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Author's note: This story takes place just after Episode 19 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Frustrating Part 9
by MTL ([email protected])

Rebekah and Elena had spent the rest of the day making love nearly non-stop. The only times they stopped were for dinner and to allow Elena to recover, and that was fine with Rebekah because all that sex worked up an appetite and when she wasn't ravishing her girlfriend she was snuggling with her, and having Elena Gilbert laying in her arms was almost as good as making love to her. Especially as this was the old Elena Gilbert, human again and amazingly choosing her, making Rebekah feel like she had a stupid grin on her face all night, or at least during the snuggling. In the early hours of the morning Elena finally passed out, leaving Rebekah to lie there like the lovesick fool she was and stared at beautiful sleeping form of her beloved until she too slipped into unconsciousness.

She awoke many hours later to the delightfully familiar sensation of having her pussy licked, Rebekah learning that apparently human Elena had no problems waking her the same way vampire Elena had. And oh was she grateful for that. Unfortunately after some fantastic but way too brief sex Elena insisted they leave their home and go in search of Elena's friends so she could apologise to them. As Rebekah feared for Elena safety she insisted on going on ahead, arguing she could be there and back in a flash and this way her friends would have some time to prepare to see her rather than Elena ambushing them. Reluctantly Elena had relented and Rebekah had kissed her and then used super speed to run over to Caroline's home.

It was there she made the most wonderful discovery. The front door was locked but after hearing familiar cries of pleasure inside Rebekah couldn't resist picking the lock and creeping inside as quietly as she could. There in the centre of the Bennett living room was a completely naked Caroline Forbes with an equally naked Bonnie Bennett kneeling behind her and from the looks of it pumping a strap-on dildo in and out of her friend. Or at least that was Rebekah's best guess, given everything she could see, and it seemed Caroline was only too happy to confirm her suspicions.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck me, mmmmmmmmm, fuck me Bonnie!" Caroline moaned shamelessly, blissfully unaware she was being watched, "Oooooooooh fuck my pussy, fuck my tight little white pussy with your big black cock! Mmmmmmmmm, pound your bitch deep and hard!"

Part of Rebekah wanted to stay, but this was just too delightful an opportunity to pass up on. So as quietly as possible she left Bonnie's home, waiting until she got outside to super speed back to her love nest, snatched her lover from it and brought her back to where the fun was in a matter of seconds. She then pressed her finger to her lips, silently instructing Elena to stay quiet. Elena was clearly confused, but when she heard the same familiar cries of pleasure Rebekah had moments ago her eyes were wide and she closely followed Rebekah in a stunned silence, although Rebekah positioned herself behind Elena and quickly covered her mouth before Elena could say anything and give away their presence.

"Yessssssssss, stick your finger up my ass! Mmmmmmmm, that feels so good!" Caroline moaned happily, obviously unaware she had gained an extra viewer, or anyone had been watching in the first place, "Ohhhhhhhhh, give me more! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can take two! I can take as many fingers as you want to give me!"

"How about my cock?" Bonnie grinned, "Will you take that up your butt?"

"Oh God yes, please Bonnie give me your cock! I want your cock up my butt so bad! Please butt fuck me like the nasty little slut I am!" Caroline cried out gleefully, "Fuck my butt, butt fuck me, fuck me in the butt, oooooooooooh, just take my slutty little ass and use it for your pleasure!"

"Prove it!" Bonnie challenged, "Spread your cheeks and show me the hole you gave up so eagerly to Elena!"

Elena blushed during the sound of her name being referenced like that, and she felt guilty about what she had done to these girls. To her best friends. The two people who had always been there for her, and in the last few weeks she had tried to kill them both and succeeded in turning both of them into depraved lesbian sluts. Or at least awoken something inside of them, because these were not the same two girls she had known all her life. Elena certainly could have never imagined she'd ever see Caroline press her face to the floor and reach back to spread her own ass cheeks so it would be easier for Bonnie to thrust a strap-on into her ass, but that was exactly what she was now seeing.

From her current position Elena didn't get a good look at the anal penetration, but the conversation her two friends had just had combined with Bonnie's movements made it pretty clear what was happening. It was the same story about a few minutes later when Bonnie buried every inch of her cock up Caroline's butt and, after giving the white girl a few seconds to relax, the black girl began pumping her hips back and forth, her best friend obviously beginning to officially butt fuck her other best friend, much to Caroline's delight.

"Ohhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass! Oh Bonnie!" Caroline moaned in blissful happiness, "Mmmmmmmm, take my slutty little ass and turn it into your personal fuck hole!"

Even though Caroline said a lot more than that Elena was barely aware of it, first because she was trying to wriggle out of Rebekah's grasp and leave. Then Rebekah shoved her hand down Elena's pants and started rubbing her pussy. It shouldn't have been an excuse, but Elena was just so horny after her long night of consummating her relationship with Rebekah, and now with this sexy showing front of her she honestly didn't try that hard to get away. In fact it wasn't long before she gave up altogether and just enjoyed the unique sight of watching one of her best friends fucking the other in the butt.

As hot as that sight was it was Rebekah shoving two fingers inside of her which finally had Elena ceasing her struggles entirely, although that just created a bigger problem. Namely staying quiet enough that they wouldn't be discovered by her friends, initially Rebekah helping her with that but it wasn't long before her girlfriend switched from a gentle fingering to pounding Elena's pussy as hard as she could without using her supernatural powers. Then Rebekah took her hand off of her mouth, causing her to cry out and then Bonnie and Caroline to turn to look at them with a horrified expression on their faces and then simultaneously cried out her name.

"Please, don't stop on our account." Rebekah grinned.

There was silence for a long time, Bonnie not moving a muscle. Even though she had all her cock buried in her best friend's butt. Then a blushing Elena moaned, "Please keep going. It's so hot watching you two fuck."

If that wasn't shocking enough for the Witch Caroline whimpered, "Please Bonnie, I'm so close!"

Caroline was waiting for another couple of extremely long seconds, then Bonnie slowly pulled her hips back and then pushed them forwards, officially beginning to butt fuck her again, much to Caroline's delight. Closing her eyes Caroline let out a long cry of pleasure and then just enjoyed the sensation of being ass fucked again, then she opened her mouth to beg Bonnie to fuck her harder. She hesitated for about a minute as she didn't want to push her best friend when she wasn't ready, but then Bonnie quickly established a steady rhythm and as she didn't seem nervous at all Caroline figured it was okay to beg.

So she did, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck my slutty little ass harder! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Bonnie! Fuck me harder Bonnie! Fuck my ass, ass fuck me, fuck me up the ass, oooooooooh Gooooooooodddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, fuck me! FUCK ME! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, I want my best friend to bang my butt while my other best friend and her girlfriend watch! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, oh Bonnie, make me your anal slut! Mmmmmmmmmm, I wanna be your dirty little ass whore and take it up my butt whenever you want! Yesssssssssssss, oh God, oh Bonnie, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

At first Bonnie still seemed to ignore her, Caroline glancing over her shoulder nervously, afraid she had pushed things too far. However, Bonnie appeared to be grinning happily, so Caroline kept begging, even when Bonnie finally gave her what she wanted and began increasing the pace. Of course her words became increasingly nasty, even as she became increasingly incoherent, and then when Caroline couldn't utter a single word coherently Elena and Rebekah started picking up the slack, much to the submissive blonde's delight.

"Yeahhhhhhh, fuck her arse! Fuck Caroline right up her tight little arse!" Rebekah encouraged with a smirk, "Oh yes, fuck her. Mmmmmmm, fuck her arse. Fuck it hard and deep and make it yours! Oooooooh yes, you want that arse Bonnie? Take it! Ohhhhhhh yeah, take that arse and make Caroline your bitch!"

"Yesssssss, do it Bonnie!" Elena moaned, "Make Caroline yours! Mmmmmmm, fuck her ass, ohhhhhhhhh, that's so hot, oh my God, fuck her! Fuck her hard and make her cum! Ooooooooh fuck! Fuck her! Fuck me! Oh God Rebekah, fuck me! Mmmmmm, fuck me hard. Fuck me as hard as Bonnie is pounding Caroline's slutty little ass hole."

Caroline had opened her eyes a while ago, but she hadn't really focused on her audience. The fact that they had been just out of her eye line helped, but now they had moved closer and particularly seeing Elena watch her getting ass fucked by Bonnie was incredible thrill, because it was one best friend sodomising her while the other was watching, their entire childhood flashing before Caroline's eyes as Bonnie effortlessly pushed her closer and closer to orgasm. And when she finally received that wonderfully hard climax, Caroline was staring into Elena's eyes while Bonnie roughly took her ass with what had to be every ounce of her strength.

Even though she continued staring at Elena for the next few minutes, or however long it was, Caroline kind of looked right through her, the whole world melting away until there was nothing but that huge dildo slamming in and out of her ass hole. Well, that and the heavenly sensations rocking Caroline to her very core, her cum squirting from her cunt as she slammed back against Bonnie like an animal in heat. Between her second and third anally induced climax Caroline wondered if Bonnie had used a spell to compete with the likes of Elena and Rebekah, ultimately figuring she probably had and being flattered that Bonnie would do that for her.

Bonnie had done that, and truthfully it wasn't for Caroline. It was for herself, as in that moment she not only wanted to measure up to Elena and Rebekah, but she wanted to give Caroline the greatest ass fucking of her life. She wanted to butt fuck Caroline so good that she would never be satisfied again by Elena and/or Rebekah, that her best friend would always come to her when she wanted a little lesbian loving, and Caroline would beg her for it. Caroline would beg Bonnie to fuck her without being prompted. Beg to be fucked in various different nasty ways which would make them both experienced the kind of incredible orgasms Caroline was now receiving, and that Bonnie felt herself on the edge of. Most of all, Bonnie just wanted to make Caroline hers.

She felt like an idiot for not realising it sooner but Bonnie wanted Caroline. Not as a platonic best friend, but as her lesbian lover. Her girlfriend. Maybe someday her wife. Most importantly, and worst, of all... Bonnie wanted Caroline to be her bitch. Her slut, her whore, her naughty lesbian sex slave, etc. She knew that last part was wrong, and it was perverted enough to want a sexual relationship with one of her oldest friends, but Bonnie just couldn't help it. Elena, the evil vampire version, had corrupted her into wanting her very own lesbian sex slave, and no matter how wrong it was in that moment Bonnie was determined to make Caroline what evil Elena had promised her, her bitch. Oh yes, Elena had promised her Caroline Forbes as her bitch, and now Bonnie would fulfil that promise herself.

The idea of Caroline becoming hers, combined with the constant bashing against her clit from the stimulator inside the harness and the sheer joy of sodomising another girl, and a powerful vampire at that, cause Bonnie to have an amazing orgasm. Not quite as powerful as Caroline's, or, the ones she'd received when Elena, Caroline and Rebekah had made her air tight, but still pretty powerful and like the ones she was now giving Caroline it wasn't long before Bonnie was cumming over, and over, and over again.

Despite this overwhelming pleasure Bonnie pushed through her tiredness, with a little help from her magic, to continue brutalising Caroline's butt hole. Knowing the vampire's body would heal regardless of how hard she butt fucked her with that dildo Bonnie made sure to pretty much literally wreck Caroline's rectum, the little blonde butt slut screaming in pure pleasure the entire time while every so often somehow finding the strength to coherently beg for more. Which of course only pushed Bonnie to ass fuck Caroline harder, at least until she felt she was about to faint, and she only stopped then because she didn't trust Rebekah enough not to retaliate for what she did to Klaus.

There was a long pause, followed by Rebekah speaking up, "So, you clearly decided to make Caroline yours... does that mean you intend to honour the other part of our agreement?"

There was another pause, in which Caroline was clearly too embarrassed to look up while Elena looked back and forth between her friends and her girlfriend while Bonnie and Rebekah stared at each other, then Bonnie turned to Elena and softly asked, "Is that what you want?"

"I, I... I don't know." Elena stammered, and then after another pause admitted, "I, I guess more than anything, I want us to be friends again."

"I'd like that." Bonnie smiled, pulling her dildo out of Caroline's ass hole and moving to her friend, only to be distracted by the damage she had done to her other friend's most private hole.

Seeing the way Elena stared downwards at Bonnie's strap-on Caroline admitted, "I'd like us to be friends with benefits. At least some of the time, unless you guys are totally against it."

Both Bonnie and Elena blushed, but after a few seconds Bonnie admitted, "Me too."

After a second or two Elena turned to Rebekah and asked, "Any objections?"

"Absolutely not." Rebekah grinned, reaching out and gently taking Elena's hand with her own, "Just as long as you remember you're mine."

"And Caroline's mine." Bonnie said, feeling emboldened enough to add, "And I'm not going to be your bitch."

Elena nodded, smiled and slowly advanced on her friend, "That's ok with me. In fact, to make up for my recent behaviour, maybe I could be your bitch."

Bonnie stared at Elena lustfully for a few seconds, and then admitted, "You know I don't blame you, right? You weren't yourself."

"Because I made a choice." Elena pointed out, "Sure, I was devastated by Jeremy's death, but I still knowingly made a bad choice, and you both suffered because of it."

For a few seconds Bonnie thought about it, then she took a couple of steps towards Elena and said, "Well, if you really want to make it up to us, who are we to argue?"

Glancing briefly to her approaching friend's lips Elena smiled softly, "So... shall we take this to the bedroom?"

"Later." Bonnie said, "First I want you to get down on your knees and suck my cock!"

Elena didn't hesitate dropping to her knees and wrapping her lips around the strap-on cock which had just been pulled from the deepest of Caroline's ass. As she moaned softly at the taste Elena took couple of seconds to think about how weird that was. Only a couple of months ago these were her platonic life mates, and now it felt practically normal for her to be sucking the ass cream of one of them off a dildo strapped round the other's waist. Then again her life had gotten increasingly weird over the past few years, proving that this world was far more crazy than she could have ever imagined, and compared to some of the horrors she had endured becoming friends with benefits with her best friends seemed blissful.

Especially as this was Bonnie getting her revenge, the very idea of it making Elena incredibly wet, and that was before Bonnie grabbed her hair and encouraged her, "Come on Elena, I know you can do better than that. Yes, Caroline told me all about you and Rebekah. That you just loved being her little cock sucker, and I'm betting you still do. More importantly I bet you still love being her little cock cleaner, sticking that strap-on of hers straight down your throat after it's pounded one of your fuck holes, and I want you to suck my cock clean with at least half the enthusiasm you apparently show Rebekah's cock. Ohhhhhhhhh yes, suck it! Just like that, take it deep. Clean every drop of Caroline's ass off that dick you nasty little ass to mouth slut!"

Taking the encouragement to heart Elena quickly went from gently sucking the head of the dildo to slurping it greedily until she had every drop of ass juice from it. Then she started bobbing her head up and down, taking an additional inch every time until it was hitting the back of her mouth. Then after a little while lingering on that part of the cock she started pushing it into her throat. Which wasn't as easy now she was human again, but she remembered Katherine's training which eventually allowed Elena to take every inch of that dildo into her mouth and down her throat, even if she did choke and gag a bit along the way.

She then paused there for a few seconds with the entire dildo down her throat and then looked up to Bonnie for approval, who happily gave her plenty of it. Elena revelled in that verbal abuse, then she removed the dildo completely from her mouth and gasped for breath. She still wasn't used to being human again, but she wasn't going to let that stop her from giving a blow job a porn star would be proud of, Elena once again taking the strap-on into her mouth and deep within her throat, this time bobbing her head up and down the entire length of the shaft to make sure there wasn't a single drop of butt juice left on the fake dick.

Part of Bonnie never wanted the blow job to end, but there were so many other things she wanted to do, so a few minutes after Elena started sliding her mouth up and down the entire dildo she roughly pulled her friend off her cock and grinned, "Wow, and I thought Caroline was an ass to mouth loving cock sucker. Mmmmmmm, that was impressive, but how about we go upstairs and have some real fun?"

Getting off her knees Elena grinned, "Lead the way."

"Oh no, you two take off your clothes first." Bonnie ordered firmly, then when Rebekah gave her a look she shrugged, "What? It's only fair, given you two barged in on us."

"She's right." Elena quipped after looking over her shoulder at her scowling girlfriend, "It's the least we can do."

For a moment it looked like Rebekah would complain, then in a flash she was naked, the Original vampire using her super speed to make sure in a matter of seconds she was only wearing an evil smile. In stark contrast Elena chose to take her time, and while it wasn't the longest striptease she'd ever given it seem to please her audience almost as much as the blow job she had just given, her childhood friends staring at her lustfully before Bonnie mumbled something and turn to the stairs, the others quickly following her as they headed to Caroline's bedroom. Once they arrived there was a moment of awkwardness, than Elena closed the distance between herself and Bonnie and kissed her, delighting in making one friend taste the other's ass on her lips and tongue.

"So, what do you want to do with me?" Elena asked in a husky voice after she'd broken the kiss.

"Well, since you've just proven to me what a great cock sucker you are, let's see how you do with pussy." Bonnie said after a moment of thought, gently but firmly pushing Elena down to her knees, "Come on, don't be shy. I'm still all wound up from fucking Caroline, who told me all about how much you love eating pussy, but now I want to see it. I want to oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddddddd yessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, lick me! Lick me just like that Elena, mmmmmmmm fuck!"

At this point Bonnie honestly wasn't sure what she was expecting. Sure, she knew Elena was human again, but part of her was expecting the wicked vampire of the past few weeks who was responsible for leading them down this perverted road. And just because Elena was human didn't mean things were back to normal, if they could even get anywhere near normalcy again. Not that Bonnie particularly wanted them too, as she didn't want to lose the opportunity of having sex with her friends, although she at least would like Elena back as a friend, and had nearly killed herself to get it.

Bonnie's hopes for a friends with benefits arrangement for herself and Elena was certainly looking good, and just the first lick of Elena's tongue against her twat made Bonnie feel like whatever she had gone through with Klaus was totally worth it. The next handful of licks only confirmed it, Bonnie closing her eyes and savouring every soft caress of Elena's wonderful little tongue. It was so blissful that the whole world melted away and there was nothing but pleasure. Then she was so rudely interrupted by the other half of the duo responsible for all of this. Not that she addressed her directly.

"Caroline, get over here and eat my pussy." Rebekah ordered.

"No!" Bonnie said firmly before Caroline could do as she was told, then open her eyes and then looked at Rebekah, "I think we should treat Elena like the slut she is and share her mouth."

There was a long pause and then Rebekah crossed her arms and huffed, "Fine, how about we start right now? Pass Elena back and forth like a little piece of meat, each of us enjoying a few licks before passing her to one of the others? That way all three of us get some satisfaction, and Elena gets to sample all our pussies pretty much all at once. Which was something Caroline loved, isn't that right slut?"

"Oh yes." Caroline eagerly agreed, nodding her head at Rebekah before turning her attention to Bonnie, "I loved being passed around. It made me feel like such a slut, and I loved licking Elena's and Rebekah's pussies like that. Mmmmmmm, it was almost like tasting them at the same time."

For a moment Bonnie thought about this, then somewhat reluctantly she said, "Fine, just don't hog your girlfriend's mouth all to yourself."

Rebekah grinned wickedly, "Oh I promise, I won't."

Bonnie then gently pushed Elena away, who had been licking her cunt during that conversation like a good sub, "What are you waiting for? Show us all what a eager little cunt licker you are for Rebekah Mikaelson!"

Rebekah was delighted to see that Elena didn't need much more encouragement, her girlfriend turning to her and shuffling over to her what was probably as fast as she could now she was human again. Elena then gave her an eager smile before burying her face in her cunt and immediately starting to lick, causing Rebekah in turn to let out a loud moan of pleasure and slide her fingers into Elena's luscious brown locks. Well, the second thing wasn't involuntary, but it was still a byproduct of Elena starting to lick her pussy, and if Rebekah used it as an excuse to push her girlfriend's pretty face deeper into her pussy then so be it.

Another reason this was a frequent occurrence was because it made Rebekah feel a touch more powerful. Of course she was the most powerful one here, with only Bonnie potentially providing her a challenge in a straight up fight, but that wasn't really the point. The point was that she was acting as Elena's Dom again, a role she excelled at, and after very recently topping the other two women in the room, one of whom was a total bottom, it seemed only right she was top dog for this wonderfully wicked occasion. Which, of course, was something Rebekah chose to emphasise as she encouraged Elena to lick her pussy like a good girl.

"Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss Elena, lick me! Lick my cunt while your little friends watch!" Rebekah commanded her girl, while switching her gaze back and forth between Elena and her watching friends, particularly giving the latter a wicked smirk as she continued, "Mmmmmmmm, yes that's it, just like that, embrace your inner rug muncher, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh Elena, you've become such a wonderful little rug munching dyke. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, I've turned you into such a talented little pussy slut, haven't I darling? Mmmmmmmm, or have you been lying to me? Did you dyke out with these submissive sluts before even Katherine got her filthy hands on you? Huh? Mmmmmmm, probably not. I'm not convinced these two have what it takes to top you."

Unsurprisingly Caroline didn't seem to be too bothered by the jab, but as it turned out Bonnie had a terrible poker face and glared at her. Not that it stopped Rebekah from taunting them, or her beloved Elena. What did give her some pause however was the impressed look in Elena's eyes which Rebekah could see from between her legs. As Rebekah couldn't stand the thought of losing Elena now she truly had her she decided to concentrate her dirty talk on Elena herself, which of course just made Elena lick her more eagerly, even lingering on her clit for ten glorious seconds. Then sadly they were rudely interrupted.

"What did I say about hogging your girlfriend?" Bonnie quipped, and then when the older woman gave her a look she quickly added, "Come on Rebekah, be fair. It's Caroline's turn."

There was a brief pause and then Rebekah reluctantly agreed, "Indeed it is."

She then let go of Elena's hair and without any verbal encouragement necessary the doppelganger pulled her face out of Rebekah's pussy, turned around and crawled to where Caroline was now standing. Which was a shame because Rebekah would have liked to have said something, but she momentarily forgot how to talk while watching the girl she once thought of as self-righteous slowly crawling on her hands and knees, showing off that magnificent body of hers in the process. Even seeing Caroline looking so awkward and out of place in the role of top was adorably distracting, Rebekah very much enjoying the little show she was receiving.

Caroline let out a sharp cry of pleasure as Elena reached her and, after a wicked smile, slid her tongue quickly over her pussy. She then repeated the lick over and over again, strategically finding all the girl cum left over from when Bonnie had been butt fucking her earlier. That included a few long licks up and down Caroline's long legs, but whenever Elena took a break to do that she made sure to give Caroline's pussy half a dozen licks before she tried again. Then when there was no cum left to greedily swallow Elena concentrated her licks on Caroline's clit while rubbing and then sliding a finger inside her cunt.

To which Caroline was very grateful for. Not just for the fingering itself, although that was superb. No, she liked it because it was a small sign of Elena taking charge. Which was a wonderful relief, because Caroline felt completely out of her element standing there like she was some kind of top and not the submissive little lesbian slut the wonderful girl who was now on her knees for her had shown her she truly was. Oh yes, Caroline would be forever grateful to Elena Gilbert, and to a somewhat lesser extent Rebekah Mikaelson, for 'turning her out' and making her realise she was addicted to pussy.

Of course Caroline loved all aspects of lesbian sex, and while it had been unusual for Mistress Elena or Mistress Rebekah to go down on her it wasn't unheard of, so even though her current position didn't come naturally to her Caroline couldn't complain. In fact she wasn't complaining very loudly. Although she left the dirty talk to Rebekah, who was far more skilled in such things, which was causing her pussy to drip almost as much as Elena's tongue on her clit and her finger in her cunt. Well, almost. In fact definitely not, because as if she could read her mind Elena pushed a second finger into Caroline's cunt and rapidly increase the pace of the finger fucking. Although Rebekah's words had something to do with that, and the words themselves were at least a very nice bonus to what was physically happening to her.

"Oh yes, that's it love, fuck that little dyke pussy with your queer little fingers! Mmmmmm yesssssss, fuck her nice and hard!" Rebekah cried out in delight, "Yes, push her to the edge of orgasm, but don't you dare make her cum. Which I know is hard for a cum slut like you Elena, but don't worry, you'll be swallowing your best friend's cum soon enough. Both of them! Ooooooooh yes, soon you will be swallowing Caroline's cum, Bonnie's cum and most importantly my cum like the greedy little girl cum whore we all know you are, but first you need to earn it. Isn't that right Bonnie?"

"Right." Bonnie agreed, and then before Rebekah could begin her commentary again called out, "Elena! That's enough! Any more and slutty little Caroline will cum, and we're not ready for that. Not yet. Oh yes, we don't want Caroline to cum again so quickly, so get over here and eat my pussy! It's my turn with your talented little tongue."

Not needing any more encouragement Elena pulled her fingers out of Caroline's cunt and her mouth away from it, turned her attention to Bonnie and crawled over to her. This of course practically left Caroline whimpering with need. She had been so close, so fucking close to another orgasm, but she knew if she tried fucking herself straightaway she would be told off, and maybe even punished. After all, she may be standing with Bonnie and Rebekah now, but it was very clear that she was no top, nor did she want to be. But she practically needed to cum, so she patiently waited for Elena to crawl across the floor and bury her face into Bonnie's pussy, then as subtly as she could Caroline slid a hand to her twat.

She had barely touched it before Bonnie shot her head up and glared at her, "Caroline! No! Don't do oooooooh fuck. Oh, that's so good. Mmmmmmm, you're licking me sooooooooo goooooddddddd Elena, mmmmmmmm, but Caroline, you have to wait. You have to wait for permission like a good girl."

"Yes Caroline, don't you dare deny my Elena your cum." Rebekah grinned as Caroline reluctantly pulled her hand away from her pussy, "Oh yes, don't you dare deny my girlfriend Elena Gilbert the privilege of having your cum squirting down her throat and all over her pretty little face. Mmmmmm yes, do as you're told while Elena eats our cunts like the little rug munching slut she is."

Elena smiled into Bonnie's pussy, loving every word that came out of her girlfriend's pretty mouth. Particularly how she called Elena her girlfriend and how proud she sounded of that fact, which warmed the doppelganger's heart. Also a twisted part of her loved the way that Caroline was still very much a bottom, even as she was technically topping her. Or perhaps more accurately her would be a toy. Oh yes, Caroline Forbes was a little fuck toy Bonnie and Rebekah were using to dominate Elena. Just like a strap-on, or one of the other toys that Rebekah occasionally used on her. Yes, Elena loved that idea, especially as it was so accurate.

These things only pushed Elena to lick Bonnie more enthusiastically. Then Rebekah, and then Caroline, and then Bonnie again, Elena forced to crawl back and forth between her friends and girlfriend for what felt like hours. It probably was at least one, as Elena licked pussy until her tongue was sore and her knees ached from holding all her own wait for so long, which was both heaven and hell for the now former vampire. Elena loved it because she felt so dominated, and perhaps more importantly her whole world became pussy cream, until it was like she was eating out Bonnie, Caroline and Rebekah all at the same time. However she also hated it because her body burned for attention, and to be allowed to make the other girls cum. Oh how Elena wanted to make the other girls cum.

After what felt like an eternity Bonnie whimpered, "Okay, that's enough, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, make me cum! Please Elena, make me ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd!"

Not needing any more encouragement, or wanting to give Rebekah the chance to talk Bonnie out of it, Elena slammed her tongue as deep as it would go into her friend's pussy and ruthlessly tongue fucked her until she got what she had been craving so badly. When Bonnie's cum hit her taste-buds Elena moaned loudly and almost came herself. Unfortunately she didn't, but she did pull her tongue out, so she could concentrate on swallowing at least the majority of the yummy girl cum and then quickly shove her tongue back inside Bonnie so she could tongue fuck her to another climax.

Because she was so close already Bonnie greedily allowed it, and then forcefully pushed Elena's head away and told her, "That was amazing. Mmmmmm, you're an amazing pussy pleaser Elena. Now remind Caroline and Rebekah of that. Yes, that's right Elena, I want you to make them cum, just as hard as you just made me cum."

Beaming happily Elena turned to Rebekah only for the Original to display surprising selflessness, "No sweetie, I think Caroline needs it more."

"Oh God, thank you so much Rebekah." Caroline whimpered before turning back to her friend, "Please Elena, please make me cum."

"Yes, that's it Elena, get over there and make that slut cum!" Rebekah grinned as she watched her girlfriend eagerly crawl over to Caroline and bury her face in her twat, "Oh yes, make her cum in your hot little mouth and all over your pretty little face. Mmmmmm, let it join Bonnie's cum so you have both your best friends' cum all over your face, and in your belly, you perverted little slut."

Clearly taking it on herself to provide commentary as Bonnie was too busy recovering and Caroline was too busy screaming in ecstasy Rebekah said a lot more, although Elena barely heard it, because she was too busy swallowing cum. It had been so easy to make Caroline cum. It was always so easy to make Caroline cum. This girl was just such a slut for lesbian sex that Elena would never cease to be amazed that Caroline, and nobody else, had figured out this girl was gay. Oh well, at least her emotional self had done a surprising amount of good, Elena enjoying the benefits as Caroline, and the other two girls, allowed Elena to make the submissive blonde cum several times in her mouth and all over her face before she was told to move on to her favourite pussy.

"STOP!" Rebekah yelled, making sure that it would get Elena's attention before she smiled, "My turn."

Rebekah was pretty sure she kept smiling as Elena slowly crawled over to her with a wicked smirk on her face, before kneeling before her and beginning to lick her now very needy cunt. Given that she was just over 1000 years old it stood to reason that Rebekah had plenty of stamina, and she was very proud of that fact, but even Original vampires had their limits. She certainly showed more patients than her brothers, or even herself on most days, by letting Caroline and Bonnie cum first, and although that was rewarding Rebekah was very much need attention herself. Which was why she let out such pitiful cry when Elena's tongue slid across her cunt again.

However she wasn't the only one in desperate need of an orgasm. No, Rebekah could smell Elena's need. She could smell it before, but she had become an expert on knowing when Elena Gilbert needed to cum. So in an act of mercy Rebekah allowed a couple of teasing licks to her pussy, then using her supernatural speed she reached down, grabbed Elena, picked her up like she was weightless, turned her around so she was upside down and then buried her face in her twat. During their short but eventful relationship Elena and Rebekah had enjoyed many positions, 69 being a very frequent one, but they'd never done it like this before. In fact, Rebekah couldn't remember doing it before with anyone, but she loved it.

Especially when, after a few seconds of clear surprise, Elena followed her lead by shoving her tongue as deep as it would going to Rebekah and fucking her hard. They continued like that for a few wonderful seconds, both obviously trying to hold back their orgasms so they could make the other cum first. It was close, but Elena's resistance wasn't what it used to be and ultimately she came hard in Rebekah's mouth, the Original desperately swallowing as much of that heavenly liquid as she could. Then and only then did she allow herself to go over the edge and cum in Elena's pretty little mouth, her girlfriend swallowing an impressive amount of girl cum considering she was upside down.

With the floodgates now open Rebekah and Elena were able to make each other climax multiple times. Each of those times they desperately tried to swallow as much as they could, but their faces became increasingly drenched in girl cum. Especially Elena's, which made Rebekah feel weirdly smug. But mostly she felt like she was in heaven. Honestly she would have been happy to continue that until both of them were unconscious. Or probably just the human. Whatever, the point was that Rebekah had completely forgotten that Bonnie and Caroline even existed until some obvious coughing and tapping on her shoulder prompted her to reluctantly lift her head and look at the now strap-on wearing duo.

"So, do you want to give this bitch a taste of her own medicine, or not?" Bonnie enquired, holding out a strap-on for the Original.

For a moment Rebekah considered running off with Elena so she could keep her all to herself, then she rolled her eyes, reluctantly lowered her girlfriend to the ground and took the strap-on from Bonnie, "Fine. Elena, be a dear and suck my cock."

In the blink of an eye Rebekah had equipped herself with the dildo, allowing Elena to respond, "With pleasure."

Elena really meant that. She had been trained by Katherine to love sucking cock, especially the strap-on variety, but during her little adventure with Rebekah she had truly fallen in love with the act, especially when performing at on this beautiful blonde. So Elena smiled happily up at Rebekah during her response and then closed her eyes, lean forward and wrapped her lips around the head of the strap-on. If it had been just the two of them she would have lingered on the head for a while, but knowing she had Caroline and Bonnie waiting their turns Elena quickly started bobbing her head on Rebekah's cock, taking it deep within her throat only minutes after first taking it into her mouth.

Enjoying the show Bonnie stayed silent for quite a while, before finally announcing, "Elena, don't forget about the rest of us."

"Mmmmmmm, yes Elena, go suck your friends' cocks so they can fuck you." Rebekah grinned with delight, "Oh yes, you know how much I love having you on your knees for me, but I don't want to hog that hot little mouth of yours. Not when there are two more big juicy cocks for you to suck. Oh yes, that's it Elena! Crawl over to Bonnie and take her big black cock in your pretty little mouth. Mmmmmmm, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. I've always thought that. Yeahhhhh, take it deep down your throat you little cock sucking slut! Fuck, you're such a dirty little cock sucker."

Unsurprisingly Rebekah continued to offer a running commentary as Elena crawled the short distance to Bonnie and took her friend's cock into her mouth. Not that Elena really minded. Sure, now she had her humanity back she blushed a little, but she loved every word out of Rebekah's mouth as it enhanced the feeling of submission she was enjoying. It also made her feel even more slutty, which was quite an achievement considering she was stuffing her mouth, and then eventually her throat, full of a big black dildo strapped around the waist of her best friend while her other best friend and girlfriend watched with obvious delight.

"That's really good Elena." Bonnie loudly interrupted the Original, "But now it's Caroline's turn."

Before Rebekah could even start her commentary again Elena took Bonnie's cock out of her mouth in search of Caroline's. This time she didn't need to crawl anywhere as Caroline had moved to stand right next to Bonnie, Rebekah doing the same shortly after so that Elena could go back and forth quickly and easily between the three other women, taking each of their dildos into her mouth and down her throat without any more prompting needed. Of course Rebekah was still happy to provide it, with Bonnie occasionally chiming in, but Elena was no longer really concentrating on anything said, her whole world becoming consumed by sucking strap-on cock.

Part of Elena would have been happy to stay like that all night, especially when she bought her hands up to start stroking the two dildos she wasn't sucking, which again enhanced her feeling of slutty submission. But despite just cumming in her girlfriend's mouth and all over her face Elena was craving some satisfaction. More accurately she was craving the feeling of these cocks stuffed into holes on her body which weren't her mouth. Oh yes, she wanted to be made air tight, her girlfriend and friends filling her cunt, mouth and ass all at the same time. Which she had no doubt would happen sooner or later, and thankfully the girl she was now dating was impatient, and thus could be relied on to make sure she wasn't waiting that long.

Although it took longer than anyone could have guessed for Rebekah to order, "Caroline, go lay down on your back. It's high time we made sweet little Elena Gilbert air tight. Don't you agree Bonnie?"

"Oh yes." Bonnie grinned, "Lay down Caroline so Elena can get on top of you. Mmmmmmm, it's time we really got this show on the road."

"You heard your friend love." Rebekah said firmly as Elena continued to bob her mouth on her dildo, "I know you love my cock, but your mouth just isn't enough to please all of us. Mmmmmm yeah, we want all your holes! So go ride Caroline so we can really start using them."

Caroline laid down and watched as Elena gave one final extra-long deep throating to Rebekah's cock before slowly getting on top of her, positioning her pussy over the dildo Caroline was wearing and pushing herself downwards. Remembering the many, many times she had done this when she had been Elena's sex slave Caroline held the base of her strap-on firmly in place as Elena pushed herself down on it and let out a long happy moan, that rubber cock easily sliding into the beautiful brunette. First the head and then the rest of the dildo quickly following, Elena sitting on her lap in what felt like seconds.

Elena gave her a wicked smile before gently starting to bounce on that dick, again reminding Caroline of all those times she had been allowed to lay there and help Mistress Rebekah making a sandwich out of Mistress Elena. Only this was no longer her Mistress Elena. This was now some weak human slut who wanted to make amends for her past mistakes, even though those mistakes had awoken the submissive side of Caroline and made her happier that she could have ever dreamt. No, Caroline didn't want to punish Elena, but she was more than happy to help give her pleasure. Especially now that meant just lying back and letting everyone else do all the work.

Again making this situation feel normal for Caroline Rebekah kneeled over Elena and ordered, "Open up slut. You should know by now that riding a cock is no excuse not to suck cock."

"I agree." Bonnie said after a bit, moving closer, "Suck that cock Elena. Mmmmmmmm, suck your girlfriend's cock, then suck mine."

Only too happy to oblige Elena went back and forth in between the two dildos that were now presented to her, Caroline watching intently with a mixture of jealousy and lust. Caroline loved being double stuffed, and while being in the middle of a DP was preferable there was definitely something to be said for having a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. It had always been a fantasy of hers, but being on both ends of it was better than she ever dreamt. Sure, she preferred being on the receiving end, but giving certainly didn't suck, and not just because of the stimulator inside the harness rubbing her clit with every little movement Elena made.

Right now Caroline had her best friend on top of her, a dildo strapped around her waist buried in the other girl's cunt, Caroline having lesbian sex with one of her oldest friends. She was in a lesbian orgy with her two best friends and a former enemy who was hopefully going to be a powerful ally. Best of all, when Bonnie and Rebekah were done making Elena airtight, it would be Caroline's turn. She was sure of it. Oh yes, the three girls would stuff all three of her fuck holes, or at the very least two of them if Elena was too exhausted to contribute, Caroline struggling not to daydream about that while fucking Elena.

After allowing Elena to go back and forth for a few minutes Bonnie spoke up, "Well Rebekah, aren't you going to make your girl airtight?"

"Oh God yes." Rebekah grinned, scrambling to get behind Elena and then pausing, "No wait, I want to hear her beg. Oh yeah, pull your cock out of your best friends mouth Bonnie, so she can beg us to make her airtight!"

Bonnie blushed, then grinned and then yanked her dildo out of the other brunette's mouth, Elena wasting no time in breathlessly beginning to plead, "Please make me air tight! I wanna be air tight. Mmmmmmm, I want a cock in my mouth while another is in my cunt, and another is in my ass. Oh God Rebekah, please stuff my ass full of cock! I want it so badly. Mmmmmmm, fill my ass and mouth, but especially my ass. Please? You know how much I love it up the ass, especially when there's already a cock in my pussy, so please give me your cock. Or Bonnie could do it. I don't really care, I just want a cock up my ass. Please, just give it to me. Give me at least one more cock so I can feel like a total slut."

While Elena begged Rebekah pulled apart her girlfriend's ass cheeks and licked her lips at the prize before her. Despite the rigorous pounding she had given Elena's behind last night and this morning her girlfriend's arse hole practically looked virgin tight again. Okay, Rebekah had fed Elena some of her blood, but still, it was delightful how tight looking Elena was now. Rebekah couldn't wait to fuck that puckered hole. And she meant that almost literally, as while Rebekah briefly considered licking and/or fingering Elena's bum hole her legendary inpatients kicked in, the oldest woman in the room telling herself that if Elena wasn't ready for this she wouldn't be begging so eagerly for it

So Rebekah let go of one of those lovely ass cheeks, grabbed a firm hold of her dick and pressed it up against what had quickly become her favourite fuck hole. Or at least her favourite hole to fuck with a dildo. Whatever, she couldn't concentrate on that or anything else when she was truly stretching the back hole of her beloved Elena Gilbert, Rebekah watching with glee as Elena's butt hole slowly stretched for the head of her cock, eventually swallowing it with relative ease. In the process Elena proved that she didn't have to worry, the sweet little human once again proving herself an anal whore as she cried out in mostly pleasure as she was anally penetrated.

Elena followed that up with a long moan, and before she had even finished moaning she was begging again, "Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooodddddddddd, fuck me! Mmmmmmmmmm fuck me with every inch of your dick Rebekah! Oh Rebekah, baby, mmmmmmmm please stuff every inch of your strap-on cock up my slutty little ass! Oh fuck! Ass fuck me like the whore I am!"

"Shut up and suck my cock!" Bonnie interrupted, pressing her strap-on against Elena's mouth again.

Not hesitating even for a second Elena wrapped her lips around the head of that cock and started bobbing her head up and down, officially beginning her first-ever time taking three cocks inside her at once. Rebekah took a moment to savour that fact, and admire just how quickly Elena went back to stuffing Bonnie's dildo into her throat, then she turned all of her attention to stuffing Elena's tightest hole. Well, she kept an ear out for intruders, and for a sign that Elena was in pain, but either seemed unlikely. Especially in the case of the latter as Elena further proved herself an anal whore by moaning in pleasure around the cock in her mouth as another slowly filled her arse.

Once she was deeply entrenched inside her lover's rectum Rebekah couldn't help but taunt, "Every inch! Ooooooooh yes, you've got every single inch of my cock up your slutty little arse Elena! Mmmmmmm, just the way you like it. Oh yeah, this is what you begged me for, and I know you're going to love being fucked in the ass, just like you beg for you fucking whore!"

With that Rebekah slowly pulled her hips back and then push them forward, gently beginning to sodomise the woman she loved. Oh yes, she began gently sodomising her beloved Elena Gilbert, the girl who had quickly turned from her most loathsome enemy to the most precious thing she had in this world, Rebekah revelling in how wonderfully perverted this all was as she butt fucked her girlfriend at a slow but steady rhythm. While Elena's two best friends took her mouth and pussy no less, Rebekah almost wishing there was someone else in the room to take pictures. Perhaps she could talk Elena into letting her compelling someone? Or perhaps Damon and Stefan would like to see first-hand their ex-girlfriend embracing her inner lesbian slut.

Despite herself Elena was having similar fantasies, and to her shame it wasn't the first time. Of course Stefan and Damon meant a lot to her, the former her first love and the latter the forbidden fruit which had driven her crazy for so long. Getting together with Damon had been addictive, but not as much as what she used to have with Katherine, which in turn look like it was going to be outdone by what she would have with Rebekah if things like this became a regular occurrence. And oh, how Elena wanted it to be, because this all felt so, so good.

Just when Elena didn't think it could get any better Rebekah broke the silence which had fallen over the room, "Hey Bonnie, fancy swapping? Because if we don't do it now I might not be able to resist making her cum, or tear myself away from this arse, and Elena does so love tasting her own bottom during sex, and I'd hate to deprive her of that."

There was a pause and then Bonnie replied, "Sure, I could go for some Elena ass."

With those words Bonnie pulled her strap-on out of Elena's mouth and walked round. Despite suggesting it Rebekah was less eager to swap holes, but sure enough she slowly pulled her dildo out of Elena's butt, giving the doppelganger a terrible sense of emptiness for a few seconds. Then as soon as Rebekah moved away Bonnie jumped into position and shoved her cock up Elena's tailpipe. Considering they were best friends, and Bonnie had always been so sweet, Elena was surprised at the force which the black girl violated her white ass, and she was also surprised and ashamed it caused her nothing but pleasure, which was obvious from the way she cried out.

It was less surprising that she followed that up with, "Oh God yes, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my tight little white ass Bonnie! Oooooooooh, fuck my butt with your big black dick and make me your little white slut!"

Playing the race card was hot in this situation for some reason. Not that Elena got to analyse it much because Rebekah was soon shoving the cock which had just been up her butt into her mouth. Although it wasn't soon enough for Elena's liking, towards the end of her begging Elena actually glaring at her girlfriend who was just watching her with a grin on her face, although she immediately forgave Rebekah once that tasty treat was in her mouth and she was sucking ass flavoured cock. Sucking the taste of the deepest part of her ass off of the dildo strapped around the waist of her girlfriend, Elena very quickly beginning to deep throat that dildo while staring lovingly at Rebekah who grinned down at her.

Unfortunately her eagerness resulted in her ass cream going very quickly, although the upside was that she could switch to autopilot when it came to giving Rebekah a blow job and concentrate on the butt fucking she was receiving from Bonnie. Not that it was easy to ignore before, but in the time it took Bonnie to establish a rhythm Elena was already stuffing Rebekah's cock down her throat. So when she reached the base Bonnie was fucking her ass deeply and firmly, Elena incredibly impressed because her best friend was holding her own against the doppelganger's previous ass fuckers who were centuries-old vampires.

Bonnie had made Caroline tell her in graphic detail about the blonde vampire's time as Elena's and Rebekah's sex slave. That involved quite a long talk on butt fucking, specifically how Caroline and Elena like to be butt fucked. Bonnie was using all that knowledge to her advantage now, although truth be told there was a certain amount of this which just came naturally to her. Which was weird, because butt fucking one of her best female friends while she was straddling her other best female friend, the three of them along with now perhaps a now former enemy making formally prudish Elena Gilbert airtight, was just about the most unnatural thing Bonnie could imagine. Not that she could have imagined it before this happened, but still.

Not that she concentrated on thinking such things, or really anything, as she was too busy giving Elena what she so desperately wanted, namely a brutally hard butt pounding. It was literally what Elena had asked for, and what Caroline had told her Elena loved, but Bonnie found she was surprised just how easily Elena was taking it and that her friend continued begging for more whenever there wasn't a cock in her mouth. That wasn't often, but it happened, Bonnie and Rebekah switching places over and over again for who knows how long.

All Bonnie knew was that she came multiple times thanks to the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of triple teaming Elena Gilbert, Caroline and Rebekah clearly cumming too although Elena perhaps received more orgasms than all three of the others combined. Bonnie was sure she hadn't cum that much while she was in the middle, and while that made her a little jealous it also proved what a total slut Elena was. Hell, Bonnie was pretty sure Elena came more than Caroline when she was the one getting triple teamed, and that was really saying something. In fact, Bonnie couldn't resist literally saying something.

So drawing attention to this she called out, "Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkkk, I can't believe this! Mmmmmmmm, I can't believe your cumming so hard, and so much, from getting all your holes stuffed. What happened to my friend, huh? Who is this whore that's replaced her? Huh? Fuck Elena, I don't think even Caroline came this much when she was in the middle, which makes you the biggest slut here! Shit, you might just be the biggest slut in the entire world! Ever! What do you think Rebekah? You've lived over 1000 years, have you ever seen a girl sluttier than this?"

Rebekah grinned, "You'd be surprised."

"Really? You've seen another girl sluttier than this?" Bonnie asked in disbelief.

Again Rebekah grinned then suddenly pulled her cock out of Elena, allowed her a few seconds to recover before gently stroking the hair out of her face and lifting her head up so she could softly ask her, "Elena, sweetheart, do you fancy a bit of double anal?"

"What?" Bonnie softly exclaimed, "You can't be serious! You, you mean..."

"Two cocks up the arse? That's exactly what I mean." Rebekah replied dryly, taking her eyes away from Elena only momentarily so she could 'school' Bonnie before turning her attention to her precious Elena, "I've seen it done a few times, and I really want to do it with you. But only on a special occasion, and this seems appropriate. And of course, only if you want too."

There was a long pause where Elena clearly hesitated, then as boldly and as loudly as she could Elena said, "I want too."

"Elena!" Bonnie exclaimed.

"I, I know you're sorry about, everything, but you don't have to do this." Caroline chimed in.

"Enough is enough." Bonnie said firmly.

Taking a deep breath Elena confirmed much more confidently, "No, I seriously want to do this. It's the naughtiest thing I've ever heard, and I really want to do it for you. For Rebekah. I... Rebekah, I want to be the nastiest slut you've ever met. I want to take two cocks up my ass so I can be the biggest anal whore at least in this room, if not ever."

"You'll certainly be one of the biggest I've ever met." Rebekah grinned, before straightening up and ordering, "Caroline, pull your cock out of Elena's cunt and spread her arse cheeks. I want Elena concentrating on relaxing her arse. Mmmmmmm, and I want the best view possible of her bum hole stretching for us."

Instead of obeying right away Caroline looked Elena directly in the eye and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Please Caroline, Bonnie... do this for me. Do it because of everything I did to you, and more importantly because I want it." Elena said firmly.

"Do as she says Caroline." Bonnie pushed after a pause, watching with disbelief as the two blondes got into position, one spreading Elena's ass cheeks and the other pressing her strap-on to that already extremely stretched butt hole.

Bonnie was really nervous about this, but she couldn't take her eyes off of where Caroline was now spreading Elena's ass cheeks and Rebekah was slowly but forcefully pressing her cock against that already cock stuffed hole. Amazingly that hole which was in design to take one cock eventually stretched wide enough to take two, and even though she initially screamed like she was getting torn apart Elena then begged for more, Rebekah happily giving it to her while Caroline and Bonnie just watched in disbelief as their best friend proved herself the biggest anal slut of their little group.

Elena thought she was going to die again, only she still had Rebekah's blood in her system so when she came back a vampire again she would have to explain how her body had been ripped in too from trying to take two strap-on dildos up her butt at the same time. Unless the cure meant she couldn't get turned into a vampire again, in which case she would just crossover to the afterlife, which might actually be worth it considering how thrilling it felt to be this much of a perverted slut.

Physically speaking it was agony in the beginning, but the humiliation of having her ass so obscenely stretched, and envisioning her friends describing this is the thing that ended her, was actually an emotional pleasure the likes of which Elena had never quite felt before. Which fortunately helped her body to relax and accept this extreme misuse, helped along by the best girlfriend ever, Rebekah pushing just about half of her dildo into Elena's greedy butt and then gently beginning to pump her pooper until Elena started moaning with pleasure.

After that Rebekah began butt fucking Elena a little harder and faster, gradually picking up the pace and adding more of her dildo, and it hurt so bad her eyes watered, Elena's back passage stretching like never before, but again she loved the feeling of being so extremely stretched, and once Rebekah completed the anal penetration and Elena had both dildos up her ass the doppelganger pretty much lost her mind. At first she let out a series of incoherent sounds, and then she desperately begged for more, her friends and girlfriend cruelly giggling at her as she did so, which only added to the wonderful humiliation she was feeling.


"Trust me love, we all now know you're the biggest anal whore here." Rebekah grinned wickedly, before turning her attention to the other blonde, "But just so we can be crystal clear, move aside Caroline. Myself and Bonnie are about to give Elena the arse pounding of a lifetime."

Obediently Caroline moved away, allowing Bonnie and Rebekah to start thrusting in and out of Elena's butt hole. Sometimes both at the same time, sometimes one and then the other, Elena having trouble keeping track as the mix of pain and pleasure melted her mind. She certainly had no idea when she started cumming, the sensation suddenly creeping up on her this time, but when it did she became a completely mindless wreck, her hands tearing the bed sheets beneath her hand her screams sounding so loud chances were that everyone in Mystic Falls could hear her, Elena's last coherent thought was that she hoped as many as possible would come running in see what had become of the supposedly prim and proper Elena Gilbert.

Rebekah held Elena in a vice-like grip as she shuddered and bucked under the force of the double ass fucking. Which was actually a struggle, even for her. After all, she was one of the strongest creatures walking the earth, but even she had her limits, and keeping Elena in place during a brutal butt fucking always tested her limits. And this was more brutal than any other time. Not just from speed or power, but just from how obscenely Elena's back hole and back passage was being stretched, Rebekah desperately forcing herself not to get carried away, which was almost like torture as there was nothing she wanted to do more than give Elena's arse everything she had.

That was the thing she missed most about emotionless vampire Elena. Sure, she still occasionally did it, but it hurt Elena a lot and even though she gave her her blood to heal her very quickly it pained her to have to cause the girl she loved any pain. Speaking of blood, that was the other main thing she missed, the ability to sink her fangs into Elena, especially at times like this when her blood was pumping harder than ever, Rebekah able to smell it underneath Elena skin enticing her with its unique flavour. Luckily for Rebekah she had one hell of a distraction, especially when Elena went completely berserk as her cum began violently squirting from her cunt.

Impressively Rebekah was forced to increase the already firm grip on Elena's waist, Bonnie trying to help her as for a few long seconds they stopped the sodomy with every single inch of their dildos buried in Elena's bum. Then slowly but surely Rebekah built up her speed to what it was before, and then gave Elena more, pushing her to yet more incredibly powerful orgasms. At first she was pulling Bonnie along with her, the Witch clearly having misgivings about continuing to ruin her friend's bottom, but either because it was clear that Rebekah wasn't going to stop or that Elena was loving it Bonnie eventually rejoined the fun and they gave the supposedly prim and proper Elena Gilbert what could truly be called a rectum wrecking.

Rebekah had no idea how long she and Bonnie wrecked that arse, or how much they all came. Just that she and Bonnie didn't cum nearly as much as Elena, but their orgasms were probably more satisfying thanks to the fact that they were truly and utterly dominating this wonderful girl. She also knew that when they finally pulled out of Elena's forbidden hole, shortly after Elena passed out, that hole remained obscenely stretched, perhaps even wider than the other anal whores she had done this too. Which was a fact she was proud of for a few seconds as she stared lustfully at that gaping crater. Then concern for her girlfriend took over and she bit her wrist and then pressed it against Elena's mouth.

Elena groaned as the healing flavour of vampire blood hit her tastebuds. Automatically drinking from Rebekah's wrist, a tiny smile crossing her face as she thought how this was one of the many things which would have been unthinkable a few years ago, but now was a daily occurrence. Then she opened her eyes, lifted her head and looked at her girlfriend who was looking back nervously. To put her at ease, and just because she wanted too, Elena smiled softly, lifted herself up and hugged Rebekah, the Original vampire quickly returning the embrace and whispering sweet nothings to her for a few long wonderful seconds.

Then at a familiar sound Elena pulled back and spotted Caroline kneeling in front of Bonnie and shamelessly sucking her cock clean. Elena frowned and opened her mouth to complain, but then quickly decided there was a better use for her mouth. So putting her jealousy aside Elena shoved her face in between Rebekah's legs and took her girlfriend's cock into her mouth. She then moaned as she tasted the deepest part of her own ass, savouring that taste for a few long seconds before she started bobbing her head on the dildo, eventually deep throating the entire length so she could get every drop of her own butt cream like the greedy little ATM slut she had become.

It wasn't long before she completely cleaned the cock, but that didn't stop Elena from continuing to suck it. It just meant that she was a bit more lazy about it, savouring the afterglow of the amazing sex/orgasms she'd just had. Then without warning Rebekah reached down, grabbed her and pulled her up like she was weightless into her supernaturally strong arms, briefly staring at her lovingly before giving her a deep, long kiss, the Original tasting the remnants of Elena's ass in Elena's mouth, that fact delighting the brunette almost as much as the kiss itself. Then after a few minutes of that Rebekah broke the kiss and turned Elena around so she was facing her friends who were now in a similar position.

After a moment of silence Elena announced, "Well, that was fun."

Rebekah smiled against her neck, "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Did you?" Elena asked, feeling somewhat bashful.

"Oh God yes." Caroline grinned.

"Yeah." Bonnie nodded almost simultaneously, "But... can we make this more like a weekly thing, because as much as I'd love to make this a daily thing, or an hourly thing, I'm not sure I could survive that. And I really want some alone time with Caroline."

"I couldn't agree more." Rebekah said, lifting Elena into the 'bridal carrying' position, "And on that note."

The Original vampire then used her super speed to return herself and Elena back to their love nest in just less than a minute, which surprisingly didn't impress Elena who punched her in the arm and exclaimed, "Hey!"

"What?" Rebekah frowned.

"You forgot our clothes." Elena scolded.

"So we'll get them later. And it's not like anyone saw us." Rebekah pointed out, then when Elena continued glaring at her the vampire gave a soft smile and added, "Come on love, don't pout. I was just eager to have you all to myself for snuggle time. Please don't be mad. I love you."

There was a brief pause and then Elena rolled her eyes and sighed, "I love you too."

Elena then rolled over onto her side, allowing Rebekah to wrap her arms around her from behind so they were spooning. For a 1000 years old vampire who was at least partly responsible for countless death across the globe Rebekah was a big softy at heart who adored cuddling, Elena finding herself oddly charmed by that fact as the two of them rested together. Sure, thanks to the vampire blood she had just drank Elena didn't really need it, but it was so nice, and it gave her the chance to think about the future. Like who should be next to be made air tight in their perverted little group. Caroline would be more than willing, and she could probably talk Bonnie into it, but Elena couldn't help but think of someone else, and she promised herself no matter how long it took she would arrange it.


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