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Veronica Mars:
From The Files Of Veronica Mars - The Case Of the Neptune Pimp Part 1
by LilWhiteRabbit ([email protected])

Most teenage girls don't do the things I do, but most teenage girls aren't
private eyes between high school classes. My names Veronica Mars and ever
since one best friend Lily Cane was murdered and my father the then chief
of police was scape goateed for the bungled investigation. I've made it my
job to find Lily's real killer, and that's lead me to investage many other

Like the case I'm currently working and why I'm standing on the corner of a
downtown street wearing a very short pleated kilt knee high black boots and
a white dress shirt that was two sizes to small for my small frame. Three
days ago a freshman girl from Neptune High, the high school I also attend
was found in a park wearing an outfit similar to my current one, but she was

The police report I was able to obtain with a few favors indicted that Sarah
died of affixation and there was a large amount of semen found in her
stomach. There was also a note that there was no evidence of force or rape.
The only other thing found on the girl was a blank business card.

After looking at the business card I noticed something the police didn't,
there was a number hidden in the business card like brail. With out a second
thought I phoned the number on the card and learned that it was the phone
number of a local Neptune pimp who from my investigating is running a brothel
full of local high school and collage girls. And that's what lead me to this
street corner waiting for my "try out" for this disgusting pimp so I can
bring him down before another young girl dies.

As I was lost in thought a black sedan drove up and stopped in front of me.
The back door opened and with out being told to I had a feeling and walked
over to it slowly sliding into the back set.

It took my eyes a moment to adjust to the differences in the light but once
I did I was aware I wasn't alone, there was a man in his late thirties to mid
forty's sitting next to me. He was clean shaven short dark hair, wearing a
nice suit with a noticeable bulge in the slacks. I could see that he was
looking me over. I quickly crossed my legs incase the driver was trying to
look up my skirt and the man in a soft deep voice spoke.

"So you're the new meat Mr. M sent me to try out?"

I simple nodded my head, not really able to find my voice for some reason.
The man looked me over once more.

"Well, miss I think you know what your job is so why don't we get started."
He said as his hand slide across my knee and I felt the car begin to drive
off. I looked down at his big hand on my knee softly making small circles on
it with his fingers. With out a word I felt him take hold of my knee and
uncross my legs, I could smell his after shave as he body leaned toward me
with this action, and before I knew it he was pressing his lips to mine.

I felt the man's tongue sliding across my lips before you pushed it into my
mouth. My body and mind were telling me to run but I knew I had to stay girls
lives were at stake.

His tongue was swirling over mine pushing itself around my mouth as his hand
moved up my leg with as much force. As it reached the hem of my skirt he
broke the kiss looked into my eyes and spoke again.

"Lets start with your oral skill miss."

And with that I heard the sound of his zipper being drawn down. My eyes moved
to the sound with out being told to and there it was his nine inch member
looking up at me its one eye taunting me. My thoughts were broken with his
own taunting of me.

"Come on you can't be scared of a little trouser snake and work this kind of

With that he took my hand and wrapped it around his cock and started to make
me stroke him. I could feel him grow with each stroke after the first few he
removed his hand and slide it up under my skirt sliding his fingers across
the front of my panties.

"Now take it in your mouth girl" he commanded me for the first time.

I looked at him after he said that and could tell he meant it and I most have
taken to long to comply with him because the next thing he backhanded me with
his free hand and snarled at me "You do as I say when I say it, NOW SUCK MY

Instantly my mouth dropped down to the head of his cock letting it slide
into my mouth my tongue swirled around hope it was what he wanted. I felt him
slide his fingers under my panties and his other hand pressing against the
back of my head forcing more of his meat in-between my teeth. I could hear
him moaning has I began to slowly bob up and down on his throbbing meat. As I
was doing this he slide two of his fingers into me working them slowly around
drawing my juices out of me. I let out a moan as his fingers began there work
and could feel the smirk on his face as he pushed my head down farther on his
cock as it began to throb and build with presser the taste of pre-cum filled
my mouth. He slide another finger into me before I felt his hand grip my hair
and push my face against his pelvis as he began to shoot a load of salty cum
down my throat, I tried to breath through my nose but it didn't work well and
I gagged a little as his cum slide down my thought but I still couldn't help
but hear what he had to say.


After about a minute he used his hand full of my hair to pull my mouth of his
shaft a little line of cum dripped down my chin as he looked at me and pulled
his fingers from my now wanting pussy.

"Now its time to go inside girl." He said with a sneer, opening the door to
the car.

To be continued...


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