sloppy wet blow job you were giving Rebekah. Show me you're willing to be just as much of a slut for me as you were for her. In fact, I want you to do better. I want you to take every inch of this cock down your whore throat and show me exactly why Damon was in love with your skanky ass for so long!"

Katherine was impressed, Elena never used to be able to mention the Salvatores during sex. Normally she would blush just at the mention of them. Or if Katherine talk dirty to her. Or opened her mouth. Or did just about anything really as Elena was so easy to embarrass. Of course this was an Elena with her humanity switched off which made her basically a rip-off of Katherine and when it came to sex Katherine was as near to shameless as you could get. Not that having too sexually submit wasn't humiliating, it was, but Katherine was a lot better at hiding it than most and could even enjoy it to some degree.

Giving head wasn't particularly pleasant, especially when the cock currently in her mouth was made of rubber or some unappetising material, but thinking about this man-made dick fucking her cunt was a very pleasant idea indeed. It was enough to motivate Katherine to start bobbing her head on Elena's strap-on pretty much the second it was offered to her, the five hundred-year-old vampire even following the younger brunette's command of taking the dildo down her throat until her lips were wrapped around the base, Katherine sucking noisily on Elena's cock the entire time.

For a while this seem to be enough for Elena, then she impressed Katherine again by grabbing hold of the other brunette's hair and began fucking her mouth. Shortly after that she began picking up the pace, eventually brutalising Katherine's throat much in the same way the older vampire had done to her even when Elena was human. Ironically while she was there, on her knees in front of her enemy violently choking and gagging on her own strap-on dildo which was now being used against her, Katherine had never been more proud of Elena. It was proof that at least on some level Elena had learned something from all those nights of being Katherine's bitch, and perhaps in a way Elena's pitiful attempt at payback could be enjoyable for them both.

"Now who's hogging that slutty mouth." Rebekah said dryly.

"You want her? Go ahead, have her." Elena offered with a grin.

"Oh, don't mind if I do." Rebekah smiled back at her ally before grabbing her enemy by the head and shoving her cock back into that slutty mouth.

Back and forth Elena and Rebekah exchanged Katherine's mouth like it was a piece of meat, or more accurately a whore's cunt, the two of them brutalising her mouth for what felt like an eternity. Katherine enjoyed the whole thing way too much, mostly telling herself it was only because she was looking forward to what came next more anything else, but either way her pussy burned for attention. And attention is what it would soon get.

"So, shall we fuck her now?" Elena finally asked in an almost casual tone.

"Let's." Rebekah smirked, "Any requests on how?"

"Oh I could think of a lot, but there is one in particular I think we might both enjoy." Elena beamed, before pulling her dildo out of Katherine's mouth and then taking a seat in the middle of the floor and smirking wickedly at her still slightly choking doppelganger, "Come ride me bitch."

Happy to move on from the throat fucking Katherine didn't hesitate in obeying, but she did take her time, returned Elena smirk and taunt her, "I must say I'm a little disappointed, but not surprised that you're all talk. Why even bother pretending, we both know you'd rather lay back and just get fucked like the slut that you are. So how about you just hand over that strap-on and we can really have some fun."

Elena pretended to think about it for a second and then said, "Tempting... but I'd rather see you bouncing up and down on my cock. Then after you've got used to taking my cock inside you Rebekah can join us for a little DP action. If that's alright with her?"

Rebekah was grinning even before Elena turned to her and asked her that, the blonde happily replying, "Oh I'm very ok with that."

"Fine." Katherine growled, straddling Elena's waist and lining the dildo up with the entrance to her pussy, "But just so you know, I'm going to severely punish you now."

Last time Katherine said those words her tone was full of playfulness. On the surface this was the same, but there was an undertone of menace which hadn't been there before which could mean anything from Katherine treating Elena to multiple gang bangs to tearing Damien's heart out and presenting it to her. If she could still feel genuine emotion Elena might have been afraid. Then again the way Katherine moaned as she slowly pushed the strap-on inside herself suggested that she wasn't too upset about submitting to Elena, not if it meant more pleasure.

Deciding to point this out Elena smirked, "Oh don't pretend you're not loving this."

Momentarily Katherine spared her a look which could have been mild anger or simple annoyance and then the older brunette closed her eyes and concentrated on lowering herself down on the cock. Or perhaps more accurately Katherine seemed to concentrate on the pleasure of having the large chunk of rubber filling her womanhood, the evil vampire doing little to hide her moans of pleasure as she did so.

Certainly when she had been in this position Elena had concentrated on the pleasure, although that had more to do with not wanting to focus on Katherine's smirking face and the fact that she was cheating on Stefan with her evil mirror image who was responsible for so much suffering. Who had tried to kill her. Who had killed her friend Caroline and turned her into a vampire. Who had killed her brother Jeromy. Well, now Elena didn't care about that. All she cared about right now was that Katherine was taking her cock inside her, Elena finally turning the tables on her tormentor and giving her a taste of her own medicine, even if it was of the pleasant variety.

Drilling this point home Elena smacked Katherine's ass and yelled, "Ride it Katherine! Ride my dick like a bitch in heat!"

For a moment Katherine just looked at her with what looked like amusement on her face. Then, surprisingly without a bitchy comeback, the five hundred-year-old vampire lifted herself up slowly and then lowered herself back down, repeating the motion in a steady rhythm to officially begin the fucking. The older vampire officially beginning to ride the cock of the younger vampire. The evil girl officially beginning to ride the dick of the 'good' girl. Katherine Pierce officially beginning to ride Elena Gilbert's strap-on dildo, some combination of that echoing in Elena's head as she lay back and enjoyed the show.

Rebekah was enjoying the show too, possibly even more than Elena was given she was again treated to the unique sight of two girls who looked identical going at it. And this time the similarities between them were even more clear as instead of those pretty faces buried in each other's cunts Rebekah could clearly see one smirking wickedly while the other's face was awash with pleasure, the blonde getting off so much on this she happily watched the two brunettes fuck for quite some time.

Of course a growing part of her was eager to get into the action, that part multiplying once Rebekah moved round so she could see Katherine's oh so fuck-able behind. The behind which was identical to the one she had been relentlessly fucking over the past week, and yet she had never touched this behind before, that thought thrilling Rebekah to a surprising degree. As was the fact that she was about to remedy that, and in doing so arse fuck both doppelgangers within the same week. Hell, given the savage bum fucking she had given Elena earlier she could officially sodomise both doppelgangers within the same day, Rebekah literally licking her lips at the wonderfully twisted idea.

"Stop bouncing bitch! It's time for me to fuck your slutty little bottom." Rebekah practically growled, moving into position behind Katherine and unnecessarily pressing one of her hands down on the brunette's back, her supernatural strength keeping her prey in place.

"Here, let me help you." Elena grin, reaching out and grabbing a hold of Katherine's butt cheeks so she could pull them apart and expose the other girl's fuck holes.

"Thank you Elena." Rebekah beamed before turning her attention to the girl she was about to sodomise, "This new Elena is so helpful, don't you think Katherine? Not like the old, whiny self-righteous version."

"This version seems plenty whiny to me." Katherine grumbled.

"Mmmm, maybe a bit, but at least she's better company." Rebekah said, pressing her dildo against Katherine's back door, "And right now, so are you..."

From the sound of it Katherine tried to give an allegedly witty retort but before she could even get a coherent word out Rebekah had brutally slammed forward with a great deal of her supernatural might, tearing open the other girl's anal ring and forcing the strap-on dildo deep into the bitch's bowels. So naturally Katherine's attempt at talking turned into a scream of pain, although Rebekah highly doubted this was her first time taking it up the arse, so chances are it was more of a cry of surprise than of pain. Either way Rebekah enjoyed it, almost as much as watching her cock violating Katherine's back door, the blonde just enjoying the sight of that stretched shit hole for a few moments before giving another thrust to achieve full anal penetration.

Most of the dildo had been forced into Katherine's backside on the first powerful thrust so there wasn't much more to add, although it did make Katherine cry out again, this time her tone definitely more of pleasure than of pain. It was more or less the same story when Rebekah began thrusting in and out of the brunette's bum hole, officially beginning the arse fucking. Sure there was still an undertone of pain for a while, but it didn't take long for the infamous Katherine Pierce to start moaning in pure pleasure like the total anal whore she clearly was.

"That's it you doe eyed little bitch, moan for me." Elena said, throwing the words Katherine had used on her during their first time together, and many times after that, back at her. Then, upon seeing Rebekah frowning at her, Elena quickly corrected herself, "Moan for us. Mmmmm yeah, moan like a whore. Moan like the whore you are for me and Rebekah as we pound your skanky fuck holes, make them even looser and sluttier than they already are and make you our little dyke bitch."

Trying to hide just how much she was loving this Katherine smirked and moaned, "Ohhhhhh Elena, mmmmmm, we both know no matter what you two sluts do to me you, oooooooooh God, you will always be my bitch. Mmmmmm fuck, you will always be my little dyke bitch Elena. My pussy pleasing little whore! My ass licking little slut! My own personal anal slave! Ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, oh fuck oh fuck, I own you Elena! ME! Not Stefan, not Damon, and sure as hell not this Original slut, ooooooooh Gawwwwwwwd, and you know it bitch!"

"Maybe." Elena grinned wickedly, "But right now you're our bitch-"

"And it's time we treat you like it!" Rebekah interrupted with a growl.

Katherine opened her mouth to point out they had been doing that anyway, although it was understandable they were confused given the lousy job they were doing at topping her. However before she could even get a word out Rebekah pulled her strap-on almost completely out of the younger girl's ass, no doubt deliberately making sure the bulbous head of the dildo was once again stretching Katherine's back hole. Then after the briefest of pauses Rebekah slammed every inch of the fake cock back into the brunette's butt with what felt like all her vampire strength, causing Katherine to let out a long cry of pain and pleasure.

Over and over and over Rebekah repeated this process, long dicking Katherine's ass so fast and hard all conversation was momentarily forgotten. Katherine also forgot about keeping up the pretence of not enjoying this as she got off on even the pain of being so roughly butt fucked. Then of course whatever pain there had been quickly faded and Katherine was moaning, grinning, whimpering and screaming in pure pleasure.

The very worst of it was that Katherine was so blissfully happy her tongue betrayed her and she whimpered, "Oh God fuck me! Aaaaahhhhh Goooooddddd fuck me hard! Fuck my ass! Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooodddddd, fuck my slutty ass!"

This course the other two girls to burst out laughing, which in turn led to Katherine awaking from her haze and blushing in humiliation, which led to Elena exclaiming, "Awww, Katherine, I don't think I've ever seen you blush before. It's cute."

"That's because she knows she's beaten." Rebekah grinned, "We've fucked her into submission and she knows it. Mmmmmm yeah, this!" Thrust. "Little!" Thrust. "Bitch!" Thrust. "Realises we've made her our desperate to be fucked dyke slut! Mmmmmmm, our lesbian bitch! The meat in our sandwich!"

"Ooooooh yeah, that's what she is, she's the meat in our fucking sandwich!" Elena beamed, "Our all girl sandwich! Mmmmmm, that's right Katherine, you're just a piece of meat now. Just a piece of fucking meat. After all the shit you've done to me you've become a slab of meat sandwiched between me and Rebekah, both us using your fuck holes for our pleasure, mmmmmmmm, both of us pounding your pussy and ass at the same time like the slut you are! Ohhhhhh God yes, come on dyke slut, take it in both holes like a bitch. Be the meat in our dyke sandwich, our fuck hole, mmmmmmm, our bitch! Be our slutty sandwich and moan for us like a fucking lezzie whore!"

Gritting her teeth so she could ignore any further comments Katherine closed her eyes and briefly tried to imagine she was being double fucked by two well hung studs. When that didn't work she tried to put faces to them or imagine there were other girls, faceless or otherwise, but just like when she had been going down on Rebekah honestly who was fucking her was more of a turn on than almost anything she could imagine. So she opened her eyes again just in time to see an extra wicked grin on Elena's face before the other brunette started thrusting up into her cunt, the additional stimulation making Katherine cum almost immediately.

For all of her fake reluctance Katherine had expected she would receive a series of powerful orgasms from being double penetrated by Elena and Rebekah. In fact the pleasure had quickly reached a point that she had once again not wanted to be interrupted by anyone, once again hopefully they would all stay away so she could cum. Hell, it wasn't long before she wanted to be left alone with these two women she hated just so they would keep fucking her like this, Katherine feeling like she could happily spend all day sandwiched between Elena Gilbert and Rebekah Mikaelson of all people.

Then Katherine finally came and she lost her damn mind. She was still vaguely aware of her surroundings, but it felt like her first climax had been so powerful her soul had been sent to the other side and she was watching what was left of her writhing ecstasy between her two enemies. Or perhaps she was in the heaven she no doubt didn't deserve given the sensations rocking her body, easily as good as any she ever had if not better, which was really saying something given the pleasure she had indulged in over her five hundred years of existence.

Katherine also liked to pretend she was in complete control herself despite the fact that she was mindlessly screaming, "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!"

Luckily the other two vampires had given up on verbal torment in favour of concentrating on fucking her to orgasm after orgasm, all three girls' supernatural stamina being pushed to the test as they became lost in the double fucking.

In fact things kind of got a little blurry for Katherine for a little while, the next thing she was really conscious of was a sudden horrible emptiness in her ass as Rebekah collapsed with exhaustion. Then all of a sudden she was being flipped over onto her back by a grinning Elena who briefly continued fucking her cunt before switching holes, Katherine crying out as her pussy now felt empty and her backside felt as though it was going to burst from being widely filled and stretched. And fucked. Oh, how Elena fucked her ass.

Clearly still holding a grudge from all those times Katherine had dominated her Elena quickly established a steady rhythm and then increased it until she was pounding the older brunette's ass with every ounce of her strength. Which admittedly wasn't as much as Rebekah's strength, or a number of vampires and other creatures older and more skilled than little Elena Gilbert, but what the younger doppelganger lacked in skill and power she made up for with enthusiasm. And despite herself Katherine felt her body quiver when Elena gave her a wicked grin, the older girl getting a closer look given that they were currently face to face, her legs on the other brunette's shoulders so she was literally getting bent in half while being butt fucked.

Elena took full advantage of this position to gently growl in Katherine's face, "Take it bitch! Take it! Take my cock up your slutty little ass! Be my little anal slut like I was yours for all those years! Mmmmmmmm, take it up the ass and cum like a bitch! Cum like the bitch you are! Cum like a slutty little bitch whore who ruins people's lives and loves to cum with a dick in her ass like a total slut! Oooooohhhhhh Gawwwwwd yeeeeesssssss, you're my bitch Katherine, and now, I own your ass! I own you! You're mine! All fucking mine!"

For what felt like an eternity Elena continued fucking Katherine's ass in that position, the younger brunette revelling in being able to see the look on her tormenter's face as she dominated the far older and stronger vampire. It didn't qualify as revenge, not really, but Elena hadn't come looking for vengeance, and yet this was almost better, a fact she was sure her older emotional self wouldn't have ever admitted, but it was true.

There was just something so satisfying about watching Katherine Pierce squirm beneath her, the more powerful vampire shuddering from climax after climax as Elena brutalised her most private hole. And that look of contempt, mixed with pure ecstasy and a whole lot of frustration gave Elena almost as strong a high as her own climaxes racing through her body thanks to the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer perverted heaven that was ass fucking her doppelganger.

Best of all was the impressed look on Katherine's face. It was fleeting, Katherine obviously doing her best to hide it, but Elena was almost positive the older girl felt on some twisted level a sense of pride that the younger girl was making her cum so hard by turning the tables on her and fucking her up the ass. She definitely saw a look of pride on Rebekah's face, the blonde completely captivated by the doppelganger on doppelganger sodomy happening right in front of her eyes.

Wanting to put on an even better show for her partner in crime, and more importantly butt fuck Katherine in another position, Elena suddenly pushed the other girl's legs off her shoulders and pulled her strap-on out of the older brunette's ass. In the same movement she flipped Katherine onto her front, pulled her up onto all fours, guided the dildo back to its target and slammed forward with all her might, burying the fake cock back inside Katherine's bowels for the first powerful thrust and then immediately restarting the ass fucking.

Rebekah continued to watch the two doppelgangers engaging in passionate arse sex for a long time, loving the new position as it meant she got the added bonus of hearing Elena's thighs smacking into Katherine's arse cheeks echoing throughout the room. Also there was just something so primal about watching one person pounding into another from behind, Elena literally forcing Katherine into the 'bitch' role. Not that Katherine truly seem to mind given how loudly she was screaming in pleasure, and how frequently her cum was squirting from her cunt, and the blissful look on her face. Of course it couldn't compare to the blissful look on Elena's face as she finally got to give Katherine a taste of her own medicine, the younger brunette brutally sodomising the other girl and looking so sexy doing it.

Briefly Rebekah wondered if Elena had looked that happy fucking her up the arse. She had seemed pretty happy to take it. True, Rebekah had mostly buggered Elena from behind, only allowing her to ride her dildo a few times facing away from her so she could still watch the other girl's bum hole wrapped around her cock, but the brunette had sounded pretty happy. She had cum just as hard as Katherine now was, but Rebekah found herself regretting not sodomising the other girl face to face. Or at least pounded her pussy face to face. Something so she could enjoy how blissful Elena looked. Not that Rebekah cared about Elena's happiness, or how beautiful she looked during sex, it was just that... it was enjoyable to watch. That was all.

Wanting to shake herself out of her thoughts Rebekah decided to re-join the fun by slowly crawling over to the rectum ramming brunettes, shove her strap-on in Katherine's open mouth and order, "Suck it bitch! Suck your arse off my fucking dick!"

"Yessssss, suck it!" Elena growled, yanking Katherine's hair back, "Suck it like the little ass to mouth whore you are! Ohhhhhh fuck yes, do it, mmmmmmm, that's so fucking hot!"

Clearly overcome by pleasure Katherine didn't hesitate to clamp her mouth down on the head of the strap-on dildo Rebekah had used to bum her and began passionately slurping her own arse cream off of it. Then Katherine began bobbing her head up and down Rebekah's shaft, the blonde able to hear the faint sound of gagging from her enemy as the dildo hit the back of her mouth while her ally continued sodomising her. Katherine then escalated things again by allowing the toy cock to slide down her throat, her constant gagging and Elena's attempts to distract her barely even phasing the bitch.

Feeling annoyed by that fact Rebekah pushed Elena's hand off Katherine's head and replaced it with her own so she could begin using the other girl's mouth like a cunt (or arse hole). Harder and harder she moved her hips back and forth until Rebekah was fucking Katherine's throat with the same enthusiasm Elena was using to bum fuck the bitch, the two vampires spit roasting the third so brutally that if Katherine had been human she probably wouldn't have survived. As it was all three of them came over and over again, Elena and Rebekah hollering joyfully the entire time.

It was the strangest thing but in that moment Rebekah felt like she had never known a greater kinship with anyone before than she did with Elena Gilbert of all people, not even her own brothers. One of whom suddenly appeared in the room with them, somewhat ruining the moment. Although the two other men who also appeared almost made up for it.

Smiling wickedly Rebekah greeted them, "Hello Elijah. Damon, Stefan."

Elijah seemed dumbfounded at the sight before him while Damon and Stefan just looked annoyed, but Rebekah's favourite reaction was Elena's as the girl once again impressed her by turning to them, smiling and asking, "Hi boys, is there something we can do for you?"


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