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Author's note: This story takes place just after Episode 19 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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The Vampire Diaries: Frustrating Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

So, the bad news was Elijah had the cure and instead of being a good brother and handing it over he was holding it hostage until Rebekah proved herself worthy of it. And the good news was... Elijah had the cure and instead of being a good brother and handing it over he was holding it hostage until Rebekah proved herself worthy of it.

Rebekah detested it when her hypocrite of a brother, or anyone for that matter, criticised and judged her, and the idea of having to prove herself to him or anyone was infuriating. But telling Elijah exactly what she thought of his pompous arse and his absurd test would only result in her losing the cure for good, and Rebekah hated to lose. So she had agreed. She was going to live one day as a human to prove to her overbearing sibling she was 'worthy' and then she would win. She would have the cure. She would be able to take the cure. Which was still what she wanted, honestly, but... it was complicated.

The truth was Rebekah was no longer in any hurry to take the cure. She still wanted the option and hated the idea of someone else taking it and thus robbing her of her chance to be human again, but there was a complication. A complication she couldn't have possibly seen coming. A beautiful complication which was currently walking alongside her and complaining.

"You're going to fail. You should be locking yourself inside all day, not shopping for prom." Elena huffed angrily.

"Name me a more human experience than senior prom?" Rebekah challenged.

Elena thought for a minute and then smirked, "Death."

Trying and failing to hide how annoyed she was at that response Rebekah snapped back, "Why should I listen to you? You don't even have your humanity."

Ignoring her Elena quipped, "You realise you won't be able to even compel yourself a date, right?"

"Yes, and the last time I checked you're living in my house because I'm the only one who can tolerate you, so you don't have to be so rude." Rebekah huffed.

There were precious few people who could get away with talking to Rebekah like that and it was beyond frustrating that Elena Gilbert had somehow become one of them. But here they were, Rebekah trying to hide the fact that her feelings had been hurt with the idea of physically hurting Elena barely even a fleeting thought. Of course the worst part might be exactly why she was so discouraged, and the fact that not only had Elena hit a nerve but the bitch probably knew it, even though she didn't immediately gloat about it.

"Then I want to come with you." Elena suddenly turned to look at her, breaking Rebekah from her thoughts, "Yeah... I'll keep an eye on you to make sure you pass Elijah's test. Soon as you down the cure, it will be gone for good. No one will be able to use it on me."

Elena then turned back to continue walking, Rebekah knowing she should leave the conversation there but she just couldn't help blurt out, "Did... did you just ask me to prom?"

Stopping in her tracks Elena slowly turned around and then with a smile which told Rebekah she knew exactly what she was doing earlier the brunette slowly approached her and asked, "Is that what you want?"

Knowing she had to choose her words carefully Rebekah offered, "It would annoy your friends, amuse my brothers, and most importantly piss off Stefan and Damon, and since you're mad at them I figured you'd be up for it. And you're right, it would be pretty sad to go dateless to the prom. And, well... we have been shagging for over two weeks now, so..."

"Oh my God, you're actually serious." Elena laughed, and then seeing the hurt look on the older vampire who could effortlessly tear her apart she added, "You do remember that having my humanity off means I'm incapable of love, right?"

"Yes, and yet I have lost count of the number of lovers who have used and betrayed me, all the while having their humanity fully intact." Rebekah argued before taking a calming breath, "Look, I'm not asking you to be my girlfriend-"

"But you want me to be." Elena interrupted.

"No, I..." Rebekah unconvincingly started, and then when Elena gave her a look she huffed, "Oh sod it, yes, yes alright, I want you to be my bloody girlfriend. But it's not because I'm under any illusions that you could ever love me. It's because, for reasons I'll never fully understand, you make me happy. So I just want to get as much enjoyment out of this as I can before you get your humanity back and run screaming back to your precious Salvatores."

That, finally, hit a nerve, Elena practically growling, "I am not getting my humanity back."

Rebekah smiled, "I've heard that before, from many, many vampires much worse than you, but in the end they always turn their humanity back on. Or it's forced upon them. Or they die."

"Then I'll die." Elena huffed.

"Maybe. Maybe your darling boys will save you from me, just like they promised. Or maybe you'll just get bored and leave. Point is I know this is going to end, probably sooner rather than later, so why don't we enjoy it while it lasts?" Rebekah questioned, pausing briefly to let that sink in before adding, "Look, I know you're using me. I know the second it suits you you'll betray me. I know you don't give a damn about me, and I'd be insulted if you started pretending you did. I know exactly what I'm getting with you, which is more than most of my relationships. And... I know it's beyond sad, and I hate myself for it, but I don't want to compel myself a date. I... I want to go to prom with you."

As she trailed off Rebekah lowered her head slightly and looked down, which created quite the sight for Elena. The only female Original vampire was clearly annoyed as usual, but she was also embarrassed, and nervous, and even vulnerable. In fact Elena didn't think she'd ever seen Rebekah more vulnerable, not even when she was daggered.

The temptation to mock her was almost overwhelming, but there was a fine line between playful banter and breaking the super strong monster's sensitive little heart. Besides, even if such mockery didn't result in immediate violence Rebekah was an ally Elena couldn't afford to lose right now, so she should at least let the other girl down gently. Then again the more Elena actually thought about it the more beneficial it seemed to indulge Rebekah's pitiful desires.

In fact, it didn't make much sense not too. After all Elena was mad at Damon and wanted to punish him. And this, this would be even worse than finding her in a threesome with Rebekah and Katherine, Elena struggling not to smile as she imagined the look on his face. It was just a pity they were more or less officially broken up now or it would have hurt him even worse.

Meanwhile Rebekah might be easier to manipulate if they were in a relationship, and if she rejected the Original it could very easily end badly for her, no matter how nicely she tried to sugar coat the rejection. And, well, it wasn't like she was the old Elena who was hesitant to even admit her attraction to other women, the idea of dating one never crossing her mind without her blushing like a fool.

So, after thinking about it long and hard, Elena gave a little smile and playfully queried, "Now it sounds like you're asking me out."

Unsure what to make of this Rebekah held her ground, "I am."

Deliberately looking thoughtful for a moment Elena then asked, "Hypothetically, if and when whatever it is that's going on between us ends, would you seek retribution?"

"No. I would never hurt you... not again." Rebekah promised, then because she knew how it sounded followed up by sincerely adding, "You have my word that, if and when we part ways, I will not do anything to harm you or anyone you care about."

Elena raised an eyebrow and then enquired, "Would you help me keep my humanity off?"

"Of course. Whatever it takes." Rebekah answered without hesitation.

Deliberately getting so close to Rebekah she was almost pressed up against her in the middle of the crowded street Elena asked, "Would you buy me things?"

Noticing the playful tone in Elena's voice Rebekah's heart skipped a beat and she smiled, "I would acquire whatever you want. Take you anywhere you want. Help you do whatever you want."

Elena smirked and pressed herself against the other girl, "Would you let me butt fuck you again?"

"Don't push it." Rebekah smiled, wrapping her arms around Elena.

Smiling back Elena welcomed the embrace and then after a pause murmured, "Ok."

"Ok?" Rebekah repeated, trying and failing not to sound too excited.

"Ok, as long as you remember I'll never love you, I'll be your girlfriend and go to prom with you." Elena said before kissing Rebekah right there in the middle of the street. They stayed like that for a few long minutes, their lips just gently caressing each other the entire time, then Elena broke the kiss, disentangled herself from her new girlfriend and turned to walk away while casually adding, "Besides, you're right... it will drive Damon and Stefan crazy."

Rebekah blinked a few times and then hurried after her girlfriend, the blonde quickly forcing the happy smile off of her face so as not to push her good fortune. Still there was a noticeable spring to her step, Rebekah unable to hide how embarrassingly happy she was feeling at having Elena freaking Gilbert as her girlfriend. The thought echoed in her mind as she and the girl she hated not that long ago traveled from store to store looking for the perfect dress for the occasion, until perhaps inevitably in a town like Mystic Falls they came face to face with people they knew.

Not that Rebekah knew them that well as they were friends of friends, or more accurately ex-friends of her girlfriend, namely Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes. The former was a pretty powerful witch and would be somewhat a threat if things went bad, the latter was a newbie vampire who was no threat whatsoever but killing her would upset her least favourite brother and probably result in her being daggered again, or worse, so Rebekah wasn't particularly in the mood to antagonise either one. Elena on the other hand...

"Hey Bonnie, heard you got your mind wiped, that sucks." Elena said more than somewhat dismissively as her eyes locked onto what Caroline was wearing, "Pretty dress Caroline."

"I know, you helped me pick it out months ago, when we were friends... before you tried to kill me." Caroline said bitterly.

Unfazed Elena casually said, "I thought it looked familiar."

Turning to the store manager Caroline called out, "Can you press this for me? I'll pick it up later."

Caroline then turned to Elena, glared at her and huffed, "Bonnie."

With that Caroline turned and headed towards the changing rooms, Bonnie only briefly hesitating before following behind her.

Well, that could have gone worse, Rebekah thought as she watched the other two girls disappear from sight.

"You know, I've always wanted to have sex in a changing room." Elena said casually before heading in the same direction as her former friends.

Of course, Rebekah thought, rolling her eyes as she followed Elena.

This was what she got for falling for another unsuitable candidate. Although truth be told Elena's numerous/obvious flaws was one of the many things Rebekah had very quickly grown to like about the dangerous younger vampire, the blonde even smiling a little when the brunette grabbed the first dress that came within reaching distance on her way to the changing rooms so she would have a plausible excuse. She didn't even bother checking it was in her size, not that it was good enough for the other girl. In fact it would looked downright unflattering on her, but then Rebekah was sure she knew that. Or at least she hoped she did.

Regardless Rebekah did spend a few seconds selecting something which wasn't entirely terrible, and in her size thank you very much, before following Elena who seemed to be busy compelling her way through the staff. By the time she had seemingly got to all of them Rebekah had reached the line for the changing rooms, Elena smiling warmly before grabbing her hand and pulling her forwards next to the room where Caroline was currently changing out of her dress while bitching to Bonnie about Elena, something Rebekah could have heard even without supernatural hearing.

Once they were inside the tiny room which was barely big enough for one Elena tossed the dress aside, pushed Rebekah up against the wall and kissed her. And not the gentle kind she used to give her previous boyfriends in public, no, this was Elena forcefully pushing her tongue into Rebekah's mouth and starting the kind of kiss which had previously only ended with multiple orgasms for them both.

Elena certainly hadn't been lying about always wanting to have sex with someone in a changing room, but it was one of those deep, dark fantasies she had never imagined herself actually doing. Part of her used to wish Katherine would 'force' her too, perhaps even when Caroline was nearby like she was now, but her doppelg„nger had preferred to fuck Elena in her own bed. Or her bathroom. Or any other room in her own house, or somewhere on the Salvatores property, but sadly never in a changing room.

The old version of her could have never asked for this, not even from Katherine who probably would have been happy to oblige, but now here she was pushing Rebekah Mikaelson firmly against the flimsy wall of the tiny room and shoving her tongue down the other girl's throat in this very public place. What made it even sweeter was that the little curtain meant to maintain their modesty was still wide open, Elena smiling wickedly into the kiss as her super hearing let her pick up the reaction of every girl who walked past. Some let out scandalised gasps but most either didn't notice or merely silently judged her and Rebekah for acting like such sluts.

Well they hadn't seen anything yet, Elena thought to herself as she roughly grinded against Rebekah, the brunette first sticking her thigh in between the blonde's legs so she could better rub the other vampire's most sensitive spot. Then she allowed her fingers to take over, Elena shoving her hand down Rebekah's pants and begining to slide two digits up and down the older girl's pussy lips. Unsurprisingly this made Rebekah first gasp then moan into the kiss but she offered no resistance and her cunt was as welcoming as ever when Elena pushed those two fingers as deep as they could go into the other girl.

It was then they were interrupted by familiar voices exclaiming, "Oh my God!"

Breaking the kiss Elena turned to look at her former best friends and nonchalantly greet them, "Hey Caroline, hey Bonnie."

Rebekah smirked at the dumbfounded expressions on Caroline's and Bonnie's faces and then opened her mouth to say something snarky. However before she got a word out Elena began to fuck her, those wicked fingers beginning to slam in and out of her twat which caused her to close her eyes, tilt her head back and let out a long moan of pleasure.

"What are you doing?" Bonnie asked in disbelief.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Elena smirked.

"Do you have no shame?" Caroline said in disbelief, appalled by her ex-friend's behaviour.

"What, I'm just thanking Rebekah for all she's done for me lately. Unlike some people she has actually been considerate of what I want." Elena quipped, curling her fingers inside of her ally to hit Rebekah's G-spot at the end of a few of her sentences as a way of emphasising her point, "In fact, Rebekah is my date to the prom. How about you Caroline? I mean, we've secretly always thought Bonnie would end up going alone, but you... I'm sure you could find someone. Hey, how about Klaus? We all know he has a thing for you, so why don't you just go ahead and fuck him already. And who knows, if you're really enthusiastic, or just give him a really good blow job, maybe he'll let Tyler come back. Although you might be happier with Klaus."

If it wasn't for the fact Rebekah was right there Caroline would have slapped the taste out of Elena's mouth. As she was Caroline had to settle for smiling and verbally shooting back, "It seems you're the only one interested in The Originals, which makes sense considering both you and them are psychos. Actually it's perfect. No really, I hope you two are very happy together."

Elena paused to rub Rebekah's clit with her thumb, making them more powerful vampire cry out in pleasure, then gave her retort, "Oh we're pretty happy. Do you know why? It's because we're getting laid. I suggest you compel yourself a date and do the same."

"No thanks, I'm fine with going with Bonnie." Caroline said without thinking.

"That could work." Elena smirked.

"What? Ewww, no." Caroline exclaimed, before quickly turning to her friend, "Bonnie, I didn't mean..."

"It's ok Caroline, I know what you meant." Bonnie said, before turning to Elena, "Look, just... just try and be a little less reckless. This little stunt is putting a lot of people in danger. What if someone had tried to stop you?"

"Not my problem." Elena shrugged.

Sighing Bonnie turned to Caroline, "We need to get everyone out of here for their own safety. You compel everybody to leave and I'll close up the store."

"I'm on it." Caroline said, pausing only to glare at Elena before using her vampire speed to zoom around the modest sized store.

Bonnie then started walking away when Elena called out, "Why don't you join us?"

Turning around and looking at her best friend wide-eyed Bonnie exclaimed, "What?"

"What?" Rebekah also exclaimed weakly, although she was again robbed of her concentration by Elena increasing the pace of the finger fucking.

"I said, why don't you join us?" Elena repeated, "I was serious about you two needing to get laid, and if you're not going to fuck each other I'd be happy to do it. You are my friends after all."

Bonnie didn't like the way Elena said that last part. Not that she liked anything Elena had just said, but... the point was she should be glaring at the other brunette right now, which was exactly what Bonnie made herself do, along with retorting, "Pass."

"Are you sure? I'm really good at making another girl cum." Elena said, using her vampire speed to slam her fingers in and out of Rebekah's cunt so fast that the other girl came almost instantly, "See?"

For some reason Bonnie just stood there and watched Rebekah cum, the Original letting out a high-pitched scream before relaxing and then grinning wickedly, "Mmmmmmm, you should see what she can do with her tongue."

"Or maybe given that look in your eyes you'd rather get down on your knees and lick our pussies." Elena said, pulling her hand out of Rebekah's pants and then brought her cum covered fingers up to her lips, "Not that there's anything wrong with that, especially considering how delicious Rebekah tastes."

Her mouth falling open slightly Bonnie watched as Elena took those wet fingers into her mouth and slowly sucked them with a long drawn-out moan, that perverted image seeming to last forever even though it was probably only a few seconds before Caroline appeared by her side and grumbled, "Let's go Bon."

"Are you sure?" Rebekah queried, figuring she might as well get in on the action, "I know for a fact that Elena would just love to fuck you both, and I'd certainly be up for giving you a good seeing too. Especially you Caroline. I'd really love to bugger you."

Caroline frowned, "Bugger?"

"Butt fuck. She wants to butt fuck you Caroline." Elena delighted in explaining before glancing at Rebekah, "Oh, dibs on her anal cherry. Assuming she still has it, I definitely want to be the one taking it."

For a few long seconds Caroline and Bonnie said nothing, both clearly too repulsed to comment, then what felt like a lifetime later Caroline mumbled, "Ewww, gross."

"Just... just go back to fucking each other." Bonnie said weakly, as a glaring Caroline reached out and pulled the curtain to the room before the two of them headed to the door.

This caused the two remaining vampires to explode in a fit of giggles, Rebekah quietly wondering if Elena had been serious. She had, sadly, been lying about knowing for sure, but based on what happened with Katherine it wouldn't be that surprising if this new Elena was open to it. And Rebekah had to admit she thought it would be fun, especially as she hadn't been lying about her desire for Caroline.

Bonnie was hot, but she couldn't recall a single one-on-one interaction between them. Caroline on the other hand Rebekah had butted heads with on numerous occasions, mostly over trivial things and even though she'd never admit it out loud she had developed something of a crush on the other blonde. She'd certainly loved to put her in her place once and for all with a nice little round of buggery, Rebekah proving her superiority by shoving a nice big strap-on dildo up Caroline's arse and sodomising her so hard she'd never again be able to sit down without thinking about her. And if Elena wanted to 'butt fuck' Caroline too, all the better. Rebekah might even allow Elena the privilege of popping Caroline's anal cherry, seeing as she had called dibs and all. Oh, and then they could DP her just like they had DP'ed Katherine. That would be fun.

Interrupting her thoughts Elena grabbed her and, with the help of vampire speed and strength, positioned herself with her back against the wall and then shoved Rebekah to her knees. Before Rebekah could complain Elena had removed any obstacle to the treasure in between her legs and was shoving her head forwards, Rebekah smiling as her face crashed into an area she had become very intimately familiar with over the past couple of weeks.

"Lick me. Lick my pussy." Elena growled, "I just made you cum, now it's my turn."

Elena was going to say more, a lot more, but her words became an incoherent moan as Rebekah obediently started to lick her pussy with slow, gentle strokes of her tongue. Hell, her thoughts became incoherent, Elena slipping into the type of blissful dream-like state she pretty much always did when receiving a skilled pussy licking. And oh God, did Rebekah Mikaelson know how to lick pussy, the blonde making her squirm with every well timed swipe of that talented little tongue.

The fact that it was Rebekah Mikaelson, the most powerful female vampire in the world, on her knees before her helped Elena stay in that dream-like state. As did the fact that she had been the one to force this powerful being to her knees, Elena feeling totally in control of the stronger girl which was almost as intoxicating as the skilled licks to her womanhood.

Ultimately though it wasn't enough and Elena mostly came back to reality. Sure, her whole body felt like it was tingling with pleasure, especially her juice dripping cunt, but it just wasn't the same. It just wasn't enough. She wanted more. And as time went on she felt like she needed more until every little lick felt equally torturous as it did wonderful. But Elena liked a little pain with her pleasure and was in no mood to surrender the wonderful control she was feeling by begging for more. Besides, it gave her a chance to indulge in a forbidden fantasy like never before, namely the one where she was fucking Caroline and/or Bonnie.

While everybody had always considered her old self to be innocent Elena had been constantly having very, very wicked thoughts about almost everybody around her, and some of the most shameful ones featured her best friends. It used to make Elena feel so guilty because surely it was a violation of their friendship, but now she was loving the image of having Bonnie and/or Caroline on their knees and looking at her like eager to please puppies. With Rebekah's blonde head in between her legs Elena could easily imagine it was Caroline licking her, Bonnie patiently waiting her turn to taste her as Caroline started eagerly lapping away at her cunt, Elena dipping her head back and letting out a long loud moan as this image consumed her.

She could see it more clearly than any other fantasy she'd had before, Elena celebrating that fact by grabbing of Rebekah's hair and in between moans ordering her, "Lick me! Lick me lick me lick me lick me lick meeeeeeeeee oooooooohhhhhh fuck! Lick my pussy! Lick my pussy you slut! Mmmmmmm oooooooooh lick me like a cunt craving lesbian slut. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, lick me like the cunt craving lesbian slut you are! Ah fuck, eat my pussy! EAT IT! ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck Caroline, I mean Rebekah, AAAAAAAHHHHHH, fuck yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss!"

Rebekah attempted to punish Elena for calling her by the wrong name by moving her mouth down to the other girl's right thigh and sinking her fangs in deep. Of course Elena seemed to enjoy that almost as much as the pussy licking, which truth be told wasn't uncommon for vampires. It was certainly a rush to feed off each other during sex, Elena's blood never tasting more sweet, and Rebekah had sampled it a lot over the past two weeks. However it paled in comparison to Elena's pussy juice so it wasn't long before Rebekah return to tonguing the other girl's twat like nothing had happened.

If it had been anyone else, including most of her previous lovers, Rebekah might not have been so forgiving. In fact things might have ended very badly, maybe even before Rebekah had finished having sex with them. But the embarrassing truth was Elena seemed to have an almost supernatural power over her, Rebekah unable to bear the thought of hurting this girl that she had hated only a short time ago. Of course spankings didn't count, Rebekah deciding that was the best way to punish Elena for such an indignity.

Then again, Rebekah couldn't be too upset considering she was guilty of doing the exact same thing Elena seemed to be doing, namely thinking about how much fun it could be to fuck the uptight girls they had just encountered. True, Rebekah was mostly fantasising about having sex with them and Elena at the same time, but she had no proof her new girlfriend wasn't doing the exact same thing, so there was no need to totally overreact. Which really was mature thinking for her, and a sign that maybe a relationship with a emotionless Elena Gilbert wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Smiling happily at the thought Rebekah increased the speed and force of her licks and then gently wrapped her lips around Elena's pussy lips and started sucking. After all, given the increasingly frantic nature of Elena's orders, which were sounding a lot like begging now, it couldn't be clearer the other girl was desperate to cum. Or at least desperate to be tongue fucked, either way Rebekah was definitely ready to step up her game which clearly delighted her girlfriend.

"Oooooohhhhhh Gooooooodddddddddddd fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeee, oh shit!" Elena cried out, grinding her cunt into Rebekah's pretty face, "Fuck me Rebekah, fuck me with your tongue. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, get your tongue inside me you dyke bitch! Fucking eat me! Eat my fucking pussy! Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooodddddd fuck me. FUCK ME! Please Rebekah, I'm begging you, fuck me with your tongue. Tongue fuck me. Oh please, mmmmmmm pleaseeeeeee oooooooh AAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCK!"

Elena tried to avoid begging for as long as she could, trying to keep her voice demanding when she could no longer keep quiet, but inevitably she surrendered to the needs of her body. More importantly Elena surrendered to Rebekah, the older vampire rewarding her for this by first pressing her tongue against her entrance, as she had done a few times before in the build-up to this, and then finally gave the young girl what she so desperately wanted. Namely her tongue in her twat, Elena crying out joyfully as she was penetrated and then fucked by the instrument Rebekah had been using to torture her for what now felt like an eternity.

It didn't feel like it would take another eternity to make her cum, Elena practically feeling like she was on the edge already just from a few well-timed thrusts, the brunette welcoming the increased amount of pleasure which flooded her body. Of course she knew she wouldn't be allowed to cum so quickly. No, Rebekah would want to torture her a little first, if this could in fact be called torture. And oh how Elena wanted Rebekah to keep 'torturing' her with deep, hard thrusts of her tongue.

Much to Elena's delight she got it, Rebekah tongue fucking her to near orgasm after near orgasm until it almost felt like it was literally painful. At that point the brunette let out an animalistic-like growl and pushed the blonde's head as deep in between her legs as she could go while switching between thrusting her own hips back and forth or up and down, depending what exactly Rebekah was doing with her mouth and tongue. It was mostly the former, but a few times, Rebekah switched to sucking her cunt and thus giving Elena the perfect chance to have a little variety. Not that it mattered, Rebekah skilfully kept her on the edge for as long as she damn well wanted.

Ultimately Elena couldn't stop herself pleading, "Please make me cum! Please? Please Rebekah, fuck me and make me fucking cum! Pleaseeeeeeee ooooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddd yeeeeeesssssss, ooooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk!"

Ironically that's all it took to make Rebekah give her what she wanted, Elena briefly smiling at the weakness of her 'girlfriend' while hating herself for her own, then she couldn't care less. Not about who got the upper hand from the begging, not about keeping Rebekah as an ally, not about getting rid of the cure, and certainly not about finding a stupid dress for prom. No, Elena Gilbert couldn't even begin to pretend to care about those things, not when such intense pleasure was melting her brain and turning her into a happy puddle of goo.

Rebekah also didn't care about any of that stuff because of the girl cum flooding her mouth. Elena's girl cum. Her girlfriend Elena's girl cum was flowing directly into her mouth and down her throat, Rebekah eagerly swallowing every drop of that first orgasm and immediately then getting to work on tongue fucking the brunette to another hard climax, which unsurprisingly didn't take long.

During that second orgasm Elena started using her supernatural speed to fuck Rebekah's face so hard it hurt, in a good way, and the blonde was just about to retaliate by speeding up the movement of her lips and tongue. Just in time Rebekah remembered she couldn't use her powers, and although she was tempted to break that promise just for the sake of fucking Elena extra hard she knew it would mean losing the cure. More importantly it could end her relationship with Elena and Rebekah was willing to do whatever it took to ensure this new relationship lasted as long as possible.

So Rebekah forced herself to stick to tongue fucking Elena as hard as a human could, which to be fair was more than enough to make the brunette cum multiple times. Elena continued to 'help' but Rebekah like to think it was her skilled mouth and tongue still doing most of the work, and Elena certainly didn't seem to be complaining. Not that she was in any condition too, although Rebekah did so love the hysterical cries of pleasure coming from her former rival turned lover.

One other side-effect which really was unfortunate was that without her vampire speed there was no way Rebekah could swallow all of Elena's cum. On the bright side pretty much everything that escaped her hungry mouth ended up covering her face, allowing Rebekah the chance to get it later. Besides, it felt wonderfully primal to have another girl cumming in her face, Rebekah liking to think of it as Elena marking her as hers to solidify their relationship as girlfriends. It also gave Rebekah the excuse to switch out her tongue for her fingers, the blonde delighting in feeling the brunette clenching around her digits with each orgasm as she sucked Elena's clit and for a while became truly lost in making the other girl cum over and over again.

Throughout this Elena's screams, which were loud enough in the first place, became deafening to the point that the humans outside had to hear them, which was mortifying to anyone who wasn't a psycho. Partly because it was incredibly slutty and just plain rude to the people around them, but they were also creating a dangerous environment. What if some good Samaritan walked in here and got themselves turned into an afternoon snack just because they were trying to be nice? No, Caroline couldn't let that happen, and neither could Bonnie, so they had stayed... the difference being Bonnie was guarding the magical barrier at the front entrance while Caroline was still inside to make sure nobody stumbled across her former friend and the psychotic Original vampire.

Caroline told herself over and over again she was just trying to do the right thing and it was horrifying to have to listen to Elena and Rebekah having sex, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't fully believe the lie. Because while this was so beyond embarrassing the very worst part of it was she was actually becoming a little turned on by it. Not that was the real reason she stayed. God no. It was just that... Caroline wasn't even sure anymore. No, she had been trying to do the right thing, she had to believe that, but now... she wasn't sure she would noticed if someone else crossed her field of vision, not when she was transfixed on Rebekah's head in between Elena's legs.

She hadn't meant to watch, really she hadn't, but she had listened to them going at it throughout evacuating the store, and when she heard Elena calling out her name Caroline couldn't help but march over to the changing rooms to give her ex-friend a piece of her mind. Only she found there was a crack in the curtains where she hadn't closed them properly, and as a result Caroline had a near perfect view of Rebekah going down on Elena, the sight of her former best friend having lesbian sex with the dangerous Original vampire something Caroline just couldn't take her eyes off of.

At first Caroline wasn't even sure why she was so transfixed, then as her brain slowly started to work again she remembered Elena's offer and how it made her feel. She hated herself for it but every word Elena and Rebekah had said created an intense picture in her mind, part of Caroline practically aching to say yes and join them. It was the same part which wanted to join them now, and the same part which yearned to give into Klaus's advances, but as she could resist him surely she could resist this temptation?

Just then Elena pushed Rebekah away, opened the curtain and gave the horrified Caroline a wide smile, "I'm impressed, you didn't strike me as the type who likes to watch. Maybe you're not so boring after all."

Blushing furiously Caroline tried to explain herself, "I, I... I was just-"

"Oh please don't ruin the moment by making excuses." Elena smiled before turning to Rebekah, "Did you bring it?"

"By 'it', do you mean this?" Rebekah asked, pulling her trusty strap-on out of her handbag.

"What else would I mean?" Elena asked rhetorically before turning back to Caroline, "As for you, stay. I've always wanted to have sex in front of an audience, and while you've momentarily robbed me of a crowd I would be happy to go and get one if you leave."

That was a total lie. Or at least the second part was. Elena had no intention of going to the trouble of bringing some nobodies off the streets just to watch her have sex with Rebekah... even if it did sound fun and like something she'd likely do in the future. But for right now she was far more interested in getting Rebekah's cock inside her, Elena watching as her lover slowly stripped off the last of her clothes and then strapped on the dildo. Of course Elena also took the opportunity to remove the last of her clothing, sparing Caroline the occasional glance to ensure she hadn't ran off, not that she would bother chasing her if she did.

Honestly Caroline staying was just a bonus, although Elena was almost positive she wouldn't because of the idle threat which Caroline didn't know she didn't mean. It gave Caroline the perfect excuse to do what Elena was sure she wanted to do anyway, so really she was doing her good friend a favour. Not that it was anything compared to the favour she might end up doing her if Caroline agreed to be her little bitch, although again that could wait until after Elena had her fun being Rebekah's bitch.

"Get over here and suck my cock, bitch." Rebekah ordered, awaking Elena from her thoughts, "I want you on your knees, showing your little friend what a great cock sucker you are!"

Elena smirked and looked over at Caroline, who blushed and then spat at her in a mocking tone, "I think she means you."

"For now." Elena smiled wickedly before slowly walking over to Rebekah, glancing back halfway to catch Caroline staring at her ass.

Caroline blushed and swiftly looked away, but there could be no mistake where her eyes just were and the temptation to mock her for it was almost overwhelming. However that might lead to the blonde leaving prematurely, so Elena forced herself to remain silent and return her focus to Rebekah who she was now standing in front of.

Giving her ally a playful grin Elena then dropped to her knees to grab the dildo and stuff it into her mouth. Something she honestly prefered to do after sex, at least when the cock wasn't real, but the chance to put on a show like this was thrilling and Elena took full advantage of it. That included taking just the first few inches of the strap-on into her mouth at first and spending what felt like a long time just noisily sucking on those inches before she finally began bobbing her head up and down on the dick, taking more and more with every bob of her head.

When Elena started taking the toy cock down her throat Rebekah grabbed onto her hair and started her usual verbal encouragement, "Oh that's it Elena, be my good little cock sucker. Suck that cock like it was Damon's. Mmmmmm, deep throat it like you used to do for Stefan. Yes, suck my cock the same way you used to suck off the Salvatores you dirty little slut! Suck it! Suck. It. Yessssss, oh that's it, good girl Elena, take every inch. Take every inch of that big cock down your slutty little throat. Mmmmmm yes, you look so pretty. You look so pretty with a big cock in your throat! Doesn't she look pretty Caroline?"

The look on Caroline's face was priceless. Totally worth the risk of making her run away, but to Rebekah's delight she didn't. No, the younger blonde just stood there looking dumb while her best friend continued to slide her lips up and down Rebekah's strap-on, the only slight difference being that Caroline looked even more horrified and yet horny then before.

It was so delightful that Rebekah couldn't help adding, "And such a great cock sucker. Ha, I used to wonder why everyone made a fuss over Elena Gilbert, and now I know. It's because she gives amazing head. Mmmmmmm, in all my years of living I've never had a more enthusiastic pussy licker, and as you can see from the way she works my cock it should be no secret why the Salvatores are obsessed with her. Especially as she can take every inch in that pretty little mouth of hers. Wanna see? I bet you do, it is quite a sight after all. Go ahead Elena, show Caroline the kind of cock sucker you really are!"

Seemingly happy to oblige Elena pushed her mouth the rest of the way down Rebekah's shaft, the fact that there were only a few inches left to take not undermining the impressiveness of the act. Elena even held it there for a few long seconds, barely gagging as she held the whole dildo in her mouth and down her throat. Then she restarted the blow job, bobbing her head on the full length of the cock while making it even wetter and sloppier than before in what Rebekah was confident was an attempt to screw with Caroline rather than to please her, but it definitely achieved both.

Not enough to convince Caroline to run away, but it was perhaps touch and go there for a while, which was why Rebekah tried to keep her taunting to a minimum from there on out. It was also why she refrained from fucking Elena's pretty face, even though it was oh so tempting under the circumstances. Although truth be told it didn't take much of an excuse to make Rebekah fuck Elena, and if she couldn't fuck her mouth and she could think of two other holes which would be very welcoming to her.

With that in mind it wasn't long before Rebekah ordered, "Ok, that's enough preparation, it's time for me to fuck you."

"Damn right it is." Elena interrupted after she had spat Rebekah's cock out of her mouth, the sight of the glaring Original causing the brunette to smile widely and add, "So, how do you want me?"

Rebecca got the implication that Elena was talking about more than positioning, but rather than giving the whole thing away she just smirked and after a brief pause while she contemplated her options she ordered, "How about in your natural position, hands and knees, like a bitch."

Elena just flashed her infuriating smirk, turned around to face Caroline, placed her hands down on the floor and then wiggled her ass at Rebekah while practically purring, "Now come fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me! Mmmmm, fuck me Rebekah and make me cum."

For a few long seconds Rebekah admired the view, a view which had quickly become one of her favourites. That was really saying something, partly because Rebekah had witnessed many wonderful views and her long life, partly because up until recently she had been firmly telling herself Elena Gilbert was nothing special and now she was captivated by the other girl. It made her a teensy bit ashamed for living up to her reputation of falling in love too quickly and easily, but when faced with such a fuck-able little behind Rebekah couldn't really dwell on it for long.

Part of Elena liked being the focus of such desire. Well, actually there was no part of her that didn't, but at times like this it was problematic when it came at the expense of her own pleasure. After all, no one liked waiting, and this was not the most comfortable position to wait around in. However just as she was about to open her mouth to complain Rebekah slowly got down onto her knees behind her and then started sliding her big strap-on over her eager to be stuffed fuck holes.

Over and over again Rebekah slid that fake cock from the bottom of her clit to the top of her ass crack until Elena practically yelled in frustration, "FUCK ME! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Come on Rebekah, slam your big cock inside me and make me cum! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my slutty little pussy... or my slutty little ass hole. Fuck my cunt, fuck my butt, which ever you want just fuck me! Fuck me like a slut! Do it! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeee oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk yeeeeesssssss!"

Elena's begging ended with a scream of pleasure as Rebekah finally invaded one of her holes, pushing over half of the dildo into her welcoming cunt in one hard thrust. She then allowed her maybe half a second to get used to it before pushing further, gently this time, giving Elena a chance to savour every inch as Rebekah slowly pushed it into her, refusing to stop until the full length was inside her needy sex. Then she was given another half a second to get used to that before Rebekah began pumping her pussy with short, gentle movements of her hips, Elena moaning happily as she was taken by her girlfriend in front of her now former best friend.

After focusing on the begging and then the gentle fucking for what felt like a lot longer than it probably was Elena finally looked up to check her friend was still there, a smile crossing her face when she saw that she was. True, Caroline looked like she might run away at any second, but she had looked like that for a while now and Elena was confident she would stay. And if not, she'd already received a hell of a show and her presence was making this skilful fucking even more enjoyable.

Given how many years she'd been around whoring herself to whoever came along it would be embarrassing if Rebekah didn't know how to fuck, but she really was better than Elena could have ever imagined. The Original had the ability to make her want to cum, or at least want a hard fucking, almost right away, Rebekah stretching her out and effortlessly making her want more. This time the other girl was taking her time which Elena appreciated, because it increased the likelihood of Caroline sticking around as suddenly going into hard fucking might spook her. Also Elena wasn't in the mood to rush this. No, she was in the mood to take a nice long fucking, and plenty of build-up was more than welcome. Especially as she could see a problem when it came time for a hard fucking.

It was something Rebekah was unfortunately very aware of, the blonde grateful that the brunette was accepting of this gentle pussy pumping as it gave her time to contemplate what she would do when it came time to slam Elena's slutty little hole. Plus it would make it easier to make Elena cum, all this build-up no doubt sending the younger vampire closer to the edge of orgasm, Rebekah confident in her skills as a top that she could make that happen.

She was also confident she could make Elena cum, and cum hard, but not as hard as she could with vampire strength which was one of the many things Rebekah had promised not to use today. Which brought her to a unfortunate question which she had been contemplating now and again during the day, would Elena Gilbert be satisfied with being fucked by the strength of a human? Or now she had a taste of having sex with vampires did she need their strength and speed to be fully satisfied?

Rebekah had personally had many sexually satisfying relationships with humans, and ok, her own abilities had often heightened the experience, but if she had truly cared about the individual she was satisfied with gentle love-making. She doubted that Elena would feel the same way, given the brunette was currently incapable of love and all, but then again Rebekah could always become her new girlfriend's plaything. True, she had always preferred being the dominant one with women, and becoming of vampire's fuck toy was hardly the normal life Rebekah still yearned for, but she had to admit the idea was not completely unappealing.

Of course Rebekah's first choice, if she was going to take the cure, was finding a way to top Elena as a human, and it just so happened that this was an excellent chance to do just that. It helped tremendously that they had the added benefit of an audience, Elena clearly delighted by the fact Caroline hadn't gone anywhere, and Rebekah had to confess not only was making her job easier but she was getting a hell of a kick out of being able to put on a little show for the judgemental blonde.

Caroline was still at a loss for why she was still there. Well, that wasn't technically true, she knew why she hadn't run away, the real reason why she hadn't run away, she just refuse to believe it. She refused to believe she could actually get off on watching her best friend have lesbian sex with someone who had terrorised them for the better part of two years, Caroline desperately trying to tell herself her whole body wasn't tingling with desire at what she was seeing. But she was, the horrifying truth rooting her to the spot for what felt like an eternity.

The worst part was because her mind was so overwhelmed with questioning why she hadn't ran away over and over again every other part of her seemed to be focused on Elena being fucked by Rebekah. On the look of pleasure on both their faces, and on their sweaty bodies slapping against each other, somethings which Caroline hadn't been previously able to fully take in when they had been behind that curtain. Now the two of them were just so... close, Caroline almost wanting to reach out and touch them for some weird reason.

All of a sudden Elena looked up, focused her eyes on her, smirked wickedly and then called out, "Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Mmmmmm, come on Rebekah, harder. I know you can fuck me harder than that, so do it. Ohhhhhh mmmmmm, I promise not to tell your brother. I promise not to tell your brother if you fuck me with every ounce of your strength. Mmmmmm, and we both know Caroline isn't going to want to tell anyone about this, because if she does I'm going to tell everyone she knows all her dirty little secrets, including how wet she is right now from watching you fuck me."

That little threat hung in the air for a long moment and then Rebekah spoke up, "I can't... I don't think it would be wise to risk it."

Briefly shooting a glare back at her lover which turned into an evil grin Elena said, "Fine, then I'll do it."

"Oh God." Caroline whispered after Elena used her vampire speed and strength to knock Rebekah backwards, the brunette rolling with her to make sure the strap-on cock remained in her cunt.

Elena then started roughly bouncing up and down on that cock while obscenely screaming, "Aaaaahhhhh fuck, mmmmmm, oh shit, oh shit, aaaaaahhhhhh, that's better, that's soooooooo much better! Mmmmmm, I love riding that big hard cock! Ohhhhhhh, I love riding your big hard cock Rebekah! It feels soooooo goooooooddddddd, mmmmmmm, fuck me! Ooooooooh fuck me! Fuck me Rebekah! Mmmmmmm ooooooohhhhhh shitttt, do it! Fuck me! You wanna be a coward and not use your full strength, fine, but the least you can do is help me cum you bitch! OOOOOOHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDD, that's it, fuck me, fuck my slutty little pussy with that big hard cock, ooooooohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk!"

While Elena said more Caroline didn't hear any of it. She was too transfixed on watching her friend's love hole sliding up and down on a dildo. It was at lightning speed but with her enhanced vision Caroline saw it as plain as day, Elena's pussy taking a cock, the blonde now watching her best friend having sex in vivid detail. Before this it was just like soft-core porn, Caroline only really seeing some long blonde hair bobbing in between Elena's legs and then Rebekah mounting her friend like some kind of animal. But in this new position Elena was completely exposed and to her shame Caroline couldn't take her eyes off her.

She watched as her best friend came over and over again, Caroline's keen eyes picking up on every spasm of Elena's pussy around the thick shaft invading it and every little drop of cum that escaped that cock filled cunt. She also got an overall view of Elena bouncing up and down, but Caroline's eyes occasionally wandered elsewhere, like to her friend's jiggling tits and beautiful face, but her focus remained on the other girl's pussy, the blonde vampire fascinated by it in a way she could have never imagined. Although it was nothing compared to what came next.

After a number of orgasms which put what she normally experienced with Tyler to shame, which was really saying something, Elena started slowing down. Which was good, because it meant this extremely erotic nightmare was finally over. Right? Caroline wasn't so sure given the evil smile on her former friend's face, Elena once again focusing her attention on Caroline now she was no longer consumed with making herself cum.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, I love a cock in my cunt." Elena moaned dreamily, her still partially glazed eyes focusing on Caroline while she said it.

"Slut." Caroline breathed, more as a reflex then a actual attempt to insult her former friend.

Of course it only amused Elena, "Oh Caroline, enjoying sex doesn't make me a slut. It just means I'm not a stuck up bitch who doesn't know how to have fun."

"I, I, I..." Caroline stammered, so overwhelmed with anger, and unfortunately arousal, she didn't know where to start. Eventually she went with, "I know how to have fun."

"Do you now." Elena said dryly, finally coming to a stop on Rebekah's lap.

"YES! I do." Caroline insisted firmly, before adding, "And fucking the girl who killed you in the middle of a freaking clothes store in the middle of the day makes you a slut. It makes you the biggest slut I've ever met!"

Elena just laughed, "Oh Caroline, you really need to pull the stick out... which is a really good idea, don't you think Rebekah?"

Her eyes lighting up Rebekah smiled, "Oh absolutely. Caroline needs to pull the stick out of her arse and shove something else up there."

Caroline frowned, "What are you-"

She trailed off as Elena slowly stood up, Caroline transfixed by watching inch after inch of strap-on dick reappear from her friend's cunt before finally coming out with an obscene sound. Then Caroline thought she was in trouble as a fully naked Elena just stared at her for a long moment, before giving her another wicked smile, slowly turning around and then spreading her ass cheeks.

This momentarily confused Caroline, until Elena started lowering herself down into more or less the same position she was in before. Well, it was cowgirl instead of reverse cowgirl, but the point was for a moment Caroline thought Elena was just going back to riding Rebekah's cock with her cunt, which seemed pretty random given what they had been talking about before. Then the truth of the matter hit Caroline like a ton of bricks, her eyes going wide and her mouth falling open as Elena lined up her ass hole with the strap-on.

"No way." Caroline mumbled.

She should know better by now, she thought, Caroline's eyes going wider as Elena's tiny little ass hole started to stretch for the head of the big toy. Of course the big toy now looked gigantic considering where it was going, Caroline's own ass hole clenching as she watched Elena's butt hole swallow the head of the dildo. And Elena moaned. She fucking moaned as she violated her own ass hole, Elena even letting out a giggle before she turned around to again smile evilly at Caroline.

"Something the matter Caroline?" Elena inquired.

Wrinkling up her nose in disgust Caroline softly murmured, "Ewwwwww, gross."

"It's not gross." Elena moaned as she lowered herself further down on the dildo and then giggled, "Well, maybe a little bit. But that's half the fun."

"And you claim your not a slut." Caroline quipped.

"Only in the best way." Rebekah interrupted.

Turning to her partner in crime Elena smiled down at her and then rewarded her with a kiss while Caroline desperately tried to look away, but again she was transfixed by what was before her. It was like a car crash, only instead of a car, and maybe people inside it, it was only Elena's butt hole being wrecked. Well, that and her back passage, Caroline wincing as she imagined what it would be like to have a dildo that size tearing through her ass hole and deep into her bowels. For some horrifying reason it excited her, but nowhere near as much as Elena who broke the kiss with Rebekah to let out a animalistic like squeal as The Original forcefully pushed her all the way down onto the dildo.

Even though Elena had plenty of practice taking big cocks inside her, both real and fake, the initial penetration always hurt a little, especially if it was going up her ass. Lubricant helped and in this case she had plenty in the form of her own cum and pussy cream, however thanks to her vampire healing she was pretty much a virgin back there so being forced downwards so quickly was unadvisable. However it was the kind of pain which gave her an incredible thrill, Elena's squeal mostly of pleasure as the blonde quickly and violently forced the brunette's anal walls wide apart to accept the large invader.

Giving herself no time to relax Elena started roughly pumping her ass up and down on the huge dildo, leaning forward so she could continue kissing Rebekah. It wasn't easy, but she knew from previous experience Rebekah would make it worth her while and it added to the whole intensity of the ass fuck. Plus Rebekah was nice enough to attack her skin, almost breaking it with her sharp nails, and nipping her lip and tongue. It was hard, but not hard enough, Elena sinking her fangs into Rebekah's lips and drawing blood. This got a snake like hiss from The Original, the two vampires biting into each other from here on out, mostly concentrating on each other's necks.

That added to the experience, but it was forcing Rebekah's strap-on in and out of her ass hole which was really going to get Elena off so that's what she concentrated on the most. She kept the sodomy reasonably slow at first so she could have her fun with Rebekah and more importantly work her body up to the hard butt pounding, although the second she felt like she was ready Elena pulled away from Rebekah's lips and started hammering herself up and down with every ounce of her vampire strength and speed, brutalising her bowels with every violent thrust in the process.


With that Elena went over the edge, her body on total autopilot as she experienced the type of intense orgasm she could only feel from being 'buggered' by another girl. She was very glad for that autopilot, another thing she had Katherine to thank for, that precious gift allowing her to push herself through that climax and give herself several more, Elena becoming nothing but a mindless animal as her body shook and cum squirted out of her cunt and onto Rebekah's now thoroughly coated stomach.

Under other circumstances Rebekah might have been appalled by Elena's wanton behaviour and being covered in another girl's cum. But honestly she'd never been more content, Rebekah just laying back and watching as the girl she had fallen for ridiculously quickly brutalised her own arse hole in search of more pleasure. It was obviously her own pleasure Elena cared about but she was inadvertently making Rebekah cum too, something which felt like it had as much to do with watching Elena anally riding her strap on as much as it did the stimulator constantly rubbing her clit throughout this wonderful experience.

The only problem was Rebekah was aching to contribute, her fingers desperately itching to grab onto Elena's waist so she could start slamming up into the other girl's bottom and making them both cum harder than they already were. It was so frustrating to have the power to take control and not being allowed to use it. Then again Elena already promised not to tell her brother if Rebekah broke her promise, and from the look on her face there was no way Caroline would be able to bring herself to tell anyone about this.

So Rebekah grabbed onto Elena's hips and began thrusting her hips upwards, briefly trying to keep her promise even though she knew she was going to break it. And sure enough only a few seconds later she started using her vampire speed and strength for her own selfish pleasure, and perhaps more importantly in that moment, for Elena's. After all, surely being human meant trying to be good and please those around you. Like, perhaps most importantly, her lovers? So surely she was doing the right thing, and since she had broken the promise anyway she might as well get some good use out of it.

With that in mind Rebekah flipped Elena onto her back, placed the other girl's legs on her shoulders and savagely sodomised her with every ounce of her supernatural strength, her body moving like a blur as she forced orgasm after orgasm out of them both. By the time she collapsed in exhaustion Elena had screamed loud enough to let the whole state no she was being fucked, Rebekah guessing that Bonnie must of cast some kind of spell or something to explain why no one had investigated whatever was going on in here. Not that it really mattered to her.

Elena didn't really care either, "Mmmmmm, God Rebekah, that was sooooooo good."

Rebekah smiled down at the blissful look on her girlfriend's face, "What can I say, I know how to treat an anal slut."

With a wicked grin on her face Elena pulled Rebekah's head down so they could kiss, the two vampires still able to taste each other's blood in their mouths which made the experience more erotic for them and help regain their strength. Or at least Elena could feel her strength returning, the brunette vampire gently but firmly rolling her older lover off of her so she could slowly pull herself off the dildo which came out of her ass hole with an audible pop.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, wanna see my gape Rebekah? Want to see what you've done to my slutty little ass hole?" Elena moaned happily.

Deciding this was another occasion where she absolutely had to break her promise Rebekah zipped over to where Caroline was standing and then moaned, "Mmmmmmm, doesn't that look hot Caroline? Isn't the way your best friend's butt hole gapes for me so cute? That loosened and slutty hole a testament to how well I fucked it? How she's mine now? How your bestist buddy is now my little anal slut."

Still desperately trying to talk away Caroline mumbled, "You two are so gross."

Elena grinned, and reached back to spread her ass cheeks, "Mmmmm, get a good look Caroline, because your next. Mmmmm, when we're through with you your ass hole is going to be gaping twice as wide as mine."

Sort of actually wanting Caroline to leave now Elena had thought that threat would for sure make the other girl run away, but it didn't. Maybe Caroline was more fun than she'd originally thought. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard to get her former friend into bed with them, Elena practically buzzing with all the possibilities. One in particular had her grinning widely, until Caroline interrupted it with her whining.

"There's, there is no way I'm going to let you do that to me." Caroline mumbled.

"Sure you are." Elena said, using her super speed to get up, race over two where Caroline's dress was still lying and then bring it back to hold right in front of her former friend's face, "If you ever want to wear this you will do every little thing we say."

"You can't be-" Caroline started, but she trailed off when Elena threatened to rip the dress.

Elena could see it in the other girl's eyes. She wanted to join in the fun, she just needed a little push to do it. And whether Caroline was really so superficial that she do anything to keep that dress intact, or that she just needed an excuse to fall into line, this would definitely help Elena push her good friend into submission.

"Get on your knees." Elena ordered, grinning wide as Caroline did as she was told. Then the brunette turn to Rebekah and said, "Rebekah, honey, you know I love to clean your cock after it's been in my ass, but you know what would be really hot?"

"Making Caroline clean it instead?" Rebekah beamed.

"Exactly." Elena grinned.

Without a moments hesitation Rebekah strolled over to Caroline and pressed the dildo to the kneeling blonde's lips. Caroline looked up at her pleadingly, and then actually look to Elena for mercy. As if this wasn't her idea or something. Then, to Elena's eternal delight, goody two shoes Caroline Forbes crinkled her nose in disgust, opened her mouth wide and then wrapped her lips around the head of the strap on which had just been pounding the deepest part of Elena's bowels.

Caroline desperately tried to not think about that fact as she began sucking on the dildo but she couldn't help it. She also couldn't help inwardly screaming at herself to get up and leave. It was only a stupid dress, and while prom was only a few hours away and it was perfect for her she could definitely get another one. Not that that was why she was currently on her knees sucking an ass flavoured dildo. No, she was doing this because she was completely lost to her own perverted hormones, Caroline more horny than she could ever remember being from watching her best friend having lesbian sex.

She honestly felt like she would do anything if only someone, anyone, would fuck her and make her cum. It wouldn't take much in her current state, but her own fingers or a toy just wouldn't do. She needed to be fucked. More accurately she wanted to be fucked, specifically by these two women, both of which she hated with a passion and one of which had been her best friend for nearly her entire life, but these two factors only made it hotter.

Another thing which only made it hotter was that Caroline actually liked the taste. She liked the taste of the deepest part of her friend's butt, Caroline slurping up every drop of Elena's anal juices from the head of the shaft before beginning to bob her head on the dildo. She even licked the lower half of the dildo when she could no longer take it into her mouth, Caroline giving the toy cock as thorough a blow job as she could, the whole time Rebekah and Elena 'encouraging' her to try harder, which again she did.

"Come on Caroline, you can do better than that." Elena pushed, "Take that cock down your throat. Mmmmm, have you never taken Tyler's dick down your throat? Is he not that big? Doesn't he satisfy you? I'm guessing not considering how eagerly you got on your knees. I think she's in need of a good fucking, don't you think Rebekah?"

"Oh absolutely." Rebekah agreed, "Mmmmmm, clean that cock good Caroline and we'll give it to you. Mmmmmmm, clean every drop of Elena's arse juice off of my dick and we'll both give you the fucking of a lifetime. Make you forget all about your silly boyfriend and want to be our little bitch. Ohhhhh yeah, our little bitch who loves to be buggered, you giving up your arse to me just like Elena just did so I can wreck your little bum hole. Mmmmmm, we're going to wreck all your little holes Caroline, ooooooooh, we're going to fuck you so good right after you've cleaned this cock like a good girl."


Caroline froze with horror as she heard Bonnie's voice, momentarily hoping she was mistaken before opening her eyes to look in the direction of the voice. Seeing her friend Caroline's stomach lurched and she spit out the dildo, which had been currently pushing into her throat thanks to Rebekah grabbing hold of her hair and pushing her further downwards on the toy.

When the cock was out of her mouth Caroline stammered, "I, I can explain-"

"Don't bother, just get me out of here." Bonnie snapped.

Caroline left her mouth open like she was going to try and argue but then she just grabbed Bonnie and ran off, her vampire speed meaning she moved in a blur so she could barely see or hear Elena and Rebekah beginning to laugh at her expense.


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