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Note: Wallace and Veronica are both 17. This is based on a Season 1 episode
in which she flashed Wallace only in the episode she was wearing a sports
bra. I changed that and took it from there.

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Veronica Mars: Best Friends 3
by Tricksterson

Wallace blinked, trying to believe that he'd seen what he'd just seen, his
best friend Veronica's tits. She'd flashed him in an effort to lower his
purity test score. Well it had done that but he wished she'd given him a
longer look. Which she might have if his mother hadn't walked in. Which had
earned him a long lecture about how he should be more choosy in picking his

His mother just didn't understand that Veronica was the only person at
Neptune High who really wanted to be his friend. Yes, there were a few other
black kids there but it wasn't a race thing, it was a class thing. They were
rich and he wasn't. End of story. But at the same time he was too clean cut
and too good in his courses to be accepted by the metal shop crowd that
called Weevil their leader.

Besides, Veronica was far and away simply the coolest person he knew.

But this was the first time he'd ever thought of her as being as hot as she
was cool. Cute yes, but not particularly sexy. But, even though he generally
preferred his women with more junk in their trunk he couldn't get the image
of her pink nippled A-Cups out of his head.

* * *

However he resigned himself to the subject never being visited again and it
probably wouldn't have if Jeremy, a troublesome tenant of the Fennels, hadn't
forced them to evacuate their house. Wallace had told his mother that he was
staying at the home of a perfectly respectable, totally dull and completely
made up friend but was actually sleeping on the Mars' couch. At least that
was the theory. It turned out that Veronica had convinced her father to come
to the rescue and he was going to be gone all night staking out the Fennel's
house. It was amazing though how much that man could pack into a look, a look
that said "I like you Wallace, and I trust my daughter but remember that I
own a gun."

In fact, before the flashing incident he never would have thought seriously
about trying anything. But now he felt that he owed it to the Guy Code to at
least flirt with her, even if he didn't expect it to lead anywhere.

So when she brought out the blanket, sheets and pillow and asked, "Anything
else I can get you?" he replied, "Well, you could do the flashing thing

He knew he was in trouble when her patented look of mischief came onto her
face, she rolled her eyes and said "Oh sure, do a favor for a guy and all of
a sudden he thinks he owns you. How about a little quid pro quo buddy?"

At his puzzled look she smirked and said, "You'll figure it out," then walked
away. Was that an extra sway she put in her hips or had he just not noticed
it before?

Normally Wallace was quite intelligent but this time it took a few seconds
for his brain to register the fact that she'd left her bedroom door open.
More out of curiosity than expectation he went to the doorway.

"Un unh," said Veronica with a smile. She was lying on her bed, propped up
on her pillows. Her hands were laced behind her head which pulled up her
t-shirt, exposing a couple of inches of her tummy. Funny, Wallace thought,
how he was noticing things about her that he hadn't before. Like how nice
that couple of bare inches looked.

"Shirt off first. Then you can come in."

'So that was what she'd meant by "quid pro quo",' he thought. Fine he'd play
along. To a point anyway. He pulled off his shirt to her appreciative gaze.

"Should I flex too?," he asked sarcastically.

"Just be happy I don't make you dance." she said, her smile turning into a
positive grin. "Still, fair is fair." She sat up and pulled off her own top
confirming what he'd guessed from his previous brief glimpse, that her
breasts were small, perky and topped with adorably pink eraser tip nipples
whose size was out of proportion to the tits they sat atop. She tossed the
shirt at him which he caught, sniffed and then discarded.

The petite blond patted the bed next to her. Wallace sat and reached his
hands out towards her breasts only to have slapped away.

"Pants first."

"How about your pants? Quid pro quo and all that?"

"Oh, they'll come off, but yours first."

Wallace, resigned to whatever game his friend had in mind, stood up, undid
his jeans and let them fall to the floor.

"Turn around."

He stepped out of them, leaving his boxers on, and did so.

"Now shake your booty for me."

He looked over his shoulder at her. "I thought you said no dancing?"

"It's not dancing."

"No, it's rampant sexual exploitation of the black man for the benefit of
your unclean lusts is what it is."

"Yeah, yeah," was the flippant reply. "Now show off your money maker."

He sighed and dutifully gave his ass a couple of shakes then turned and said,
"Now you."

She arched her back until she was supported only by her shoulders and feet,
pushed her jeans down past her hips then came back down and slid them the
rest of the way off showing that, like him, she was a boxers fan. Wallace
let his eyes trail down the length of her body and reflected that he'd never
before appreciated how fine she was.

Another round of tradeoffs saw both of them removing their respective boxers
but while Wallace was completely naked the wily girl detective was wearing
something underneath. Admittedly not much of a something. It was a lacy black

"Hey, you cheated!"

"I didn't know there were any rules involved," she replied with a pixieish

Wallace's eyes narrowed with suspicion. "You planned this didn't you?"


* * *

That, my friend depends on the definition of the word planned. The first
flash had been totally spontaneous and I hadn't even thought of anything
when Wallace asked to stay over. It was when my father said that he was
going to be camping out at the Fennells that wicked thoughts had started
percolating in my brain. Even then it was mostly curiosity about whether
all those stories about black men were true.

Evidently they were.

Admittedly I had only Duncan for comparison but Wallace had him beat by an
inch. At least. And that had gotten me unexpectedly hot. Maybe I just wanted
a male sexual encounter that didn't consist of rape. Or maybe I was just
plain horny. Duncan and I had never gone beyond my giving him head once and
since Lily's death there hadn't been any girls that appealed to me either.

Besides, they say that every woman should have a single one-night stand as
part of her sexual maturing experience, didn't they? Or maybe I just made
that up. Rationalization, the gift that keeps on giving.

* * *

"Tell you what," Veronica said aloud, lifting her hips up again. "You can
take them off this time."

Wallace got on the bed and straddled his friend's legs. As he peeled the
thong slowly down her legs he couldn't help but thrill at the softness of
her skin. At the same time his nostrils flared at the musky aroma of her
sex. After the panties were off he bent down and licked her blond furred
lower lips. He'd never done it before but he'd heard that girls liked it.

It seemed that what he'd heard was right because his first experimental lick
brought a gasp of pleasure from his partner. he also found that the taste was
unexpectedly pleasant and was soon licking eagerly up and down her slit while
her hands pressed his head down.

"In mee," she moaned. "Put your tongue innn meee!" He obliged and soon she
was bucking and heaving beneath him.

"Ohfuck, ohfuck Lillleeeeee!"

Had she just called him "Lilly"? He'd never met Veronica's previous best
friend but he had seen pictures and the fact that she'd called Lilly's name
in midorgasm sent some interesting images into Wallace's mind.

When she managed to unclamp her thighs from around his head he got up from
between her legs and said, "Quid pro?" Veronica just smiled and nodded. As
they moved to reverse positions they found themselves face to face and their
lips met and opened, tongues meeting, licking and tangling passionately while
their hands stroked and groped at random parts of each others anatomy.

* * *

Okay, maybe *not* just a one-night stand. Ponder the ramifications later. Hot
sweaty sex for now.

* * *

When finally Veronica wound up on top she was on all fours over him and bent
down to kiss and suck at his dark nipples then kissed her way down his abs.
When she reached the root of his cock she ran her lips up the side then
opened her mouth and tickled it's tip with her tongue before taking it in
and sucking while her togue continued to work on it, swirling around first
clockwise, then counterclockwise. Instead of going all the way down his shaft
she started squeezing and stroking it with one hand while the other cupped
his balls. Then slowly she eased her mouth down his pole, keeping the suction
going then just as slowly rising up off it. She wasn't done yet though as her
tongue licked down and around back to the root and below where she took first
one then the other testicle between her lips for another suckjob. She sensed
he was about to come but strategically placed her thumb to cut off the flow.

"Oh no," she said with a smile. "You're not coming until you're inside me."

"I can live with that," Wallace replied, voice raspy with urgency and mind
boggling that he was about to lose his virginity to this hot, petite, white
girl. Once again they switched positions. This time the caresses and kisses
they exchanged in the process were much less self concious. Poised over his
friend Wallace looked questioningly at her.

"Do it. Do it now!," she urged then groaned mightily as he thrust into
her, closing her eyes and biting her lips. Her legs came up up and wrapped
themselves around his hips.

"Yeah, yeah Wallace...soooo goood! Fuck! Ram that cock in me! Harrrderrr!" As
they came together she bit down on his ear and her fingers dug into his back.

* * *

As he lay on top of her afterward he grinned and said, "Well, I guess this
blows my purity score all to hell, doesn't it?"

"You mind?

"Hell no. Virginity sucks for a guy."

"Oh great, go make me feel like the Whore of Babylon why don't you?"

"Hey, I'm greatful and then some."

"You up to proving that gratitude?," she asked, as she reached down to his
cock again and started stroking it back into readiness.

"You bet."


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