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Author's note: This story takes place just after Episode 19 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Frustrating Part 10
by MTL ([email protected])

Elena Gilbert was excited. The past year felt more like an eternity, but she had never been happier than she was right now. She was living in a luxurious apartment with her girlfriend, who she had pressured into using some of the vast fortune she'd squirrelled a way to pay for it instead of just compelling the right people like most vampires did, and while it wasn't as spacious as the mansion in Mystic Falls, or one of the many others Rebekah had taken her to over their summer of travelling, altogether it was fairly close to the campus of the College they were now frequenting. They'd needed compulsion for that, but only because they were so busy fighting the latest supernatural threat that getting passing grades became secondary.

Of course that couldn't continue to be the case of Elena got serious about wanting to be a doctor, but Rebekah had promised she would do everything in her power to ensure that Elena got the education she wanted. After all, Rebekah was only there because she got bored very easily without Elena around to keep her company, and although she had developed a better relationship with Bonnie and Caroline they still weren't exactly friends. Fortunately for everybody getting the love she craved mellowed Rebekah to the point where she was happy to watch Netflix and waiting for her girlfriend come home whenever Elena wasn't available. Sometimes she even went to her own classes.

Bonnie and Caroline were much more serious about college, especially Caroline who dragged them all to terrible parties in the name of getting the full college experience. Which, as she reminded them, included hooking up with a girl, only for them wasn't experimentation. There was even talk of engagement, although Bonnie had made it very clear that they were too young and she wanted to enjoy just being girlfriends for a while, and doing fun things like having sex with Elena and Rebekah as well as her beloved roommate. Elena had tactfully told Rebekah the same thing, who openly confessed she would marry Elena tomorrow if she thought that they were BOTH ready, and even though Rebekah wanted that she wasn't foolish enough to believe Elena was truly ready for it and didn't want to pressure her into anything. It was a confession which made Elena fall even more in love with her.

Not everything was sunshine and roses. Klaus, along with Elijah, had left for New Orleans, but his place was quickly taken and it felt like nearly every week there was a new threat, which wasn't easy to deal with now it was just the four of them. Matt saw her as part of the problem, Taylor was MIA, and Damon had left town half once Elena made it clear that she didn't want to be with him any more a, and Stefan had shortly followed to make sure his brother didn't cause too much havoc. Elena missed them every day, and often wondered what they were up to, which was understandable source of friction between her and Rebekah, although she only distracted her with sex. Overall things were good, and Elena was very excited about tonight, as if it all went well they would do something she'd been wanting for felt like years now.

Seeing that Rebekah was understandably nervous Elena came up behind her, making sure to make enough noise that the Original would know she was there, and then wrapped her arms around her, the much stronger girl relaxing back into her arms as she whispered into her ear, "It's not too late to back out you know?"

"No." Rebekah said firmly, turning around in Elena's arms, "It's our one year anniversary. I want to do something special for you, and I will not allow nerves to prevent me from doing it."

"But-" Elena began.

"But nothing." Rebekah said firmly, "I love you Elena Gilbert, with all my heart, but this isn't about just pleasing you anymore. Honestly it never was. Well, mostly it was, but... I want to do this. I enjoy submitting to you, and it's definitely my turn to go in the middle. I even think it will be fun. But most of all, I just want to satisfy my own stubborn pride, okay?"

"Okay." Elena laughed softly, before smiling fondly and leaning in, "I love you too. BT-DUBS."

"I know." Rebekah said smugly before closing the distance between them.

Rebekah's favourite thing in the world might just be kissing Elena Gilbert, especially when it was slow and gentle like this, the two of them acting like they had all the time in the world. Which, if they played their cards right might be true. After all, Elena hadn't seemed to age much since her 18th birthday, and none of the doppelgangers got a chance to live to a ripe old age, so maybe Elena wouldn't get any older. And if she did, Rebekah would find a way to stop it, whether that meant turning the other girl back into a vampire or using some kind of spell, because for Rebekah even forever simply wasn't enough time to be with Elena Gilbert. It was barely enough time to kiss her. Or the other fun things they did together.

Speaking, or thinking, of which Rebekah did eventually break the kiss when she heard the doorbell, grinning at her girlfriend and telling her, "I'll get it."

In a flash Rebekah was downstairs and welcoming Bonnie and Caroline into her home with a genuinely friendly smile, which was yet another thing she could have never imagined just over a year ago. And she certainly couldn't imagine, after a little small talk, she would leave them up to the bedroom she shared with Elena so they could gang bang her. To Rebekah's delight when she got to that bedroom she was greeted by the sight of a naked doppelganger, Elena thankfully not in the mood to tease her with long boring small talk before they got to the reason they were all here today.

"Hey Caroline, hey Bonnie." Elena nonchalantly greeted without taking her eyes away from Rebekah, then waiting until after her friends returned the greeting before she told her girlfriend, "Rebekah, do a little striptease for us, then get down on your knees in front of me. I'm your girlfriend, and I think it's only right I get the first turn with your hot little mouth."

There was thankfully no objections from Bonnie or Caroline, and certainly none from Rebekah, who was only too happy to strip for the other women. She even went slower than usual, really putting the teas into striptease, wanting to remind Elena she could be patient if she wanted to be, and more importantly to rile up the other women, especially her beloved girlfriend. From the breathing around her, and the way Elena was looking at her, she succeeded. Of course Rebekah had only eyes for Elena, who she smirked at while approaching her, kneeling down in front of her and then leaning forward to lick her pussy.

"Ah, ah, ah, did I tell you to eat my pussy?" Elena scolded, "I don't think so. Mmmmm, you're going to have to earn that privilege. And you can start by kissing my feet. Oh yeah, I want the big bad original vampire Rebekah Mikaelson to grovel at my feet."

For a moment Rebekah glared up at Elena, then grinned and lowered her head down even further. This was something they'd done before, many times in fact, and although Rebekah was disappointed not to get to taste Elena's pussy right away it was thrilling to submit to her so totally by literally kissing her feet. Although Elena was the only one she would do this for, which was something she had made very clear to the two girls who were now watching, which made this an intimate act between the two girlfriends, which made Rebekah love it even more. She loved it so much that she even tried to do a good job, covering each footing kisses and even sucking the toes, if Elena gave her the chance.

Elena definitely wouldn't be this time. No, her pussy was aching for attention too much for that, and had been throughout the day as she anticipated this very special occasion. However she made sure to at least give Rebekah the chance to worship her feet so she could enjoy the look on the faces of her two best friends. Especially the look on Bonnie's face. Elena knew that Bonnie loved Caroline, as she had witnessed many confessions of love between the two over the last year, but she also knew that even if she wouldn't admit it Bonnie was jealous of her for having power over such a powerful individual. Because sure, Caroline was powerful too, but not on the same level as Rebekah, or even Bonnie, which was honestly beyond intoxicating for the doppelganger.

Although as thrilling as it was it wasn't long before Elena said, "Okay, that's good enough. Now slowly kiss your way up my leg and start licking my pussy like the good little cunt lapper you are."

With a wicked smile Rebekah did as she was told, and even if she was perhaps a touch slower than Elena would have liked the doppelganger didn't complain as it only added to the wonderful anticipation. More importantly it wasn't actually that long before Rebekah reached her destination and with another wicked smile stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it from the bottom of Elena's pussy all the way up to the top, making sure to linger on her clit before repeating the process. This unsurprisingly caused Elena to gasp with delight, grab onto the hair of her lover and started giving her some of the verbal encouragement that they both so enjoyed.

"Yessssss, lick me just like that, mmmmmmm, oh Rebekah." Elena moaned happily, "Yes that's it, oooooooh, tease me a little more, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh, there's no rush. There's no rush, because you're going to be on your knees eating pussy from now until the rest of us feel like strap-on fucking your sweet little fuck holes. Mmmmmm, or maybe we'll leave you eating pussy all night long. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Yeahhhhhh, you'd love to spend the entire night on your knees munching cunt like the little pussy slut you are. Especially if it's my pussy. Oh yes, Rebekah Mikaelson is a total slut for my pussy. Mmmmmm, everyone knows she just can't get enough. Yeeeeeessssss, but if she wants to keep eating it and she's going to have to eat my friends out too. Oh yeah, what are you guys waiting for? Strip off your clothes and show me those pretty little bodies so you can feed my girlfriend your pussies."

With that encouragement Bonnie and Caroline woke up from their lust filled daze, blinking a few times before beginning to slowly strip. Elena was very glad they did it slowly, because she very much enjoyed watching their bodies being slowly revealed to her. Especially as they sparked such wonderful memories of being the focus of attention, on her knees and worshipping both their cunts, and Rebekah's of course, one by one until they teamed up on her and made her air tight. Just like they would do to her wonderful Rebekah tonight, Elena's focus inevitably drifting back to the girl who was eating her out.

It was pretty clear from the look in her eyes Rebekah wasn't impressed with Elena's attention being temporarily elsewhere, although she allowed it which was really a sign of growth for her. Of course when Elena gave her full attention to her again she rewarded her by spending about 10 glorious seconds concentrating on her clit before going back to ignoring it. Which was okay, because as Elena said she was in no hurry to cum and wanted to enjoy having The Rebekah Mikaelson on her knees in front of her and licking her pussy like a good little lesbian slut. Elena's lesbian slut. Yes, 'innocent' little Elena Gilbert had her very own lesbian slut, albeit one tonight she was sharing with her best friends, who both looked like they were eager for a turn with her girlfriend's tongue.

So with a wicked smirk Elena asked, "So, who wants a turn with our little cunt licker for the night?"

For a moment Elena's two friends looked at each other, then Bonnie spoke up, "Both of us, but I'll go first."

"Okay." Elena smiled, and then looked down at her girl and told her, "Rebekah, crawl over to Bonnie and eat her pussy."

"Yes Mistress." Rebekah replied cheekily, before doing as she was told.

Bonnie had enjoyed the show so far, but she had been looking forward to this next part all day. It wouldn't be the first time that Rebekah went down on her, as they did occasionally forget about who was a top and who was a bottom and just spend the night going down on each other, normally ending with a daisy chain. Of course even on those rare occasions Rebekah concentrated on Elena's pussy, totally hogging it while expecting others to worship her. She also had a tendency to pin one of the others down and sit on their face without returning the favour, or just finger the other. So this would be a rare treat indeed.

When she was kneeling in between her legs Rebekah quickly made it clear that just because she didn't eat pussy very often it didn't mean she didn't know how to do it. Although Bonnie couldn't help but wonder if she had been practising on the lead up to this night, because she was much better than she remembered. Although the last time this had happened Bonnie's face had been buried in Elena's cunt, so she had understandably been a bit distracted. Now she was standing proudly in front of the Original vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson submissively kneeling before her and licking her pussy. Bonnie even reached out and stroked her hair, which enhanced her feeling of power. But not as much as providing a little commentary of her own.

"Mmmmmm, that's it you little dyke, lick me." Bonnie moaned happily, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, lick my pussy! Lick it just like you lick Elena's every single night, you little slut. Yessssssss, good girl. There's no rush, is there? No, mmmmmmm, we've got all night for you to dyke out on our cunts like the little pussy slut you are. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, the mighty Rebekah Mikaelson, on her knees and eating my cunt like a shameless little rug munching slut, oooooooohhhhhhhhh, and in a moment she is going to do the same to my girlfriend. Oh yes, you're going to submissively worship my total bottom of a girlfriend, Caroline Forbes, a girl we've all ass fucked and dominated 1000 times. Yeahhhhhh, you're about to submit to the most submissive member of our little group Rebekah, and I can just tell your both going to love it."

Even though she didn't like talking dirty quite as much as Elena and especially not Rebekah it was totally worth it to see the look on Caroline's face. Bonnie knew her girl was really looking forward with this, and Caroline didn't have a hot blonde she could practice on. Sure, Bonnie had insisted Caroline practice on her, but it just wasn't the same. Their bodies were just too different, whereas Bonnie could easily get lost in that particular fantasy when Caroline had her face buried in her pussy, or she was sitting on her face, or fucking her from behind. Not that it was a fantasy she indulged in often, but it had help for the build-up to this.

That and the fact that she was a natural bottom while Rebekah was a natural top was clearly making Caroline super nervous, so Bonnie beckoned her over to try and calm those nerves in the best way possible. Which was of course to take Caroline in her arms and gently kiss her, which seemed to work pretty well given that her girlfriend relaxed into her arms and let Bonnie have her way with her. Just like the other hot blonde kneeling before her. Oh yes, Bonnie Bennett was having her way with two gorgeous blonde white girls, Bonnie almost wishing she could see through Elena's eyes right now as it had to be quite a sight. Well, she could probably do that, but casting that kind of spell would take a great amount of concentration, and she would much rather just focus on the two beautiful blonde white women who were pleasing her.

Caroline very much appreciated the kiss and did her very best to please Bonnie by first massaging her lips and tongue with her own, and then after a few minutes reaching up with one hand to cup one of her girlfriend's tits. As that got a positive response out of her top Caroline began lazily massaging that breast, eventually bringing up her other hand so she could work on the other breast too, while happily kissing Bonnie. Well mostly. She was a little distracted by jealousy that she wasn't the hot blonde between Bonnie's legs, and nervousness about what would happen next. Luckily Caroline had the best girlfriend ever, who could still tell she was nervous when she broke the kiss and decided to help her.

"Are you ready for your turn baby?" Bonnie asked cautiously.

"I guess." Caroline replied hesitantly.

"There's nothing to worry about. I'll be here the entire time." Bonnie promised, before turning to Rebekah, "Hey slut, stop eating me and get in between Caroline's legs. Mmmmmm yeah, it's time for you to eat out my submissive little bitch."

Reluctantly Rebekah pulled back and glared up at Bonnie for a few long seconds. Then she glared at Caroline, the younger blonde struggling to remain strong for the few seconds that lasted. Then Rebekah turned her attention to Caroline's cunt, slowly leaning in and beginning to lick her pussy. Which naturally made Caroline moan softly in pleasure. In fact it felt so good that Caroline closed her eyes and spent a few long seconds just concentrating on the sensation. Then she remembered who exactly was doing this to her, and despite her best efforts Caroline just couldn't resist nervously squinting her eyes open so she could look down at the breath-taking sight of the infamous Rebekah Mikaelson in between her legs.

Honestly Caroline couldn't believe this was really happening. And Rebekah wasn't glaring up at her while doing it. Or biting her. Well, Caroline enjoyed a certain amount of biting. She was a vampire after all, and could remember having several intense orgasms while being fingered or strap-on fucked by one or both of her vampire lovers. Bonnie gently kissing her neck was a nice call back to that, although what Caroline really enjoyed was having her dominant girlfriend hold her or she took the dominant position with arguably the most powerful amongst them. Also the most dominant, even if Elena seemed to have her around her little finger. Speaking, or thinking as the case may be, of fingers Rebekah pushed a couple into Caroline, although she only got to fuck her for a few seconds before she was told to stop.

"No baby, fuck her with your mouth." Elena gently scolded, "Mmmmmm yeah, we both know you can make someone cum just with your hot little mouth and talented little tongue, so do it."

"Yeah Rebekah, no cheating." Bonnie chimed in, "You know the drill, mouth and tongue only. So get back to it slut. Oh yeah, prove to all of us what a good little rug muncher you are, by licking us til we cum, or you'll be punished. Yes, that's it, lick her clit. Harder. Harder! HARDER YOU BITCH! Mmmmmm, good. Now... my turn again. Get to it slut!"

She had been close, so close to cumming simply from the intensity of actually having Rebekah Mikaelson kneeling before her and intensely licking her clit, and the only thing which could have made it better was if the older blonde had pushed her fingers inside of her again, because Caroline really, really hadn't minded that. Of course then she was denied, but Caroline was used to that, and watching Rebekah being pulled back and forth between the pussies of Bonnie, Elena and herself was almost just as good. With a little encouragement from her childhood friends Caroline even grabbed onto Rebekah's hair and shoved her face into her pussy, and kept it there, which made this all the more thrilling.

Rebekah was rather annoyed that Caroline was being so bold. She would deny it to anyone who wasn't herself, and possibly Elena, but having someone so submissive dominating her turned Rebekah on more than she was comfortable with, perhaps proving once and for all she did indeed have a submissive side even better than all those times she had cum ridiculously hard while Elena fucked her up the arse. It was equally thrilling and frustrating to constantly be denied the pleasure of making her lovers cum, both because it made her own cunt ache for attention and her belly yearn for their cum, so much so Rebekah came close to begging for the privilege to make at least her girlfriend cum in her mouth. Luckily for her pride she was beaten to it.

"Mmmmmm yessssssssss, lick my clit! Lick my fucking clit! Ooooooooh, that feels sooooooooo goooooooooodddddddd!" Elena moaned, "Now fuck me. Stick your tongue inside me and make me cum. Do it! Tongue fuck me you little dyke! Fuck, OH FUCK, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd!"

More than happy to oblige Rebekah shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Elena's cunt, almost instantly triggering a powerful orgasm. Using her super speed Rebekah removed her tongue, sealed her lips around Elena's entrance and swallowed every drop of cum she had to give her before shoving her tongue back inside her cunt and fucking her with it until she came. This process was repeated a few times, the only difference being that Rebekah began failing to swallow all of the girl cum, partly because Elena was just cumming so fast and hard, and partly because Rebekah just loved getting her face covered in her girlfriend's cum. Then without warning Elena pulled her face from her pussy, leaned down and roughly kissed Rebekah, in the process tasting her own cum and pussy juices on the blonde's lips and tongue.

Then Elena broke the kiss and said, "Bonnie's turn."

"No, make Caroline cum first." Bonnie ordered, "She needs it more than I do."

"Thank you Mistress Bonnie." Caroline whimpered, giving her girlfriend a gentle smile and a loving look, "I love you."

"I love you too." Bonnie said softly, returning that smile and look before sternly ordering, "Now cum in that bitch's mouth."

"Yes Mistressssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Caroline cried out as her pussy was invaded.

While Bonnie and Caroline had been concentrating on each other Rebekah had been slowly crawling over to the other blonde. She wanted to use her vampire speed to get there as quickly as possible, but she knew how much Elena love to see her crawling along the floor, and even now Rebekah would do anything for her girlfriend. Besides, it gave her a chance to lick her lips and savour the taste of Elena before burying her tongue into Caroline, which was still yummy but nowhere near as nice as the heaven that was Elena's flavour, in her admittedly biased opinion. The same of course went for Bonnie's flavour, even if she had thoroughly enjoyed them in the past, and perhaps even more now.

It was just as easy to make Caroline cum as it was Elena. Perhaps even more so, although Rebekah did cheat by reaching up with both hands to grab Caroline's arse and then sneak a finger into her back hole while her mouth and tongue assaulted the front hole. This of course made Caroline cum harder, so she didn't complain, and even if Bonnie or Elena figured it out they didn't bother scolding her for it. Perhaps later she would be punished, but it was hard for Rebekah to care when she was being rewarded with more girl cum then she could swallow. Then out of nowhere a hand grabbed her by the hair, pulled her out of Caroline's cunt and into another. Not that she hesitated to give it the same treatment given she knew exactly who it was.

"My turn bitch!" Bonnie yelled as she shoved Rebekah's face in between her legs, "Make me cum! Fuck me and ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!"

Bonnie barely got a word out before a powerful climax rocked her body and dissolved her words into mindless cries of pleasure and swear words. That continued to be the case as for the next few minutes Rebekah switched from swallowing her cum to tongue fucking her and back again so it almost felt like one big orgasm, which would have probably knocked her unconscious if she wasn't used to getting this kind of treatment from Caroline. Although even then she was finding it a struggled to remain on her feet, the only thing keeping her up being the knowledge that her submissive girlfriend managed it and she would not fail where Caroline succeeded.

It helped that she could see an end in sight, Elena quickly retrieving three strap-ons and securing one around her waist before handing one of the others to Caroline. When Caroline had hers secure it around her waist Bonnie held out her hand to Elena, who smiled at her and happily handed her the dildo. Then Elena lent down, gently but firmly pulled Rebekah away from Bonnie's cunt and towards her and then kissed her. Watching Elena enjoying a combination of Bonnie's, Caroline's and her own cum an pussy cream help to re-energise Bonnie and she strapped on her dildo fairly quickly, and without taking her eyes from the kissing couple.

Of course it wasn't long before Elena stood up, pressed her strap-on dildo against Rebekah's lips and ordered her, "Suck it babe. Mmmmmm yeah, that's it, get it nice and ready for your slutty little fuck holes. Get it nice and ready by becoming my little cock sucker. Oh yeah, I want to see the proud Rebekah Mikaelson sucking cock like the little slut she is. That's it, take it all the way."

As soon as that dick was pressed against her lips Rebekah took it into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. At first it was just a few inches, but Rebekah was soon going lower and lower, eventually taking the entire length down her throat, leaving it there for a few seconds before going right back to bobbing. And the entire time she did it with the kind of passion you couldn't fake. Which either proved that she and Elena had been practising, or this was just what over 1000 years of practice could result in. It was probably a bit of both, but Bonnie wasn't about to push the issue. No, like anyone with a real one of these things, she just wanted it sucked. And while normally she'd definitely take Caroline, tonight she would settle for nothing less than the mighty Rebekah Mikaelson's lips around her dick.

So after enjoying the show for quite a while Bonnie looked at her best friend, raised an eyebrow and asked, "My turn?"

"Sure." Elena smiled at her friend, before looking down at her girlfriend and telling her, "You hear that Rebekah. Go get you some black dick."

Slowly pulling Elena's cock out of her mouth Rebekah first stared up at her girlfriend than over it Bonnie as she was contemplating this for a moment. Or possibly waiting for Elena to say more. Either way it wasn't that long before she crawled the short distance over to Bonnie, kneeled before her and took her dick into her mouth. She even sucked on it with enthusiasm. Not nearly as much enthusiasm as she had sucked Elena's dick, but a lot more than Bonnie was expecting. She even allowed Bonnie to reach down, grab her hair and gently stroke it like Rebekah was some kind of pet, Bonnie so captivated by the sight in front of her that she almost didn't notice how jealous Caroline was. Almost.

Caroline was always a little jealous of seeing Bonnie fooling around with someone else, especially if her girlfriend was either fucking another girl with a strap-on or getting ready to do it. But she was normally just as turned on, and she was definitely just as turned on watching the mighty Rebekah on her knees and taking that black dildo deep down her throat before beginning to go back and forth between Bonnie and Elena. Caroline also felt awkward standing there with a dick protruding from her crotch. She'd done that before, but it wasn't anything Caroline could ever see herself getting used too. Although she was looking forward to what came next more than usual.

"That's it baby, suck those cocks!" Elena gleefully encouraged her girlfriend, "Mmmmmm, that's so hot. Ooooooh yeah take them deep you little slut! Take them deep down your throat. Deep throat our big dicks you lesbian cock sucker! Oh yeah, suck those strap-ons. Mmmmmm, be our good little strap-on sucking slut Rebekah! Be our slut. Be a slut for all three of us. That means don't forget about Caroline you submissive little bitch! Yeah that's right, I want you to crawl over there and suck Caroline's cock. Come on Rebekah, crawl like the bitch you are. Yessssss, that's it Rebekah, crawl. Now blow Bonnie's bitch. Become a bitch's bitch. Ohhhhhh yessssss, that's so hot, mmmmmm, so fucking hot. Keep sucking that cock baby. I love you so much."

As Elena kept up her usual commentary Rebekah turned to Caroline and briefly gave her one of the stairs which normally made the younger blonde cower. However this time she managed to stay strong, which honestly impressed herself just as much as it did everyone else, Rebekah rewarding her by slowly crawling over to her and then taking her cock into her mouth the most erotic way possible, and without even a hint of reluctance. Although that may have been because Rebekah was genuinely getting into her submissive role. It seemed that way given she put just as much effort into sucking Caroline's dick as she had for the ones that Bonnie and Elena were wearing, which included taking every inch down her throat after quite a few long, slow bobs of her head.

Inevitably Rebekah went back to Elena, but from then on she went back and forth between all three women. At least until Elena asked, "So Rebekah, are you ready to be made air tight?"

"God yes." Rebekah promised after she removed her mouth from her girlfriend's dildo, then pleaded, "Please stuff all my slutty little fuck holes."

Elena smiled at those words, then briefly turned to Caroline and told her "Go laid down on the bed."

"Yes Mist, erm, Elena."Caroline blushed, rushing to do as she was told.

Ignoring her friend Elena turned her attention back to her girlfriend, "Get on top of her. I want you to ride her good, and make me and Bonnie want to share your slutty little butt."

With a smile Rebekah moved to join Caroline on the bed, the two blondes quickly getting into position so the older one was able to push herself down on the younger one's cock just a few seconds later. As she penetrated herself Rebekah closed her eyes and let out a soft moan which Caroline found so very sexy. She had always thought Rebekah was effortlessly sexy, even back when she thought she was straight, which felt like a lifetime ago now, although Caroline thought that even back then she would have found the way Rebekah then opened her eyes and looked at her to be fucking hot. Just like the way that Rebekah lowered herself down the rest of the dick.

In what felt like no time at all Rebekah was sitting on her lap, the older vampire giving them both a chance to savour the moment and allowing her to glance over at Elena and Bonnie to doublecheck they were watching. Rebekah then smiled, because of course they were. Caroline didn't need to look to know that. After all, it wasn't everyday they got to watch the female Original vampire ride a dildo, especially not one strapped around Caroline's waist. When it began Caroline certainly couldn't look away, even when she became dully aware of someone, probably Elena, joining them a few minutes later and kneeling down behind Rebekah, even though the prospect of DP'ing the far more powerful vampire greatly excited her.

"Relax baby." Elena cooed softly as she kneeled behind Rebekah and gently stroked her back, before grabbing hold of the butt-plug Rebekah had been wearing to prepare for this and slowly pulling it out of her girlfriend's ass and then replacing it with her strap-on, "I swear, it's going to feel so good. I'm going to make you feel so good."

Elena was a little surprised when Rebekah didn't offer up some of her usual dry wit. Honestly it was a little worrying, because it was a clear sign she was nervous, which caused Elena to briefly hesitate. But she knew her girlfriend had suffered much more pain and humiliation than what was about to come, so Elena inevitably pushed forwards, slowly stretching Rebekah's back hole until the head of the dildo slipped through it and into her back passage. Which unsurprisingly caused Rebekah to let out a sharp cry, Elena opening her mouth to offer up encouragement and only stopping herself at the last minute because she knew it would annoy her proud lover.

Instead Elena gave Rebekah about a minute or so to relax and then began slowly and steadily stuffing her rectum full of dildo, the blonde letting out soft gasps and even moans the entire time which made the brunette jealous. Elena knew exactly what Rebekah was going through now, and part of her couldn't help wish it was her ass slowly being filled while there was another dildo inside her pussy, that second strap-on sliding against the other through the wall of flesh which separated them. And Elena should know, she had been DP'ed almost as much as Caroline. Although Elena very much enjoyed being on this side of the harness, especially given this special occasion when Rebekah would be the piggy in the middle.

Elena had also had plenty of practice using her strap-on lately, not only pounding all of Rebekah's fuck holes whenever she got the chance but doing the same to her best friends Bonnie and Caroline too. Although she had mostly been butt fucking the three of them, partly because the back hole was her favourite hole to fuck, but mostly because she knew she would be in this position for Rebekah's first triple stuffing, all that hard work paying off as Elena had never felt more confident as she slid into her girlfriend's ass, getting sounds of pure pleasure the entire time. Even when her thighs came to rest against Rebekah's butt cheeks, announcing she had buried every inch of her strap-on in the Original vampire's tailpipe Rebekah moaned softly in pleasure and even begged for more.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it love, fuck me!" Rebekah softly moaned with her eyes closed, "Mmmmmm, that feels so good. I love having you and one of your friends inside me at the same time. Ooooooh, now make it really good and fuck me. Ohhhhhhh yes, fuck me in the arse while I'm impaled on Caroline's cock."

"Oh God baby, I've been waiting so long to hear you say that." Elena groaned, "Mmmmmm yeah, take it baby! Take these cocks in your horny little fuck holes!"

"Yes, I'm taking them! I'm taking them! Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me Elena, fuck my arse, oooooooh yesssss!" Rebekah moaned happily as Elena gave her what she asked for.

Teasing her lover Elena almost pulled the dildo completely out of Rebekah's ass before pushing the full length back in and repeating the process for a little while before shortening the thrusts and beginning to ass fuck her girlfriend with a steady rhythm. It was slightly faster than the initial thrusts, but not by much, Elena concentrating on those first few crucial minutes in loosening Rebekah's rectum up for the hard pounding to come. From the sounds of it she did a pretty good job, because Rebekah was moaning in pleasure pretty much the entire time, in between all the dirty words of course, Rebekah keeping up her usual commentary even though she was now the one getting fucked.

"Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, fuck me Elena! Fuck my arse! Mmmmmm yeah, fuck me up the bum. Bugger me while I ride your friend's cock. OH GOD! Oh God yes, mmmmmm, oh Elena, fuck me. Fuck me! Oh my God!" Rebekah moaned, more or less ignoring Elena's friends and repeating herself before opening her eyes and smiling wickedly at the black girl who seemed enthralled in watching her getting DP'ed, "Well Bonnie, are you going to stand there all night or are you going to join the fun? Mmmmmmm, you going to stand there all night looking stupid, or are you going to fuck me? Huh? Oooooooh, please say you're going to join the fun. I really want to find out what it's like to be made air tight."

"Yeah Bonnie, join the fun." Elena encouraged as she pulled out of Rebekah's butt, "Come here and get a piece of this hot little arse. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, stuff your cock up her ass and get revenge for those times she ass fucked you without letting you return the favour. Then I'll feed the bitch her own ass and officially make the mighty Rebekah Michaelson air tight."

"Oh yes, make me air tight!" Rebekah pleaded, "Mmmmmmm, fill all my slutty little fuck holes and make me air tight!"

Bonnie was pretty sure her friends said more, a lot more, but she was too consumed by lust to really pay attention, especially when she moved behind Rebekah and Elena pulled the vampire's ass cheeks apart so the Witch could have easy access to that already slightly gaping ass hole. For a few seconds Bonnie just stared at that inviting sight, then she closed the distance between them, pressed her man-made meat against the powerful vampire's forbidden hole and then pushed forwards, slowly and gently pushing every single inch of her cock deep into the other girl's backside, causing Rebekah to cry out with pure pleasure and then offer up some more verbal encouragement.

"Oooooooooh fuck, that's it Bonnie, fuck me. Fuck me in the arse! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, that feels so good. Fuck me! Oh fuck." Rebekah moaned shamelessly, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, arse fuck me, fuck me up the arse, oh shit, fuck my arse, oh God! Oh Bonnie! Fuck! Oh fuck. Give me a taste of my own medicine."

Only too happy to oblige Bonnie began thrusting her hips back and forth, causing her big black dick to pump in and out of that tight little white ass hole. Fuck, it was so hot. Oh yes, Bonnie loved sodomising other girls, especially other white girls. Not that she'd had much variety, except a few wild nights where Rebekah and Elena had seduced one or more additional girls into their bed, but there was definitely something to be said for the contrast in skintone as she pumped them. Or they pumped her. This time was particularly enjoyable thanks to Elena spreading Rebekah's cheeks, and eventually started offering up her own verbal encouragement when Rebekah let her get a word in.

"That's it Bonnie, fuck her ass! Fuck my girlfriend's tight little ass hole, mmmmmmm, oh yeah, that's so hot. I love watching you fuck her up the butt." Elena grinned wickedly, "And from the look on your face you love it too."

"Damn right. This ass is so hot. Almost as fuck-able as Caroline's. Or yours." Bonnie taunted her friend, before turning her attention to the Original, "You hear that Rebekah? I love fucking your ass!"

"Why wouldn't you?" Rebekah moaned.

"Cocky little bitch." Bonnie laughed.

To prevent an immediate comeback Bonnie pushed Elena's hands off Rebekah's cheeks, briefly grab them herself and then gave the ancient vampire's butt a nice hard slap to emphasise her words. Even without vampire speed Bonnie was able to do that more or less while uttering those three little words, mostly because Elena was more than willing to let her take over, which was exactly what Bonnie did after the slap, pulling Rebekah's cheeks wide apart so she could continue getting the best view of her strap-on pumping in and out of that widely stretched ass hole. Which of course got a reaction out of Rebekah, but rather than saying anything, or more likely threatening or even lashing out, her former enemy just cried out in pleasure and continued to moan like the little slut all four of them now were.

For her part Elena remained kneeling in front of Bonnie/next to Rebekah, presumably so she could get a good look at her girlfriend's ass hole being fucked. For a few long minutes that was enough for her, then she slowly got to her feet and moved back so she could get a good look at the mighty Rebekah getting DP'ed by her best friends. Finally she moved round so she was standing directly in front of Rebekah's panting mouth, although just far enough away that the impaled blonde couldn't reach her. And although Bonnie liked having all of the power over Rebekah for a limited time, she correctly guess what Elena was doing and honestly, she loved it. She loved it so much a wide grin appeared on her face. Well, wider than before.

"Beg." Elena said softly, before clarifying, "Beg me to stuff your final hole and officially make you airtight. Mmmmmmm, come on baby, you know you want too. Be a good girl and beg real convincing for me. Let me know just how badly you want it. Let us all know how badly the big bad Rebekah Mikaelson wants to get all her holes filled by strap-on cocks and fucked like the naughty little dyke whore she is."

There was a brief pause as Rebekah glared at Elena, but then she smiled wickedly and did as she was told, "Please Elena, give me your cock. Ohhhhhhh fuck, I want your cock. I want your cock in my mouth, at the same time your friends' cocks are in my cunt and arse hole. Ooooooooh yeah, make me airtight baby. Make me a 3 cock slut, just like the rest of you. Make me take 3 cocks at once like a total whore! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, fuck me Bonnie! Fuck my arse just like that, oh fuck! Bum me while your precious Elena feeds me my own arse juice! Oh yes, fuck all my holes! Please fuck all my slutty little fuck holes! Fuck me like the naughty little dyke whore I am! Oooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, I wanna be fuck by 3 women at the same time, but especially you Elena. Pleasssseeeee, give me your cock!"

"I suppose that's good enough." Elena smirked as she stepped forwards and then moaned, "Oh that's it baby, suck my cock! Suck your own ass off my cock while my friends fuck your other holes. Mmmmmm, tasting all of your slutty little fuck holes. You like that, don't you? You like being a little 3 hole whore, just like the rest of us? Just like me? Huh?"

Rebekah moaned in response. She thought about verbally agreeing, but that would have meant removing her mouth from Elena's cock, and she wasn't willing to do that right now. Not while it was still covered in her own anal cream. Besides, given the smile on her face Elena seemed to get the message, Rebekah looking up lovingly at her girlfriend while she greedily cleaned every drop off of the first few inches of the dildo before beginning to bob her head up and down on it. Meanwhile Bonnie was lazily pumping her arse, clearly savouring this rare moment. As she should. It wasn't everyday she got to arse fuck the Original vampire. In fact Rebekah could only recall taking it in the arse once or twice for Bonnie, as it was only Elena that Rebekah consistently bent over for.

Despite her lack of familiarity with Rebekah's arse Bonnie was doing a fine job of sodomising her. Not only that but she was making sure every thrust pushed her further down both of those other dildos, and every time she pulled out Rebekah would automatically move backwards, sliding those other dildos out of her too, meaning she was now officially getting fucked all 3 of her holes. It was a sensation Rebekah couldn't get enough of, especially as Bonnie's cock was rubbing against Caroline's through the thin wall separating her back passage and, well, her front passage. Then Elena made it even better by gently beginning to fuck her mouth, thrusting her strap-on deep into Rebekah's throat to make sure she got every bit of her own anal juices.

Then to make it even better Bonnie and Elena swapped again, so that it was Elena who was bumming Rebekah, those skilled and knowing thrusts easily pushing her to the very edge of orgasm. Of course it couldn't be that easy, and at the last minute the two girls swapped again, which of course was Elena's idea. Over and over again Elena and Bonnie switched positions, cruelly denying Rebekah countless orgasms in the process. Although to be fair they were also guaranteeing her eventual climax would be that much more powerful, and it was certainly thrilling, and wonderfully humiliating, to constantly get a fresh batch of arse cream to clean.

However wasn't that long before the urge to cum became overwhelming, so eventually when Bonnie and Elena went to switch positions again Rebekah whimpered, "Please make me cum! Pleasssssseeeeee fuck me and make me cum! Please? I need it. I need it soooooooo bad. Please Elena, make me cum. I need you and your friends to make me cum. Fuck all my slutty little dyke holes and make me cum! Please? Oooooooooh fuck yes, slam my arse Elena! Slam my arse hard and make me cum! Mmmmmmm, what are you waiting for Bonnie? Stuff that cock in my fucking mouth! I wanna cum with all 3 of my fuck holes getting fucked! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, fuck me like a whore! Fuck me like your own personal lesbian whore! Oooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk ,mmmmmmfffffff!"

"Oh Rebekah, you are our personal lesbian whore!" Elena groaned as she thrust hard and deep into her girlfriend's ass, "Ohhhhhh yeah, fuck her Bonnie! Fuck that pretty little mouth! Mmmmmm yesssssss, fuck her! You too Caroline. Let's all fuck her together and make sure the big bad Rebekah Mikaelson cums nice and hard like the lesbian whore she is."

Doing as they were told all 3 childhood friends quickly started working together shortly after all 3 of them were back inside the Original vampire, even submissive little Caroline pounding Rebekah's pussy pretty good considering the position she was in while Bonnie and Elena completely went to town on Rebekah's mouth and arse. Oh it was glorious. Truly a first for Rebekah, and given her very long life firsts were a wonderful rarity. And this one might have been her favourite ever, Rebekah quickly becoming delirious as she was pounded from incredibly powerful climax to incredibly powerful climax until she felt like her entire being was nothing but one long quivering orgasm.

Elena also received several powerful climaxes thanks to the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of fucking her incredibly powerful vampire girlfriend, and she didn't need the powers she had when she was a vampire to know that Caroline and Bonnie also came from fucking Rebekah. Although she was proud to say, or think as the case may be, that none of them came as much as Rebekah, Elena more than doing her part to ensure this was a wonderful experience for all of them, but especially Rebekah so hopefully the proud older woman would allow them to do this again. Of course as amazing as it was it unfortunately had to come to an end, and when she was sure Rebekah could take no more Elena gently pulled her stubborn girlfriend off of her friends.

As Elena was gently laying Rebekah down Bonnie jumped on top of Caroline, shoving her cock into her mouth for cleaning while leaning over her to slip a finger into the blonde's cunt and another up her butt. Naturally Caroline moaned around the dildo and sucked it clean greedily as Bonnie finger banged her, Elena smiling as she remembered how not so long ago these were her straight best friends. That had changed, and so had she, and she had Rebekah to thank for it. Well, also Katherine and a dark side of herself she hadn't known existed, but in moments like this Elena like to give all the credit to this now barely conscious Original vampire who she had grown to love so dearly.

Once she had removed her strap-on Elena kissed Rebekah's cheek and then snuggled up behind her as she watched her friends continue to fuck, Bonnie soon instructing Caroline to ride her with a hole of her choosing. Again proving herself a total slut Caroline chose to impale her slutty little ass on Bonnie's dick, which weirdly provided a bit of a parallel to the first time Elena and Rebekah had put on a show for Caroline. To make it even better Elena tossed the dildo she had been wearing to Caroline so her friend could double stuff herself and remind Elena of when Bonnie had walked in on Caroline sucking Rebekah's dildo fresh from Elena's slutty ass.

In turn that triggered yet more memories, Elena thinking about how in just a few weeks she had gone from a straight girl with a boyfriend to a very kinky lesbian who had regular threesomes and foursomes with her best friends. Of course it wasn't quite that simple, Katherine had corrupted her a long time before that, a fact that she would be forever grateful to her doppelganger, which she had already shown her and would continue to do so in future meetings. But mostly she wanted to make Rebekah happy. The Original had enjoyed a lot of misery over her long life, and some that had even been caused by Elena, but Elena promised herself she would use the rest of her life to make Rebekah happy, even if that did involve petty things like constantly being the little spoon, as even now that Rebekah was exhausted the blonde couldn't seem to help changing their positions in the blink of an eye.

Although Elena couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes and murmuring, "Typical."

"You love me." Rebekah whispered smugly, before adding softly and sincerely, "And I love you."

"Yeah." Elena smiled softly, that smile turning wicked as she added, "I do love you Rebekah, even if sometimes you can be so very frustrating."

The End.


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