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Additional Credit: Story requested by reikorikku as part of the DSE (Story)
Victim Exchange Program

Description: A misunderstanding leaves lizard-like henchman Hulk Davidson
thinking sexy blonde Slyvia is for dinner!

Content Codes: MF, snuff, vore, big-cock, pain, rape.

Viewtiful Joe: Hulk Davidson Has Sylvia For Dinner
by JD ([email protected])

Sylvia hadn't stopped screaming since being pulled into the movieworld. Her
lungs and throat were hurting from the effort. It was really getting on the
villains' nerves although as he brought her into Hulk Davidson's residence
the singing within almost drowned her out.

She looked at him as he paused in the doorway, and then screamed again. He
kicked out viciously, hitting her hard in the stomach and sending her
sprawling to the floor.

The petite blonde clutched at her stomach and gasped, trying to draw air
after the hard kick succeeded in winding her. The villain noted the edge of
her eyes as he drew in a mighty breath and shouted,

"Davidson, you Cretin! Stop that singing and come get this girl! I'm going to
lock her in with you now. With her captured I'll be the winner!"

The villain, who knew the value of keeping keys to his minions lairs, then
locked the door and left on urgent business. He knew the layout and that
Sylvia wouldn't be able to flee through any other exit without Hulk seeing
her. He knew Hulk could guard her well until he had a chance to put her in a
proper cell; unfortunately, Hulk had mis-heard the shouted commands over his

Instead of winner, he thought his boss had brought him dinner.

Sylvia started sobbing as she pulled herself up to her feet. `I was sure
wrong thinking that date couldn't get any worse,' she thought, as she
adjusted her glasses and looked around the room.

She was in a garage, filled with motorcycles. There was a closed wide street-
door at the end and she quickly found the way she'd come in had been locked
too. Everything seemed to be built on a much bigger scale than she was used
to. The doors alone allowed for someone eight or nine feet tall to walk

And walk through Hulk Davidson did. Sylvia looked up. And up. At two inches
less than eight feet tall Hulk was two and a half feet taller than the petite
blonde. At over a tonne in weight he was many, many times heavier. When the
big green bastard caught sight of the cowering woman, it was like all his
holiday meals came at once.

"The boss must fucking love me, sending you for dinner!"

Sylvia backed against the door; her legs shook like jelly. She lost control
of her bladder out of sheer terror, and a wet patch quickly spread at the
crotch of her aqua-coloured miniskirt. A seemingly unending stream of movie-
soda fuelled piss soaked through her panties and formed a large steaming
puddle on the floor.

Hulk weaved through his motorcycle collection, chuckling happily. He smiled,
showing his large pointed teeth and then licked his tongue around his green
lips. As he got within a few feet Sylvia caught the full animal stench of
him; musk mixed with sweat, beer and motor oil.

She couldn't think properly; she was totally overwhelmed with horror, like a
rabbit in the headlights. A thin wail emerged from her lips, increasing in
pitch as she saw the cock emerging from a sheath at the monsters crotch.

Hulk noticed it too; the scent of the female's terror was deeply arousing. It
grew stronger as his big dark green erection emerged, lengthened, thickened,
stiffened; pointed at the end with a hole oozing precum. It was soon thicker
than both of Sylvia's. no, both of Joe's arms held together.

"Gonna work up an appetite!" he told her happily, gripping the wailing girl's
throat and pushing her high up the door. Rivets tore painfully into her pack,
ripping open the back of her aqua-coloured jacket and drawing blood. Hulk
slashed down her front with his other clawed hand, scoring deep trails into
each perky breast and down Sylvia's stomach.

The pain was a lot worse than in Sylvia's back; if Hulk wasn't choking her
severely she would have screamed like a banshee. Instead, with face turning
puple, eyes bugging out behind her glasses, the petite blonde could only bat
uselessly at the mighty green arm. She hoped he would choke her unconscious
before. before hurting her more.

She felt something poking between her legs; Hulk's massive cock. She tried
pleading with her eyes; Hulk was too busy trying to aim under her miniskirt.
He put his free hand - still dripping blood - onto her fluttering belly, and
then pulled down hard.

The agony was indescribable to Sylvia. When he loosened his grip on her
throat to secure both hands on the girl's waist, she was in such pain she
could barely whisper. Blood ran down the thick green shaft; Hulk pulled twice
as hard, managing to draw a cry from his shaking meal. He dislocated her legs
and annihilated her cervix in one brutal thrust. The crotch of the girl's
underclothes was shredded deep inside her.

Sylvia had her hands against the obscene bulge in her stomach. She wanted to
push herself off. She needed to purge the agony from her loins. Her small
hands kept slipping in the blood that flowed freely from the claw gashes in
her chest.

The could both feel the head of Hulk's pointed cock against the roof of
Sylvia's womb. It was a source of pleasure for hulk, relatively minor pain
for Sylvia. They could also both see that Hulk had a lot more blood drenched
cock outside of Sylvia's obscenely stretched & tearing labia.

Hulk paused, and span around, taking an air guitar pose. Sylvia was supported
only by the cock buried inside her; each movement tore her cunt up further.
The petite blonde was shaken like a ragdoll as the beast performed his theme
song to air guitar accompaniment.

He ended by leaning down and tearing off her right breast with his big teeth.
They cut through her flesh easily, and Sylvia looked up to see Hulk hold the
succulent meat on his tongue before swallowing it whole.

"Appetizer," he burped, licking rich blood from around his maw.

Then he impaled her utterly; in one swift movement the pointed head of his
thick cock tore through the barrier of Sylvia's womb, destroyed or pushed
aside intestine, drilled straight through her diaphragm and finished next to
her heart.

Blood poured from her destroyed cunt now; Sylvia coughed, spraying rich blood
from her mouth. Hulk's eyes were closed. Slyvia's tight internals were so
good, but the best was the fast beating heart against the sensitive end of
his prick.

The sensation was as indescribably pleasurable to him as the agony of Sylva's
fatal impalement was to her. She prayed desperately for death, for shock, for
anything. But this was movieland. Female protagonists would take severe
damage and only rarely ever went into shock.

Hulk moved her around on his cock, forcing the pointed head directly into her
heart. He closed his whole mouth over her head. The foetid smell of his
breath washed over her. He bit down as he came, tearing her mind from her
body as he filled her lungs with thick spunk.

Sylvia finally lost consciousness as Hulk began to chew. He crunched mightily
into her skull, lapping down her brains with his tongue. An unfamiliar
sensation caused him to spit her glasses half way across the room, where they
shattered on the floor.

Hulk tore hungrily into the rest of Sylvia's corpse; bones, muscle, blood,
viscera, entire legs and arms - he ate everything, marinated in his own semen
and richly flavoured by Syliva's agonised death terror. He ate her genitals
last, peeling her womb from his still hard shaft and swallowing it hole, then
the remains of her vagina and the sweet internal clitoral flesh he'd left to
the end.

He sighed as he licked blood from his fingers; good food, great bikes and a
fantastic boss. Shit ruled!


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