This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: How To Get A Movie Made
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Judge Doom punched Eddie with the anvil sending him flying backwards into a
wall of boxes. Out of one of the boxes a large wooden mallet fell out. Eddie
immediately recognized it as the one the detective was playing with a few
days earlier that shot a boxing glove.

Eddie picked it up and the Judge dodged the glove as it shot out. Judge Doom
turned in time to see the glove hit the switch on the back of his diabolical
creation and Dip started emptying out the back. The judge started screaming
as Dip covered the floor of the warehouse and he started melting. When the
judge was dead Eddie jumped on the Dip machine and turned off the gun as the
vehicle crashed through the back of the warehouse and rolled into Toontown.
A train struck it sending it down the tracks.

"Eddie there's Dip all over the ground. We can't get down!" Roger shouted
from the hook he and his wife Jessica hung from.

"Just a sec Roger," Eddie yelled back turning valves that flooded the floor
with water washing the dip into drains. Eddie then grabbed the remote to the
hook and lowered Jessica and Roger to the ground. As he untied the couple
the warehouse door burst open and Benny came zooming in followed by the

"Sister Mary Jesus," Benny yelled screeching to a halt in front of the mess
that was Judge Doom. "What the hell happened here?"

"That's Judge Doom. He killed Marvin Acme and R.K. Maroon. He also killed my

Lt. Santino joined the crowd of humans and Toons that were surrounding the

"I think you'll find the paint from the rope matches his gloves," Eddie said
to Santino.

"That's one twisted Toon."

"But where the hell's the will? Without it who's going to own Toontown?"
Baby Herman shouted.

"Roger why don't you read Jessica that love letter you wrote?" Eddie said to

"Sure thing Eddie. My dearest Jessica how do I love thee? Let me count the
ways. I Marvin Acme, of sound mind and body, hey it's the will!"

"Keep reading."

"I, Marvin Acme, of sound mind and body, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo, do hereby bequeath
in perpetuity the property known as Toontown to those loveable characters who
have given me and the rest of humanity so much mirth and merriment... the

The Toons erupt in cheer and celebration as Roger reads the will.

"Thank you Mr. Valiant, you saved me and Roger from that horrible Dip!"
Jessica thanks Eddie kissing him on the cheek.

"Yeah put it there pal," Roger said extending his handing. Eddie shook it and
was shocked by the hand buzzer Roger was wearing. The crowd went silent as a
look of irritation crossed Eddie's face. "Don't tell me you're still a

"What does this tell ya?" Eddie replied grabbing Roger by the ears and
planting a big wet kiss on him. The crowd started to shout and laugh in
relief before they started singing.

Eddie and the humans turned to leave the warehouse as the Toons return to
their world. Eddie was stopped by Roger who had an idea.

"You know Eddie this would make a great movie. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
starring Roger Rabbit and Eddie Valiant!"

"Sorry kid, I may work with Toons, but I'm staying out of show business.
It's just not my style."

"Alright Eddie, I guess it's good enough that you got your sense of humor

"Roger honey let's go home," Jessica called from the hole in the wall.

"I'm coming my dear," Roger replied bounding towards his wife.

"You know Eddie, the rabbit may be a lame brain sometimes, but the idea
isn't half bad," Lt. Santino said.

"Bah, even if I wanted to do it, who would want to see a movie with humans
and Toons?"

* * *

Despite what Eddie thought a movie about his and Roger's adventure had all
the major buzz around it that one would want a movie to have. However,
Maroon Cartoon studios was still in turmoil as R.K. Maroon's son wanted to
close down the studio and several of Maroon's business partners from the
last twenty years fought to keep it open. The only two studios that were
real viable options were Disney and Warner Bros.

Jessica was a savvy businesswoman and while she still hadn't talked to Eddie
yet about being in thet movie, she could take care of him easily enough later
on. Right now she needed to get one of the studios to pick up the movie which
was turning out to be harder than expected because the studios hated each
other and the movie would be calling for appearances by stars from both.

"Roger honey, I'll be back in a little while. I'm just going to the studio
to get the paperwork finalized for your movie," Jessica said as she walked
the down the stairs of her house wearing a slinky red dress similar to the
one she wore at the Ink & Paint Club only short and more low-cut.

"What about Eddie? It won't be the same without him."

"Don't worry about Eddie, I'll talk to him tomorrow about it. Why don't you
clean up the house and can spend some together time with each other when I
get home?"

Roger's eyes bugged out and he started whistling and drooling at the
suggestion. He took off in a tizzy flying all over the house cleaning.
Jessica got into her car and drove off. She was behind the wheel for fifteen
minutes before turning into the studios for Disney.

"Roger my dear, I'm only doing this because I love you and want this movie
to get made," Jessica said to herself as she got out of her car and walked
through the front doors of Disney's main office. Greeting her at the desk up
front was Goofy.

"I'm here to see Mickey," Jessica said leaning over exposing her massive

"Hyuk, hy--" Goofy stopped mid-sentence when he looked up from the phones at
Jessica. His mouth was open and drooling.

"Is Mickey here?" Jessica asked closing Goofy's mouth for him.

"Hyuk, yes Mrs. Rabbit, he's been expecting you. Right this way." Goofy led
Jessica up a flight of stairs to an elevator where they went up after he
pushed the button for the thirteenth floor. The two exited the elevator and
they stopped at door that Goofy unlocked letting Jessica in. "Right in Ms.
Rabbit. Mickey will be with you shortly."

"Thank you Goofy," Jessica said kissing his cheek. "You should do more
cartoons. I've always enjoyed your work."

"Aw shucks," Goofy said as his eyes filled with hearts and his face turned

Jessica took a seat in a large plush chair that sat in front of a desk that
had large nameplate that read "Mickey Mouse". Jessica hiked up her dressed a
little bit and played with the top of it to expose more of her cleavage as
she waited. Nearly twenty minutes would go by and Jessica was starting to get
annoyed. She waited for another five minutes before getting up and as she did
so the door to the office opened.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting so long Mrs. Rabbit. Things have been a little
hectic today."

"That's ok Mickey. I had to race over here thinking I was going to be late
because my day has been a little cra-" Jessica stopped when she turned around
and saw Bugs Bunny in the office with Mickey. "-zy."

"Hiya, what's up toots?" Bugs asked smiling as he nibbled on a carrot.

"I thought we were going to discuss making Roger's movie," Jessica said
trying to figure out why Bugs was here.

"We are," Mickey replied.

"Why is Bugs here then? I thought the two studios hated each other."

"We do Jess," Bugs answered, "but Mickey and I been talking and we know this
movie will be a big hit for both studios so we came to an agreement on making
the movie."

"That's good to hear," Jessica smiled pulling her dress back down.

"But before we do," Mickey said as he stopped Jessica's hand.

"What are you doing?" Jessica asked her eyebrows furrowing a bit.

"Before we make the movie, you've got to do something for us," Bugs said
poking his head up Jessica's dress licking her cunt through her panties.
Jessica was about to close her legs and smash Bugs' head between them, but
then she remembered how dirty show business could be and what she had to do
to get her job at the Ink & Paint club.

"Of course guys, what would you like me to do for you two?"

"You could start by taking that dress off," Mickey said. Jessica did as she
was asked and unzipped the back of her dress letting it slink to the ground.
She stepped out of it and stood there in her bra and panties. Mickey walked
to the casting couch in his office and pulled out the fold-a-away bed. "Now
take off your panties and bra."

Mickey looked back at Jessica, but saw that she was already completely naked
as Bugs was hanging on her upside down licking Jessica's pussy and she sucked
his cock.

"Get off her Bugs!" Mickey shouted as he dropped his shorts.

"Sorry Mickey," Bugs said as he climbed off Jessica. "We were getting tired
waiting for you."

"It's only been a minute! I should have known better than to try and work
with a Toon who walks around naked all the time."

"Hey Mickey you better watch it or I'll pull the studio from the movie!" Bugs

"Why don't you? We can make this movie on our own!" Mickey growled.

"Bugs, Mickey, I'm so alone over here," Jessica called from the sofa bed
lying on her stomach slowly opening and closing her legs.

"Friends Mickey?" Bugs said extending his hand.

"Aw shucks! Of course Bugs," Mickey agreed shaking Bugs' hand. "There's
someone waiting for us. Let's not keep her waiting."

Mickey and Bugs joined Jessica on the bed where she had turned over on her
back and was now rubbing her body up and down stopping to play with her
large obese tits. Bugs immediately dove back between Jessica's legs where he
started sliding his tongue up and down her slit again. Mickey straddled
Jessica's stomach and began to squeeze and massage her chest nibbling on her

As she was being sexually molested by the two studio icons Jessica reached
around Mickey and started to rub her clit up and down as Bugs continued to
eat her out. Bugs then took the carrot he was eating earlier and slid it
between Jessica's cuntal lips. She let out a gasp and moaned loudly as the
carrot started to pump in and out of her. Mickey began to pull back on
Jessica's nipples with his lips that sent a bolt of excitement through her

As he continued to shove the carrot in and out of Jessica's pussy Bugs could
see she was getting wet. Climbing onto the bed he removed the vegetable from
her twat and replaced it with his dick. Though only doing this for business
reasons, Jessica was getting turned on by having Bugs Bunny fucking her. She
loved rabbits and they way they made love which was part of the reason why
she married Roger besides the fact he was funny.

As Jessica's panting and moaning became louder and more intense Mickey
quieted her by slipping his prick into her mouth. Though considered taboo by
the humans many of the female Toons took enjoyment from anal sex and Jessica
was no exception. As Bugs and Mickey continued to pound her loveholes,
Jessica's asshole burned with a desire to be filled. She was most excited
when Bugs started to really thrust himself deep into her pussy and began
grunting. Jessica could feel the large rabbit cock bury itself deep into her
snatch and every time it did she expected Bugs to come anytime.

Though her mouth was moist and felt great around his prick Mickey decided to
pull out and titfuck Jessica instead. He pushed her large globes around his
shaft as he pushed it back and forth in her cleavage. Jessica began clutching
the bedsides screaming loudly again as Bugs jackhammered her pussy. Her own
body started shake and she felt an orgasm nearing as Bugs started shooting
his cream deep into Jessica's womb.

"Fuck my titties hard! Fuck them hard like Bugs fucked me and squirt your
load all over my face!" Jessica cried as Mickey continued to thrust his dick
between her tits.

Jessica could feel the dick between her breasts start to enlarge greatly and
shake. Mickey began to let out high-pitched moans as his prick throbbed.
Suddenly his organ exploded his mouse semen started spilling and shooting
out splattering all over the redhead's chin and neck.

"Now fuck my pussy Mickey while Bugs fucks my ass," Jessica pleaded her butt
still burning with desire.

Mickey and Bugs stared at each other for a moment not saying a word then just
smiled as Mickey got onto the bed underneath Jessica. She carefully lowered
herself onto the mouse cock so as not to crush him. When she was in place
Bugs enthusiastically jumped onto Jessica's backside cramming his dick deep
into her ass. Jessica was momentarily surprised the sudden cock in her ass
and the tightness of her anus around it, but being a Toon physical pain was
something she felt little of.

Extreme pleasure was another thing. Jessica was feeling more than good as
Mickey continued to pump his prick in and out of her twat and Bugs kept
thrusting himself deep into her ass. Despite the guilt she felt for screwing
around on Roger Jessica knew that sometimes this was part of the game. What
he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Mickey and Bugs weren't about to start
talking about this "meeting" with anyone and ruin their reputations as
outstanding and classy Toons. Besides Roger knew about her past and the films
she made before she became the main attraction at the club.

As Bugs hands clenched her ass Jessica cried out in ecstasy as she shook with
orgasm. This time she wasn't able to hold back and Jessica's pussy squirted
her girl cum out like a broken damn. Mickey felt his prick lube up with the
Jessica's fluids and his balls started aching terribly. He wrapped his arms
and legs around her waist as his dick gave out and he started coming inside
her. Jessica could feel Mickey's semen enter her womb as well and the thought
of Bugs and Mickey's warm cum mixing together inside of her turned her on

So did the dick that was still thrusting in and out of her butthole. Mickey
rolled out from underneath Jessica and stood up in front of her pushing his
shaft into her mouth for her to clean. As Jessica bobbed her head back and
forth and ran her tongue over Mickey's shaft licking and swallowing the
excess jizz Bugs suddenly hopped off her backside and stood next to Mickey.

Bugs began furiously stroking his dick and Jessica watched as its head
started pulsing and throbbing. Suddenly she was attacked by a second wave of
rabbit cum as white globs of Bugs' cream began to fly at her face. Jessica
took each shot to the face like a trooper and when Bugs finished she sucked
him clean as well.

When all was said and done Jessica was dressed and sitting back in front of
Mickey's desk signing papers.

"Now you know that this contract only says that Warner Bros. and Disney will
work together to make this movie, but it won't get made unless Eddie signs a
contract to star in it," Mickey said as he took the freshly signed papers
from Jessica.

"Of course, and don't worry about Eddie. I'll get him to sign tomorrow,"
Jessica answered taking a second set of papers from Mickey and sticking them
into her purse.

"Eh... that's good to hear toots, though drop by anytime. You're visit
doesn't just have to be about business," Bugs smiled.

"I'll be sure to," Jessica sarcastically replied as she got up to leave. "Oh
and if we ever have to meet again, don't you dare make a mess on my face.
Only Roger gets to do that."


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