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work, but enjoy.

Virtua Fighter: Vanessa's Training (MF,inter,viol)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

Vanessa Lewis' 2nd Dan qualifying match against Jeffry McWild in the kumite
had started off in a sloppy manner. One of her kicks missed wildly and the
momentum carried her out of the ring. In the second round Jeffry scored a
stunningly fast k.o. and was quickly up two wins to nothing. Refusing to
lose in such an embarrassing manner Vanessa fought her way back and had tied
the match at two wins apiece.

Sarah Bryant had been watching been from the crowd as it first looked to be
a quick exit for Vanessa. Looking to reach 3rd Dan Sarah had already scored
consecutive victories over four 2nd Dan fighters and was scheduled to fight
Vanessa the next Day. If Vanessa won her match she would reach 2nd Dan and
Sarah could then reach 3rd Dan by defeating her, so Sarah found herself
quietly rooting for Vanessa.

The fifth and final round proved to be the most intensive. Kicks and punches
were thrown, blocks were made, and neither fighter had a real edge over the
other. Both fighters continued to circle the ring eyeing each other and
throwing the occasional jab. As time for the round neared ten seconds left
Jeffry reached for Vanessa, but she blocked his throw and in turned countered
with her own throw and he landed with a thud on his back not six or seven
feet away from her. Vanessa quickly jumped in the air and landed with a hard
boot to Jeffry's chest knocking him out for the victory.

"Excellent," Sarah thought as Vanessa's hand was raised in victory and she
was promoted to 2nd Dan. Sarah disappeared as the buzz from the crowd
started to die down.

Still kicking herself for her slopping fighting that day as she gathered her
things, Vanessa failed to notice the thirty-something-blond man standing

"Nice victory," the man said.

Vanessa looked up and recognized the man as Jacky Bryant.

"Hey Jacky. I got sloppy and almost lost. You know that."

"Probably so, but you still won and now you're 2nd Dan."

"Yeah and tomorrow Sarah's gonna try to kick my ass to reach 3rd Dan."

"I wouldn't worry too much about it though. I saw her in the crowd scouting
you and she only does that when she's unsure of herself."

"Oh no don't misunderstand. I said she would try."

"That's cool, that's cool. Whatcha doing tonight?"

"Probably go back to my hotel room, take a shower, and get something to eat.
After that I'll look at some tape of Sarah's fights for this kumite and then
go to bed."

"How about I take you out for dinner?" Jacky asked.

"The last time we had dinner together you ended up staying for breakfast,"
Vanessa replied.

"Well maybe I can stay for breakfast again."

"As much as I love your company, I've got a match tomorrow and I can't get

"As I recall, the last time you ate my super powered breakfast you won your
match in record time," Jacky said grinning widely.

"Oh alright you win, but only dinner this time," Vanessa said smiling back
before kissing him lightly on the cheek.

"I still want to take a shower so meet me at my room in an hour," Vanessa
said as she got into her car, shut the door then rolled the window down.
"Room 305 at the Hyatt."

* * *

Vanessa ran her hands through her hair sopping it full with shampoo. After
a few minutes of washing she stuck her head back under the showerhead and
proceeded to wash it out. As she did so she heard the room's door click shut
and she stood still a moment to access the situation. She then stepped out
of the still running shower, wrapped a towel around her, and listened
intently to the footsteps of the person now walking around her hotel room.
The intruder stopped for a moment, then started up again heading for the
bathroom door. The person then stopped in front of the door for a second.

"Here's my chance," Vanessa thought as she heard the intruder fumble around
with something.

Without a second thought she flung the door open and attacked with a dropkick
to the chest. The uninvited person flew a foot or two backwards before
smashing into the wall and dropping to the floor.

Vanessa was about to strike the intruder again when she recognized the man.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry Jacky!" She apologized as she kissed him on the
forehead and then helped him up.

"I'm not," he said as he rubbed his chest smiling. "The towel rolled up and
I got to revel in your magnificence."

"Yes and I got to kick your ass again."

"No you didn't. You just caught me off guard. What did you hit me for

"Well you broke into my room and didn't bother telling me it was you."

"I didn't break in. I used a key," Jacky said showing it to her. "And you
knocked most of the dinner on the floor."

Vanessa looked down at the floor and saw that most of the containers were
open and their contents on the floor. There were two containers of fried
rice still closed. Vanessa picked them up and set them on a nearby dresser.

"What'd you buy so much food for and how'd you get a key?"

"For breakfast of course and I told the guy at register downstairs I was your
fiance," Jacky replied.

"Right..." Vanessa said as she pushed past Jacky and then started to get some
clothes from her suitcase.

"Damn Vanessa. You look as good as ever," Jacky gawked as Vanessa dropped
her towel and started to dress.

"You've seen me naked before Jacky," Vanessa said as she finished dressing.

"I know, but you look so damn good everytime I see you."

"It's called keeping in shape, and leftover Chinese food is not a good
breakfast," Vanessa said as she picked up one of the buckets of rice and
started eating it.

Jacky picked up the other carton and started to munch on it.

"Of course it does. Obviously you've never had left over Chinese with
ketchup for breakfast," Jacky said in-between forkfuls of rice.

"Just give me some soy sauce thank you," Vanessa said as she finished up her
carton and threw it in the trashcan. Jacky soon finished his carton and
threw it away as well.

"Really doesn't matter what you like since the rest of our food's on the
floor." Jacky looked at the mess on the floor then back at Vanessa. "I'm
still a bit hungry. You?"

"Yeah a bit. Why don't you go get something else, and I'll clean up here
while you're gone?"

"Sure thing, just don't attack me when I get back," Jacky said as he opened
the room's door and stepped into the hall.

"Just bring back something decent and maybe I'll attack you in bed," Vanessa
said smiling.

"What?" Jacky asked doing a double take.

"Nothing," Vanessa said with an evil grin on her face as she shut the door.

"I'll be back soon then," Jacky yelled through the door.

"Ok, just hurry up and maybe we'll have breakfast tomorrow."

"Alright," Jacky said as he turned and headed for the elevator. "Alright."

Jacky was now grinning widely and feeling his cock stiffen.

* * *

With his hands full Jacky fumbled a bit with the keys before getting the room
door open. The mess was now gone, but so was Vanessa. As Jacky set the bags
down on the room's dresser he noticed that tv was now on. The fact it was on
wasn't as strange as what was on the screen. Playing was a porno with a
well-hung man having anal sex with a small woman. With the porno and the
erection that was trying to poke through his pants Jacky didn't think to
check the bathroom for Vanessa. As the movie continued to play he became
engrossed with a fantasy of his as the woman on tv was now Vanessa and the
man sliding his cock into her anus was him.

Hiding in the unchecked bathroom was indeed Vanessa who was now smiling
rubbing her clit as she watched Jacky unzip his pants, lay back on the bed,
and start to jerk himself off.

"Hey Jacky, mind if I join in?" Vanessa asked from the bathroom doorway
wearing nothing but a white cotton bathrobe that was open leaving her bush

"Oh shit!" Jacky said in surprise as he tried to quickly pull his pants back

"No, no, no. Don't worry about getting dressed right now," Vanessa said as
she dropped her robe to the floor and walked towards Jacky.

"Niiiiiiiiice!" was all Jacky could get out as a big grin crossed his face
and he hurriedly undressed. "So what changed your mind?"

"Nothing really. You're here and I'm here, and seeing how the kumite has
been grueling for the both of us I thought 'Why not?'"

"You know you're absolutely gorgeous," Jacky said right before he planted his
lips on Vanessa's and kissed her.

"Mmmm...." Vanessa moaned before she pushed him back onto the bed. "Meet
first," Vanessa said as she got down on her knees in front of the bed and
began running her hands up and down the shaft of Jacky's dick.

"You know I love you Vanessa..."

"I know you do Hon," Vanessa cooed as she continued to jack him off. "Now
let me get situated," she said as climbed on top of Jacky and turned herself
around so that her snatch was now above his face.

"Oh god..." Jacky moaned as Vanessa's mouth wrapped around his prick. He
soon returned the favor as he rubbed her clit then proceeded to spread the
lips open and lick her insides.

"Oh Vanessa..." Jacky groaned as he felt her pace quicken and started to
thrust his cock deeper into her mouth. As she continued to go down on him,
Jacky inserted two fingers into Vanessa's cunt and proceeded to move them
in and out.

As Jacky's fingers continued to thrust in and out of her privates, Vanessa
started to grind herself down on them. As Vanessa started grinding, Jacky
continued to fuck her mouth until he could hold himself no more and started
to shoot his cum down her throat.

"Damn you've got a sweet pussy," Jacky said as he continued to finger her and
lick the juices that were starting to flow down his hand and arm.

"I've got a sweeter ass you know," Vanessa said mischievously as she wiped
the dribble from her chin with her hand then wiped her hand on the bed

"You serious?"

"Yeah Jacky, I saw how you were staring at the movie and you've still got a
big cock waiting to unload again. How long's it been?"

"Too damn long since last time," Jacky clamored as they rearranged themselves
with Vanessa staying on all fours and Jacky right behind her.

Jacky spread Vanessa's ass apart and started to lick at her anus. As he
continued to lick Jacky wiped Vanessa's fluids from his hand onto his dick.

"That should be good... Now stick it in..." Vanessa moaned.

Slowly Jacky poked the head of his member into Vanessa's hole gingerly
pushing it in. He then grabbed hold of her hips and slowly began to slide
his member out and then back into Vanessa's ass.

Her asshole was real tight, but the pressure on his prick made him feel oh
so good.

"Fuck me hard Jacky, fuck me hard!" Vanessa moaned as her ass continued to
get split wider and wider.

Jacky's hard dick was penetrating almost with ease now and with one last deep
thrust he buried his cock deep inside Vanessa's ass holding it in place as he
shot his load a second time coloring her anus white.

"Oh god that felt good," Jacky said breathing heavily as he collapsed on the
bed next to Vanessa.

"Yes it did and you still taste as good as ever," Vanessa smiled, as she
wiped up some of Jacky's fluid that was now leaking from her asshole with her
finger and then licked it clean.

"I can't wait to see how badly you kick Sarah's ass tomorrow," Jacky said
before leaning over and kissing Vanessa.

"I suggest waiting around to see a record set."

* * *

To be continued...?


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