Here's my usual sarcastic disclaimer: This is fiction folks, get real!
Furthermore it's fiction about fictional characters so if that puts a bee
in your bonnet, too bad, get a life.

Note: It's never said how old Trina is. Both actors are subsantially older
than their characters so I settled for about six years older than her
brother. So in the flashbacks Logan is fourteen and she's about twenty.
Also in the original episode Trina was kicked out of the hotel when Lynn's
credit cards were discontinued. I've let her stay on a little longer for
plot porpoises.

Codes: mF, MF, inc?, non-sexual viol, preg

Veronica Mars: Let Big Sister Make It All Better
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

"I think I'm going to be sick."

Trina sighed. She'd been afraid this would happen. She pulled quickly over to
the side of the road, got out and opened the door for her step-brother Logan
because it was obvious from his drunken fumbling that he couldn't manage it
himself. She caught him as he half staggered, half fell out of the car and
helped him over to the shoulder of the road before letting him fall to all
fours and retch his guts out.

When he was done he looked at her blearily and said, "You have anything I can
wash my fucking mouth out with?"

"Like soap? I have something in the car but it's non-alchoholic. Are you sure
your system can handle it?"

"I'll force myself."

As he staggered back to the car eyes were drawn automatically towards his
ass, clad only in a pair of briefs that clung tightly, thanks to his having
gone to the dance dressed as Tom Cruise in "Risky Business", and her memory
was just as automatically drawn back to more than three years ago, when
things had been very different between them.

"Oh Logan, what happened to us?" she whispered. The question was rhetorical.
She knew exactly what had happened and whose fault it was.

* * *

"Are you all right?" came his step-sister's voice softly from the doorway of
Logan's room. As he looked up at her the glare from his tear streaked face
was answer enough.

"That's what I thought." She came into his room and showed him a jar of
ointment. "This will help, can I put it on?"

He looked at her suspiciously. He and Trina weren't enemies but they'd never
been close either. He knew she and his mother hated each other and he knew
why. The same reason she'd never been beaten like he was. He'd seen her go
into their father's room from time to time ever since she'd hit puberty, when
Lynn was away on a shoot. He'd even listened once at the door awash in a
combination of guilt, anger and fascinated lust. Still, his back hurt so
much...he nodded.

He was already shirtless and on his stomach. His father never beat him with
anything that left serious or permanent marks but it was usually the better
part of a day before his back stopped hurting. He watched his sister, wearing
a white t-shirt tied up to show off her midriff and black bicycle shorts, as
she walked into the room, closed the door, got up on the bed and straddled
his legs just behind his butt.

He sighed as the cool, soothing ointment was first spread and smoothed over,
then worked into, his muscles by fingers that were both soft and strong at
the same time.

Then he stiffened, in more ways than one, when he felt her lips kissing the
back of his neck.

"What are you..."

"Shhh, let big sister make it all better." Her lips danced and played over
his shoulders while her hands worked their way down his back then kissed
their way down his spine. At the same time her hands moved to either side,
brushing his ribs with light, feathery touches that just stopped this side
of being tickilish then moved down to massage his ass in a decidedly more
muscular fashion.

"Turn over."

As he obeyed he saw that she was still straddling him, although she had
moved down to his ankles. He also saw that she had removed her shirt to
expose small but well shaped breasts topped by intensely pink and erect
nipples. He started to get up and reach for them but was stopped by a
hand on his chest.

"Not yet. Let me be in charge. Please?"

It was the please that made him return to his back. Only his mother ever said
"Please" to him and then only when she was trying to make peace between him
and his father. As he reclined back Trina's hand moved slowly, teasingly down
his chest, then his belly, coming to a stop at his belt buckle before
unfastening first it, then the button of his jeans, which she unzipped before
pulling out his cock. She kissed up and down it's length then licked at it's
head as if it were an ice cream cone before taking it in her mouth. Logan's
hands clenched into fists, clawing at the bedsheets as her head moved up and
down his shaft while her hands stroked his balls.

"Trina..I think I'm going to...going to..."

"Not yet, she said with a smile, taking her head off his member and blocking
the flow of sperm with her thumb. Only a single drop emerged which she
removed with a flick of her tongue. She then backed off the bed and skinned
off the bicycle shorts then climbed back on. She took hold of her
step-brother's cock and rubbed her body against it, first the shallow valley
between her tits, then her belly and finally against the furry triangle of
her pussy before guiding it into her vagina.

"Mmmmm," she moaned as she proceeded to slide up and down Logan's meatpole.
"Sweeet, my sweet, sweet boy." This time when he reached for her breasts she
guided his hands, showing him where and how she liked to be touched. He
proved to be both an avid and an apt pupil. Soon she was arching her back as
they both approached climax.

"Oh, Logan, Logan, Logan!" she gasped, trying, with limited success to keep
her orgasm quiet. She wasn't too worried. Lynn was home tonight which meant
that Aaron would be busy fucking what passed for her brains out. She knew
from her own sad experience that beating his son always made Aaron incredibly
horny. Still it never hurt to be careful. Not in this house.

Afterwards as they lay tangled together Logan looked into her eyes and said,
"I love you Trina."

She didn't answer, at least not in words. She just smiled, kissed him gently
on the lips, got up, got dressed and walked out.

* * *

The second time was two weeks later and was his idea. Enjoyable though it had
been she hadn't planned on a repeat performance. If their father caught them,
there wouldn't be hell to pay, hell would just be a down payment. She had
just wanted, just once, for sex with someone, good, clean, innocent. Had that
been too much to ask? She was only home on the weekends anyway, the rest of
the time she dormed at UCSD when she wasn't working as an extra to pad out
her allowance.

But as happenstance had it, she was home on a weekend when both Aaron and
Lynn were off filming. In specific she was by the pool in a lavender bikini
when she saw Logan, shirtless and staring at her from her bedroom window.
Neither of his hands was visible and she had a pretty good idea of what at
least one of them was doing. Impulse made her smile up at him and crook a
finger in invitation. He vanished so fast out of the window that he might
have teleported.

Okay, now what?" she asked herself. She knew that any further involvement
with her step-brother could only lead to trouble. But she didn't really want
to hurt him unless she absolutely had to. And the sex *had* been great.
Almost against her will she found herself getting up and heading inside. 'Is
this what it's like to be a guy?' she thought. 'All hormones, no brain?'

They almost walked straight into each other in the den and before she could
even try to explain a situation she wasn't sure she understood herself his
arms were around her and his lips were pressed to hers and before she knew
it her lips were opening to his tongue and her hands were groping every
available inch of his young body. His hands removed her bikini top and his
mouth moved from hers to kiss, lick and suck at her breasts.

"Take me," she gasped. "Right now...right here...on the floor." Somehow the
cool calculation of self interest that usually dominated her soul had been
swept away by a tide of animal passion and all she could think about was how
much she wanted to fuck her younger step-brother until both of them collapsed
in a pool of sweat.

This they proceeded to do with great fervor. Even as they pulled each other
down to the den's carpeted floor they were removing each other's few clothes
Since neither was wearing much this wasn't difficult. All she had on was her
bikini bottoms while Logan only had on a pair of cutoff jeans and those,
since he'd been doing exactly what his stepsister thought he'd been doing,
were already unbuttoned and half unzipped.

Soon, both of them were naked and Logan was on top of her pressing his hard,
young body against hers.

"Fuck me, Logan!" she screamed as he entered her. "Fuck big sister good and
hard!" He was more than willing to oblige. As he pounded away inside her, her
legs wrapped themselves around his hips and her fingers clawed at his back
and shoulders.

Afterward, as they lay on the floor he once more looked into her eyes and
said, "I love you." Once more she didn't reply but just smiled and stroked
his hair and face.

But he wasn't finished. "Don't go to him any more Trina. Please? Just you and

She still didn't speak but smiled and nodded then reached down to his dick
and began stroking it back to life.

* * *

She'd even meant it at the time and for two months things were good. Then...
complications arose.

* * *

Logan looked up curiously at the knock on his doorsill to see his step-sister
standing there. That wasn't rare per se any more but he hadn't known she'd
even be home. Aaron was home for the weekend and since Logan and Trina had
become lovers he'd taken to making excuses to be away when he was around. She
also lacked the cynical calm or seductive superiority that were her default
emotional settings before and after her seduction of him respectively.
Instead she was so nervous she was actually twitching.

"What's wrong?" he asked, getting up, his face a mask of concern.

"Logan...I...I mean...we...can't..." 'Damn!' she thought to herself. 'Why is
this so hard?'

"What she's trying to say son is, it's over," came Aaron Echolls' voice from
behind her. Of the many things Logan resented about his father, his voice was
in the top five. It was always so damned assured and confidant, as if it's
owner lived on a plane above that of mere mortals and that things would
always go it's owner's way. The fact that things usually did go the way Aaron
Echolls wanted them to only made it worse.

Concern turned to confusion and pain as Aaron and Trina entered the room.
"You told him!?!"

"What did you think would happen if you kept having unprotected sex? And who
did you think she'd go to for the money to get rid of it? She at least should
have known better."

It took a few seconds for the implications of what his father said to click
into place in Logan's head.

"You *CUNT*!" he screamed, then charged, swinging wildly at both of them.

It wasn't even a contest. Aaron grabbed his wrist, swung him around, kicked
his legs out from under him then twisted his arm behind him in a hammerlock
while Trina looked on, apalled and helpless.

"That's enough boy. You know what comes next."

"Yes sir," Logan answered through gritted teeth.

Aaron turned his attention to Trina. His eyes narrowed.

"And you'll watch," he said grimly.

"No...please...don't," she pleaded.

"Unless you want to take his place."

She hung her head in shame but also shook it in denial. He beaten her once,
or, as he put it, "given her a life lesson," when she was twelve. Each stroke
of the belt had made her feel like she was dying. She'd sworn, to herself and
to him, that she'd do anything, anything, to keep that from happening again.
That night he'd fucked her for the first time.

So she watched. And then that night she let him fuck her and made sure she
kept a smile on the whole time and moaned loudly and rapturously while she
faked her orgasm. He had originally planned to make Logan watch them but she
had begged him literally on her knees not to, then sealed the deal with a
blow job.

* * *

"Why are we here?" Logan asked, still three-quarters drunk. Instead of the
Echolls mansion Trina had driven them to the hotel she was staying at under
Lynn Echolls' name.

"I thought it might be...safer in your present condition if you and Dad
were nowhere near each other. My suite has a couch. Now do you think you can
manage to make it across the lobby onder your own power or should I attach a
handle to your back and call a bell boy?"

"I will not merely walk, but dance across."

Fortunately he didn't try. In any case she had to prove she was a guest to
hotel security, not to mention tip them considerably, before they'd let her
take a pantsless man to the elevator with her. Still he made it, albeit
somewhat shakily. Once in the elevator however he leaned against the wall
and started to slide down. As she helped him get to his feet she found her
body pressed against his, perhaps closer than was absolutely necessary and
her face only an inch or two away from his.

"So," he said archly, "did you bring me here for old times sake?

"Not a chance." But as soon as the words were out of her mouth she found that
mouth locked on his, tongues darting back and forth against each other, arms
wrapped around each other tightly until the door opened and they jumped

It was fortunate that noone was at the elevator door because what they'd been
doing was plainly written on their flushed faces, disheveled clothing and
Trina's smeared make up. Fortunate as well that her suite was only a couple
of doors down because by the time they reached it their clothes were half off
and by the time they made it through the door all they had on was their
underwear. Logan licked at her neck as he clumsily tried to undo her bra.

"Let me," she said, pushing him back gently. She had it off quickly and
soon he had his face buried in her tits. She closed her eyes, as drunk on
sensation as he was on alchohol, then hooked her fingers in the waist band
of his shorts and pulled him into the bedroom where she pulled them off
then sat him down on the bed's edge and got down on her knees. His hands
dug into her hair as her lips explored his inner thighs before she started
licking her way upward from his root to his cockhead. Many women disliked
oral sex but Trina felt that they just didn't understand how much power you
held over a man, symbolically and otherwise when you held his cock in your
mouth. As her head bobbed up and down Logan's pole she knew could have asked
him *anything* and the answer would have been yes. Of course *keeping* a man
to his word after he'd cum was another thing entirely.

She raised her head from between Logan's legs and started to straddle his
lap only to be flipped over and onto the matress then pinned to it, albeit
lightly by her step-brother.

"Let me be in charge this time, okay? Please?"

Having heard the word nearly as seldom as he had Trina nodded and let him put
her on her knees and do her doggie style while she clawed at the pillows and

"Fuck...fuck...fuck me! Ohhh...OHGAWD!!!" she screamed as he came in her then
pulled abruptly and somewhat painfully out of her as he collapsed unconcious
from alchohol and exhaustion.

Trina went into the bathroom, cleaned herself off then came back to look at
the beautiful boy turned man crumpled on her bed. She knelt down next to the
bed and stroked his hair then, in a strangled whisper said, "I love you too
Logan," then threw a blanket over him and set up the couch for herself.

* * *

When he staggered out of the room, still dressed as Tom Cruise, he found
breafast on the table and pants folded on the chair.

"I ordered them from the hotel shop in what I'm pretty sure is your size and
charged it to your card. The breakfast too."

As he ate he kept looking strangely at her. When they were done he said,
"When I woke up, I was naked. Did we...?"

She replied, a sneer in her voice,"No. You wanted to, and I might have, out
of nostalgia but, how do I put this? You weren't quite up to it. You really
should drink less brother dear."


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