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Victorious: Take A Hint Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Rehearsing a play again. I definitely like my moustache. No, I have no idea why.

After posting her message on the slap Tori put down her phone and again tried to concentrate on waiting for her cue. That was what she should have been doing all along while of course going through her lines, but instead she spent most of her time watching Jade and thinking about what the two of them had done over the past couple of days. And the moustache thing, which at least distracted her from Jade for a few seconds before she went right back to obsessing over the Goth.

God, it had never been this bad before... had it? No, with previous boyfriends and crushes she could easily find something to distract her, and in the recent past being about to perform was great for getting her mind off her love life. But now Tori just couldn't stop thinking about Jade, her eyes once again completely focused on the beautiful dark haired girl with the blue streaks, Tori blushing as she found her eyes lingering on a certain area.

"Oh, I just heard your father's car. Now boys, no matter how narcoleptic he is, you pretend you don't notice."

Hearing her cue Tori quickly focused on what she was doing and walked out with a beaming smile, "Nancy... boys... I'm home."

"Hi honey." Jade forced a smile, which wasn't necessarily just a character choice.

"Hey Dad." Andre beamed as his 'father' walked up to them.

"Hey there Dad." Beck half smiled.

Tori didn't think she would ever get used to hearing them say that to her.

"Hi Car-" Tori began before returning to faint, strategically allowing herself to fall onto the nearest comfy chair.

"It's alright boys, it's alright." Jade reassured her 'sons' as she went to check on her 'husband'.

"I'm up, I'm up!" Tori assured as she sat bolt upright and then quickly got up, "So... Tommy, how was school today?"

"I'm Carter." Beck pointed out.

"I'm Tommy." Andre complained.

"Oh what kind of father am I? I'm so damn narcoleptic I can't even tell my twin sons apart!" Tori yells in frustration.

"It's not your fault, they're identical. Look at them." Jade said comfortingly, the two girls pausing as they looked at their two completely different looking sons. Of coarse, that was the joke.

"Oh Nancy, you're so-" Tori began before fainting down onto Jade's chest, pretending to be unconscious for a few wonderful seconds.

"Sweetheart, darling." Jade said, a noticeable edge to her tone, although Tori supposed that even for a 'loving wife' this was understandable.

"Blast off!" Tori exclaimed as Jade helpfully pushed her away.

"No, no, you were saying I'm so, so..." Jade explained.

"Right erm, you're so good. Gentle." Tori said softly before loudly claiming, "How can you love a sleepy loser like me?"

"You're no sleepy loser, you're an astronaut." Jade said with noticeably more softness and even sincerity than during rehearsals on previous days.

Tori smiled and then softly yet firmly said, "I love you."

"I love you..." Jade returned, her words almost sounding like she was asking instead of telling.

"Cut!" Sikowitz yelled, jumping up off his chair and approaching the stage, "Tori, that was much better, but you still seem a little uncomfortable around Jade. And Jade, again better, but you're still treating Tori like a stranger, not someone you're hopelessly in love with."

"Well-" Jade began.

"Remember!" Sikowitz cut her off, "A true actor can convey any emotion and make his or her audience believe it. Even if he or she has to pretend to hate their true love or be madly in love with their immortal enemy, a true actor should not only be able to do it but relish the challenge."

"Well maybe I don't want to be challenged." Jade spat.

"Then maybe someone doesn't want to pass this course." Sikowitz shot back softly but firmly.

Jade opened her mouth to retort but before she could get the word out she was interrupted, this time by Tori, "Maybe me and Jade could go on another date?"

The room fell silent. It hadn't been that noisy before, but there had been a few murmurings and most of the other students in the room had been minding their own business. Now all eyes were on Tori, a fact she was very aware of, although she was far more worried by the look in Jade's eyes than anyone else's.

Of course Tori had only been trying to break the tension, and while she really hadn't meant to phrase it like that quickly added, "I mean, Sikowitz made me and Jade spent some time together in a date like scenario, and, well... he, you said we were better this time. So..."

"Yes! Excellent idea Tori." Sikowitz beamed, "You and Jade can go back to Nozu for another date. I'll even get Burf and Sinjin to watch you again. Ha ha, those two have no lives."

"Can I watch too?" Rex asked in a pervy tone.

"NO!" Jade yelled at Robbie's stupid puppet, making it clear she was looking at the curly haired boy behind the annoying voice. Then she turned her attention to Tori, Jade letting her anger fume as the bell to signify the end of this lesson rang out before she grabbed hold of her bag and Tori's hand and yanked her towards the exit.

"Don't forget to leave your costumes here. Their school property." Sikowitz called out, watching intently as Jade tore off her apron and Tori was able to retrieve her hand just long enough to shake out of her jacket before Jade started pulling her out the door again.

"Hey, my bag!" Tori exclaimed as she tore off her moustache, lightly yelping at the pain of the removal and Jade yanking on her hand, before beginning to lightly protest, "Jade... I'm... I'm sorry. I, I... I didn't mean..."

Tori continued to try and stutter out an apology as she was dragged all the way through the school, the other students barely acknowledging what was happening as they scurried to their next class, all of them knowing better than to question the actions of Jade West.

When the destination became clear Tori wondered why she hadn't figured it out sooner. After all where did Jade always drag her off too? Not that the obvious location calmed her nerves, Tori once again trying to apologise the second Jade slammed the door to the janitor's closet closed behind them.

"Look, Jade, before you start yelling at me-" Tori began.

"Shut up Vega!" Jade spat, stepping closer so she was right in Tori's face, "I'll do whatever I want to you, whenever I want!"

The words hadn't meant to be sexual in nature, but from the look in Tori's eyes that was clearly how they were taken. Jade could work with that.

Smirking wickedly Jade said, "Now, make no mistake, I don't want to spend the whole evening with you in public. It makes fucking you difficult, and increases the amount I have to talk to you, which I hate. So, for making me endure another date with you, you will be punished. But not here and now, because Vega... when I punish you... I want to make sure no one can hear you scream."

Tori gulped softly at the last comment. The way Jade emphasised the words punished and punish was worrying enough, but all of a sudden Tori found herself wishing Jade would just punish her now and get it over with in a place where people could hear her screaming. Of course even know she was afraid of what Jade might do Tori was fairly certain it would be nothing fatal as over the past few days Jade had seemed to become fond of her. At least by Jade standards.

That comforting thought led Tori to think of something else which soon made its way to her lips, "So... so if you're not going to yell at me or anything, why are we here?"

"Why do you think?" Jade asked with another wicked smirk before she took another step forwards, brushed Tori's hair out of the way and pressed her lips to the other girl's neck.

Tori let out a soft moan as Jade's lips began sliding up and down her neck, the half Latina just enjoying it for a few moments before softly murmuring, "Re, really? Ri, right here?"

"Why not?" Jade questioned almost nonchalantly as she continued kissing Tori's neck.

"Well, mmmm, didn't, oh, didn't you just say, ohhhhh, that you weren't going to do anything to me here because people could hear me scream?" Tori struggled to ask, honestly wanting to just shut up and go with it.

"Yes, but I was thinking maybe we could try and be quieter than usual." Jade smirked as she pulled back to look at the other brunette, "Or at least, I was planning too. If you don't think you can handle it-"

"I can handle it." Tori said quickly, wishing she was as sure as she sounded.

"Well then... shut up Vega." Jade said before leaning in to kiss the other girl.

Tori had been told to shut up by Jade a lot but this time she didn't mind. She didn't mind at all. Not when Jade's lips were pressing against her own with gentleness she could have never imagined receiving from the Goth girl before they started being friends with benefits. Of course Tori wanted more which was why she was so excited by the prospect of her second date with Jade, although that excitement would have to wait.

As if she could sense Tori's mind wasn't 100% focused on their kiss Jade pushed the half Latina forcefully back against the wall of the janitor's closet and then shoved her tongue into the other girl's mouth, immediately turning what had been a gentle lip lock into exactly the kind of rough tongue battle Tori would have expected from the scary dark haired girl. Not that was any type of complaint, Tori kissing back just as roughly and even trying to one up Jade by rubbing herself against her lover's body, positioning her thighs to slid in between Jade's legs and rub the other brunette's most sensitive area.

Jade growled almost angrily into Tori's mouth as a result of the Latina's actions, which made Tori immediately brace for retaliation. That retaliation wasn't what she was expecting, Jade suddenly flipping their positions as she was the one pressed against the wall. Before Tori could get over that surprise Jade broke the kiss, pulled her top over her head and then unhooked her bra.

"Me first." Jade said simply once her bra was off, grabbing the back of Tori's head and shoving it downwards in the direction of her chest.

Given the look on Tori's face this was probably unnecessary, but experienced told Jade that the other girl could spend who knows how many long seconds staring at her boobs, and even when she was done Tori might go back to kissing her lips or neck and that wasn't what Jade wanted. No, Jade was desperately horny and needed to get off as soon as possible.

Truthfully after having Tori diving face first into her cleavage a dozen times through rehearsals Jade was pretty much ready to just tear off all her clothes and shove this annoying girl's face directly into her cunt. But Tori was very, very good at worshipping her boobs, and while Jade was super horny she didn't want to rush this too much. Besides, Tori hated it when ever Jade made her skip her boobs. Not that Jade cared of course, it was just... something to consider.

Pushing herself out of her head Jade concentrated on what was happening to her right now. Tori, of course, had been spending the last few moments sucking her right nipple with torturous gentleness. The annoying bitch went ahead and did the same with her left nipple, and then her right again, and then her left again, an extremely horny Jade left unimpressed by Tori's initial work.

This of course led to Jade complaining, "Come on you little dyke, harder! Suck my tits harder! Mmmmm, better, ohhhhh yes, harder, harder... harder! Oh fuck!"

Bad words tended to embarrass Tori even when they weren't directed at her and they were said in passing. So to hear Jade using them on her under these circumstances made her blush. Fortunately Tori had learned that under these circumstances making Jade shut up was incredibly easy. In fact this was probably the only way to do it, a thought which made Tori blush and yet feel excited about the prospect of ending an argument with something like this. Not that Tori would suck Jade's boobs in public... well, not more public than this, but hopefully a kiss would do the trick, and while she was forbidden to do that right now the prospect of kissing Jade in public was very exciting.

Of course right now Tori was mostly focused on making Jade shut up by increasing her suction on the other girl's nipples. Tori also brought her hands into the mix, gently caressing whichever boob she wasn't sucking on while cupping the other into her mouth. Then she began sliding her tongue around Jade's nipples, flicking them and even briefly resting her tongue against them to make the Goth anticipate her next move. And, because she knew how much Jade loved it, Tori even began gently nibbling at those sensitive little bundles of flesh and then quickly licking and sucking them all better.

Just like every other time she had been blessed with the honour of worshipping Jade's magnificent rack Tori became completely lost in this wonderful act. She had no idea if she spent minutes or hours sucking on Jade's boobs. The janitor, or anyone else, could have literally wandered in, snapped a pic and left and Tori wouldn't have noticed. And considering the way Jade was moaning Tori wasn't sure the Goth would have noticed either, which was a thought which made Tori bizarrely proud of herself.

Before she could overanalyse it though Jade pushed down on her head forcefully enough so that Tori was knocked off balance, the half Latina recovering enough mid-fall so that she simply landed on her knees, which Tori was almost 100% sure was Jade's intention. Then Jade surprised Tori by turning around and then pushing down her black skirt and dark tights. As she did this Jade bent over slightly so that she was almost literally sticking her butt in Tori's face, the young lesbian salivating as she found herself getting a up close look at the other girl's most private of areas, although Tori found her gaze drawn to the rounded flesh surrounding it just as much.

"What are you waiting for Vega?" Jade asked, awaking Tori from her thoughts, "Lick me. Lick my pussy. I wanna feel your tongue oooooooohhhhhh Gawwwwd!"

Jade was planning to say a lot more but suddenly it was very difficult to stay quiet as Tori quickly lent forwards and started gently lapping at Jade's sex from behind. Because of the positioning the very first thing Tori's tongue touched was Jade's clit, the Latina probably not realising she was hitting such a sweet spot as she did it for the first half dozen licks. Or she did, in which case Tori might just be a little more sadistic than Jade gave her credit for because it was just pleasurable enough to leave the Goth speechless while being in no way satisfying.

Of course that lack of satisfaction pushed Jade to find her voice again, "Mmmmm more, harder, oh God fuck me. Fuck me with your tongue. Ohhhhh yessss tongue fuck me! Oooooohhhhh yesssss, just like that!"

Immediately doing something a friend asked, that was more like the Tori Vega that Jade West knew and tolerated. Although Jade doubted that it would be the case for what she had planned next. Not that it wasn't tempting to just let Tori tongue fuck her to orgasm, because damn, Jade had missed that tongue.

After spending the better part of two days together, during which they had barely ever left Jade's bed, goody two shoes Tori Vega had insisted on going home to get some sleep so they could both return to Hollywood arts in the morning. Jade deeply resented this and thus had been out to punish Tori before the Latina arranged another date for them, so now Tori was really going to get it. Although after almost a whole 24 hours without Tori's tongue inside her Jade really just wanted to cum in Tori's mouth. It would be so easy. Tori was even spreading her ass cheeks with both hands so that she could get her tongue has deep into Jade as it could go with every thrust. But Jade was determined, Tori needed to pay.

That was why Jade eventually moaned, "Up... mmmmm, move your tongue upwards... more... more... yes there, I want you to lick me there."

Jade smirked as she first felt Tori's tongue moving slightly upwards, then remove itself from her completely. She didn't need to bother to look round to see the horror on Tori's face, she could practically taste it, and it was glorious. This would teach Tori for setting them up on another date. And denying Jade her tongue. And leaving her to sleep alone... not that Jade cared about that, only in the sense that again Tori wasn't around to have sex with which was an offence worth repeating.

Refocusing on the task at hand Jade waited patiently for Tori to protest in an obviously disgusted tone. Or at least she waited several long seconds, then turned her head to see Tori biting her lip as she stared at Jade's ass. Then all of a sudden Tori was leaning forward, sticking out her tongue and sliding it over Jade's butt hole.

This had Jade biting down on her hand to muffle her moans of pleasure, the dark haired girl unable to think clearly as goody two shoes Tori Vega began giving her a rim job.

Jade wasn't the only one having problems thinking clearly as what Tori was doing was just so surreal a kind of felt like an out of body experience. Like she was watching herself do this incredibly perverted thing and could in no way stop herself.

Tori honestly didn't know what had gotten into her. It wasn't like she'd ever imagined doing this. No, really. Sure, she had been deeply in denial about her fantasies to go down on another girl, and to... to use her fingers... and maybe like, a toy, but she definitely never fantasised about licking someone's ass. She'd never even imagined anyone asking. But... now that her tongue was sliding over that tiny little hole... Tori had to admit she kind of liked it.

That revelation made Tori blush, but it was true, Tori's licks only increasing in force and determination until she started trying to literally push her tongue up Jade's butt. Which she was pretty sure was impossible given the softness of her tongue and the tightness of Jade's ass hole, however in the process Tori began moving her head back and forth in a thrusting motion, the young Latina blushing as she realised that technically she was fucking Jade's ass with her tongue.

This didn't go unnoticed by Jade, "Oh God Tori, yes fuck me! Fuck my ass! Lick and fuck my ass with your tongue oh fuck!"

Wanting to stop Jade from calling out Tori finally let go of the darker haired girl's butt cheeks and shoved two fingers into Jade's extremely wet and welcoming pussy, Tori now technically fucking both of the other girl's holes. Although even after she pressed her face as deep as it would go in between Jade's ass cheeks and put as much pressure as she could on the little hole between them Tori couldn't actually get her tongue inside it. So the lust crazed Latina suddenly removed her fingers from Jade's cunt after giving it only about half a dozen thrusts, and then pushed her now extremely wet index finger into Jade's ass hole.

As if she had suddenly come to her senses Tori's eyes bugged out and her mouth fell open and she just stared at where her finger was now buried, the half Latina unable to believe what she had just done. Or how wonderfully tight Jade's ass felt on her finger. Or how much she liked it.

This time Jade was only making incoherent noises as she bit down onto her hand, those noises becoming even louder as Tori began to slowly pump her finger in and out of the Goth's back hole. Ever so slowly Tori increased the pace, sliding her lips over Jade's ass cheeks as she did so. Then all of a sudden Tori was shoving two fingers from her other hand into Jade's sex and the Goth girl was cumming.

Jade's body shook and stars flew past her eyes as she desperately tried to keep herself quiet, the frantic girl leaving bite marks all over her arms as for the first time in her life she was finger fucked in both her pussy and ass hole. She quickly came again as Tori ducked her head down and twisted it around so that she could get to the other girl's clit, Jade's eyes rolling in the back of her head as the other brunette's tongue roughly slid over that little bundle of flesh for a few long moments, then Tori took it into her mouth so she could suck on it. That was when Jade's legs gave out, the dark haired girl barely keeping her balance as she landed on her knees.

Because of this Tori fell backwards, a sadistic smile crossing Jade's face as she heard a thud and a loud, "OWWWW!"

The floor was hard and unforgiving, however considering the angle she had been at Tori didn't fall that far or with that much force so Jade was pretty sure there was no serious damage done. There might not even be a bump on the back of Tori's head. However for a brief moment Jade couldn't help contemplate the vision of leaving an unconscious Tori in the janitor's closet with a face covered in girl cum and pussy juice. Then to her surprise she felt Tori's fingers starting to move inside her again, Jade soon having to desperately tried to keep herself quiet as the other girl began fucking her again.

It put a strain on her neck but Tori lifted her up so she could lick Jade's clit again, the young Latina relentlessly finger fucking the Goth girl's pussy and ass until she was again cumming. At that moment Tori removed her finger from Jade's cunt and placed her mouth over that cum leaking hole, allowing the sweet liquid to pour pretty much directly down her throat. With her now free hand she gripped onto Jade's ass cheeks while still pumping the finger on the other hand in and out of Jade's ass hole, Tori drinking down as much of the other brunette's cum as possible and then shoving her tongue inside her friend's pussy and begin fucking it.

As this was happening Jade slowly lowered herself downwards until she was literally sitting on Tori's face, the Latina feeling like she had died and gone to heaven as she was lost in pure Jade. Her entire world was Jade. All she could smell, all she could taste, all she could see, everything was all Jade and it was glorious.

Neither girl was sure how long they stayed like that, but it had to be for most of the current lesson considering just how many times Jade came in Tori's mouth and all over the other girl's face.

Finally when Jade was pretty sure if she came one more time she would pass out the Goth lifted herself up and off of Tori. Tori was reluctant to let her go but Jade was persistent, pushing the other brunette back down while reaching around to grab onto Tori's arm and pull it backwards, forcing Tori's finger out of Jade's butt hole. Jade then staggered around picking up her clothes and slowly putting them back on as Tori lay in a panting heap.

"Wait, aren't you... you know?" Tori panted, finally finding her voice just as Jade finished redressing.

Smirking down at the other brunette Jade said, "You know how I said I wasn't going to punish you yet? I lied. I'm going to punish you now, and later. Let's see if you can figure out how I'm going to punish you now."

With that Jade left the room, leaving Tori high and dry. Well, technically it was very much the opposite of that, but Tori was pretty sure that was the right term for it, even though her mind was pretty delirious.

Luckily all that time worshipping Jade's body with her mouth and tongue had gotten Tori literally to the edge of cumming herself, the Latina only having to shove two fingers into her own pussy and give herself a couple of thrusts before she came. Not as hard as when Jade had used her fingers or tongue on her but it was still fairly satisfying.

Then, still amazingly horny, Tori stared at her surprisingly clean looking finger which had been inside Jade's butt, the Latina curiously taking that finger into her mouth and sucking off the taste of Jade's ass. Between that, scooping Jade's cum off her face and into her mouth, and continuously fingering herself Tori came two more times before the bell finally went at which point the young Latina quickly composed herself and headed off to her next class in which she would mostly think about her date with Jade and what would come of it.


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