Disclaimer: Van Helsing and all characters in this story are owned by
Universal (unless I later decide to add more characters). Parody, not to
be taken seriously!

Rated NC-17 for FFF/F rape, ws, bdsm, NC that becomes Cons.

Preview: My perverted lesbian fantasy on what I wish had happened at the
end of the movie Van Helsing. All the 'Brides' survived as did Anna.

Van Helsing: Anna And the Brides
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])


Anna Valerious cautiously picked her way through the destroyed lab inside
'Castle Dracula'. Sharp pieces of glass shatterd under her boots as she
avoided jagged pieces of metal and shards of wood as she picked her way
through the debris. Finally she found what she was looking for.

A pile of dust was all that was left of Count Dracula. Nearby was the body
of Van Helsing, who had finally killed the Vampire Lord, at the cost of his
own life. Van Helsing had reverted back from werewolf to human in death, a
slight smile seemed to be on his lips. He had died knowing that he had won.

Dracula was dead and his un-natural, un-holy brood of hatchlings had died
with him. Indeed, all of Dracula's creations had died with him which made
Anna feel slightly better about her situation. She was alone, the sole
survivor of the battle to stop Count Dracula's plan to unless his 'offspring'
upon the Earth.

Dracula and Van Helsing had killed each other. The unfortnate creation of
Dr. Frankenstein, Anna would not call him monster as others did, had been
knocked from the highest tower while defending her from Dracula's thralls.
Carl and Igor had also fallen far into the yawning chasm below while
grappling with each other. That left only Dracula's 3 'Brides' unaccounted

Anna was exhausted because she had been having a running fight with them
troughout numerous rooms and hallways in the castle. Her job had been to keep
Aleera, Verona, and Marishka busy while Van Helsing went after Dracula. If
Anna could kill them, so much the better to keep them from aiding Dracula.
Unlike the Vampire Lord the trio were 'ordinary' vampires, and vulnerable to
'traditional' methods of killing vampires.

Anna had been unsuccessful in killing any of them, but she had kept them
occupied. Anna believed that they were dead now and so did not reload her
pistol, although she still kept a hand on her swords hilt in case some
minion had survived. Anna was still well armed with sword, dirk, a large
folding knife with a silver blade, and Van Helsing's baton which held a
retractable silver stake.

Making her way out of the destroyed laboratory Anna still didn't want to stay
in this place of evil any longer than she had to. The castle itself was huge
with hundreds of rooms. A small army could get lost in it. It had taken Count
Dracula over 25 living years and over 1000 slaves to build it hundreds of
years ago. Additions by hundreds of thralls and minions spread over 400+
years had made it even bigger.

Anna was very weary when she finally made it down to the great hall that led
to the front gate. But when she got there Anna found the door locked, from
the outside. That couldn't be! The door had been wide open when they had
snuck in. No matter, thanks to Anna's studies she knew of 3 more ways out of
the castle, and as a last resort, knew that she could climb over the front
wall, the only place that didn't open up to a sheer thousnd foot drop.

The other 3 exits were also barred from the outside, so Anna finally went
looking for some rope. Luck was with Anna as she found one that she had
used earlier. Not only did it a grappling hook, but it was still in good
condition. Anna found a good spot to throw the rope. She set aside the
baton, and her sword so that she could throw it. Anna wound up and threw.
The hook caught the first time. Anna sighed with relief. The nightmare was
finally over.

Anna made a final test tug. The hook held. Anna had only climbed 3 feet when
she heard the laughter. Looking up her heart sank. Aleera, Marishka, and
Verona were standing on top of the wall, stark naked.

"No!" Anna shouted, "Dracula is dead! All of those he sired should be dead!"

"Poor, poor little Anna," Aleera laughed, "Dracula didn't sire us!"

"Dracula is only one of many Vampire Lords," Verona smiled.

"And while he was one of the most powerful, he was still young by the
standards of some," Mari grinned.

Anna let go of the rope and dove for stake and sword. Aleera held them out
as she stood over Anna's prone body.

"Oh, did you want these toys," Aleera smiled as she threw to Verona, who then
dropped them 1000 feet down.

"Oopsie," Verona smiled.

Anna was in big trouble and she knew it.

End of prologue


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