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Vampire Diaries: Mirror Image Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

It had been two weeks since this all began and Elena still hadn't told anyone about Katherine's nightly visits. Her brain knew she should, that she was playing with fire and it maybe her loved ones who get burnt instead or as well as herself, but selfishly she just couldn't stop. She tried to blame her treacherous body at first, but as the days passed that excuse seemed increasingly lame. At lease she wasn't technically cheating on Stefan anymore now she had told him she needed some space, which wasn't the cleanest of breaks but it made her feel a little less guilty about spreading her legs for her doppelganger every night.

This however was going to be a special night, one she was sure she wasn't going to forget any time soon. Her first night without anyone in her house, Jeremy sleeping over at a friend and Jenna out of town visiting an old college friend, meaning there was literally no one around to hear her scream. This was information she had voluntarily told Katherine, her sexy mirror image smirking at her and promising her a night to remember, and Elena didn't doubt it for a second.

Speaking, or more accurately thinking, of that smirk it appeared in the blink of an eye in her doorway, along with the rest of Katherine Pierce, her evil eyes lighting up when she saw what Elena was wearing, and then obviously pretending to be scandalised she exclaimed, "Elena! Do our boys know you like to sleep in sexy lingerie?"

Elena blushed, and admitted, "I wanted to look good for you."

"Awww, how sweet." Katherine said in a mocking tone, closing the door behind her and super speeding over to the bed that Elena was lying on, "But you always look good to me. Not that I'm complaining."

Gulping softly Elena forced herself to squeak, "I, I wanna go down on you."

Katherine smirked, "One more time. With feeling."

"I, I... I..." Elena stammered, and then when her secret lover clearly became impatient with her she said as firmly as she could, "I want to go down on you."

Katherine's lips curled upwards again, although it was less of a smirk and more of a soft smile. She then slowly stripped off her, no doubt obscenely expensive, clothes as Elena watched with an indecent amount of fascination, once again marveling at how the body in front of her was almost identical to her own, except maybe for a few subtle differences. Not that she got a lot of time to enjoy them as while Katherine didn't use her supernatural speed it still felt like only seconds until she was naked and slowly crawling onto the bed and up Elena's body, her trademark smirk very much in place.

Once she was lying on top of her Katherine just stared at her for a few long seconds, then she lent down and kissed Elena with surprising softness. It was a lot less surprising when the kiss became more heated, Katherine pushing her tongue into Elena's mouth as her hands began to explore her body, at first deliberately ignoring all the 'fun parts' and then eventually concentrating on them and squeezing moans, groans, gasps, and whimpers out of Elena with every squeeze of her ass and pinch of her nipples. Then without warning Katherine broke the kiss, rolled off of and onto her back and then side contentedly.

Katherine then gave her an expectant look, "Well, what are you waiting for? Eat me."

For a few seconds Elena gave Katherine an adorable deer in the headlights look, then she jumped on top of her and kissed her. It was a little nervous at first, but quite firm, and Elena seemed to relax into it, beginning to give Katherine the same treatment she had just given her, albeit minus the tongue and with a lot less groping. Happy to help out Katherine pushed her tongue back into Elena's mouth, the other brunette welcoming it with her own and being encouraged to nervously touch the vampire's tits, Katherine smiling proudly as she enjoyed Elena's work.

After a few moments of this Elena moved on to kissing her neck, and while admittedly she spent more time than Katherine would have liked, and longer then she normally would have tolerated, the anticipation for what would happen next was delicious. Or more accurately what would happen when Elena completed her journey down her body. Not that it wasn't incredibly pleasant when Elena nervously kiss down to her boobs and began licking and sucking her nipples one by one because it was, but even this wouldn't compare to the joy of having her mirror image going down on her. So it took a lot for Katherine to avoid the urge to grab Elena's head and shove it downwards.

Instead she softly moaned, "Mmmmmm, that's so nice Elena. But I think we can put that mouth of yours to better use. Don't you? Ooooooh yes, get down there and eat me. Mmmmmm, eat my pussy like a good girl."

Briefly lifting her mouth away from Katherine's boobs Elena innocently asked, "What's the matter? Can't take your own medicine?"

Then Elena returned to sucking on the other girl's nipples while Katherine went through a range of emotions, from shocked, to impressed and then finally to furious. Or perhaps annoyed. Either way it was even more of a struggle not to roughly push Elena downwards. However she wanted to reward Elena for her bravery, so she avoided the urge for quite a while. Besides, at least Elena bought her hands into the mix, playing with whatever nipple wasn't in her mouth and using the other hand to push the breast she was concentrating on further into her mouth, while licking and sucking her nipples harder. But the girl pushed her luck, glancing up at her and grinning around her nipples, which officially pushed this past bravery and into cheekiness. Which Katherine still liked, but she was looking for an excuse to push things to the next level.

So shortly after Elena glanced up at her Katherine tangled her fingers into long, straight brown hair and then gently tugged downwards. At first Elena resisted, but she was no match for vampire strength and it wasn't long before she was allowing Katherine to push her downwards. She even pressed a few kisses to Katherine's flat stomach along the way. Then when Katherine had her right where she wanted her Elena showed even more cheekiness by kissing around the older brunette's pussy, and whatever part of her inner thigh she could reach while still firmly within Katherine's grasp, which frustrated the vampire even more.

It wasn't long after that Katherine began grumbling, "Elena, if you don't oooooooooh yessssssssss, that's it! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, lick me! Lick me just like that, oooooooohhhhhhhhh, good girl."

Elena had known she had been pushing her luck, but she couldn't help it. Katherine had been a shameless tease every time she had eaten her out, and it felt incredibly satisfying to get some revenge. Perhaps more importantly Elena really wanted to make Katherine cum just as hard as the vampire had made her cum, or at least as close to it as she could get, and although the teasing was frustrating Elena had no doubt that it was a big part of why she came so hard with Katherine, so if she was going to properly return the favour she had to do this. Of course at the same time she didn't want to upset a centuries-old vampire, so the whole time Elena was very aware she was walking a fine line.

Which was why when Katherine sounded like she'd had enough Elena didn't give her the chance to even threaten her before she took her first nervous lick of pussy. Having tasted herself on Katherine's lips, tongue and fingers multiple times, and even inside Katherine's mouth, Elena was confident that she would at least tolerate the taste, if not like it, but she was wrong. She didn't just like it, she loved it, and eagerly began lapping away at Katherine's cunt so she could get more of that yummy liquid. Then after a few licks she started to avoid Katherine's clit at the end of each lick, because again if she was going to properly return the favour she needed to tease Katherine first.

This resulted in getting an animalistic like growl out of the vampire which had Elena holding her breath for a few long seconds. But then Katherine just let out a pathetic sounding whimper and relaxed, giving Elena about a minute to feel triumphant. Then Katherine started gently stroking her hair, which could have been mistaken for a sign of affection and encouragement if it wasn't for the way she was smirking down at Elena, making the human feel extremely nervous. Taking the hint Elena stopped avoiding Katherine's clit. In fact not only did she brush her tongue over it every single time but she occasionally lingered on it. Which wasn't really her idea, more a silent order Katherine gave her by tightening her grip in her hair and keeping her in place.

It wasn't long after this that Katherine started giving Elena more direct orders, "Mmmmmm, that's it Elena, lick my clit. Lick my clit just like that, mmmmmm, good girl. Ohhhhhhhh God, not too much! You don't want to make me cum too quickly, do you? Noooooo oooooooh, if you're going to eat my pussy, you should learn to do it right. But don't worry, I'm an excellent teacher, and you show some real potential. Ooooooooh yeah, don't worry Elena, I'm going to turn you into a pussy pleaser who just won't be able to stop thinking about munching cunt, and gets on her knees and begs to eat mine daily! Yesssssss Elena, I'm going to turn you into a total dyke, who will never want our boyfriends to touch her again."

Most of those words just made Elena blushed, especially such insulting words like 'dyke'. But the last part really worried her. Was that what this was really all about? Katherine turning her out so she could have Stefan, and maybe Damon to, all to herself? And what happened after Elena was turned? Was Elena really just going to be a fuck toy to her? Or would all this stop if Katherine got Stefan back? It was insane but Elena didn't want that to be the case. She had become addicted to Katherine's nightly visits, and even though it was wrong she didn't want them to stop. But what could she do? Elena couldn't possibly stop Katherine if that was what she really wanted, so all she could do was pray that it wasn't and try and at least made Katherine considered to keep around as a 'pussy pleaser', Elena listened very carefully to Katherine's instructions and following them as best she could.

Katherine couldn't help thinking about Stefan and Damon right now, but it had nothing to do with wanting to get them back. Perhaps she had wanted Stefan back when she had first returned to Mystic Falls. Maybe that had even played a role in her decision to fuck her mirror image. But that definitely wasn't the reason that she kept fucking her. No, she kept fucking her because it was addictive. Like nothing else she'd ever experienced. Something Katherine could never get enough of. And that was before dear sweet Elena went down on her. Now she had innocent little Elena Gilbert lapping away at her cunt Katherine couldn't ever imagine wanting Stefan again, and certainly not Damon.

She did however want them both to catch them like this. Exactly like this. With their precious Elena Gilbert, who was the definition of purity and innocence, in between her legs and eagerly eating her pussy like a little lesbian slut. Oh yes, Katherine desperately wanted Stefan and Damon to walk in and see this, so they would know that Elena would never again be theirs. Only hers. Oh yes, Katherine could practically picture the look on their faces, the vampire smirking wickedly and imagining all the fun things she could say to them. It was so delicious she almost considered arranging it, which would be easy now she had stolen their numbers from Elena's phone.

But no, she wouldn't ruin this special first time for herself or Elena, especially when Elena was doing such a good job at pleasing her pussy. Which would almost definitely come to an abrupt end if they where interrupted by anybody, which would be nothing short of a tragedy. So perhaps she would arrange it another time, or better yet described to them in detail how it felt to have Elena Gilbert eating her pussy. And just how delicious Elena's pussy was. Yes, that would be fun. They wouldn't believe her of course, but then one or both would confront Elena and her mirror image would no doubt finally tell them the truth. Although as wonderful as that was it might cost her Elena, which was unfathomable right now. Oh well, the truth would inevitably come out, and Katherine could be very, very patient when she had to be.

When it did Katherine would make sure that Elena remained hers, just like she should have been from the start. Because this twisted little affair had been intoxicating enough when it was just Katherine pleasuring Elena. Now the favour was going to be regularly returned, and from the way Elena was now eagerly licking her cunt Katherine truly believed that it would be returned, losing Elena was just unthinkable. As was the idea of moving before Elena made her cum. Yes, it would take nothing short of certain death for Katherine to allow this to end. Hell, she wasn't even particularly in a hurry to cum, as just having Elena Gilbert gently lick her pussy was enough for Katherine for quite a while.

It was probably record time, because while Katherine could be patient it wasn't something she enjoyed, especially when it came to her own selfish pleasure. But there were exceptions to any rule, and this was definitely one of them. Plus it helped a lot that, with a little encouragement, Elena eventually switched from occasionally touching Katherine's clit during her licks, to always lingering on it for some amount of time. It was never enough to make her cum, but a few times it got her oh so painfully close, especially the first time Elena wrapped her lips around Katherine's clit and gently began sucking on it, the fact that she hadn't asked Elena to do it only making the moment that much more intoxicating.

During that wonderful moment Katherine let out an animalistic like growl and dug her fingernails into Elena's pretty hair. After that she gave up on the running commentary she had so enjoyed giving for quite a while, the deadly vampire being reduced to a whimpering, moaning and writhing mess. Also pleasure turned to almost painful frustration as the urge to cum became increasingly overwhelming, until ultimately Katherine just couldn't take it anymore. Although she comforted her own ego by telling herself there were few who could even last this long when being pleasured by the hot little mouth of Elena Gilbert. She particularly doubted Stefan had lasted that long, she thought with an evil smile, fully intending to tell him as much when the time was right.

For now, she would just concentrate on making the next few words out of her mouth seem like an order and an not a plea, "Fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum, oooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh FUCK! Make me cum! Make me cum by fucking my cunt with your sweet little tongue. Mmmmmm, don't act coy and innocent Elena. You know what I'm talking about. Yesssssss, you know because I'll been doing it to you every single night the past few weeks while your friends think you're sleeping. Oh yes, while Damon and Stefan think you're being a good girl you've just been a little slut. My slut! Ooooooh yessssss, my little lesbian slut. And now I want to cement your new role by cumming in that hot mouth of yours. Oh God yes, tongue fuck me Elena! Ohhhhhhh God, I want sweet little Elena Gilbert to tongue fuck me. I want my sweet little dyke slut to stick her little lezzie tongue deep into my fucking cunt and fuck me with it til I cum! Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeessssssss, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddd!"

It took a lot longer than Katherine would have liked, Elena perhaps showing she had the Petrova fire by continuing to tease her, but eventually it happened. Innocent and pure Elena Gilbert slowly slid her tongue into her pussy, the sensation so overwhelming that Katherine lost her ability to speak. Instead she let out a long cry of pleasure and then whimpered as Elena left her tongue completely buried inside her for a few long seconds before beginning to thrust back and forth, officially starting the tongue fucking. Which might have been just the best feeling ever. Or at least the best feeling Katherine could remember, making it an incredible struggle for her not to cum instantly.

Despite her best efforts Elena made her cum in record time, and when she did it was easily the hardest climax of Katherine's very long life. Mostly because of the very long build-up, as most didn't dare make her wait that long before giving her satisfaction, and because of the sheer joy of it being her mirror image doing this to her. And that it was Elena. Because the younger girl's tongue was clumsy, Elena abandoning exploration in favour of really hammering her tongue in and out as fast as she could, meaning every time she hit a particular sweet spot was out of pure luck. But that just made this whole thing more endearing, and only helps Elena make Katherine cum over and over again.

Elena hadn't appreciated being called a dyke, but honestly it just made her own pussy hotter and wetter. Which was embarrassing, although not as much as Katherine mentioning Damon and Stefan, which made Elena feel guilty as she continued pleasuring her doppelg„nger. Because she just couldn't stop. Katherine's pussy just tasted so good, as it only got better when Elena pushed her tongue into the older woman, because it caused Katherine's juices to flow even more rapidly, this time flow directly down her throat as her mouth was firmly pressed against the other brunette's cunt. Which just meant Elena fucked Katherine harder to get more of those juices, although she had to stop every so often to swallow a mouth full of Katherine's cunt cream.

It was much the same when Katherine came, only Elena became even more mindless and frantic to get every drop of the sweet cream coming out of her doppelg„nger. Because God, she thought Katherine's regular pussy juice had been yummy, but this was just a whole other level, Elena instantly addicted to it the second it touched her tastebuds. She literally felt like a junkie desperate for a fix in the minutes, and later seconds, in between Katherine's orgasms when there was no girl cum to swallow, and Elena whimpered pathetically as no matter how hard she tried an increasing amount of precious liquid ended up covering her face.

Although ironically that whimpering seemed to cause Katherine more pleasure, so Elena experimented by humming, the vibrations of which seem to help the intensity of the other woman's climaxes. It also led to Katherine shoving her face even deeper into her cunt, using both hands to keep her in place as if Elena would want to be anywhere else. Even if she suffocated, which was becoming a very real possibility, it felt like it would be worth it if she could just swallow a few more precious drops of this heavenly liquid. However before she could pass out Katherine pulled her upwards and into her arms, Elena fighting all the way.

She just couldn't help it. She felt like she physically needed more of that precious liquid, and she would do anything to get it, even fight a 500-year-old vampire who possess the kind of speed and strength that she could only dream of. Then Katherine shoved her tongue down her throat, and Elena melted into the stronger girls arms. She couldn't help that either. Katherine was just so amazing at kissing, and this time the vampire was tasting herself on Elena's lips and tongue, and in her mouth, the thought of that making Elena quiver with delight. It was literally the reverse of what they had been doing the past few weeks, although she hope that Katherine wouldn't run off before she got the chance to return the favour, as Elena's body was desperate for some attention.

Katherine had no intention of leaving Elena wanting. Well, she would always want to leave her wanting more, but she didn't have too resort to cheap tactics like not making her cum to do that. Besides, she definitely couldn't resist after Elena had treated her to so many wonderful orgasms. So with an inhuman growl Katherine flipped them over, broke the kiss and gave Elena her best predatory look. Then, because she couldn't resist, she leaned down and started licking up some of her own cum from Elena's face before she kissed the other girl again so she could feed it to her. Katherine then repeated this process a few times before breaking the kiss and grinning down at her prey.

"So, whatever shall we do now?" Katherine teased.

"I can think of a few things." Elena blushed.

"Like what?" Katherine pushed, then when Elena didn't immediately reply pushed even more, "If you don't tell me I'll leave."

"No! Please don't leave." Elena pleaded, pausing for a moment as she couldn't help think that was ironic considering how this all began, then she said, "I, I want you to fuck me."

"How?" Katherine pushed again, "I want details ."

Elena blushed, took a calming breath and softly said, "I want you to finger me. Please? Mmmmmm, please Katherine, stick your fingers inside me and fuck me with them. Fuck my pussy! Finger fuck my lesbian pussy! Oh God!"

Katherine couldn't help grinning widely as Elena let out the cutest little squeak when she suddenly shot her hand down with her super speed to the other girl's panties covered pussy. She was also smiling at the wetness she found there, although that wasn't surprising. Even if she hadn't smelt it earlier previous experience told Katherine that Elena's panties would be soaking, so this was only reaffirming what Katherine already knew. Still it was nice to find, and touch, and the look and sounds Elena gave out when she did touch it was adorable. Especially considering she didn't even move that hand at first, choosing to taunt her little fuck toy some more instead.

"My fingers, huh?" Katherine teased, "You sure that's what you want to go with?"

"Uh-huh." Elena briefly nodded.

"You wouldn't rather my tongue?" Katherine offered.

"No." Elena softly replied.

This somewhat surprised Katherine who then offered, "How about both?"

"No." Elena said, quickly adding, "I want to look into your eyes as I cum."

Katherine smiled warmly, "Awww, that's so sweet."

Rewarding Elena for her words Katherine slipped the panties aside and started rubbing the other girl's hot little cunt. She was going to rub Elena through her panties, but after such a sweet declaration she just couldn't resist giving her something a little better. Which was really a reward for both of them, as it meant Katherine got to touch Elena's womanhood directly which was far more thrilling now something wasn't in the way of that. Also Elena let out another adorable gasp quickly followed by a long moan, which had Katherine grinning wickedly and admiring how good her prize looked in her little outfit, especially the push-up bra which made her tits look at lease one cup size bigger.

"You know I really love this outfit?" Katherine grinned, "Even if it is just like everything else you wear, cheap. Mmmmm, but I can help you out with that. Yessssss, we can take a nice long shopping trip where you can model all sorts of different outfits for me. As long as it's expensive. Because if you're going to be dressing up for me, I want only the best. Ooooooh, I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you? Huh? Would you like to go shopping with me? Have me buy nice things for you so you can wear them for me? Be your Sugar Mommy? Huh?"

There was a pause and then guessing she was supposed to reply Elena nodded, "Yes. Whatever you want."

"Good girl." Katherine beamed, before frowning, "But Stefan never sees any of it. Right?"

"Yes, I won't let him see me like this." Elena whimpered, "I promise, I'll never dress up for him like this. Only you. Oh God!"

Again rewarding Elena for her words Katherine slowly slipped a finger inside of the other girl and just left it there for a few long seconds, allowing both of them to enjoy the moment. Then she began gently fucking her doppelg„nger, which of course made more adorable gasps and whimpers fall from Elena's lips, which left Katherine in quite the predicament. Did she kiss those inviting looking lips and at least somewhat silence the other girl? Did she sink her fangs into that even more inviting neck and drink deep while getting more of those wonderful sounds? Or did she just keep teasing this beautiful girl? It was a tough decision, but for now Katherine chose to keep it teasing.

"That's good." Katherine growled, "Cause I'm very territorial, and hate the idea of anyone seeing what's mine. Or worse, touching it. And you are mine, aren't you Elena?"

Elena blushed and hesitated. She didn't want to say no, but she didn't want to say yes either. Saying no might mean that Katherine would stop fucking her, and Elena just couldn't stand the thought of that right now. There was also the chance that Katherine would threaten to punish her for that answer. Or worse, just do it. But saying yes could easily be just as dangerous, if not more, because she would be committing to this twisted relationship like never before, and while most people, sane people, would immediately know they were just words designed to enhance the sex Elena knew that Katherine would consider them binding. Which really shouldn't have been appealing, and yet in that moment Elena couldn't deny it was.

Ultimately after a pause which felt like an eternity to both brunettes Elena softly croaked, "Yes."

"Are you sure?" Katherine pushed, increasing the pace ever so slightly, "Cause you don't sounds sure."

"I, oh, I am." Elena whispered, and then when Katherine looked at her expectantly told her doppelg„nger firmly, "I'm yours."

"All mine?" Katherine pushed even further, and just in case it wasn't clear added, "Only mine?"

Elena again hesitated but ultimately whimpered, "Yes."

"So Stefan doesn't get to touch this hot little pussy of yours, right? Or see it?" Katherine questioned firmly, making sure that Elena would see it more as an order, "Cause you're mine? Right?"

"Yes! Yes I'm yours." Elena promised desperately, "I'm all yours and, and... and Stefan doesn't get to see or touch me."

"Once more with feeling!" Katherine demanded.

"I'm yours! All yours!" Elena swore loudly, "Not Stefan's. He doesn't get to see or touch me. No one does accept you. I'll... I'll leave him for you. I only want to be with you. I, oh, ooooooh God, I only want to be yours. Only yours."

There was a long pause, and then Katherine smiled wickedly, "Good answer."

With that Katherine started curling her fingers inside of Elena's cunt, hitting her G-spot with every thrust. Seconds after that she started using a thumb to rub Elena's clit, starting out slow but building up until the poor human was on the edge of orgasm, and the for the vampire to cruelly leave her there for what felt an eternity, Katherine pretty much smirking the entire time. Elena tried to beg for mercy, but all that came out of her mouth was incoherent cries, whimpers, gasps and even screams. Luckily for her just as it was becoming painful Katherine pushed her over the edge, giving Elena the kind of orgasm she had only ever received while being fucked by her mirror image.

Throughout that first orgasm Elena got what she had said she wanted, Katherine staring into her eyes, but those eyes turned dark and scary towards the end of the climax, then Katherine growled, "Why are you so God damn irresistible?"

Then Katherine sunk her fangs into Elena's neck and began greedily drinking her blood while redoubling her efforts with her fingers. Which should have been horrifying, but only made everything more intense, especially the multiple orgasms Katherine effortlessly fucked her through until Elena was sure she was going to pass out. Then Katherine pulled back, grinned wickedly, pulled her fingers out of Elena and then brought them up to her lips. For a moment Elena thought she was going to suck them clean, but instead she bit down on them and then shove those wet fingers into Elena's mouth, meaning that the younger girl got to taste a weird combination of her own cum and Katherine's blood. Which should have been horrifying and gross, but Elena loved it.

When those fingers were finally cleaned Katherine tried to pull away, but Elena grabbed her and begged, "No! Please stay."

Katherine was genuinely surprised by this, but smiled, "Just for a little while."

In a flash they were both underneath the covers and Elena was lying on her side being spooned by Katherine. Which felt really nice. Weird, but nice. And okay, Elena would have liked the opportunity to remove the uncomfortable underwear, or at least the ruined panties, but she kind of liked that Katherine wasn't giving her the option to change. It was so wrong, but she loved how dominant Katherine was, and somehow it felt natural to submit to her. Elena knew it was crazy, but she even felt safe in Katherine's arms. She just worried what would happen when Katherine no longer found her entertaining, and the novelty of topping her mirror image wore off.


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