Faith Lehane - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Dawn Summers - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy Summers - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Claire Bennett - Heroes
Alex Russo - Wizards Of Waverly Place
Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars
Hermione Granger - Harry Potter
Caroline/Echo - Dollhouse
Boomer- Battlestar Galactica
Sierra - Dollhouse
Sarah Walker - Chuck
Kate Beckett - Castle
Mikaela Banes - Transformers 1-2
Abby Sciuto - NCIS
Willow Rosenberg - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Anna "The Baroness" Lewis - G.I. Joe
Cordelia Chase - Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer
London Tipton - Suite Life
Elizabeth Swan - Pirates Of The Caribbean
Alexis Castle - Castle

With LL

Special Guests:
Dr. Blasphemy

Battlestar Galactica/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Castle/Chuck/Dollhouse/GI Joe/Harry Potter/Heroes/NCIS/Pirates of the Caribbean/Suite Life Of Deck/Transformers/Veronica Mars/Wizards Of Wacerly Place: The TSSA Top Twenty Orgy 2010 (F+, f+, anal, BDSM, fist, anal fist, DP)
by LL

"Hi, this is LL, and welcome to the TSSA Top Twenty Orgy 2010. And tonight we have some of the hottest women on the planet, or perhaps the Galaxy, arriving to celebrate their award and claim their rewards. The crowd is out in force, at this undisclosed location, waiting for the beauties and, perhaps, if they're lucky, for some of them to show a slip of flesh before they go inside."

"A red carpet snakes from the road to the entrance of the club, crowds are jostling against the rope barriers, mainly cheering, though we can see a few pickets from the Parent's Television Council waving placards which suggest that our guests this evening may burn in hell. Though I have to say the police are doing a grand job in keeping them away with the minimum of violence.

"And here comes our first guest. Stepping out onto the red carpet is the delectable Claire Bennett, taking a break from saving the world. And yes she's wearing a cheerleader outfit, though one so short I'm sure any school Principal who allowed it would be doing ten years in the slammer. The girl's a real crowd pleaser as she's just bending over and lifting her skirt to her fans. I can confirm that she's not wearing panties, but with a butt that cute you have to ask why bother?

"Anyway, let me have a quick word; Claire - congratulations on your placing, a joint third, showing teenage blondes in cheerleader outfits remain popular with the TSSA voters. How does it feel?"

"Thanks LL and a big thank you to those who voted for me. It feels great, but the best bit is that I get to have sex with lots of other attractive women tonight. My pussy is already dripping."

"And as you're indestructible I'm guessing we're going to see some great things from you?"

"I hope so, I'm really hoping that I get it in positions a normal girl just couldn't manage."

"Thanks Claire and I'll see you inside in a moment, as our next guests have arrived. It's Echo from the Dollhouse with Sierra. And if you thought Claire was dressed to impress you haven't seen anything. Echo is wearing that leather dominatrix outfit, with high leather heels and boots, and Sierra, well Sierra is down to a tiny net dress that doesn't conceal anything. And the best bit is that Echo is leading her on a leash. Echo, Sierra can I have a quick word?"

"Sit bitch, hi LL, you can have a quick word with me, but Sierra's been dolled as a submissive in training and she's not allowed to speak."

"A very popular combination I'm sure. This must have been a difficult decision from the Dollhouse in what kinky clobber you arrived."

"I'm sure it was. But the Dollhouse is all about fulfilling desires and all the research showed that tongues fell out when I was last seen wearing this. And it just made sense to have Sierra... bitch if I wanted you to lick my boots I'd have said so... sorry where was I... It just made sense to have Sierra as a submissive. She'll be well used tonight. Anyway if any of your viewers want to hire Dolls dial..."

"I'm sorry Echo, but this is a TSSA production and we can't allow product placement, though thanks for the card with the 10% discount you've just past me - I'll be sure to use it. I'll see you inside as I do like a girl with tattoos and here comes Abby Sciuto. And with that tiny skirt and see-through top I'm sure she's breaking every naval regulation in the book. Abby, good to see you..."

"Good to see you too LL."

"I'm going to ask the question everyone has been asking - where exactly is your final tattoo?"

"Here, want to look?"

"Ah it's a starstorm bursting out of your pussy. And it's shaved as well, very nice. Can I touch?"

"'Fraid not, girls only tonight. Though I'm there may be quite a lot who get to see it up close and personal."

"I'm sure they will. Thanks Abby I'll see you inside in a few minutes. I better get the Navy out of the way as I see our next guest is alighting from her limousine. We had to borrow a TARDIS to get her here, it's Elizabeth Swan straight from friggin' in the riggin' in the Seventeenth Century. Elizabeth delighted to meet you, though you didn't need to dress so formally, I think a cut-off pirate dress would have looked better than a full length ball-gown."

"Oh, I'm just not used to this century. The invite said it was a party."

"Don't worry, I'm sure once you get inside they'll be plenty of volunteers to help you get it off. Just avoid Abby, she's Navy."



"These colonists are getting so uppity aren't they?"

"I agree, though some of them have very, smiles."

"I mean without the Royal Navy we wouldn't have rum, buggery and the lash."

"Don't worry Elizabeth, we don't have rum, but we've got the other two."

"Oh goodie..."

"I have to admit a slight feeling of nervousness with our next guest. Whilst many of other guests spend a fair amount of their time stopping megalomaniacs taking over the world, this leather clad Goddess's ambition is to rule it. Anna Lewis, or should I call you Baroness...?"

"Baroness, is fine LL."

"Can I say that you're looking especially slinky tonight. That leather outfit must be pretty airtight - your adoring slaves will enjoy taking you out of it."

"Thank you - it does make me rather sticky and warm. There's nothing I like better than getting out of it and being put over a cute heroine's knee whilst she spanks me for being bad..."

"Pardon, Baroness, I always thought of you as being more a top."

"Oh no [laughs], I'm a pussycat. Really after a hard day thinking up nefarious plans to conquer the world there's nothing I like more than to go home, slip into something kinky, make a lovely dinner for my girlfriend, eat her out as she eats, before being taken up to bed and made to submit to her perverted desires."

"I'll put you down as bottom on this list, shall I?"

"Yes please, I hear that Elizabeth Swan will be using the whip later. Can you let her know that I've been very bad and need to be punished?"

"I certainly will. Now if you could excuse me I see the Summer's sisters coming towards me. Buffy, Dawn great you could be here. I do like your dresses, though I think the tits should be on the inside not the out and it's traditional with see-through to wear panties."

"I told you Buffy... thanks LL, it's great to be here."

"Buffy, can I ask you first; confidentially, is there any jealousy in the Summers house with Dawn beating you?"

"Not all, Willow finds it a real turn on when Dawn ties me up and spanks my bare butt. And it's not like Willow doesn't get a go as well. Some nights my ass is so black and blue it looks like it's done ten rounds with Mike Tyson, especially with the bite marks."

"That's not what I mean - I meant her coming above you in the poll."

"Oh sorry, look you've made me blush. What can I say, the people have spoken, the bastards."

"Dawn, are we going to see sistercest tonight?"

"Oh yes, there's no way me and Buffy can go an entire evening without getting it on. But we're also hoping to do lots of things with our friends and some of the new girls we haven't met."

"Thanks very much Buffy, and Dawn, you may be interested that the Baroness has been very naughty..."

"Thanks LL, c'mon Buffy don't just stand there flashing your tits..."

"From vampire slaying to crime fighting, up the red carpet comes Neptune's very own PI, Veronica Mars. I think Veronica may have taken the invite to sleep with your favourites too literally as she's wearing a very short satin nightie; like many of our other guests she seems to have decided that underwear is an encumbrance she could do without. Veronica, thanks for coming..."

"It's good to be here LL, but isn't it later I cum?"

"I hope so, a very fetching negligee if I can say."

"Thanks - I was worried I might be overdressed"

"Anyone you've got your eye on tonight?"

"Oh, there's so many, it's such a sexy line-up. But if I can pull out one name I'm really interested in Abby Sciuto, to see if we can swap techniques... crime fighting ones..."

"And other techniques?"

"Well, I have heard she can do things with her tongue."

"Thanks Veronica, I'm sure you'll be able to teach her a few things as well. I can see Willow Rosenberg and Cordelia Chase have just got out of the limousine. Cordelia is emulating Claire in the cheerleader stakes and Willow has been to the same dress designer as Dawn and Buffy. If I can just break up their passionate embrace and have a word. Willow, Cordelia - I didn't know you were a couple?"

"Oh, LL, it just depends. I mean sometimes I'm with my first love Tara, sometimes Kennedy, but I've been with Dawn and Buffy as well as their Mom, Faith, even Xander."

"Uuurrgghh and that was gross, Will. But tonight she's with me, for the moment, but we'll probably swap later on. It does seem a while since I've had Buffy and Will always has a bit of a thing for Dawn."

"Thanks ladies, anyone else you're interested in."

"Well, I think we're both hoping for a bit of cheerleader action with Claire aren't we snoopikins?"

"MMmmmnnn, yes, two cheerleader bent over as I fuck their ass. That'd be magic."

"No love spells tonight remember, ladies. And speaking of spells can you excuse me whilst I greet the lovely Hermione Granger. Hermione, great of you to be here, you managed to get away from Hogwarts for the evening?"

"Yes, though as you can see from my nightie I had to skip out from the dorm. Luckily Luna and Ginny were so engrossed in sixty-nining each other they didn't see me leave. Well, that and Harry's Invisibility Cloak. He lent it me on the condition I told him and Ron all about tonight when I got back."

"Well, Herm, just point them in the direction of TSSA and I'm sure they'll get a full round-up of this evening's festivities."

"I certainly will LL, and can I ask when you're going to do that story about my visit to Sunnydale?"

"Er, any day now. Oh, look got to go, there's another guest to greet. Mikaela Banes, thank God you're here - I mean nice to see you. It's an interesting ensemble you've gone for tonight, torn T-shirt and jeans and is that engine oil?"

"Look LL, the invite said it was going to be dirty tonight, so I thought I'd come prepared."

"Wrong type of dirty..."

"I've added strawberry flavouring and if we do wrestling I'll be nice and slippy."

"Well, I'm sure that'll make it a lot better. Anyway have fun."

"Thanks, I will do."

"Coming next down the red carpet is Detective Kate Beckett, her hand resting on young Alexis Castle's butt. Alexis you only just got in how does it feel?"

"I'm eighteen honestly, LL, here's my birth certificate."

"This looks like a forgery, but I meant you were only a point and half from being twenty one."

"No, I'm honestly eighteen years old - born in 1992, look it says so."

"Okay, okay, I believe you. Kate you seem very close to Alexis?"

"We are very close, I do like girls who are young and fresh."

"Well we can do young, but given how many permutations most of our guests have been in I'm not sure about fresh. Still I hope you both enjoy the evening. Anyway, talking of young if not necessarily virginal, Alex Russo is coming up the carpet. She's gone for an unconventional, if interesting, decision of complete nudity. Alex, good to see you... you're completing the trio of, er, witches here tonight. Very attractive witches I have to say, not green, crooked nose Wizard of Oz wicked witches..."

"LL, you're gabbling."

"Sorry, its awfully hot out tonight, I think you're dressed, er, undressed, exactly right."

"Thank you. The stylist said I could carry it off, I think she's right don't you?"

"She has a point Alex. Anyone you're interested in casting a spell on tonight, apart from me?"

"So many women, so little time. But, I was thinking about Claire, she has a very nice ass, don't you think?"

"She's not the only one, erm sorry did I slobber just then? Anyway I'll see you inside as I need to greet London Tipton, who's schmoozing her way past her fans and allowing a lucky few to stroke her bosoms, which seem to have fallen out of her dress. London, how's it feel being named after the capital city of the UK?"

"Isn't Paris the capital?"

"Strictly speaking, I believe that's France."

"Oh I thought France was the capital of Europe."

"They wish, anyway enough geography. So what are your plans for this evening?"

"Well, LL, I was thinking I could exchange dress tips with Alex Russo, I do like what's she's done with herself and I might see if the Summer's sisters do DP."

"From everything I've heard I'm sure they do. Anyway enjoy yourself as I greet Boomer, straight from fighting the Cylons on Battlestar Galactica. Boomer, you beat both Caprica Six and Starbuck making you officially the hottest woman in the fleet, how does that feel?"

"Wonderful. They're both fraking jealous, especially when they heard who else was here to frak. Still I left them fraking away with each other, so I think they're fraking enjoying themselves."

"Anyone here tonight who you really want to fuck, umm frak? Shouldn't it have a C before the K?"

"It's a very interesting etymological discussion because when we originally fled in the 1980's it had a C, but as we couldn't find Earth and came home again, it was shortened and the C was dropped."

"You did find Earth in Galactica 1980... er, a friend used to watch it."

"Frak off, LL, everyone knows that was just fraking Cylon propaganda. Well apart from the Return of fraking Starbuck...."

"That was really rather good that episode. Er, so my friend said anyway. Thanks Boomer, I'll let you go and frak away. And here comes our next guest, the very frakable Sarah Walker, who's another one for leather catsuits. Sarah, nice to finally meet someone with a normal name, what with all the Hermione's, Buffy's and London's."

"Thanks LL, but Sarah Walker isn't my real name. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."

"Well, a like a girl with a bit of mystery so let's keep it secret. Anyway anyone you're interested in tonight?"

"Lots, though as a fighter against evil I'm looking forward to thrashing the Baroness's ass."

"I think there may be a queue for that one. I'll see you inside as our next, very special guests are coming up the red carpet. First resplendent in a hired dinner jacket and looking very Bondlike is DrBlasphemy, escorting Victoria wearing...(fzstt, buzz) damn microphone. DrBlasphemy first, without your hard work none of this would be possible, have you any words to say to TSSA readers?"

"Vote you lazy bastards, damn you, vote!"

"Thanks DrBlasphemy, a plea from the heart there. And Victoria, our lovely, but stern webmistress and this evening's sponsor, was that a nipple slip? [Slap]... I guess not. Anyway we have a choice line-up tonight, have you anything to say?"

"Have you read the message from the sponsor yet?"

"Er, I was planning to wait for our final guest; who's limousine I can see drawing up now. DrBlasphemy, Victoria, thank you. If you'd like to go inside and take a seat. Remember, no touching."

"Now you tell us"

"And here she comes. She's borrowed Buffy's body, her sexual adventures include double penetrating Joyce Summers and she's seduced Dawn, Willow and Cordelia multiple times. None of that can compare with being the readers pick, the winner of the 2010 TSSA Top Fifty Characters... Faith Lehane."

"LL, B lending me her body was better..."

"As I was saying apart from borrowing Buffy's body nothing can compare with the being the winner of the 2010 TSSA Top Fifty Characters... Faith Lehane."

"Well, now I think of it I also prefer that time I took Cordelia up the ass in my motel room...Oh and there was that time Willow captured and enslaved me so that I was the fuck-toy for all off Sunnydale...."

"Just go inside and take off your clothes, or we'll be here all night as you reminisce."

"Okay LL. I hear Echo's here, that'll be fun."

"In a minute we'll go in and join our worthy winners, but first a message from our Sponsor. Tonight's adventures are brought to you by TSSA in partnership with Celebrity Pass, combining the best fakes with real celebrity nudity. Only $4.95 a month at Fulfilling all your masturbatory needs since 1997.

"So we leave the crowds, chanting 'Show us your tits,' unnecessarily as most of our line-up have already done so and enter our secret, but luxurious, pad. Inside the girls have been disrobing, and the clothes are already piled high in the corner, in a state which may suggest that they're all too used to have cleaners come in after them. For those of you who can't see this on the secret TSSA news channel, I'll have to say that no expense has been spared. We have been all over the world, choosing the best sex toys and our dedicated gang of carpenters have been knocking up BDSM furniture for those who want to use it. For the more dirty participants, we have a warm pool in the middle of the room. And I have to apologise to Elizabeth Swan as I notice that the bar is well stocked with a number of rums as well as other alcoholic beverages and soft drinks for the jailbait. Also whilst the girls are more interested in eating each other, there is a fine selection of food on display. Indeed it seems Mikaela Banes is showing a distinct interest in rubbing jelly over her tits, and from the look on Veronica Mars, she wouldn't mind licking it off.

"If I can first wander over to Alex Russo. The young wizard, who was admiring Claire Bennett's ass earlier, is now taking a closer interest in it. Alex is on her knees, crouched behind the cheerleader and pulling apart her butt cheeks. She really is sticking her tongue in nicely, really wetting Claire's back hole. The cheerleader is screaming nicely, I don't think she gets this at home... Her face is red with lust and her titties are bouncing as she rocks against Alex. Even as I'm watching Alex is sliding in a couple of fingers, which is making Claire writhe like she has... well... like she has a couple of fingers up her ass. Given that they hadn't met until a few minutes ago you have to be impressed, especially as Alex is now putting in a third finger...

"I'll just step to one side as Kate Beckett wants to use the floor space. She's lying down young Alexis Castle, who's spreading her legs. Kate isn't wasting any time in plant her face in the choice twat. And I think from the way Alexis has started to screech and buck, the older woman has found the clit. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing these two may have been with each other before. Certainly Alexis is holding Kate in position in a very confident manner...

"Oh and see we've just had our first squirter. If I can quickly hurry over to where Boomer has just drenched Abby. The tattooed sailor, or rather forensic technician, has quickly managed to bring the Galactic Heroine to fruition. I'm hoping Boomer hasn't cum to early, there's an awful lot of juice covering Abby. Not that Abby seems to mind as she is licking it off her face. Very kindly Hermione has also stepped in and is busy cleaning Abby's tits. Now, that's what I call being a good Samaritan. Boomer, a quick word...

"Oh, hi LL, did you see that?"

"I'm afraid I only caught the end, but it looks like a waterfall. Now I hate to ask, but have you peaked too early?"

"No, I think I'm just warming up. But what Abby did with her tongue..."

"Yes, I can see she's doing the same thing with Hermione. I have to say Abby seems very much a self-starter and from Hermione's face she's successfully revving her engine. And young Hermione is such a groaner as well, though from the slurping I can hear I can't say I can blame her. Now, Boomer are you predicting that Herm will also be squirting?"

"As I said LL, what Abby can do with her tongue... Well, you'd have to be frigid for it not to get your juices going."

"So what are your plans now?"

"I think a few minutes of quiet contemplation and then I'm going to rim Abby's ass as she slurps Herm."

"Thanks Boomer, I'll catch you later. In the meantime let's go over and have a brief chat with the Summers. Buffy and Dawn are showing just how close they are as sisters, sharing a double-ended dildo between them. The great thing is that there's no fighting, it is going in each of their pussies so equally I think they must have measured it before hand. And it is really sweet that they are holding hands as they move' Buffy, can I have a word..."

"Uuuurggghhh, aaaarrggghhhh."

"Thanks Buffy. Dawn anything to add?"

"Aaaarrggghhhh, uuuurggghhh."

"Thank you ladies - something I'm sure all your fans heartily agree with; I'll come back later when you're less busy. In the meantime let's head over to the frame. Now we were expecting some use of this tonight as a willing volunteer agreed to be tied up and thrashed. But it really has exceeded our expectations. We have not one, not two, but three beauties being tied and whipped.

"Let's have a quick word with the Baroness first. She's in a very conventional pose, lying over the wooden beam with her ankles and wrist wrapped together. Baroness, you admitted to being very naughty, thought downright evil and cruel would be a better description, is the pummelling your ass is getting likely to make you change your ways?"

"Oooh, I've been a naughty girl, spank me, spanky, spanky, spanky."

"Not the question I asked, but I'll try again, have you being a naughty girl and what punishment do you deserve?"

"Oooh, I've been a naughty girl, spank me, spanky, spanky, spanky."

"Brains in her arse that one, anyway, Sarah or whatever your real name is, you do seem to be getting into thrashing the Baroness, is there any reason you've decided to go for her?"

"Once you've been fighting international crime syndicates and villainous conspiracies as long as I have, you see that jail just doesn't act as a deterrent. Neither does spanking, but at least I enjoy it..."

"Thanks Sarah, a very liberal view of crime and punishment there and, I think, an important lesson to us all that as Shakespeare said evil only flourishes when good men spare the rod or something like that...

"Now I should move to Sierra. A big thank you to Echo who's kindly lent her bitch out for everyone's enjoyment. And she's got her in a most interesting position, hanging by her titties with what look like a dildo half-way down her throat. And behind her it's Willow, whose hair has moved from a rather stylish red to a tasteful black and has just developed a worse skin condition that Emperor Palpatine. Willow, or should it be evil Willow?"

"Mistress Willow, Madame of Pain, the Dark Destroyer of Worlds, Satanic Slut of Evil. You can call me Will."

"Thanks Mistress... thanks Will. I really love what you're doing with that riding crop, some of the strokes are as artistic as Leonardo da Vinci. I'm getting a definite vibe that this is something you practice a lot at home..."

"Thanks LL. It's all in the wrists, as you bring down just give a quick twist. Here have a go..."

"Like this?"

"Good try LL, but you need to just swing a little bit harder. Concentrate, keep your aim, let go...that's it."


"I see, sorry Sierra. Thanks Will, as I say it's always instructive to watch an artiste at work. But I'll let you get back to Sierra and head over to our last Slave. It's Cordelia Chase and she's showing the suppleness for which cheerleaders are famous. Doing the splits, whilst balancing over a giant dildo is pretty impressive. Doing so whilst being whipped from one side by Elizabeth Swan and on the other Alexis Castle, who's still got Kate Beckett's juice's dripping from her - well that's just... amazing. I'm loath to interrupt Cordelia, so I'll just have a quick word with Alexis first.

"Alexis, I'm guessing a good evening so far with a bit of a lick out, followed by dominating a cheerleader..."

"I'm loving it LL. I mean I've been eaten by Kate before, but to be whipping Cordelia... who I have to say is being great about it... well it's like... it's like...something really fun."

"So are you thinking of being whipped yourself later?"

"Definitely. Mistress Willow, Madame of Pain, the Dark Destroyer of Worlds, Satanic Slut of Evil has already said she like to thrash my pussy and hang me by my tits; I'm just a bit nervous about the human sacrifice bit later..."

"She's only joking...I think, well I hope to see you later. Now let's have a quick word with Elizabeth Swan, who's showing why there's no mutinies on her ship. Elizabeth, you really are going for it, I believe I'm right in saying that's an actual cat o'nine tails?

"Aye, yer, scurvy landlubber. I'm givin' this dog a taste of the cap'n's daughter..."

"You've done the lash... are you looking for sodomy later?"

"After I've made this cur kiss the gunner's daughter I'll be takin' 'er up the cabin boy's mate."

"Thanks Elizabeth, and it's good to see that your expensive finishing school education wasn't wasted."

"Why, thank you, LL. I thought the accent was spot on. I picked it up from this Tavern Wench in Port Royal."

"Let's just pop over to the buffet and have a look at what's going on there. Mikaela Banes has decided to lie on the table, even as I'm standing here she's pouring more jelly over herself. It's sliding all over her body, and London Tipton and Veronica Mars are competing to lick it off. It's amazing how much of it is sliding over Mikaela's pussy, and London really is making sure it doesn't go any lower. Standing beside her I can't help notice that some of the jelly has managed to find itself into Mikaela's hole. London's trying to get it out with her tongue, but the juice flowing from Mikaela's cunt may do the job for her. Veronica is busy smearing what I think is honey over Mikaela's tits; she looks hungry and is licking her lips like a succubus about to feed on a virgin. Veronica if I could have a word..."

"Not now LL, I'm just having something to eat..."

"What can I say? I don't think I realised how wide Veronica's mouth is, if she's not careful that tit will actually choke her, she's sucking so much of it up. And it looks like the jelly has given Tipton an appetite as she's spooning ice-cream into Mikaela's now open hole. No wonder Mikaela is shivering, it's just out of the freezer, though its melting fast... London, is slurping at it though - her table manners aren't good, but to be honest I don't think Mikaela minds...

"I can see Faith is butt-fucking Echo with a strap-on. Or it may be the other way round. Whichever, the bottom is squealing like mad and fingering her pussy. Oh, the squealing's stopped, yes Boomer seems to have recovered and has slammed her own strap-on into the open mouth. I think it's Faith down below, she's sucking that cock like it was going out of fashion. It's going almost as deep down her throat as Echo's is going up her ass. Anyway let me have a quick word, with the top; Echo..."


"Faith, it must be kind of weird hammering your body double. What's it like?"

"Huh, huh, huh, kind of exhausting. Cool, it's like sistercest, I always felt jealous when B and Dawnie got it on, but this is like fucking my own twin. We're really going to keep in touch after this..."

"You do know her mind will be wiped and she won't remember you?"

"Cool, even better. Sometimes she can be slutty sister, sometimes shy sister, sometimes studious sister and sometimes silly sister..., but always twisted sister. It'll like be having an entire family..."

"Thanks, Faith. Before Echo looses her memory make sure you get the 10% discount card. Let's go back to Claire and Alex, who seem to still be having a whale of a time. Claire's still on her hands and knees, with a pool below her. Either she's got a weak blabber or she's been squirting like a fountain. Given that Alex has her arm up Claire's ass up to the elbow I would be betting on the latter. And Hermione has also joined in, sliding underneath she opening Claire's pussy with a couple of fingers. And Claire is spraying again right over Hermione... boy that girl is covered. It doesn't seem to be putting her off, as she's added a third finger... she is really jamming them in. Kate Beckett has come over to join them, a strap-on dangling from between her legs. Hermione's opened her thighs and Kate is in. It's quite a complex manoeuvre this one - Alex is fisting Claire's ass, Claire trying to suckle Kate's tits which are bouncing about in front of her; Kate is fucking Hermione and even as I'm speaking Hermione has just put her full fist up Claire's slot. The cheerleader is really taking a hammering, but loving it....

"I'll be right back after a couple of quick messages..."

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"Kingdoms: Amazonia where lesbianism reigns. But all is not quiet in paradise, rebels conspire a psychotic criminal over lady lusts after her daughter and the Queen is an oversexed nympho who treats the Kingdom as her cash cow. The main nobles joke and gossip, whilst secretly and not so secretly they seek to gain advantage and power. But in the background these are mere trifle; a powerful evil seeks dominance and young Anna Popplewell struggles with her sex life. Now on CSSA."

"I, Claudius, by Robert Graves, a tale of debauchery, incest and political intrigue in Ancient Rome seen through the eyes of Claudius. I, Buffy, a tale of debauchery and incest in modern Sunnydale seen through the eyes of Buffy. Coming soon on TSSA"

"Welcome back. LL here reporting from the TSSA Top Twenty Orgy 2010. Twenty gorgeous women fucking for your and there pleasure. With me I've got Alex Russo and Abby Sciuto, hot and sweaty from their exertions. Alex, when you arrived you were wanting to check out Claire Bennett's ass in person and before the break you were fisting it, so as good as you imagined?"

"Better, LL, I thought I'd get a couple of fingers up, but she let me put an entire fist in. And I was hammering so hard I thought I was going to dislocate my shoulder."

"And you weren't the only one, Hermione was fisting her other hole..."

"Yeah, Claire was loving it. She's so tiny, to take two at once was such an accomplishment. And she's cum so often her brain has turned to jelly, last I saw she was trying to lick out the marble statue of Aphrodite in the corner."

"Thanks Alex, I see your fondling Abby's butt and Abby is eyeing your slit very greedily, so no question of who's next. But before you go a few words with Abby. Abby, you got Boomer as the first squirter of the night and in the break Hermione was telling me you made her toes curl, so I'm guessing not all the liquid drenching you is sweat."

"[Laughs] Very little. I just kneel and lick, hardly exhausting. I've also got Cordy's, the Baroness's and Sierra's, don't tell Echo. I just thought with the battering they were getting they could all do with a little lap."

"Very kind of you. Anyway I can see Alex is getting frisky, so I'll leave you to it. Veronica Mars is approaching Claire. The perky little cheerleader still seems a little dazed and whilst she's worked out it's a statue now she doesn't seem to be pleased to see Veronica. Let's go and see what's going on..."

"Elle, you bitch..."

"Elle? Who the 'ell is Elle?

"Elle, you're Elle."

"I'm Veronica."

"Prove it, put your hand in that water and rub your pussy."

"Kinky... if you want you little minx..."

"Oh... you didn't fry yourself with electricity?"


"Never mind... do you want to fist my butt Elle?"

"I told you I'm Veronica, but hey if you want to call me Elle, who's complaining. Spread those ass cheeks..."

"There's seems to be some confusion in Claire's mind, but it all seems to have worked out happily. Claire is bending over to touch her toes, with the pounding she's got earlier her ass is gaping and Veronica is easily managing to fit her fist up there. And when I see up, I mean all the way up; I wouldn't be surprised to see her hand spring out of Claire's throat the way she is slamming it deep. Claire is taking it like, erm, a indestructible cheerleader and whilst she is screaming, I don't think that they are screams of 'stop'. Oh and she's just squirted, all over the floor, which I have to say is becoming quite slippery. I'll leave them to it and go over to the Summer's sisters...

"Buffy and Dawn are still sharing that double-ender, though they're sucking it now as they bang against each other on their hands and knees. But, they've now let others join in. London is busy taking Dawn from behind with a twelve incher and Kate Beckett, fresh from Hermione, is ploughing Buffy's ass with I estimate is ten inches of solid rubber. Mikaela is also in the mix, standing over Buffy and Dawn fingering herself and spraying the Summer's with her juice. The two sisters are absolutely soaking, and here comes Sarah Walker to join in. She stepping over Buffy and giving Mikaela a very passionate kiss. Both women are now playing with each others cunt, they are sopping and I can see Buffy and Dawn are likely to get wetter still...

"Cordelia Chase is coming over to join them hand in hand with Elizabeth Swan and, what I think is Faith, strap-on attached Elizabeth is also fully equipped. She's lying on the floor and Cordelia is lowering her ass down on the toy. It's a hard fit, but the cheerleader is a game girl. Let's have a quick word with Faith before she joins in...Faith..."

"It's Echo..."

"Echo, I'm guessing this a bit of double penetration. Do you think Cordelia can stand up to it?"

"Did you see the whipping she got earlier? That woman could be run over by an elephant and get up smiling..."

"Okay Echo, good luck. Ease it in gently... gently I said... oh never mind. Cordelia looks like she can cope, indeed she's just given Buffy a catty smile. I'm guessing there's a bit of competition going on there. Buffy has just spat out the double-ender and is saying something to Sarah Walker. Sarah's going over to pick up a strap on... Buffy, are you going for DP as well?

"Better... just wait and see, could you pick up the toy and help put it my mouth again?"

"Sure thing Buffy... Sarah's returned and oh my god... I think they're going for double anal. Yes she's leaning over Buffy and Kate is helping to slide the cock down Buffy's chute. This is incredible... it is really is something special. Buffy Summers is taking two dildos up her ass at once. I honestly don't think Cordelia can beat this and from the look on Cordelia's face, neither does she. And its driving London mad with frenzy, seeing Buffy get double analised in front of her is making her slam into Dawn like she's got rabies. The two Summer's girls are really being driven across the floor, the double-ender is getting deeper and deeper; they are choking it down. This is amazing; Buffy Summers has three cocks in two holes, you're not going to see this very often... More scenes like this and I think Buffy could be back to number one next year and it's not doing any harm to Dawn, Sarah or Kate either... And Buffy has just squirted, it's like a waterfall... The floor is getting so slippy that there may be a health and safety issue.

"I don't know about the Summers and friends, but all this is making me sweat. Let's go over and have a quick word with Willow and Alexis Castle. As promised earlier Mistress Willow, Madame of Pain, the Dark Destroyer of Worlds, Satanic Slut of Evil has hung young teen Alexis up by her tits and is busy thrashing her with a leather riding crop; the teen is looking like a red and white zebra as Will marks her artistry on her body. And let's listen in as this sounds educational...

"Alexis, did you see what I did that time?"

"Mistress, you put three light painless strokes on me to relax me and followed up with a real stinger."

"Good, you were starting to think I'd lost my strength and that final one came as surprise didn't it. But I did something else... as I whip you count between the strokes this time."

", two, three, oh... ouch... one, two... aaaaarrrggghhh."


"Yes mistress, you not getting into a pattern. I don't know when the lash is going to fall."

"Willow, Alexis its good to see you again. Willow I'm impressed, that not only are you sexually torturing Alexis, but that you are teaching her as well..."

"Well, LL, every evil psychotic need a sidekick and I'm thinking Alexis is perfect for the role. The way she whipped Cordy earlier just screamed enthusiasm, but the technique was poor. By the time she leaves tonight she'll have both."

"I'm sure her next bitch is in for a treat. Now, Alexis how does it feel to be under the hand of a master... er mistress."

"Very sore LL, but I'm learning all the time. I think I can say that Kate Beckett won't be able to walk this weekend."

"Thank you ladies. I can see a daisy chain forming; Mikaela Banes is on her back, with Hermione Granger resting her pussy over her face. Hermione in turn is passing on the lessons she learnt earlier from Abby onto Veronica Mars. Veronica is really enjoying this, her back is arching and she really is pushing her cunt full into Hermione. Oh and looks like Abby cannot resist the chance to lick pussy, she just lowered herself over Mikaela and is giving the young woman tongue. The slurping here is getting so loud that it like feeding time at a child's party, a metaphor not spoilt by the Mikaela still having some jelly plastered in her hair.

"We're getting some more joining us, Boomer and Claire Bennett have joined at opposite ends of the line. And Echo is directing Sierra to join in, before lowering herself over her bitches face. Faith obviously enjoyed Echo earlier as she's coming over as well. Let me just step over them and stand in the middle. Even as I am doing so the Summer's sisters are coming over, Buffy with a definite limp. And Cordelia has just dropped between Buffy's legs - it's good to see after the little competition earlier that there is no hard feelings. It seems all the guests are now joining in, as here comes Elizabeth Swan and the Baroness and I can see Willow untying Alexis; Willow's hair is returning to her normal auburn hue, so I guessing that the end of Dark Willow for the evening.

"The juice is sliding everywhere as I'm surrounded by twenty women all in a lesbian lickfest. This is one impressive daisy chain. Every way I turn I'm surrounded by nubile female flesh eating away. I'm wondering if after tonight any of these ladies will want to try cock again...

"Uh, something strange just happened. At the mention of cock twenty heads have just bobbed up, and they're eyeing me like a Tigress eyes an antelope.

"Pussy is fine, but cock is divine..."

"They're now crawling towards me. Ladies, stop... I'm married. Get back ladies I'm a happily married man. There getting nearer and nearer.

"Pussy is fine, but cock is divine..."

"Move back ladies please, move back. I'm married.... Aaaaaarggggghhhhhh"

[Transmission lost]

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