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Author's note: This story takes place just after Episode 19 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Frustrating Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Bonnie Bennett had spent the last few weeks haunted by memories of her lesbian foursome with her two best friends and one of the Original vampires. She would never forget that night, she was sure no one could, but she shouldn't be thinking about it so much, certainly not to the point that she was aching to touch herself. To her shame she had even given in a few times and fingered herself both to those memories and the other thing which haunted her, Elena's indecent proposal of becoming the fuck toy of her brunette best friend and Rebekah Mikaelson.

This was all so crazy. She wasn't a lesbian. Neither was Elena, or Caroline, and wasn't Rebekah supposed to be boy-crazy? How did all this happen? How had they gone from Elena turning off her humanity to talk of willing sexual slavery? And how on earth did Bonnie find such an unspeakable proposal so appealing? This was wrong. Something had to be wrong. Someone had to be doing something, but no matter how hard she tried Bonnie couldn't detect any spells on herself or Caroline, who was still swearing she was submitting of her own free will, but despite the lack of evidence to suggest anything else Bonnie refused to believe it.

Over the past few years Bonnie had wished her Grams was still here but never more than right now and she found herself standing outside Rebekah's mansion, trying to either talk herself out of this or just knock on the door already. She just couldn't take the fantasies anymore, they were too distracting. She just couldn't get anything done, so part of her hoped that if she submitted to Elena and Rebekah she would pretty much instantly regret it and break free of their attempt to control her. Also this was the best way to protect Caroline, the closest thing she had left in this world to a friend.

There were other reasons, reasons which made her blush something fierce, but the main reason she was doing this was to save Caroline. So when she finally knocked on the door and it was answered by Caroline in a at least two sizes too small French maids uniform which made her tits look really, really good Bonnie couldn't help think this was her last chance to save herself and her best friend from what was left of the third member of their little trio.

"Bonnie." Caroline beamed, "I knew you'd come. Eventually."

"Caroline, please, let's just go." Bonnie pleaded, "Elena and Rebekah are crazy, and have compelled you into this... this thing, and then made you forget. Please, just come with me now. I can protect you from them, you just have to trust me. They took away your choice Caroline, but I can give it back to you."

There was a moment's silence, and then Caroline leaned against the door and looked at the ground as she replied, "The night of senior prom I came here trying to steal my dress back from Elena, and I got beaten for it over and over again with a vervain covered cane."

"Oh Caroline, I'm so sorry-" Bonnie began.

"I loved it." Caroline interrupted, before further confessing, "It turns out that I'm a bit of a pain slut, and just a slut in general, and I know that should horrify me... but the thing is, I'm a vampire. I got turned into an undead creature which feeds off blood, and I kept waiting to lose control and truly become a monster, so if the trade-off is just becoming a giant perv than honestly it's a relief. I'd rather be a lesbian sex slave than a mass murdering psychopath, at least this way I'm on a short leash. Literally."

Caroline tugged at the little dog collar around her neck, making Bonnie blush again before she tried to reply, "But, this isn't right-"

"I'm a vampire. Nothing about me is right." Caroline said self-deprecatingly before trying to bring things up, "But for the first time since Tyler left I'm actually happy. Happier than I ever was with him. I love pleasing my Mistresses, and I'd love to do the same to you. But if you don't want to end up like me, I suggest you go."

There was a long silence, and then a familiar voice called out, "Bonnie! Great to see you. I assume you're here to accept my offer."

Quickly Caroline moved aside revealing a grinning Elena, Bonnie taking a calming breath before replying, "I, I have conditions."

"Of course you do." Elena grinned, turning and walking into what had become her home, "But let's discuss it inside... Rebekah! Bonnie's here!"

Timidly Bonnie followed Elena into Rebekah's home, the Original super speeding into the dining room just as the once three best friends entered and grinned at them, "Well, isn't this a lovely sight."

"Almost makes up for Klaus running off with the cure." Elena agreed.

"He did what?" Bonnie exclaimed.

"I don't want to talk about it." Elena glared at her friend, before brightening, "Not when you're about to get down on your knees, kiss my feet and beg to be my fuck toy."

Bonnie gulped, "I-"

"Have conditions, I know." Elena sighed, suddenly sounding board, "Get on with it then. Let's hear it."

There was a long pause and then Bonnie said, "Let Caroline go."

"I don't want to go." Caroline said quickly.

"Speak when spoken too." Rebekah snapped, slapping Caroline's ass.

Trying not to smirk Elena said, "Rebekah, be nice. Caroline, be quiet. And Bonnie... I swear to you, Caroline is here because she wants to be. She's a natural sub, and me and Rebekah just opened her eyes to that fact. We were never compelling her to be our slave."

Bonnie studies Elena's face and her words for any trace of a lie, then thought about it for what felt like an eternity, and then finally grumbled, "We... Caroline and I can leave any time we want."

"That's fair." Elena shrugged.

More silence and then Bonnie said, "You don't kill anyone."

Elena stared at her for a couple of long seconds and then offered, "We don't kill unless it's absolutely necessary."

Shaking her head Bonnie insisted, "You don't kill anyone, or I walk and take Caroline with me."

"Oh Bonnie." Elena laughed like she was talking to a child, slowly walking forward until she was face-to-face with the other girl, "I want you. I used to masturbate thinking about fucking you when I was human, and I've got off to the idea of having you as my little fuck pet several times while fucking Caroline, but as much as I want you, I don't need you. I'm perfectly happy with just Rebekah and Caroline, so if you want to leave go-ahead, but don't force Caroline to go when she doesn't want too. As for killing people, I wouldn't kill someone for no reason as it's inconvenient. No matter how well the bodies are buried all that does is draw attention. But I make no promises in regards to you, my exs, or anyone else who tries to cross me and Rebekah. We will defend ourselves, and go on the defensive if it is necessary. However, you could stick around and make sure I didn't kill anyone who doesn't deserve it."

That was the biggest reason she was here, so against her better judgement after a few more moments of silence Bonnie nodded and mumbled, "Ok."

"Ok?" Elena parroted, before smiling, "Does that mean we have a deal?"

More silence, and then reluctantly Bonnie replied, "Yes."

"Then why aren't you on your knees?" Elena asked coldly.

Yet more silence as Bonnie and Elena stared at each other, then the powerful Witch blushed, lowered her head and fell to her knees, the brunette vampire grinning wickedly as after another hesitation her dear friend leaned forward and began kissing her heels. Elena briefly looked over at Rebekah to share a triumphant chuckle before looking back down at Bonnie, who wasn't worshipping her shoes with quite the same enthusiasm as Caroline did but it was still incredibly thrilling to have her BFF grovelling before her. That was the reason she allowed to continue for a few minutes before making a slight adjustment, namely stripping herself and sitting down in a chair.

Thanks to her super speed Elena was able to make the adjustment in seconds before looking at Bonnie expectantly, "Well, carry on then. Oh, and Caroline, get over here and help Bonnie worship my feet. As for you Bon, you should be begging for the privilege of eating my pussy."

Bonnie gritted her teeth but obediently crawled forwards and began kissing Elena's bare feet. Of course Caroline got their first, but she moved aside to give Bonnie access to Elena's right foot which she kissed half a dozen times before she mumbled, "Please, can I eat your pussy? I, I want to eat your pussy."

"Louder." Elena demanded, "And you will address me as Mistress Elena."

"And me as Mistress Rebekah." Rebekah chimed in as she slowly removed her clothes, "But you can call Caroline whatever you like."

Again Bonnie second guessed her decision to submit, but found herself still kissing Elena's feet and louder than before murmuring, "Please can I eat your pussy Mistress Elena? I want to eat your pussy. I want to eat pussy Mistress Elena, please let me eat yours. Please let me be your pussy eating bitch. Please... please let me be your bitch."

"I suppose that will do." Elena said, impatient to get her pussy licked, "You may now kiss your way up my leg until you reach my cunt, then you may embrace your destiny as a cunt lapper."

Relaxing back into the chair Elena smiled as Bonnie pretty much did as she was told immediately. Well, Elena would have maybe liked a few more teasing kisses to her leg, Bonnie rushed that part, but she wasn't going to complain, not when she was feeling hot breath against her cunt. Seconds later she began to get slowly licked by her third girl tongue, and her fifth tongue in total, Elena taking great pleasure in the fact that this particular tongue belong to one of her best friends and this was a sign that she had successfully enslaved two of the most important people in her life. Oh yes, Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes were eagerly worshipping her body, and Elena didn't think she'd ever been so happy.

Briefly she wondered about her trigger, whether she really had turned all of her emotions off or not, because this felt a lot like pure happiness and yet she didn't feel any of that pesky guilt that might come with manipulating her best friends into becoming her lesbian playthings. Again she suspected it was a simple matter of turning off her conscience... sort of like Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It seemed to fit, as like him she felt a lot more interesting without anything resembling remorse, and oh was she taking joy in what she was doing.

Then Bonnie started concentrating on her clit, at first lingering on it with her tongue, then flicking it and then finally taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. Particularly with that last thing Elena found it difficult to concentrate on thinking about anything else except her friend's mouth on her pleasure button, Bonnie really going to town on her clit for a few wonderful minutes. Then Elena decided that as fun as this was she couldn't allow Bonnie to make her cum too quickly, which she feared would happen if her black friend kept doing what she was doing. That wouldn't reinforce who was in charge, so reluctantly Elena pulled Bonnie from her crotch and then reached down to grab Caroline's hair and forced her to take over from Bonnie.

"Lick me Caroline, lick my pussy you little slut, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!" Elena moaned as Caroline eagerly began lapping at her pussy, the brunette vampire becoming lost in pleasure for several minutes before she focused on Bonnie, "Look at her Bonnie. Look at her little lezzie tongue work me over! Mmmmmmmm, that's how you eat pussy. Oooooooooooh yeah, are you paying attention Bonnie? Because that's about to be you in a couple of minutes, mmmmmmmmmm, so I suggest you watch carefully so you can learn how to be a proper pussy pleaser."

Caroline had been watching Bonnie out of the corner of her eye while kissing Elena's feet and she thought the witch was doing a good job, especially for a complete newbie to pussy eating, which probably meant Elena was just toying with her. If that's what her Mistress wanted then so be it, Caroline was only too happy to help the woman who had exposed her for the slut she really was, as long as it didn't involve seriously harming Bonnie of course. And since that seem to be Elena's end goal Caroline was pretty much willing to do anything, especially if it meant licking her Mistress's yummy pussy.

Perhaps along the way Bonnie could pick up a few pointers, Caroline doing her best to do everything she learned Elena liked over the past few weeks. That included basically everything Bonnie had already been doing, but with the additions of pushing her face as deep as possible into that yummy treat and wrapping her lips around Elena's entrance and sucking it in between teasing it with her tongue. She also moaned, causing vibrations on her Mistress Elena's pussy, although that was involuntary as Caroline couldn't help moaning when one of her Mistresses' delicious liquids started flowing into her mouth and then directly down her throat.

For a while Caroline closed her eyes and simply focused on the heaven which was sucking and licking Elena's cunt cream from her love hole, then she opened her eyes to look to see if her black best friend was paying attention to the way she was pleasuring her white best friend. Sure enough Bonnie was staring intently at where her face was pressed in between Elena's legs, Caroline smiling around Elena's cunt as it seemed a sign that she truly had what she'd been fantasising about for the past few weeks, her two best friends together with her as lovers, as perhaps it should have always been with them. Or at least when they were old enough. The point was they were together now, and regardless of how they got here they were now having sex together, Bonnie patiently waiting her turn with Elena's pussy while Caroline gave it the attention it deserved.

Bonnie was left waiting quite a while, but eventually Elena pulled Caroline away from her cunt and pushed Bonnie downwards to take her place, the brunette vampire only too happy to cry out in the process, "Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, eat me! Eat me Bonnie, eat my pussy just like that. Mmmmmmmmm, good girl, you were paying attention, weren't you? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you wanted to become a good little dyke for your new Mistresses, huh? Yeah you do, that's why you were staring so intently at what Caroline was doing while she was eating my little pussy. Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, that, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck, and the fact that deep down you know you're a dirty little lesbian slut. Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, or at least a slut for me!"

Much to Caroline's delight Bonnie wasn't put off by Elena's words. On the contrary it just seemed to make one of her best friends lick the pussy of her other best friend more enthusiastically, at least until Elena made them swap over again. Not that Caroline complained. Oh no, sharing Elena's pussy with Bonnie had been one of her most frequent fantasies over the past few weeks, and if she was honest with herself a fantasy she'd had before her enslavement, so Caroline revelled in the chance to fulfil that fantasy now. Besides, she could never imagine herself not eager to eat Elena's yummy little pussy.

Bonnie still hated Elena, or the humanity free vampire version, but she loved her pussy. She just couldn't help herself. It tasted so good and she just couldn't get enough, Bonnie had held back for as long as she could but now she was having to go several minutes without tasting Elena's cunt by the time the bitch pushed Caroline away and pulled her back in between her legs Bonnie was ravenous, pushing her own face as deep as it would go and frantically lapping away the tasty treat in front of her.

Soon she was wrapping her lips tightly around Elena's entrance so that most of the heavenly juice flowed directly into her stomach, although she did gulp down a batch once her mouth became too full in between frantic licking and sucking sessions. Then under Elena's instruction Bonnie pushed her tongue into her friend and then started fucking her with it, at least doubling the amount of juiced she had to swallow until became too much/Elena started grinding her cunt into her face and Bonnie ended up feeling like she was being drowned in cunt cream. Yet somehow it felt like it would be worth it if she could just taste Elena's cum.

Unfortunately for the pussy drunk Witch Elena wasn't ready to cum, and in fact had a wicked alternative in mind, "Oh Rebekah, mmmmmmmmmm, I really must insist you sample this slut's mouth. She's such a great pussy licker, ooooooooooh, at least considering its her first time and all."

Rebekah smiled, "Well, I do so enjoy receiving head from your other BFF, so sure, why not. I'll take the little Witch's mouth for a test drive."

"Good." Elena beamed, quickly returning her attention to Bonnie, "You hear that Bonnie? My girlfriend wants you to eat her pussy. Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, and so do I, so crawl over to Rebekah and start eating your second ever pussy. Yes, that's it, good girl. Caroline, don't just sit there looking stupid, take over from Bonnie and eat my cunt! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, eat me you little slut. Mmmmmmmmmm, eat me like Bonnie is eating my girlfriend. Oooooooooh, that's it, just like that, mmmmmmmmm, that's what I like to see, Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes on their knees eating their Mistresses' pussies like the good little lesbian bitches they now are!"

Bonnie had been reluctant to remove her mouth from Elena's cunt, but when she looked up into the vampire's eyes she could tell that it would be in her best interest and the best interest of the people around her that she do as she was told. So she meekly crawled over to where Rebekah was sitting in a nearby chair, naked as Elena and with her legs spread just waiting for Bonnie's tongue. And Bonnie gave it to her, the witch ignoring whatever Mistress Elena said as she concentrated on cautiously licking her second ever pussy.

For better or for worse Bonnie instantly loved the taste, the firm pressure on the back of her head after only a few gentle licks encouraging her to all but skip the foreplay in favour of really going to town on Rebekah's cunt. She then found herself pushing her tongue into the other girl and marvelling at the feeling of pussy walls around her. Then she massaged those walls best she could before settling into a steady tongue fucking which was met with great approval, at first from the juices which rapidly increased and flowed pretty much directly down her throat to some verbal encouragement after Elena finally stopped ranting.

Ironically Rebekah was almost nice about it, Bonnie actually paying attention to her as she told her, "Oh that's it love, tongue fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, harder! Harder! Mmmmmmmmmm, yeeeeeeeeeessssssss, just like that, fuck me just like that, oh Bonnie, you're so good at this. I swear, you, Caroline and Elena, or at least some combination thereof, must have been munching each other's muffins for years to be this good at eating pussy. Mmmmmmmmm, either that, or deep down you've always been a secret muff diver."

Rebekah would of course have preferred to have Elena in between her legs, and spent most of the time she was talking to Bonnie glancing over at her girlfriend who was being eaten out by Caroline, wishing she was either kneeling above Elena and feeding her some yummy cunt that way or on her own knees and showing Bonnie and Caroline how to properly please Elena Gilbert with a tongue. God, Elena was so sexy, her body glistening with sweat as she struggled not to cum before she was ready, Rebekah craving Elena's sweet cum more with every passing second that she stared at the other vampire.

While all that was true she wasn't lying to Bonnie. The girl was really fantastic, especially for a first-timer, and even though Elena was quick to once again deny having sex with her friends before all this Rebekah found it increasingly hard to believe that these three close friends hadn't been secretly dyking out since before they had learned about the supernatural. The thought made Rebekah equally hot and jealous, which was true of her current situation as well, part of The Original wanting to spend the night dominating Elena's friends with Elena and part of her wanting to throw them out so she could have her precious girlfriend all to herself.

Just then her precious girlfriend asked, "Mind if we swap? I want to be the first to cum in Bonnie's pretty little mouth."

Again, Rebekah wanted Elena to cum in her mouth, but instead of admitting that she smiled and said, "Sure, I don't mind who's mouth I cum in."

With that the vampires swapped sluts once again, and once Bonnie and Caroline were imposition Elena and Rebekah ordered them to tongue fuck them until they came. After they came they tried to continue giving orders, but it was all just gibberish to Rebekah who quickly became completely lost in the pleasure Caroline was giving her. Ok, not so lost that she was unaware of Elena crying out and practically drowning Bonnie with her cum, but honestly that just helped Rebekah cum in Caroline's mouth, both of the young girls on their knees hungrily swallowing as much as they could before continuing the tongue fucking.

Rebekah wasn't sure how long they used Caroline and Bonnie like that, or how many times she came. She did know that she and Elena constantly swapped them over, making Caroline and Bonnie crawl back and forth between them while no receiving their relief of their own, but Rebekah had no earthly idea how many times they officially swapped. However when they did finally move on to some bitch fucking she was sure that Bonnie was so desperate to cum it was a relief for her, even if she knew which hole Elena was eager to fuck.

Before moving on Elena couldn't resist kneeling down and shoving her tongue into Bonnie's mouth, the vampire moaning at both tasting herself and the witch eagerly kissing her back, the two friends making out like high school sweethearts for a few minutes before Elena broke the kiss and grinned wickedly at her best friend, "See Bonnie, you're a born rug muncher. Oh don't try to deny it, I could tell by the way you gobbled mine and Rebekah's cunts you absolutely loved it. Mmmmmmmm, but now I want to see if you're as big a slut for anal as you are for eating pussy. Mmmmmmmm yeah, that's right Bonnie, it's butt fucking time. Time for you to lose your anal cherry to me, and Rebekah was nice enough to promise to take pictures of this very special moment for us, isn't that right sweetie?"

"That's right." Rebekah grinned as she and Elena picked up Bonnie and Caroline and carried them to their bedroom in the blink of an eye and then Rebekah watched as Elena dumped Bonnie onto the bed and slapped her ass.

"Bend over bitch." Elena giggled before retrieving her harness and strapping it on herself at super speed.

"Just get it over with." Bonnie whimpered as she lifted herself up onto all fours.

"Oh don't be like that Bonnie." Elena scolded as she rubbed her cock up and down Bonnie's ass crack, "This is a special moment for us, and I won't let you ruin it with your grouchiness. Besides, you want this almost as much as I do. I can tell by the way your cunt is dripping-"

"I just..." Bonnie began before realising she didn't want to finish her sentence.

"You're just what, wet from your first time eating pussy?" Elena guessed correctly with a grin, "Yeah, I'm sure that's part of it. But I bet you've been fantasising about getting butt fucked since I told you I was going to pop your little anal cherry. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, I bet you've been fantasising about it almost as much as me, and now Bonnie, we get to live that fantasy."

Bonnie blushed and desperately tried to concentrate on relaxing as she felt her tight anal ring begin to stretch. Thankfully Elena went slowly, although Bonnie was pretty sure that was because the bitch was trying to savour this perverted moment. Not that Bonnie really cared about the reason behind it when Elena's dildo slipped past that tight anal ring and into her butt, Bonnie crying out and clutching the bed sheets as she was robbed of her anal virginity by her best friend. Her best female friend had just popped her anal cherry, Bonnie never feeling more physically and emotionally violated than she did at that moment. And that so-called best friend couldn't wait two mock her about it.

"That's two!" Elena crowed, "That's two anal cherries in just over two weeks! Mmmmmmmmm, I've taken both the anal cherries of my best friends, ohhhhhhhhh yeah, I've violated their little asses and made them my bitches!"

"Yes Mistress Elena, we're your bitches!" Caroline quickly agreed.

"Kiss arse." Rebekah mumbled as she retrieved her camera and started to take pictures, then without a hint of irony called out, "Nice work Elena, now fuck the bitch. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, bum Bonnie Bennett! Bum fuck her good and show her who's boss!"

Ignoring her former friends, and the Original vampire, Bonnie willed her ass hole to relax, which was easier said than done when it was being stretched like never before. Luckily Elena was too busy yapping to push more dildo inside her, giving Bonnie's butt hole time to get used to a strap-on cock inside it. Or at least as much as she ever would, Bonnie somewhat relieved that while she might like pussy as much as her friends she wasn't an anal whore like Elena and Caroline. It was a small comfort, but in the middle of being lesbian gang banged/anally taken Bonnie Bennett would take what she could get.

Just as Bonnie was patting herself on the back Elena pushed another inch of dildo into her butt, causing Bonnie to cry out. Bonnie had cried out when Elena had taken her anal cherry, but this was different. Horrifyingly different. See, losing her anal virginity had given her nothing but pure pain, but the additional inch gave her the tiniest feeling of pleasure. It was barely noticeable, but the fact that she did caused Bonnie overwhelming humiliation and terror, the dignified witch worried for the first time that she might actually enjoy being butt fucked.

That worry didn't go away as Elena slowly pushed the rest of the dildo up her butt and then started thrusting her hips back and forth, officially starting the anal sex Bonnie had once promised herself she would never have to endure. To her horror the agonising pain of anal penetration then quickly dissolved into a mild discomfort and increasingly powerful sensations of pleasure, Bonnie gritting her teeth and practically ripping the bed sheets in frustration as she began to enjoy the ass fucking. Then the discomfort went away completely, leaving her with nothing but pleasure, Bonnie doing everything she could think of to hide it but after just a few seconds a loud moan escaped her lips.

"Yeahhhhhhhh, that's it Bonnie, moan for me. Moan for me while I fuck you up the ass." Elena said gleefully before briefly turning her attention to Caroline, "Care, get over here and spread Bonnie's butt cheeks. Let's make this extra special for the three of us."

Doing as she was told Caroline eagerly used her super speed to get in position and then she slowly pulled Bonnie's butt cheeks apart, revealing her stretched butt hole to Elena. Oh yes, Caroline was spreading the ass cheeks of her black best friend so that her white best friend could get the best possible look of her pale cock sliding in and out of that dark little back hole, Caroline at first staring at Elena for approval but as her Mistress mostly ignored her she looked down and became captivated by the sight of Bonnie's butt hole taking Elena's dick. Then, after several minutes, her Mistress finally showed her some attention when Elena pulled her strap-on out of Bonnie's butt and then pressed it to her lips.

"Suck it Caroline!" Elena ordered, "Suck my cock straight from Bonnie's ass you ATM slut! Oooooooooh yessssssssss, that's it, go ass to mouth for me you little whore!"

Without a moment's hesitation Caroline wrapped her lips around the head of Elena's strap-on dildo and moaned with pleasure. That moan wasn't fake, over the last two weeks her Mistresses had been constantly making her go ass to mouth so she was used to this by now. Sure, it had mostly been her own ass she was tasting, but there had been a few cases of Elena and Rebekah compelling some girl into being their fuck toy/meal for the night and before they would send the girl home with a edited memory of being used to fulfil the vampires mostly perverted desires Caroline would thoroughly clean any dildo which had been used. And once or twice she had the privilege of cleaning Mistress Elena's ass off of Mistress Rebekah's cock, Caroline moaning again as she remembered that one time she had been chained up and allowed to watch Mistress Rebekah roughly taking Mistress Elena's butt.

Concentrating on the here and now Caroline slurped hungrily at the cock, making sure she got every drop of ass juice from the head before she started bobbing her lips up and down the shaft, eventually pushing the dildo down her throat in an attempt to please Mistress Elena. Luckily for her Mistress Elena was never shy about letting her know what she wanted, even if it was by first using her hand on the back of her head to press her downwards further, before inevitably giving her a little verbal encouragement.

"Mmmmmmmm yeeeeeeessssssss, suck it! Suck your best friend's butt juice off your other best friend's strap-on cock you perverted little bitch!" Elena taunted gleefully, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yes, get that ass flavoured cock down your fucking throat! I want to see every inch disappear into that big mouth of yours Care! Come on, just like I trained you. Mmmmmmmm yeah, come on Caroline, you've been really impressing me with those blow job skills of yours. Don't let all your practice fail you now. Make me proud. That's it, good girl every inch! Every inch down your whore throat! Now... back to the butt fucking."

With that Elena yanked the dildo out of Caroline's mouth, shoved it back up Bonnie's butt and restarted the sodomy. As Bonnie was still technically human, and clearly worried about casting a healing spell, her ass remained loose and slightly open during the blow job, so even though Elena was none too gentle when it came to reinserting the strap-on cock Bonnie moaned in pure pleasure, making Caroline extremely jealous of her. Also, even though the cock was now thoroughly cleaned, Caroline missed sucking on it. Luckily she didn't have to wait too long to taste Bonnie's ass again, Elena only giving half a dozen thrusts before swapping holes again.

For a little while Elena constantly switched between Bonnie's butt and Caroline's mouth, then finally she ordered the blonde, "Ok Caroline, get underneath Bonnie and push your cock inside her cunt. Mmmmmmmmm, let's really get this party started by DP'ing our bestie."

"Yes Mistress Elena." Caroline replied eagerly as she did as she was told.

It was kind of awkward sliding under Bonnie, but Mistress Elena was nice enough to stop for a minute or two to make it easier for her, and Bonnie's pussy was so wet and welcoming for her fake dick it just slipped right in. After that it was a simple matter of laying back and watching Mistress Elena work, every thrust from her impaling Bonnie's cunt on Caroline's strap-on cock while the black girl's booty was deeply penetrated by Mistress Elena's strap-on dick, Caroline wishing she could get a better view of the penetration as it must be breath-taking. Although truth be told, seeing the looks of pleasure on the faces of her friends was just as good, even if Bonnie looked a little unnerved by it. Caroline was confident that would pass though. It had for her.

Elena found it difficult not to mock Bonnie for the way she was obviously feeling, but she didn't want to push her new bitch in training too far. Not when she could remember what a crippling headache from a powerful Witch felt like, something which was unacceptable now she was so close to getting what she really wanted. Besides, it gave Elena a chance to savour this precious moment which felt like they had been building up to their entire lives. For as long as she could remember these two women had meant so much to her and she was now in the process of double fucking one of them with the other. Oh yes, Elena was now DP'ing Bonnie with Caroline just like she had DP'ed Caroline with Bonnie, solidifying that her two best friends were now her lesbian sluts.

For a few moments those pleasant thoughts echoed in Elena's head until she just couldn't help draw attention to it, "Isn't this special Bonnie? Me and Caroline inside you like you and me were inside Caroline? Two of us double teaming the other, the one in the middle getting fucked in both her pussy and ass like a total whore. And now that's you. Now you're the little whore, and I've honestly never felt closer too you. Mmmmmmmm, humanity or not, I feel really close to you and Caroline now that me and Care are sharing your slutty little fuck holes, oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, fucking your pussy and ass, mmmmmmmmmm, you the sexy piece of meat in this all girl sandwich. That doesn't just make you a whore Bonnie, that makes you a lezzie whore. Ohhhhhhhhhh yes, you're my little lezzie whore. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, and don't worry, I'm going to train you to be the perfect little lezzie whore, mine to do with as I please."

Unsurprisingly Bonnie remained silent, but that was ok. There was still plenty of time to train her to be the perfect little lezzie whore. In fact Elena hoped that Bonnie continued to put up a fight, because Caroline had given in surprisingly easy. Perhaps that was because deep down Caroline was submissive and Bonnie wasn't, but Elena didn't really care. What mattered now was that it was time to step up the physical and emotional humiliation, Elena starting with the former by increasing the pace of the fucking, and then when Bonnie really started moaning for her she figuratively went in for the kill/the latter.

"You like that Bonnie?" Elena gleefully teased, "You like having my cock up your ass while Caroline fucks your cunt? Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, those two big dildos stretching out your tight little fuck holes and turning you into the perfect little lezzie whore? Being my perfect little lezzie whore? You love it, don't you?"

"YES! Yes, alright?" Bonnie cried out in frustration, mostly because she just wanted Elena to shut up, "Mmmmmmmmm, I love it! It feels soooooooo gooooooooodddddddddd, oooooooohhhhhhh fuck me! Fuck me hard! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddddd, fuck me hard and make me cum!"

"You wanna cum? You wanna cum?" Elena taunted gleefully, "Mmmmmmmmmm, well... I just don't believe you really want it. Come on Bonnie, make me believe you want to cum. Make me believe you want to cum on a couple of strap-on dildos like the perfect little lezzie whore. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, make me believe you want to cum on mine and Caroline's strap-on cocks like the perfect little lezzie whore that I'm turning you into, and maybe, just maybe we'll fuck you nice and hard."

Bonnie closed her eyes, took a calming breath, and then gave up what was left of her dignity, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Mmmmmmmmmm, please Mistress Elena fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Treat it like it's your personal fuck hole, to use however you like. Ooooooooooh fuck me up the ass like the perfect little anal whore. Just please fuck me. Fuck me hard! Ohhhhhhhhhh, you too Caroline, please pound my pussy and make me cum for you. I wanna cum for you both like a perfect little lezzie whore. Please fuck me like a perfect little lezzie whore. Make me cum like a perfect little lezzie whore! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssssss, make me your whore! Make me your perfect little lezzie whore!"

Happy with the other girl's response, at least for now, Elena began fucking Bonnie's big black butt as hard as she dared. Which was harder than any regular man or her brother, and certainly more than what her human self could have managed, her hips becoming a blur as she used her supernatural speed and strength to drive her strap-on deep and hard into Bonnie's ass while impaling her on Caroline's strap-on. Sure, she had to be careful not to use her full strength as that may have torn Bonnie apart, but it was totally worth that moan of frustration to make her powerful friend screaming pleasure and cum from being DP'ed by her and Caroline.

As Elena made Bonnie cum over, and over, and over again, making both herself and Caroline cum in the process thanks to the stimulators on their clits and the sheer joy of being a part of this 'sandwich' it became increasingly tempting for Elena to just use her full strength. She figured her blood could probably heal any injury she caused, and in that moment any pain she would inflict would be worth it for her own selfish pleasure. But Elena reminded herself that Bonnie still had the power to incapacitate her and drag her back to the Salvatores so it was in her best interest not to give into her darker side. Besides, then she wouldn't get to make Bonnie airtight, and she so wanted to see her black best friend taking a dildo in her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time.

So eventually Elena pulled out and then called out, "Rebekah, it's your turn! Mmmmmmmmmm, come on love, fuck my friend's ass! Fuck it good!"

Rebekah was beginning to think Elena would never stop fucking Bonnie's butt and she would be left watching all night long. The vision in front of her was so captivating, and she got so many good photos from the experience, it almost seemed worth it, especially as if Elena did forget about her she was sure she could use that to leverage a one-on-one with her girlfriend. Although the realisation that things had got so out of hand that she needed to talk her supposed girlfriend into a one-on-one session was a nasty wake-up call, but before Rebekah could really dwell on it Elena was asking her to do something, and Rebekah wasn't sure she could ever deny Elena anything. At least not now the girl had stolen her heart.

So she quickly got behind Bonnie and then after taking a moment to admire how thoroughly Elena had gaped her best friend's bum hole Rebekah slowly slid her strap-on through that well stretched anal ring and deep into Bonnie's bowels. That thrust caused Bonnie to cry out in pleasure, providing Elena with the perfect opportunity to introduce her black friend to the taste of her own ass and in the process completely making the powerful witch Bonnie Bennett airtight. Oh it was a glorious sight, Rebekah soon completing her anal penetration and beginning to eagerly bang Bonnie's bottom, gently at first but increasing the pace until she had her new slut cumming again.

"That's it baby, pound that whore ass!" Elena whooped gleefully, holding out her hand for a high-five, "Show that witch who's boss!"

It felt a little geeky, but Rebekah held out her hand and accepted Elena's high-five. She would never understand the popularity of this or other recent additions to culture, but Rebekah wasn't going to dwell on it when she was having so much fun sodomising another girl into submission, this powerful Witch turning out to have a wonderfully tight arse. Not that it would be that way by the time she and Elena were done with it, Rebekah thought with an evil smile as she once again made Bonnie cum, albeit with a little help from Caroline who made herself useful for a change and pushed upwards into Bonnie's cunt. Sure, that probably just made the orgasm extra hard for Bonnie, but who was counting.

If Elena, or any of the others, were trying to count they would have had a hell of a job as Elena and Rebekah swapped places for what had to be hours, constantly forcing Bonnie to go ass to mouth while the other vampire fucked her ass. Towards the end Bonnie was actually getting pretty good at sucking cock, taking almost every inch into her mouth and down her throat as she eagerly sucked and slurped on the dildo, making Rebekah wonder if like Caroline before her Bonnie had become completely broken or she was just drunk on her multiple orgasms. It didn't matter to her much either way, but she couldn't help be a little curious.

Elena was a little curious too, but she didn't really care. That was the best thing about her current situation. She could triple fuck one of her childhood best friends with the other childhood best friend and her girlfriend and she wouldn't really have to worry about how any of them felt, because it didn't matter to her. All that mattered was with the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of corrupting her friends like this, especially Bonnie who was technically more powerful than her, Elena had almost as many orgasms as her with little witch slut until eventually Bonnie passed out with exhaustion.

It was tempting to keep going and fuck Bonnie's unconscious body, but even vampire strength/stamina had its limits, and Elena was pushing hers. Perhaps Rebekah was too, her girlfriend looking almost exhausted as she felt, Elena feeling oddly compelled to move towards her when she finally untangled herself from Bonnie. Predictably Rebekah quickly did the same and pulled Elena into her arms, the brunette allowing the blonde to press her lips to hers in a long drawn-out kiss. And when Rebekah finally broke it, she smiled at Elena so widely that she couldn't help return it. Then a horribly familiar face appeared beside the blonde and drove a dagger into her heart, causing Rebekah to slowly turn ghostly pale with black veins appearing all over her face.

"I'm sorry sis." Klaus said, almost sounding like he meant it, "But I can't have you sullying our name any longer with this madness."

Putting on a brave face Elena spat, "What did you do that for?"

"Just saving my sister from herself." Klaus explained conversationally as he lay his freshly daggered sister on the ground, "She really does have a terrible habit of falling in love with unworthy people."

"And you're always the one to decide whether there unworthy or not." Elena scoffed.

"But of course." Klaus smiled, "Who else? And let me tell you love, it is one agonising burden, but she's my sister. Hopefully another century or two of sleep will finally convince her to make the right choice. Or at the very least, have time to regret acting like such a slut. Although that may be too much to ask. Regardless, at least she won't be able to interfere with my plans for you."

Whether she worked out exactly what his plans were or not Caroline valiantly tried to help, if only to act as a distraction long enough for Elena to escape. Sadly she couldn't even do that, Klaus breaking her neck without even taking his eyes off of Elena. For a moment a horrifying smirk crossed his face, then realising what he had just done he dropped the blonde's lifeless body to the floor and snapped at the only other vampire left standing.

"Look what you made me do." He grumbled, in front of the younger vampire in a single second and smashing her head back against the wall the next before his evil smirk returned, "You'll pay for that, I promise you Elena. But you know, I just can't stay mad at you. Not now I'm finally getting my Hybrid army."

"No." Elena whimpered, but the next second the cure was being forced into her mouth and held there by the sadistic Original.

"Turn it back on!" Klaus ordered, not really caring if the compulsion worked or not as although a humanity-less human would be interesting he was sure that one way or another the cure would bring the old Elena back, and either way she'd be useful to him again.

Elena tried to fight but he was just too strong, Klaus forcing her teeth to break the seal and taste the cure to vampirism. It tasted foul, although she barely noticed it as she felt a rush of emotions returning to her and she felt like she was going to throw up. Every cell in her body was on fire, physical pain which mirrored the mental agony she was in over her choices over the last few weeks. And yet the last thing she was aware of as her overwhelmed mind began slipping into unconsciousness was not fear over her own plight, or thoughts of her friends or the Salvatores. It was of Rebekah.


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