By Uncle Mike

Julie was halfheartedly cleaning the small apartment when
she found the letter, jammed in between some of Gabe's

"Dear Mr. Kotter," it began, in lavender ink on pale pink
paper that smelled of some of that cheap perfume teenage
girls love. "Gee, that sounds funny now. Shod I call you Gabe?
Or lover?

"I can't wate untill our next time to gether. I know you
have to be carful becauzze of your wife and what it wod mean
if any one at school ever found out, but I am sure it is Fate
that we are to gether. I can stil feel the tingel of your cock
inside me! LUV!, Chrissy."

Julie's lips grew thin and hard as she read. With that
spelling, it had to be one of his sweathogs, those juvenile
delinquents he taught. So he was fucking her, hmmm? Julie
went over to the desk where Gabe kept his records: Chrissy,
Chris, Christine? There it was. She made a note of the full
name, address and phone number. She'd deal with Chrissy.

And as for Gabe -- Julie paused. Her first instinct was to
dump the bastard, but that seemed too good for him. Besides,
his salary wasn't much but she could use it. Yes, she'd pretend
she knew nothing about Chrissy. But she'd draw the line at
sleeping with him; she wasn't going to be anybody's sloppy
seconds. She made up her mind that when he came home from
school that evening she'd be cold as ice.

She was still angry an hour later as she slapped the iron
onto the board and slashed it across Gabe's trousers. Perhaps
a singe here or there? She was picking out the best spot when
a noise behind her made her turn around.

As she turned, she figured out what the noise was: the
window opening onto the fire escape. Sure enough, climbing
through were two of Gabe's kids, Vinnie Barbarino and Freddy

Vinnie was a white guy, well-built, very cute but
incredibly dumb. Maybe the dumbest kid in Gabe's class, which
was saying a lot. Freddy was a tall, thin black guy that
everybody called "Boom Boom." Gabe said it was because he
liked to play air cello, "boom-boom boom de boom." That was
about as funny as any other of Gabe's jokes.

"Hey, Mrs. Kot-terrrr," Freddy greeted her. "Where's Mr.

Julie was startled momentarily. Gabe had said he was
going to be at school late; he never did anything there
without the sweathogs, so what...? Then she thought of the
letter. Quickly, she composed her face.

"He ... He's at a teacher's conference -- across town. He'll
be home late. So what are you guys doing here, anyway?"

Vinnie ducked his head with a shy grin. "Uh, we was just,
uh, you know, around?"

"Hey, man," Freddy interrupted, "you can tell her. She's cool.
Fact is, Mrs. Kotter, Vinnie here wanted some help. He's got
the hot... I mean, he's interested in one of the girls in our
class, but she don't dig him. She said she wants a smart guy.
So Vinnie here wanted Mr. Kotter to give him like tutoring,
you know, in some smart stuff to say."

Julie smiled in wonder. The great Vinnie Barbarino looking
for advice with girls? From what Gabe had told her, Vinnie
had to beat them off with a stick. A thought occurred to her.

"What's this girl's name?"

"What's that matter?" Vinnie wanted to know. "Chrissy,"
Freddy said.

Julie's face clouded over briefly. Then she looked
appraisingly at the two boys. Both were in their late teens,
she thought -- wasn't that when men were at their sexual
peak? Whereas women, like herself, tended to peak later ...
and if Gabe was getting something on the side ...

Trying to keep a tremor out of her voice, she managed to
convince the boys that she could take Gabe's place and give
Vinnie a few lessons. Yes, she thought, there'll be a few
lessons, indee
d. She invited them to make themselves at
home while she ducked into the other room.

Vinnie was slugging down some orange juice from the
fridge and Freddy was sitting back against the window sill
when Julie came back into the living room. Poor Freddy
almost fell out of the window and Vinnie sprayed out a
mouthful of juice when they saw her.

Shucking her frumpy blouse and jeans, Julie had reappeared
in a sheer red nightgown. A bit of embroidery at the chest did
nothing to hide the outline of her pert breasts and dark, erect
nipples. The gown ended just above her crotch, revealing a
tiny wisp of red silk that clung tightly to the folds of her
labia, letting several curly brown hairs peek out. A pair of
black, thigh-high fishnet stockings, held up by thin bands of
elastic, ended in shiny black pumps with enormous spike
heels, emphasizing the curve of her ankles and the swell of
her calves.

Julie watched with delight as the boy's crotches showed
clear evidence of their reactions. Even under the tight jeans,
their erections looked enormous. This, she thought, was going
to be even better than she'd hoped.

She strutted over to the couch and tossed aside a couple of
days' worth of old newspapers and a pillow or two, being
careful to bend over and give first Vinnie and then Freddy a
clear view of her tight butt. When she looked up, both of them
were still frozen like statues, staring with their mouths

She smirked and tossed her head, flinging aside her brown
hair. "You said you wanted some lessons," she said in a
throaty whisper. "You're not going to get them standing all
the way over there!"

Like robots, Vinnie and Freddy marched over to the couch
and stopped, staring up and down at her sexy body. Julie
parted her legs and began to caress herself, slipping her
fingers underneath the scanty g-string. With her other hand,
she reached under her nightgown and rubbed her breasts.
Vinnie's eyes were as big as silver dollars and Freddy's
tongue was lolling out of his mouth.

"First lesson, boys," Julie said quietly. "Show the
merchandise." They didn't move. "That means strip," she said.

Coming out of their trances, Vinnie and Freddy hastily
pulled off their T-shirts and began to peel off their jeans.
Both had almost hairless chests, but Vinnie's was muscular
and well-toned. Freddy's reed-thin body was a slight
disappointment, but when he yanked down his bikini briefs
the sight more than made up for it. He was hung like a horse,
at least eight inches, standing out thick and hard already.
Vinnie wasn't quite as well-endowed, but his cock too was
ready for action.

Once they were naked, the boys quickly moved in on Julie,
but she held them back with the palm of her hand. "Second
lesson," she purred. "Take it slow and follow orders."

Under her guidance, Vinnie moved behind her and began
kissing and nuzzling her back and neck while his eager hands
caressed her breasts through the thin material of her
nightgown. Freddy knelt before her and undid the knots that
held up her g-string. As it fell away, Julie parted her legs
still more and pulled him to her.

She sighed as his tongue flicked over her pussy. With some
suggestions from her, he did an expert job of licking and
touching her without actually making entry. She was amazed
to discover that she was so hot that juices were already
oozing out of her heavily. When at last Freddy stuck his
tongue between her lips and into her cunt, she melted and
would have collapsed to the floor if Vinnie hadn't been
gripping her tightly. She could feel his stiff cock riding in the
crack of her butt as he nuzzled her neck and sent electric
shocks through her when he swished his tongue into her ear.

Freddy's probing tongue was driving her crazy and in just a
minute or two she lost control and launched into a screaming
orgasm. "Su-su-su-suck me, deeper, deeper, I wanna...

The next thing she knew, she was lying face-down on the
couch and Vinnie was madly driving his cock into her cunt
doggie-style. "Damn you're good," he grunted as he smashed
into her pussy. "You're the best I've ever had, Mrs. Kotter,
really! God, you're so hot!" With the quick trigger of youth, he
suddenly shot his load inside her. Even as she felt his hot
jism fill her cunt, his cock shriveled and slipped out.

Julie flinched as something wet and warm splashed
against her shoulder. She looked up and saw Freddy bashfully
looking away as cum dripped out the end of his cock and onto
his clenched fist.

Vinnie and Freddy both stumbled over their words trying to
thank her when Julie shushed them. Sitting up on the couch,
she pulled off her nightgown, already drenched with sweat,
and leaned back against the cushions. Reaching out a hand on
either side, she looked up at the boys. "Third lesson," she
said. "There's always room for more."

The boys looked puzzled until Julie grabbed both their
cocks and began to massage them, stroking up and down. In no
time at all, both pricks were standing at attention again.

This time Julie had Freddy lie down on the couch, his cock
waving above him. Julie squatted over him and slowly moved
down, impaling herself on his meaty member. His thick
helmet pushed easily through her sodden pussy lips and slid
into her. At first she was sure she couldn't take him all, but
slowly she kept lowering herself until she felt her labia
squeezing around the base of his cock. With immense delight
she began to move up and down, Freddy's cock filling her
completely. "Oh, Mrs. Kot-terrrr," he moaned. "Damn, that's
good! Where'd you learn to fuck like that? I never knew no
white woman could be so good!"

In reply, Julie wiggled on his cock, sending new tremors of
delight through him. He sighed deeply and reached his long
arms up. His wide hands completely covered her breasts as he
massaged them and tickled her sensitive nipples.

For at least 10 minutes Julie rode Freddy like a stallion,
bouncing up and down faster and then slower. Her body shone
with sweat as she plunged down, pushing his cock into her.

Then, keeping it inside her, Julie bent forward and
presented her ass to Vinnie. When he didn't get the message
right away, she moistened her fingers in the pussy juices
that coated Freddy's crotch and reached back to lubricate her
asshole. Then Vinnie got the idea. He rubbed his cum over his
cockhead and moved it up to Julie's butt.

Julie whispered directions as he ever so slowly pressed
the tip against her puckered brown hole until it popped in,
then carefully pushed deeper.

After she took a minute or two to get used to it, Julie
began to rock back and forth between the two hard pricks,
reveling in the feeling as first one hole and then the other
was filled with teenaged meat. "Keep moving," she urged
them, "I want all of it! Deeper! Stick those cocks in harder!"

The threesome was going hot and heavy when a familiar
voice brayed from the open window.

"Hey, Vinnie, what are you ... Ohhhhhhh," came the nasal
whine of Arnold Horshack. His hands came to his mouth as he
saw his teacher's wife in the middle of a sweathog sandwich.

Julie's breath was coming in short gasps by now, but she
managed to puff out, "Remember the third lesson. There's
always room for more."

She wiggled a finger at Horshack. He stared back in shock
and shook his head. She licked her lips. He shucked off his
oversized trenchcoat. Julie slid a finger into her mouth and
pursed her lips around it, pulling it out slowly as her cheeks

Faster now, Arnold threw off his clothes and moved over to
the couch. His cock was quickly rising. Julie opened her mouth
and pulled him to her, swallowing his prick up to the hilt.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Mrs. Kotterrrrrrrrrr," he groaned, "how can you
do thattttt? Ohhhhh, Godddddd, yessssss!"

For more than 20 minutes the foursome rocked and rolled.
Julie milked Horshack's cock expertly, one hand caressing his
balls while the other played a fast rhythm up and down his
shaft as her tongue tickled the cockhead. Vinnie kept up a
steady beat shoving his cock into her ass while Freddy bucked
up at her from the couch, slamming his dick into her pussy.
Again and again orgasms flashed through Julie's body, sending
waves of heat and jolts of ecstasy from head to toe.

Finally Vinnie could last no longer. "Duh, I'm gonna, gonna,
I'm cummmiiinnnggg!" he bellowed as he blasted his jism into
her butt.

Seconds later, Freddy felt his own balls begin to explode.
"I'm gonna shoot!" he shouted as a blast of cum jetted into
Julie's cunt, followed again and again by hot spurts that had
her lurching wildly. "Now I know why they really call you
Boom-Boom," she joked, but her laugh was interrupted as she
felt another orgasm take over. "Oh, yessss, yes,

Arnold, showing tremendous stamina, was still rock-hard
when Julie's orgasm yanked her away into screaming
gyrations. As she settled down, Freddy crawled out from
underneath her and she started to fall face-first onto the
couch. Then she felt scrawny but strong arms around her
waist, holding her up. Horshack was kneeling on the couch
behind her.

Julie's legs splayed out as Horshack's cock sought out her
burning-hot cunt. "Oh, my God, yes!" she screeched as she felt
his dick slide into her. Again the rhythm started as Horshack
plunged into her. His hands greedily rubbed her sweaty body
as he drove in over and over. "Fuck me!" Julie screamed. "Fuck
me! Fuck me harder! Split me wide open! I want it all!
Goddamn it, I want it all!"

"I'm tryinnnnng," Arnold moaned as he rammed into her
soaking-wet pussy, twisting and shifting to try to find some
friction in the heavily-lubricated tunnel. The movement again
sent Julie over the edge and her entire body shook with
tremors. Scarcely had one orgasm finished when another
drove her even wilder. In the midst of her thrashing Horshack
finally felt his own orgasm building. "I'm cumming, Mrs.
Kotter," he sighed. "Is that all riiiighttttaaaaagggghhhhhhh!"

"Oh, God, YES!" Julie answered as she lost consciousness.

When she came to, the boys had left but the heavy musk of
their orgy hung over the room. She glanced at the clock: six-
thirty already; Gabe might be home soon. Shaking off her
torpor, Julie opened the windows and turned the fan on full-
blast while she sprayed air-freshener, delivering a heavy
dose directly into the couch's cushions. She sniffed
experimentally. Well, it didn't smell too good, but the mix of
pine and sweat and cum and pussy juices didn't smell like
anything you'd recognize, either.

Julie was sitting on the couch reading a magazine when

* Origin: Usenet:Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH (US

Date: 07-23-96 (18:12) Number: 59429 of 59736 (Refer# NONE)
Read: (N/A) Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE
Conf: UseNet (InterNet) (122) Read Type: GENERAL (+)

Gabe got in 15 minutes later.

"Welcome back, Kotter," she called out. "Have a tough day?"

"You said it," Kotter answered, tossing some books onto an
end table. "I swear no matter how much I tutor those kids,
they'll never learn."

"Oh, I don't know," she smiled. "I think they can catch on if
you use the right teaching methods."

"Yeah, well ..." Gabe sat down beside her, sniffing at the
air. "Do you smell something funny?"

"No, just the usual city air," Julie shrugged.

"Oh, well. ... Say, speaking of funny, I've got a joke..."

"No," Julie interrupted, "let me. It's a riddle. If a bird in the
hand is better than two in the bush, what's better than a bird
in the hand? Give up? A bird in the mouth AND two in the

Gabe stared at her. "I don't get it," he frowned.

"And you won't," Julie said, and went back to her magazine.


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