Disclaimer: I do not own Veronica or Kendall and this story is made purely
for the fun of it. No profit gained whatsoever.

Rated: NC-17

Paring: Kendall/Veronica

For Profanity, Sexuality, Sexual Intercourse, and Lesbianism

Author's Note: Story occurs during an alternate Season 2, Episode 1.

Veronica Mars: Kendall's Secret Part 1
by Anonymous

"I'm looking for a Kendall Casablancas," Veronica Mars asked standing within
the confines of a lavish doorway into one of the many richly founded homes
of Neptune. A part of her instinctively wanted to cringe at the thought of
coming into a place like this, but she knew Neptune well enough that when it
came down to solving a case she would do anything in her power to do what
was necessary.

"One moment," the bulter said hesitantly, closing the door back leaving
Veronica standing in the door way.

Veronica took a breath, rocked on her feet for a few seconds and looked out
to the landscape surrounding the grounds. The landscape was lush, full of
palm trees, red roses and various bushes scattered about. It was as if the
idea of duplicating lawns was the goal of the rich in Neptune because this
one looked only slightly different than the others ones she passed daily on
her way through town. 'Nothing like living in Stepford,' Veronica thought
jokingly as the door opened again behind her.

"Miss Mars, she's waiting for you out back," the bulter returned. "If you
will please follow me."

Veronica followed the butler. As she followed her eyes quickly took heed to
the back of his scuffed black shoe, following it up a torn seam on his right
pant leg, but otherwise there was nothing off place on his clothing. He could
have or probably was your average non-descript butler and for that alone she
paid it no heed.

Within mere moments, the butler opened the door allowing Veronica access into
the backyard. "Miss Mars, Mrs. Kendall is waiting for you in the pool," the
butler said, holding the door open for her that lead out to the even more
expansive backyard.

Veronica moved out the door, slowly taking in the expansiveness of it all -
the flora, the fauna, the statues, and the even more expansive pool. It was
enough to make a girl drool if she had wanted a life of rich, stuck-upness,
power and greed.

"Who the hell are you?" a female voice shouted from a distance. Veronica's
eyes immedately began searching around until she started to hear the rustling
of the swimming pool's water. Her eyes quickly befell a beautiful women with
long black hair swimming amongst the pool. Her tits themselves Veronica
instantly caught sight of - they were about ready to burst through her all
ready drenched black bikini top. Her black hair almost seemed to sparkle with
the pool water all over her face, hair and body, but Veronica kicked the
thought to the back of her mind.

"I'm Veronica Mars," Veronica said slighty falling back into a stutter like a
geeky kid trying to confess his to a high school cheerleader.

"What do you want?" Kendall returned viciously allowing her inner slut to
shine before the supple blonde.

"I need to ask you a few questions," Veronica stammered again, but gaining
some sense of composition in her vocabulary.

"About what?" Kendall replied even more forceful this time keeping her inner
slut fully surfaced.

"A rumor," Veronica returned, smiling back.

"Do I look like I'm in the mood for an interview?" Kendall replied, allowing
her to surface to give Veronica a once over from the confines of the people.

"How bad do you need the information?"

"As soon as possible," Veronica pushed, as Kendall emerged from the pool, her
cleavage drenched in the water, her nipples poking out of the black of her
top, and an easily visible pussy.

"That sounds...plausible, but you've gotta do something for me first,"
Kendall said grinning seductively.

"And what would that be Mrs. Casablancas?" Veronica asked, straightening
herself up out of habit.

"First and foremost, SHUT UP! I don't like it when someone talks to me like
you do," Kendall shouted.

"Second, I'm tired of sitting around listening to you ask inane question
after inane question. I want you to suck on my tits, Ver!" Without any
effort, Kendall dropped her black bikini top right in front of Veronica's
eyes revealing two perfectly round tits and two semi-hard brown nipples.

"You want me to what?" Veronica asked.

"It's simple news girl slut," Kendall said, grabbing Veronica's forehead and
pushing it right into Kendall's cleavage line. "You let you suck on my
nipples until they're hard as a rock and bite and toy with them."

"I'm not a..." Veronica forced.

"What? A lesbian or a news girl slut?" Kendall pushed, looking at the blonde.

"Yeah," Veronica returned.

"Well, that doesn't matter you're going to be my news girl slut!" Kendall
said pulling Veronica's head up and forcing her tongue into the blonde's

Veronica tried her damnest to fight it, but Kendall's tongue was far stronger
than her own mouth and before she knew it Kendall's tongue was dancing around
exotically in her mouth, playing with every surface. Veronica wanted to pull
away but Kendall's hand was tightly on her left ass cheek squeezing and
forcing Veronica to remain where she was at. The dance continued until
Veronica couldn't breath anymore. Kendall pulled back leaving Veronica to
catch her breath, but her left hand remained firmly planted on her left ass
cheek running its finger up and down the confines of the curve of it.

Veronica wanted to scream, but there was a part of herself that was getting
heavily aroused as Kendall continued to toy with her ass.

"You like it when someone plays with your cute little ass don't you, you news
girl slut?" Kendall asked. All Veronica could do was simply nodd and react,
which seemed very unlogical to her. "Well, if you want more suck my nipples!"

Veronica contemplated it for a second in her head then just went for it. What
exactly was driving her she wasn't sure, but she took the woman's flesh into
her mouth and began sucking away at it like a child in the need of milk.
Kendall shifted her back, moaning slightly. "Work that tongue you little

Veronica continued to comply, allowing her tongue to regard the nipples as if
they were the most sensual pleasure she had ever known. As of late it hadn't
been much of a stretch since one, Logan had disregarded her and two, Duncan
wasn't exactly playing willing sexual games with her. Kendall pushed her hair
back and grabbed onto Veronica's head pulling her back from her left nipple.

"Baby, both of them need pleasing," Kendall said smiling. Veronica moved her
head and quickly returned to "feeding" of her right nipple, squeezing and
unknowningly toying with Kendall's fairly large breasts. "Yeah, that's it,
naughty school girl! You look my tits, don't you?"

Veronica nodded her head as she continued to suck away at the nipple, playing
with its soft hardness as her tongue danced around it tasting Kendall's silky
skin. Kendall tasted like...vanilla. Oh god, she knew how this woman tasted
and she was enjoying it.

"Do you know what I want now news girl slut?" Kendall asked as Veronica
retracted her head. Veronica shook her head no. "You can't be that stupid for
a sluttly little bitch like yourself. You've got too great of tits and a well
curved ass for that matter...and don't tell me you've never fucked the
football team."

Veronica shook her head no again.

"At least tell me you play yourself slut," Kendall demanded.

Veronica shook her head no.

"Fine then it's time to learn and you'll do it by eating me out."

"Eating you out?" Veronica asked, shocked.

"Don't worry it's no worse then sucking my nipples," Kendall returned
smiling. Kendall turned around like a ballet dancer and removed her black
bikini bottom revealing perfectly shaped ass cheeks with the mostly beautiful
curves Veronica had ever seen on a woman's body. If she hadn't known better,
she would have declared this woman to be Aphrodite herself. Could have been
for all she cared with another turn Veronica found herself looking directly
down at a clean shaven slit still covered in water...or was she wet? Veronica
couldn't tell. "All you're going to do my little slut is let your tongue play
with my slit. You can kiss the lips all you want. It'll be pure pleasure for
me either way!"

With a lite push, Veronica was forced down onto her knees looking the slit
directly in the eye. Veronica stuck out her tongue and licked it.

"Mmmmmm, Veronica, that was naughty! Play with it some more!"

Veronica allowed her tongue to dance around the folds for a couple of seconds
until she decided to kiss it. Her mouth quickly kissed at first then pulled

"Don't you dare stop now, bitch!"

Veronica kissed it harder.

"Use your tongue!"

Veronica pushed her tongue into the fold, forcing the lips to open allowing
her mouth to breach it. Trying her hardest to mimic the actions that Kendall
had just forced into action, Veronica allowed her tongue to dance rapidly.
Kendall pushed herself forward, forcing her pelvis into Veronica's face.
Veronica could do nothing but continue to reply allowing her hands to find
Kendall's ass cheeks, which she got a tight hold of.

"Play with that tongue news girl slut!"

Veronica couldn't to do so. As Kendall rocked forward, she could feel a
sudden heat rising and an almost tidal wave rush in motion as Kendall
shifted her weight throwing her body onto Veronica. Veronica continued
to "eat her out". Kendall's body started to almost convulse, rocking in
a fluid motion until... Her honey was unleashed engulfing Veronica's
face and mouth. Veronica took it in stride, sallowing what she could of
it and savoring the new taste, but she was quickly pulled as Kendall
pulled her to her mouth and kissed her.

"I always love to taste myself," Kendall said kissing and sucking away at
Veronica's lips. "It's the BEST! Don't you think so?"

Veronica nodded her head and continued the kiss with Kendall.

"Now, I think we should take this inside...I think you need a lesson in
being a slutty lesbian and a bit of a whore," Kendall said. "You'll love
it, Veronica!" Kendall grabbed her arm and pulled her back into the house,
where the fun was about to reach a whole new level of pleasure!


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