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Victorious: Take A Hint Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Tori Vega could get used to this. And more importantly, she wanted too.

Ever since she came to Hollywood Arts she'd had all these confusing thoughts and feelings. In fact she'd been having them before switching schools, but they had become so much stronger to the point where she almost hadn't been able to tell herself they didn't exist ever since she... met her. Jade West. The world's scariest 17-year-old girl... and the best pillow ever.

Tori blushed. She'd been awake for a while now and she hadn't moved. Initially she was going too, when she wasn't quite sure where she was or what was going on, but the memories of the previous evening came back and Tori realise the where, and the what, and the... everything and, she didn't want to move. Tori wanted to stay where she was, listening to Jade's heart steady beating, curled up against her first ever lesbian lover in this gentle embrace. And the fact that her face was pressed up against one of Jade's big boobs... well, it made Tori blush but that definitely wasn't a bad thing. It was... something she wanted to get used too.

For so very long Tori had been afraid of things she had been thinking and feeling and now, she wanted to be brave. She wanted to hold Jade's hand. Like, in public. Walk through school with Jade's hand in hers, and to kiss her and for it to be no big deal because it would happen all the time.

She wanted to tell people. It was scary, so scary Tori could barely breathe just thinking about it, but she wanted to tell everyone. Her friends, teachers, everyone who watched her on, and maybe most importantly of all her parents that she was gay. Or bi, but maybe preferred girls? She could figure that out later, but Tori was definitely a raging lesbian for Jade.

Most of all she wanted to be Jade's girlfriend. For Jade to be her girlfriend. For Jade to be hers. For the two of them to be together.

In her head it seemed so easy. Tori imagined her parents, friends, teachers, and everyone who watched her on being totally supportive, partly because it was hard to imagine they wouldn't be, and partly because she didn't want to imagine they wouldn't be. But there was a problem.

As much as Tori wanted to believe Jade would wake up and tell her that everything she said last night was true and she wanted to be with her, that she loved her, Tori just... couldn't. She was an optimist, not an idiot. Because when it came to Jade West, nothing could be that easy. It just couldn't.

So while waiting for Jade to wake up instead of simply enjoying the world's greatest pillow Tori came up with a plan to make the Goth girl hers. It wasn't a very complicated plan, it might not have even been a very good plan, but it seemed like it was worth trying. And Tori was kind of more than eager to try it.

All of a sudden a soft, barely audible voice murmured, "I'm not gay."

Those words were kind of painful to hear, but Tori had been expecting them. Or something like that. What she hadn't been expecting was for them to sounds so unconvincing. So unsure. So very, un-Jade-like.

After a few seconds Tori let out a deliberately forced giggle, resulting in a far more Jade-like growl of, "What?"

"It's just..." Tori paused, genuinely trying to find the words, "I kept telling myself that, over and over again, and that I didn't like you, that I was straight and... we sang that song, Take A Hint, to those two guys who just couldn't and, well... maybe we're the one's who need to take a hint."

"What the hell are you talking about Vega?" Jade replied, now sounding very much like her old self.

Again Tori paused, then she slowly, and honestly a little reluctantly, lifted her head up, looked Jade in the eye and said, "We had sex. And it was good. Really, really good. You can tell me you're not gay, that you don't like me, whatever, but... you can't tell me it wasn't good. Well, you can, but I dare you to do it convincingly."

Truth be told Jade wasn't sure she could tell Tori that she wasn't gay and she didn't like her convincingly, and there was definitely no chance she could pretend the sex was anything other than mind blowing. But she'd been prepared to tell Tori that she wasn't gay and she didn't like her, and Jade didn't care how convincing she was, or how much Tori cried and yelled at her, she was going to kick this girl out of her house and get on with her life. However... she was kind of curious were Tori was taking this.

Not that Jade told Tori that, "Do you have some kind of point? Or are you just trying to bore me?"

"The point is, maybe we need to take a hint." Tori said, before quickly clarifying as Jade looked increasingly annoyed, "I mean, you've got to admit... we're kind of, sort of, at least a little bit gay for each other. Well, I'm not. I'm totally gay for you. But you have to admit that you're at least a little bit gay for me-"

"I admit nothing." Jade said flatly, before softly gasping as Tori got on top of her.

It was a very slow, gentle movement. Tori didn't even move that far, but it in no way could be described as unnoticeable given that it resulted in Tori's boobs gently pressing against Jade's much larger ones. More importantly Tori's leg came to rest against Jade's sex while her own sex was pressing down against Jade's leg, both girls immediately very aware of the other's arousal.

"Really?" Tori softly murmured as she moved, pausing just to enjoy the feeling of the other girl's wetness before adding in a equally soft tone, "So, you're not even a little bit gay, but you like having sex with me? Or at least you liked it when I used my mouth and tongue on you? Right?"

Jade would have liked to deny it. Told Tori to get off of her. Push the other brunette off of her so hard that Tori would fall off the bed and onto that cute little butt of hers. But Tori was gently moving her leg which was pressed up against Jade's centre which was making her already embarrassingly wet pussy even wetter. Jade was also very aware of Tori's hard nipples pressing into her tits, and embarrassingly vice versa, and just the feeling of the other girl's body on top of her own. Then all of a sudden Tori's lips were lowering down to Jade's neck and covering the sensitive flesh in gentle kisses, that gentle addition making Jade feel like she was literally losing her mind.

A few long moments later Tori whispered in Jade's ear, "You like this, right?"

"Maybe." Jade found herself moaning.

"Well... maybe we could do this more often." Tori murmured, pausing to give Jade's neck a few more kisses before adding, "Like maybe every day."

"I'm not... I don't..." Jade found herself stammering, immediately hating herself and then focusing. She did that by clamping her legs tightly around Tori's now formally moving one and then grabbing hold of Tori's head and forcefully moving it so they were face to face. Then she growled, "I don't like you. I'm not gay. I don't want to be your girlfriend."

Tori gulped softly and then murmured, "I'm not asking you to be."

"Then what are you asking?" Jade questioned.

"I'm... I'm asking..." Tori stammered, taking a breath before forcing herself to be at least mildly confident, "If we could maybe be, you know, f, friends with benefits. Or, maybe acquaintances with benefits, if you prefer."

Jade frowned, looked thoughtful for a moment and then murmured, "You're not that kind of girl."

"Who says?" Tori asked softly. Jade only had to stare at her for a few seconds for her to add, "Ok, maybe I'm not. But maybe I want to be. Maybe I'm willing to try. Maybe... I'm so pathetic I'll take whatever you give me... that, that sounded a lot dirtier than I meant it too, but... the point is, I want you. It scares the chiz out of me, but I do. And if you just want sex, fine. I'll have sex with you whenever you want. Do whatever you want. You don't even have to return the favour if you don't want too, I'll just... you know... do you..."

Despite herself as Tori trailed off and blushed Jade had to admit the other girl looked cute. Or at least part of her mind had too, but she quickly dismissed the thought in favour of weighing the pros and cons of Tori's proposal.

Obviously her initial reaction was to simply say no, but even though she didn't want to admit it out loud last night was amazing. It would be foolish to pass up that kind of sex on a regular basis with no strings attached. But the problem was that there was strings attached.

She could see it in Tori's eyes. The other girl was hoping Jade would fall in love with her, and if she hadn't already there was a risk that was exactly what would happen. Then again it wasn't like Jade would have to tell Tori how she felt. All Jade needed to do was to have some self-restraint when it came to her feelings and she could be having amazing sex every day.

Making up her mind Jade loosened her grip on Tori's leg and head before murmuring without looking at the other brunette, "Ok."

"Ok?" Tori beamed.

"Yeah." Jade mumbled, looking over at the clock before adding, "So... my parents won't be back for days, and we have some time before-"

Quickly cutting Jade off with a kiss Tori started operation 'make sure Jade doesn't regret this', her tongue sliding against the other girl's closed lips in a gentle request to intensify the kiss. Jade's response was to shove her tongue into Tori's mouth and bully Tori's tongue into submission. Not that Tori minded being the submissive one, a thought which sent a pleasant tremble through her body as she and the Goth became totally lost in kissing each other for several long minutes.

After the fourth or fifth time they broke apart for air instead of immediately returning to Jade's lips when she was able Tori kissed the Goth's cheek, then her jaw, then back down to her neck. Tori spent a long time in that area, pausing only to lick and gently nip at Jade's earlobe while she gently began grinding herself against the other girl again. This time Jade grinded back, the two girls literally humping each other like animals. After a while of leg against sex action Tori moved ever so slightly so that their pussies were rubbing against each other, that small change driving them both wild.

Tori could probably make them both cum like that, and it was very tempting, however as much as she wanted an orgasm what Tori wanted even more was for Jade to cum in her mouth. She wanted to bury her face in between Jade's legs and make sure that she got every drop of the other girl's heavenly cum. Tori craved it, just as she craved what she did next, namely slide her lips downwards to Jade's magnificent rack and give those round, full boobs the attention they deserved.

Just the gentle caress of Tori's lips moving over her skin was maddening, but when those lips wrapped around one of her nipples Jade's eyelids fluttered and she let out this embarrassingly loud moan. It only got worse as Tori quickly brought her tongue into the mix, swirling it around each of Jade's nipples, flicking them, just resting against them to create cruel anticipation. And for the most part those lips stayed firmly around one of Jade's nipples, threatening to suck it at any moment, and providing torturous levels of pleasure when they did. And it wasn't long before Tori's hands joined in, one of them gently caressing whichever of Jade's boobs wasn't under attack from Tori's mouth and tongue, the Latina supporting her weight on the other hand as she worked tirelessly on the Goth.

It was ridiculous. Jade had cum last night more times than... well, maybe in her entire life of self pleasure combined. The orgasms had certainly been harder than any she'd received before, as was the pleasure in general. So there was no way she should be so desperate to cum so soon. But, and she loathed even thinking this, Tori Vega just did something to her.

Aside from the obvious things the girl was now physically doing to her Tori just... she got underneath Jade's skin. That was the reason why the pleasure she was now receiving was so torturous, and why she had been so hesitant to accept this agreement. Because maybe, just maybe... no, Tori was a means to an end, a plan which had been executed successfully and while the result was perhaps not what Jade had been hoping for at least she had it. And yet at the same time, on some level, maybe, kind of, sort of, it was exactly the result that deep down Jade had been hoping for.

Not that she been hoping for physical torture, Jade opening her mouth to give Tori a piece of her mind. Or at least she tried too, "L-l-lower! P-p-please Tori... lower..."

Was that really her voice? That soft, whiny, begging tone? Apparently yes as it was all Jade could seemed to let out with Tori's mouth and tongue working over her nipples.

Luckily Tori was quick to obey, sliding her lips to down in between Jade's thighs where she seemed to settle in like she'd gone down on Jade a thousand times instead of just once. Adding to this illusion Tori's tongue slid out and over the lips of Jade's pussy, that tongue moving from her entrance to her clit with every lick. It lingered on Jade's love hole just long enough to make the Goth think Tori would try and enter her, then would switch to coming oh so close to her clit but mostly stopping at the last moment, only occasionally hitting it to make Jade quiver like jelly.

As of last night Jade harboured no more delusions about not being into girls, and what she was feeling right now was making it difficult for her to think of herself as anything except a lesbian. However Jade didn't want to let Tori know that was how she now felt because if the younger Vega sister found out she would never let her forget that it was HER who helped Jade West accept her own sexuality. Of course if she and Tori became sex buddies, or sex acquaintances or whatever, it would be difficult to deny. After all if Jade had managed to convince Tori she was still straight maybe the younger Vega would have never discovered how much she had really helped Jade. Although while Jade hated to admit it, it wasn't a bad trade, just so long as she could avoid becoming too attached to the half Latina.

Suddenly Tori's tongue licked Jade's clit. A long, slow lick which robbed Jade of her ability to think clearly. Considering her inner turmoil it was a welcome robbery, Jade's mind not really being given the chance to return as Tori's tongue began gently lapping her clit, and then swirling around it, and then sucking on it.

Jade's orgasm, which had never seemed that far off ever since Tori had started grinding up against her, suddenly started heading towards her like a massive tidal wave. Jade could feel it coming and she welcomed it. Then, just as it was about to crash over her, Tori moved her mouth and tongue away from Jade's clit, giving the Goth just enough time to growl with rage and disappointment. Then Tori shoved her tongue into Jade's pussy, that soft little thing burrowing past her entrance in deep inside the dark haired girl with the blue streaks. And Jade's orgasm was triggered almost immediately, the Goth arching her back and screaming as she came in Tori's mouth.

Proving that she was still kind of a novice the suddenness of Jade's orgasm caught Tori by surprise. She thought she had been doing well given the amount of girl cream flowing from Jade's womanhood, but she thought it would have taken half a dozen tongue thrusts to make the other girl cum. As it was Jade didn't survive the first thrust, but Tori was already committed to thrusting her tongue in and out of Jade's pussy, something she was unable to stop herself from doing even as the most delicious liquid in the world squirted directly into her mouth and all over her face.

Once she got over her surprise Tori was quick to seal her mouth firmly over Jade's pussy so the other girl's heavenly cum would pretty much flow right down her throat, but it didn't quite make up for missing several drops from the first precious load of girl cum. Not that Tori did much better with Jade's following orgasms, a great deal of the precious liquid ending up covering her face instead of ending up in her stomach where it belonged. On the bright side Tori would hopefully be able to scoop most of it off her face, so hopefully it wouldn't entirely go to waste.

Satisfied with that conclusion Tori concentrated on what was important, namely swallowing Jade's cum and making Jade cum. The latter proved easier than the former, Tori mostly concentrating on fucking Jade with her tongue to make sure her mouth was as close as possible to the Goth's honey hole when she came, although in the interest of giving her tongue a rest and to provide a little variety she occasionally switched to sucking on Jade's clit while slamming a couple of fingers in and out of Jade's fuck hole. Tori even kept up the finger fucking through a couple of climaxes, pausing to clean those fingers after each orgasm before getting back to fucking Jade.

Of course through all of this Tori was going insane with sexual need, but her need to pleasure Jade was greater. Not just because she wanted to make Jade feel good or because she wanted to swallow her cum, although those were both big parts of it, but because she wanted to make sure Jade wouldn't be able to resist doing this again. That Jade would crave this like Tori craved it, and in doing so give Tori the time she needed to convince the stubborn girl they would be good for each other.

So Tori ate Jade's pussy until her mouth and tongue were so sore she could barely feel them, and her own need to cum was literally painful. Then when she could stand it no more Tori moved back, just desperately gasping for breath for a few long seconds before slamming two of her own fingers into the needy hole in between her legs. She began immediately fucking herself, her thumb rubbing her clit as her fingers rapidly thrusted in and out of her pussy. At the same time Tori began scooping Jade's cum and pussy juice off of her face and into her mouth, the Latina greedily sucking the yummy flavour off her fingers before scooping up some more of the heavenly liquid again.

Through this all Tori had become blissfully unaware of her surroundings, completely forgetting there was another girl in the room who was able to see her act this way until all of a sudden she was being grabbed and forced down onto her back. Before she got the chance to open her eyes another pair of lips were crashing against her own, Tori suddenly remembering, and wondering how she could possibly forget about, Jade. Then she was kissing back, her tongue soon fighting for survival as Jade invaded her mouth yet again. And that wasn't all the Goth invaded.

Almost the second she was on her back Tori's hand was being forcefully pushed away from where she needed it the most. She whimpered and tried to resist, but then her pussy was being filled again, this time by something so much better than her own fingers. Jade's fingers. Jade's fingers were inside her, fucking her, making her cum in what seemed like seconds.

In truth the hard fucking Tori was receiving from Jade's fingers was more a case of the straw that broke the camel's back as everything from rubbing her centre against Jade's leg to this point had Tori perhaps more desperate to cum then she'd ever been. However the fact that it was Jade doing it made Tori cum much harder than if it had just been from her own fingers, and because Jade didn't pause for even a second Tori was able to cover those fingers in her cum over, and over, and over again until Tori's mind turned to mush.

Jade's mind wasn't exactly very clear either. Currently she could think coherently enough to scold herself, after all Tori said she didn't need to return the favour and she was so exhausted from all her orgasms all Jade should be doing was resting up so the other girl could fuck her some more. And maybe leave some energy so they could make it to school. However watching Tori finger herself set off a ravenous need inside Jade that she couldn't control, the dark haired girl with the blue streaks honestly feeling like she wasn't in control of her own body as she fucked Tori with her fingers almost viciously.

After making Tori cum a couple of times Jade was filled with a new uncontrollable need, namely to pull her fingers from the other brunette's cunt, bring them up to her lips and then greedily suck the amazing flavour of girl cum from them. Then she was filled with another uncontrollable need, and once she had started fulfilling it Jade again lost her mind, her whole world quickly revolving around the task at hand.

That task was fucking Tori with her tongue, Jade not wasting any time with any type of teasing and instead going right from kissing the other girl to shoving her tongue as deep into Tori's pussy as it would go. She then began fucking Tori with her tongue just as roughly as she had fucked her with her fingers, the only difference being instead of a constant thrusting Jade twirled and curled her tongue inside of Tori's sex, making sure she could attack all of the Latina's sweet spots as she fucked her.

In response to all this Tori screamed, moaned, groaned, whimpered, cried, trembled, arched her back and most importantly of all creamed in Jade's mouth. The Goth's lips were pressed tightly over the other brunette's sex so there was a constant flow of pussy cream pouring into Jade's mouth and down her throat, Tori's cum following the exact same path although there was so much of it a notable amount escaped Jade's lips and covered her face. Jade was too lost in going down on Tori to care, again the sex only ending when Jade's mouth and tongue were so sore she could barely feel them.

When that finally happened the two girls were barely conscious, Jade slowly crawling up and collapsing on top of Tori, the other brunette welcoming her into her arms for a gentle making out session. Then they rested for a little while before having sex again. And then again, and then again, and then again, the two girls spending nearly the entire day in Jade's bed, almost always touching each other in some way, shape or form.


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