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Virtua Fighter: Love And Revenge (MF,FF,inter,viol)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

"Give me one good reason I should help you? There's no way in hell I'm gonna
do this to Vanessa," Jacky scowled at the synthetic being that was Dural.

"Don't then, but let me tell you something. Vanessa's the best fighter to
come along in awhile. And although she's not ready to fight me yet, she's
well on her way to reaching the top of the kumite, and there's no way in hell
you'll ever be able to beat her and you know it. I don't like Vanessa at
all, but there's nothing I can do about it until she ranks high enough to
fight me. Besides we both know that you're only with her for the sex."

Jacky shot another nasty glare at Dural.

"I don't know why you're so angry with me for, it's the truth," Dural said

"Before I agree what's in it for me?" Jacky replied.

"I will teach you everything you'll ever need to know to defeat any fighter.
Their weaknesses, they're fighting habits, what's going on in their personal
lives if you so desire to destroy it. In essence you will know everything
you need to know to beat anyone, excluding me of course. That you'll have to
figure out on your own."

"If you're this eager to screw Vanessa over how do I know you won't do the
same with me?"

"Honor among thieves Jacky. And if nothing else," Dural said as moved next
to Jacky and felt up his crotch through his pants.

"As much as I would love to stay for this," Jacky said as he felt his dick
erect, "there's just something odd having a metallic robot jack me off in an
abandoned warehouse."

"You underestimate me Jacky. I'm a synthetic being capable of taking any
form I want to and partaking in the same pleasures as you," Dural said as she
cycle through various forms including Vanessa, Sarah, and Aoi before stopping
on a humanoid version of herself that was anatomically the same as a normal

"Perhaps I have underestimated you," Jacky said impressed.

"Everyone does, it's not like I show this to everyone. As for our current
surroundings perhaps this would be better suited," Dural smiled as their
environment changed from a warehouse to that of Jacky's hotel room. "This
warehouse creates the perfect place for a virtual environment."

"Shit, everything feels real too," Jacky said in amazement as he touched both
the bed and table.

"Glad to see you like it. So are you in or not?"

"You do pose an interesting proposition," Jacky responded still looking

"Since your so willingly to screw people over you 'love' I'll throw the
virtual environment in along with helping you beat any fighter."

"You've got a deal. By this afternoon Vanessa will be too distraught to
continue fighting in this kumite," Jacky said with a grin. "As for now, I
must bid you goodbye and get things rolling." With that Jacky left the
virtual environment and headed for the hotel Aoi was staying at.

"You humans are so easy to manipulate," Dural said with an evil smile as the
virtual environment changed back to the warehouse housing it.

"I know," Aoi said seemingly stepping out from the shadows. "That's why
you're number one and undefeated."

"You're an exceptional find Aoi," Dural said still in her humanoid form as
she kissed her on the lips. "Perhaps one day you and Vanessa would have met
and it would have been a great match, but I'll take one of your petty human
stances and say that I just don't like her. Jacky will be expecting you to
be at the hotel. Meet him there and do as planned and you shall be richly

"Yes Dural," Aoi said before stepping back into the shadows and disappearing.

* * *

Jacky pulled up to his hotel grinning. Dawn was just starting to break and
he knew that soon Vanessa would be getting up. He'd sweet-talk Aoi and then
call Vanessa as he and Aoi were fixing to make love. She'd come over, catch
them, get distraught, and drop out. He had Vanessa right where he wanted
her. Nothing could go wrong Jacky thought.

As he got out of his car, Jacky saw Aoi walking through the parking lot.
Apparently she didn't see the car heading her way as she started to step out
in front it.

"Aoi! Watch out!" Jacky yelled as he ran and dove pulling Aoi out of the
way of the oncoming car in the nick of time.

"I'm.. I'm.. Wow.. Thank you Jacky," Aoi said in appreciation. "You saved
my life."

"No problem. Only trying to be a good samariton. Are you ok?"

"Yes I am. Thanks. Listen I know we've only seen each other briefly in the
kumites we've competed in and I hope I'm not being too straightforward, but I
was fixing to go out and get some breakfast. We could go to your room and
order room service instead. I mean if that's ok with you?"

"My first match isn't until this afternoon. I'd love to get something to eat
with you."

"Great," Aoi said smiling, "your company will be greatly appreciated."

"As will yours," Jacky thought. "This is going to be far easier than I could
have hoped for."

* * *

"You mind if I clean up a bit," Aoi said as the two of them walked into
Jacky's room.

"Sure thing. I've got to make a quick phone call myself."

"Alright then Jacky, I'll be back in a minute."

As Aoi shut the bathroom door behind her, she pulled a cell phone from her
pocket and pushed several buttons.

"Good news. Things are going better than planned. Results will be achieved

As Aoi spoke into her phone, Jacky was on the phone himself.

"No problem Vanessa. I'll be in my hotel room for a while."

As Jacky hung up the phone Aoi stood in the bathroom door.

"Everything ok Jacky?" she asked seductively.

"Yeah everything's fine Ao--"

Jacky stopped before finishing his sentence. Still standing in the doorway
Aoi was only wearing the hotel's complimentary bathrobe, which she left open.

"Something wrong Jacky?"

"No-- no nothing's wrong. Just a bit surprised I guess."

"Oh? Why's that?" Aoi said as reached up and ran her hands through her hair.
Her robe shuffled a bit a moved exposing her perky breasts and her bush.

"Uh well.. because.. Don't take this the wrong way, but damn you look good

"I look even better without this," she said as she walked towards Jacky
dropping her robe.

"That you do," Jacky said as he kissed her lips and reached behind and
grabbed her butt.

"Get on the bed, you'll be more comfortable there," Aoi said as she squeezed
Jacky's cock through his pants.

Jacky did as he was told and followed up by quickly removing his pants and

"Excellent. A man who doesn't have to be told what to do."

Aoi got on her knees and with his dick in her face she began to rub the shaft
up and down as she licked at his balls.

"Ah yes that's nice..." Jacky began to moan as Aoi licked the shaft of his
prick up and down before taking it in her mouth.

Aoi then reached up with her hand and made a gesture to push Jacky back to
which he obliged.

"You know Jacky with such a big cock, Vanessa's tiny little anus must have
nice and tight," Aoi said as before taking his dick in her mouth again.

"Oh god Aoi... That feels good..." Jacky moaned as she continued to suck on
his dick and tickle it with her tongue. "Vanessa's ass was very nice and
tight... The way I like them..."

Aoi then climbed onto the bed and got on all fours.

"Mine's tighter, but first..." She whispered to Jacky indicating her snatch.

"This isn't too bad either..." Jacky replied as he grabbed hold of Aoi's hips
and slowly slid his member inside of her.

"That's nice and feels good, now it harder..." Aoi encouraged Jacky as his
member started to penetrate her pussy in and out.

"God Aoi your pussy's nice and tight..." Jacky groaned as his cock started
to split her wider and deeper.

"OH JACKY! Harder!"

Jacky was doing the best he could as he put everything into each every thrust
and his balls were now banging against Aoi's ass.

"Oh God Jacky!"

"Oh fuck you're tight! I'm fixing to cum!" Jacky yelled in pleasure as his
dick was now splitting Aoi's vaginal walls widely.

"Oh Jacky you can't cum yet. You haven't fucked her ass yet."

"Shit!" Jacky yelled feigning surprise at being caught as he pulled out and
turned around to face Vanessa.

"What're you doing here?" Jacky pretended to stammer.

"Oh don't act so surprise. Why not have a threesome?" Vanessa asked as she
got on her knees in front of him and started to lick Jacky's still erect

"Ah... Are you su---" Jacky stopped in mid-sentence as his member erupted
shooting cum into Vanessa's mouth. When he finished cumming Vanessa licked
her lips, swallowed, stood up.

Jacky bounce off the bed and onto the floor unconscious after Vanessa
connected with a roundhouse to his head.

"Not so fast bitch!" Vanessa yelled as she caught glimpse of Aoi trying to
sneak out of the room. "I'm going to let you go this time, but only because
I want you to deliver a message to Dural. Tell her that soon enough we'll
meet and when we do I'll beat her ass into the ground."

"You overestimate your abilities Vanessa," Aoi said scowling. "You don't
stand a chance against Dural."

With those final words Aoi was gone and heading back to report to Dural
Vanessa assumed. Vanessa then went over to Jacky and started to slap and
shake him until he regained consciousness.

"What do you want?" Jacky asked groggily.

"Look, I'm sorry I over-reacted. I know that Dural can be very manipulative
and that it wasn't your fault."

"You sure? So everything's cool between us?" Jacky asked in amazement at
how it easy it was looking to be to fix things with Vanessa. "Where's Aoi?"

"I scared her off. Hey look, I've got somethings to do before my match so
I'm gonna go. You should come see me whoop up on Sarah's ass."

"Sure thing," Jacky said now sitting up.

"Good, see you then."

Vanessa left the room and Jacky was now alone. Vanessa was still going to
enter the kumite so his deal with Dural was off, but Jacky wasn't too
worried. If nothing else he still had Vanessa. Or so he thought...

* * *

"So I was right? Just as I thought. My brother is too predictable and
stupid," Sarah Bryant said as she and Vanessa talked over breakfast at a
local diner.

"That's true and I know you don't want to hear this, but he's got a pretty
big cock so he's wasn't completely useless," Vanessa replied.

"Yeah well he's always been a shit fighter so I'm not surprised he'd jump on
an opportunity such as that. I'm rather curious what Dural is up to though."

"You did warn me of Jacky's dealings so I'm sure you can figure that out too.
I'm wondering though why you warned me. Jacky said he saw you in the crowd
at my fight with Jeffry and that you only scout other fighters like that when
you're worried."

"That's what I lead him to believe. Actually I only scout the good fighters.
As for helping you... I guess you could say I owed Jacky a return favor.
It's a long story so don't ask please."

Vanessa thought for a moment before speaking.

"Jacky thinks I blame Dural for all of this so he'll be at our match later
today, but it seems I now owe him a 'favor'. Regardless of which of us wins
the match, I was going to take him out to dinner and watch some movies."

"And what about returning the 'favor'?" Sarah asked.

"Perhaps a home video of his girlfriend and a colleague of hers..." Vanessa
whispered as she leaned across the table and kissed Sarah on the lips.

Sarah kissed back momentarily before pulling away.

"Normally Vanessa I don't swing this way with females."

"Nor do I," Vanessa responded.

"But I think maybe I'll make an exception in this case, just to utterly fuck
with him and see how he reacts."

"Good to hear you're aboard Sarah. Our match isn't for three hours so let's
met back at my hotel room in ten, and get the movie made."

"Doesn't someone need to pick up a camera?

"I was pretty sure you would come along so I rented one before I called you.
It's sitting and waiting to go."

"Excellent. Now Jacky can final go fuck himself for all the stupid shit he's
done," Sarah said with a glee.

* * *

As the tripod mounted video camera hummed to life Vanessa and Sarah rolled
around naked in bed playing with each other.

"Mmmm... I see what Jacky liked so much about you," Sarah said as she kissed
Vanessa on the lips.

"I thought you said you didn't swing this way," Vanessa said as she returned
the kiss and began rubbing Sarah's clit.

"Oooooh... I don't but in this case..." Sarah moaned as Vanessa climbed on
top of her in a 69 position.

Sarah spread Vanessa's pussy apart and started to lick her insides and eat
her out.

"Niiiice..." Vanessa moaned as she felt Sarah eat away at her snatch.
Vanessa then began to rub Sarah's clit and slipped two fingers inside her

"Oh God Vanessa... that's feels good..." Sarah moaned as she felt Vanessa's
fingers continue to slide in and out of her. She then began to follow
Vanessa's example, as Sarah slid two fingers inside Vanessa's pussy.

"Harder Sarah! Oh god!" Vanessa screamed as Sarah's fingers continued to
dive deeper and stretch her wider. Vanessa also continued finger Sarah

"I'm trying Vanessa, I'm trying..." Sarah panted. "Oh god I'm cumming."

As Sarah finished her sentence her body start to shake with climax every
muscle spasming in ecstasy. As her juices started to flow they quickly
covered Vanessa's fingers. Vanessa began to lick the fluids from Sarah's
body and off her own fingers before starting her own orgasm.

"Oh god Sarah!" Vanessa moaned. With Sarah's fingers now removed Vanessa's
cum spit out onto Sarah's face.

"Geez Vanessa, you didn't say you were a squirter," Sarah grinned as she
wiped up Vanessa's juices with her fingers and licked them clean.

"You seem to be doing alright cleaning up," Vanessa said as she turned around
and kissed Sarah before plopping down on the bed next to her. "You think
Jacky will appreciate the video?"

"You're an evil woman Vanessa," Sarah laughed.

"You're not so innocent yourself hon."

Sarah and Vanessa embraced and kissed once more before getting out of bed and
shutting off the camera.

* * *

Later that day the match between Vanessa and Sarah took place with Sarah
barely winning in five sets. Now the best of friends, neither Vanessa nor
Sarah harbored any ill will towards each other. As Vanessa gathered up her
things and prepared to go back to her room Jacky appeared.

"Bummer you lost Vanessa."

"Yeah well you can't win them all. Besides Sarah's a better fighter than you
give her credit for. Anyways, care to join me back at my room? I was going
to order some room service and watch a movie or two?"

"Anything I'll like?"

"I'm sure there is," Vanessa said with an evil grin as the two of them headed
back toward their cars.


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