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Victorious: Jade And Tori Part 1 - Method Lesson With A Cane, A Cheek Bleeds
by Red Butt Wrangler

The absolute juiciest stories is when a female 18 y/o or over is punished wrongly for something they did not do! Add a boyfriend who's main objective is to get back in his girlfriend's panties and you have a recipe for jealous revenge!

Jade has been extremely jealous of Tori since she came into class and Tori was hanging on her boyfriend Beck.

The recipient of her jealousy went to a seemingly deserving Tori, who her classmates had witnessed hitting hard enough to make her female classmate's cheek bleed during their acting scene. A scene in class where Jade played a brute mugger and Tori played the old woman being mugged.

Jade vowed Tori's bottom would pay the price in severity for her actions.

Hollywood Arts is a Performing Arts High School which both Tori and Jade attend along with Jade's boyfriend. Jade was overheard telling Cat about Tori who was guilty of turning on her boyfriend by wearing her blue jeans so tight that her panties showed through the thin blue fabric.

Especially when pretty shoulder length brown haired eighteen year old was leaning over her desk, which pulled her blue jeans even tighter across the seat of her plump baby fat, yet shapely assed denim pant seat.

Jade further noticed that when Tori bent over, she could determine by the elastic panty seams visible through Tori's blue jeans, the size and shape of her rivals panties.

"Tori, so you can excite my boyfriend Beck!" Jade snarled at Tori who was standing there in her white bikini panties in the locker room, which angered her brown haired bitch rival to the max.

The she vixen studied her bottom making out her delineated butt cheeks and her ass crack. Seeing Tori's visible panty line put ideas in Jade's head as to what she would love to do to that visible panty lined butt not more than five feet away from my face.

Jade whispered leaning over even further and widened her stance to rudely whisper to Beck.

Beck's remembers a pleasant view of Tori in his mind.

I was treated to a secret detection that I'm positive that Tori would have been annoyed by if she could have seen what I was seeing now. In her current wide legged stance her butt cheeks had open up and when I looked down the panties to the center of her ass crack. I could see her butthole clearly defined through the visible bikini style white panties.

Boy did this give me ideas of what I wanted to do to painfully fuck that tight virgin asshole with my strap on dildo, but that would have to wait until later.
Tori left in a car with Beck having no idea Jade had coercerd Beck, that Tori should be punished for cutting Jade's face with the cane during a stage scene.
Beck drove out of Los Angeles to what she thought was a fun party with the gang. As they crossed the bridge and turned down a desolate dirt road Tori saw Beck's RV was parked in a canyon.

Tori sighed and looked at Beck, like this was a wild goose chase. As they pulled up to the parked motor home Tori was getting a little ill, but Beck assured her the party was inside the motor home was worth the trip.

Beck knew Jade's sadistic punishment plans for sweet Tori and knew at the end of the painful ordeal Jade's honor would be restored. She would stop being obsessed over Tori who had swung the cane at her bloodying her cheek and keeping him out of Jade's panties!

It was after dark when Beck and Jade came to take Tori into Beck's RV where she was to receive correction for her conduct earlier. This was for hitting and causing her female classmate's cheek to bleed during an acting scene where Jade played a brute mugger and Tori played the old woman being mugged.

Tori dressed in a cute pink blouse and blue jeans, but you may be sure, she was in no mood to submit. Every inch of the way the tall strongly-built girl resisted them.

With head bowed and collar length of brown hair flying with the energy of her resistance. The eighteen year old teenage girl braced her straining legs against the direction of the march.

Bowing forward in their grasp, as her arms were twisted behind her back, she struggled side to side, lunging her robust young hips against Beck in a frantic attempt to break free.

Fortunately, they had dealt with such girls before and soon marched her into a brightly lit secluded RV.

Tori climbed the steps, Jade opened the RV's door and was told,

"Get your ass in there". Jade wickedly instructed the now frightened Tori.

Tori reluctantly climbed into the recreation vehicle entering the door to Beck's RV.

Beck, whom Tori had considered her friend quickly followed her inside shutting and locking the door securely behind her.

"WHOMP" Beck gave Tori a hard kick right into her tight jean visible panty clad bottom, which he could tell through her jeans were bikini style catapulting her into the middle of the room.

Tori could not comprehend why Beck had kicked her in her butt, but the pain from that vicious kick was very real as Jade's boyfriend's foot connected with her tight blue jean clad backside, which showed her bikini visible panty line.

Beck looked up. There she was his somewhat neurotic girlfriend, Jade with a big grin on her face with a look of triumph.

Tori looked back at Jade smiling with a look that said she was going to enjoy this!

Tori angrily to Jade and Beck, "Whutt, Umm, Hmmph, Jade are you doing? Why, Beck, did you kick me in the butt? I didn't hit Jade with the cane, I missed."

"Oh yeah, then how did I get blood on cheek right below my eye.", Jade said nearly spitting in her fuming anger.

Jade though about how Tori usually sat on her cute ass in the classroom reaping
in all the boys looks. Looks that used to be hers!

Well now she was about to reap some discipline action on her selfish shapely still baby fat ass and Jade and her boyfriend, Beck were going to enjoy this victorious justice immensely.

Suddenly, Jade clad in leather punched Tori in the tummy. Tori bent over and Jade yanked her by the arm across the room placing her rival in the wooden stocks used in a recent school stage production.

Tori's brown head with shoulder length hair was placed through the center hole, followed by both her arms immobilizing her bent over in the puritanical stocks

"CLICK" and then "PLOCK"

Beck swung the top half of the wooden stocks shut. Jade with her long brown hair rubbed her hands together in glee.

Now Jade had Tori right where she wanted her, while her boyfriend savored the view of Tori's private panties visible through her blue jeans. Discerning they were bikini panties seductively wiggled back and forth energetically as she was locked in place into the wooden stocks.

Tori started threatening Jade and pleading with Beck to get her out of the contraption.

Jade and Beck could see this was a false bravado as they watched Tori's
baby fat butt trembling through her white cotton panties.

Beck went around to the front and waved a four foot rattan cane swishing it
in front of her face.

Tori had been spanked even on the bare bottom as a teenager, but had never been whipped with a cane.

Beck held the whippy yellow colored instrument as Jade prepared Tori's trembling bottom for the cane.

Tori struggled but it was of no use as she felt Jade reach around to the front of her sweat beaded waist and undid the button of the blue jeans.

"ZZZIPP", down came her zipper and with a tug pulled the jeans down off her bottom revealing her white bikini pantied bottom bucking in the air.

"Stop This Crap, Jade!" Tori fumed in response.

Now that she had had her jeans taken down maneuvered by Tori to the wooden stocks and forced her to step forward, bend over and put her head and arms through it.

She was still struggling and gasping, so that it took two of them to hold her over and placed her wrists and head through the holes in the proffered stocks.
Tori flicked back her shoulder length brown hair, turning her firm young jaw and angry brown eyes on jade and Beck with breathless fury at her high school rival.
Too her horror, she felt Jade's finger dig into her bare ass crack and felt her pull her bikini panties down to the hollow of her trembling knees.

"Pull My Panties Back up Now, Jade!" Tori demanded.

Ignoring a ranting Tori, Beck nodded his approval to proceed as Jade now held the wooden cane to Tori's dismay.

Jade cocked back the cane.

"Tori you will long remember this corporal punishment cane whipping for being so, mean to me hitting me with a cane and bloodying my cheek."

"I thought we were becoming friends." Jade Spoke in almost a whisper guaranteeing Beck's sympathy for what she was about to do to poor innocent Tori.
Jade whispered in Tori's ear. "I will also cane you for dressing to attract boys. Unladylike behavior showing the boy's her visible panty line to get noticed."

All this was being said in Tori's ear as her snowy white bottom was trapped in position as "THWIICK" the cane connected digging deep into the creamy white butt meat across the crown of both cheeks as the cane stripe turned from pink to red blood red.

Tori yelled out, twisted her deep pained bottom as the sting continued to build for 30 second after the cane had departed her bottom.

"S-S-WWICK" the cane connected with Tori's harmed bare ass flesh.

Beck grabbed Tori's long trembling legs and put them in the ankle holes, thus spreading the coed's bottom wide open revealing her tiny pink pucker of her till now private butthole.

"Let's have a good look at the cane marks on those butt-cheeks," Jade wickedly said.

"She's given you some real beauties across those fat ass cheeks, Tori and they are well deserved!" Beck shared as Tori looked at him with stunned wide eyed bewilderment.

"Jade cut your bottom twice with the cane...She really made you scream!"

"It gave me a stiff penis when I heard you yell," Beck breathlessly said.

"Bet he's having fun watching you being whipped with the prop cane. "Look at the front of those tight pants he's wearing, Tori."

"You can see the shape of it...I'd love the changes taking place with him. "I'd give you a real thrill with the cane, Tori. See how big my boyfriend's penis is?", Jade wickedly said.

Jade came back with Beck and they began to adjust the straps so that Tori was drawn over further over in the stage stocks taken from Hollywood Arts High.
Tori's bare butt was forced even higher for presentation of the cane, while her arms were held at full stretch. Their aim was to make her bend over much more tightly with her butt cheeks broadened and drawn harder apart.

Jade sadistically went to work on the tapestry of Tori's behind caning her bottom with such severity that Tori lost control and farted.


Tori let out a high pitched humiliating fart, as she tried to absorb the pain of the cane.

That farting incident earned her a real method lesson!

Tori's enforced rudeness and her obvious predicament gave a new edge of anticipation to the final stage of her discipline.

Flashing, slashing cane-strokes Jade inflicted on Victoria Vega.

Across the cheeks of her backside...Her backside again...A drop of blood ran down one shaking cheek-swell of Tori's ass to expire in the flesh crease dividing her butt cheeks and thighs.

Across the back of her thighs again...the back of her knees...Across Tori's bottom...the back of her knees...low across the backs of her thighs...high across the rear of her thighs... Tori's rear-cheek bucked yet again...

A punctuation line of ruby red dots rising from the stripe...

Jade visibly enjoying himself...the cane smacking across Tori's bottom again...thigh...bottom...thighs...Tori's bottom...Tori's bottom...The recreation vehicle echoing the 18 year old teenager's wilderness unheard screams...
Jade took up the cane again, Low down across Tori's bottom raising a stripe bearing a faint pattern of the slim yellow cane. It had been inflicted a little earlier by a stroke cruelly low on Tori's bottom The imprint was purple-colored and the skin dangerously close to bleeding, but temptingly swollen.

Jade's finger-tip tickled the eighteen year-old school performer knowingly on her raised stripe and Jade leant forward smiling to whisper teasingly in her ear. Her boyfriend Beck also present also smiled.

Tori gasped and struggled and twisted her firm- featured 18 year old teenager's face round. The insolent brown eyes were desperate as she shook clear the level of her fringe of her brown collar-length hair. Not an inch above the light-flesh crease dividing her butt cheeks and thighs with the brown haired glimpse of Tori's vagina between the rear of her legs. The deeper colored welt must have already throbbed very tenderly across the lower fatter swell of her hind cheeks as Jade, her dominatrix wearing a short black leather skirt and vest continued to tickle it teasingly with her finger-tip.

Beck was ordered to tie the girl's brown hair back once more in a collar-length pony-tail, as Tori had often worn in acting class.

While this was being done, the Jade continued to tickle Tori's seat-stripe menacingly, while she whispered in her ear and promising that she would get the cane were she would really feel it.

While she murmured to her, Jade's hand fondled the warm soft-haired folds of Tori's most intimate feminine flesh where there was a peep of it between the rear of her thighs.

She was experienced in dealing with such girls. From this she knew using the cane sadistically, while also masturbating Tori in between the sessions with the cane would heighten her experience.

Jade would reduce her to confusion and self-doubt about her own feelings. Her soft hand fondled the soft swell of the girl's sexual flesh and her finger masturbated Tori's clitoris systematically. She felt her moisten a little, despite her predicament. Having accomplished that, she drew her hands away.
Jade let her feel the cane aiming low across her butt cheeks before the next energetic smack of leather. Though the straps held her excellently, Tori was trying to tighten her knees urgently together, as if this would help to contain the anguish. The slim leather cane-smacked the stripe again. The big-cheeked swell of Tori's backside surged.

She felt the cane across the raised tenderness again. Tori's bottom-cheeks contorting urgently as she shrieked in panic. Another ear-stunning smack of the cane across the lower fatter cheek-flesh of Tori's bottom rang out in the RV.
Tori farted, "Freep"

The dismay in her brown eyes at this was met by open-mouthed smiles from the justices, Jade and Beck present. Wild shrillness and surging, Tori surging bottom-upwards trapped bottoms up in the stocks.

Teasing smiles from Beck and Jade caught the wild dismay in Tori's eyes. Her teen rival was quite the bitch exercising her privilege chastising such a 18 year old teenager trollop.

Jade allowed her fingers to wander between the strapping 18 year old teenager's cheeks of Tori's ass, playing in the darker more humid fragrant valley round the tight rear blow-hole. When dealing with a strongly-built and insolent girl of her type, it was important to let Tori feel her fiddling with her in that place where even boy's had been forbidden.

"Swick" "Thwiick" "Spliick"

"FWIICKKK" as her ass skin was split open and their was a light misty rain of blood.

Jade with a sadistic satisfying smile stopped.

She had promised her on-looking Beck that she would stop whipping Tori's butt as soon as her cheek was bleeding too. Symbolically and in sympathy with Jade's once bleeding cheek.

Tori blubbered and cried.

"Boo Hoo Hoo having trouble catching her breath." Jade put the cane down seeing a dozen blood red lines deeply dug into Tori's baby fat fleshed eighteen year old welted ass meat.

Tori's vindictive teen rival felt the heat radiating of her classmate's red striped bottom.

Tori continued to cry and whimper as Jade explained to the late year teen that she was now under her control as Beck left the RV to let the girls work out their difference between themselves.

Tori knew now that she had no choice but to obey Jade due to her severely caned
ass which stung with molten fire.

Tori knew she was bleeding, decided to try being nice to Jade and hopefully save her agonized caned butt from further punishment.

Tori's brown shoulder length hair did not match the shine of the red blood lined railroad track caned bottom she saw as she looked over her shoulder still locked bent over and spread in the wooden stocks.

Tori was trying to compose herself when she felt her beaten ass cheeks painfully
spread open and with a announcement from Beck

"Look Tori, If You Can't Hold Your Farts in Girl", Jade told her, "this was just the beginning of your punishment and to get used to it!"

Jade wickedly told Tori, "Now that we are alone my sweet Tori, we will just have to plug that rude stink hole for you missy!"

Suddenly without any warning Tori felt an invasion between her still spread red striped cheeks. A two and a half inch wide butt plug painfully moored in her shit, as the widest section of the butt plug was pushed up her protesting butt hole.

She screamed in pain, but the pain lessened as the thinner flange section gained entry in her outraged asshole.

"How do you like that girly?" Jade spouted her jealousy out at a whimpering Tori.

"Remember Tori when I told you to get off my boyfriend?"

Tori with a sad face nodded her long brown hair up and down in acknowledgement to Jade's pointed question.

"Well now your getting off on my wide butt plug up your tight ass!" Jade wickedly said.

"SPANK", with a hard spank across the brutal cane marks Jade announced that
the butt plug was firmly in place.

The female vixen reached over and spanked Tori's pained red striped bottom knowing full well that by tomorrow those red throbbing ruby dripping cane marks would be purple and pulpy to the touch as Jade looked on with a smile of satisfied revenge.

"By the way my little bitch the butt plug you are wearing is preparing you to be rape in her cute little pink asshole by my boyfriend Beck, who will be right back!

End of Part One:

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