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Author's note: This story takes place just after Episode 19 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Frustrating Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Caroline Forbes had been staring at the luxurious mansion that evil bitch Rebekah Mikaelson had compelled her way into, part of her trying to convince herself just to take the plunge and go inside while the other part of her tried to convince her to leave. Of course the latter was the easier option, and it wasn't like she needed the dress her former best friend Elena Gilbert had stolen from her, she could get another one, maybe not as perfect but she wouldn't have to put herself in danger standing up to the two evil vampires currently living in the home in front of her, but it was the principle of the thing.

That, she reminded herself constantly, was why she was doing this. No other reason. Absolutely none, despite the fact her knees felt weak as she finally tiptoed into the mansion. The door was locked, which was another red flag, but Caroline had made her choice now. All she could do was try to avoid getting caught, hence why she went as slowly and as cautiously as possible, despite the urge to run at super speed being almost overwhelming. On the bright side she didn't have to look for very long, her dress being left in clear view of the door once she got inside. The downside was that it was blatantly a trap, Elena and Rebekah not even being subtle about it as they frantically made out on the couch in front of the table Caroline's dress was on.

For a few long seconds Caroline just stared at her former best friend straddling the evil blonde, Elena and Rebekah looking so captivating as they frantically made out like the two horny teenagers only one of them really was. Then Caroline shook her head out of it, took a deep breath and against her better judgement ran as fast as her superhuman body would allow her too. Of course, it wasn't fast enough.

"Caroline, so glad you could join us." Elena grinned once her hand closed around Caroline's wrist, "Ready to be my personal pussy licker?"

Frustrated that she hadn't even been able to grab the dress before getting caught Caroline scowled at her former friend and practically spat, "Screw you bitch!"

Then Caroline took an unadvised swing at Elena with her free hand, before she got anywhere near the brunette's face her hand was caught, this time by Rebekah, "That's the plan love. But first, I think a little breaking in is in order."

Before Caroline could protest there was a blur of really tacky furniture and she found herself chained up in some area of the home, probably the basement although she was a little foggy on that as she had pretty much been blinded by a powerful mixture of anger and fear. Now the latter was forgotten in favour of an overwhelming dose of the former, Caroline helplessly trying to break the chains as Elena slowly approached her with a pair of scissors.

"Elena! ELENA! LET ME GO RIGHT NOW OR I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL... wait, please no, please, no, no, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOO!" Caroline cried as Elena cut into her beautiful shirt, before scowling at her former BFF, "Do you have any idea how much that cost?"

"Do you have any idea how much I don't care?" Elena quipped back, not pausing her actions for even a second.

In Rebekah's opinion Caroline was overreacting. Sure, the shirt was nice by Caroline's standards, and certainly the skirt was really cute, but they were both probably knockoffs. Or stolen. Not that Rebekah would blame her, they were vampires after all. Then again, like the boring old Elena, Caroline Forbes was a goody two shoes who probably wouldn't dream of doing something so 'evil' as stealing. And honestly, Elena was doing Caroline a favour, because as much as the younger blonde looked good in that outfit she looked even better with the outfit lying in tatters on the floor. Especially when Caroline's bra and panties were cut to shreds and fell to the floor, leaving the 18-year-old deliciously exposed in a way which had Rebekah tingling with anticipation.

Clearly feeling the same amount of anticipation Elena stood back to admire her handiwork once Caroline was completely naked. Unfortunately Caroline had to keep whining and complaining throughout this process, the dumb blonde unwittingly making things worse for herself with every vile word which escaped from her annoying mouth. Not that Rebekah expected anything less, and of course, there was a way around that inconvenience.

Casually strolling up to her girlfriend Rebekah slid her arms around Elena's waist from behind, briefly kissed the side of her neck and murmured in her ear, "Are you sure I can't get something to shut this slut up? Like I said, that way we wouldn't have to listen to her whine, and I think she'd look so cute with the ball-gag in her mouth."

"And like I said, I want to hear this bitch scream." Elena said firmly, turning in Rebekah's arms and then giving the pouting Original a quick peck on the lips before pulling away from her.

Elena then grabbed one of the long wooden canes from a table full of other such goodies, dipped it in a bucket right next to Caroline and then held the cane up to her face to show her former friend it was now dripping liquid, Elena smiling wickedly, "You'll like this Caroline, it's a cane covered in vervain."

Trying to hide the fact that she was shivering in both fear and disgust Caroline narrowed her eyes, "What would I like about that?"

"Don't you get it. It's a CANE covered in VERVAIN!" Elena exclaimed with exaggerated excitement, before clarifying, "That rhymes. You were always into silly things like that, leaving me and Bonnie to agree how stupid it was. How stupid you were. Face it Caroline, you've always been the weak link of the group. The idiot. The fool. And now, I finally get to punish you for it."

With that Elena bought the cane down as hard as she could on Caroline's ass, causing the other baby vampire to cry out in pain. Elena broke eye contact with the blonde and quickly stepped round while lifting the cane up again so when she gave her former friend another blow she was able to look at her handiwork. She became pretty consumed with that for the next few minutes, only looking at Rebekah a few times with a cheeky smile, Rebekah only too happy to return it.

Rebekah never thought she'd see goody two shoes Elena Gilbert like this, acting like a dominatrix out of a cheesy porno film, but oh how delicious it was, especially as it wasn't really goody two shoes Elena Gilbert. It was Rebekah's Elena Gilbert, the only female Original totally getting off on watching her humanity-less girlfriend mercilessly beat the butt of one of her now former friends. And the look of horror mixed with pain on Caroline's face, oh how Rebekah wanted to stuff her fingers inside her own cunt and get herself off. She wouldn't though. It would be absurd to waste an orgasm like that when it was all but guaranteed at least one of the two hot girls in front of her would be using their mouth and tongue to get her off soon enough. It was only a matter of time.

Elena could smell, see and practically taste her girlfriend's arousal, the young vampire finding that she got a kick out of thinking of Rebekah Mikaelson as her girlfriend. Not in the painfully emotional way she felt about Stefan or even Matt becoming her boyfriend, but in a satisfying knowledge that she had such a powerful creature pretty much totally under control. All she had to do was bat her eyes and the Original would probably do just about anything for her. And ok, the fact she was now dating a girl was kind of a thrill, although nowhere near as much as beating Caroline's butt.

Refocusing on that task Elena watched with glee as Caroline's tight little ass sizzled from the vervain which now covered it, the brunette constantly re-dipping her cane in the liquid and even rubbing it against the blonde's backside to maximise her former friend's pain. In a sense the spanking itself was more adding insult to injury, but Elena made sure to slowly build up the force behind the blows until she was using every ounce of her super strength to cane Caroline's butt so she was at least causing the other vampire some damage with the now very enthusiastic strikes.

She certainly got plenty of screams out of her former friend, each ear piercing cry the sweetest music to Elena's ears. Rebekah seemed to enjoying the show too. Not that it really mattered, it was just an added bonus. And speaking of added bonuses, Elena walked around so she could look into Caroline's eyes as she deliver the next couple of strikes, smirking wickedly as she enjoyed the pained expression on the other girls face. Then after a while Caroline opened her eyes, which the blonde had closed as some kind of coping mechanism, and glared at Elena. Which in turn caused Elena to smirk wickedly again, and redouble her efforts.

After a few minutes of that Elena gave her cane an extra long dip in the vervain and then with another smirk brought the hardened piece of wood down on Caroline's left tit. Then her right. Then the left again, and so on, Elena beating Caroline's boobs with the same enthusiasm she had shown the blonde's bottom. Maybe more, considering from this angle she could watch the other vampire's flesh become discoloured and she could look at the expression on Caroline's face as she did this. And the way her body tensed up, Caroline desperately trying to escape from those chains even though she should have learned by now it was impossible, oh it was an intoxicating sight Elena would never forget.

Caroline would never forget this too. She would never forget and she would never forgive, but she would have her revenge. She was going to kill this bitch, or at least turn the tables on her and do this exact thing to her or something even more humiliating. Caroline didn't care if Elena wasn't really herself for not, she was determined to make the other girl suffer for this, Caroline spending most of her time during the butt and boob beatings fantasising about how she would get her own back on her former friend.

It was better than concentrating on the pain, or worse acknowledging that some part of her was enjoying it. Some teeny tiny twisted part of her. A vampire part. After all, she was the most level-headed vampire she had ever met, pretty much every one of them including Elena turning out to be murderous psychopaths, so was almost relieved that the worst thing she had become was simply a massive pervert. Not that she accepted these feelings were entirely hers, as it would stand to reason that Rebekah had compelled her into liking being brutally spanked and then being compelled to forget that she had been compelled, as the other two girls seemed to want to make her as nasty as they were.

To further prove that Caroline found herself wondering if she should get out of this by promising to eat Elena's pussy. After all, it was something she had been thinking about since even before the incident in the shop, and anything had to be better than the agony she was currently feeling. However as Caroline was sure that was some kind of trickery, and she really didn't want to give Elena the satisfaction, she kept her mouth shut. At least until, after putting the cane in the vervain for a long time, Elena started bringing that agonising weapon down onto Caroline's exposed pussy.

Caroline had been tortured before, and been in more fights than she could have ever imagined at one stage in her life, so she thought she knew pain. However this was far worse than anything she'd ever experienced, Caroline screaming hysterically as she redoubled her efforts to escape. When all that got her was a cruel laugh from the other vampires Caroline went limp in her chains and just started bawling for mercy, although her words were pretty much incoherent. Then just as she thought she would do anything if Elena would just stop the brunette offered her a brief reprieve, Caroline trembling as she feared what the sadistic girl would do to her next.

Closing the distance between them Elena lifted her head up, licked away Caroline's tears like they were the sweetest of treats and then purred, "You want me to stop?"

Feeling emotionally and physically drained Caroline could only nod slowly.

"Awwww, but I've only just started." Elena pouted, "Don't you want to see what else I have planned for you?"

"No, please." Caroline whimpered, before saying what she realised Elena wanted to hear, "I'll do anything."

"Anything?" Elena teased, playing with the word as if it was foreign to her, "Will you eat my pussy?"

There was a brief pause and then Caroline closed her eyes and slowly nodded again.

"Say it." Elena demanded.

"I'll eat your pussy!" Caroline whimpered, "I'll eat your pussy soooooo good."

Grinning wickedly Elena asked, "Will you eat Rebekah's pussy?"

"Yes." Caroline nodded, "I'll eat you both out, tongue you until you cum in my mouth and all over my face ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd!"

Reaching in between Caroline's legs Elena started rubbing the other girl's swiftly moistening cunt, grinning as she moaned in Caroline's face, "Oh Caroline, you're making me so wet... and I'm not the only one you little dyke slut."

For a moment Caroline closed her eyes and whimpered, then she heard Rebekah speak up, "Ask her if she's ready to give us her slutty fuck holes!"

"Oh yeah, are you ready for that Caroline?" Elena practically purred, "Are you ready for your little lesbian pussy to feel its first girl cock inside it? Are you ready to bend over and give me your anal cherry? Are you ready to be the meat in an all-girl sandwich, me and Rebekah pounding your pussy and ass at the same time with our strap-ons? Well, are you?"

Again Caroline tried to get away with nodding, but a look from Elena quickly had her mumbling, "Yes. Yes you can... you can do all those things to me. Please, take my pussy, take... take my ass. Fuck me however you want."

"Oooooh, I like the sound of that." Elena asked, laughing before she shoved her tongue down Caroline's throat.

"Me too." Rebekah added, trying to get her girlfriend's attention by coming up behind her and kissing her neck.

Although the plan was for Caroline to be the filling in their little all-girl sandwich Elena revelled in the position for a few long moments, Rebekah's boobs pressing into her back while Caroline's tits pressed against her own, one girl's lips pressed against her sensitive neck and another pressed against hers, oh it was wonderful. But it would be a lot better if herself and Rebekah weren't still wearing their clothes, so after orally dominating Caroline for a little bit Elena broke that kiss and attempted to do the same thing to Rebekah while removing the now very much unwanted obstacles to their fun, Elena not caring that some of the expensive fabric got ripped along the way.

Once they were both naked Elena tried to pull away but Rebekah was having none of it, the stronger vampire holding her firmly against her as she continued exploring her mouth with her tongue. Elena was reluctant to complain, partly because the stronger girl was susceptible to mood swings and partly because she really, really liked kissing Rebekah, but they did have a slut to fuck. So as soon as she got the chance Elena bit down hard on Rebekah's lower lip, distracting the Original long enough to pull her lips away from hers.

She wasn't quick enough to get away entirely though, Rebekah holding her firmly and pulling her in this time to ask, "Can't we just forget this Trollope and go upstairs and fuck? Or we could do it in front of her again? I know you'd love that?"

Unable to suppress the urge to laugh entirely Elena passed it off as a playful chuckle followed by an equally playful little smile. Inwardly she was wondering how a creature so old and powerful like Rebekah Mikaelson could still be such an insecure teenage girl, one who was acting so obviously lovesick after such a short time. It was sad really, but it allowed Elena to sink her claws into the ancient being and manipulate her into doing whatever she wanted.

"But we already did that silly." Elena laughed, "And I really want to play with my new toy. I mean, our new toy."

Rebekah pouted, "Just so long as you're not getting bored of me already."

"Never." Elena promised, seeing that she might be in trouble, "You could never be boring Rebekah."

"Well, that's true." Rebekah smiled.

"I'll tell you what." Elena said, getting closer, "You help me play with our new toy, and I will fulfil whatever perverted desire you want. Just name it, it's yours."

Rebekah gave her a smitten smile in return, and gently kissed her for a few seconds before letting go completely. Wasting no time Elena super speed it over to Caroline and shoved her tongue down the other girl's throat, surprised that Caroline started kissing her back pretty quickly for someone claiming they weren't interested. Then again maybe Caroline was still worried Elena was going to hurt her again, when there was no need for that. They were clearly on to mutually enjoyable things, and Elena tried to prove that with a long kiss before she undid Caroline's chains and let her fall to the floor.

Then Elena ordered, "Well, don't just sit there looking stupid... eat me."

Caroline glared at her former friend, but the triumphant grin crossed Elena's face had her blushing and casting her gaze downwards. Then she focused on Elena's pussy, oddly captivated by it for a few seconds. As up until now she had always considered herself straight Caroline hadn't given much thought to the female form. She had seen Elena naked countless times growing up, especially after they both joined their school's cheerleading squad, and subjectively speaking knew that Elena was beautiful. But until she caught her with Rebekah the truth was Caroline had never really appreciated how hot she was.

In all that time together Caroline had certainly never got a good look at Elena's cunt, and would have never considered it or her own beautiful, but for whatever reason in that moment she did. More importantly she found herself drawn to it, Caroline closing her eyes and leaning forward like she was about to have a romantic first kiss. In a way that was true, but instead of some hunky guy who had wined and dined her she was pressing her lips against the pussy of her best friend turned psychotic vampire who had clearly got off on torturing her. Either that or Elena got this wet from kissing her/the anticipation of fucking her.

Either way it was oddly flattering, and despite spending the past few hours reminding herself she was 100% heterosexual Caroline couldn't deny that she didn't mind opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue and sliding it over Elena's pussy lips. In fact after half a dozen or so licks Caroline found herself growing to really like the taste of pussy. Or at least Elena's pussy, Caroline doing her best not to overanalyse that in favour of concentrating on the task at hand, getting as much of the yummy liquid pouring out of the hole in front of her into her belly as possible.

To that end she began licking more enthusiastically, zoning in on Elena's clit to make sure her former friend juiced up nice and fast. She also took that clit into her mouth for a gentle sucking before then wrapping her upstairs lips around Elena's downstairs lips, ensuring the fruits of her labour flowed directly down her throat as she grabbed onto the brunette's butt and pushed the other vampire's cunt deeper into her face. Caroline also pushed her face firmly into that yummy cunt, desperately switching between these techniques to make as much juice as possible flow freely and maybe even just to please this arrogant bitch.

Caroline definitely wanted to shut her up that's for sure, Elena happily providing commentary from pretty much the moment the slightly taller girl started licking her pussy, "Mmmmmmm oooooooh fuck, that's it Caroline, ohhhhhhhhh lick me! Lick my pussy, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Me and, ooooooooh, me and Bonnie always thought there was a little dyke in you. That, ohhhhhhh Gooooooodddddd, that you'd totally dyke out in college or something, mmmmmmmmmm, and now look at you, eating my cunt like your life depends on it. Which it just might, but let's be real here, this was inevitable. One way or another you were going to end up in between my legs eating my cunt, mmmmmmmmm, I just always figured you'd be the one begging me to let you do it. And then, when I gave you a taste of my sweetness, you'd totally become addicted. Ooooooohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, acting like a total junkie when you don't get your fix of pussy, mmmmmmmm, totally stalking me and offering me anything I want if I just let you get another taste of my cunt again. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck, mmmmmmm, that's probably gonna happen now, isn't it? Mmmmmmm yeah, you're going to be so addicted to my pussy you're going to be begging me for it all the time, ooooooohhhhhhhhh, and maybe if you do a good job now, and beg me AND Rebekah properly for the privilege we'll let you."

Elena added a sexy wink at Rebekah with that last line which caused the ancient vampire to smile like a lovesick fool. Before that she had been looking annoyed and jealous, which were not good for Elena's health so Elena quickly decided to slip in that wink and the comment about begging Rebekah for permission. In reality if Caroline came to her and begged for the privilege of eating her pussy Elena would let her. Sure, she would torture and tease her about it, but she wouldn't pass up the opportunity to once again feel this powerful dominance over her former friend.

Not that the pussy licking itself was terrible. It couldn't compare to the skilled tongue work from Rebekah that Elena had become very used too, but there was a certain eagerness and frantic curiosity which Caroline bought to the table. However the thing that Elena was really getting off on was taking her prudish/boring best friend and turning her into her personal rug muncher. In fact Elena wanted that to be Caroline's permanent position from now on. Because while she enjoyed submitting to Rebekah it wasn't completely fulfilling. But having Rebekah as her Dom and Caroline as her Sub, oh that sounded delicious.

She could picture it now, a cute little collar around Caroline's neck, her former blonde friend wearing nothing else as she grovelled before Elena, begging for the privilege of eating her pussy. Elena would be wearing the same thing, except Caroline's collar would come with a little tag with 'Property of Elena Gilbert' on it while her own collar's tag would have 'Property of Rebekah Mikaelson', proving that Caroline was the sex slave of a sex slave. Oh the idea was so wonderfully wicked Elena closed her eyes to better picture it, while reaching down and grabbing onto Caroline's hair to pull the young blonde deeper into her cunt.

Instead of putting her off this only seem to push Caroline to lick her out more enthusiastically, allowing Elena's fantasy to become even more wicked. Like perhaps she would have Bonnie there too, wearing the exact same thing as Caroline and either begging to be given the privilege of eating her pussy instead or to know the joy of eating her mistress's ass. Oh yes, Elena would have her friends fighting over the privilege of licking her pussy, the winner no doubt showing just as much eagerness as Caroline now was while the one of the loser would have to make do with licking Elena's ass hole. Which, although kind of humiliating, wasn't really that bad, Elena doing that favour for Rebekah quite a few times now and the Original had even 'tossed her salad' in return.

Which gave Elena an idea, "Ohhhhhhhh Rebekah, please eat my ass as Caroline eats my pussy. Mmmmmmm, Caroline may be a secret lesbo but I've been spoilt with your tongue. Oooooooooh, help me get off baby, help me cover this slut's face in cum by sticking your tongue up my ass! Oooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd yeeeeeeesssssssss, mmmmmmmm, lick me back there just like that, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Rebekah, you're so good to me."

You've got that right, Rebekah thought dryly as she pulled Elena's ass cheeks even further apart so she could have better access to the brunette's bum hole. Of course it did occur to her to say that out loud, and maybe playfully scold Elena for her rudeness, but that would require Rebekah to remove her tongue from her girlfriend's arse hole, so it didn't seem worth it. Especially after she and moved as fast as she could without her supernatural speed to get behind Elena, get on her knees, spread the other girl's arse cheeks and start lapping away at Elena's little back hole. Besides, that would have meant displeasing Elena, something which was now unbearable for the ancient blonde.

The irony was not lost on Rebekah, but the fact that just over a week ago she had hated this girl with every fibre of her being just proved how unpredictable and exciting the world could be. Not to mention the fact that it made nearly non-stop lesbian sex between them that much hotter, especially when something kinky like a rim job. And sure, this was one of many things Rebekah preferred to receive than to give, but she couldn't deny it was thrilling to be on her knees with her face buried in between the cheeks of a newbie vampire she could easily snap like a twig.

Seemingly just as Rebekah had settled into giving Elena a long drawn-out arse licking she heard her girlfriend moan, "Oooooooohhhhhhhh Caroline, I hate to cut short this, the first of many times you lick pussy, but I really need to cum, mmmmmmmm, and I know you must be aching to feel me cum in your pretty face. Ohhhhhhhhhh, and I know you want me to cum in that mouth of yours, you swallowing as much as you can like the little dyke whore you are until you can swallow anymore and you have to let the rest cover your face, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit, mmmmmmmm, and all you have to do to get what you so desperately want is to shove your tongue inside me. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, come on slut, fuck me with your dyke tongue while my girlfriend licks my ass hole! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss, get that tongue up my cunt, tongue fuck me, OH CAROLINE! CAROLINE! CAROLINNNNNEEEEEEE!"

Hearing her girlfriend cry out somebody else's name like that really pissed Rebekah off. Not that it was a common occurrence, and certainly understandable under the circumstances, circumstances which Rebekah had agreed to, even if she knew she had been manipulated into it. But she couldn't help being jealous of Caroline in that moment, and that moment only, as the other blonde pushed her tongue inside the brunette and got to know the joy of tongue fucking Elena Gilbert for first time. And shortly after that Caroline got to know the joy of having Elena Gilbert cum in her mouth and all over her face for the first time.

To make sure she at least contributed to that in a very noticeable way Rebekah did her best to push her tongue as far as it would go up Elena's backside. Unfortunately even after a week of constant anal sex, and years of being Katherine Pierce's plaything, Elena's behind was virgin tight and thus Rebekah wasn't able to get very far. At least not with her tongue. However, knowing how much Elena liked having her arse penetrated by all sorts of things, Rebekah took a moment to spit on one of her fingers and then shoved that finger as deep as it would go into the other girl's tight little back passage, Rebekah smiling with pride as it was that, and not Caroline's tongue, which triggered Elena's orgasm.

Rebekah started anally fingering Elena shortly afterwards, contributing to get more climaxes, Caroline really getting off at the fact that she could feel that things were moving inside Elena through the thin wall separating the brunette's holes. Of course Caroline didn't dwell on it, not when she was so busy hammering her tongue in and out of another girl's pussy for the first time in her life, only stopping when Elena let out an extra loud scream of pleasure and came in her mouth again.

Caroline had really grown to love the taste of pussy, but girl cum... oh, to the young blonde vampire that was like tasting human blood for the first time. It was beyond wonderful and seemed to nourish her in nearly exactly the same way as what her undead body naturally craved, Caroline immediately using every ounce of her supernatural speed to swallow every single drop. Well, it was the first time, but once she started to make Elena cum it became so easy to send her over the edge again and again and again, and it was just so much of it, Elena fulfilling her promise to cover Caroline's face in her cum.

Suddenly Caroline was jarked away from Elena's pussy, the young blonde vampire who had been so convinced was completely straight only a few hours ago actually finding herself whimpering in disappointment as she was denied anymore girl cum and cunt cream. Then Elena lent down and kissed her, Caroline actually turned on by the fact that her former friend was tasting her own juices on her tongue and clearly loving it. In fact she was so turned on Caroline kissed back without any hesitation, the two friends turned enemies turned who knows what making out for a couple of minutes which felt like hours.

During those few minutes Rebekah continued fingering Elena's ass hole, causing the brunette to grin into the kiss. Clearly her girlfriend didn't want to be forgotten, although luckily for her the brunette had no intention of making that happen, something Elena made clear which the case with Caroline and told her former friend, "Oh Caroline, I was so right about you. You were just a little dyke waiting for her first taste of pussy. Mmmmmmm, and now you have it I bet you want your second. Oh yes, I bet you want to taste some Original vampire cunt. Well don't worry my dear friend, I'm sure my girlfriend would be willing to satisfy your cunt cravings, isn't that right Rebekah?"

"Oh, I'm not sure an army of horny girls could truly satisfy a cunt craving dyke the likes of Caroline." Rebekah taunted as she finally pulled her finger out of Elena's ass and got to her feet, "But my cunt could do with a licking, and this is one addiction I don't mind enabling. In fact, I would downright encourage it."

"Me too." Elena beamed at her girlfriend, before turning her attention to her ex-friend, "You hear that Caroline? Isn't my girlfriend generous? Isn't she just the best for letting a lezzie slut like you lick her sweet little pussy? Mmmmmmm, take it from me, you're going to love it. So what are you waiting for? Tuck in!"

With that Elena dragged Caroline by her hair the few steps it took to get to Rebekah and then shoved her former friend's face into her girlfriend's pussy, Caroline immediately sticking out her tongue and beginning to eagerly lap away at the sweet smelling treat in front of her. She didn't do this because she was scared for her life or the lives of anyone she cared about, or even just to get this over with. No, Caroline Forbes was now eating pussy because she wanted to, the young vampire unable to give enough of the Original's yummy flavour as she rapidly licked the other girl's cunt.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, she's doing it!" Rebekah grinned happily, her eyes locked on to the blonde head in between her legs, "The little slut is eating my pussy!"

"Did you really doubt she would?" Elena grinned wickedly, stepping into her girlfriend's personal space.

"Of course not, all the girls in this town are total sluts." Rebekah returned the wicked grin, and then pushed the finger which had just been inside Elena's ass into Elena's mouth, the other girl quickly parting her lips and eagerly sucking that finger clean, "Total fucking sluts with no sense of shame or decency, the most depraved whores I've ever met in my long, long life."

Immediately after those taunting words Rebekah used her super speed to pull her finger out of Elena's mouth and pulled the two of them together for a kiss in the blink of an eye, Elena kissing back just as quickly so that the two vampires practically devour each other on the spot, while another remained on her knees devouring Rebekah in a completely different and yet also enjoyable way. Oh it was such a turn on for Elena to be kissing her lover while that lover received head from someone else, in that moment the brunette wishing that she'd had more threesomes when her humanity was intact. Oh well, now she was free of those little emotions she could finally begin to enjoy herself.

For example, kissing Rebekah Mikaelson. The old boring Elena would have probably never actually gone through with kissing Rebekah, unless she was forced into it, the brunette grinning into the kiss as she remembered a few particularly steamy dreams where Rebekah had snapped and made Elena her bitch just like Katherine had done. Now Elena got to live that fantasy out, sort of. Sure, she had to indulge this love fool's delusion that they could ever be something resembling normal couple, but it was so totally worth it for the mind blowing sex.

Wanting to become a more active participant in this particular round of mind blowing sex Elena pulled away from Rebekah's mouth and then quickly dropped her lips down to her girlfriend's neck before Rebekah could complain. She then spent a few minutes kissing, sucking and nipping at the soft flesh she found there, at one point biting hard enough to break the skin and drink some of her fellow vampire's blood. It was nowhere near as satisfying as human blood, but it still quell her ever present hunger somewhat and more importantly it was still intensely erotic, Rebekah clearly agreeing as she pressed her firmly to her neck and moaned with joy.

After a few minutes of that Elena moved lower to Rebekah's tits, wasting no time in going back and forth between them, licking and sucking the other girl's already painfully hard nipples. She gradually increased the forces of her licks and sucks, and added more biting to the mix, but as Rebekah's nipples couldn't get any harder Elena didn't plan on spending long on the older girl's boobs, instead wanting to return the favour and shove her tongue up Rebekah's ass. However she didn't even get the chance to explain this, Rebekah holding her firmly to her chest and given her superior strength all Elena could do was continue worshipping the chest of her partner in crime.

"Oh no, don't either of you dare move!" Rebekah moaned happily, sliding a hand down to grab onto Caroline's hair to help keep her in place, "Mmmmmmmm, don't either of you dare move until I tell you otherwise. Oooooooooooh yes, just keep doing what you're doing Elena, mmmmmmmmm, lick and suck my tits just like that while your best friend eats my pussy like the little rug munching tart that she is. Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, eat me, eat my pussy you little dyke whore, mmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck, you two girlie just concentrate on making me feel good and maybe I'll return the favour."

Of course there was no maybe about it. Rebekah was revved up and ready to fuck these girls like the sluts they were. Ok, so these days she didn't really need much of an excuse to fuck Elena Gilbert, but then again it probably wouldn't have taken much to get her to fuck the old Elena. The point was Rebekah was going to fuck Elena and more importantly Caroline. Because she fucked Elena nearly on an hourly basis, and her precious Elena wanted her to fuck Caroline so that was what she was going to do. Specifically she was going to strap on a big cock and fuck her into total submission. Both herself and Elena were going to strap-on fuck Caroline Forbes in all her accessible holes and turn her into a submissive lesbian slut.

Before that Rebekah was going to thoroughly feed Caroline her cunt, make sure she developed a taste for it because from now on she was going to be in between Rebekah's legs a lot. Not that there was really any effort put into forcing her into it. Sure, Rebekah grabbed onto her hair just in case, but not once did Caroline show any sign of stopping, and the hand on her head convinced her to press her face forwards so she could wrap her mouth around the Original's pussy lips and suck them in between licks, which in turn made Rebekah close her eyes and smile dreamily.

That intensified what she was feeling, Rebekah's world revolving around the soft mouths and tongues worshipping her body and nothing else. At least until Elena pressed a hand to her side and then slid it around to her arse. After years of being stabbed in the back, with the old Elena being one of the most recent offenders, Rebekah was briefly nervous when she felt that hand sliding over her flesh, but then she grinned happily as it seemed to only be her girlfriend grabbing her backside during sex. It turned out not to be quite so innocent as Elena first slid her fingers downwards to make sure they collected some of the Original vampire's pussy cream which had escaped Caroline's hungry mouth and use it as lubricant so she could push her middle finger deep into Rebekah's bottom.

Rebekah opened her eyes wide and cried out as she was anally penetrated, "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH, YOU LITTLE SLUT! Oooooooooh Caroline, your best friend just shoved her finger up my arse! Mmmmmmmm, and it feels good. Sooooooooooo goooooooooooddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmmmm, finger me Elena! Finger fuck my tight little ass hole while your best friend makes me cum in her mouth! Ohhhhhhhhhh Caroline, make me cum in your mouth! Mmmmmmmm, make me cum in your nasty little dyke mouth by shoving your lezzie tongue deep inside of my cunt and fucking me with it! Fuck me, tongue fuck me you slut, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!"

Eager to obey her new mistress Caroline slammed her tongue inside Rebekah's pussy nearly instantly. After getting so worked up from the spanking, and watching Elena received the same treatment, and from her girlfriend's contributions it wasn't really surprising that Rebekah came almost instantly, the Original not holding back as she tightened her grip on Caroline's head and rode her new bitch's face through one orgasm and onto another, Rebekah just using Caroline like the fuck toy she now was.

Caroline was still aware of Elena's finger when it was originally pushed into Rebekah's ass, and then she could feel it moving around inside the Original through the thin wall separating her pussy and ass. Both times Caroline blushed a little, but she was too consumed with eating pussy to really care. Hell, she was too consumed by lesbian lust to even care what a total slut she was being, and once the cream that she was beginning to crave hit her taste buds, once another girl came in her mouth and all over her face for the second time in her life, oh Caroline didn't care about anything except swallowing as much precious girl cum as possible.

Unfortunately that wasn't a lot. Rebekah was nowhere near as accommodating as Elena had been, which was a shame as if anything the older woman tasted even better than the younger one. But Rebekah moved around a lot when she came, and shoved Caroline's face deeper into her pussy, and she was a little distracted from kneeling on the ground for so long, and well, Caroline's inexperience just caught up with her. She felt she could do better, would do better in the future, but for now she clearly didn't do enough to please Rebekah who pushed her away like garbage in favour of another make out session with Elena, Caroline just watching as Rebekah pulled Elena's finger out of her own ass and then sucked it clean before sharing the perverted taste with the brunette.

In the few minutes or so that Elena and Rebekah seemed completely lost in each other Caroline considered running. In the blink of an eye she could be half way across town and safe from anymore lesbian debauchery. But she was painfully horny and wanted the other two girls to fuck her. Besides, she just couldn't look away, the sight before her both redhot and kind of cute. It was kind of funny, to think of Elena and Rebekah as cute together considering their history, but it was true.

As much as she enjoyed kissing her girlfriend Elena still had work to do, so eventually she broke the kiss, dashed over to Caroline at vampire speed, grabbed her face and began licking, taking great pleasure in making her former friend squirm before she gave her a brief kiss. After breaking that kiss Elena grinned and asked, "So Caroline, ready to get fucked?"

Blushing slightly Caroline nodded, "Yes."

Grinning wickedly Elena retrieved her harness, strapped it firmly to her body and then returned in a matter of seconds, pressing her newly acquired cock against Caroline's lips and ordering, "In that case, suck my cock. Get it nice and wet, because in a second I'm going to slam it inside you and fuck you hard and deep."

Even though Elena said more, a lot more, Caroline chose to ignore her completely in favour of concentrating on the task at hand. Namely wrapping her lips around the head of the dildo and then beginning to bob up and down on it, sucking just as passionately as if it were real. Maybe more so because if this new Elena had proven anything it was that she could be a sadistic bitch, and was totally capable of doing some serious damage given half the chance. Then again considering how wet Caroline's pussy was the blonde had little worry about that, although a little extra wetness couldn't hurt.

What Caroline didn't know at first was that Elena had other plans, "Mmmmmmm, that's it Caroline, suck my cock! Suck it! Oooooooh, suck it cock sucker, mmmmmmm, get it nice and ready for your tight little virgin ass!"

Caroline choked on the dildo and then spit it out of her mouth, "What?"

"You heard me!" Elena growled, pushing her cock back into Caroline's mouth and holding it there until the other girl started sucking again, "I told you I was going to fuck your ass. We both are, but I called dibs so I could go first, right Rebekah?"

"That's right darling." Rebekah smiled at her girlfriend before scowling at Caroline, "Both of us are going to violate your little bottom, so I suggest you make it easier on yourself and make my girlfriend's cock as slippery wet as possible, otherwise it's really going to hurt when she tears your ass hole apart."

There was a minutes silence, then Caroline frantically started sucking the toy cock before shoving it down her throat, Elena and Rebekah cruelly laughing at this for a few moments, and then the brunette grabbed her former friend and carried her upstairs to the bedroom in the blink of an eye. Then she told her, "Bend over Caroline, your ass is mine."

As Rebekah appeared by Elena's side as she was talking Caroline could only whimper, lower her head and crawl onto the bed, positioning herself in the centre of it before softly begging, "Please, be gentle."

"Maybe if you relax, I'll think about it." Elena said coldly as she positioned herself behind Caroline, pulling apart one of her ass cheeks with one hand while using the other to press her cock against her former friend's virgin ass hole.

Rebekah felt a twinge of jealousy, which she pushed aside in favour of encouraging her girl, "Come on Elena, enough stalling. Take that bitch's virgin hole. Pop her little anal cherry and make her your bitch. Our bitch. Mmmmmmmm yeah, rob sweet little Caroline of her anal virginity and make her our submissive little bitch!"

As Rebekah continue to offer up encouragement Elena slowly pushed forwards, watching as her strap-on slowly stretched her former friend's ass hole wider and wider until finally it slipped inside, meaning she had officially taken goody two shoes Caroline Forbes' anal cherry. As if that fact and the sight wasn't enough Caroline let out the cutest little cry followed by a really pathetic sounding whimper, which in turn caused an evil grin to cross Elena's face.

"Well, there goes her anal cherry." Rebekah quipped.

"Yeah, it's mine now!" Elena grinned, "You hear that Caroline? Your anal cherry is mine now and it always will be! Mmmmmmm, your anal cherry is mine, your ass is mine, and very soon every single part of you is going to be mine. Mmmmmmm yeah, whimper for me. Whimper as much as you want while I take your tight little ass!"

This exchange unsurprisingly had Caroline whimpering again, which was the whole idea of Elena's taunting, the wicked brunette relishing these whimpers for a few moments before she pushed forwards, shoving an extra couple of inches up the blonde's butt and making Caroline whimper again. This process was repeated over and over, Elena very slowly stuffing her former best friend's ass with strap-on dick, her eyes fixed to where that dildo was disappearing into Caroline's forbidden hole.

It felt like a lifetime since she'd taken Rebekah's ass, and as much as Elena revelled in getting her own ass fucked on an almost hourly basis by her stronger lover nearly every time she fantasised about turning the tables on the blonde and giving her butt a fucking. It was now a different blonde who's butt she was fucking, one who had entered her dreams more than once in the past, but she couldn't help think of doing this to Rebekah. That would be so hot, and she had no doubt her eager to please lover would allow her to do it, but as much as she wanted to top The Original if she did Elena was worried it would take away from her enjoyment from being Rebekah's bitch somewhat. Of course she had topped Rebekah before but The Original had turned the tables on her almost immediately and ever since Elena had been Rebekah's little bitch, a role in which she relished.

Here it seemed was the perfect outlet for her dominant desires. After all, this way she could still remain Rebekah's bitch, she was simply acquiring a bitch of her own. Then Caroline would become a bitch's bitch, the other woman so embarrassingly submissive that she would become the submissive plaything of someone who allowed herself to be someone else's submissive plaything. Only it would be worse for Caroline, because at least Elena was submitting to an Original vampire who was all but unstoppable. Caroline was giving up her virgin ass hole to a vampire even younger and weaker than her. Oh, what humiliation the other girl must be feeling.

While Elena got off on dishing out that humiliation Caroline was the one who had to wallow in it, the worst part of it being that again her treacherous body seemed to be enjoying what was forced upon her. After all, it was one thing to like eating pussy, but to actually feel so much twisted pleasure as she was robbed of her anal virginity by a girl she hated made Caroline feel like the biggest slut on earth. And it only got worse shortly after Elena stuffed the last few inches of that dildo into Caroline's butt, the young blonde whimpering as the other two vampires continued taunting her.

"That's it Caroline, take it! Take it! Take every, last, inch, up, your, slutty, little, ass!" Elena called out gleefully as she punctuated the last few words with some semi-hard thrusts, the last of which completed the anal penetration, "Mmmmmmm, that's it, take it you slut! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, take this big dick up your tight little ass! Oooooooooh yessssssssss, take it like a slut."

"An anal slut." Rebekah chimed in, "Mmmmmmm, fuck her up the arse like an anal slut. Oh Elena, it looks so good. Your big cock look so good in that little anal slut's arse, mmmmmmmm, stretch her out real good love. Stretch her shitter so it's easier for me to fuck that slutty little bottom of hers!"

"Yeah baby, you want me to stretch her slutty ass out? Make it nice and loose for you to fuck?" Elena grinned.

"Oh God yes, stretch that slutty arse!" Rebekah said gleefully, "Stretch it out real good. But make sure to enjoy yourself, she is your friend after all. You should get to enjoy her virgin arse."

"Oh don't worry, I will." Elena promised, tightening her grip on Caroline's hips and beginning to pump her own back and forth, "Mmmmmmmm, I'm going to have so much fun stretching this ass! Ohhhhhhhhh, do you hear me Caroline? I'm going to have so much fun fucking you up the ass, and getting your little back hole loose and ready for my girlfriend's dick!"

Caroline's head was already lowered in shame, but as the shell of one of her oldest friends officially started to fuck her up the ass while the younger vampire and the only female Original vampire provided commentary to her anal violation Caroline found herself burying her face in the bed sheets to hide her tears of utter humiliation. Again, the worst of it was that a really twisted part of the young blonde was getting off on it, and thanks to Elena at least having the decency to start off slow Caroline's back passage quickly got used to being stretched beyond its intended size and relaxed, meaning that the pain gradually turned to discomfort, and then all that was left was pleasure.

There was pleasure even when there was pain, and the pain itself couldn't compare with some of the things Caroline had suffered through as a vampire. Hell, even at its worst the pain had been a shadow of the painful spanking Elena had given her earlier. However once it went away entirely Caroline was left with only pleasure which quickly grew inside her until it was overwhelming, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't stop herself from moaning in pleasure into the sheets. And of course, no matter how hard she tried, normal humans were probably hearing these moans from the other side of town, so there was no way Elena and Rebekah didn't hear them, just as there was no way that the other two girls weren't going to make fun of her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, that's it, that's exactly it! Mmmmmmm, that's it Caroline, moan for me. Moan for me Caroline. Moan for me while I'm fucking you up the ass!" Elena taunted gleefully, "Oooooooooh, you look so good with a dick in your ass. You look so fucking good with my big dick in your tight little ass. Doesn't she look good Rebekah?"

"Never better." Rebekah grinned, finally taking her eyes off that stretching hole so she could walk round and address Caroline directly, "I have to say Caroline, you're not normally my type. Too skanky and desperate. Mmmmmmmm, but you do look really cute with a cock up your arse. Oh yes, you do look good with my girlfriend's cock sliding in and out of your arse, your back door taking every inch of that strap-on, proudly showing off what a slut you really are. Mmmmmmm, I can't wait until it's my cock fucking that arse! Ohhhhhhhhh yes, I can't wait until my girlfriend is done with you so I can fuck you up the arse like the cheap little whore you are!"

"You won't have to wait long Rebekah." Elena promised her girlfriend, "Remember, I said you could have this whore when I'm done with her, and from the looks of it is about ready to cum for me. Then you'll have your turn."

"Cum? Already?" Rebekah pretended to be surprised as she deliberately looked underneath Caroline to the other blonde's cunt, "Oh my, I think you're right. I think this little anal whore is ready to cum for you already. Mmmmmm, fuck her harder! Fuck her harder Elena and let me have my turn pounding that slutty little arse!"

Caroline told herself she didn't really want to cum. That deep down she was still a nice normal girl who wasn't getting off on being sodomised by another girl. However evidence to the contrary became slightly overwhelming, as did the feeling of pure ecstasy when Elena finally picked up the pace and began pounding her butt just like she promised. Then Caroline came, and it was pure heaven. Intense feelings of pure ecstasy which were even stronger than what she was experiencing before flooded her body and in that moment nothing mattered anymore. Not her relationship with Tyler, not her dignity, not even her own life. All Caroline wanted to be was Elena's anal whore. Her butt slut. Her bitch. Oh yes, she wanted to be Elena's bitch. The pet of these two evil vampires, theirs to use in whatever sadistic way they wanted.

"Please..." Caroline whimpered, crying out in pain as Elena reached down and yanked her hair.

"Please what bitch?" Elena growled.

"Please..." Caroline whimpered, closing her eyes as she followed up with, "Make me cum. Make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum! Oh my God, I'll do anything if you just let me cum. I'll be your whore! Ohhhhhhhhh I'll be your slut, mmmmmmmmmm, I'll be your slave, ooooooooooh I'll be your bitch, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, I'll be anything you want me to be, do anything you want, just please, please, please, please, PLEASSSSSSEEEEEE... make me cum."

"Oh Caroline, all you had to do was ask." Elena grinned wickedly before gleefully increasing the pace of the sodomy.

Seeing that Caroline was too far gone to notice her lack of presence Rebekah took a few moments to dash off, grab herself a strap-on and rush back. She then equipped it while watching her beloved Elena Gilbert relentlessly arse fuck the stuck up Caroline Forbes, the Original practically giddy at this ultra-perverted sight which she could have never imagined herself watching. Even when she considered both these women her enemies she hadn't had the forethought to compel them into committing such an act, which was a pity because Rebekah realised she really liked the idea of the old Elena bum fucking her best friend. Or being bum fucked by her, Rebekah briefly indulging in those fantasies before refocusing on the amazing sight before her.

As she admired the blissful happiness on Elena's pretty face Rebekah decided it was for the best she hadn't forced such a twisted act on them, because now one of them was actively helping her it was so much better than if they were both apologising to each other the whole time. In fact, she wasn't even technically helping right now. No, she was just watching Elena bum fucking Caroline through climax after climax, Rebekah enthusiastically rubbing lubricant into her dildo so she could bash the other end of the toy against her clit and get off physically as well as mentally from watching the two younger girls' friendship, and Caroline's arse hole, get well and truly destroyed.

After who knows how many orgasms for both the former friends Elena yanked her dildo out of Caroline's arse, allowing both the dominant girls to see just how well and truly the submissive girl's arse had been destroyed. Rebekah wasn't disappointed, the Original licking her lips as she studied the arse cheeks which had been turned light red and the arse hole which remained gaping open even though there was no longer a cock inside it. Of course vampire healing kicked in after a few long seconds and those cheeks slowly began returning to their usual milky hugh while that arse hole slowly began to close.

Not wanting Caroline to get off so easily Rebekah took advantage of that still loosened back door, taking Elena's place behind Caroline and slam every inch of her strap-on up the other blonde's backside. Caroline, who had pretty much collapsed into the bed sheets in exhaustion after being sodomised to all those climaxes, lifted her head up and screamed hysterically as she once again found herself being fucked up the arse, Rebekah grinning with pride as she noted that the scream was mostly of pleasure, as were the ones that followed it as the Original started to brutally pound the younger vampire's pooper right from the get go.

For a few brief moments Elena was impressed. She had worried Rebekah would take it easy on Caroline because of this whole deal with Elijah, which was becoming really irritating, but no, Rebekah seem to be destroying Caroline's ass hole without a second thought, ramming it over and over again with what had to be every ounce of her supernatural strength. And, thanks to the skilled anal stretching Elena had given her, Caroline was hammering herself back against the bowel wrecking thrusts and begging for more like the shameless slut Elena planned on turning her former friend into.

"Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd fuck me God damn you!" Caroline cried out angrily, "Fuck my ass! Mmmmmmm, please fuck my ass as hard as you can and make me cum!"

"You want it love, you're going to have to earn it!" Rebekah said, suddenly rolling back until she and Caroline were in the reverse cowgirl position, "Now, start bouncing bitch! And while you're at it, tell me some of those lovely things you were telling Elena. Mmmmmmmm yes, tell me exactly what you are and what you are willing to do if I let you cum with a dick up your arse."

Caroline whimpered pathetically, "I'm your bitch and I'll do anything if you let me cum with a dick up my ass. Mmmmmmmmm, I'm your slut and I'll do anything if you let me cum with a big dick up my ass. Ooooooooooh I'm your slutty whore and I'll do anything if you let me cum with your big dick up my ass. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I'm your slutty whore bitch and I'll do anything if you let me cum with your big fucking dick up my ass! I'll do anything, anything, just please let me cum! Let me cum with your big fucking strap-on dick up my slutty little dyke ass! OH FUCK!"

While Elena was somewhat impressed by the fact that Rebekah's dildo never left Caroline's butt and the submissive blonde was already so broken that she immediately started bouncing up and down on the dominant blonde's cock the truth was that Elena kind of disproved of this change in positions. Sure, it didn't really change anything, Elena could easily get to Caroline's cunt and it wouldn't take that much to get to her mouth, and it surely was even more humiliating for Caroline to have to anally ride that dildo. However there was just something so overwhelmingly erotic about watching the 1000-year-old vampire reassert her dominance by pounding into a much younger vampire, Elena's body trembling as she remembered when that younger vampire was her.

Elena especially remembered the first time, being all tied up and helpless while the powerful Original had her way with her, the brunette briefly considering slipping her hand underneath the harness and playing with herself at the pleasant memory. Or even better relive it by removing her strap-on, bending over and begging Rebekah to butt fuck her instead of Caroline, something Elena had no doubt that the lovesick fool would do. However that would undermine Caroline's submissive slut training, and even after everything she had already done to her friend Elena wanted to humiliate and dominate Caroline even more, and there was an easy way for them to do that right now.

In a flash Elena grabbed hold of Caroline's pretty blonde hair, yanked her head downwards and then shoved the dildo she had just used to rob one of her oldest friends of her anal cherry into that friend's face. Caroline even cried out at this treatment, allowing Elena to shove the ass cream-coated cock into her former friend's mouth, after giving her a few super quick slaps to the face first of course. Elena did all this without pulling Caroline off Rebekah's strap-on, although it did cause the submissive blonde so much shock that she stopped bouncing on the dominant blonde's dick. Which was unfortunate, but the look of surprise slowly turning to horror on Caroline's face more than made up for it.

"Suck it Caroline! Suck your ass off my cock!" Elena giggled evilly, "Mmmmmmmm yeah, this is the dildo which robbed you of your anal cherry, and now it's in your mouth you filthy slut! Oh yeah, suck those juices. Suck those juices right off my cock like a good girl."

Caroline's first instinct was to spit out the dildo. Then maybe scream, cry, and perhaps even attack the bitches putting her through this degradation. Not necessarily in that order. But Elena had a vice like grip on her hair, the type which made Caroline think that her former best friend would tear her hair out if she tried something like that. So she simply kept the cock in her mouth and gagged at the taste of her own ass, Caroline's stomach lurching as she remembered just how deep the head of this dick had been inside her, pounding the deepest parts of her ass, the dildo nothing short of a weapon Elena was using to turn her into her bitch.

It was working too, because no matter what happened in this moment Caroline was 100% Elena's bitch. Well, 100% Elena's and Rebekah's bitch. How else could anyone describe it? Rebekah's 'cock' was balls deep inside Caroline's butt while Elena's 'cock' was inside Caroline's mouth after robbing her of her anal virginity, the other vampires misusing her body for their own selfish pleasure. The fact Caroline was getting off too seemed irrelevant except for how utterly ashamed Caroline felt about it, the young blonde even finding a certain amount of enjoyment in humiliating herself even further by beginning to suck Elena's strap-on.

She told herself she was just doing it to appease the women who clearly had the upper hand on her, that she was just trying to save her own skin, that she was just waiting for her opportunity to get away. But it rang false, especially in her own orgasm weary mind, because even as her ass was aching for a break she began bouncing up and down on Rebekah's shaft, not because the other vampires were yelling abuse at her but because she wanted more. She wanted more of this incredible pleasure which surpassed anything else she'd ever felt by a million miles, Caroline whimpering around the ass flavoured cock in her mouth as she began to really get into taking two cocks at the same time.

Which didn't go unnoticed by Elena, "Oh yeah, you love it don't you Caroline? Mmmmmmmm, you love the taste of your own ass you dirty little whore! Ohhhhhhhh yes, mmmmmmm, take it all! Take every single inch of this ass flavoured cock down your throat like a good little ATM whore! That's an order!"

The words continue to make Caroline whimper but she did as she was told, taking inch after inch of butt flavoured dildo down her throat until every drop of anal cream was removed from that cock and every inch of strap-on dick was stuffing her windpipe. That was when Elena started using her as a face pussy, the girl who had once been her closest friend joyfully pumping that huge dildo in and out of Caroline's throat slowly at first, but eventually so hard that Caroline thought she was about to pass out. Then all of a sudden Elena switched holes, pulling her head up and off the cock before shoving it into Caroline's cunt, the blonde screaming out as for the first time in her life her pussy and ass was stuffed with cock at the same time.

Elena took a few moments to admire the look of utter shock on Caroline's face, and then a few more moments to admire the sight of her cock stuffing Caroline's cunt, then she began to fuck her former best friend while constantly switching between these two magnificent sights. Well, truth be told her eyes may have lingered on Caroline's cute little titties on a few occasions, but mostly she kept her eyes locked onto where dick was pumping out of her friend's pussy and the look on Caroline's face as she took her first double penetration. Or second, depending on whether or not you counted the spit-roasting.

Personally Elena didn't because no matter how hard she fucked Caroline's mouth she wouldn't make Caroline cum, but by fucking her pussy and ass at the same time she and Rebekah would be giving Caroline the type of orgasms which would make the former friend submissive to her forever. After all, Elena had recently inflicted this on Katherine, and still she felt submissive towards the older vampire who had taken her anal virginity, Elena's mind briefly flirting with submissive thoughts which almost put her off her thrusting. Almost.

Then Elena concentrated on what was important, namely pounding Caroline's fuck holes until the other vampire felt like she was in heaven. To that end Elena grabbed Caroline's legs, which somehow had headed up wrapped around her waist, and pushed them onto her shoulders, ensuring that with every thrust all of Elena's and Caroline's weight would end up impaling the younger blonde's butt on the older blonde's cock. It also heightened the dominance and submission between them, Elena sure that no human, or at least no human girl, could bend another up like a pretzel and still fuck them so effortlessly.


With that Caroline came, over and over again, each climax more powerful than last Elena was sure her vampire healing would have to fix her hearing after Caroline blew out her eardrums from all the screaming. The girl sandwiched in the middle also shook like a leaf and squirted hard on Elena's dildo, and when it was finally Caroline gave this look, this look of amazement, wonder and utter submissiveness which told Elena from now on Caroline Forbes would be nothing but her submissive little bitch. And oh how Elena was going to take full advantage of that.

Meanwhile Rebekah was previously forced to be a bystander while Elena used both her own dildo and the Original's dildo to make their new little slut cum over and over and over again. It was really hot, and Rebekah came from her clit being constantly stimulated. In fact her entire body was pretty much stimulated from all the grinding on top of her that was going on, although she could have probably got off just from watching as the stuck up Caroline Forbes was taken down a peg and reduced to the shameless whore Rebekah always knew she should have been. She could also just get off on watching Elena get off, Rebekah smiling dreamily as she watched her beautiful girlfriend enjoy herself.

Some part of her acknowledged she was being pathetic, but Rebekah just couldn't help herself. She fell in love easily, and Elena Gilbert had completely and utterly stolen her heart. She would give her anything, and that certainly included sluts to play with. Just so long as Elena never treated them as anything close to an equal, the desire to put Caroline in her place pushing Rebekah to thrust upwards into the other blonde's bottom at the same time Elena was slamming into Caroline's cunt. Of course it wasn't enough. Not even close.

Rebekah was itching to use every ounce of her supernatural strength to show Caroline, and Elena, who was boss. To do that meant breaking her deal with Elijah, so Rebekah resisted for as long as she possibly could. But ultimately, hadn't she broke in this deal already for pretty much the same reasons? Not that it really counted as the whole point of the deal was to act 'better' than she normally acted, and what could be 'better' than making someone cum? Surely nothing, so when Elena finally ran out of steam and collapsed on top of Caroline, and technically Rebekah, the Original seized the moment.

With her supernatural strength Rebekah effortlessly flipped their bodies so that Elena was lying on her back with Caroline on top of her, the two former friends still connected by Elena's dildo in Caroline's cunt. Meanwhile Rebekah was behind Caroline with her dildo still buried in the other blonde's behind, the 1000 year old vampire brutalising the 18-year-old girl's bottom with every ounce of her strength and in the process making herself and the other girls cum several more times, Rebekah and remaining cold and emotionless throughout as she anally abused her new lesbian slut.

Perhaps minutes, perhaps hours later, Rebekah pulled her strap-on out of Caroline's back hole when she finally felt she couldn't continue and grinned wickedly at the gaped wide open hole she left in her wake before ordering, "Come clean your mess bitch! Mmmmmmm, I want a nice long, thorough blow job and I want it now. Clean your skanky arse right off my cock or I won't bugger you again."

Caroline had collapsed on top of Elena a long time ago, and even with the vampire healing she remained delirious for the next few minutes as she slowly came down from her high. In her confused state she was just able to understand that she would receive that kind of heavenly sensations again if she didn't do it she was told, meaning that Caroline scrambled off Elena at full speed and then stuffed Rebekah's cock into her mouth, much to the amusement of the other vampires.

"Wow, look at her go!" Elena giggled, "Care must really love the taste of her own ass."

"Clearly." Rebekah grinned, "Mmmmmmmm yeah, get every drop you whore! Clean my cock of every drop of your skanky arse! Ohhhhhhhhh yes, I always knew deep down you were a little slut just waiting for someone to put you in your place."

On some level Caroline knew she should be offended by those words and what she was being 'forced' to do, but in that moment she felt that this was her proper place. She was showing her mistress the proper respect after giving her so many amazing orgasms. Plus it didn't hurt that she really did love the taste of her own ass. That fact was horrifying and disturbing, but then again so were vampires, and again Caroline was grateful that the most horrifying and disgusting thing about her was her sexual preferences. Because as much as she'd been forced into this debauchery, she knew deep down her enjoyment was all her own, something which became even more clear when she was given another cock to suck.

"Don't forget about me." Elena grinned wickedly, appearing besides Rebekah in a flash, "Don't forget to clean my cock of your slutty little pussy! Mmmmmmm yeah, suck my dildo clean! Oh, but don't forget about Rebekah. Her dick look so lonely dripping with your saliva and ass juice, you should... yes, that's it exactly! Go back and forth between our cocks you little cock sucking slut!"

Anticipating Elena's order Caroline had switched to sucking Rebekah's cock while grabbing onto the brunette's strap-on and began to mimic jerking it off like the girls in those porno movies she had secretly watched to learn about sex a few years back. Just like those girls she went back and forth, eventually even deep throating one then the other so those cocks were as clean as possible. Then Caroline just kept sucking while looking up to her new owners for approval, Rebekah and Elena happy to give it to her in the form of more verbal abuse until they wanted something else from her.

"That was pretty good slut, now kiss our feet." Elena ordered.

"Oh yes, kiss our feet! Kiss our feet as a way to prove you now accept your proper place." Rebekah grinned.

Slowly taking the cock which was currently in her mouth out and letting go of them Caroline stared at these two women who had just completely and utterly dominated/degraded her. The two monstrous vampires who she was so very afraid of, for good reason. The former friend and the enemy who had given her more pleasure than she could have ever imagine. Then Caroline lowered her head down and pressed her lips to first Elena's feet, then Rebekah's, Caroline frantically going back and forth while confessing her undying love and devotion to her new mistresses, her heart filled with joy that she had been given the honour of being their bitch.


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