NC-17 for FFF/F sex, rape, ws, bdsm

Van Helsing: Anna And The Brides Part 1
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

Anna grabbed Aleera's ankles and yanked her down. Scrambling to her feet Anna
drew her dirk, but Verona grabbed her wrist from behind, her other arm around
Anna's throat. Anna struggled like a wildcat, attempting to stomp on Verona's
bare feet. This effort was twarted by Marishka who had anticipated Anna
trying that and held her ankles in a vise like grip.

"Let's get her boots off," Aleera ordered.

"Let me go you fucking cunts," Anna ordered in vain as she was forced to drop
her dirk.

The vampiress trio laughed, Aleera and Mari held her legs and yanked Anna's
boots and socks off. The snow covered ground was cold on Anna's feet now as
the beautiful nude vampires removed her folding knife and her empty pistol.
Finally, Aleera grasped the chain of Anna's silver cross and yanked it from
her neck.

Anna was competely weaponless now, but still tried to fight, kicking futily
and attempting to bite.

"Oh, she wants to bite," Mari smiled, letting her fangs grow inches away from
Anna's face, "Tell you what, you can bite me if I then get to bite you."

"No!" Anna cried out in fear, then hated herself for being afraid.

Anna tied to halt the rising fear, but the simple fact was that these
sadistic monsters had her at their mercy and Anna knew that they would have
none. Panic was starting to set in as again her legs were being held by
Marishka and Aleera after attempted kicks.

"She may have more weapons on her," Aleera evilly grinned, "We will have to
strip her to make sure."

"No! Let me go," Anna orderd almost in a panic.

But her struggles were useless as Aleera and Mari had her pants and panties
off. Even more shocking to Anna was Aleera touching and then cupping her
lightly haired womanhood. Aleera smiled as she rubbed Anna's cunt, feeling
it grow moist.

"No! No! Stop that you fucking dyke!" Anna continued to futily order.

"Oh, but we are dykes my dear," Verona whispered in Anna's ear, "We never
liked Dracula, nor did we ever enjoy sex with him."

"Didn't you know that all female vampires are lesbians?" Mari asked smiling.

"We had to put on a hour long bdsm show before Dracula could get it up,"
Aleera said.

"Fucking dykes," Anna again said squirming as Mari and Aleera began removing
her shirt and corset.

"Ooooo, she's a fiesty one," Verona laughed as Anna almost slipped out of her

Struggle as hard as she could Anna could not stop them from stripping her
completely nude. They laughed as the freezing cold air raised goose bumps on
Anna's body. Anna gasped as she was now totally at the mercy of the elements.
Aleera and Marishka now pinned Anna to the snow covered ground as Verona
bound her wrists and ankles.

Once secure, wrists bound behind her, the vampiress threesome stood over the
helpless Gypsy Warrior Princess.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Anna spat in bravado, "Kill me you fucking

"Kill you?" Aleera said grinning, "Honey, that's the only thing we're not
going to do to you."

"Can't have you freezing to death either," the smiling Marishka said,
throwing the bound and helpless gypsy princess over one shoulder as easily
as a rag doll.

"What do you think you're doing?" Anna gasped in the frigid cold.

"Oh, we're just gong to whip you, and rape you, and torture you, and piss in
your mouth, and make you suck our tits, toes, pussys, and assholes," Aleera
laughed, opening the door.

"No! No!" Anna cried out, then hated herself for her weakness.

"Stop whining," Verona said, "You'll be begging us to whip you and fuck you
in a couple of days."

"If not sooner," Mari cooed.

"Never! I'll never submit to you dykes!" Anna shouted.

The vampire women laughed. The castle was still pretty warm except for the
east wing and the lab section which were trashed. But the west wing and the
southern section were still very habitable and could be sealed off. Depite
herself Anna shuddered, not from the cold this time, but from the realization
that she was all alone with these monsters. No one could find her, nor was
there anyone left who could save her.

Anna could tell little of where she was being carried, but she had been
expecting to be carried down to some dark smelly dungeon. Instead she was
being carried up a few flights of stairs towards where her studies had told
her lay the more elaborate bedrooms. Stopping at one they entered it. The
room was large, but warm. Still Anna desperately tried to escape.

Anna finally got a good shot in as Mari made to set her down. Whipping her
legs up Anna double kicked Verona right in the face. Mari, still holding Anna
up, was unprepaired for Anna's headbutt. Dropped to the floor Anna rolled and
managed to get her bound hands in front of her. Anna tried desperately to
free her ankles, but Aleera pinned her to a richly carpeted floor.

"Get-get off me," Anna squirmed.

But Aleera just smiled, as Mari and Verona helped stretch Anna out beneath

"Not how I planned to start on you, but I think you'll love it," Aleera
grinned leaning down to try and kiss Anna.

Anna tightly closed her mouth and shook her head from side to side in an
attempt to avoid the kiss. Mari yanked Anna's hair causing her mouth to fly
open. Aleera's mouth was on Anna's, tongue probing and seeking Anna's tongue.
At first Anna struggled, but Aleera's breasts were on hers now, nipple
rubbing against nipple. Depite herself Anna couldn't bring herself to try
and bite Aleera's pink tongue.

The kiss deepened. Anna was kissing Aleera back which made her feel both good
and ashamed at her own weakness. Anna did not even notice that her legs were
free as Aleera spread them with her knees. Aleera was now pussy to pussy with
her captive. The vampire girls were hairless and Anna was mostly shaved
revealing her growing arousal. This shamed Anna even more.

"No," Anna weakly protested.

Aleera smiled, gave a wink to Verona and Mari, then again kissed a more
pliant Anna. Aleera was an expert in girl-fucking. Lips to lips, tit to tit,
nipple on nipple, pussy to pussy, clit to clit Aleera began a slow sensuous
pussyfuck. For her part Anna was gasping in pleasure such as she had never
known. Anna had been with men before, including Van Helsing, and while she
had taken pleasure from sex it was nothing compard to what she now was

"Aaaaa! Aaaaaaa!" Anna cried out.

"Oh yes! It's so good," Aleera panted.

Anna's mound was now rising to meet Aleera's downward thrusts. Tongue dueled
with tongue. Nipple's became harder and longer as they pressed and rubbed
against each other. Clits touched, again and again. Passion rose and
resistance faded as Anna's body began to surrender.

"Aaaaahhhhh!" Anna cried out in pleasure.

"Aaaaahhhh! Yes!" Aleera also cried out, "Oooooohhhhh!"

"Yyaaahhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Ooooooo!" Anna screamed as she orgamed.

"I'm cummmmiiinnnnggg!" Aleera gasped as she came.

Anna lay panting for a few moments and didn't even notice that Verona had
taken Aleera's place. Hungrily Anna kissed Verona as the dark haired
vampiress positioned herself as Aleera had, mouth to mouth, tit to tit,
cunt to cunt. Verona began to ardently girl-fuck her Gypsy captive.

"Aaaaaaaaa! Yes! Yes!" Anna again cried out as the pleasures of Sappho again
were taught to her.

Anna had lost all thought of her situation. The fact that she was being
raped by her enemies, those she had sworn to kill, were forgetten as Verona
girl-fucked her.

"So hot! So fucking hot," Anna gasped.

"You're so good, so good baby," Verona panted.

"Oh yea, oh yea," Anna moaned, "Ooooo! Yes!"

"I love fucking you," Verona sighed as she thrust harder to meet the matching
thrusts of Anna.

Anna did not even realize that her hands were free as she threw her arms
around Verona's neck. The duo were kissing as only lesbians in heat can.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" went Anna.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" came the reply from Verona.

Neither woman could hold out and loud muffled cries came from both as they
mutually orgasmed. In a dreamy daze Anna did not notice Marishka replacing

"Kiss me darling," Mari whispered.

"Oh yes, yes, mmmmmmm," Anna complied.

For the third time, a now more pliant, Anna experienced girl sex. Physically,
mentally, and sexually exhausted Anna's will was sapped by the experienced
lesbian vampires. Verona and Aleera watched Mari and Anna, their hands
caressing each other. Aleera gave Verona a knowing glance. It was always the
strong ones who were the easiest, because, try to deny it as they will, they
were the biggest masocists.

"Aaaaaaaa! More! Harder!" Anna shouted.

"More what baby?" Mari teased,slowing down her fucking, "What do you want?"

"Fuck me! Please," Anna pleaded.

"Beg me for it," Mari ordered.

"Please, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Anna begged.

Marishka complied, speeding up the tempo of her movements. Lips and tongues
eagerly sought and entwined. Hard nipples dueled with each other.

"Yeaaaaa!" Mari cried out, "Aaaaaaa! I'm cumming! Iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!"

"Fuck meeeeee!" Anna screamed, "Oooooooooaaaaaa!!"

Anna fell back, gasping for air. Her head was swimming, dizzy. Eyes,
unfocused, stared unseeing as she panted. It was many minutes later that
both sight and reason returned to her. The sight was of the pretty bare
feet of her 3 tormenters. Her first thought was that she wanted to kiss
and lick each foot, worship their feet as they deserved.

"Look at the little slut," Aleera laughed, "She's just been lesbian gangraped
and she loved it!"

"Who's the dyke now Anna?," Mari taunted.

"For someone who claims to hate vampires you certainly loved being raped by
them," Verona added, "Her hands were'nt even tied."

"I think she's a 'Vampire Layer'," Aleera continued Anna's debasement.

"NO! Nooooooo!" Anna screamed in anguish, her hands covering her face, as she
curled up in a fetal positon.

"Nononononononono!" the horror of her actions filled Anna with shame, greater
than any she could imigine.

Aleera smiled at the others. Anna's torment had barely begun.
_ _ _

End of chapter 1


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