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Author's note: This story takes place just after Episode 19 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Frustrating Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

Being daggered was never a pleasant experience. Ironically having the dagger removed from her heart was almost equally unpleasant, except for the fact that afterwards she could move and speak again. Normally she awoke to a new horror, but this time Rebekah only saw the person she loved with all her heart. Immediately she reached out for them and try to speak their name, failing on both accounts the first time although the lovely woman was nice enough to gently cradle her head to stop it from falling backwards, Rebekah rewarding her for it by trying to say her name again and this time succeeding.

"Elena." Rebekah croaked.

"It's me. I'm, I'm here." Elena said softly.

"How..." Rebekah trailed off when she looked at the dagger in Elena's hand. Her thoughts went a mile a minute for a moment and then her eyes narrowed, "You took the cure."

"I wasn't exactly given the choice." Elena murmured bitterly.

"You're human!" Rebekah snapped, trying to sit up, "You're the old Elena."

Catching the weakened Original Elena replied, "Yes to the first part, but-"

"Get away from me!" Rebekah screamed, forcefully pushing Elena away from her and then running out of the room and up the stairs.

Her body still wasn't fully recovered, but she had her supernatural speed back so she was able to reach her bedroom in a matter of seconds. The one she'd been sharing with Elena for weeks, but one she'd never be able to sleep in again knowing what she'd lost. She couldn't even stand to remain where she was for much longer, not when she could vividly remember pushing Elena up against every wall, and rested her on every surface, this room and every other in the house, Rebekah deciding this instant she needed to sell it and get the hell out of dodge.

She also needed to work out what exactly happened. In the second before she ran away she noted that they were alone, Klaus not bothering to return and put in her casket and instead leaving her paralysed body on the floor. Or he didn't have the opportunity yet, which made her nervous. Oh well, she could interrogate Elena about it, once she had packed, and really the sooner the better, Rebekah never more grateful for her super speed as it meant she could leave this haunted place quickly and never return.

Of course she should be used to this by now. She'd left hundreds, maybe thousands, of places because they all reminded her of a lover she had lost, this one particularly painful because she would forever associate that beautiful face with her Elena, and there was not one but two people and possibly more walking around with it, one approaching her right now. Although it was curious why the old Elena was bothering with her. Why would she tried to talk to her alone when it was so obvious Rebekah was upset? And why did she wake up Rebekah in the first place? She must want something. That must be it. Perhaps she wanted Rebekah's best guess at where Klaus might be after kidnapping one of her friends or something like that? Well, Rebekah didn't owe her anything. Except two wonderful weeks of happiness, and her freedom from the accursed dagger.

"Rebekah!" Elena queried as she walked into the room.

"WHAT?" Rebekah sobbed, only just realising her cheeks were stained with tears.

"Where are you going?" Elena asked.

"I don't know." Rebekah replied truthfully, turning her back to desperately try and hide her current state and fight back the tears, "Just, anywhere that isn't here."

"Oh..." Elena murmured, taking a calming breath before she tried to explain, "Despite everything we did to her, she saved us. She saved us all."

"What are you blathering on about?" Rebekah frowned, before a horrifying thought popped into her head and she turned back to look at Elena, "What happened?"

Taking a calming breath Elena said, "Rebekah, I need you to calm down."

In the blink of an eye Rebekah was invading Elena's personal space and allowed her fangs to protrude from her gums and her eyes to turn black, "I need you to tell me what happened!"

There was a moment's pause and then Elena tilted her head and exposed her neck, "Here it is Rebekah. The cure. It's flowing through my veins right now, and if you drink just a little bit of my blood, it might cure you. Or it might kill you. Bonnie isn't sure, but there's a good chance it's the latter, so I'll let you take it if you really want too, but I wish you wouldn't because it's a big, big risk-"

"Don't pretend to care about me!" Rebekah snapped.

"I do." Elena insisted, stepping forwards and brushing Rebekah's cheek, "I... I care-"

"Just, just tell me what happened." Rebekah said, trying to ignore how that simple gesture made her feel, "I, I promise I won't hurt you."

Elena smiled briefly and then began to explain, "Remember when Bonnie was able to stop Klaus's heart? Well she did it again, and this time we're going to bury him deep underground where he can't hurt anyone ever again."

There was a pause and then Rebekah swallowed, "That's not acceptable."

"Rebekah." Elena said soothingly, "He isn't dead. Just in the same state he put you in... over, and over, and over again."

"He's my brother." Rebekah argued.

"And he used that as an excuse to spend the last thousand years treating you like a pet, tracking you and literally stabbing you in the back whenever you did something he didn't like. He did that countless times, and he did it to your brothers. Used you and abused you whenever it suited him. Why does he deserve your undying loyalty?" Elena asked softly.

"Because he's all I have." Rebekah sobbed, losing her dignity at Elena's soft yet treacherous touch, "Everybody else leaves."

"Isn't Klaus the main reason for that?" Elena pointed out, "Wouldn't he have been the reason you lost me? Cause if it wasn't for Bonnie I would be spending the rest of my life as Klaus's personal blood bag, and he likely wouldn't have woken you up until long after I was dead."

"At least then I would have something." Rebekah spat, "Now I have nothing!"

"That's not true." Elena said.

After thinking about it for a moment Rebekah leaned in, aiming for Elena's neck, "You're right."

"No, wait! Rebekah, the cure could kill you!" Elena protested.

"Or it will work. Either way I wouldn't have to be alone." Rebekah murmured, getting closer to her target.

"You're not alone!" Elena squeaked, and then just as Rebekah was about to bite into her neck she added, "You have me!"

There was a long pause and then Rebekah, "No I don't."

"Yes, you do." Elena insisted.

There was another long pause and then Rebekah pulled back, "I can't be your friend. It isn't enough."

"It doesn't have to be." Elena smiled weakly, "I'm, I'm still your girlfriend. Remember?"

There was a long pause and then Rebekah let out an empty laugh, "Please, Elena Gilbert would never choose me over the Salvatores."

"Wouldn't she?" Elena questioned.

Another long silence and then Rebekah wept, "If this is a trick-"

"It's not a trick!" Elena insisted before sighing, "Look, now I'm human Damon thinks I'm going back to Stefan, my friends hope I am, but... I've moved on from him, and if I choose Damon over him again... it would tear them apart."

"So, I'm the consolation prize?" Rebekah questioned bitterly, "The free T-shirt you get when you lose?"

"Let me finish." Elena laughed softly, wrapping her arms around Rebekah's neck, "I can't choose Damon because it will destroy his relationship with his brother, and I can't choose Stefan because it will destroy his relationship with his brother. Either way it will tear them apart, and while somehow that was ok when all I really wanted was Damon, now I don't. I, I can't explain it, and I don't think she was even aware of it, but your Elena loved you. I loved you, and I still do, because when I got my humanity back I wasn't thinking about how much it hurt losing Jeremy, or fearing for my life, or even what happened to my friends or Damon or Stefan. I was worry what was going to happen to you. And when I woke up, the whole time I was Klaus's prisoner and even when my friends came to save me, all I could think about was you."

Yet another long pause, and then Rebekah asked breathlessly, "How, how can I believe this is real?"

"You just need to take a chance." Elena said softly, "I can't promise I won't hurt you, but I'm not Katherine and I swear I want to give this a try. Give us a try."

There was another pause, however this one was only a few seconds, then Rebekah broke down, desperately clutching Elena to try and hide just how hard she was crying and failing miserably as she pleaded, "Please, please don't make me choose between you and my family."

"I'm not. I'm making you choose between me and the monster who has been abusing you for centuries." Elena softly murmured into Rebekah's ear, "You'll still have your 'good' brother. And you'll have me, I promise."

Desperately wanting to get herself together, but still unable to right now, Rebekah wept, "I'd, I'd give just about anything to believe you."

"So do." Elena said softly, forcing the much stronger girl's head back so she could stare into her eyes, "How many times has he chosen power over you? Or used you for a strategic advantage? Or deciding your choice wasn't good enough and making the opposite for you?"

"Please stop." Rebekah sobbed.

"How many times did he stab you and lock you away in that box?" Elena asked.

"Please-" Rebekah wept.

"How many times did he choose you?" Elena practically growled in frustration, "How many times did he choose you, when there was something else he actually wanted?"

"Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!" Rebekah screamed, forcefully pushing Elena back against the wall.

Although she'd had worse it still hurt, if nothing else emotionally. But Elena was much more worried about Rebekah's emotional state, for both their sakes, the Original's eyes dark black and yet filled with so much pain. Then they slowly turned back to their normal colour and all Elena saw was a broken hearted girl, Rebekah falling to her knees and breaking down completely. Cautiously Elena stepped forward and embraced her, holding Rebekah close several minutes before silently pulling her to her feet and guiding her to the bed. Once at her destination Elena gently laid down, the devastated girl clinging to her nearly the entire time so she ended up holding Rebekah while she cried.

Elena wasn't sure how long Rebekah cried in her arms. It was long enough for the Original to go from loud wailing to gentle sobs and then eventually silence, the whole time Elena wondering what she could possibly say. Part of her wanted to yell and scream at Rebekah for being so upset over the prospective of losing the psychopath who had spent centuries bullying her into compliance and turning her into a victim when it suited his whims. That Klaus was unworthy of a single tear after everything he had done. That Rebekah should be thanking Elena and her friends, especially Bonnie, for finally freeing her from that monster. But he was family, and Elena understood how devastating it was to lose family better than perhaps anyone.

No matter how justified or unjustified Rebekah's reaction was Elena wished she could think of something to make it better. She wished she could list Klaus's crimes, or at least the ones she knew about, and they would somehow make a difference to Rebekah. Wished she could point out all the things Rebekah could do now without fear of Klaus's disapproval. She even wished she could tell her where Klaus was, or promised to do so in a few years, but her friends hadn't told her were they were burying him, and she wouldn't reveal the location even if she did out of fear that Rebekah would do something stupid.

Really all she could do was convince Rebekah that her feelings were true, which was really hard because ever since becoming human again Elena had been trying to sort them out and she still wasn't 100% sure this was what she wanted. She had once been that sure about Stefan, and then briefly Damon, but now her feelings were so messed up. She loved both of them, and yet... she also loved Rebekah. Maybe just as much, maybe a little more, maybe even a little less. The only thing Elena knew for sure was that this way Stefan and Damon would at least have each other, and she could save Rebekah. After everything, that was what was most important to her.

So after what felt like an eternity Elena softly stated as confidently as she could, "I love you."

After a few long seconds Rebekah replied, "I love you too."

Elena softly gulped and asked, "So, what happens now?"

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?" Rebekah questioned more than a little bitterly.

"It's up to you." Elena said, "I want to give this a genuine try with you, but you've got to promise not to hurt anyone I love in retaliation for what happened to Klaus. And you can't go looking for him. Or kill people because your frustrated, or-"

"Do anything you wouldn't approve of?" Rebekah quipped, finally raising her head from Elena's chest and looking the other girl in the eye, "I get it, you want me on my best behaviour."

Briefly lowering her head and then looking at the vampire Elena said, "I'm... I'm not saying you can't feed or even kill when you have too, I just-"

"Yes." Rebekah interrupted her, "Yes to everything. For a chance with you, I would do anything."

Elena smiled, and then reluctantly pushed, "Soooooo..."

"I promise I won't hurt your friends, or anyone else, unless it's absolutely necessary, and I promise not to go around trying to dig up my brother." Rebekah said, "God, I'm pathetic."

"You're in love." Elena quipped, unable to stop herself.

"I am." Rebekah smiled, the two girls becoming lost in each other's eyes for a few long seconds and then the blonde added, "You know we're going to fight like cats and dogs, right?"

Both girls laughed briefly before locking eyes again and once the laughter had completely died down Elena softly said, "Yeah, but the make-up sex should be fantastic."

Rebekah smirked and leaned down, "I can definitely promise you that."

With those words Rebekah completely closed the distance between them, pressing her body firmly down against Elena's as she kissed the other girl. The kiss was gentle at first, the lovers' lips instantly reuniting like they had been separated for years instead of a couple of days. Fitting perfectly with the analogy they quickly got back into a groove, making out more and more comfortably until Rebekah was having problems controlling herself. She tried adding her hands into the mix and just gently rubbing Elena's sides, but that backfired as she immediately wanted to touch more intimate areas.

As Elena didn't seem to object Rebekah allowed her hands to slide down to squeeze the other girl's arse as she pushed her tongue into Elena's mouth, this enchanting woman who was somehow still her girlfriend massaging her tongue with her own and moaning into her mouth. Elena even grinded up into her, driving Rebekah crazy. Crazy enough to slide one of her hands upwards and start squeezing Elena's right breast while still playing with her behind and bullying Elena's tongue into submission with her own.

After who knows how long making out like the horny teenagers only one of them was Rebekah broke the kiss and moved her lips to Elena's neck, pressing them to the flesh a couple of times before whispering in her girlfriend's ear, "Elena, I... I need you."

"Then take me." Elena moaned, "Take me and do whatever you want."

Rewarding the other girl for her words Rebekah kissed her again, except this one was passionate from the start and about a minute in she began to strip off Elena's clothes. As she wanted to savour every moment of this, and because she was afraid of hurting the now fragile brunette, Rebekah resisted the urge to use her super speed and took her time removing Elena's clothing and her own. Even so it didn't feel that long until she was pressing her naked body on top of the other girl's delightfully bare form, their curves fitting together so wonderfully and in a way which made them moan into each other's mouths.

That was partly due to how rough the kiss had become and partly because they began grinding against each other. For Rebekah there was the added bonus that with her heightened senses fully returned to her Elena felt so good to her. She was a predator on top of her prey, and when Rebekah finally broke the kiss to slide her lips down to Elena's neck her eyes darkened, her fangs slipped out and an animalistic groan escaped her lips. Elena's blood had tasted good, but she never had the privilege of tasting a human doppelg„nger before, and now she had the chance it was hard to resist, even though she knew she had too.

Closing her eyes Elena softly warned, "Rebekah! No!"

There was a brief pause, and then thankfully Rebekah kissed her way down to her boobs. When they were both vampires Rebekah had fed off her all the time, but they just couldn't risk it now. Not when they didn't know for sure what would happen, Elena grateful that Rebekah managed to keep control and in that she was now experiencing the joys of having her girlfriend wrap her lips around her right nipple, Elena letting out a soft moan which slowly became louder.

After a few minutes of gentle sucking Rebekah moved to the left and gave it the same treatment, going back and forth for several long minutes while gradually increasing the suction and eventually adding her tongue into the mix, swirling it around each nipple in turn before flicking them. Somewhere along the way Elena reached down and stroked Rebekah's pretty blonde locks, eventually tightening her grip to push her more firmly into her tits at first, then downwards.

Rebekah responded to both by licking and sucking her nipples harder, leading to Elena whimpering, "Rebekah, please... lower. Mmmmmmmmm fuck, please go lower. Please... please go down on me. Oooooooooooh Gooooooooooodddddddddddd lick me! Lick my pussy! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddddd Rebekah, please just fuck me! Oh God!"

Talking dirty embarrassed the hell out of Elena before she became a vampire, but when she had lost her emotions it had become a major kink for her. At first she tried to do without it, but as Rebekah didn't budge she became more graphic. That caused her to blush something fierce, but it was totally worth it when Rebekah slipped her hand between her legs. True, it wasn't exactly what she had been asking for, but Elena would totally settle for Rebekah's fingertips rubbing her pussy. If settle was the right word.

Elena would have welcomed several more minutes of that, but instead Rebekah kissed her way back to her neck and whispered, "I love you."

Smiling softly Elena opened her mouth to return those three little words, but all that came out was a long cry of pleasure as Rebekah slowly slipped a finger into her already very wet pussy and began pumping it in and out of her. It wasn't long before that finger was joined by a second and then a third, the vampire switching back and forth between kissing her neck and lips and licking and sucking her tits, driving Elena crazy. Then just as Elena thought she was going to cum Rebekah pulled her fingers from her pussy and quickly stuck them in her mouth, moaning deliberately lovely as she sucked them clean.

"Mmmmmmmmm God Elena, I love the way you taste." Rebekah confessed after she pulled her thoroughly cleaned fingers from her mouth and then added thoughtfully, "Although, your cum is pretty sweet, and nothing beats sweet little Elena Gilbert cumming in my mouth. Well, there's fucking you up the arse, but even that might be second best. Mmmmmmmmm, you remember all that, don't you Elena? Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, you remember what a little perverted lesbian slut you were for me when you were a vampire? Because I expect the same type of deviant behaviour now you're a feeble little human, understand?"

"Yes Rebekah." Elena blushed, guessing what was expected of her, "I, I promise to be your good little slut."

"Good girl." Rebekah purred, before using her super speed to shimmy down Elena's body so her head was in between her legs.

Rebekah placed her tongue against bottom of Elena's pussy just as quickly, although she slowed her role for the actual lick so she could savour every wonderful moment of sliding her tongue over Elena's cunt. She then repeated the process over and over again, beginning to lick Elena's pussy at a slow but steady pace, really getting to enjoy the sweet liquid from the source, the flavour setting her taste buds on fire. Perhaps best of all she got to enjoy Elena moaning, groaning, whimpering and gasping in pleasure, each sound heavenly to the ancient vampire.

Thanks to her fingers Elena was already close to cumming, but Rebekah was undecided whether she wanted that so soon or not. On the one hand, like she said, there was nothing better than having sweet little Elena Gilbert cumming in her mouth, and many other things to do with this now deliciously weak human. On the other hand she really liked eating pussy, especially Elena's yummy little pussy, and she really, really loved the sounds Elena was making, especially now they were becoming increasingly frustrated, and considering how frustrating this old Elena Gilbert had been to her in the past it was about time she returned the favour.

So Rebekah spent the better part of an hour licking that cute little cunt, mostly ignoring Elena's desperate pleas for more. Of course there was only so much Rebekah could take of Elena begging, so now and again she would reward her for her patience by sliding her tongue up to linger on the other girl's clit or down to press against her entrance. Eventually Rebekah started spending entire minutes on Elena's clit, taking it into her mouth for gentle sucking and more thorough licking before finally giving her girlfriend what she truly wanted.

Her girlfriend. Elena Gilbert was still her girlfriend, that thought making Rebekah blissfully happy. She had come so close to losing her, and it was still hard to believe she hadn't. That 'boring human' Elena would still give her a chance despite everything she had done to her. It seemed to be too good to be true, but right now Rebekah didn't want to question it. She just wanted to slowly slide her tongue as deep as it would go into Elena Gilbert's pussy and then after savouring the feeling of her human again girlfriend's inner walls pulsating around her began to thrust that tongue in and out of her, rewarding her for her choice. And that was exactly what Rebekah did.

Elena cried out in relief when Rebekah's tongue finally entered her, whimpered in frustration when the vampire paused and then screamed in pure pleasure when her lover finally began tongue fucking her. She then whimpered again as Rebekah slowly decreased the speed ever so slightly to prevent her from going over the edge, which was infuriating. It felt like she had been on the edge for hours, and now she was so close she could taste it and yet Elena could do nothing about it except beg, and even that wasn't much good at this point given she could barely get a coherent sentence together. Mostly she cried out Rebekah's name, and 'please', over and over again until Elena was sick of the sound of her own voice.

Finally, after who knows how long, Rebekah took pity on her. Not by giving Elena what she actually wanted, but by slowly moving her body around so they were in the classic 69 position, Rebekah clearly telling her that if she wanted to cum she had to work for it. Elena had no problem with that, grabbing Rebekah's ass as soon as her girlfriend was in position and shoving Rebekah downwards onto her face. Elena then frantically began licking Rebekah's pussy, the cruel vampire 'rewarding' her for this by increasing the speed of her tongue thrusts ever so slowly, just not enough to make Elena cum.

Ignoring the increasing frustration she felt from all of this Elena concentrated on catching up, at first by warming Rebekah up with frantic licking. Luckily the vampire was plenty wet from everything they had been doing, so it wasn't long before Elena was moving onto sliding a hand in between Rebekah's legs and then a finger into the blonde's cunt. The cry of pleasure Rebekah let out into her pussy was almost enough to make Elena cum, as was the following cries as Elena began pumping that finger in and out of Rebekah's cunt, increasing the speed and the force and then eventually adding a second finger while the brunette began flicking the blonde's clit with her tongue.

Rebekah's response was to make Elena cum almost immediately, the weak human allowing the pleasure to wash over her and dominate her world for a few wonderful moments before she went right back to fucking the vampire. Thanks to Katherine's training it wasn't long before Elena return the favour, she and Rebekah trading orgasms for the next few minutes as they fingered and tongue fucked each other through climax after climax, only pausing to pull their fingers or tongue out of the other so they could swallow each other's cum. Of course most of it ended up covering each other's faces, not that they cared. No, they were far too busy pleasuring each other, and enjoying the ecstasy the other was giving them.

Part of Rebekah would have loved to spend the rest of the night fucking just like this. However Elena was a weak and feeble human once again, and sadly didn't have the stamina she had before, so if they continued like this much longer Elena would slip into unconsciousness, and Rebekah wasn't ready for this night to end. Or day for that matter, Rebekah noting that it was actually still daylight, but that wasn't important. What was important was while part of her wanted to stay like this a bigger part of her wanted to fuck Elena in different ways, so eventually she turned around and gave her girlfriend a long drawn out kiss.

Then in a blink of an eye Rebekah retrieved her favourite toy, strapped it around her waist and stepped into the centre of the room before telling Elena, "That was fun, but now I want to take you like a man. Mmmmmmmmm, and I want to take all your holes, starting with your pretty little mouth. So get over here and give me a blow job."

Elena gave her a seductive smile, slipped off the bed, stumbled over to her on wobbly legs and practically purred, "Anything for you Rebekah."

With that Elena dropped herself down onto her knees in front of Rebekah, grabbed the dildo by it's base and slowly slipped it into her mouth, all without losing eye contact with Rebekah. For a few long seconds she kept that eye contact as she gently sucked the head of the strap-on, then Elena closed her eyes and began slowly bobbing her head up and down as Rebekah finally allowed a wicked smile to cross her face. Knowing that she was responsible for Elena being wobbly legged was ego boosting enough, but it was hard not to smile seeing goodie two shoes Elena Gilbert kneeling before her and sucking her cock. Still Rebekah just about held back, wanting Elena to earn her approval, at least when it came to this.

In what was obviously an attempt to get that approval Elena started taking more and more of that dildo into her mouth, lightly choking and gagging as the fake cock obviously entered her throat. At the beginning of their courtship that normally used to amuse Rebekah no end, but Elena was human now and she worried she would try and push herself too far. But of course Elena had already told her how Katherine expected her to act like a total whore, so it wasn't surprising that the girl eventually forced the entire strap-on in her mouth and down her throat, which was more than enough to earn Rebekah's approval.

"That's it Elena, take it all you little Trollope!" Rebekah said softly, grabbing Elena's hair and encouraging her head up and down at a slow but steady pace, "Mmmmmmm, take it all the way down your throat. Get it nice and wet for your sweet little cunt. Oh yes, suck it just like that so I can fuck you good and hard and remind you that you're mine."

Rebekah said more, a lot more. In fact she kept up a running commentary for the next few minutes, however she barely paid attention to what it was she was saying. She was far too busy watching Elena like a hawk, expecting the stubborn girl to do something stupid like continue sucking when it became too much for her. However either because of Katherine's training, or the few weeks they'd spent with each other, or both Elena continued bobbing her head up and down on the dildo, not stopping until Rebekah finally got tired of watching and, resisting the urge to throat fuck the other girl like when she had been a vampire, the Original pulling the human off her dick and giving her a few minutes to gasp and choke.

Then when Elena looked up at her Rebekah said firmly, "That's enough of that, get on the bed on your back. I want to look into your eyes as I take you."

Elena just stared upwards for a few seconds, then she gave a little nod and stood up. Only then did Rebekah let go of her hair, allowing Elena to do as she was told moving to the centre of the bed and spreading her legs. Rebekah admired the sight for a few seconds, then she slowly crawled onto the bed, positioned herself in between Elena's legs and press the tip of her strap-on dildo to the ready and willing entrance. There was another pause and then Rebekah pushed forwards, gently entering Elena and making her let out a soft cry of pleasure.

"Open your eyes." Rebekah said firmly.

Honestly Elena wasn't even aware that she had closed her eyes, but they snapped open instantly and locked with Rebekah's. What she saw there was actually a little scary, but Elena found she couldn't look away. She'd heard Rebekah fell in love fast and hard, had even mocked her for it, but to actually experience it for herself was really captivating. And flattering. And definitely scary. And yet in this moment Elena felt like she had nothing to fear from Rebekah, that the ancient vampire responsible for countless deaths wanted nothing more than to make her feel good. God, it was so fucked up that was a turn on for her.

Luckily for Elena she was distracted from her questionable turn ons by first the feeling of Rebekah slowly sliding the strap-on into her pussy, then the feeling of that dildo begining to pump in and out of her as the other girl began fucking her, making her moan, groan, whimper and cry out in pleasure. Through it all Elena kept her eyes locked with Rebekah's, which mostly added to the enjoyment she was feeling, although it meant she missed Rebekah's latest command. Or request, or whatever you want to call it.

Elena's response was a fairly intelligent, "Huh?"

Trying and failing to hide her annoyance Rebekah repeated, "Wrap your legs around me."

Elena blushed and then quickly did as she was told, making sure to keep her hesitation to a minimum as not to dissuade Rebekah from fucking her. Fortunately it had the opposite effect, Elena wrapping her legs around Rebekah's waist, only encouraging the Original to fuck her harder, which made Elena moan more, which in turn made her girlfriend fuck her harder, and so on and so on. Of course Elena knew from experience Rebekah would want more direct encouragement, and she could tell from the look in her eyes she wanted it now. And Elena had no problem giving it to her.

"Oh God Rebekah, ooooooooooh fuck me! Fuck me Rebekah. Please fuck my pussy!" Elena begged, "Mmmmmmmm, it feel soooooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I love it when you fuck me like this, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, but I need more. I need you to fuck me harder. Please fuck me harder and make me cum for you."

Rebekah was tempted to keep teasing Elena just so she could hear her beg for her. At the beginning of their relationship she would tease Elena for hours if she could, but now she just couldn't resist increasing the pace ever so slightly, just enough so that Elena won't be able to be coherent anymore. Then when she became slightly coherent again Rebekah would increase the pace even more, the process repeating itself over and over again until she could tell that she had the other girl on the edge of orgasm, Rebekah keeping her on that edge for a few long minutes so she could enjoy the look on Elena's face.

Then as she was worried about speeding up too much and hurting the little human Rebekah slid a hand down to between the crack of Elena's ass and after coating her fingers with the cream which escaped the brunette's pussy, the blonde pushed her index finger into Elena's ass hole. Knowing how much Elena liked butt sex, thanks to Katherine's training, it was unsurprising that succeeded in setting Elena off, the human letting out the most adorable squeal of pleasure as her holes clamped down on the vampire's finger and cock respectively as the preachy, self-righteous Elena Gilbert came for her, making Rebekah feel very proud of herself.

She felt even more proud as she fucked and fingered Elena through her orgasm and onto the next, Rebekah triggering that by slipping a second finger into the other girl's butt. After that Rebekah lost track of Elena's orgasms, partly because she leaned down to kiss her girlfriend, and partly because that wonderful kiss was the thing which pushed her over the edge. To be fair, the pressure on her clit thanks to the stimulator inside the harness and the sheer joy of fucking the old Elena Gilbert this way had done most of the legwork, but to actually have Elena kissing her back while her legs were wrapped around her and her fingers and strap-on were inside her, oh there was just no feeling like it.

Actually that wasn't true. Rebekah could think of something just as good as this. Perhaps even better, at least in ramping up the kinkiness she so enjoyed. That was of course to switch holes, but before she could seriously consider sodomising this woman she had grown to adore she had to make sure her butt was as loose and ready for her cock as possible. So she spent a good amount of time fingering Elena's ass hole, moving her fingers side to side and up and down as well as in and out to make sure Elena was loose and relaxed as she possibly could be, giving her just enough orgasms so she would be relaxed about being exhausted.

Then Rebekah removed her fingers from Elena's ass, grabbed onto her legs and gently but firmly pushed them up until they were pressed against the doppelganger's chest, then she growled, "Keep your legs here!"

Elena quickly did as she was told, grabbing her legs and holding them in place as Rebekah slowly removed the dildo from her pussy and positioned it slightly lower, prompting Elena to cry out, "Oh God yes, fuck my ass! Fuck my tight little ass and make me your anal slut!"

"You are my anal slut!" Rebekah growled, "Now shut up and take it!"

Elena cried out in mostly pleasure as Rebekah began slowly stretching her ass hole. Too slowly as far as Elena was concerned. She might not have her endurance or self-healing anymore, but she had been taking ass fuckings from her doppelg„nger for years before she was turned, so she could handle a rougher anal penetration than this. However Rebekah had told her to shut up, and Elena was not in the mood to argue, so she laid there and took it like the good little submissive anal slut she had been trained to be.

It wasn't like she minded so much. In fact she loved the sensation of having her butt hole stretching for a dildo. It just made her feel so slutty and hot. However what made her feel even more slutty and hot was her butt hole stretching wide enough to accept the head of the cock, Rebekah's strap-on sliding past her tight anal ring and into her ass, the perverted sensation making Elena moan in pleasure. Ok, there was more than an undertone of pain, but that was to be expected, and honestly even that pain was a turn on for her, as was the mixture of pain and pleasure which followed as Rebekah began sliding inch after inch of that dick deep into her ass.

Through most of the penetration Rebekah's eyes stayed locked to were her dildo was slowly disappearing into Elena's bottom, which was something Katherine had done all the time, Rebekah following suit which it made Elena feel embarrassed. In fact this whole position made her feel embarrassed as she was on display. Of course the emotionless version of herself had openly loved it in a way she could never admit before, even to herself, but she did. But after everything she had just gone through Elena felt ready to embrace her slutty side, with a little help from her girlfriend.

All of a sudden the eyes of that girlfriend travelled upwards over her wet pussy, perky boobs and finally up to her face, Rebekah locking eyes with Elena as she completed the anal penetration. That look of lust and dominance, combined with a pure submission which must've been in her own eyes, was a powerful combination and the two women just stared at each other for a few long seconds. Then Rebekah very slowly pulled her hips back, causing Elena to moan and whimper in a mixture of pleasure and disappointment, only to be followed up by a cry of pure pleasure as her lover pushed every inch of the dildo back into her butt.

Rebekah smirked as she officially began butt fucking the old Elena. Oh yes, she had the moral, self-righteous, goody two shoes Elena Gilbert naked and on her back, holding her legs up so they were out of Rebekah's way, but still allowing her to see the other girl's tits, and her strap-on dildo was pumping in and out of Elena's bum hole. She was sodomising the little tramp, and best of all the slut was actually moaning in pleasure. Moaning in pleasure from getting fucked up the arse, Elena Gilbert exposed for the slut she truly was, completely at Rebekah's mercy. And yet, the weirdest thing wasn't the fact that she truly love this girl.

No, the weirdest thing was that the old Elena loved her, or at least had chosen her, something Rebekah still found hard to believe. But right now she couldn't not. Well, right now she couldn't really concentrate on anything which didn't involve sodomising her beloved Elena, Rebekah finally breaking eye contact so she could let her eyes roam the beautiful body in front of her. After all, there was so much to see, from the look of ecstasy covering Elena's face, to her boobs which were beginning to bounce slightly, to that wet little pussy and of course the brunette's butt hole stretching for the cock pumping in and out of it.

Despite all these wonderful things one in particular grabbed Rebekah's attention, prompting her to murmur, "Let go of your legs."

Before Rebekah said that she reached out and grabbed Elena's legs so once her lover let go them so it was easy for her to place them onto her shoulders. She partly did this because she could tell this position was beginning to become uncomfortable for Elena, but mostly Rebekah did this for a deeper penetration. In the name of that she waited a few minutes and then lent forward so she was practically bending Elena in half, Elena's lips being so close to her own Rebekah just couldn't resist leaning down further and kissing the other girl for a few long minutes before pulling back and once again establishing eye contact.

By the time she did Elena was getting pretty desperate to cum, or at least receive a harder bumming, but Elena was being a good girl and not saying anything without permission, just like Rebekah had commanded her too. Part of Rebekah was very tempted to keep gently pumping Elena's arse until the other girl broke and begged for what she wanted. Given Rebekah's supernatural stamina she was confident that she could out last her girlfriend. However she knew that they both could be stubborn, especially old Elena, and Rebekah was impatient by nature, so ultimately, she decided to take pity on her lover and give her permission to speak.

"You wanna cum?" Rebekah purred, and then when Elena frantically nodded she followed up with, "Then tell me. Tell me just how badly you want it, and maybe I'll let you."

"Please Rebekah, let me cum." Elena instantly started to plead, "Please fuck my ass nice and hard and make me cum. Ooooooooooh Gooooooooooddddddddd, this feels so good. I love the feeling of your cock in my ass, mmmmmmmmm, but I want more. I want you to fuck me harder. I need you to pound my butt hole and make me cum. Please Rebekah, slam my ass hole and make it yours! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, remind me why I chose you. Remind me that you fuck me better than anyone else, oooooooohhhhhhh, that I'm your little dyke bitch and you fucking own me! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddd pound me, please pound my ass, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Elena was 100% sure she said a lot more than that, but as she spoke Rebekah slowly but gradually picked up the pace pushing her ever closer to her climax. It wasn't long before Elena was on the edge, Rebekah keeping her there while she babbled desperately, and mostly incoherently. Then finally she increased the pace a little more, giving Elena the ecstasy she craved. Not that it was quite as hard as when she was a vampire, Rebekah noticeably holding back as she was no doubt worried about her well-being. Still, Elena felt she could take more than this, although she was too busy screaming in pleasure to communicate that.

Rebekah smirked down at her handiwork, then after arse fucking her girlfriend through another couple of orgasms in that position she flipped them so she was on her back with a confused Elena sat on her lap. Then she slapped Elena's cute little behind and ordered, "Ride me. You want more orgasms? Work for them, my little ass slut!"

Deliriously horny Elena let out a long groan, then slowly lifted herself up and then dropped herself down. As that unsurprisingly felt amazing Elena did it again and again, abusing her own ass hole with glee as she moaned, gasped, whimpered and cried out in pleasure, slowly but surely getting back to the point she had been at before. Namely on the verge of orgasm, then going over the edge, only this time as Elena was in complete control she slammed her own back hole up and down as long and as hard as she could, using every ounce of strength to brutalise her own butt hole.

The thing which pushed her over the edge this time wasn't only extra hard thrusts, it was opening her eyes and looking down at the woman underneath her. It was locking eyes with Rebekah, the older girl with that sexy British accent smirking at her in a way which would have probably made her cum even if there hadn't been a large dildo hammering her sensitive back passage. But it was, and that combined with the look in Rebekah's eyes, and that wonderful smile, had Elena receive the most powerful climax she had yet tonight. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, until Elena felt exhausted.

Just as Elena thought she was going to collapse Rebekah called out, "Turn around. Let me see that cute little booty of yours bounce for me."

At that point Elena wasn't sure she had the strength to continue, let alone receive another climax, but after the incredible pleasure she had just received she couldn't at least try and obey Rebekah. And to her credit Elena managed to turn herself around without allowing the entire length of the dildo to leave her ass hole. About half of it did, and she moves super slowly thanks to her entire body aching, and when she finally started to sodomise herself again Elena whimpered in mostly pain as her sore ass desperately needed a break. However Katherine had done things like this all the time, and the twisted part of Elena which was let off the leash when she was emotionless she loved this feeling of being pushed to her limit.

Rebekah knew she was pushing her luck, but she wanted to make this fuck memorable, and Elena had made a point to confess she liked to be pushed to her limits. Ok, that was at the emotionless Elena, but that was just Elena without shame, so Rebekah was confident that her girlfriend would enjoy it. Rebekah certainly did, her eyes locked to where Elena's cute little booty was bouncing for her, the cheeks jiggling ever so slightly as the dildo disappeared and reappeared from in between those wonderful cheeks Rebekah was so fascinated with. Then after a few minutes of that she pulled them apart with her bare hands so she could get an even better look at Elena anally riding her cock.

As fascinated as Rebekah was with that ultra-perverted sight she paid attention to the rest of Elena. Specifically her breathing and all the different sounds escaping from her lips. After initial discomfort Elena did get into the swing of things again, but after a couple more orgasms it became clear she was out of steam, Rebekah momentarily considering letting Elena rest only to decide she wasn't yet done with this gorgeous girl. No, she needed to make a statement, so Rebekah sat up, pushed Elena down onto her hands and knees and started sodomising the other girl with renewed vigour.

When she had established a steady rhythm Rebekah reached out, collected a handful of Elena's hair and yanked it backwards, "Mine! You're all mine Elena! Say it!"

"I'm yours! All yours!" Elena squealed in between cries of pleasure, "I'm your slut! I'm your bitch, I'm your whore, I'm your girl, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, I'll be whatever you want me to be, just make me cum! Mmmmmmmm, fuck my ass, oh God, I love it up my ass, I'm your ass slut, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddddd, Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"

With those words Rebekah let go of Elena's hair and concentrated on roughly pounding her girlfriend's butt with as much power and speed as she dared, in the process making Elena's screams so allowed every vampire in the country, if not the world, had to hear her. The darker side of Rebekah liked that. Like that she was staking her claim, and wanted Damon and Stefan to hear them and know Elena was hers, and she wasn't giving her up for anything. Mostly though she just wanted to make Elena cum, succeeding in that goal and then some, in the process achieving several climaxes of her own thanks to the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of arse fucking Elena Gilbert/dominating another woman in this primal way.

All too soon Elena's arms gave way, leaving her face down on the mattress, and although Rebekah continued the sodomy through a couple more orgasms when Elena seemed to pass out she removed her dildo from the now gaping butt hole and collapsed down onto her back. To her surprise the weak and feeble human then crawled between her legs and took the cock which had just been in her ass into her mouth, just like when she had been a vampire. Ok, it took Elena about a minute longer to recover, but it was still impressive, and as Elena began bobbing her head up and down that butt flavoured strap-on Rebekah smiled wickedly and began to stroke the head of her beloved.

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship." Rebekah quipped, Elena looking up at her and grinning around the cock in her mouth.


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