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Author's note: This story takes place during Series 2 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Mirror Image Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Elena Gilbert had been a mess the entire day. Luckily no one expected her to be smiling when Katherine Pierce was out there somewhere, plotting to do who knows what, most of her friends too busy trying to make sure that they were talking to the real Elena Gilbert and not Katherine again or simply looking over their shoulders to notice something was wrong with her. Naturally Stefan noticed, but of course he nodded his head in acceptance when she mentioned she was worried about Katherine and didn't push her further for details.

All day she thought about telling him what happened, but she was too embarrassed and it would only hurt him. So Elena kept her mouth shut and hoped that Katherine wouldn't tell him the truth. Hoped Katherine wouldn't tell her friends what she did to her. Hoped she wouldn't do it again. Only she kind of hoped she would, Elena unable to deny that was also one of the main reasons she didn't tell anyone what had happened, and why she opted for another nice alone instead of asking to stay with Stefan. Of course as long as Katherine had the element of surprise on him either he or his brother really stood a chance against her. Not that they had fared so well in their last face to face confrontation.

With the picture of her mirror image throwing the Salvatores around like rag dolls Elena opened the door to her room and spotted a familiar face laying back against her bed, "Katherine?"

Smirking wickedly Katherine purred, "Hello lover."

Blushing furiously Elena quickly stepped into her room, slammed the door behind her and then scurried to the foot of her bed, before softly asking, "What do you want Katherine?"

"I thought I made that clear last night." Katherine said nonchalantly, "But I'll happily remind you, as much as it takes."

Elena gulped nervously and then stammered, "Jeremy... Jenna..."

"No one is going to disturb us, I promise." Katherine smirked, "Now, take off your clothes. Slowly."

Lowering her head in submission and shame, the latter thing just as much because she was excited as because she was once again a victim, Elena did as she was told, her hand seeming to tremble more with the removal of every piece of clothing. Once Elena was standing there without a stitch on Katherine moved so she was sitting on the edge of the bed and patted the area next to her, the younger brunette quickly taking the wordlessly requested place beside her and then nervously glancing up at the vampire.

"I've been thinking." Katherine softly said after a few seconds, before slowly turning to the other brunette, "I... I owe you an apology."

Knowing it was likely a trap Elena asked, "Why?"

"Because I was so looking forward to going down on you and I rushed it." Katherine explained before smirking, "But that's ok, because now I get to make it up to you."

Elena squeaked loudly in surprise as Katherine grabbed her and pulled her onto her lap, the vampire holding her close and nipping on her neck almost but not quite hard enough to break the skin. Which of course played on Elena's biggest fear, that all of this was just some kind of sick game before Katherine killed her, but after a few moments of this Katherine giggled against her skin, Elena relaxing as she became fairly certain that wasn't the case. Then Katherine started kissing her neck, the press of her lips so soft Elena had no choice but to moan happily. Then Katherine's lips gently attacked her own, Elena going limp in the stronger woman's arms and surrendering her body completely to her doppelganger.

Katherine had kissed countless people over her 500 years of life, many of them women, but none of them brought her quite as much sadistic joy as kissing her sweet mirror image. It was just so, unique... and yet, Elena was just such an innocent little thing when it came to lesbian fun it was ironically clich‚d at the same time. And Katherine was loath to admit it to herself, let alone anyone else, but even after all these years that 'innocent' routine appeal to the darker side of her which wanted to corrupt and devour that innocence.

Right now she mostly wanted to devour innocent little Elena Gilbert in a way they would both very much enjoy, Katherine just doing it with her lips at first before she picked Elena up and positioned her so she was lying flat on the bed. To her delight Elena not only allowed herself to be carried but held on tightly to the vampire to make the experience easier, and kept kissing Katherine to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Although truth be told that became less endearing after Katherine got tired of bullying Elena's tongue around with her own and tried to move lower, not that the poor human had a prayer of even slowing her down.

Despite urges to the contrary Katherine forced herself to spend some time on Elena's boobs, the older brunette delighting in finding that the younger one's nipples were already as hard as rocks. Still, she licked and sucked them just the same, going back and forth for what felt like an eternity as Elena whimpered and writhed underneath her. She even started pushing her down once, although Katherine refused to budge unless Elena actually said the words, even resorting to increasing the intensity of her licks and sucks to make Elena beg for what they both knew she so desperately wanted.

Sure enough, after longer then Katherine would have liked, the pure and virginal Elena Gilbert whimpered, "Please Katherine... lower."

Briefly Katherine considered forcing Elena to be more graphic. Force Elena to tell her exactly what she wanted her to do to her in graphic detail. But she had waited all day to get another taste of the yummy treat in between Elena's thighs, and as much as Katherine wanted to go slow there was only so much she could take. So she settled for sliding her lips downwards so she could kiss every inch of Elena's stomach before settling in between the other girl's legs, Elena quickly spreading those long athletic legs as wide as she possibly could to give Katherine all the access she needed.

Instead of then finally giving Elena what she wanted Katherine chose to spend a few minutes kissing her inner thigh, making her even more nervous than she already was. She was also worried that she'd have to say something else, and as much as Elena didn't want to admit she wanted Katherine to go down on her in that moment she wasn't sure she physically could. Her mouth was just so dry, and she was so overwhelmed with need she wasn't sure she could form coherent words even if she could find her voice.

Suddenly Katherine finally stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it over Elena's pussy lips, causing the poor girl to cry out so loudly that she blushed and immediately shoved a pillow over her face. It was a good thing that she did, as Katherine repeated the process over and over again, the older girl licking the younger girl's pussy at a slow and steady rhythm which had Elena helplessly whimpering and crying into her pillow. Those sounds were mostly out of pleasure, but there were also some genuine tears as Elena wallowed in the fact that she could no longer convince herself she was being taken against her will.

She had asked for this. She had wanted this. Spent the entire day thinking how good Katherine had made her feel the night before, and how much she'd like to feel that talented tongue again. Now she was getting what she wanted it felt really good, but Elena couldn't stop thinking of her boyfriend Stefan and what a cheating slut this made her, and perhaps she deserved whatever Katherine had planned for her. Perhaps she deserved to become a vampire's meal, or a vampire's slut, if she was so embarrassingly easy.

Essentially those thoughts melted away as the blissful pleasure became overwhelming, Elena's whimpers and cries becoming of pure pleasure as moans and groans were added to the mix. It only got worse when Katherine started lingering on first Elena's entrance and then her clit. The first was torturous enough, Katherine pushing just the tip of her tongue inside Elena's aching love hole, but when the older brunette started lingering on the younger brunette's clit Elena was surprised one or both of the Salvatores didn't come rushing to her aid, despite the pillow still firmly being over her face.

The temptation to brutally attack that clit or invade Elena's pussy and tongue fuck the other girl to climax was almost overwhelming, but Katherine had spent most of today scolding herself for rushing last night and she was determined not to make the same mistake twice. Determined that tonight she would take her time with Elena, Katherine savouring every moment of being in between the legs of her sweet mirror image. And oh, was there plenty to savour.

Just having sweet and innocent Elena Gilbert lying on her back with her legs spread for her, the girl whimpering, moaning and clutching the bed sheets as Katherine gave her more pleasure than Stefan ever could, her doppelg„nger helpless to resist her touch, oh it was all so intoxicating. Of course the best part was the unique flavour of the doppelg„nger, the flavour so like her own and yet with an additional sweetness that Katherine couldn't get enough of, the wicked vampire eventually forced to wrap her lips around the little human's cunt so at least the majority of that precious honey ended up in her stomach where it belonged.

Soon after that Katherine let out a long loud moan into Elena's cunt, the vampire unable to help herself thanks to having so much of her mirror image's delicious cream pretty much sliding directly down her throat. That moan caused vibrations on Elena's pussy which had the helpless human crying out with pure joy, which in turn caused Katherine to smirk around the tasty treat in front of her before increasing the power of her suction, causing more delicious honey to flow into her mouth and down her throat, restarting the process until innocent little Elena Gilbert just couldn't take it anymore.

"Katherine please..." Elena gasped.

In a flash they were face to face again, Katherine wildly grinning, "Please what Elena? Please leave? Or please fuck you? Tell me what you want, and I'll do it. I swear."

Elena stared at her for a long moment, and then closed her eyes and whimpered, leaving Katherine to chuckle cruelly before slowly calling back down and restarting the slow pussy licking. Oh yes, it was just like before, except Elena was even more aroused and Katherine wrapped her mouth around that lovely little entrance a lot sooner because of it. There were more whimpers and cries, but it was several minutes before Elena let out a coherent word, and although Katherine had no doubt what her doppelg„nger wanted it was a really long time before poor little Elena Gilbert could muster the courage to admit what she wanted.

Elena tried to tell Katherine to leave, she really did, but she just couldn't convince her mouth to let out the words. Not that they ever got that far, her treacherous body not allowing her to do the right thing and yet her mind couldn't cope with actually verbally admitting she wanted Katherine to make her cum. However the need for climax, to feel that talented tongue inside her, ultimately just became too overwhelming, and after what felt like hours of gentle pussy worship Elena just couldn't help herself. She needed this, needed it like oxygen, and to her shame would say anything to get it.

"Please Katherine fuck me!" Elena squeaked.

She then opened her mouth to say more but all that came out was a high-pitched scream, Elena desperately trying to muffle the sound with the pillow she was now practically smothering herself with as Katherine Pierce plunged her tongue as deep inside her as it would go. If Katherine had pushed quickly Elena was sure she would have cum on the spot, but instead the other girl had slowly pushed inside her bit by bit, unknowingly or perhaps knowingly further torturing her victim.

Whether she knew what she was doing or not, and Elena suspected that she did, Katherine continued the torture by slowly thrusting that tongue in and out of her, pushing the younger brunette to the edge of orgasm and somehow keeping her there for what felt like an eternity. The worst part was that after a lot of effort Elena found the strength to verbally beg Katherine to make her cum, even pulling the pillow slightly from her face to make her words clearer, and yet still Katherine chose to torture her. To tongue fuck her. To torture her with her tongue, the steady pace of the fucking driving Elena crazy.

"Katherine, oh please Katherine, fuck me!" Elena wept, "Fuck me and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmmm, please Katherine, fuck me hard! Harder! Please harder! I, ooooooooooh, I, mmmmmmmmmm, I... I need you to make me cum! Please? I'll do anything if you make me cum!"

Immediately Elena regretted those last words, even as Katherine curled her tongue inside her and gave Elena the best orgasm of her life. After all that build up it was even more powerful than the last one Katherine had given her, Elena reliving last night only better as she was tongue fucked through multiple orgasms, Katherine seeming to swallow every drop in between powerful thrusts of that wicked tongue of hers. It was wonderful, and yet through it all Elena worried what would happen when Katherine forced her to make good on her promise.

She should be worried, thought Katherine, able to guess what Elena was thinking without having to compel her or even see the look on her face. And certainly, Katherine's mind raced with possibilities, however she had a specific plan and was determined to stick to it. Not that it wouldn't be enjoyable enough, at least for her, even if she was tempted by some of her other ideas. But all that could wait until after she had finished making a meal of Elena Gilbert, the innocent girl's cum proving to be even more delicious than Katherine remembered it as it flowed like wine into her belly.

Unfortunately despite her many years of eating pussy Katherine couldn't catch all of it, part of her cursing Elena for cumming so much that she lost some of that precious liquid. On the other hand it was really thrilling to have her face covered in girl cum, and thanks to Elena thrashing about and even, Katherine guessed instinctively, grinded onto her face she got quite the facial. Certainly one of the most enjoyable ever, Katherine grinning at the thought of seeing one or both of the Salvatores again with her face covered in Elena's cum and pussy cream, the older brunette considering calling them in here so they could see what she had done to their precious Elena Gilbert.

As tempting as that was Katherine instead chose to tongue fuck Elena through orgasm after orgasm until just like last night she slipped into unconsciousness. Then Katherine spent a few minutes cleaning Elena's cunt of any remaining cum and then unlike the night before she kissed her way up the other brunette's body until she was pressing her lips to those belonging to her doppelg„nger. It took a frustratingly long time for Elena to stir, but when she did, oh it was thrilling to see the look on her face.

After enjoying the look for a few long seconds Katherine pressed her lips forcefully to Elena's again, not stopping until the other girl began kissing her back, Elena moaning into her mouth as the young thing tasted herself first on Katherine's lips, then on her tongue. Which of course made Katherine grin, and kiss Elena even more forcefully, and eventually begin grinding down on her helpless mirror image. Oh how Katherine wanted to take her pleasure from this girl right here and now. Shove that pretty face as deep as it could go into her cunt and demand Elena use her little tongue to get her off the exact same way she had. It was overwhelmingly tempting, especially as Elena had promised to do anything, but again Katherine had a plan.

Sticking to that plan Katherine finally broke the kiss and asked, "Are you ready to return the favour?"

Elena blushed, "I, I... I..."

"I'll take that as a no." Katherine sighed, "Oh well, maybe next time."

With that she disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving poor little Elena Gilbert naked, alone and most of all confused and horny.


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