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Author's note: This story takes place during Series 2 and contains spoilers.

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Vampire Diaries: Mirror Image Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Elena had been expecting to see Katherine today as her nights had been filled with passionate sex with her doppelganger. So much so it was becoming a problem, as Katherine barely let her get any sleep. She hadn't been expecting to see her until tonight, so Elena was surprised to find the older brunette waiting for her in her room when she got back from school, but Elena was so happy to see her that her face instantly brightened up. Then she noticed the suitcases, and more worryingly the expression on Katherine's face. The 500-year-old vampire looked afraid, and anything which could make such an old and powerful creature look like that was terrifying indeed.

Quickly closing the bedroom door Elena slowly approached her lover and asked, "Katherine, what's wrong?"

Ignoring the question Katherine announced, "We need to go."

"What? Why?" Elena frowned, "Did something-"

"ELENA!" Katherine snapped loudly, forcing her voice to be softer as she added, "I'll answer your questions when we're on the road, I promise, but the longer we stay here the better chance he has of catching us."

"Who has?" Elena automatically asked with another frown.

Katherine sighed and forced herself to sound patient as she moved closer and gently grabbed her lover, "Elena, I know there's no reason you should trust me. I, I hoped to have more time to earn your trust, but I don't. And I can't watch you die. I won't. So here's the deal, I've packed all your essentials, and this is your last chance to grab anything of sentimental value to you. Then I am taking you away from here."

Those words filled Elena with rage, and she wanted nothing more any to yell and scream at Katherine for treating her this way. But Katherine was still a 500-year-old vampire and could easily overpower her, and if she screamed for help, if anyone hurt her protest, Katherine could hurt or even kill them with ease. So just like at the beginning of all of this, what choice did she have? Which was frustrating, because she had thought they were past this. That they had transitioned from a semi-forced relationship into an equal partnership. It made her want to scream for a completely different reason. But she couldn't ignore the fact that Katherine seemed scared. Because seriously, what could scare Katherine?

Seeing Elena's jaw clench Katherine offered with a sigh, "How about this, you give me until we reach the town border to convince you that you need to leave? If I don't, I'll promise to leave you to die."

Elena briefly contemplated this, and then reluctantly nodded, "Deal."

Just in case she really didn't have the chance to come back Elena grabbed a few things, most notably a few pictures and her diaries, before turning back to Katherine. She barely got the chance to open her mouth to reveal she was ready when Katherine grabbed her and the heavy suitcases and raced out the door. Seconds later they were on the street with Katherine loading up the trunk of her car with Elena's suitcases and normal human speed, which Elena could only assume was so not to draw attention. After all someone might have shrugged it off if they thought there was only a couple of girls who weren't there before, but a car trunk suddenly opening and closing was too far? Honestly she didn't get how most people didn't know about vampires given the ones she knew were so careless about using their powers, and that was before they were afraid.

"Come on, we need to go!" Katherine told her as she scrambled to get into the car.

Letting out a soft sigh Elena did as she was told, waiting until she was buckled in and they had set off before asking again, "Katherine, what's going on?"

For a moment Katherine hesitated, then she sighed, "His name is Klaus..."

* * *

By the time they reach the border they had already spent a few minutes in silence, and even though she really didn't want to Katherine stopped the car just outside the border and softly told Elena without looking at her, "I can't protect you from him. No one can. If you stay your friends will try and protect you, you know they will, but they will die. He will kill them in front of you, brutally, just because he can. So if you want to live, if you want your friends to live, your best chances to leave and never come back."

There was a brief pause, and then Elena questioned, "My best chance?"

"Well... I could always make you like me." Katherine said after another brief pause, turning to Elena and briefly shifting into her true form, "I could give you my blood, and maybe you'd come back. The important word there being maybe, because maybe he'll literally rip your heart from your chest, or tear off your pretty little head, or a number of things which would make sure that your death would be very permanent, and I truly believe that if for even one second he suspected that I cared about you that's exactly what he would do. And he might do it anyway for fun. So I'm not willing to gamble on maybe, and neither should you."

"Oh." Elena murmured softly.

"Of course I consider just turning you against your will, but then he'd just kill you anyway. Especially if he found out that I was the one who did it, in the name of saving you and screwing him over, and honestly it would be both." Katherine added almost casually, then after yet another brief pause asked, "So can we go now?"

There was a long pause and then Elena softly said, "I, I need time-"

"To what? To think?" Katherine exclaimed in disbelief, "What is there to think about? He'll kill you Elena! He. Will. Kill. You. What part of that don't you get?"

"I-" Elena tried to begin.

"Is it that you don't believe me? Is that it?" Katherine accused angrily, before letting out a soft laugh, "God, why would you? It sounds crazy. I know it sounds crazy, especially coming from me, but I swear it's the truth, and I can prove it. Just not here. Like I told you, a reliable source told me he's found out that there is a doppelganger in Mystic Falls and he's on his way. It could be days, it could be hours or it could even be minutes, but he will get here and leave a trail of bodies in his wake, and I just can't let you be one of them, not any more."

Elena frowned, "What do you mean?"

"It doesn't matter." Katherine said firmly, turning the ignition, "We need to leave now!"

"No!" Elena said firmly, causing Katherine to look at her, "Katherine, please-"

"Elena, listen to me-" Katherine interrupted.

"NO! YOU LISTEN TO ME!" Elena yelled, "You've had your turn to talk, so just let me finish, okay?"

"Okay." Katherine grumbled after a brief pause.

Then Elena sighed, "I believe you, okay? I do. It's just, I'd like time to process this. Thing for more than a couple of seconds if there's another way out of this. At the very least I want time to say goodbye. Because I can't just disappear. I can't, I won't do that to the people I love. So please Katherine, if you care about what I want at all, just give me one day. Even if it's only to say goodbye."

There was another pause in which the two brunettes just stared at each other, then Katherine grumbled, "A day. I'll give you a day. No more, no less. If you're not here by this time tomorrow I'll leave you to die."

With a grateful smile Elena undid her seatbelt, wrapped her arms around Katherine and said, "Thank you thank you thank you."

"I'm killing you." Katherine said coldly, "You're making me kill you."

"Maybe." Elena admitted as she pulled back and looked Katherine in the eye, "But you're giving me the choice. I know that's hard for you."

"I don't want you to die." Katherine said weakly.

"Me neither." Elena smiled softly.

As she said that Elena gently grabbed Katherine's face and stroked it lovingly for a few long seconds before leaning in for a gentle kiss. At this point they had kissed a lot, although it was rarely gentle, and it was never like this. This was sweet, soft and maybe even loving, and it caused Elena to melt like never before. It was true intimacy between them, which obviously scared them both given the way they pulled away from each other and then stared at each other for a few long awkward seconds. It was then that Elena knew for sure that Katherine was mostly afraid for her life, not her own, which was overwhelmingly given how Stefan and Damon had both told her repeatedly Katherine was nothing but selfish.

Tried to make her feel better Elena told her mirror image, "I promise I'll be here tomorrow."

Hating how she currently felt Katherine grumbled, "I can't wait for you."

"I wouldn't expect you too." Elena said, then trying to lighten the mood offered, "And hey, if I don't show, there will always be another one of us in a few years."

Katherine gritted her teeth, "Yeah, and maybe she'll be smarter."

"Awww, don't be like that." Elena pouted, before smiling, "If things are really as bad as you say I don't want to fight. But I do want to do something else beginning with an F, and I know Jenna and Jeremy won't be back home for a while, so why don you drive me home and we can-"

"No!" Katherine said flatly, "I'm not going back in there. Not for a couple of decades. But... the back seat is pretty roomy."

Those last few words, and the smirk Katherine gave her, made Elena blush, "What if somebody sees us?"

"Then they'll get one hell of a show."Katherine said dryly, rolling her eyes when Elena gave her a look, "But if you keep the doors closed we probably won't be bothered. And if we are I can always compel them. Or kill them. Unless of course it's Klaus, then were both dead and it's your fault, but my Witch friend was fairly certain he was a few days out in the other direction. Of course if you live through the next 24 hours you just might learn that it is better to be several steps ahead of him. That's why I'm alive and so many others are not. Now, do you want to have sex or not?"

Elena gave Katherine a look, then open the door and stepped out of the vehicle. By the time she was opening the door to the back of the car Katherine was already standing in front of her smirking, Elena returning the look as she asked, "So how do you want me?"

Katherine briefly looked Elena up and down, look thoughtful for a moment, then picked up her doppelganger and gently pushed her into the car so she landed on her back with a giggle. Katherine then slowly crawled up her body, causing Elena to forget all about her giggling. Katherine moved like the dangerous predator she was until she was face to face with her mirror image again, the two doppelgangers briefly staring at each other before kissing again. This kiss certainly wasn't soft and sweet, and Katherine definitely wouldn't describe it as loving. No, it was rough and needy, and it went on for several long minutes. So it was like most of their kisses.

When she finally broke it Katherine revealed with a growl, "I've wanted to do this to you from the first time I saw you."

Without any further information, or foreplay, Katherine continued crawling up Elena's body until she was kneeling over the other girl's face. From the look of shock, apprehension and lust in her eye it seemed that Elena guessed what Katherine was going to do next, but just so there wasn't any doubt Katherine slowly pulled her dress up around her waist and pushed her panties aside to reveal her womanhood. Then she slowly began lowering it down onto Elena's face, listening out for any sign of protest. After all, this was another first for them, and it was not out of the realm of possibility that Elena would need to be talked into it. Katherine even had an argument ready to go about making the best use of their limited space.

However to Katherine's delight not only wasn't that necessary, but Elena reached up, grabbed her butt and pulled her down while lifting her head up as soon as Katherine's cunt was in range before sticking out her tongue and eagerly sliding it over her pussy lips, causing Katherine to let out a loud cry of pleasure. It was quickly followed by another and another and another as Elena eagerly repeated the process, Katherine staying perfectly still just to enjoy the moment for a few long seconds before she lowered her cunt the rest of the way down so she was officially sitting on the pretty little face of the sweet and wholesome Elena Gilbert, Katherine smirking as she further corrupted her.

Corrupting Elena was Katherine's favourite thing ever, and she desperately hoped that she got to do it for years to come. Or better yet centuries. Elena was putting that in jeopardy, and there was nothing Katherine wanted more than to put a stop to that. Ideally by smothering Elena with her pussy into unconsciousness. But she was so close to getting what she truly wanted Katherine didn't want to risk it, and while it was a gamble Katherine was fairly confident it would pay off. If not, better to lose this enchanting creature now before she became any more attached. Or Elena became even better at eating pussy, even if that didn't seem possible at this wonderful moment.

Elena had certainly got more confident with her ability to eat pussy. She could still vividly remember her first time, because it was only a few weeks ago, but already Katherine was heaping praise upon her about how much she had improved, and how she was a natural rug muncher. That last part made her blush, especially as Katherine had taken to calling her all sorts of things whenever she went down on her, but even though part of her wanted to Elena could never seem to work up the courage to tell her to stop. Mostly because she secretly didn't want too. It was thrilling to be call the rug muncher, especially now because that's exactly what she was. Oh yes, Elena was a rug munching slut, and she loved it.

Also Elena loved pussy. Or at least Katherine's pussy, but while it was possible that it was only Katherine's pussy that she would like because of some weird bond they shared, or some deep-seated narcissism that she wasn't aware of, it was far more likely that she just wasn't as straight as she originally thought. Whatever the case she couldn't get enough of Katherine's pussy, Elena begging her doppelganger for the privilege of tasting it every time they had sex, which was pretty much at least once every day now. And yet somehow, they had never done this before, which felt absurd. Especially as it was the first step to something Elena very much wanted to try.

For a few wonderful seconds Elena allowed a recurring fantasy to fill her mind, one where two identical girls were in a 69, their bodies a perfect mirror image as they pleasured each other, ideally making each other cum at the same time. Then she went back into putting her all into pleasuring Katherine. Or more accurately teasing her. Because as much as Katherine liked to be pleased she also liked a little teasing, at least at the start. It was nowhere near as much as she loved to tease others, but it was enough that Elena didn't rush into things. She would have if Katherine asked, because Elena would do anything for Katherine at this point, but the only things coming out of her mouth were constant moans, groans, whimpers and gasps of pleasure. She wasn't even talking dirty, at least not yet.

Of course it didn't take long for that to change, "Mmmmm, that's it Elena, lick me! Ooooooooh lick my cunt just like that you little dyke! Oh yes, lick it! Ohhhhhhh fuck, you're getting so good at this. You're getting soooooo gooooooooddddddddd at eating my pussy. Oh fuck, you really were born for it, weren't you? Yessssssss, sweet little Elena Gilbert was born to eat my pussy! Oh yes, eat it, eat that pussy, oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, eat that fucking pussy you fucking dyke whore! Yeeeeeeessssssss, oh shit, tongue my clit, tongue it just like that, ohhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me just like that, ooooooooh yesssssss, tongue my little clit you dyke slut, oh Goooooodddddddd yeahhhhhhhhhh!"

Even though it seemed like just rambling Elena listened out very carefully for a command, knowing it could come any second and wanting to be prepared. Because again, what she wanted most was to please Katherine. But as none came Elena mostly just concentrated on licking Katherine's clit with the exact right amount of gentle pressure that she knew would drive her mirror image crazy, and inevitably lead to giving her that all important command to make her cum. Then, with her face directly below Katherine's cunt, Elena would be absolutely drenched in girl cream. She couldn't wait. And in some ways she didn't have too, as there was already a abundance of pussy juice covering her face thanks to her current wonderful position. But it wasn't enough. Elena wanted Katherine's cum covering her face, and she had no doubt she would get it soon enough.

Katherine was just as eager, if not more so, to give Elena her cum. Her sweet doppelganger had proved quite the little whore for it in the recent past, and to give it her this way would be incredible and long overdue. Katherine had wanted to do it their first night together, but that would have been far too much for Elena who was a gay virgin at the time. Now Elena was a well-trained lesbian slut she was finally ready for something like this, and while Katherine had been hoping to use it as a celebration of finally having this girl all to herself there was something thrilling about knowing that this could be the one and only time she got to do this wonderful act. Thrilling, and terrifying.

Ignoring that thought for now Katherine simply concentrated on remaining still while sitting on Elena's face, not wanting to overwhelm the girl too soon by doing what she really wanted and riding that pretty little face. But it didn't take long for Elena's wicked little tongue to put a serious strain on her self-control, and considering she was still mad at her doppelganger for forcing them to take an unnecessary risk Katherine ultimately decided to punish her by beginning to rub herself back and forth against Elena's mouth and push herself more firmly down onto the other girl's face. She did this gently at first, but it didn't take long for Katherine to build up steam and really start to fuck Elena's pretty little face.

As she started to really get into it, and from her reaction Elena was getting into it too, Katherine became increasingly tempted to literally smother the younger girl into unconsciousness with her cunt. The thought had crossed her mind while impatiently waiting for Elena to return from school, as she had been anticipating some reluctance from her mirror image and even with the progress they had made Katherine definitely wasn't above it. Not if it benefited them both in the long run. However as much as it infuriated her she had made a promise, and she certainly didn't want to put Elena off this wonderful act, not when she was turning out to be so good at it.

Given the feeling of power she got from this Katherine love to sit on the faces of her lovers. Women of course were better at receiving it, but even most of them gave up trying to please her after a while and just laid-back to allow themselves to become nothing but fuck pads she was using for her pleasure. But not Elena Gilbert. No, Elena continued to lick, suck and even rub her face into her sensitive fleshin time with Katherine's rubbing, that last thing especially pushing her over the edge of a wonderfully powerful climax. This of course only made Katherine more attached to her doppelganger, which she had a sinking feeling was a bad thing.

Elena had now had a lot of sex with Katherine Pierce, and she was shocked that the older woman triggered her orgasm herself without so much as a verbal warning. Although that could have been because talking was beyond her now, something Elena could very much understand after weeks of having Katherine going down on her. It was also thrilling, and normally made Elena feel so very powerful at being able to make such an old vampire lose her ability to speak, but not this time. No, Elena didn't feel powerful, she felt wonderfully submissive underneath the writhing body of her doppelganger as Katherine practically smothered her with her pussy.

For the past few minutes Elena's entire world had become nothing but Katherine. All she could taste, smell, or see was Katherine, and when the other woman came in her face she became completely unaware of feeling anything else or hearing anything else but Katherine. Which was kind of always the case when she orally pleased her lover, but this time was so much more intense and wonderful. Despite the fact that she got some rather unfortunate flashbacks as at that point she felt like she would literally be drowned by the amount of liquid squirting onto her face, a good amount of it shooting up her nose and making it even harder to breathe than before.

Although part of her feared for her life Elena mostly concentrated on fulfilling her true purpose, making Katherine cum. Or more accurately making Katherine cum multiple times, which was easy whenever she got the vampire into this kind of state. As always Elena also tried to swallow as much of Katherine's cum as possible, but it had never been more hard. Or easy to swallow some. Because it was impossible not to ingest at least some, but Katherine was just grinding down on her face so hard, which would normally annoyed Elena, but this current act made her feel like Katherine's bitch more than ever before and she loved the feeling of being marked as Katherine's property with the other woman's cum.

While Elena was in submissive heaven a lack of oxygen took it's toll and eventually she felt so lightheaded that she was sure she would at least pass out from the brutal face fucking. Thankfully that was when Katherine stopped, and in the blink of an eye Katherine's body was pressed down against her own and the vampire was quickly switching between licking the cum off of her face and taking what little breath Elena had away from her with rough kisses. More importantly Katherine had completely removed her own clothes, and literally torn Elena's off her, meaning now it was their naked bodies pressed against each other, making Elena very aware of just how badly her own pussy needed some attention. Luckily for her she was about to get it, but not in the way she would have guessed.

Katherine could kiss Elena forever, and if everything went according to plan she would be able too, but it was especially a treat when she got to taste her own cum on Elena's lips, tongue and the inside of her mouth. Of course there was a lot more on Elena's face, but Katherine wanted to leave at least the majority of it there. Partly because she saw it as marking someone as hers, as she truly loved the idea of Elena being hers. But perhaps more importantly she wanted to be able to see it for what came next, which was a surprise she had been building to and couldn't wait any longer to do, so Katherine grabbed the special surprise from one of the suitcases in the trunk of the car and strapped it around her waist before returning to her position on top of Elena all in the blink of an eye thanks to her supernatural speed.

All of this caused Elena to let out the cutest little gasp into her mouth, Katherine grinning back and then breaking the kiss so she could whisper into the ear of her doppelganger, "I was going to save this for when we were free of this dull town and I finally had you all to myself. I was going to lay you down in the softest, most expensive sheets I could find and eat that little pussy of yours for hours before I finally gave you the first time you deserve. And it would be a first-time, because I would compel the memories of all those stupid boys you let do this to you out of your pretty little head, and then when I made you like me we would still pretend this was truly your first time. And I still want to think of it is that, because the only time that will truly matter. But I can't wait any longer. I just can't. Not when, thanks to you, I might not get another chance. So get ready Elena, my sweet mirror image, because whatever happens next you're mine now. Forever."

As she spoke Katherine slid the head of her recently attached strap-on cock up and down Elena's extremely wet pussy lips, then pressed the tip against her entrance towards the end of her speech and then pushed firmly forward from the final word. Strictly speaking she should have probably done a little more to lubricate the shaft, however Katherine wanted this to hurt just a little bit so it would really feel like a first time to Elena. Also she was still mad at her. Of course mostly she wanted to make her feel good, so Katherine penetrated her doppelganger nice and slowly, paused and then continued slowly and gently pushing forwards.

The initial penetration caused Elena to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, and maybe even a little surprise, even though the younger brunette probably had at least some idea of what was about to happen to her by then. Elena then continued to let out little sounds of pain and pleasure, although it was mostly pleasure, whatever pain there was mostly just discomfort, and most importantly of all she never once told Katherine to stop, or that she didn't want this. In fact it was almost exactly the opposite, as while she didn't verbalise it Katherine did catch Elena giving her the looks of desire and need which Katherine was only too happy to satisfy. Especially given she got to satisfy a desire and need of her own.

Ever since she had first encountered one of these toys Katherine had quickly fallen in love with being able to use them on other women, and even sometimes men. Normally she got off on the feeling of dominance it gave her, to invade them hard and deep and take them like a man would. Sometimes even an uncaring man who only cared about their own satisfaction. But this certainly wasn't like that. At least not right now. No, Katherine was focused on taking Elena like a husband took his bride on their wedding night, taking her slow and gently, making the other girl hers forever, just like she promised, the entire time staring deep into Elena's soul through those big doe eyes of hers.

Elena had considered asking Katherine to use a toy on her, but figured it was only a matter of time before the vampire either brought up the subject or just pulled one from seemingly out of nowhere and use it on her. Of course it had ended up being the latter, and as much as Elena wanted this to be a more equal relationship than what it started out as she still very much enjoyed Katherine taking her forcefully without asking, which at this point seemed mostly okay as Elena had made it clear that's what she wanted. And to be fair, she did at least get some warning in the form of what was very clearly a dildo rubbing up and down her entrance before the penetration.

What did surprise Elena was the exact form of the dildo, as it was completely foreign to her. It even took a few minutes to realise exactly what was happening, Elena then nervously sliding her hand down to Katherine's waist to confirm her suspicions, which of course prompted a wicked smile from the older brunette which caused her to blush. Then to show she had matured she forced a smile of her own, and then leaned up and kiss Katherine before the wicked vampire could taunt her for being so sweet and virginal that she didn't initially understand exactly what this dildo was. Especially because it was actually true.

After teasing her and Bonnie at a sleepover Caroline had bought them both dildos, and even though they had been appalled and told her they threw those extremely inappropriate gifts away Bonnie had confessed to Elena that she had kept hers, prompting Elena to admit she had done the same. Elena hadn't used hers until after her first time with Stefan, and since she already had one she didn't see the point in getting another, so she had never gone to a website which sold this kind of thing. She had thought about it recently, and now very much wished she had. Although Elena had to admit there was something to be said for this nice surprise, and no amount of research could have prepared her for this.

Another reason that she wasn't so keen on getting another dildo was while using her own on herself had been very enjoyable it didn't quite compare with the real thing. As she should have guessed it was a very different story when someone else was using a dildo on her, especially as in this case it was Katherine using a version which allowed her to take her like Stefan had. Although if possible Katherine was even more sweet and gentle with her, which was another nice surprise. Not that Elena had thought Katherine would be rough from with her right from the start, it was it just seemed to take forever into every inch of that big dildo was buried inside her.

Part of that was that Katherine had very deliberately chosen a dildo which was longer than Stefan's dick by at least a few inches, and maybe even a little thicker. As a result Elena was grateful that Katherine was so slow and gentle with her both during the initial penetration and later when the vampire began thrusting back and forth, officially taking her like a man for the first of what would be hopefully many times. Better yet there was a long pause after the penetration was complete, allowing Elena to relax and just enjoy the feeling of Katherine lying on top of her with every inch of the sex toy inside her pussy. Then of course Katherine gave her a wicked smile and began to fuck her.

Shortly after that Katherine whispered, "Wrap your legs around me."

Without a moments hesitation Elena wrapped her arms and legs around her lover, pulling Katherine down into a passionate kiss in the process. Katherine grinned against her lips but seemed to welcome the opportunity and soon both doppelgangers were completely lost in the passionate kiss. Give or take Katherine continuing to fuck Elena at a slow and gentle pace, causing the younger girl to moan, groan, gasp and whimper in pleasure directly into the older one's mouth. That seemed to last for eternity, the world around the melting away along with all their worries as they just gently made love and kissed, the only time their lips were connected being when Katherine was worshipping her neck, often teasing her fangs against it in between kisses.

Then Katherine suddenly stopped thrusting and whispered into her ear, "Do you like my cock inside you Elena?"

"Yes." Elena quickly croaked.

"Is it better than Stefan's?" Katherine grinned wickedly.

Elena blushed, and then admitted, "Yes."

Grinning widely Katherine pushed, "Is it better than any other boys?"

Blushing again Elena stammered, "Stefan, he... he was the only one."

Pulling back Katherine asked, "Really?"

Elena nodded, "Yeah."

Katherine smiled, "And I'm better."

Elena blushed and nodded, "Yeah."

"Good." Katherine purred, leaning down so her lips were almost pressed against Elena's, "Do you wanna cum on my cock Elena?"

"Yes." Elena quickly croaked.

"Prove it." Katherine demanded, "Beg me. Beg me to make you cum on my cock!"

"Please make me cum. Make me cum on, on your cock." Elena blushed again, but forced herself to look in Katherine's eyes while telling her exactly what she wanted to hear, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard and make me cum. Ooooooooh yesssssss, fuck meeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd! Mmmmmm, oh Katherine, fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum for you. Ohhhhhhhh Katherine, I wanna cum for you. Please make me cum. I want to cum. Pleasssssssssseeeeeeee, I need to cum, I need it, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck me, oooooooooh, fuck me Katherine, fuck me better than Stefan ever could! Fuck me better than any stupid boy ever could! Fuck me and make me yours! No, mmmmmmm, remind me I'm yours! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, make me cum on your big cock, fuckkkkkk yesssssssss, I love having your big cock inside me, oh Katherine, oh fuck, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, ooooooohhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

It was definitely what Katherine wanted to hear, as proven by the way she not only started thrusting again but slowly built up her pace until she was doing it harder than before. Of course just because Elena knew it was what Katherine wanted to hear didn't mean that she didn't mean it. Maybe when they first started having sex, but not now. Never again. Oh yes, Elena meant every word, even when she was fuelling Katherine's possessiveness over her. Because it was wrong, and it was dangerous, but it was so hot, and never failed to help Elena cum. This time was no exception, although the hard thrusts and the way Katherine was staring at her added a lot to it.

Then there was the thing which normally pushed her over the edge, at least whenever Katherine wasn't going down on her, and even then she would sometimes replace her tongue with her fingers and attack Elena's thighs. In this case Katherine was in perfect position to lean down and sink her fangs into Elena's neck, the poor little human girl barely having the chance to see her vampire lover's face change into it's true form before she felt Katherine's fangs sinking into her and the other girl drinking deep from her. Almost instantly she let out a loud cry and came around Katherine's cock. Katherine's cock! She was cumming on Katherine's cock, which was deep inside her, pounding her, the thought helping push Elena through the multiple orgasms she always received with her mirror image.

Katherine often had to remind herself mid-fuck not to drain Elena dry, but it was so hard to leave some of her blood when it was so yummy, and honestly it was never more difficult than right now. Just in case she lost total control Katherine paused her feeding for a number of second so she could bite into her wrist and force it against Elena's mouth. Of course this kickstarted the healing process and meant there was more yummy blood for her to drink, but at least then she was less worried about dining on it. And sometimes she would even be able to resist in favour of kissing Elena, often while slowly bringing her down from her high.

However this time was different. This time could be their last time together, and if that was the case Katherine needed to make it particularly memorable. So instead she finally pulled her mouth away from Elena's neck, let out an inhuman growl and pulled Elena's legs from around her waist so she could move them to rest against her shoulders. Katherine didn't move back as she did this, so she ended up ending Elena in half. Luckily for them both Elena was a cheerleader and thus was very flexible, something which had proven useful in the past but never more so than right now. Then Katherine began using all her supernatural speed to pound Elena's poor little pussy.

It was almost definitely more than any mere human could take, but Katherine's blood was already in the other girl's system, so she had no doubt Elena would survive this, one way or another. Plus after weeks ravaging her Elena was probably as ready as she would ever be for this. Of course her screams still became hysterical, and the car rocked up and down so much it would be a miracle if someone didn't call the police, or stopped to check no one was being murdered. And Katherine hope they did. She wanted someone to see her pounding this girl who was her mirror image, for a random stranger to see her total ownership of Elena's beautiful body, and know in that moment this enchanting creature was hers. Would always be hers. No matter what happened.

Of course no matter how hard she fucked the other girl, or made them both cum, Katherine couldn't shake the idea of what could happen next. And they were powerful climaxes, Elena's cum covering their thighs, stomachs and the car seat below while Katherine's cum leaked out of the harness, the bashing of the other end of the dildo against her clit and the sheer joy of fucking Elena in this way making Katherine cum almost as hard as Elena. But it wasn't enough to truly distract her. If anything it just made it all worse, because it made it very clear what she might lose. So when Elena was barely conscious and yet she had more strength left Katherine collapsed down on top of her lover and began whimpering pathetically.

"Please don't die." Katherine whispered, on the verge of tears.

"Katherine, it's okay. I'll be fine." Elena whispered back when she had the strength, trying to wrap her arms around her mirror image, but it was already too late.

Katherine was gone, leaving Elena naked and alone again, this time in public. Oh well, at lease she still had a trunk full of clothes. And hopefully, somewhere, the car keys.


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